World Peace after Syria (2011-2018)

John Bjarne Grover

The article explains the concept of World Peace and the inner mechanisms in its constitution - and how and why the years of terror (socalled 'civil war') in Syria could correspond with possible arsenic poisoning of me throughout the same years. The inner mechanisms of its constitution are explained also in terms of its antithesis in a socalled stoltenbergian 'career motor' apparently constructed for the intended position of UN chief - it constitutes another series of terror (a form of 'civil war') in the rest of the world running in parallel with my life, and thereby one can understand why and how the terror in Syria could have been intended to form the template of a post-syrian global government relating to or even being based on a weakening of the defence of my interests - assuming that the arsenic poisoning is considered 'the same' as the terror in Syria.


It was only after I had completed the article The bitter story of Norway that I discovered the link to the name of 'Jens Stoltenberg' - 'Jens' being a classic meaning of 'man successful with the women' in norwegian (while in the same norwegian if you replace the initial 'B' of 'Bitter' with an 'F' for a B/F opposition you get the vulgar word for 'vaginas' in plural) against a 'peristaltic' (the muscular movements driving the food/excrements forwards in the intestines are called 'peristaltic') = 'stalten-peri', 'stolten-berg' - or 'peer [of] Stolten[berg]'. With the norwegian expression 'drite seg ut' = 'excrete oneself out', an expression of considerable force and value in norwegian (meaning normally 'to make a fool of oneself' - it can be seen systematically installed in e.g. austrian 'tidelitei' - the whole media world going just wild by the sight of a male tit), it means that the 'thief' who stole my money (one to two thousand euros) mentioned in the article 'The bitter story of Norway' (the money were in my wallet which I kept hidden in the toilet bag in the bed at night - I was too weak to access the safe in the cupboard and was not even informed about it) would be I myself qua assumed 'agent for Stoltenberg' - the 'per-i-stolt-ic' force. Which of course is not the case: I am not an agent and I had the cash in my wallet while sleeping in the hospital bed and woke up to an emptied wallet on 8 january - and certainly I had not removed the money myself. The money had been removed probably between 30 december 2018 and 8 january 2019 by somebody who had lifted the wallet from the bed and taken out the money while I slept. (When I left the hospital on 1 february, I had still not got my money back).

It is this B/F which leads to the construction 'chief of AUF, chief of BeeF, chief of thief, chief of diff, chief of Eif...' ... which could have been constructed around 2010 for a campaign 'you and chief' (meaning also that you are not the chief) = 'UN chief' possibly intended on Stoltenberg. (But see below on the attempt on the pope in 1981). This would have gone in parallel with the blame-dumping function 'peer-i-staltic' for the imaginary pair Jens Stoltenberg vs Peer [of] Stoltenberg (= me getting the blame for the theft?). Stoltenberg was once himself the chief of AUF (= chief of Arbeidernes Ungdoms Fylking = chief of Young Labour), if I remember right. The construction shows how 'chief of BEEF' ('beef' = B/F) = 'chief of NATO' with necessity leads onto 'chief of thief'. The question is whether 'chief of BEEF' = 'chief of NATO' can be seen to be a necessary result (next step) of a 'chief of AUF'. (Notice also that the 'F' version = 'vaginas' and 'NATO' have a common sense in the Vollkornbrot breadslice as a potential background of NATO - the three dimensions gripping firmly around the resulting 'Vollkornbrot' of 'NATO' extension - it is not a farfetched association for human cognition at all).

This assumed basis in an alphabetic order of political elements can be recognized - in this case - as a socalled stoltenbergian career motor intended to drive the subject (Stoltenberg) towards the position of 'chief of UN' by way of the assumed logical necessities (in a political-historic logic, that is) in the links between the elements of the construction - assumed to be constituted by no farfetched associations for human cognition at all.

Why is the career motor alphabetically ordered?

For understanding the political-historical necessities in the step from AUF to beef, from beef to thief etc it is important to understand how the alphabetic order is essential to the construction - that is a part of what I call 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics' (a theorem/theory of mine - pioneering semiotic work that is), the theme of my vol.4 of 2018 - which explains why the alphabetic order can contain the concept of 'necessary progression' of historic elements.

The example in my article 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics' is from poem #35 (out of 64) in my 2016 poetry work 'Stillhetens åndedrag' ('The breathing of silence') linewise (there are 21 lines per poem) aligned with words 715-735 in the complete list of word pairs that occur twice and only twice in each of the books TEQ 13-16 ('TEQ' = 'The Endmorgan Quartet', 16 books of poetry written 1997-2008) - these are word pairs #302-322 from TEQ book 14 in alphabetic order. I here excerpt the title and first four lines for easy illustration of the principle that there is an alphabetic-logical necessity in the progress of the key double-words that is contained in the progress of the poetic logic in the poem:





Savonarolas tanke

Mennesker reiser i rom.
Jeg sitter og hviler blant dem
og jeg grubler og tenker p? om      
jeg noensinne har g?tt frem.

Savonarola's thought

Humans travel in space.
I sit and rest among them
and I ponder and think if though      
I have ever progressed.

(It is important to mention that I wrote the poem first and discovered the correlation with the alphabetized double-words later). If the reader agrees that the listing to the left, the alphabetically ordered words that occur twice and only twice in TEQ book 14, can serve as a definition or having its definition from the corresponding line in the white metre book (I mean, if one can take 'step' to be defined by 'Humans travel in space' or vice versa - which of course one can - the mutual relevance of the two items is hyper acute), then it can be concluded that this is the same (or competing) phenomenon as the semantics by global distribution of words for TEQ book 14 - when the number of occurrences in the global distribution of TEQ books 1-16 and their dates of writing allow for correlation with a poem from book 14 which gives the formal meaning to the word line by line: It means that, in the white metre which this is about (these are my ideas and concepts), the logical order (the alphabetic listing in this case, such as this poem 35) and the semantic assignment is one and the same thing. This competes with TEQ function 14 wherein the global distribution (by the temporal intervals) and the semantic assignment is 'one and the same thing'. TEQ function 14 presumes at least three occurrences of the word, while the fundamental theorem principle presumes two and only two occurrences.

Relevant to the discussion below on the settled cuneiform code as relevant to World Peace, the apparent 'poetic logic' of TEQ function 14 is very closely akin to the matter of the settled cuneiform code in sumerian - which I call the World Peace. However, TEQ function 14 is not really a matter of proving consistency in the cuneiform code - it is concerned with the matter whether a proof exists that a poetic-articulatory logic exists within the same existential code or framework as the semantic logic developed since Aristotle. If it does, and so it seems to do, then the question is whether the poetic-articulatory logic therein (based on at least 3 occurrences) is the same as the logic of the alphabetic order in the list of key double-words based on only 2 occurrences). It seems that a socalled 'stoltenbergian career motor' uses this 'alphabetic order' as its logical principle - but then the demagogical principle in a terror-driven career motor could be just the idea that if these two logical principles are the same, that proves the cuneiform consistency as the World Peace. But of course World Peace cannot be terror-driven - therefore it is a demagogic trick only which rests on a paradox in the logical comparison of identities. (The difference between 2 and 3 is essential - it is the difference between the fundamental theorem of linguistics giving shape to the human reality by 2 and the foggy world of categorization, conceptualization etc by 3). Which paradox? Could be the simple one of alleged identity between phonology and semantics - that is the 3 of conceptualization taking the place of the 2 of the fundamental theorem - widely employed in politics as the phenomenon of political power in the name of the politician. Which in the present case could mean e.g. that Stoltenberg is assumed to be a powerful name for driving the world forwards because of the peri-staltic principle of forwards-driving power in the human intestines. (This deplorable short circuitry of the phonology of the name has unfortunately penetrated many fields of study - it is the short circuitry which makes it appear that terror or disaster can have any positive marketing effect - see below on the explosion in a bakery in Rue de Trevise in Paris).

(For a full understanding of this poetic-semiotic complex, I refer to the volumes 1-4 in the extended 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - volumes 1-3 were self-published in 2013 and a corresponding vol.4 is completed and will hopefully be published within short time. It is extremely important that this work of mine be not restricted to the more or less demagogic needs of secret intelligence services and power institutions of government and security but be made available for the average public to build their own logic and understanding upon).

The italian background

The story tells that I should not have moved out of Venice/Italy in 2009 but remained in Calle Pedrocchi instead of moving back to Vienna. My most recent work vol.4 tells why: It is the concern with World Peace which is the reason. But it was a matter of immobilien: Italy had not managed to provide a housing for me and my economy - but Austria could present for me a nice and affordable home in Zinckgasse. It is that simple. In Calle Pedrocchi the winter could not be lived through without scarf and gloves and knitted cap on constantly - the wind blew right through. To get room temperature above 10 degrees celsius was unrealistic - the gas convector had an open flame and the gas in the kitchen stove did not ignite (it blew the match out) although it did ignite well in the water heater.

But I needed something better for my home, even if the italian and world need was about a Jesus bebe in the more or less cold barn. I was in the process of writing 'POLAKK English Bloggi' (vol.1) which solves the Burgenland power mystery and restores balance and World Peace to Europe and the world, in particular after vol.4 now was completed.

The italian call for me to move back to Italy / Venice / Calle Pedrocchi grew louder and louder - albeit without an offer for a home - untill the history was toppled with the Oslo terror in 2011 - that seems to be when the 'chief of ...' riddle started to take hold with its apparent necessities.

In the following I outline how the italian call for my return led to the Oslo terror against AUF, the Young Labour summer camp on Ut?ya. The Oslo terror is likely to be the first riddle element 'chief of AUF'. In the case against the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik in court in Oslo, he led arguments that resembled my helpless political analyses on the internet - and one could take it that he was driven by a holy wrath resembling my 'rathunt' memory from my childhood in Odda in 1960 - here as described in chapter 4 of my (early, immature and clumsy) ABC of politics.

The rathunt memory: A particularly strong and vivid memory of mine from Odda (1960-62) is the following: I and my friend Allal (his real name was Harald) decided to go for a rathunt behind the house. I grabbed a broom in the entrance room and we went behind the house where there was the creek or river and the field of stinging nettles and the foundations of the house made of stones. Between some of these, a rat suddenly peeped out with a friendly look. It was rather big. I swung the broom and hit the rat on one of its paws resting on the brim of the stone - it looked at the bleeding paw and then on me with a sad look in its eyes: Why did you do this to me? Then it disappeared under the house again. We went back up with the broom and a terrible conscience attacked me on the way (like flames of shame rising from the shoulders). I put the broom back in the entrance room.

This memory seems to be from a case of sexual abuse (which I cannot remember in other form) - either a forced ejaculation of the 3 year old or a classic anal rape against the peer-i-staltic region - and a blame-dumping function on that 'peristaltic' would then serve to turn the roles - as if I were the rapist. It seems that this 'calle pedrocchi' story could have been the background for the 'rathunt' on the young labour (AUF) people on Ut?ya in the Oslo terror in 2011 - turning the roles of me and the rapist/terrorist already in the italian call for my return.

The Oslo terror was in two parts: 1) A powerful car bomb was placed and exploded under Stoltenberg's PM office in the governmental building in central Oslo, told the news, and 2) thereafter the terrorist Breivik travelled out to Ut?ya for the rathunt on the young people at the AUF summer camp centre there.

There seems to exist a myth or construction of heavyweight importance that Stoltenberg should be in a sort of double-sided liaison with me: That his right hand can construct such attacks on my integrity as the Oslo terror while his left hand helps me up and brushes the dust off my jacket. This would mean, if a role is assigned to me in this construction, that terror driving the 'chief of...' riddle forwards also should be favourable for me - that if I lose one to two thousands of cash euros in theft I would also gain something or even more from it. In the case of the Oslo terror, it was only after I had bought the adobe house in Sziget Utca in Szolnok in 2015 that I discovered the close affinity with the Oslo terror - that Ut-?y-a = Ut-Sziget-a ('sziget' is hungarian for norwegian '?y' = 'island). One notices also 'si get ut, sa' = 'say get out, said' for the concept of peristaltic power. It was after I had bought the house that I discovered this and several other early references to my later acquisition of it - and it is perhaps necessary to explain once again that I did not know about the house in advance: There were other reasons why I had to try and buy a cheap house in Hungary (12500 euros I paid for the 25 square metre's 'Lehmhaus') - and when houses were too expensive for me in west Hungary but possible in the east, I took the train to Szolnok etc - an estate agent printed out the options and it was easy to find the optimal choice for me. But certainly the Oslo terror first and my acquisition later suggests a 'liaison', even if there is no liaison, and the 'advantage' which Stoltenberg's left hand could offer after the heavy blow with possibly his right hand (assuming that Oslo terror was made by somebody for propelling his career) on the integrity of my childhood of 3 years age was a nice and cheap house with preinstalled 'security': It is not so easy to step in there for uninvited guests if there exists a certain and well known indication of a strong link to the gunsight of the Oslo terror - and such a link exists. Hence it can be suggested that Stoltenberg and I run in a sort of parallel and that his left hand provides me with advantages when his right hand (that is, his 'career motor') attacks my personal resources and integrity - as the construction would go.

The declaration is this: JENS STOLTENBERG IS NOT MY FRIEND - signed John Bjarne Grover. It is true that certain common friends may exist - even Keith Abercrombie, the UN man with the alphabetic name key, could be a common friend? - but that alters nothing and cannot put me in systematic liaison with Stoltenberg. (It was in Rome in 1981 that I met Keith Abercrombie).

The name of the Oslo terrorist was 'Anders Behring Breivik' - it suggests that the narrow Behring strait is broadened out to a Breivik = broad strait - hence the childhood rathunt memory of mine, the peristaltic movement of rapist power and the broad NATO breadslice for the narrow Behring strait on the other side of the globe. But that means that 'chief of AUF' would lead directly on to 'chief of beef' (taking NATO to be the 'beef') - for that 'Bitter story of Norway' = 'Peeri Staltic' vs the 'F' version = 'Jens Stoltenberg' - the B/F opposition in 'BEEF'. And the name of the terrorist adds weight to the role-turning of the childhood memory and installs this role-swap into the meaning of the name of 'Calle Pedrocchi' - which means that Oslo terror was the moment when the italian call for me to return from Vienna to Venice was turned into a call for Stoltenberg - a call which could mean that when the italians call for my return for the sake of World Peace, it is understood as a call for Stoltenberg to come and bring peace and stability and new growth to Italy. And with the efficient turnarounds on Oslo terror etc, the effect could be that I am recognized as terrorist or terror organizer (which I certainly am not!) while Stoltenberg is recognized as peace dove. (I dont suspect him of being actively involved in terror, and indeed I have generally no bad impression of him either but believe that he is considered a good politician, for example, he was PM when I got my pension, but those who drive his career could of course be involved in terror, which means that the 'peace dove' could be hard to take for me - who need to protest against such mixmax - in particular if I am credited for the terror).

As far as 'name-game' paradoxes are concerned, this adds 'ABC...' = 'Abercrombie' as well as the 'meaningful name' of 'Anders Behring Breivik' to the list. Creivik? The construction seems to be that the career motor (cp. 'crei-vik') turns the roles of me and the Oslo terrorist - so that the italian call for my return could seem to call forth a terrorist. Then, tells the 'career motor', Stoltenberg is a better alternative after all? But, says I, a little conscious deliberation should suffice for revealing the trick.

If I had remained in Italy in 2009 instead of moving back to Vienna, Italy could have had a blooming economy today - tells this analysis of the turnarounds in the career motor. There were some immobilien problems - but those should be easily solvable. ('Immobilien Problem' may also be recognized as the name of another common friend). The poor italian economy of today is not something which is under the total control of WMF and Christine Lagarde - it is the nature of the world economy which tells it - the world does not want terror and war but peace and healthy growth.

A rule of thumb for understanding the variables: A stoltenbergian (career motor) = secret intelligence services, power institutions of government and security. Me = church, poetry, arts, culture, science, philosophy - everything in society of value for human life. Stoltenberg's political views can well be the peace dove (or in principle anything that I mean) while his career motor, which he probably not fully controls, or does not control at all, can be full of terror. Can the peace dove be driven by terror and still be a peace dove in political function? It is important to understand that this is not really possible and therefore that a political takeover of my function via a stoltenbergian career motor (e.g. heading for a 'chief of UN' role) cannot really take place.

I should perhaps explain the mention of Keith Abercrombie: It was in the spring or summer 1981 - whether it was before or after the attempt on the pope whose summer residence was not so far away I do not recall, but around those times it could have been - that I along with his daughter (in whose flat in Via Fidene I lived with a girlfriend) spent a day at his home in Lariano outside Rome. He said to me: "I know only one norwegian politician and that is Thorvald Stoltenberg. Have you heard about him?" I certainly had - he was norwegian FM for Labour at that time or had just been. "I know only 1 norwegian politician and that is 2-vald Stoltenberg". Jens Stoltenberg is the son of Thorvald Stoltenberg - I think he is a little younger than me and hence would not count as 'politician' even if he were 'chief of AUF' at that time (I dont remember when he was chief of AUF but it could probably have been in those days). But he could have known Keith Abercrombie through his father. Or did Abercrombie say that two Stoltenbergs were really only one? Whether the issue be of relevance or not, when the new austrian president was announced, the italian PM Renzi and the french PM Valls resigned.

The Jesus bebe as World Peace

The child undergoes several crises in the early years - which lead to rapid growth if successfully completed but slowdown if not. (I must confess that I have little external sources for the following ideas - they have been articulated by own logic plus some empirical redundancies). The first is the threat of opening of the skull soon after birth - the child has been traumatically 'thrown out' in birth and gets nervous that it can happen again - the skullcap isnt well attached - but when that does not happen the child regains confidence and speeds up development and the paradisal economy in mother's womb is restored. Six months later there is the crisis of the unprotectedness of the anal opening - and when a rape does not take place, the development speeds up. Third is the integrity of the body surface at 18 months and the fear of chemical poisoning. That is the 1-2-3.

These fears are weak and essential points in the human nature and political ideas could think that it can be used for 'natural global government'.

An example of how this 1-2-3 seems to be installed into terror-driven aspirations ('career motor'?) for global government: Sanjay Gandhi, leader of the Young Congress party, a sort of indian 'chief of AUF', fell down in his airplane in India on 23 June 1980. John Lennon was shot on 8 december 1980 which is 3 x 56 days after Gandhi. Ronald Reagan was shot on 30 march 1981 - which is 2 x 56 days after Lennon - while he was running-for-president. The socalled 'Holy Hijacker' - a former trappist monk - on 2 May 1981 hijacked an Air Lingus airplane on its way from Dublin to London and forced it to go to Le Touqet in France and demanded the release of some secrets. Then finally Pope John Paul II was shot by Ali Acqa on St.Peters Square on 13 may 1981, Fatima day. If it had been on 25 May, it would have been 1 x 56 days after Reagan, but the 'Holy Hijacker' of 2 May correlates for this when 13 May is in the mid point between these dates. Hence the structure is a 3,2,1 x 56 days intervals between Gandhi-Lennon-Reagan-pope if one correlates with the 'holy hijacker' for the last - which means that this is just the name of the structure - a 3-2-1 countdown. One notices also the name of 'Ali Acqa' potentially contained in the phenomenon of the 'holy hijacker'. There are even traces of a 'chief of...' structure in the 'chief of AUF', 'chief of Bee-tells/F', 'chief of the F' (Reagan's film roles), the temporal diff and the papa as the chief of the egg. 'Le Touqet' could suggest 'l?k og te' = 'onion and tea' = 'onion and white pepper' = 'Smelly'.

There is a mystery in the human organism in the lateral kidney functions which one could take as a divine construction for protecting the security and integrity of the children - the abdomen is lateralized in this sense of it - the kidneys constitute a sort of protective 'wings' (my vol.1 and vol.3 are perhaps such 'wings' of irrational logic to vol.2 - possibly interpreted in some script systems). There are traces of this lateralized symbolism in Syria - such as in 'Our Lady of Saidnaya' - not 'kid-naya' or 'the rejected kid'. If one takes it that Syria is the lateral 'kidneys' - or rather 'side-nais' - to Israel, and one can add the mirrored-turned shape of the country as a lapis philosophorum for two mirrored kidneys on either side of Israel

Syria on the map
(source 'Microsoft Encarta')

Outline of the white stone

The stone back side mirrored

(the illustration is an excerpt from this file)

then one can understand the war in Syria as an international concern for constructing a principle of 'global government' based on the principles of 1-2-3. My guess is that this is what the terror and warfare there was about - creating via international participation a condition of crisis of type 3 = chemical poisoning as a principle of power for 'natural global government'.

Could be human-controlled 'security' is not the right word for the child - rather a 'kidney/sidenaya/lateralized system' is given in the human organism for ensuring that divine-controlled History preserves the child accordingly ('human-controlled history' is often called 'security') and does not leave it behind in the roadside.

However, this is not enough for rooting a principle of global government in the human nature via Syria. There must be a crisis and it must be able to go either way. The principle seems to be the archives of cuneiform script found in Syria and the rest of the middle east down to Babylon and further on. The script was either pressed into the clay or not - that is crisis 2 - and it is done with a tool that resembles crisis 1. Hence the cuneiform script encodes the nexus of crises 1-2. Then what is crises 2-3 - for the chemical poisoning of civil war? Clearly ARSEN-IK could be just that 2-3 nexus to the human nature.

Cuneiform is solved and one has a rich literature with extensive glossaries and grammars - but how come these resources are not used for serious historic studies? The reason is that the grammar and meaning is solved - but if you put the whole cuneiform literature into a computer and translate it, then you can slide or scramble the whole decipherment, say, 5 places sideways in the alphabet, so to speak - such that an A is taken as an F, a B = G etc (cuneiform is syllabic), then you get out another consistent code but the translation and inherent logic is not the same. Every cuneiform sign has many phonetic variants, every phonetic sound has many cuneiform signs (there can often be 10-20 sound-sign matches for each of them) - therefore the translation of the cuneiform literature cannot be used as serious historic sources unless the phonetic surface of the language can be settled. If it can, then the ocean of cuneiform literature turns into solid earth to walk on, otherwise it remains as unsuitable for walking (for serious historic studies) as the Atlantic ocean itself.

It has probably been taken for granted in political philosophy and strategy that the surface code of cuneiform could not be settled - and then the only way of making the historic roots of the world decodable and workable is by political power - the use of force and terror - for reaching a 'decipherable' (consistent, stable) world. This was probably the philosophy of those who had hoped to convert warred-down Syria into a global tumble-place for terror-driven government.

But in my vol.4 (on 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics'), completed just now in november 2018, I found the proof that settles the surface sound of cuneiform - and that means that World Peace is rescued and terror-driven administration has no sensible pretext any longer. Syria will be turned into the land of eternal peace. This is the World Peace which the italian call for me was after: Come back to Italy and the World Peace can be rescued!

I had completed this vol.4 before christmas and christmas night was the moment when one understood that this World Peace is the same as the newborn Jesus child. It is the divine revelation in the script, the text.

The glass bowl

Vol.4 of The Endmorgan Quartet - briefly about 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics' - which I completed in november 2018 is in two parts: Part 1 = 'The poetry' (four books of poetry already self-published, about 900 pages) and Part 2 = 'The theory' (nearly 400 pages). I had worked with the matter in general terms for several years (such as the chapter on hieroglyphs which had been on my internet page for many months), and one of the chapters (on literary form, appr 70 pages) I had self-published in the book 'Time and the sonnet' (1999) which could be used more or less unaltered, but most of part 2 had to be written from scratch. I wrote this out in the days from 18 october to 25 november 2018. Already in the evening of 19 october in Vienna, having just completed the chapter on lapis philosophorum, there came to a sudden and total halt in the urination and this did not start again without medication. I left for my little adobe house in Hungary to continue there - and got most of the water out with a hungarian herb medicine without prescription called 'Urostemol'. (I think it contained stinging nettle - norwegian 'brennesla' = 'the stinging nettle', cp. TEQ poem #295 - see below). (Added later: It turned out to be the exact opposite of stinging nettle - not the 'burns' from the outermost tip of the hairs of the nettle but a watering solution from the innermost seeds of the pumpkin). But the condition got worse there - I lay in bed and could not even walk - and after a few days I noticed a strange 'glass bowl' shape over the belly which looked not normal - the rest of the body was losing weight and was already rather skinny - but the belly looked more and more like a pregnant woman not long before birth. Ah, that is because the book is soon finished, I said to myself - I have a 'buk' in the 'buk' (the word 'buk' means 'stomach' in norwegian) - and I believed that was the reason for the 'glass bowl' phenomenon: The belly shone like a ball of glass, and inside was - the 'buk'. Buk = Buk, the settled code.

I returned to Vienna to continue and the work went well off - I even made an apparently great sumerological discovery from scratch there (a dove had explained to me in Venice where and how I could find the solution - but it was not possible without H?bner/Reizammer's self-published sumerian dictionary which I had in Vienna). But the 'glass bowl' did not go down.

The book was finished around 25 november 2018, I was still in reasonably good shape even if I had eaten very little - the appetite was totally gone - for several weeks. I copyrighted it and left for Venice and believed that a couple of nights' rest in a hotel would bring me up on my feet again. I was very happy - the work of the 4 volumes was successfully completed and I could finally rest for the first time since 1997. And what results I had reached! However, I was about to lose control with the self-understanding of my health condition, which started deteriorating rather quickly with me letting the decades-long concentration go - the 'glass bowl' was getting bigger - I now believed that it was due to gas accumulation that refused to go neither up nor down and I felt that carbon medication helped. I had to sleep in sitting posture and the food I forced down in spite of lacking appetite did not help much - and when I could no longer get up a stairway with my bag, after a few days not up at all without getting so shortbreathed that it could not continue, eventually I could not walk at all, I agreed with the hotel to an inspection from a medical authority who could report no other alarm than a little high blood pressure - all other measurable parametres (temperature etc) were normal, and I decided to drop the concern with the medical condition. The 'glass bowl' were bigger than ever, though, and the physical strength continued to disappear and when I two days later fell out of bed in an attempt to stand up at night, I discovered that the physical resources were totally gone and I could not lift even a limb from the floor. I managed to get the room door open, though, and collected the little strength left to a few HELP! shouts. A night porter and the hotel owner found me and I was rushed to hospital on that day 17 december - where the doctors detected total kidney failure on both sides and much other organ dysfunction. I had to spend several weeks in the hospital bed - fed intravenously (while the digestion channel underwent repair works) for restoring balance and resources - before the system started co-functioning well again and appetite returned with promises of a new future. It had been a critical turning point - either the body-soul nexus which is called me were too exhausted to continue or it still had things to do - luckily it went well and I survived the crisis.

The nurses tied me up in water hoses which attached me to the bottles above, they cleaned me of the daily ka-ka and wrapped me up in the needed textiles, and they brought me the daily food I needed to grow. I was their little Jesus bebe - and it was probably my christmas peace present to the world they protected the integrity of. I was not allowed to leave the bed - although the few things that coincidentally had followed the ambulance voyage and were brought to me thereafter did not really suffice - and after my internet computer broke down on 12 january there was no way for me to reach the outer world. But 7 weeks of total rest in bed was precisely what I needed.

What was the story of 'the integrity and security of this Jesus bebe'? (For 'security' one should perhaps rather read 'divinely controlled history'). It is the World Peace which is the concern with me living in Italy - not just any fancy from the History of Coincidences. It was the World Peace which arrived as Jesus bebe on christmas night. I am not the Jesus bebe - but th Jesus bebe is, I believe, a divine revelation in my text, in the TEQ proper, such as the recently completed vol.4 shows.

What was the mysterious 'glass bowl'? The book I wrote is really about the theoretic possibility of saying something sensible about the relation between Sister Lucia (born 'Lucia dos Santos') - one of the three visionaries of Fatima 1917 - and my historic person from the viewpoint of my chances to write poetry. Lucia was born on 27 march 1908 - she became a carmelite nun living by the rule of 'always pray (for the others) and never sleep' - the carmelites never sleep and always pray, even when busily involved in other matters of not the least intellectual activities. She lived for nearly a hundred years. It was approximately 80 years after her birth - could be no coincidence - that plans were accepted and building started for Hotel Oslo Plaza - a rasor-thin and -sharp hotel of 117 metres. When it was completed in the beginning of the 90's, I took the lift up to the panorama cafe on the top floor for a coffee and clandestine poetry draft in my notebook - it was still a secret that I wrote poetry - had the norwegians got news of it, their laugh could have brought a quick end to it - like the candles on a birthday cake. But I think Lucia kept a protecting look at my poetry and gave me a healthy foundation for the later work. I was writing in my brown notebook when I looked up and saw two servant women standing by the counter - one of them held a glass bowl with coffee in her hand hanging well under the surface level of the counter, the other stood next to her (they may have been talking or maybe not) when she suddenly lifted her hand and put her palm courageously onto the warm glass bowl of the other, and then further on to the probably equally warm 'bowl' of the other's hip or buttock. I looked down again to my poem - having understood the secret sympathy in the movement with my secret work. Today I recognize even the elements of my first childhood memory - the proof that Nelly 'L?wentatze' Sachs is my mother.

It was while in the hotel 2018 that I recalled this story and understood that the very brief scene on top of Hotel Plaza in fact encoded the three top names of current power: Theresa May (a 'mighty rasor'), Xi Jinping and Donald Trump. That is nothing new - that political names occur in places of divine power. In fact the three names even correlate with the three main problems I had, those of most urgency as diagnosed by the doctors at the hospital: Donald Trump = #1, the digestion failures, Theresa May = #2, the bladder/urine-tract failures, Xi Jinping = #3, the kidney failures. Could be even a Gordon Brown in the (long-since lost) notebook?

But the glass bowl and the look of the coloured eye appears in other poetic contexts as well, such as in Kavafis' poem on 'Coloured glass' - wherein the bride is a 'glass-bowl'-to-be pregnant (with bebe) when she marries and the poem's mystic heart is the wedding ceremony - converting the two into a married couple - in terms of the shared look of the witnesses - as if they saw through the same eye. Some would say that this means surveillance, others that it is the very mystery of vision. (Notice also the 'scheinbar umgekehrt' alternative "bei mir, das kleine St?ckchen von dem gef?rbtem Glas / selbst nicht zu haben. Scheinbar ganz umgekehrt").

It could be the glass bowl itself which is telling that BUK = BUK, the deciphered cuneiform, the settled surface phonetic code - the very World Peace. In my vol.4, it takes on the shape of sumerian cuneiform KU5-TAR = 'DOR-KAS' - or 'KAS-DOR' = 'TAR-KU5' = 'Tabitha' = 'the BIT-ha' - the name Dorcas (also called Tabitha) who was raised from death by Peter (Acts 9:36).

Conclusion: It is easy to see the way forwards. First, after the italians (or anybody else) have found a place for me and my economy to live in Venice, it is time to realize that I = I and Stoltenberg = Stoltenberg. That is the great moment when World Peace finally goes through.

And that is also the great moment when italian economy starts going upwards. But 'eye = eye' and 'pregnant woman belly' = 'pregnant woman belly', tells Kavafis. And what does 'Gordon Brown' mean (cp. Rilke's 4th Duino elegy - "der Knabe [...] mit dem braunen Schielaug")? It is of course important to understand that the World Peace of the Jesus bebe is not the same as a stoltenbergian career motor that could have come out of the pregnant woman belly - could be that is the reason why the bowl appears to be made of glass. Or, rather, the bowl is as solid although breakable as glass when it is the cranium of bone - when the bone has grown firm and solid beyond the first crisis of the infant. Could be that is why Kavafis sees it as 'broken coloured glass' - if it is broken glass, then the cranium was no longer soft like a woman's belly - and hence the wedding merges the womb and the eye.

The matter of possible long-time arsenic poisoning of me

It can be said that the condition I suffered from was a form of physical depression - and it is a little interesting to observe that in fact I - in addition to other organ dysfunction due to overworkedness etc - developed symptoms of possibly longitudinal arsenic poisoning as well - there could have been peripheral neuropathy in the coordination problems of balance, unless that be due to only weeks in sickbed - possibly problems of gait and extensive muscle atrophies in hands and extremities (thorax, legs, arms, hands) - although some of the problems may be due to long time in sickbed and will perhaps heal naturally. Formerly I easily opened a plastic screw cap on a small water bottle - that is not possible now simply because the muscles in the hand have deteriorated. Even the smallest female nurse easily opens the screw cap I have to give up. The coordination of balance and leg muscles seems to improve with exercises - at least I hope that possible peripheral neural damages from poison will not be irrepairable by exercises. If I have been subjected to arsenic poisoning, if this is held secret thereby preventing a restoration of my integrity, it must count as uncivilized primitivism which cannot be permitted in a healthy society. An apology and economic compensation to my person must be issued. Poor Mozart was probably poisoned - one guesses that the administration in those days wanted to look like his heavenly music - and blame was put on Salieri = the salt of yesterday. But that is just a variant of an inability to be the one that one is (is it a variant of the Burgenland power mystery?) . The unfortunate role of me as the invisible factor in highlevel politics must come to an end - I have never asked for it and it is a heavy burden on my life and work. I cannot pay for the political effect of a theft of my cash or arsenic poisoning for a 2-3 nexus!!! A very thorough dishwash may be needed - however mediocre some politicians may feel thereafter. I am not in politics!

See below, though, on the poet's own view on his disease - it is not impossible that 'total exhaustion' from 21 years of constant concentration could explain the condition.

The theory of arsenic poisoning in Austria 2010-2018 is, though, supported by the high-precision 90 degrees' crash of two police cars in high emergency speed right before my eyes in the intersection Schweglerstrasse/M?rzstrasse in Vienna on probably 13 march in 2012 - a high precision which let the two police-cars dance together (a very absurd view!) on back tyres and with snouts together up in the air for 20-30 metres down the Schweglerstrasse street - for the combined '90 degrees' = 'ARSEN' plus 'dancing cars' = '(G)IKK' (= 'went') - there were even flames shooting out from the rear of the smaller car before it slammed into the house wall, like the Concorde crash at Gonesse in France, the airplane filled with only germans - and the message to me would then have been that the police could not stop the secret arsenic poisoning which therefore would have had a high-level political classification (probably only presidential level can avoid police interaction - I think Austria has such a paragraph for the presidential level, but am not sure about it - and with arsenic then probably administered by the secret intelligence services it is not certain that the police had the authority to stop it). Several people were wounded in the car crash - including heroic police - which cannot have been a coincidence. The story suggests that a high-level secrecy classification prevented them from telling the facts to me - and the same problem may burden my patient relation to medical treatment if it be considered 'forbidden' to consider arsenic poisoning as a possible reason for my symptoms. I lived in Zinckgasse just below Schweglerstrasse/M?rzstrasse in Vienna from december 2009 to november 2018 and felt that I had to flee for my life at the end of this period. But I am not in politics - I am a poet and private person only - and there is no reason to burden me with the emergence of possibly new illegal politics (anti-semitism?) in Austria.

I add the observation - having discovered the high relevance of the name of the Oslo terrorist for my 2009 italian address - that his name also strongly suggests the idea of 'another postman (carrying) and the letter is gone'. I have often speculated that post to me in Vienna could have been censored - there has been very little interesting post - but have no proof. Clearly a letter held back from reaching me can have strong effect under such circumstances - it would strongly reinforce the identification and understanding of me in Italy as identical with the Oslo terrorist Breivik (in contrast to e.g. a 'peace dove' Stoltenberg) - and I therefore add that I have never agreed to any redirection or forwarding to others of post to me - if e.g. Stoltenberg should have received letters intended for me, I have of course never been informed about or agreed to any such 'liaison' - I have never been informed about anything abnormal in austrian or other post as far as my person is concerned. There was, if I understood it right, the option in Austria at least some years ago of post or package deliverance to your neighbour if e.g. you yourself are on holiday or cannot otherwise receive the big package of dog fodder - but that probably presupposes that the neighbour is a friend or at least is in a friendly liaison with you. I dont know if this option of post deliverance in Austria still is active. I do of course hope that post sent to me has reached me. I notice also the similarity of 'arsen-IK' and 'Breiv-IK': 'Brev' = 'letter' in post, 'breiv' is a nonsense word which could call forth associations to 'broadside' and things like that. 'Brei' = 'broad'. Whether that 'broadside' could be 'fire' = 'arsen' I dont know but I suppose it could mean the same. Breivik's action of fire on Ut?ya could perhaps be called a 'broadside', or the car bomb he (according to the news) placed under PM Stoltenberg's office. It may well be that it is only after the 2011 Oslo terror that the 90 degrees police car crash of 2012 unambiguously meant 'ARSEN'. Or even that more elements in the 'career motor' must be run through before it gets unambiguous - but then it could be too late.

I refer also to the 90 degrees car crash - not police - in Landsberger Allee in Berlin in 2004 - the two cars did not 'walk' together after the crash but both stood rather hopping up and down on the spot, one of them (the outspringer) rotating slowly around on the spot while hopping up and down - this happened while I was walking towards a grocers shop and it happened in the moment when I was aligned with them - where one of them was waiting for the spring-out at Ferdinand Schulze Strasse - cp. 'Martin Schulz' as the name of the later leader of SPD - which intersected with Landsberger Allee where I was walking when the waiting car suddenly sprang out into the stream of cars passing in Landsberger Allee and crashed 90 degrees with one of them. It looked as if the spring-out was triggered by my position rather exactly being aligned with the resulting crash. This was in the spring 2004. This story puts an ARSEN on the two crashing cars and a (G)IKK on me.

I add also the story from probably the summer 2016 - I was coming home from (I think it was) several weeks in Venice to Zinckgasse with the afternoon train when I discovered on my return that the window glass had been opened by the police - a circle had been opened in the first glass pane and then in the inner for making it possible to open the window frame with the handle inside and they had left a note that it was the police - who explained that a neighbour had alarmed them that I seemed to have come home and entered the flat but did not respond to attempts to get in contact - they feared I could lie helpless on the floor. Therefore they broke in to rescue. I did not inquire further about whether they found a copy of me in there. The police would pay the repair - but the glacier (he resembled lightly my high-school classmate JHI) who came to repair it first broke the wooden inside lists off with a tool, thereafter he put the new double glass pane on from outside and reattached the inside wooden lists with hair-fine nails - so it seemed that the new pane could be easily pressed in from outside. After he had left, I added new and more solid nails to the lists so it was secure enough - but the repair was not complete and I could not send the bill to the police without having to pay the eventual repair myself - and so I paid the first 'repair' and left it there. It is possible that this is the story of the glass bowl/ball in the form which a stoltenbergian career motor would conceive it - which is quite different from the form of my World Peace. I notice also now after the publication of \ebecq's novel 'Serotonin' around the time of my disease and hospitalization that there are elements of this double window pane story in Houellebecq's title ('ser o ton in' = 'she sees #2 in') - which furthermore links onto 'arsenic' via 'zero' = 'arsen' and 'tonin' = '(g)ikk' - to which one can add that a '0' has a sort of spoon shape and 'tonin' goes like a clock - hence the old Uri Geller magic could apply.

It is fully possible that the Oslo terror can be seen as having started a stoltenbergian career motor and that the concept of arsenic poisoning of me is essential for the functionality of the career motor for a Stoltenberg as intended 'chief of UN' - and that this functionality is the reason why one does not want to leak the data on arsenic poisoning of me - such as the police car crash could be telling of. But that is no good reason at all - rather it is a good reason to get all data on possible arsenic poisoning of me up in full daylight. I suffer from muscle atrophy in hands, arms, legs, thorax - all over the body - and my 187-188 cm body height holds now 51 kg body weight (clothes and breakfast included - the exact weight is probably 50 kg). My right hand reaches (+5mm) around my left biceps. There are the above-mentioned symptoms which perhaps can be hard to explain except as the result of long-time arsenic poisoning.

Why arsenic? If it be the case that I suffered from arsenic poisoning (or some close derivate) and it also be the case that this more or less directly left traces in the body in the form of a 1-2-3 (Donald Trump = #1, the digestion failures, Theresa May = #2, the bladder/urine-tract failures, Xi Jinping = #3, the kidney failures), then the political reason for the arsenic could be simply that it is politically equivalent with the terror in Syria - and hence was intended for the same political program. Then terror in Syria means 'depression' for the 1-2 nexus - also for the 'impression into clay tablets' - while the arsenic would be for the 2-3 nexus.

Clearly if Austria has a paragraph that permits and legalizes Mozart-murder under presidential authority, then they must also have a paragraph that can invalidate this authority by recourse to psychiatric disease in the president - and thereby restore the authority of police interaction on a sensible basis (not uncivilized primitivism). Such paragraphs are for extreme cases of threats against the security of the state - and Mozart never threatened the state, as far as I know - so Mozartmurder should never really be considered legal. The mythos world assigning to me the role of 'dirty beast in the revelation' cannot be considered a serious threat against the security of the state.

There have been two presidents in Austria while I lived there - Heinz Fischer and Alexander von der Bellen. I arrived in Vienna on 1 july 2004 and already on friday 2 july I went to register my new address - but Meldeamt said I needed a copy of the letting contract with houseletter's signature, but it was too late in the day and I would have to return on monday morning. I asked that it be registered on 2 july nevertheless, for reasons of the tax year, and they agreed to that. I returned on 5 july in the morning when they opened at 08:00 and had the new address registered. News later in the day told that austrian president Thomas Klestil had fallen unconscious at 08:05 that morning (and his presidential authority was probably suspended or invalidated in the same moment) and he died the following day, told the news. Heinz Fischer was chosen by the parliament (I think it was) as his follower. When Fischer some years later pulled out of office, there was a referendum on the next president - an election which was followed by parallel election in other countries (Hungary, was it?). As far as I remember, it was Hofer who won, told the news, at least initially, but the result was invalidated by some formalities and the election had to be done over again. When von der Bellen eventually (in the second or was it even third round) was declared as the winner and new president, the french and italian prime ministers resigned immediately - these resignations had been announced in advance. German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen went for an official visit to Saudi-Arabia but did not follow the country's dress code (norw. 'klesdrakten') for women. See the article The Burgenland riddle is solved for ideas of international concerns and interests in these matters.

If the plan is to accept the logic that jewish genetics in itself constitutes a potential threat against the state and therefore that it is considered legal to exterminate the genetic subset ('die Endlösung'), it is hardboiled anti-semitism indeed. But it may be that the world will not accept this form of logic - in particular when the Burgenland power mystery now has been dismanteled - via the work (PEB) I was occupied with when I was forced to leave Venice in 2009. (It is fully possible that the principle of displacement of phonological features in a redundant fashion were known or had been guessed earlier - but in my solution line 1 is only a part of a much bigger system, including the governmental power structure of line 4, not to speak of the full TEQ which the PEB relates to and springs forth from - and these complexes certainly were not known in advance).

Does this mean that a possible arsenic poisoning could not be stopped by the austrian police because of strong pressure from e.g. the US democrat party? I dont think that is a possible explanation.

Dont let them run through the whole terror alphabet with this arsenic secret intact (if, that is, of course, it was arsenic or some relevant derivate affecting the 1-2-3 plus 4 in the body). Publish the details in the arsenic scandal (if there is such a scandal - and publication of fiction wont do)! There seems to be no doubt that I suffer from muscle atrophy - and 'Gilets Jaunes' is perhaps not a label that applies with irrelevance on me. It seems that I have not even got enough food in the hospital (although I have got intravenous feeding for more than a month) to let my now great appetite plus a little physiotherapy redress my bones with new muscle - my body weight seems to have sunk to the current 51 kg (on 19 january) and a physiotherapist I have not seen for consultation - could it be it is for pretending (on instruction from e.g. some secret intelligence services?) that the arsenic problem does not exist - while the fact is that it does? (I think my body weight used to be around 70-75 kg - on my arrival at the hospital on 17 december it was probably at least 60 kg). The hospital treatment has otherwise been excellent and reconstituted the bodily foundations of my existence and optimism for a new future.

I had a nice and affordable home in Zinckgasse in Vienna but was forced to flee. I hope to regain an equally nice and affordable home in Venice - without arsenic.

I add that there seems to exist a systematic antithesis between me and the international secret intelligence services of the relevant governments - these had probably planned to swap roles with me for declaring me as 'the principle of evil' in contrast to their own alleged peace-preserving function - but this is likely to be concerned with the heart of the story wrong way - that it is not likely that these services will be able to find a relevant solution to the problem of my need for decent housing since that solution is likely to conflict with their own role of a power-engineering function. But clearly this is a problem which should by other means and ways be easily solvable - to improve the conditions for the subject squeezed between the 'civil war' of Syria and the 'civil war' of international terror.

Another possible arsenic story - from 1975

It seems that JANKO antennae firm has had a strong and lasting influence on history. Ole Kr?t?es 'Kabel-TV' ruled the market in Fredrikstad/?stfold in the 70's-80's and could offer 3 TV-channels (Norway + 2 swedish) and 4 radio stations (Norway + 3 swedish) and people paid nearly anything for having a choice on saturday evening. I recall the winterstorms - an antenna had blown down and the telephone chimed constantly at the Kr?t?es from angry TV-watchers who had planned the beef to the swedish entertainment - and he and an assistant had to drive out and climb the masts in the winter storm. But then came JANKO as a competitor... (I think this was the story - unless Janko was later). Kr?t?e sold his firm in time - before satellites could offer 500 stations - he may have been a factor in my history as an Aber-Kr?t?e - turning Abercrombie into ABCD. But 'Kr?t?e' is perhaps not enough for making the 'ABCD' - could be a KROGH-Hansen would be needed in addition - he was (as far as I remember) inspector at the high school 'Frydenberg Gymnas' when I quit in late 1974 for speeding the education up and gain a year by taking all exams privately in the spring 1975 - so that I could leave for Oslo studies in 1975 instead of 1976. Krogh-Hansen strongly recommended that I dropped the plan and followed ordinary schedule instead, but I followed my then ambitious inclinations - and certainly I could have taken all exams if unhampered - I took half of them in the spring and the rest the next year - since the entire spring 1975 was filled with diseases after my drop-out in december 1974, as I talked with KROGH-Hansen just before christmas. In january 1975 I soon fell ill with mononucleosis which left me in high fever for three weeks - and with atrophied thigh muscles thereafter. Could be the 'Handsen', so to speak, had administered arsenic right away - a flesh-eating Kroghodile? The hands of the official parents? No, atrophied hands of mine that could have been! (In the autumn semester 1974, in august or september 1974 when the second year of high school started, there had come two new students from above - both Jan-HI and Mette Kr?t?e had to take the second year over again. JHI (a name which as Jan-HI could suggest that a Mette Kr?t?e was a Jan-Co in the autumn 1974) had, as was my impression, a reduced right hand - his passion was music and maybe he could have played the trumpet - but even his name told of this condition when it suggested 'hand atrophy'. I add also that (as far as I remember) there was a Krogh-Hansen and a Vogt-Hansen in the story - the latter was probably inspector or similar at the previous school 'Seiersten' (1971-73), Krogh-Hansen probably inspector at the high school 'Frydenberg' (1973-76) - unless the two names were oppositely distributed - I can't recall this with certainty now and do not have the exam papers present - it is more than 40 years since now - but consulting old papers on 1 march 2019 told that it was opposite: Per Vogth-Hanssen was inspector 1 and const.rector at Frydenberg Gymnas = high school from 1973 - while H.Krogh-Hansen was 'skolestyrer' = 'school leader' at Seiersten 'ungdomsskole' where I was 1971-73). Clearly if this be the story, both Janukovitch in Ukraina and Sebastian Kurz = Sebasti-JANKO-urz in Austria could be names relating to the JANKO competitor factor relative to the 'ABCD'. Janukovitch in Ukraina took the victory from Julia Tymoshenko and shouldnt have done that - so he eventually had to flee with a document case in his Handsen - while History chased him over the border. Ole Kr?t?e was also the liaison to Suzanne Runacher - he knew her via Hermann Hebler who organized the graphic biennales in Fredrikstad and to which Runacher was invited - and via Kr?t?e I and a friend visited her in Paris in the summer 1975. I should of course in Paris have visited competitor graphic artist Gisele Lestrange instead and her son Eric - possibly a half brother of mine - in the summer 1975 - that would have been a great up for my life. But in 1975 I had no chance to guess that - it was only much later I came to an understanding of it. It was a piece of slightly tragic mistake - could be not so little tragic - a quite expensive shadow theatre it could have been. (Now there is a 'Ronacher' theatre in Vienna). Lestrange had lost her husband Paul Celan in 1970 - ten years after he could have (or probably) visited me in Odda (before he wrote the 'Meridian' - I probably met him in 1960). Of course it was her I should have met instead in 1975. But I knew nothing of this story then.

I must tell that the Kr?t?es were friendly people offering me a chance to feel a little welcome in their family life, and I spent quite a lot of time there - that was perhaps not the same as running off to Oslo studies a year ahead of schedule - but it was a part of a detachment from the original family. Kr?t?e offered job opportunities (for climbing winter masts etc) to people coming out of prison.

Kr?t?e also gave me a book called 'Rent, hvitt og livsfarlig' ('Clean, white and life-threatening') about the dangers of sugar. I think the author was an american - I dont remember the name. I have met this idea later in life - that sugar somehow should be particularly difficult for me, and I have speculated that if I were opened in early life, it could have led to such problems. But I notice that hyper-sensitivity to sugar also could be recognized as diabetes - which sometimes is taken as euphemistic for 'secret agent', which means that if claims should be presented that I should be a secret agent, it could activate this story about the book I got from him and hence enhance a '1-2-3-4' or 'ABCD' structure. Of course I am neither a secret agent nor diabetic and I do not use insulin or other drugs-on-prescription. But maybe Kr?t?e had other reasons for warning against 'sugar'. ('Suger' is norwegian for 'sucks' - that was not my problem but maybe I would not be the right husband for his daughter after all - and the idea of 'suger' would or could apply to the name of the second girlfriend 'MK').

Even the story of Edward ('Ted') Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick could perhaps contain traces of the name of JHI.

The 'crocodile' logic told it: Mononucleosis was the name of my first girlfriend ('MA'), the following throat abscess ('halsbyll') the name of the next ('MK'), and the torture at a specialist in a concrete basement in Oslo for the unsuccessful attempt at opening the throat abscess (anaesthesia was not possible, he explained) the third - when her name was 'Mette Kr?t?e' it could mean 'saturate[d] [with] tortoise' - she was as my girlfriend my reason for knowing her father. In addition, there was a fourth (was she really the third in the series?) girlfriend whose name 'EH' could suggest the 'lapis philosophorum' and hence a link to Syria, even if she is not mentioned in the 'medical file' - the serial order of girlfriends indexed by a serial order of diseases of those days (unless 'atrophied' is considered the state of the philosopher's stone/egg = 'lapis philosophorum' relative to a bird's spherical egg) - I have guessed that the 'D' of ABCD or '4' of 1-2-3-4 is about sexual maturation and genetics. The removal of my tonsils (not testicles, I hope, for the 'halv-spyl') was after the summer 1975. I was thrice to hospital that year, as far as I remember. Klabbef?re! - while I had tried to speed up my career. The throat abscess made it difficult to get the food in and hence I was so skinny and 'atrophied' - a condition which seems to have had a lasting effect on my physiognomy - unless it simply is my natural physiognomy. (I hope I am not going to remain on my current 50 kg!) The diseases in the spring 1975 were - in the world of mythology - the punishment from History for me having visited Runacher instead of Lestrange in the summer 1975 - what a p?bel from Norway! - told the backwards logic.

I later had a professor 'EH' in linguistics whose skull shape brought forth associations to the 'lapis philosophorum' and its very low cranium shape. Even my girlfriend 'EH' became a professor - in piano in Vienna. (Hungarian 'koponya' = 'cranium'). Linguistics professor 'EH' was not involved when my doctorate was rejected - but he OK'ed my MA degree. But my PhD dissertation of 1997 was a good piece of work, including the theoretic basis for the blue metre - and shouldn't that have any value? Isn't Knut Hamsun (not inspector 'Krogh-Hansen') still a good novelist? It seems that Gro Harlem Brundtland was propelled to 'chief of WHO' when my doctorate dissertation was rejected in the summer 1998 (it was delivered to evaluation in early december 1997). It is clear that it is all this world of quasi-administrative logic which must down if the world is supposed to move forwards - as a norwegian citizen I dont find this suffering anything worth and do not believe that it can bring Norway into a 'superpower' position.

The safest symptom of arsenic poisoning seems to be muscle atrophy in the hand - other muscles may degenerate a little after weeks in sickbed but not the hand. (I have such hand muscle atrophy now - I cannot now open the plastic screw cap of a small water bottle which I easily unscrewed some weeks or months ago). The names of the two new students in the class in the autumn semester 1974 could therefore have meant just 'arsenic' - JHI's name can mean 'hand atrophy' and Kr?t?e's name can mean 'poison'. If the Grøvers worked for the norwegian state's secret intelligence services in such a hand-out role, and one guesses that it would not have been a mere hobby or odd pedagogics they could have been involved in (although the rumour that Grøver was Mengele could perhaps have given reasons for speculations on private 'hobby'), it is clear that the state cannot pretend that this was nothing. The norwegian state had a good chance now before 31 december 2018 (an economic compensation from Norway would have been tax free when I lived in Austria - otherwise one could of course hope and apply for tax freedom by political decision but that can be annulled later and would therefore leave a stain of dependency on the money which tax freedom by double taxation agreement does not leave) to compensate for the damages and laugh a little less at the p?bel from Norway - a story which otherwise could have used to be so funny up there in Norway - it would be told over the beer-foam while the birch opens her first spring leaves - but they did not grab the opportunity this year either. (In fact I had a reason to believe that an economic compensation would arrive in 2018, unless it was a trivial coincidence: It is normal that the pension by decision in the parliament rises a little every year, and in 2018 it rose the amount which for my particular pension meant just 666 NOK afterpay for two months around may/june - which I think was not only paid a little earlier than normal but which also could have meant 'billig hets er statn in G' - although a little early perhaps?). What is the world supposed to do (this story is, though, only one among many)? Sit there hoping for another year? Invisible modern warfare is a poor solution - and indeed this warfare as only possible end of the story could have been the entire purpose with the whole farce - for driving the norses into that corner of ridiculous dreams of becoming the world's superpower #1 - if only they are willing to endure a little losses and warfare. 'Gutta p? skauen' do not mind! ('Einar Gerhardsen' was PM from 1945 to 1965). A stoltenbergian career motor it looked like - only opposite valued.

Other people try to tell them: "But this is madness! Pay the millions and you are out of the tragedy! Few other countries have so much money as you have per head - it costs you nothing to pay the economic compensation - but you prefer a tragic solution instead!" - It is not tragic, is the answer - it is about becoming the world's leading superpower ruling the world. Indeed tragic, this national psychosis - ruled from what can come to be called 'Spyttebakken' in Oslo. Only an 'Endlösung' (holocaust) and uncivilized primitivism in culture (a culture wherein nobody among ordinary people have heard of the 'lapis philosophorum') could be the result of the program - and the world will not come to respect them for it! Trump's attempt to move the 'suprematism' down to Mexico (by the fence) is the friendliest response they can get.

The story of this attempt to reconstitute the norwegian 'superpower' of viking times could in fact be quite tough: If the rumour that John Jensen (changing name to John Grøver in 1946) really were Josef Mengele from Günzburg, the reason for this rumour could have been in the intention of declaring mistreatment of me as a 'private hobby' for which the state had no responsibility. But the rumour could not stand on own feet - there had to be a reason why Mengele should have escaped from nazi Germany and been allowed to hide away up in Norway and Ålesund - and that reason would have found grounds if more nazis than just himself were there. In Ålesund he would have shared dinner table in Klipra with Ragna Gröver's uncle Aron Eidsvig - whom I met a few times and who I think was not so little similar of look to Adolf Hitler. The proof that Adolf Hitler had changed identity into Aron Eidsvig after 1945 is in the AIDSHIV epidemic which can be called a 'Hardon AIDSHIV' epidemic. That is a quite heavy proof - where does that word 'hardon' come from? But it is this potential co-presence at the dinner table in Klipra in Ålesund which is the real story and which means that the AIDSHIV epidemic is a proof that the state of Norway does not intend to pay an economic compensation for the damages to my life - damages created in the attempt to turn the norwegian people into suffering heros for the sake of the political tool of terror - and hence that the state of Norway could prefer invisible modern warfare in the new year rather than giving in to the international pressure of paying compensation for the abuse. Or, rather, the epidemic can have been put in circulation in 1978-1980 (around the time when the 'octogon' started - which was three years after the 'softening' year of 1975) for just that reason - search this (immature) 'ABC' manuscript for the line 'Greenwich Village' - of convincing the norwegians that the idea of a norwegian superpower ruling the world is no joke at all but is worth the suffering which could follow the effects of a stoltenbergian career motor. The idea of Hitler hiding (being allowed to hide) after the war up in Ålesund was, though, only for lending substance to the idea that it was the father, the PAPA, who were to be blamed for his private inclinations, not the state for whom he could have worked. This idea was installed into history by the attempt on the pope - the PAPA - in 1981, after the countdown via Gandhi, Lennon, Reagan on a 3-2-1 = 1-2-3 scheme.

If this strategy of relieving the state of the burden of blame had been long-since planned, then it is of course possible that it really was Hitler and Mengele, since otherwise the intended effect could have vanished as easily as a false rumour or morning dew can. Aron Eidsvig had two brothers - Bjarne Eidsvig, my official grandfather who was married to my official grandmother Laura Eidsvig - born Laura Devold - and Bernt Eidsvig. (It is not impossible that these were the 'reference' in the chinese 'gang of 4'). I recall being told in my childhood that there were 6 Eidsvig brothers but I met only these 3 - unless they all had double identities. 'Bjarne Eidsvig' rewrites to 'Jame(s) eidhivB' --> 'Jerusalem Rehab' = US Jerusalem embassy (Trump's election program). The theory is that Bjarne Eidsvig could have been the real Adolf Eichmann (there exist only two photos of Eichmann in Hitler service, and these are very poor), while the one who was brought to Jerusalem for trial could have been a 'double'. 'Bernt Eidsvig' rewrites similarly to 'M-T is rehab', hence 'Jerusalem' --> 'merusalet' = 'mennesket' (norw.) = 'the human being/psyche', i.e. the lapis philosophorum with the very low skull, while 'merusalet' = 'mary jo vett' ('vett' = norw. for 'intelligence'), hence, when hungarian for 'cranium' = 'koponya', there is 'Mary Jo Kopechne' of the Ted Kennedy story at Chappaquiddick. 'Very low skull/cranium' = 'lapis philosophorum' - in contrast to 'dolf eich manna' --> 'Dollfu?, Engelbert' - the prewar chancelor of Austria who was known for having a very high cranium - along a Burgenland dimension. This suggests one of the three dimensions in the 'Vollkornbrot' - the three dimensions are likely to be the three or six Eidsvig brothers filling in the reality just perfectly, but, just like the veneric disease, it is all about the gender - about which there could be something wrong. This makes of the norwegian (reality) constitution of 1814 the same as an antisemitic rejection of the reality of the lapis philosophorum qua Vollkornbrot - indeed the intended effect of Hitler's work and the basis for the psychotic ideas of a superpower Norway. The church is the body of Christ in christian parlance and philosophy - and hence what attains reality when the sumerian cuneiform decipherment settles on a certain fixed acoustic surface. This is likely to have been a possible major factor in the postwar middle east crises - in particular the most recent years of terror in Syria - the general political conviction that this acoustic surface could not be settled and hence the millenia of historic records in the cuneiform tablets would remain uninteresting and a tumbling place for terror-driven political intrigue only. However, when the acoustic surface now (with the eventually four volumes of my extended 'The Endmorgan Quartet') probably can be settled, it means an end to this rationale behind terror-driven governmental power.

The sum of this is that Trump, when moving the US embassy to Jerusalem while at the same time building the mexican fence (something which turns the Vollkornbrot around in the NATO extension), offers the people of Norway a chance to liberate from the mass psychosis which whispers superpower ideas in their heads and which holds world power fixed in a clamphold of fiction. This was the background also of the promises of 'dollar is manna' (!) in the call for Netanjahu to Washington - while the story could be a call for being more explicit on the role of mine: Israeli support to the value of my person and work - such as when israeli military warplanes shoot missiles against Damascus in support of my role (qua 'jewish genetics' + 'independent intellectual worker and poet' ) - could be a powerful drug I sometimes hardly would do well without - but what happens that day when I must go on rehab? Then there can be only the arsenical identity with wartorn Syria left - and then the drug of Israel suddenly looks the opposite - because there was no explicit name of mine mentioned in the military action support. 'Amfetamin' was the drug of Hitler and his government - if mine is called 'arsenic' it is not exactly the same, rather the opposite.

However, 'the people of Israel' is not the same as 'jewish genetics' + 'independent intellectual workers and poets' - and the difference could be just what the politics is about. A classic 'tribe' could not take much fractionalism but would be held intact as a strong unit by the ruling authority of the chief - but 1) this principle is also imitated by a 'career motor' and 2) judaism is full of fractionalism. It is the monotheistic God who is the 'chief' who is not split by fractionalism.

Nelly Sachs died on the hour 10 years after Mossad arrested 'Eichmann' in South America - and thereby she told even in her death (which hence was likely to have been natural and not artificial) of me writing my poetic work 'The Endmorgan Quartet' 80 years after the divine revelations of Fatima.

If 1975 were a case of arsenic poisoning, it is fully possible that it is not documented in the medical file. I well remember the word 'lår-atrofi' = 'thigh atrophy' used by the doctor Nykvist in the medical examination he carried out after the alleged mononucleosis in 1975 (it would perhaps not suffice for later confidence if only my official father inspected and concluded on the condition), and although thigh atrophy could be used for diminished thigh muscles after three weeks in mononucleosis sickbed, the surprise and disappointment in his exclamation of the word when observing the phenomenon carried a meaning which I could not decipher then but maybe today. One notices the affinity of 'mononucleosis' with 'monotheism'. I notice also that the name of 'Josef Ratzinger', later pope Benedict, can be seen as being a rewrite of 'lår-atrofi'. Norway has had only one great novelist - that was Knut Hamsun whose art was declared as reduced in value by norwegian culture after the war because he had been a member of the norwegian nazi party during the war (but he was then very world famous and could of course not conflict personally with the german occupants). Pope Benedict likewise had been a 'german nazi' during the war - membership in the party was obligatory for all german men beyond 16. The 1945 winners of the war in Norway - the (inter)national secret intelligence services who knew the art of comparing and moving indexes - probably had no natural authority for their defining role - but they probably took what they needed of it from Hamsun and similars.

Conclusion: If it is difficult for the involved states to admit arsenic poisoning of me publically, that need not be (assuming reality of poisoning) only because of the unfortunate public image it can lead to but also because an arsenic poisoning of me could be intended politically to be 'the same' as the terror in Syria - while this connection (a modelled identity of Syria and me) could have been planned to be very secret.

The airplane-lifting 'holy hijacker' plus the attempt on the PAPA in 1981 could have meant the date 4 october 2018 for a day that could have been planned to replace me with a 'Smelly' copy - I was not replaced, though, and was not in Zinckgasse that day - and hence a link between the first and the second possible arsenic poisoning. The meaning of this combination could have been that 'the state is not to blame'.

If I were poisoned with arsenic in 1975, it seems that there are no data on this registered in public files. The same must not happen again this time - if arsenic is the story! Arsenic is easily drained out of the body but the damages to the peripheral nerve system will remain, and it is of course possible that there was not much arsenic left when I arrived at the hospital in december 2018 (if the garden door in Zinckgasse could be opened from outside while I slept, by some smart mechanic trick, that could even be seen as potentially contained in the police action against my window glass - and it must be admitted that the bolt I used for the main door did perhaps not suffice for complete security untill I discovered the problem). Whether the remaining symptoms would be unambiguous, or even be decomposable into subsets of other and unrelated diseases, I dont know.

How is the mass psychosis felt in Norway? If in a university paper you are to explain a correlation between two minds without obvious causal link, you have to do it by recourse to shared environmerntal factors - seen the same news on TV, distribution of car numbers is redundant in a society - things like that. ('Lapis philosophorum' tells that the human mind is redundant - it is not spherical like a bird's egg - and hence redundant car number distribution is not needed to explain a shared consciousness if you accept the reality of the 'lapis philosophorum' of ex nihilo origin). When the envoy from heaven (the writing subject) arrives in Oslo in my novel 'The dreamer', he enters into a psychosis which is telling of this problem. Otherwise gamma- and x-rays can perhaps carry info from the one brain to the other - but this is so far unploughed fields.

The famous high-level assassinations

The following observations are possible and even somewhat realistic all and only on basis of the data in the 'Evidence', including the element that Per Borten was PM in Norway in 1970 when both Sachs and Celan died:

If the famous (assumed - officially he died from something resembling poisoning, possibly lead poisoning) Lenin assassination really were his way of telling a very high secret, of utmost importance for rescueing the direction of History, it could have been the secret that Paul Antschel ('Celan') is my genetic father and Nelly Sachs my genetic mother - when Lenin died 1970 days after the attempt on his life by Fanny Jefimovitsch Kaplan outside 'Michelson Factories' = 'Michelson Zavode' (= 'Antschel and Sachs origin') in 1918, the year after the Fatima revelations. (Lenin himself argued in the court for a mild sentence against Kaplan, and she spent a short time in jail before she was released again - one adds the observation that 'Fanny Jefimovitsch Kaplan' could be a name meaning 'Modern Language Review', the periodical started when my official grandmother Laura Helene Devold was born). Indira Gandhi was shot on Halloween 1984: If even that were to tell a very high secret, which one could it have been? Well, 'hello Wien' was when 'arsen yik' = 'the gun went off'. The secret that it was austrian arsenic must have been very high for such a story, and if one adds that president Klestil fell unconscious and his presidential authority was suspended in the moment when I entered Meldeamt for registering my new address in Wien, there is this element of presidential level authority present. But this is guesswork of mine only - I don't know if arsenic could have received such a high secrecy classification that it was worth a towering person such as Indira Gandhi sacrificing her life and career for releasing it. A later indian PM was Vajpayee - whose name perhaps could comment on my person (cp. 'The bitter story of Norway) - "But this is madness! Pay the millions and you are out of the tragedy!" - and hence lend emphasis onto the idea that the issue of 'arsenic in Austria' could apply to my person by the indian PM. Clearly if Indira Gandhi sacrificed herself for telling the secret of arsenic, then it was planned to be a very high secret indeed. But clearly it is precisely therefore of high importance to get this secret out.

'Arsen ikk[e]' = 'arsen NOT' - which is a potential possible interpretation of the death of Mao (but then not of Gandhi) if coitus with (an agent copy of e.g.) his wife were the cause of death. The idea of a link to my person is seen in this file - which looks a little different if Mao and Gandhi had asked for it themselves. The same applies to the Lenin assassination and the theoretic involvement of my official grandmother Laura Helene Devold.

Rajiv Gandhi died on 21 may 1991 from a bomb hidden in a bouquet of flowers given to him - that could mean 'Fiuri de tapo' ('Artificial flowers' - while 'ta p?' is norwegian for 'touch', 'reach out for') - the first book title of Biagio Marin - of 1912. It is not impossible that this could mean my address in Zinckgasse in Vienna - in which case it could mean that the arsenic was in Vienna.

Was even the Kennedy assassination of this type? Then it could have been about telling the high secret of Syria 1-2-3 relative to me. 'Lee Harvey Oswald' is a name meaning the three first town addresses of mine - Molde, Oslo, Hammerfest. The bullet hit him in the throat and head. The names of the three political Kennedy brothers - John Fitzgerald, Robert Frances and Edward 'Ted' - tell of the character of the 1-2-3 on the small child. But if Kennedy had made the 'assassination' himself and sacrificed his career thereby - was it for telling a very high secret or was it for 'installing' it in history for later implementation in politics? This difference - between telling and 'installing' the secret - could in principle be the difference between an old and a new US democrat party politics - and if e.g. Clinton and Obama were representatives of the latter, the effect could mean an attempt to turn even the death of Indira Gandhi into something similar (of 'installing' rather than telling the arsenic program) - but then it is getting urgent with getting the secret out!

Was even Mahatma Gandhi's death in 1948 the telling of a high secret? I guess that (from this viewpoint) it could have been about telling that my leftsided gynaecomastie is a proof that I was opened in the skull a few days after my birth in 1957 and a male spurted some semen on my cortex - for the '1' of the 1-2-3. Then I have got the answer to this question.

I have had this idea that vols.1 and 3 of my 'collected works' constitute wings for the angel Abraham of vol.2 = TEQ. In fact TEQ book 5 has a 'linebreak version' in the '48 sonnets' that were book 9 in the 2007 edition - replaced with 'I tell you, Estunates' as book 16 in the 2008 edition, wherein the linebreak emerges in the difference of linebreak duration (2 or 4 seconds) between Bach and Bartok in the parallel interpretation of Midori/MacDonald's recording (vol.3 'Poetic semiosis' chapter 20) - and moved over to vol.3 chapter 19 of 'Poetic semiosis' when the three volumes were completed in 2013. In this 2013 edition, the '48 sonnets' are in chapter 19 of 'Poetic semiosis' and presented in parallel with sonnets of Rilke and Shakespeare. But it could also very properly have been reproduced as a fourth part (or rather the first of four parts) of the red metre 'My mention e Anna' in vol.1. However, if adding it to vol.1 (in addition to or instead of its occurrence in vol.3), then vols.1 and 3 would not have been of the same number of pages and then the wings of the angel (of 'Portugal'?) would have become uneven - as they now are they are about the same number of pages (1262 and 1264 pages) and seem to present a potential irrational logic in their strict parallelism - but this linebreak function of '48 sonnets' is in today's version 'virtually' present in vol.1 and 'overtly' present in vol.3. This is likely to be the same as the 'leftsided gynaecomastia' potentially referred to with Lenin (1918, 1924) and Mahatma Gandhi (1948) - and potentially imitated in the Kennedy assassination (see below) - and the reason why this leftsidedness could be predicted on me (the leftsided surplus would be about the redundancies of human reality in the lapis philosophorum associated with jewish philosophy and culture via parental authority in genetic parenthood). However, if Gandhi 1948 tells of this as a proof that I were opened in the skull in early infancy and a male ejaculated semen on my young cortex, then the conclusion must be that this primitive act of child abuse (including male sexuality) has the function of a primitive interpretation of the two forms of 'linebreak' function in my TEQ - one relating to historic time (the 'skull-break' itself) and another relating to 'divine temporality' (such as when the Fatima revelations occurred 80 years before the poetic work TEQ to which it was the semantic assignment) interpreted as the 'breaking' in terms of the male ejaculation. This would lend to the ejaculator a quasi 'divine' status (in contrast to the 'historic' infant) and be the reason why this sort of child abuse could have been taking place, at least in earlier times. (The 'divine control of history' which nature had assigned to the child is replaced with the control from or authority of the 'not-so-divine' ejaculator - which explains why children who are victims of such early head opening tend - as I have guessed - later in life to experience low careers and generally missing responses to their creative initiatives). If this explanation even is associated with the Kennedy assassination, one can recognize the aspect of 'quasi-divine' status of the mythos role of president Kennedy - could be within the matrix of international secret intelligence service controlled mythology for engineering political power for (global) government and control.

Did Lenin and the Gandhis sacrifice themselves for getting this secret out? I once again refer to the police car crash in Vienna in 2012 (mentioned above) and notice that if one assumes that the crash had been organized by the police themselves, then it would have been an essential part of the story that they had risked sacrificing themselves in the crash - and indeed there would have been a high risk for other austrians as well in the trafficked street. If so, the aspect of self-sacrifice could have been in terms of a reference to the potentially very heavy proof in the high-level assassinations of the Gandhis and Lenin.

Do you feel the need for consulting the details in these versions of linebreak - in vols.1,2,3 - and want to contact the information/intelligence agency for getting copies of the relevant pages? Then you should remember that the information/intelligence agency does not have the copyright to these pages and if they nevertheless feel entitled to forward to you copies of the relevant pages, because you 'must' have them, then they have turned themselves into criminal pirates. Of course the books should have been published and those who are interested could have ordered them from a book-seller - that is just what publishers are for. But untill this official publication comes about, every criminal copy forwarded by the International Secret Intelligence Services is likely to just increase the tension and feeling of illegitimate power in the government - a tension which, if not solved in civilized legal ways, could come to lead to unfortunate attempts of release for a 'solution' in terms of e.g. terror in Syria. Therefore it is of utmost importance for the issue of World Peace that my works be published by a decent and serious publisher.

The marian nature of the revelation of Fatima 1917

The idea seems to be around that a marian revelation turns certain essential features around relative to the divine revelation of Christ - age, substance, gender (infant Jesus vs the revelation of Mary) being the most important:

1) Chief of AUF = chief of upbringing = the parental custody authority
2) Chief of BEEF = the substantial Christ vs the insubstantial Mary in the revelation
3) Chief of schief = the male erection = GENDER = Josef
4) Chief of diff = the female genital = GENDER = Mary
5) Chief of Ei-F = the divine authority in the formation of the egg's cell division

('AUF' = 'Arbeidernes Ungdoms Fylking' is the youth division of 'DNA' = 'Det Norske Arbeiderparti' = 'The Norwegian Labour party'). The three last 'chiefs' 3-5 are the ultimate triangle problem of male sexuality: Mary was God's woman and she was already pregnant with him when Josef started getting involved - I think Jesus had some brothers - and then it is for Josef to be as careful as possible: "How stupid of me..."

The chief of BEEF is likely to be the origins of the role of the 'beast in the revelation' in the political intrigue, and this is getting 'dirty' by the 'chief of AUF' - the couping of the jewish parental custody authority.

This model of thinking is likely to be the basis for the 1-2-3... of child abuse - and for the terror in Syria mainly in the years 2011-2018. The octogon of my story could have been in the interest field of the international secret intelligence services when they try to create 'power' (for their governments or even for themselves) by getting in the role or rather authority of God in that ultimate triangle story.

The assassination of Lenin seems to be telling of this - and Lenin could also have conceived the second secret of Fatima 1917 as divine support for the russian revelation via that 'negating' function, the turnaround of age, substance, gender... Therefore he could have asked Laura Devold to shoot him - also in order to thereby propel the russian revolution by way of divine support.

But clearly not anything can be turned around - otherwise Fatima could come to look like a revelation of Satan, the very turnaround of Jesus. This could in fact have been a strategy on me - to assign to me the role of Satan, a tasteless joke that is, possibly of western anti-communist origins. The example of a 'dårlig gjort' strategy on me - as when rewarding my work with more difficulties (as when my doctorate dissertation was rejected in 1998 - around the time when former norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland was chosen as 'chief of WHO') rather than e.g. publication of them (why is my TEQ still unpublished, after it was completed in 2008, except for my own and very few handbound copies donated to libraries - and could be there exist pirate copies on paper and electronics?), as for 'turning it around' - could also have been for spreading doubts on the integrity of the motive for the Lenin assassination.

However, as I have described in vol.4, the historic role of me is not to be Jesus but to write the poetic text which embodies a divine revelation the semantic assignment to which took place 80 years before the text itself. That means me leading the pen but by the divine inspiration of inner poetic articulation. This is close to the character of 'the ultimate triangle' in level 4 - it is true that I am the author of this text but that does not include claims of divine status. The political intrigue is the attempt of international secret intelligence services to try and swap level 2 around with level 4 and vice versa.

Example of a potential high-level (or call it 'divinely inspired') poetic status of 'The Endmorgan Quartet' can be seen in its poem #295 which starts as follows:

Because of this poetic language -
brennesla Saussure -                                               (brennesla = the stinging nettle)
she says that she has seier politics,                                       (seier = victory)
Mann as Mann, comfortable
compassionable air fields or climb the air,
sparks in THE.

and ends 18 lines later with the signature

        Ender Risbøel - who went
        not going on
        a sue under my wing.

This seems to be about the two and only two versions I found of the ex nihilo 'stigma' piece: 'Stigma 1' I found glued to the inner sole of my shoe, on which I had been going, and 'Stigma 2' I found some time later (in fact after I had thrown the outworn shoe away - but luckily I had kept the foto of the inner sole formation) at the foot end of my bed, on which I was not going. Whether 'Sy-ria' applies to the last epithet 'a sue under my wing' I dont know, but find the idea of ex nihilo nourishment of birds in their flight interesting (when it is reported that gulls can fly thousands of kilometres without landing) - see also 'Rosens triangel' #31. The two ex nihilo 'stigma' pieces are so strikingly similar that they can be conceived as 'the same' - and indeed it seems that they were two and only two - even if the first looked like made of metal and the second like made of wood. The details of the wooden stigma hole shown under the microscope tell of a potential 'end er risp-höl', as if it were about anal fissures - but that is likely to be a typical misunderstanding of political intrigue type - and indeed that is not the name either - but 'ends in the mass resurrection of the flesh' on the ultimate day, that could mean, at the end of time, is indeed a much more likely interpretation of the signature name. Because of this poetic language, that is.

Mahatma Gandhi died from a shot to his heart, but he did not die immediately since the shot must have failed to hit his heart exactly in spite of its point blank position: It is likely that the bullet hit exactly his left side nipple instead. A gynaecomasty would be a slight accumulation of fat 'around nipple'. The shooter was newspaper editor Nathuram Godse from Poona, a parallel to newspaper editor Christian Oftedal ('h-Oftedal' = 'hip valley') who in his nomination letter to the norwegian Nobel foundation (just a few days before the shot) recommended Mahatma Gandhi for the price and added that his wife ('kona') greeted the wife of the Nobel foundation's secretary. (I think there was also a nearly overtime recommendation from a 'Frede Castberg' from Smedstad in Oslo). 'Poona'/'kona' as the essential difference takes 'around nipple' into 'aroun[d]-nickle' = 'arou-le-nick' = 'arsenic' - which could have been the origin of the concept - that 1-2-3... 'Gandhi' is a name which seems to mean 'pleasant smell', as the smell of flowers, and hence 'my hat' (the skullcap that can be lifted from infants) and 'my Gandhi' (here for the smell of the onanist's semen which could be a smell for the infant and a pleasure for the onanist - in combination 'a pleasant smell') thereby tell of the '1' of the 1-2-3... One notices the (could be characteristic of an intrigue nature) superfluous 'h' of 'h-Oftedal' as in the misunderstood 'risp-höl'. TEQ poem #295 is a little advanced - could be divine inspiration in the inner poetic articulations - 'this poetic language' - would be needed for the poet to write it.

'A sue under my wing' for 'Sue-ria' could even have been tentatively hijacked for 'turnaround' (as from 'secret-telling' being twisted-conceived into 'terror-program-installing') in the Kennedy assassination when the bullet hit Kennedy in the throat and lower jaw (well, strictly speaking, in the neck and right hemisphere, but some say a fourth shot was fired but did not hit from a gun and came from a path nearby - "Oswald dreimal auf Kennedy geschossen und ihn mit dem dritten Schuss getötet habe. Es erklärte es aber für hoch wahrscheinlich, dass es noch einen weiteren, unidentifizierten Schützen gegeben habe, der einen vierten Schuss vom Grashügel an der Dealey Plaza abgegeben, aber danebengeschossen habe") - 'syr i A' is norwegian for 'sews [with surgeon's needle and thread] in A') - telling also of a potential 'resurrection' after the assassination - as if it were about a theatre assassination when the car in Dallas drove up the lane where Oswald waited in the high window at 12:30 exactly. But that is not the same resurrection as the christian idea! - nor is it likely that Mahatma Gandhi survived the shot. Nor is it likely that the US indians would resurrect by Kennedy, but by 'smart turnarounds' the idea could perhaps arise nevertheless.

Do you think Nathuram Godse - who probably had not been let in by Gandhi - did not hit precisely because of 'gun e kom a sti'? But that is intrigue language.

The foot sole end location of the two 'ex nihilo' stigma pieces could perhaps be compared with the idea of 'peripheral neuropathy'. Muscle atrophy turns you insubstantial - 'how stupid of me' - or nearly like a revelation only. The symptoms seem to meet in the concept of 'arsenic' - or 'around nipple' of Gandhi. Hence the political intrigue of combining the idea of 'arsenic' with ideas on 'Syria' - could be including the idea of 'divine control of history' - like the famous two sides of a Saussurean (not 'so syrian') semiotic sign - or the hallmark of modern politics by the form and function of the politician's name?

The matter of 'self-sacrifice' once again

There are many levels of potential analysis of the famous high-level assassinations - but it may be difficult to make sense of all available data unless one includes the element of self-sacrifice - which also seems to be the most appropriate level of analysis. However, as often is the case with terror, it may be difficult to arrive at certain knowledge as far as ultimate responsibility is concerned. There exists the trivial final level of analysis which could be launched that the famous high-level assassinations were normal attacks on unprepared victims but designed in such a way that they came to look like self-sacrifice - in order to create the impression that the victims sacrificed themselves for the sake of terror-driven policy and thereby would lose much integrity and respect in the eyes of the average voter. In particular the Gandhis of India could be susceptible to such strategic insinuations. However, this is a trick of the thought only and not really any interesting level of analysis. Lenin is hard to get into such a framework.

There is the tricky idea that 'arsenic' could be a concept mainly, and that the political 'meaning' of it be not really the toxic substance that can be left in the fridge food but rather a strategic concept with the function of uniting 1) the idea of Syria and 1-2-3, and 2) a person (such as me) as the target of plans of replacement by an 'affe' - a rebuilt near-identical copy or 'homo' ('arsen [g]ikk' = 'arsen went') taking the place of the person of jewish genetics - while the jewish genetics is 'left in the roadside'. I notice that the attempt on the pope in 1981 could have had the function of encoding the date 4 october 2018 as the predicted day of such 'homo' replacement. This day was also the day when the Nobel prize for literature normally would have been announced - but the Nobel committee had already in the spring 2018 decided to postpone or skip the literary prize for 2018. There had been some apparent propaganda suggesting that I could have got it - but due to alleged antisemitic hatred and the possible need of the holocaust engineers for keeping my person off public attention, I would risk being shot immediately if my name should be announced in Stockholm on 4 october 2018 - but since Zinckgasse is a wellcontained and easily fortified atrium, if I were inside this house on that day I could get the prize and remain reasonably safe, told the inner radio propaganda. And what a progress that could have been for the anti-holocaust interests! I did not bite that hook, though - not the least since my presence in the house that day also could have meant a self-sacrifice sanction of replacement with a 'homo' - a 'Medjugorje' (= 'but you do agree to it yourself'! in norwegian) thereby quasi 'legalizing' it and somewhat relieving the state of the burdens of guilt in not recognizing the 'affe' or 'homo' as such - for the sake of the honour (rather than 'onr over'?) glued to the name - even if it would have been an 'affe' or 'homo' celebrating the harvesting of the great honour - if, that is, the happy newspiece would have reached me before the 'homo' - that is, if it arrived at all after the 'homo'. Ah ja, such teasing temptations were not my cup of tea and I was abroad in september and october. Of course I do not agree to let myself be replaced by a copy of me - not under any circumstances.

But would the austrian police sacrifice themselves for such a plan? I am not certain if that would suffice. And could Indira Gandhi have sacrificed herself for the vague 'arsen gikk' if it should have meant 'homo'? It wasnt a 'homo' that in 1984 was shot by self-sacrifice. The plan could, though, have been about turning the concept of 'self-sacrifice' around - for the Gandhis and the jewish genetics - thereby reducing their integrity and moral value. In addition, if the plan had succeeded, it could have contributed to consolidate the last level of analysis - suggesting that the self-sacrifice value of the deaths of Lenin and the Gandhis really were under the control of terror-driven strategies. One could recognize a flavour of possible US democratic policy since John F.Kennedy sr. in such a plan.

It is notable that when John F.Kennedy jr. fell down into the sea just outside Long Island (in fact this was 81 years exactly after the assumed Lenin-bolshevik massacre of the last Romanovs - cp. the 80 years from Lucia in Fatima untill my TEQ) and the Air Egypt plane followed after with down-fall into the sea on exactly the same place just outside Long Island some time later - in the night when summertime turned to wintertime and Clinton went by airplane ('Air Force 1') to Norway in the early morning thereafter - cp. the 'Grand Izmit' earthquake in Turkey which claimed 20.000 lives one month exactly after the last takeoff of JFK jr and the two 'Besette' females ('besette' is norwegian for 'occupying a country by military invasion') - like the army of pharaoh followed after the jews when these crossed the Red Sea after the ocean had withdrawn for their crossing while it returned for swallowing the egyptian army that followed after, then it is very acutely a story of 'divine-controlled history' for the people of Israel attaching to the official end of even this Kennedy biography. (I recall a newspiece from those days telling that the Air Egypt plane had been 'held back' by tower control on the John F.Kennedy airport and that the pilots had been enjoying some Viagra pills before the eventual takeoff).

The purpose of such a 'homo' plan could have been double: 1) To fulfill the couping of the 'divine control of history' which applies to 'the people of Israel' and 2) to reduce the moral value of the Gandhis qua 'indians' - for a cheap conscience-relief among US voters going for enhanced territorial rights in the idea that 'the indians weren't much worth after all'. Clearly if the plan were realistic, one sees how this could have concerned the Gandhis after the Kennedy assassination - perhaps sufficiently for the stories of possible self-sacrifice. But it may well be that the ideas of an urgent need for US territorial rights against the indians nowadays has been reduced to somewhat of a strategic pretext only - to refer to this as an 'unsolvable problem defining US politics and legitimizing certain political actions even internationally' is perhaps not necessarily so very to the point any longer - while the ultimate purpose perhaps rather could be recognized in the 'secularising' effect of taking control by way of the '1' in the 1-2-3 installed in the middle east via the story of Syria since 2011.

The italian 'Movimento 5 Stelle'

If the italian Movimento 5 Stelle relates to a 'stoltenbergian' movement in the above sense of it, the italian call for my return to Italy/Venice is likely to have been a factor in the last general election. It is possible that Paul Celan succeeded in obtaining an undiscovered meeting with me (behind a shed) while I was out playing alone in Odda in 1960 and that the meeting is the theme of his 'Meridian' speech, in which case my childhood's joy was this secret which I was not forced to tell ('there was a man there' perhaps, but I could not know his name, of course). I recall my meeting with my fantasy friend 'Gori' from that time - we met and played together in a cardboard box - and Gori claimed to live behind a mirror on the wall, something which I seriously doubted since the mirror was very flat. This 'Gori' could of course have been my meeting with Celan - and it could have been the secret of Clinton's vice president Al Gore - the role of whom could have created the impression that Bill Clinton was me in my childhood at that age around 1960, by the happy 'Gori' secret which constituted the backbone of my self-esteem and optimism. There could be various ways of indexing that child - happy with the secret which the parents could not crack - and the italian 'Movimento 5 Stelle' could be driven by such an indexation of the happy child - 'Virginia Raggi' could be that 3 year old in RAGG-socks - thick woolen socks - 'Luigi di Maio' could perhaps have been about a 'luigi di baio' as if the child had asked for the rathunt rape (or in opposite valuation - that the memory was not a rape but a meeting with the genetic father) himself, while 'Beppe Grillo' could be a name telling that it was Josef Mengele who was on the 'grill' in 1960 - it is said (in a Mengele biography I read - I think it was V?lklein) that Josef Mengele was called 'Beppo' by friends. In an old file from 2008 I found some of the stories told by the official father Grøver/'Mengele' of relevance for understanding this complex - as if they tried to get the secret out of me and I was happy that they had not got it (only the story of the two men behind the shed made me nervous: Did they have it after all?). But this charming story of the little jew among the nazis can of course serve to index me and my opinions, so to speak - without thereby telling anything of the political function of M5S.

For once, if the US democrat party is the main interester behind the attempt to create a 'Burgenland' type of power by way of antisemitism in Europe, this 'klinten' = 'HYMEN' mystery of the Burgenland key to anglophonic supremacy is not consonant with my views - if Bill Clinton is the main name behind the power-by-antisemitism, that is not my political opinion - even if Clinton's best friend in office was Gore = Gori. But is it Clinton who is the antisemite? Or should people suspect 'sluggers' from the republican party instead? Trump is not really the antisemitic type - not only because of his closest family and its involvement in his politics but also because of his political promises and attitudes to Israel - the embassy moved to Jerusalem etc. Soon after Trump's election victory Benjamin Netanjahu was called to Washington to cash in the economic and political advantages Trump had promised jews in his election campaign, but he came back to Israel empty-handed and with a look as of having been cheated. The same happened once again in Peking, after a call from Xi. Is it anti-semitism that prevents these from substantiating jewish-friendly promises? Or is it rather the other way round - that a detail remained to be done before the jewish-friendly promises could be substantiated? The relation of Israel with Syria could be the answer: If hostile israeli action against Syria finds its reason in the need for progress of my work and interests, this is likely to go wrong way for me if I eventually am identified as 'Syria'. Example: On 11 january there were the top news on '' on Yitzhak Brik's ideas on the israeli defence forces - a newspiece suggesting - also on the background of the israeli military attack on Syria the night before or thereabout destroying a warehouse at the airport of Damascus - 'brit-sjakk yik' is not 'arsenic', rather the opposite, and if 'international airport' = 'aus-stria' and 'warehouse' = 'substances' - that austrian arsenic could have been a part of the story. But, if so, this was hostile military aggression of Israel against Syria - and if I eventually come to be identified as 'Syria', it cannot be my interests that Israel defends. The difference is whether my full name is mentioned in the context of my interests - to defend my interests without my name is to be a US democrat. This could be what Trump and Xi are waiting for - that Israel can get much Trump-election-promised support if only they would be explicit on this point of the name when defending the interests of me qua 'jewish genetics'. I sent a book of mine ('Stillhetens åndedrag' under its original title 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra') to the israeli national library - they sent me a letter of thanks, which was nice and friendly, but they could not, as far as I understood, promise to take it into their collection. But Netanjahu was put under police investigation for having received much champagne and cigars ('Stillhetens åndedrag' = 'Stillness' breathful') from a jewish US donor - that means perhaps that Israel defends my interests but without my name. Therefore a diffuse identification of me 3 years old with Bill Clinton's role in the White House (by way of my 1960 fantasy friend Gori as being a motivation for Clinton's friend Al Gore as his vice president) could be very wrong and lead to very serious confusion, but possibly being quite easy to engineer. I am not in politics - I am a poet and friend of both Israel and Syria. If a US democrat president should come to ask for an enhanced identification of me with Syria, such as arsenic poisoning under Obama could have been about, a hostile relation of Israel to me (qua 'jewish genetics') would follow - but of course there can be no empirical or historic reason for such an israeli attitude - other than the failure to mention the name in full. That could be the little detail from Israel which both Trump and Xi are waiting for before Trump-election-promised support can be released. Of course Israel should not keep up the possibility of making politics on my mythos role but should consider me a poet only whose work has or has not value for jewish culture - if it has value for jewish philosophy and culture, then there should be no reason why it cannot be included into the israeli library. This sort of attitude is the best way of draining the mythological power-potential away from my historic person, something which also would make potential future White House expectations less interesting. Or did the calls of Trump and Xi mean to say that 'John Bjarne Grover cannot expect to get anything' (could be except from / in spite of / not even from Norway)? I dont think that would have been the message. Briefly, if supporting my case and interests without mention of my name is to be a US democrat, this suggests why an 'Endlösung' (= ultimate holocaust) program seems to be closer to US democrat than to US republican interests - even if it can look the opposite on the surface if US democrats are the first and strongest in defending my interests. This explains also why 'Burgenland power' seems to be contained in the name of US democrat 'Bill Clinton'.

Secondly, there is no such secret in my adult or younger life - for constituting the backbone of my self-esteem and optimism - such as me hiding deeply in my heart a true conviction of the glorious future of a new Adolf Hitler or anything the like - or that I made a secret appointment with the official parents once in my youth and this is the 'happy secret' of my life today. For example, the first cigarette I smoked was of type 'Craven A' - cp. 'Creivik' and 'kraven a' = 'collar off' - I was 16 years of age and writing on the Erika typewriter in late night when I suddenly felt the impulse of trying a cigarette - could be for identifying with Celan or the role of 'author' generally - and I found one 'Craven A' cigarette in a cupboard in the upstairs living-room. No sooner had I smoked a few breathfuls - and indeed it felt well and good and right - my official mother occurred in the door among the smoke like an evil spirit - dependently attached that could mean: Of course that was not welcome by me and she was not the right response for the 'jewish author' - and indeed we made no 'secret appointment' for 'collar off' or anything the like there in the night of my youth. All that world of ideas is nonsense. There is no such secret in my life or political opinion - I am not a secret or hyper-secret agent with sensitivity to e.g. sugar - but of course a stoltenbergian career motor could be able to make much confusion out of this idea of an innermost secret which 'turns it all around' - for engineering the idea that it is Grover who can lead to new Mussolini and Hitler and not Stoltenberg. It is possible that this problem complex (is it called a 'problemshift'?) is the theme behind the constitution of M5S - but that does not tell where they function in the political landscape. It is important to understand that M5S probably does not have to mean a secret liaison of me with clintonian or other form of antisemitism: I do not share antisemitic power ideas with Clinton and this is certainly not a secret I hide deeply into my heart - but if that had been the case, it would have made a stoltenbergian career motor go as never before - therefore it is a delusion which could be desired by that career motor, and it must be admitted that M5S could be indexing the period and themes of my life that could invoke such confusion. I mention also the idea of the man who broke the glass relative to the fact that if you put your forehead against the window pane (from inside) in the house in Odda, you could probably just see the shed behind which we could have met outside - and if you pressed the head even further through the glass, you could see even more. But if that idea is contained in the police action against my window in Zinckgasse 2016 (or thereabout), it could even be a part of the construction of a stoltenbergian career motor. But that is the indexation of the problem complex - I dont know how M5S functions for real in the political landscape.

I add also the trivial fact that the advanced hydraulic hospital bed I rest in for the time being and the bedside table next to it are made by 'Industrie Guido Malvestio' - an observation (it presented itself to me on a small sign attached to the table, and the thought could not avoid scrambling a few letters - along with 'Made in Italy' for the 'Aid in Mitaly' - wasnt that a 'liddle' pop song recently?) which led me on to that old 2008 internet page file. (The explanations I found in 2008 look outdated today). There is in fact a similar story attaching to Rilke's fifth Duino elegy - which I think he wrote under the influence of the view of Picasso's famous painting 'Saltimbanques' - the group of circus acrobats - cp. also Beethoven's Pastorale sonata, 2nd movement (see the end of this file) - 'Saltimbanques' is not 'Sal-ieri' but it isnt far from it either. Mozartmurder? Arsenic? State poisoning with private scapegoat?

The name of 'Michel Houellebecq' and the diagnoses on me in 2018-19

There exists the theory that it is possible that I got a telephone from Paul Celan in probably 1962 in the summer when we lived on 'Bekkevoll', in one of the three tall houses (could be ten or more floors each). We lived there temporarily for a few weeks while waiting for a more permanent flat at Stuevoll (Stuevollen) just a few metres down the street - could be 100-200 metres distance only - we lived on Stuevolle(en) from 1962 to 1964 - we moved on to Volda for my first year in school. I recall (it is a memory from many decades ago - probably it is an authentic childhood memory) not the phone but I remember being alone down on the ground - looking a little lost at the three tall houses (it wasnt five but three, I think) of Bekkevoll and concluding that I could not find out which house I lived in. That is where (down on the ground) the other four of the family would have been, in e.g. a sandbox outside the house, while I five years old would have been alone in the high-storey flat - when the phone rang and I took it and recognized the voice of Paul Celan from Odda. If this be the case, there could have been a 'french connection' living in the same house who had observed the four without me on the ground level, and via fast telephoning Celan could have called from Paris to me alone in the flat. It is likely that the phone was tapped - but my brief memory from being alone on the place where the other four had been when the phone rang could mean that I concluded that it was the man from Odda but, just like then, the family could not know who had called. These two encounters with Celan (and probably also with Sachs in Volda and possibly Molde) could then have constituted the backbone of my identity and self-esteem and kept me going on a paradoxical optimism throughout my life in spite of suppressive impulses from the family if these were working on behalf of e.g. the norwegian secret intelligence or similar state service.

It is possible that the name of 'Michel Houellebecq' is just this 'Bekkevoll', while 'min sjel' = 'my soul', 'min skyld' = 'my fault', 'chelern' = 'kjellern' = 'the basement', 'the ground floor' - that is, the situation that I remember from being lost in orientation from outside the house. (There was in the housing contract for Zinckgasse from 2009 the strange mention of the right to use the lift for the neighbouring stairway, which one passes on the way in, even if the lift could have no sensible purpose for my stairway - the two stairways once shared basement but a new wall separates the two basements which cannot be accessed the one from the other - otherwise the lift could have had a purpose in reaching the basement level. There is no lift to the basement for my stairway - and for making the VOL with the lift you have to go BEKK to the other stairway, but that will not take it to the basement of my stairway).

There was the tragic fall of a container with 750 kg of concrete for construction work carried by a helicopter - the container fell by accident and dropped down right on a skilift's steel wire - it hit with high precision right on the attachment of a skilift gondola cabin where it hung onto the steel wire that carried it - with I think 6 germans (who fell down to the earth and died) on board in mountainous Tirol in the morning when the austrian foreign minister Ursula Plassnik went to visit US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in 2005. There were also mainly or only germans on board the Concorde when it crashed not far from Bourget in 2000 - and one speculates whether 'jewish genetics' is the issue. This 'smelly' mountain lift ('fjellheis') accident was indeed a strong comment to the issue of the austrian involvement in a potential 'arsenic' story.

I read Houellebecq's poetry book 'Le sens du combat' in Zinckgasse and the next morning there came blood instead of urine when I should let the water out - indeed the title to the book - and the 'michel' wheel that regulated the cork lever in the bathtub (it was the type of a 'wheel' in the upper part of the tub that could be turned and thereby the cork in the bottom would open or close) fell absurdly off apparently due to material metal exhaustion (I had turned and closed and lifted the bathtub cork by turning this 'shell' wheel every morning for 9 years or so) - indeed the name of the author to the book I had read. It is possible that this story is what came to constitute the trombosis that later was detected in the hospital in the left leg near the hip joint - a collection of coagulated blood in the 'third leg': It was blood that had coagulated - which means that my body had managed to stop the blood stream into the 'leg' from the hip region. The doctors wanted to put in a filtro cavalo - a Mary Poppins brolly filter that looked like the bathtub cork with handle down to the lever (in fact in the cavalo vein approximately where the liver is) in order to catch up the bigger bits and pieces that could be released from the trombosis when they injected a coagulation-dissolving medication - the filtro would prevent these bigger bits from heaping up in other sensitive organs. That was well intuited that this could tell the reason for the trombosis - but a less risky treatment would do, said I, who did not want to have a fragile brolly unfolded in a major vein. They have therefore been treating me with softer anti-coagulation injections instead - it would lead to dissolution of the trombosis but in smaller bits and slowlier - and one day I suddenly felt a renewed sexual awareness awake and the difference between the right and left legs was gone - so I suppose the trombosis has dissolved and I am well again, as indeed also a final medical examination confirmed: Only a very rudimentary trace of it remained and it can be considered healed. The left leg had been in a bad condition before I was hospitalized - I needed assistance on the left side for being able to walk.

The other problem talked of around 8 january was the alleged hole in the urine tract between kidney and bladder - had there been a hole there, it could have led to blood instead of urine in the morning bladder. But I did not want to have an extra rubber hose inserted under full anaesthesia since the plan was to let the hole heal by itself anyhow (on the outer side ogt the inserted rubber hose) and it was decided that it could grow well on its own with enough rest, as was the conclusion on 8 january.

What did Houellebecq's poetry book - the one I read - contain that could have triggered such a bodily response? It could of course have been just a normal poetry book (I also believed that it was good poetry) but his name was too fantastic for my childhood background and that was the reason for the 'magic' next morning - but a telephone talk of 1962 (if that is the story) was probably tapped if the parents worked for secret intelligence and if Houellebecq or his publisher had got hold of a copy of it, that could have added heavy weight to the pressure on my childhood - in particular if the telephone talk shone through somehow in the poetry. But that I cannot have any opinion on, at least no conscious opinion.

I have guessed that this hypothetical telephone could have been the background of the scene with the phone and the boy alone in Tarkovsky's 'Mirror' - but I am guessing only and know nothing about it. If the film is modelled on ideas of my life with Nelly Sachs being present in my life mainly as imaginary negative offprints of symbolic value driven by natural boyish wishes of such a mother, hence the film tells of my possible imaginations and secret fantasies, then it is not impossible that this telephone scene is relevant to an idea of such a telephone talk with Celan.

If Houellebecq by his name writes correlates to the telephone talk from the viewpoint of a ground floor angle, it means moving it down to where Grøver/'Mengele' would have been, outside the house around the sandbox or whatever where the younger sister could be playing, and if it thereby is or means the opposite of what Celan communicated in his talk, it can come to be conceived as theoretically 'antisemitic' or serve to index the idea of 'Auschwitz nazi' (Josef Mengele) - at least as seen from my viewpoint. This could come to lend to his book ('Le sens du combat') the idea of Grøver being the same person as Mengele and hence that the state (of Norway or Austria) thereby - also via the 1981 attempt on the PAPA - is freed from accusations of arsenic poisonings. When a new novel 'Serotonin' of Houellebecq is launched along with my disease and hospitalization in december 2018 and january 2019, it suggests that a certain reinforced effect of the arsenic theory could take hold - albeit in 'opposite version'.

The observant reader will have noticed that if the Bekkevoll encounter with Celan is stored in my long-term memory in opposite valuation (for making it socially acceptible in my environments, and could be even for including the idea of confusion as to who was the real father), then of course the rathunt memory could be the opposite-valued (and hence socially 'permitted') memory of my meeting with Celan in Odda - and then the political effect of it for the construction of a career motor could resemble the effect of the name of Houellebecq relative to the telephone talk on Bekkevollen. That is of course possible - but I guess only. There is the possibility that the rathunt memory is from a forced ejaculation - and indeed Gori was likely to be the format of my memory of Celan.

If Houellebecq or his publisher had got info on the hypothetical telephone talk of 1962, he or they could of course have got the data also from french surveillance service - which perhaps is more probable. They could have tapped Celan's telephone in 1962.

The explosion in the french bakery in Rue de Trevise in Paris on 12 january 2019 (leaving several people wounded) could have meant 'rydde tre hus' = 'tidy up in / sort out three/wooden houses' = me standing on the ground level alone looking up at the three houses of Bekkevoll, thinking that I could not find out which one I lived in - like not knowing which family I belonged to - recognizable here as closely akin to the name of Houellebecq. ('Trevis' vs. 'trehus' could lift the locus up to the higher floor of the telephone - where I factually was, not on the ground level of the disguised memory format - thereby taking the place of where my young subject possibly was, as I possibly was pronouncing a few words in the telephone). It is likely to have been a name or story element behind this disguised memory format - or it correlates simply with an element in the telephone talk if it were tapped - since the precision in the street name meaning of Rue de Trevise relative to my childhood feeling in the memory is very good, although I may also have told it earlier on the internet - and the theory of a telephone talk with Celan at Bekkevollen is mentioned in my private diary of 2 october 2011 - it says '2 sep' but that must be a typing error - the theory telling that the few words I said to Celan were 'i dag er det' = 'heute - es gilt' - in Celan's poem "Es ist alles anders" from 1962-63. (Two austrian gratispapers - 'Heute' and '?sterreich' - were started when I came to Vienna in 2004 - they are still distributed for free in large numbers on spots around town, tram stops etc, probably all over the country). This bakery explosion of 12 january 2019 happened after some alien hand had stolen the password and broken into my email account and deleted an email from some 'Trevis...' - and few hours later on the same day 12 january 2019 my internet computer blacked out and could not be repaired. I have been left without internet connection since then.

The theory articulates itself whether muscle atrophy (caused by e.g. arsenic) can be slowed down by normal daily use of the muscles - but at the cost of causing eczemas on those spots instead. In Zinckgasse I had throughout the last 5-6 years quite strong eczemas (on the back, on elbows and arms, on thighs) which would have submersed me in an ocean of ice cold fire had it not been for hydro cortison salve. The itch was sometimes too much and I woke up at night and could not sleep before I had gone to the bathroom for a round of 'brush-ups' - rubbing the itching skin strongly with a stiff brush or even comb. The 'brush-up' is pronounced in norwegian as 'br?[d]-shop' = 'bakery', 'bread-seller'. I had not been able to use the bathtub for a relaxing hot bath throughout the last 5 years or so because of eczemas. After I was hospitalized in mid december 2018 these problems of eczemas have been totally gone - not the slightest trace of them (in fact the eczema problem started to withdraw some time before I was hospitalized, at my stay in Venice up to 17 october and my trip to my adobe house in Hungary, and I enjoyed a few hot baths in Zinckgasse in november before I left) - but the loss of muscle started a little before the hospitalization and has been galloping thereafter. It was when I reached 53 kg body weight that I discovered the problem - and started doing muscle exercises in the legs and arms to counterbalance the panic: That has helped and the lax skin bags that hung from the shin-bones have now regained firmness and even some force - but then the eczema problem or at least the itch starts under and below the knee again. Could be this could mean that the arsenic symptoms were held in control by my daily activities untill these went on holiday - and then the muscle atrophy accelerated - unless of course there is some more trivial explanation available.

In a condition of World Peace such terror - a gas explosion leaving several people wounded - will not enhance the sales of a book.

I have also suffered from socalled 'ulcers' in the digestion channel - those were repaired via three treatments in the gastroscopy lab, not so pleasant, though, with that 'harve opp' for removing the surface crusts of the socalled 'ulcers' in the digestion channel - and one recognizes the name 'pa-ULC-ER-an' = 'Paul Celan' in this story. My appetite is today greatly improved, but it may be that my body or rather soul may thrive better in the company of some 'ulcer' than without - if it be about a bodily logic on the issue of Bekkevoll 1962. Of course the optimal solution were that the police arrest the criminals behind the career motor, either this or that motor, and wring some compensation money to me out of them, and then of course I would be very fine and much better without ulcers in the digestion channel, but untill that happens I may in fact function better with some reduced functionality due to ulcers than being without them and feeling as worthless as a dirty beast in a revelation. That is, of course, as long as the inner bodily logic of mine is in balance. I am not a warrior or polemic of nature - and have still much to do.

Michel Houellebecq is born to his name (unless it is a later artist name or pseudonym) before I came to Bekkevoll(en), that means - and one could perhaps wish publication methods softer if it takes my health to a degree which leaves me hospitalized for weeks. But I repeat that the name of Michel Houellebecq is so forceful relative to my childhood memory - one of very few memories constituting the backbone of my health and optimism - that perhaps it could be the whole story in itself. But I have no empirical data beyond some newspieces.

The poet's own view on his disease

The poet says that the condition was the same as the completion of the 4th volume of 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (TEQ). For 21 years (1997-2018) I kept a total concentration on the 4-volume work - the first 11 years for writing TEQ proper, the 1719 poems of nearly 2000 pages (vol.2), including the distribution in historic time of every word such that a distributional semantics in historic time could be set up for function 14 (and similarly for the other 15 functions), thereafter I had to keep the entire TEQ present constantly in my mind (on some level of consciousness), every day, every word of it, their order and number, for knowing e.g. which words occurred twice only (the twice is probably only a surface phenomenon in a deeper structure) and what were their alphabetic ordering and other factors. This means a tremendous work of hyper concentration constantly (every day, every minute) throughout 21 years - and when in the end of november 2018 it finally was finished, I could relax my concentration for the first time for 21 years - and that was my disease: All vital organs went on holiday and started disintegrating and lost their mutual and independent functionality (well, the brain and heart were still in good shape but without oxygen there wasnt much they could do), and had I not been rushed to hospital, I would probably have died from acute anemia - even the smallest use of muscle caused short breath and a beating heart. In the hospital I spent 7 weeks under intravenous repair and they managed to put the pieces together, although the body weight probably touched 50 kg before it turned and started going upwards again - and it seems that they managed to stop the worst loss of muscle. It is included in the story that the constant hyper concentration probably also served to contain and postpone the effect of some accumulated problems, such as possible arsenic poisoning (what could have been an attempted 'mozartmurder') or tough marketing abuse, problems which then finally were released by the sudden holiday - and these secondary problems could then probably be listed as primary medical causes if one wants. This is a good explanation. 'Ho scritto un libro', I said as explanation to the question what I suffered from when I came back to Venice in late november and was not in as good shape as when I left Venice on 17 october. It should be good news for poets: It is possible to make a thorough attempt at reaching something valuable, and the world indeed appreciates and endorses it - do not believe anything else. I may have reached the solution for World Peace - and how can a poet find anything better?

Some may perhaps say that the entire story is really the poet's - who should write the divine revelation in the poetic text which surfaced for the world and before Lucia's eyes 80 years earlier, in Fatima 1917 (by the fundamental theorem of linguistics which allows for this logical order being the same as the semantic assignment - that is, the 1917 Fatima revelation being the semantic assignment to the divine revelation in my 1997-2008 poetic text) - and all the history of terror and disaster are but international intelligence mafia trying to coup the whole thing from the poet. I was very happy in november 2018 when I understood that I probably had succeeded in the original intentions of the project - that is, managed to show how the poetic text (TEQ, the 1719 poems) contains a divine revelation which came to daylight in Fatima in 1917 - a proof of God. This is the contents of vol.4. Of course this is the real interesting story - while all the terror and warfare are but accompanying noise.

I add also the obvious value for linguistic theory that this result will make it possible to construct the human language faculty from zero up on basis of classic mystic concepts - and when this human language faculty is constructed that way, it is proven if one finds the standard 'chomskyan' language forms there. Postwar linguistics has been indexical, based on manipulation of symbols, at the cost of mystic spirituality (from whom they squeezed their authority?) - while a new linguistic science constructing the human language faculty on basis of classic mystic concepts will be the opposite - not draining mystic spirituality of its reasons to be but on the contrary taking it as its new foundations and construction units. That is not the end of religion and poetic mysticism - rather the opposite.

It may be that my health is very strong - that I have never really been ill except for those damages that were inflicted on me from the social world. I once, though, needed ultrasound treatment against an overworked sinew in the right elbow. Maybe I have also had a flu or caught a cold, but I cannot remember having spent much time in bed for such reasons. This time I may have been quite simply exhausted.

What are the dangers of accepting a stoltenbergian career motor?

The dangers are of course that accepting power before truth in human society and conmunication leads to a society wherein the communicational interface is defined accordingly - if you remember that teacher who was more rough than right. It leads to new Mussolini times - and, who knows, could be that is the entire purpose with the design of a stoltenbergian career motor - to prepare for a new Mussolini in Italy. A state bankruptcy may be felt as more rough than right. The proponents would say that 'we need a powerful politician to get the World Peace through - and if Stoltenberg has the same political opinion on peace matters as Grover, why shouldn't the norwegian Stoltenberg (say, as UN chief) be the man to get that through more efficiently than this unsuccessful Grover - a mere disability pensioner who will not be able to fill any political office at all?' The reason is that Stoltenberg leads to new Mussolini (because of the career motor at the cost of Grover's chances) and hence a new Hitler in Germany - cp. the black shades of hard-boiled 'Endlösung' antisemitism - while Grover does not. Norway may officially have been established in 1814 for giving ground for (international) antisemitism at the upper corner of the 'Vollkornbrot', but it is important to observe that this was not really the reason - rather the antisemitism in the original constitution (jews should not have access to the new kingdom, it said) was used as reason for preventing that the NATO-shaped 'Vollkornbrot' came to be understood as what it really was and hence that the ideas of a norwegian superpower ruling the world (chief of UN etc) were but mere fiction for cheating the poor norwegian farmers and fishers into believing that they could come to be the rulers of the world if only they were willing to endure some historic resistance and suffering (such as the youngsters on Ut?ya in 2011 or the victims of invisible 'modern warfare' - when a good amount of people are replaced by identical copies while the original bodies are lasered and tidied away - such as could have happened now on new years night 2018-2019). But clearly there is no reason to continue that fiction of the norwegian superpower ruling the world - and it is high time that the true nature of the lapis philosophorum and the Vollkornbrot come to be fully known and understood through civilized education. Italy's greatness in arts and sciences took place in a society defined by truth, not by power.

Is there an overall pretext package?

The study has shown that there are empirical historic data which can be interpreted in such a way that it is legitimized to speculate whether John F. Kennedy were present during an opening of my infant skull in Sandveien 4 in Molde in july or august 1957 - and masturbated a spurt on my young cortex before he entered his presidential election campaign. (In fact his wife's name seems to indicate this theory - 'Jacqueline Lee Bouvier' = 'jack in Molde Bo-4' = 'jack in Molde address #4' - which could have been a way of preserving the couping constantly - although some perhaps would say that it was a decent alternative to being there in person). However that be, there seems to be reasons to believe that I could have been opened in the skull in july or august 1957 - for the role of a 'coupable Jesus' in the political mythology (although the coupability could have been further legitimized by naive feature-turning in a quasi 'marian-revelational' conception of Fatima as a coupable Satan revelation).

There seems to exist the conception that 1) the coup is facilitated by the conception that an opened infant never will gain the same susceptibility as other children do later in life to receiving natural and fruitful/lucrative responses to own ideas and initiatives relative to society, but 2) this social-medical defect, which is what assigns to the child the role of being easily coupable and therefore a pitiful 'resource' for certain interests of society, can be counterbalanced by the 'help' from surveillance (by intelligence services or police) tapping the person's creative life and forwarding the data to the advertisement and other media businesses who are given the role of producing on basis of these data artificial 'social responses to the creative initiatives' hung up on advertisement posters around town, or in publications and media generally - for the pitiful adult victim of infant opening to get the feel of a 'natural echo' to own creative initiatives which s/he otherwise will not be able to experience like a normal person would - and thereby at least some 'career chances' would be rescued.

In my case this grotesque pretext for tapping and spreading of the tapped data would mean that the best ideas in my work could have been tapped directly from my workdesk and forwarded to advertisement bureaus who paste the best aspects of it up in town in the course of only a few hours. Indeed this at least seems to have been the case in Wien in Austria: It has happened far too often that I see such echos of my most recent and best work glaring back on me from the very fresh ad poster hung up on e.g the tram stop where I stand waiting. Of course there is nothing like 'rescued career chances' thereby - very much the opposite - it means a very clear rejection of my authority to my work - my copyright, that is - and thereby the chances I otherwise could have had is lost - and terror broke out in Syria instead.

I have never been informed about such a grotesque 'help program' (the theory is speculative) and would of course never have agreed to it if I were asked. I dont know, that also means, whether the phenomenon has been due to police or other official surveillance willingly forwarding tapped data for such purposes or if it could have been illegal tapping going possibly even via international secret intelligence sources. In order to keep my work going in spite of such depressing 'feedback', I have told myself that it is the other way round - that it is the wheels of history that are tentatively controlled by such propaganda and therefore my work comes to resemble the propaganda program accordingly - because even I live in the reality of 'wheels of history' - but it has been a little hard to keep optimism up and going by such explanations.

Briefly, it may be that a naive 'psychological' pretext exists which has allowed the society to violate my copyright on a very large scale (could e.g. huge Hollywood productions have been based on recent manuscripts of mine?) while telling itself that it is a generous act of gratis help to me only - thereby also telling itself that it would be unnecessary to inform me about the details of the 'help' - possibly even telling itself that it in principle would be me who could pay them for the 'help' rather than the other way round. Could be a program of 'homo' would have been an inavoidable part of the story.

If this story should have been the case (such a pretext program could in principle have been applied throughout my life, of course), then I can tell that indeed it is no help at all - of course very much the opposite - except for those who want to create a mythos role out of me and my work for the purpose of facilitating a future holocaust - a role which I do not want to be in and which I would not support in any way.

Neither do I know if such a naive 'psychological' theory (of an alleged boon of artificial social 'feedback' by way of secret tapping and violations of copyright) exists at all. But one sees how such an explanatory 'overall package' could be functioning as pretext anyhow.

I notice that my official father John Grøver/'Mengele' was chief doctor in social medicine (in Fredrikstad since 1970) and if such an 'overall pretext package' be associated with the 'social-medical defect' which his work made him involved in (such as my work could have been 'involved in' media productions), and if the story of potential child abuse of the 1 in a 1-2-3 type were interpreted as the 'hobby' and private passion of a 'Mengele' type, then his professional role could even have been about relieving the state and its surveillance services of responsibility for violated copyright - cp. the idea of role-turning in the 'gratis help'. There is even the aspect of it that a judicial responsibility for masturbation on my cortex - if the story is an opening of the 'overall' skull in july or august 1957 and later 'pre-texts' from media before my eyes - could have been lifted from JFK (if he were involved in couping the 'divine control of history') to the 'pa-sport' of a hobby-passionate Grøver/'Mengele'. The AIDSHIV epidemic could have served to enhance the effect of this factor onto a global scale.

Grøver/'Mengele' drank too much alcohol (would it have been a 'social-medical defect'?) and was even hospitalized once in Fredrikstad for 'de-hydration' (as he told me) - during an alleged drinking period. I was in 1980 contacted by his wife and her friend (another doctor with whom she seems to have had a relation) about his problem before the hospitalization. I do not drink alcohol and have not had problems with alcohol - some 'artist life' there could have been in my youth but rumours of 'alcoholism' or 'alcohol damage' are false. Ragna Grøver once (1977) made me accept some antabus pills she gave me 'for resisting the 'group' pressure of drinking alcohol' (I even tried one or two of them) - which does not mean that I had problems with alcohol - it rather could have meant that she had some power - and there was the 'octogon' stories of my life - a 'group' of stories? (In the 1960's I got some private education in 'set theory' from a math teacher called 'Steinsland'). I am still hoping that a potential 'organized' nature of these will be told from official sources in a non-secret-classified manner. 'Drinking and whoring' could be 2 concepts for associating into 1 the idea of 'social-medical defect' with the idea of 'overall pretext package' - possibly for the purpose of freeing the state from the potential responsibility of having been involved in copyright violations or abuse generally - could be even as part of a program steering towards an 'Endlösung' or new holocaust.

My view is that the concept of 'two realities' must be understood in the right way - it is a philosophical-mystical matter of high importance and not a political one.

The question whether a private hobby passion of Grøver/'Mengele' could have relieved the state services (surveillance services etc) of the burden of responsibility for copyright violations relative to me is thereby associated with the question of such hobby passions of Grøver/'Mengele' in 1975 (virus for mononucleosis, stafylococcus for throat abscess - both indexing names of girlfriends of mine and hence affecting the 'copyright' of mine relative to girlfriends - in 'overall pretext packaging' posture, so to speak - possibly also the issue of arsenic 1975) before the 3-2-1 and attempt on the pope in 1981 (see above). The issue of career chances when the victim of early skull opening sees artificial echos (from own initiatives under the 'overall skull') as 'pretext' of media before own eyes is connected with the lost chances after the trauma of birth for an 'opened child' to get back to the paradisal economy of pre-birth foetus life - thereby associated with the role of the mother and mother's womb. Therefore the private conjunction of the official parents (including childish jokes on 'hobby passion'?), to the extent that it serves to create ideas of annihilated copyright, could be thought to affect the copyright of the child when grown adult - via short-circuitry ideas concerning 'drinking and whoring'.

The home in Zinckgasse in Vienna is quite close to the 'overall school' (primary school) called Leopold Zechner Schule - a name which could apply to these ideas of 'whoring and drinking' - in particular if the whoring is of the 'arsenic' type. The intrigue purpose could thereby be to turn the role in 'violations of copyright' around so that it is me who is blamed for the copyright violations when media abuses my manuscripts and self-publications. This again could have been planned to assign to me the role of 'thief' of these manuscripts - and hence the role-turning would have been planned to go through the custody authority of the official parents qua 'chief of thief'. I am not a thief and I have not stolen the texts published as mine (or otherwise listed under my authorship).

To me this whole logic of turned-around copyright looks fragile and not very interesting - but it could be that adminstrative logic would recognize it as valid reasoning. It is probably the 2 realities turning into 1 which is the intended effect.

I broke the contact with Ragna Grøver in 1988 - after two years of telephone terror (silent telephones) which I finally related to her when I could predict the next on basis of the hypothesis that it was from her. It lasted untill the end of 1988. In 1993 her lawyer sent me a letter telling that her deceased husband had left some money (ca. 10.000 euro in current value) for me and I had to contact her via telephone for the details of transmission. She said on the phone she would send the money as check - but when I tried to cash the check there was not enough money on her account, so I called her once again and said that I could and would not cash them and said - on her question what to do with them - that she could put them on some bank account. Since then there has been no contact at all - she nevertheless signed the request for forced psychiatric hospitalization of me in 1999 and she was stalking me for years with letters and postcards - in the first years I returned them unopened to sender, then I started demolishing them and finally I started sending them to the police as proof of stalking - I never read any of them - and to get such a letter or postcard in the postbox was so horrible that it put me out of workable condition for days. This story clearly can be seen to be about the ignoring of my authority - and could have been an integrated part of a 'project' based on copyright matters - if copyright be considered a variant of authority - and if such a project or program exists.

(My passport had expiry in april 2019 and I got a new one in february - without any problems).

The question of 'arsenic' once again

There seem to be reasons to believe that the story goes back to Fatima 1917 - and that Lenin had to take the second secret told by Madonna as a heavenly support to the revolution in Russia - the tsar was toppled in march 1917 and Lenin's bolschevik 'october' revolution took place in november 1917 - while Madonna told the three secrets to the three children on 13 may 1917 and promised to return to the same place at Cova da Iria on the 13th every month for half a year and provide a proof of the truth of the revelations in october. 50-70.000 people had come to see the divine proof on 13 october - it was the reported 'miracle of the sun' wherein the sun reportedly was seen to tumble around in the sky - and after this Lenin's revolution took place on 6-7 november. The second secret of Fatima is the following (source is this translation into english on the Vatican's website:

"We then looked up at Our Lady, who said to us so kindly and so sadly: // 'You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end: but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world'".

It was Lenin's revolution in november (the gregorian calender in Russia was still october - the 'october revolution' - and the 'miracle of the sun' was on 13 october) that was taken to be the 'conversion of Russia' which would rescue the world, told the divine message from heaven. Clearly this background is what made the Fatima origins a strong driving motor for the political project throughout the cold war and at least untill the end of the millenium. This divine support for the bolschevik revolution is probably also what could have made Lenin arrange for his own exit by 'self-sacrifice' with the attempt by Fanny Jefimovitsch Kaplan outside 'Michelson Factories' already on 30 august 1918 - and Lenin's own death 1970 days later telling of the year 1970 for the death of Sachs and Antschel (Celan) - with 'Per Borten' being the norwegian PM from 1965 to 1971 with my 11th birthday in the exact mid of his period.

'John Lennon' in the Beatles ('the B-tells' - of the leftsided gynaecomastia - the B-athletes?) could have been about this 'John' and that 'self-sacrificing' Lenin telling of 1970 - the year when the leftsided gynaecomastia first emerged with my onset of puberty. George Harrison has a historic counterpoint in the oldest document by a 'John Grover' in British Library, of 1823 - on the coronation of King George the fourth spiritualized. The second oldest is the 1843 pamphlet by 'Captain John Grover' - and a closer comparison of the two shows that 1843 seems to be a copycat or deliberate copy of 1823, unless it is the opposite - that 1823 is a later fabrication (proof of that on the front page - 'the telegraph house in the valley', since telegraphy in 1823 was the same as semaphory and that had to be on a mountain top - or simply that both were fabricated after 1917 although 1843 seems to have some rooting in a historic event. The double nature of the pamphlets could have been fabricated for the purpose of engineering a 'fyll & hor' = 'drinking and whoring' identity of my official father John Grøver and me - and when he told me in late 1980 (it was while I lived for some weeks or months with Ribu in her flat in Oslo, in late 1980 into appr mid february 1981) that he was hospitalized for 'de-hydration', if dehydration is a clear symptom of arsenic poisoning, he could have indicated (in late 1980 or early 1981) that he could have poisoned me with arsenic in 1975 - as a hobby passion a la 'pa-sport' - for a turning of the roles, to make John Grover 1843 look like a copycat of John Grover 1823 while it really could have been the other way round. The pope was shot on Fatima day 13 may 1981 - a few weeks after I had gone to Rome in mid february. Ragna Grøver suffered a frontal car crash around the same times as the pope was shot - which means that if the shooting of the pope was a 'car-crash', the frontal car crash of Ragna Grøver could have served to complete the 'generation swap' along the parametres of 'fyll & hor' - after she along with a colleague doctor ('Anders Munthe-Kaas' was his name, if I remember right) had contacted me in the flat of Ribu.

It is only today that I can put these pieces of history together in this way - simply because it is not my world to think in such ways. Why should these 'dirty ideas' be the connection between events? There are much better explanations available - if they hang together 'causally' at all. They had not told me a word about all this.

'Anders Munthe-Kaas', if that were the name, could be suggestive of the idea that the 'cause' brought 'to the mouth' (= 'munn-te') was 'something else'.

What is this mysterious 'arsenic'? I recently discovered the role of some elements in the periodical system of chemistry - which in 1917 still was a reasonably fresh discovery and probably in the top 10 of hits in the list of administrative intrigues. It looks as follows - with my own guesswork of national characteristics:

30 - zinc (= 'Austria' with 'Zinckgasse'?)
31 - gallium (= 'France')
32 - germanium (= 'Germany')
33 - arsenic (= 'british/anglophonic supremacy'?)
34 - selenium = Russia?
35 - bromium = Italy? ('Aiutami a sognare')
36 - krypton
37 - rubidium (for the flat of 'Ribu' in late 1980?)
38 - strontium
39 - yttrium

If 31 gallium = 'France' with 32 germanium = 'Germany' means 'whoring and drinking', then the link between 30 zinc = 'Austria' with 'Zinckgasse' and 33 arsenic = 'british/anglophonic supremacy' is established with e.g. the attempt on the pope on Fatima day in 1981 as 'pa-sport' relative to my person via that 'hospitalization for dehydration' of the official father John Grøver - and possibly other aspects of administration. The primary school in Zinckgasse is called 'Leopold Zechner Schule' - 'zechen' is to drink excessively, to be on the binge, and if the 'leo' is behind (is it? some women may have the cat in front and a fox behind? but men have the dog in the front?), a 'leo-puled' could even be the reason for the 'homo strategy' observed in recent years. 'Drinking and whoring' could thereby have been an aspect of the 'hardon AIDSHIV' (cp. 'Aron Eidsvig') epidemic which started among volunteering homosexuals (self-sacrificers? I would doubt that they had been fully orientated about the contents of the injection) in USA (for details search for 'Greenwich Village' in this document) and later mutated and spread to heterosexuals. It seems (from the same source) that both the virus and its name was made by the laboratory called 'Gallo & Essex' - a name which could be telling of a 'gallium & germanium' in the periodical system - although that could have lent a slightly 'quisling' flavour to the name of Essex on the other side of the channel.

If 'anglophonic supremacy' is the secret of Burgenland power, it is a secret which seems to have been the nature of Hitler's government 1933-45, and if this government recognizes the role of Hitler as being 'the inspector of the HYMEN' as the very 'Quisling', then 'Gallo & Essex' as the origins of 'hardon AIDSHIV' could be telling of a certain 'liaison' between the interests of England and the interests of Hitler. Hitler's postcard tells of 'the very Quisling' in the sense of 'the inspector of the hymen' ('vidkun quisling' is a name suggestive of the idea of a big 'kun' and a small 'twig' - hence concluding on 'cunnilingus', cp. the 'Air Lingus' of the 'Holy Hijacker' of 2 may 1981 - see above under 'The Jesus bebe as World Peace') - and if Lenin had asked Laura Devold to shoot him, it could have been Vidkun Quisling who accompanied her to Gorkij - but if Lenin himself had asked for it, there was not much left of 'the ultimate traitor' in his name which there otherwise could have been if Quisling enjoyed Lenin's confidence and therefore was let in with Laura Devold disguised as his wife Alexandra. Then why this 'quisling' epithet? Could be it was Hitler who was 'the biggest quisling' in his war against the 'anglophony'.

The periodical system could therefore be taken in administration as being the guarantee that 'anglophony' means 'England' and not 'USA'- such that 'anglophonic supremacy' reduces to 'british supremacy' via the Zinckgasse factor.

See this article in 'Indian Express' for the idea that Brexit on basis of 'Article 50' may be about my residence in Zinckgasse ('delay' = for-'sinking'). Does it mean to say that Brexit was conceived as necessary because I (Mr.'Fatima Mystery' - qua 'Jesus' or 'Satan') had been in Zinckgasse too long? But there are other solutions available - and that is to tell the story as it is. Are the politicians afraid that the 'Biggest Fish' on earth - the very Kingdom or Global Goverment - could be slipping out of hand - and therefore they will not tell the truth? That is no good reason - and no lasting empire was ever built on white lies.

In the article 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics' I have shown why I am neither Jesus nor Satan - and hence my residence in Zinckgasse should not be a reason - but I may have written a poetic work which embodies a divine revelation which could have been the semantic assignment to the revelation of Fatima 80 years earlier. This is acutely important matter for the state of knowledge of the global community - the 'logical order' of the semantic assignment and its revelational reference important for new technology and mystic inquiry - but this is not supposed to be the tools of administrative power turned untruthful in the sense of not telling the full truth. Power by secrets is the suffering of the world - it is not its future.

As far as Hitler's government 1933-45 is concerned, I add also the comment on the puzzling name of the finance minister 'Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk' = the 'T' and the Pietá for Mary and 'dead Jesus' and Fatima and the ideas of 'a revelation of Satan' - see also the 'zoophoria' factor turning 'creation of life' = 'Mary creating Jesus' but turned by the T of the cross into 'creation of death' = 'Mary with dead Jesus body' on her lap - but the resurrection made this despair superfluous and hence the Pietá has been a favoured theme of decoration of christian churches. 'Skravering' = 'hatching'. (Christian Marty was the pilot of the Concorde that crashed in Gonesse = 'esse-Gon' = 'arsen-gikk'? in Paris in 2000). This 'T' insertion by the 'zoophoria' event (and there later came up a Waffen shop on the other side of the street relative to the 'Berufschule' and the (cheap-)furniture shop 'XXXLutz' - a sort of austrian IKEA) could have added weight to an association of Zinckgasse with Hitler's government. 'Mosonmagyaróvár' = 'morsom forklaringen var' = 'funny the explanation was' when Grover should tell why he had lived so long in Zinckgasse - 'he had hoped for a billighetserstatning which would be tax free in Austria but hardly anywhere else' (hence the minister of finance - but not of the 'trinity'?) - or was it the 'fun' that he referred to this address as being his 'home' - it could be difficult to find a lifelong home with such meagre economy elsewhere in Europe? (But these jokes presuppose collaboration of the entire EU?) Was it already incorporated into Hitler's government that I should not get a 'billighetserstatning' = 'economic compensation' for the difficulties of my life imposed on me due to this story - could be including 1-2-3 child abuse? But, if so, does this mean that Hitler has some authority in today's Europe?

I found a proof for the empirical reality of 'revelational reference' occurring before its semantic assignment: In early 2016 I was sitting in a hotel room in Venice looking out over the red rooftile landscape when I suddenly heard a fragment of music (coming from over this landscape) which I came to call a 'spröde Chopin' (an epithet I wrote a few days later in my diary of 6 july and used in the article 'Melissa' in october 2016), and when in 2019 I listened to Hélène Grimaud's record 'Memory' (published in 2018, recorded in december 2017), I immediately recognized the fragment I heard from over the houseroofs in 2016 in the seven seconds 02:06-02:13 in Chopin's 'Waltz in A minor', which is track 11 out of 15. (I had described the possible acoustic revelation of the piano sound of 2016 as 'spröde Chopin' but nobody could have guessed exactly what I had heard). Computing the same ratio appr 0.7 or 0.699 (as part of the entire record) on my TEQ, I came to book 11 with TEQ #916 with New Testament 'holy text' parallel in Luke 9:4 - και πεσων επι την γην ηκουσε φωνην λεγουσαν αυτω: σαουλ, σαουλ, τι με διωκεισ; = 'and falling upon the ground he heard a voice/phone/sound speaking to him: Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?'

The 'spröde Chopin' fragment I had heard before 6 july 2016 while I was still writing 'Stillhetens åndedrag' (in the first edition called 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra') - but before I had discovered the important empirical support in the parallelism with Luigi Nono's string quartet from 1980 called 'Fragmente - Stille, an Diotima' - in the 1983 recording by LaSalle Quartet published on Deutsche Grammophon in 1986 - I had heard the recording once, in probably swedish radio P2 in 1985. See mention of this correlation in e.g. articles 'The holy cow' of june 2017, ' The fundamental theorem of linguistics' of september 2017 or 'Cuneiform, the fundamental theorem of linguistics and 'Stillhetens åndedrag'' of december 2017. It means that the 'acoustic revelation' of the Chopin fragment (as it looks now - while in 2016 I could not exclude the possibility that it came from a loudspeaker among the houses) was suggestive of the idea that I could look up Nono's quartet for a parallelism to the work I was still writing. The cue to this is in the ratio of about 0.699 through the recording of Grimaud's - when 'Fragmente' = σαουλ, σαουλ, the fragments I had heard, 'Stille' = και πεσων επι την γην ηκουσε φωνην λεγουσαν αυτω: (and falling upon the ground he heard a voice/PHONE/sound talking/telling to him) while 'an Diotima' = τι με διωκεισ; ('why do you persecute me?') = 'ti me diokeis' = a 'Diotima case'. This was in early july 2016 while I was still writing 'Stillhetens åndedrag', but before I found the parallelism in Nono's quartet and before I had found the second 'lapis philosophorum' that had 'fallen upon the ground' outside my house in Szolnok on 10 august 2016 - while I was fetching water from the garden tap - as if it had πεσων επι την γην ('fallen upon the ground'). The second lapis is then the corporeal reality (a referential level) having converted from the acoustics of harmony into the revelational counterpoint (for this essential conversion from harmony into counterpoint see also the example of DDS part 1 #118 in relative enumeration - absolute enumeration #207 - interpreting the jewish/christian mystery of 'resurrection in 'The catalogue of mysteries' of DDS) in the sense of the 'spröde Chopin' as φωνην λεγουσαν αυτω: ('voice talking to him') being turned into the stone. The revelational counterpoint to 'Stillhetens åndedrag' is in 'Rosens triangel' which I wrote in 2018 - 'Stillheten' is 64 poems reduced from 105 while 'Rosen' is 64 poems expanded from the 48 which run in parallel with the 48 verses of Acts chapter 10 in 'the keys to heaven' - this accounts for how 'harmony' can convert into or from 'counterpoint' as a 'divine revelation'.

I had in 2016 heard the two identical fragments σαουλ, σαουλ! ('Saul, Saul!') of Chopin - the first could be this harmony, the second its counterpoint or vice versa - and indeed the story of Saul is his conversion to Paul when he was facing the divine revelation - here about the question of a divine revelation in the text. It may even be that I wrote it down in my diary on the point 0,7 through the time it took to write 'Stillhetens åndedrag' - the 253 days from 11 january 2016 to 20 september 2016 which puts 6 july on the ratio 0,7 - and that this was the same ratio 0,7 as the seconds 02:06-02:13 in track 11 out of 15 on Grimaud's record 'Memory' - recorded in Himmelfahrtskirche Sendling in Munich in december 2017 - subtract the seconds of 'Stille' at the end of each track, serving as 'pause' between each piece of music, for the perfect ratio identity. This relation between my hearing of the fragment of Chopin (the 'revelation') and Grimaud's later recording can be called 'transcendent' or 'platonic' - and indeed I recognized the few seconds of the 'spröde Chopin' fragment immediately upon hearing it for the first time recently in 2019 and I did not doubt that it was the same as I had heard in 2016 - and thereby with a 'logical order' telling of the relation between Fatima 1917 and my TEQ 1997-2008. It proves the empirical reality of this 'causally reverse' order.

It is then important to observe that the sameness of ratio obtains for the date when I first wrote it down in my diary, and not for the date when I heard it through the window - this tells of the peculiarity of the formalities in the blue metre of the collective memory of a 1000 years' span applying to the oldest known occurrence of a word in extant written documents - which is not the same ratio as the first occurrence of the acoustic fragment itself in oral speech. This tells that information technology is the basis for the new formalities of the collective memory - the theme of part 2 in my 1997 PhD dissertation 'A waist of time'.

It is the blue metre with its line 1 which proves this format of the formalities of the collective memory. It is easy to see how 1) this piece of scientific knowledge could have been tentatively raped by the cravings for political power which try to build 'global government' by suppressing the basis for this discovery, and 2) how the basis for the discovery could be very closely associated with the format of knowledge in 'the people of Israel' with its particular collective cognition and memory.

But this is supposed to be the new scientific and mystic/esthetic knowledge of the third millenium - and hence the rapid growth and influence of the people of Israel in its diaspora up to 1933 - and not the source of political power based on extermination of a genetic subset of the human global community such as the extermination program of Hitler.

This is the reason why the story must be told in full detail and without hysterical mythos-engineering under- and overtones. "There is not any piece of terror in the last 100 year that is not connected with John Bjarne Grover" - that is hysterical misinformation trying to tell that I should be Satan radiating 'mystic evil' from my residence in Zinckgasse - it is not the truth (the truth would rather tell of an hysterical smear campaign against jewish genetics). It is not that sort of misinformation - telling that I should be Satan - that is needed.

What is the administrative link between 30 'zinc' and 33 'arsenic'? 'Periodical system' is a word which means 'cyclicity' (it doesn't mean 'bloody system' beyond the 'hymen') and that seems to be relevant to the idea of sanskrit (cyclic) relative to hebrew (linear) - a theme of my work 'Der Dornenstrauch'. But this is the apparently age-old theme of discovery (since at least the middle ages or renaissance) of an apparent link between sanskrit vedas and the biblical old testament which could have led european continental administration to send Columbus out on his voyage for finding the sea route to 'the indians' - which he found in America, naively taking them for the indians of India - a misunderstanding which in theory could have been preplanned before his departure from in Europe.

The puzzling link between sanskrit and hebrew holy texts was in those days taken as proof that the Bible could have been a late medieval fabrication on basis of the Vedas - and this piece of shocking news that Jesus Christ could have been mere fiction was stamped 'secret' and as such become the basis for new concepts of power considering old faith as naive delusions only. The explanation to the empirically factual parallelisms between cyclic sanskrit vedas and linear hebrew old testament is found in the role of the information technology (the earliest extant writings and their technologially motivated cosmologies) in the same way as the leftsided gynacomastia of mine could be predicted and explained on basis of the irrational logic of vols.1 and 3 relative to vol.2 in the parallelisms between my 48 'linebreak' sonnets derived from TEQ book 5 and the sonnets of Rilke and Shakespeare (which do not mean 'german Essex') in chapter 19 vol.3 of my collected works. That is about the 'divine-controlled history' which Mahatma Gandhi probably understood, while the 'historic' revolutionary (cyclic?) time - supported by the divine Madonna - would have been the theme of Lenin (for this linebreak factor see also chapter 20 vol.3). There seems to be an 'irrational logic' in this relation between vols.3 and 1 'kidney'-flanking vol.2 which is the real story - badly misinterpreted in the terror in Syria 2011-2018.

The question remains: What is this 'arsenic'? It could be a concept only, telling of the role of the periodical system, but there is also the option that it could have been planned as poisoning of me in parallel with the terror in Syria - for that '1-2-3 program' which in principle could have a rooting in a story of child abuse of mine in the years 1957-59. There are some reasons to speculate that this child abuse factor could have been an empirical reality - as also the names of the Kennedys could be telling of. But to keep the facts on my childhood secret as 'precious sources of power' is to be an old primitive administration.

It is primitive to grab knowledge for making power-engineering intrigues out of it - such as the precious knowledge in this 'Saul, Saul' I have told here - to take two trips to Seoul by a person with a certain name for making power out of it by not crediting the source (me, that means) is to be primitive - to be civilized is to tell in explicit words what that should mean.

Likewise, if there has been arsenic dropped in my food it must be told explicitly and publically.

Clearly my vols.1-4 should be published and not suppressed for the sake of power via extermination programs.

The evidence of The Beatles

It seems that the hysterical success of The Beatles in the sixties can be telling of aspects of my person in this mythomaniac role.

'John Lennon' could have been about this 'John' and that 'self-sacrificing' Lenin telling of 1970 - the year when the leftsided gynaecomastia first emerged with my onset of puberty. 'Ringo Starr' (originally 'Starkey') likewise could suggest gynaecomastia - he took over after 'Pete Best' ('pet the beast' before puberty?).

'Paul McCartney' could mean leo-Paul Zechner = 'Zeichner' me[d] kart[e]ne = 'with the maps' = 'Zinckgasse'?

'George Harrison' could be about the early opening of the skull and has a historic counterpoint in the oldest document by a 'John Grover' in British Library, of 1823 - the coronation of George the fourth.

In 1970 (the year when Sachs and Celan died, cp. Lenin and the 1970 days) the Beatles dissolved and Paul McCartney formed a new band called 'Wings' = hungarian 'Szárnyak' which could be telling of 'Szolnok' - 'he moved from Zinckgasse to Szolnok'. Preprogrammed already in 1970, that means - and officially the house was built in 1970. This supports the theory that 'Paul McCartney' means 'Zinckgasse' or the school there, could be for 'Downing Street' ('you have to move out' = government moving out of EU?)

But how could they know that I would buy that house in Szolnok? By keeping me on a low enough budget by way of unsuccessfulness - and indeed the houses in west Hungary were just too expensive for me when I started searching - and when I discovered that the houses in the east were much cheaper, it was just to jump on a train to Szolnok. Asking in an estate agency would produce a printout of cheap-enough offers - and then it was up to the poet to find the best option - which for me was Sziget Utca, even if the house suffered from 'de-hydration' - no water inside, only in the garden tap.

Low budget and rejected book submissions - it was probably assumed that the poet would be a little desperate for recognition - enough to guess that he would bite the hook of a Nobel Prize carrot by 'self-sacrifice' in 2018. I did not - I am not that sort of clown.

Paul McCartney = low budget, unsuccessfulness in income
John Lennon = lack of recognition and crediting of work
George Harrison = lack of response to creative initiatives, no crediting for contributions to society
Ringo Starr = gynaecomastia = divine-controlled history replaced with human-controlled after Pete Best and the Kennedy assassination

Why did the four chaps come from Liverpool? It is apparently a fact that 'liver dysfunction' can be a symptom of arsenic poisoning - although of course there can be many other reasons. I dont know what it could have meant in those days. 'The liver' in norwegian is 'levra' - cp. 'Laura Devold'.

It could of course have been talent hunters from british intelligence who composed the group - or they could rather have been composed as talents before conception and grown up in Liverpool by preplanning - could be as a responsibility claim on or at least participation in the story since 1917 and Fatima - and then the 'beat-less' could be telling of Fatima conceived as a 'revelation of Satan'. Hopefully not on the two jews who died in 1970. The Fatima interpretation was probably hot stuff when it was seen as the basis for the russian revolution - and the attempted couping of it by Hitler - and the following story.

It is very high time to get out of the murky backwaters of mythomania and into a new millenium of enlightenment - which means rational thought and information.

It is possible that the story is about my person - and then it is a scandal that I have never heard a word about it.

Overall conclusion

The first part of the article showed the mechanisms in a socalled 'stoltenbergian career motor' in a construction based on mistaken identity between me and the driving forces in the career motor, the second part told of the mechanisms in the construction of two possible arsenic poisonings of me. If the purpose of the latter (if it be the case, that is - and the character of some very high-level assassinations suggests that it was the case, albeit under very high secrecy classification) is to weaken the defence of my interests - qua 1) jewish genetics and also qua 2) independent intellectual worker and poet - by enhancing the identity of me with the state of Syria (and hence israeli PM Netanjahu was called to Washington and Peking soon after Trump's takeover, could be in a call for clarifying explicitly the stance in these matters, but he came back to Israel empty-handed), this can of course have been included into the construction of a career motor - and the purpose of this could have been to make it possible to create the basis for a new Mussolini and Hitler - possibly including an ultimate holocaust ('Endlösung'). This clearly is not consonant with the interests of World Peace and civilized education and knowledge - and also certainly not with the interests of italian economy. A question may also arise which interests govern the people of Israel and which interests govern the people of Norway and whether 'Endlösung' plans apply to one or both of these.

One concludes that the political program on me - if it exists, of course - whether that be the original purpose or if it only were constructed for competing with a more spiritual intention set up after Fatima - probably was constructed soon after the Fatima revelations in 1917 - which attracted world wide interest and some 70.000 interesters congregated in Fatima on the last day to see the promised 'miracle of the sun' - in order for me to write the poetic basis for the revelations - and thereby make it possible for political intrigue (of somewhat 'nazi' character - to what extent Hitler was part of the same program, I dont know - but one guesses that his insane holocaust program could have been a part of this 'lapis-philosophorum-encapsulation' on the template of Norway 1814) to coup this 'divine support' from me. The 'career motor' - whether 'stoltenbergian' or of other type, character or purpose - can be as old as these plans. The conclusion is that I have written the intended work probably relative to Fatima - tentatively 'a proof of God' - and then it is of the utmost importance that this work be published for everybody to have the chance to get hold of and read - and that it not be reserved for political intrigue and interest.

Added on 6 february 2019:

Because of the role of carmelite Sister Lucia, and also for reasons of the theme generally, it would be natural to have the book (vol.4) or books (vol.1-4) published by the Vatican and I sent the manuscript to vol.4 as email to Libreria Editrice Vaticana on 28 december 2018. I sent it from my internet computer in the hospital bed, also since I knew not if I would survive the disease and it would be too bad if the work never came to daylight. There has been no answer or confirmation of receipt so far. (I was without access to the internet from 12 january to 2 february). With the circumstances I work under, I cannot submit the work to peer review, not only because it is hard to find a peer who can have a decent opinion (for example, a poet easily finds a helplessly 'unprofessional' poem in 'Der Dornenstrauch' as basis for his rejection, not to speak of complaints on the grammar, without having to understand the importance of the distributional principles discussed in the theoretic part) but also because a rejection is to topple and coup the whole worldwide thing since 1917, but a publisher can of course ask me for permission to publish it and then we can agree on a simple contract form - after I have made the work available for their inspection in some way, including the copies I have self-published and given to libraries.

What is important is that my role as 'ghost-writer' for culture and media comes to an end and that my work be published - otherwise to continue with pretending that culture and media are a sort of 'Fatima revelation' can lead only to a new holocaust. There is perhaps an offer for quasi territorial rights to the voters of USA offered by the Clinton-Obama turn after Kennedy (turning 'secret-telling' in the high-level assassinations into quasi 'terror-intrigue-installing') via a somewhat cheap conscience-relief in the mixmax of US indians with the indians in India. It is extremely important that the phenomenon of the Fatima revelation as the semantic assignment coming in advance of the text itself - thereby swapping logical order - be not misunderstood as this kind of political mixmax (or, for my case, as the apparent phenomenon of 'dårlig gjort') but be converted into rational understanding which makes it possible to reach the level beyond the human language faculty, for a new ecumenic basis for World Peace. The new science will build on principles of mystic knowledge - and not make a border line between mysticism and rational logic which can be used for principles of mixmax abuse.

The history may be simple - that America through millenia was populated by millions of indians who were massacred by the immigrants from Europe - after which the civil war broke out that made USA a two-party system - on a ground they have not really the territorial rights to. The holocaust and plans for an 'Endlösung' could be about making territorial rights - but since massacres are not repaired with more massacres, they try to make it go wrong way by way of Fatima and the reverse logic that obtains when the semantic assignment can come as a revelation before the text itself. But clearly this is supposed to be new science and technology and not for abuse in wrong-way logic for politics based on mass extermination.

I have never got any classified information from anybody and have never consulted secret sources - all my reasoning is based on own evaluation of empirical data publically available - therefore the potentially interesting info in this article (as well as all other info on this home page of mine) is not secret and is not restricted by classification and you can freely refer to it without any secrecy problems - but of course that also means that the info and the reasoning are not worth more than what you yourself can agree to by consulting publically available sources - in addition to the data from my own private life. The conclusions must count as guesswork only - but if the guesswork is goodenough it can perhaps even be more reliable than the version which is articulated in classified sources which precisely due to their secrecy limitations can be difficult or impossible to have verified and therefore can be vulnerable to propaganda interests adding form to history.

This article was written from 11 january 2019 onwards - but lack of internet connection
in the hospital has hampered its publication: My internet computer blacked out
on 12 january afternoon, after the news of the explosion in the bakery in Paris

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