The zoophoria factor

John Bjarne Grover

The study has shown that Hitler's holocaust death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez seem to be part of modern administrative projects under the conduct of the international secret intelligence services.

More precisely: It is likely that Hitler was an agent for these - not the original Adolf Hitler born in Braunau am Inn but rather a copy of him created by those services. Hitler himself were perhaps not so old when he was replaced with that service copy. Was the name of a copy zinck-MESTER, PAUL-gasse, something like that - after Ibsen's 'Bygmester Solnæs' (not 'Szolnok')? Ibsen's 'Eyolf Little' from the 1890's suggests that the original Hitler died rather young.

The program of the services is to make young people - everybody - go into working for the intelligence services, driven by that divine power which creates the ontologically real historic world. That could make the service chief feel like something.

The world's governments are always totally dependent on their intelligence services - since that is where they get the info from, telling what is going on. They have to know what is going on, otherwise they cannot govern. This was traditionally considered progress compared with the former tyrannic kingdom principles of government. But this also lends much unconstitutional power to the 'services', and typically the problem is that they turn criminal because they feel that they have to break the law in order to wring as much info as possible out of the world. (?) These are probably the ones who make secret agents in all layers of the society and in international connections - and the info game probably soon develops into other forms of games.

It is likely that the two world wars were about just this problem - that they were the services flexing their muscles - making a Hitler for telling that they had more power than the governments. The Rigveda-Moses parallelisms were the main tune of the times - telling that only the service chief could solve that fundamental religious doubt. "Join the services and your religious problem is solved!"

After the war, the secret intelligence services were given the task of forming the New World. In those days they were perhaps still smoking a pipe and reading sanskrit for understanding the fundamental constitution of reality, but it may be that not so much is left of that now. It seems the theme is that 'high expectations to life is an illusion - everything is cheating, nothing is real, everybody are crooks if they get a little power'. Christianity has a similar theme of 'humans are sinners' and try to solve the problem as well as they can - but the new 'service religion' seems to be constructed around the idea of self-sucking - with the high knees on both sides being the peak of spiritual reality. "A new religion that will bring you to your knees" was the pop song some years ago. Kneeling in new forms.

Hitler's 'Treblinka' concept seems to be used for this, in the improper form TREB+L+INKA on 'abdominal fat above the suck' - clearly a mock version of the hebrew philosophy. The hebrew suggests that the abdominal fat turns into fat under the leftside nipple due to improper suck. If one compares this with 1) the story of Celan's fate and 2) the phenomenon that heavy abuse and rejection of authorship written with the right hand, leading to a biased body which supports the accumulation of the fat under the left side nipple only, the resulting effect of it all can be that the custody parents be recognized as the genetic parents.

The trick is likely to be the one of 'placenames' - for the ultimate Bermuda triangle turned rectangle for a TELEMSES turned into a SHTETL or vice versa - the SHTETL being the classic small-village jewish community mainly in eastern Europe - and Telemses being a sort of JUNGL-SHTETL in Niger, a small populated place in the middle of a large and apparently unpopulated area. In Szolnok there is Sziget Utca with the house I bought which had only a water tap in the garden, hence a 'Telek-hany' ('telek' = 'building site') which thereby relates to 'Tél Utca' a little further away. Cp. the attempted coup d'etat in Turkey in the summer 2016.

The Märzstrasse event

It happened some years ago the event which left a highly unpleasant impression on me - I was walking up Märzstrasse towards Zinckgasse when the following three events happened in the course of short time:

1) A man was sitting in an outdoor cafe talking into a mobile TELE-phone: "No we dont know him here in the shtetl".

2) A man was crossing the street towards me with a chain hanging from his hand

3) A man came walking down Märzstrasse throwing some keys up and down in the air. F-air?

The emotional effect of this was rather immense. I interpret them in the following way: The first is the TELEMSES-SHTETL factor of placenames by turnaround, the second is the phenomenon of drilling a hole in the head, such as in classic lobotomy, in my case that could mean also the hypothetical laser beam that could have hit my cortex in 2002 for the idea of 'opening the will of princess Margareth' (hence the idea of my volition being under the alleged influence of childhood caretakers who in principle could have been involved in the 'service octogon'), and the third could be that third man event potentially having taken place in Rome in december 1983 - whereby the criminal gets his f-air and just punishment (for the preceding two elements?) immediately and therefore the victim does not discover it after having woken up from the drugged sleep.

The three elements could also symbolize each other in various ways - three men, telephone talking about a third man etc. Tele-khany = tele-chain, Tele-mses = tele-with-'ses'.

I discovered that the combination of these three conspire on the greek (at least byzantine) forms

=   creation of life
=   creation of death, sodomy

Norwegian-style reading:

'Så offer I/A' = 'saw victim I/A' = third man
'Så ofte her, ja' = 'saw often here, yes' = SHTETL comment

By the Märzstrasse event:
ZOOPHORIA: 1 = saw, 2 = off, 3 = fear - an unpleasant condition
ZOOPH-th-ORIA: 1 = saw, 2 = off, 3 = tear - such as porn

This could be the essential 'service' program - to turn creation of life into creation of death - AND creation of HOMO - by way of people's preference of porn rather than fear. (The first piano the Gröver family acquired was in 1964 in Volda - a SAUTER piano). For the idea of the 'lapis philosophorum' Bermuda triangle (a 'lapis philosophorum' is in traditional alchemy assumed to consist of salt, mercury and incombustible sulphur, if I have got it right) constituted by the three placenames or streetnames Selzergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse and Wurmsergasse near Johnstrasse in Vienna, the opening and expansion of this 'Bermuda' triangle to a 'Bermuda' rectangle (through an intermediate 'trapezo' form) leads to the inclusion of the streetname Hütteldorferstrasse = 'Adolf Hitler Strasse', so to speak, as the fourth element: This expansion from three to four corresponds then to the expansion of 'zoophoria' with an intermediate TH to 'zoophthoria'. For this nazification strategy, typically a certain context, such as a house or surroundings, can be conceived as a triangle of named goodness, love and truth, expanded with the illegally surveyed authorship written with the right hand and this authorship being abused in terror, it leads to a biased body pushing fat from righthand (handwriting) side over onto the lefthand side - this 'diagonalization' leading to the identification of the custody authority or parents as the genetic parents - or the genetic 'diaspora' ('shtetl' etc) - in such a way that the thereby included genetics be conceived as what turns creation of LIFE into creation of DEATH and SODOMY (homo etc). Hence Adolf Hitler's antisemitism and holocaust.

See also Ingmar Bergman's "The serpent's egg".

In the worst case, the program could be to erase all females from the earth and maintain only males procreating new males (or 'Lebewesen' of various sorts) by laboratory technology. The world has perhaps never seen more intense woman hatred than this program - which now seems to be inundating the classic female jobs with males in Europe. Why are there nearly only males at the post office counters in Austria - where you can put the white paper matter in over the counter? Why are there more and more males selling the bread in bakers shops there?

There is a certain structure in the atrium of Zinckgasse that naturally assigns to me the position of Gstaltmeyrgasse in the 'Bermuda triangle' of Wurmsergasse (for 'incombustible sulphur'), Gstaltmeyrgasse (for 'mercury') and Selzergasse (for 'salt') near Johnstrasse in Vienna, just up Märzstrasse from Zinckgasse. To the extent that Obama's name and possibly role (such as his 'Krigsveteranminister' Eric K.Shinseki) applies to me, it is noteworthy that 'mörkhuden' is norwegian for 'the darkskinned' (does this mean that the president with such a name-similarity to me should be a negro?) - and one must notice also that Obama was in his 2nd period when Jens Stoltenberg (cp. 'Gstaltmeyrgasse') was called to the position of chief of the NATO alliance. Hungarian 'sötét barna' = 'dark brown' is pronounced like norwegian 'skjöttet barna' = 'Kinderhilfe', while 'skjöttet o-bama' could mean 'Barack Hussein Obama'. It is perhaps not impossible that 'Beograd' as 'brown-degree' was bombed by NATO in 1999 for the sake of this name along with the defence alliance - for the streetname of Gstaltmeyrgasse? Even the syrian crisis could be about this - as suggests the name of 'Golda Meir'. (The Gröver family lived in Molde-Volda-Molde in the years 1962-1970 - but the reason for Meir as PM of Israel could not have been those placenames - rather the other way round that there was a common reason). Clearly the streetname 'Gstaltmeyrgasse' could be telling of the gestalting role of accumulated fat under the leftside nipple.

I wrote the book 'Orphan and the angels' (TEQ book 6) in november-december 1998, whether that be of any relevance or not to this story.

There have been some apparent attempts to recognize me as a double person - such as when I, even if I have no TV, pay GIS = 'TV licence' for ORF (the national broadcasting in Austria) and the GIS office, who draw the sum bimonthly from my account, claim that I have not paid the licence. I hope there are no plans of a razzia in my home while I am away. I do not want to come home from abroad and find the flat turned upside-down.

It is well possible that Gstaltmeyrgasse in the 'Bermuda triangle/rectangle' means the flat I lived in since late 2009 - co-represented with the US democratic president and NATO's military forces. Bombing of Belgrade etc. I have absolutely nothing to do with that sort of thing - I am a private person who has never been informed about this and have never agreed to it. It is possible that the structure means high-level terror-and-monkey-business on details of my life and work. It should, if this be the case, be a high-priority political aim to bring an end to such a triadic abuse structure. If anybody should be in any sort of 'special relation' or have a 'contract' with Satan, that is not me!

The handwriting factor

It can be noticed, as I observed from a news report from Trump activities, or was it from republicans generally, that the name of Obama in handwriting in fact comes close to 'obama' = 'death' (M = T is apparently a standard in handwriting formulas, not only because it makes sense for cyrillic) - for which reason a part of the role of the name of Obama could have been not only to resemble my name (the Treblinka factor) - the name of his vice president Joe Biden adds to approximate the 'John Bjarne' form of mine - but also to fill in the forms of this 'service program' - for turning all impulses for and joy by LIFE into their opposites - for creating DEATH and HOMO ('g-röver'?) - cp. also the role of female presence on the surface of the earth. The handwriting of the name of 'Barack Hussein Obama' could perhaps be used to read the apparently popular slogan 'replace, redeem/reclaim death' - which could mean 'zoophoria' - although less popular it would be if 'zoophthoria' is the theme in the sense of 'replace' = 'homo' and 'redeem/reclaim death' = 'creation of death' - and that could have been a part of the reason for the attempted secrecy on my person - if my name means 'Treblinka' and hence 'zoophthoria' via the SHTETL comment.

Why? Because it is POWER to have this program because people do not want it. HITLER is that power which people do not want.

Obama's name seems to apply via my name to this program - but it could have a popular voter's appeal by the chances there could be in it to hook onto the nazi program and turn it either this or that way: 'Replace redeem/reclaim death' can of course apply to victims who are murdered and replaced with copies under 'service' control, but it can also mean 'replace' that 'reclaim death' program with a better one. 'Reclaim' could probably in propaganda effects mean also the organ behind (the anus ring) 'claiming' ('pressing') on an intruding genital organ - hence a homo program. His name-relation with me could make this an important observation - the question whether TH be inserted by 'bias' and for whom. I lived in Venice when Obama started his presidency but events seemed to force me to move up to Vienna where I was told by Wien Wohnservice that there is only one possible flat for you and that is in Zinckgasse. I add that in high school (Frydenberg Gymnas) which I started by age 16 in the summer 1973, when we embarked upon the 2nd grade (or '2nd period') after the summer 1974 there were two new students in the class: 'Mette Krøtøe' (whose name could suggest that Obama handwriting rewrite peculiarity) and 'Jan-Henrik Ihlebæk', whose name could suggest 'handwriting', could be even a certain breakup function.

The third man event - if that is what happened in Rome in december 1983 - could have served to create a link between the deaths of Indira Gandhi and Mao - including a link between the younger and elder official sisters of mine - for that Aktion Reinhard = Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez series of DEATH camps of Hitler.

The 'services' still have a lot of confidence among people - that is probably because the people do not understand anything of this historic program and the inherent rationality of the 'intelligence services'. The governments and the people (the people's governments) should unite in the struggle against the power of the 'secret intelligence services'.

The third millenium is likely to be about making new landmarks in the understanding of realities that lie outside the human reality. In the human reality, everything that happens can be described by laws of nature - but there are still things going on that are not totally predictable. Clearly if human reality is restricted, it means that a complete understanding via science etc can only be of temporary value - before the conflict with the rest of reality shakes and breaks the borders to the human reality. This was always the field of religion - to try and get into harmony with the totality - and no naive faith in the power of science can change that - but clearly a new millenium can come to develop means for getting new formalisms on the fields outside the normal rationality. My study of Nono's harmony conception could be an example of such - an alternative to Pythagoras' ratios for understanding the fundamental harmonies. And my study is situated precisely on the border between faith and knowledge. But then it is of fundamental importance that such studies be not hijacked for 'creating power' by the 'services'. It could be a very groundbreaking new discovery for the study of 'harmony' generally, not only for musicology, and to abuse this for making nazi politics is very wrong. The new knowledge is to 'expand' the borders to the human reality - which even could be seen to expand the triangle of established knowledge since Plato into a larger form - and the 'nazi' program leading to 'Adolf Hitler Strasse' is extremely reactionary from this point of view. My work in this example could be quite a pearl for musicology - and to see this abused in terror for making nazism and perhaps tentatively hijacked by other scholars is very despicable. It must be understood how reactionary such is - and what an improper burden that is to my life and work.

The 'programming' factor

On 19 july I wrote a new poem in norwegian language - it seems to have been tapped in handwriting and abused via media, making it difficult to continue. On the 26th I travelled by train to Szolnok - the train left not at 11:39 when it should but another train left then instead - to 'Korneuburg', a small place just north of white-shingled Strebersdorf. The train to Budapest was 19 minutes delayed. When I arrived to my house in Szolnok at appr 17:19, there was a message in the postbox that there would be a reading of the gas metre on that day between 17 and 18 - I guessed that they had already been there in the course of the 19 minutes delay from the train - but the gas reader rang the bell at 18:00 or maybe 18:01 - he entered, greeted me with a handshake, read the metre on the left wall, pronounced my name loudly, gave me another handshake and left. He reminded me strangely of Ragnar Söderlind - a composer of 'serious music' (not as 'modern' as Nono but contemporary with him) which is 'komoly-zene' pronounced 'komoi-zene' in hungarian - and it brought this 'Korneuburg' to my mind. (I dont know if the gas reader really came from the official gas works or if it were just an actor for 'services' who had dropped the preannounced reading in my postbox just before my arrival). Returning to Vienna on 1 august, there were first 2 men annoying me (asking for 'Kleingeld') at the ticket automaton where I bought a new season ticket for august, then there was a person in the bus which resembled the 'stalker' from a couple of years ago, and on the arrival in my home in the house in Zinckgasse there were two men slipping in the housedoor right after me - it closes automatically but slowly - and I had just looked in the postbox on the left wall and started to continue when they came in the door - they were very similar, as it occurred to me, to the two men at Hauptbahnhof, and I even had to ask myself if they could be the 'same men' - one of them grasped with his two hands my left arm and prevented me from continueing while the other tried to wring the wallet out of my pocket - or perhaps rather 'fingering with the wallet in my pocket' would be a more proper description - it was a regular robbery attempt but I started shouting HELP loudly and they gave up and escaped through the door. The event resembled the gas metre reading in important ways - by the bodily contact, the reading of the box on the lefthand side, could be the attempt to get the 'name' (or was it 'poetic work'?) out as well. Such a pity with that sort of 'wrong response' to the work I had done - it could be precisely the 'wrongway response' which is typical of the 'octogonal' political program. The result was nevertheless that I had to go to the police to report it - and the situation developed into something very similar to what happened soon after I had written a few poems in norwegian language in january 2016 - then burglars broke open a window in the house in Szolnok and I had to go to the police to report it. (Strangely, the burglar had stolen a double hotplate and a handle to the gas convector, sum value of which could have been around those 9134 forints which the insurance company Allianz had drawn less than preappointed from my bank account a few days earlier). That was the first police interrogation - and another two police interrogations followed just at the end of the work, some 250 days later, which means that it got a 'police' framing. I suppose the events with the attempted robbery could have been an attempt to repeat this as soon as I had written once again in norwegian language. That is exactly what should not have happened - it is the reactionary society which does not accept poetry for new knowledge but tries to get it under its political control for 'creating power' out of it. It is likely that the return from the train station to my home could have been a way of 'zooming' the distance from the gas reading in Szolnok to the return to Vienna into a matter of 'border crossing'.

On 14 july, which was 5 days before I wrote the poem, I had also installed a Norton Symantec anti virus program on my internet computer. The system requirements said XP SP3 - I had an old XP but was not aware of this 'Service Pack 3' needed to make new internet security programs run. After having downloaded Norton and failed in the installation I had to contact their support department and was informed via 'support chat' what this 'Service Pack 3' was and how I could get hold of it. Norton differs from Kaspersky in that they require your email address. The 'support chat' included the info that I would get an email asking for my evaluations of the support. The machine soon started to malfunction quite badly, though, and when in addition several newspieces created associative links to the informational circumstances, I quickly deinstalled Norton (worth 44 euros and 99 cents) and installed a Kaspersky (which I also have used in earlier years) instead. An email arrived from Norton asking "were you satisfied with the support", including a questionnaire which could be opened. I left it unopened and did not answer the email - before I went to Szolnok on 26 july and experienced the 'support' in the door opening on my return on 1 august. I sent an email to Norton thanking for the info I got from their support department, which meant the info on the 'Service Pack 3' which was unknown to me, but I otherwise consider my contacts and relations with Norton Symantec for ended. I have not thanked for nor welcomed the 'support' by intruders.

There were two occurrences of two men in Vienna but only one (gas reader) in Szolnok. However, in the morning around 6:00 AM local time on 2 august, a man sitting in a car was shooting towards the chinese consulate in Los Angeles untill he himself was shot (by himself). In the same day I returned to my home house door and a man stepped out of a car parked there - but that could perhaps have been earlier local time. There had been a van and workers up on the corner to Märzstrasse (where the 'f-air' had occurred) - which perhaps could have added to the 'programming' factor.

I dont know whether the 'terror' with the robbery attempt in the housedoor entrance and the problems with my computer were organized by Norton Symantec - but notice a certain relevance which in principle could be non-coincidental anyhow.

I notice also a certain similarity with the three 'Märzstrasse' elements.

The name of Adolf Hitler

Heinrich Himmler drank too much and was educated in fertilization - that could be the 'alc-fl tiller' rewrite of Adolf Hitler's name which the 'nazis' seem to believe in. There could be tragic 'service' agents who drink themselves to death in a planned progress that goes over a certain number of years in order to be transformed by 'alcohol' into a heap of 'worthless dung' that eventually can be spread as manure on the fields - cp. the idea of illegal surveillance of my work for spreading it as 'worthless krep' over the world - that would be for creating the embryonic eruptive power when the Bermuda triangle opens to a Bermuda rectangle by the opening power called Hütteldorferstrasse = Adolf Hitler Strasse. This is the three streetnames of 'lapis philosophorum' (!) close to Johnstrasse in Vienna - just up the street from Zinckgasse. Nazis seem to believe in Adolf Hitler in this sense of it - that there is such a magic force in the 'lapis philosophorum' that could be the same 'divine creative force' as the 'services' could hope will drive the young people into the services by way of 'treb-l-inka'. It is this 'lapis philosophorum' that probably was the contents of Rigvedic SOMA drink - the white stone was created ex nihilo and crushed in a mortar and mixed with fruit juice for the SOMA which the congregation drank, according to at least some interpretations of the ancient vedic texts (preserved in sanskrit) - which others again claim are parallel texts to Moses. Jesus Christ's body in the holy communion is then conceived as a variant of this 'lapis philosophorum' - the consumption of which recreates the world and gives you new strength. This is why nazism - which seems to believe in an embryonic recreation of the political world via the function of placenames such as Telekhany or Telemses - can be considered a sort of perverse quasi-religion - and why some of them really fundamentally could be believing in it - and some agents probably sacrifice themselves as 'drinking lambs' (others could perhaps call them drinking swine, though) that sacrifice themselves by alcohol for giving new life as manure to the fields. This is what the world wars were about - and the world does not want more of that fanatism. Therefore nazism is at odds with a poetic conception and formulation of new knowledge beyond the traditional borders of rationality. The question is whether this nazism is out of the world or if it tries to make a new round of fanatic aloholic homo destruction - in the name of Adolf Hitler.

Uri Geller can bend spoons by sheer mental power plus a little rub, if I have got it right - that could be the 'ach-löffel' of 'acl-fl' - and stop the clocks that tick in the basement, as is his own name - for that 'tiller' second part of the name. What does this mean? Could be, if this is not smart tricks only, that there 'is something' contained in this embryonic alcoholic formula.

An ad for Coca Cola has been up for some days in Vienna - it shows a female embracing a 'tiller' holding two bottles of Coca Cola in her hands - one is called 'Mallorca' and the other 'Bali'. In my study of Luigi Nono's 'Fragmente' quartet, I refer also to my poem #23 where there is a corresponding occurrence twice and only twice of the word 'cola' - twice in the same line, in fact - in poem 116 in TEQ book 14 - the line "for a cola or a cola-brem" (probably not about 'Coca Cola', though). For once, I do not support Adolf Hitler in my poetic work, secondly my 'twice and only twice' has nothing to do with the company Symantec or Norton.

A pop hit that could be heard in all supermarkets for some time has the refrain line "I've got the feeling/filling" - which is not so far from this same "acl-fl tiller'.

I think the police of the western world should not accept terror even if it it is by or for 'business'. Of course terror cannot help the national economy. I do not want any sort of affiliation with terror-driven business.

I often feel that the cultural response to my work should have been better.

Lapis philosophorum and matter ex nihilo are certainly interesting fields of study for the new rationality - but to believe that one can get eruptive forces under control by political streetnames etc is madness. Certainly you can get much demagogy and cheating of the public out of it - but nothing of value for a new rationality. As my study shows, the new knowledge can naturally be found in the fields where traditional faith and rationality formerly met - and that is why nazism is a problem which can arise from an immature understanding of the new fields of study. That is why nazism is utterly reactionary and should not be permitted. In fact nazism is forbidden by law in Austria and Germany - which means that if this law is not respected, the constitution can break down and the state be dissolved. Could be that is precisely what the name of Dwight David Eisenhower means. The events of recent days look not promising from that point of view.

The role of 'lapis philosophorum' qua SOMA as a variant of the christian communion seems to be a problemshift that goes back to the alleged parallelism of Moses with Rigveda as the possible background of the catholic Inquisition (since medieval times) and the lutheran reformation. That is why it is important to get this history up in daylight - enough for ordinary people to be able to study the details in the parallelisms - for preventing new political fanatism to grow out of the shades of doubt that could have been lurking around in the background of secrecy for centuries. And for understanding that the parallelism means that the two texts are both authentic and not that the one is a copy of the other.

It is extremely important that a new religion with the main god in the name of Adolf Hitler be not allowed to develop.

And progress in science, arts, cultural achievements generally should not be taken to mean the expansion from zoophoria to zoophthoria - for that new quasi and wrongway 'divinity'.

If human reality is restricted - and the example is the ornithological one that birds seem to be able to fly without landing over much longer distances than the energy contained in the accumulated fat of their bodies can explain, and hence the energy for flying comes from 'inner sources' beyond the reach of human rational explanation, for which reason winged angels could have the traditional role of meaning that 'proof' - then the human reality has certain semiotic, cognitive, articulatory redundancies which in theory could mean that certain phonetic forms such as ad, olf, hit etc could conspire in 'Uri Geller' style on certain 'magic' peculiarities. This should, though, be interesting for a science and art on what is beyond the borders of the human reality and not be abused for POWER of administration and government: To abuse this for political power is to pump what is genetic over into what is custody (or political) authority, and that is where the error of nazism is.

4 august 2017: Germany made a mistake when they followed Luther and discarded the historic revelation of the church - if Luther was based on the idea that Moses and hence the christian basis could be a mere copy from indian sources - and then the only certain thing was the scripture itself. When it gradually dawns to the humans that the parallelism of Rigveda and Moses is a proof that both are authentic and not that one of them is a copy of the other, that means that the germans will come to regret having discarded the historic revelation of the church on such a basis (although they could be right for other reasons) - and hence they are vulnerable to a new placebo revelation of a quasi religious kind from catholic Austria. Therefore they welcomed Hitler because he seemed to bring some 'embryonic' revelational mysteries as a 'quasi-divine power' over the minds of the believers. But that was to be badly cheated. Could be the germans even have a bad religious conscience for this history - since they could feel that it is based on unjustified doubt in the authenticity of Christ as the foundation of their lutheran church.

The solution is to stop the embryonic farce from developing once again from Austria - the new knowledge must be rational and scientific and poetic and not anything resembling political or quasi-religious authority power. Which means get that whole problemshift out of the hands of the 'services'.

It must be emphasized that similarities between Rigveda and Moses means that both are authentic because both are holy texts accepted by world religions through millenia and both of them deal with the metaphysical constitution of the historic ontological reality. Otherwise, if it were not for these special circumstances, the fact that two texts are similar can well mean that one of them is a copy of the other - or that they handle that sort of philosophical borderline issues which approximate the historic reality which can be described with the hebrew alphabet such as this is semiotically conceived within the framework of my blue metre. This is one of the achievements of my work - to make this old riddle of Rigveda/Moses understandable.

Of course, similarities by simple fraud cannot be justified by this history.

It is the fact that the new knowledge (science, art, poetry) must approximate this borderline that can make the field of work difficult and vulnerable to fraud - and the combination of plagiarisms and terror is an example of the reactionary political forces that can be associated with nazism.

My ideas that Obama could have used the handwriting of my 'Kinderhilfe' for giving form to his 'Obamacare' could derive from this phenomenon of relation by handwriting of his name to mine.

On 4 august in the afternoon, I had just gone through the entrance housedoor from outside and looked for the keys to the post box when a man came (on his way out) into the entrance room probably from the lift behind and greeted me in normal polite ways and I greeted back in normal polite ways - before I got the chance to think twice. This happened just on the place where the attack had taken place.

I regret that I greeted back. It could have been the organizer of the attack who came there to collect proof that it had not led to any problems for me. That is not right.

Such a pity - if one has to be an enemy of the whole world or risk being friendly towards people of highly treacherous kind.

It is a pity if the austrians have to be considered dangerous wolves that one cannot take any confidence in - such as that Hitler - and for whom the safest thing is to just terminate the whole problem of that austrian state as quickly as possible.

What the h... have I done them?

Earlier in the day, the garage door was open and when I entered the hall, the inner door to the garage just started to open in the moment when I came to the stairway and I got the chance to go up the stairs to avoid a certain meeting. However, it was a female coming out the garage door. This does not mean that I avoid females and accept males.

There was a GAS reading element, and there is a potential GIS reading problem. The bimonthly GIS fee for TV and radio was drawn as usual from my bank account on 2 august.

I do not have any technical data, but if I send an email to myself, there seems to be an error installed such that one email to myself is first sent from a *******@yahoo.corr account and then some time later it arrives seemingly as 2 emails sent from me to myself ******* - and registered as sent from this same account, even if it tells .corr in the beginning. It is of course possible that this is deliberate intrigue from some 'services' who have access to my account. I am not a double person - could be others are, though.

The email I sent to Norton Symantec to terminate the relation:

Jul 21 at 7:53 PM
John Grover <*******>
Aug 2 at 8:40 PM

Dear Symantec Norton anti-virus

I thank you for the support chat I got when I had problems with installing a new Norton anti virus program on my XP Windows - since I did not know that I needed a 'Service Pack 3' nor did I know what it was - but I was well instructed about this and how to find one. I installed the one you recommended from the internet and could thereafter install Norton anti virus.

However, since the machine soon got into technical problems and some newspieces seemed to have a potential relevance, for whatever reason, I decided to deinstall the program and found another anti virus program instead. I am not going to use the Norton program and therefore I think that I am not going to be more interactive on the support matter by answering your questionnaire, which I have not looked at.

I thank you for the support I got.

John Grover

Not part of the email, added here: An example: It was after I had installed SP3 and Norton - and the computer functioned well - that I wanted to see if I could get an old sound card installed on the computer. I switched it off, but the main electric switch on the back of the machine remained on 1 and not 0, and I opened the computer to see if the sound card could go onto the motherbord, which it could not - it was too big and no slot would be able to hold it. But while I compared the sizes, holding the card in the air over the board, I could have led an unattached cable across the board and could have spurred some electromagnetic fields into action - because the machine, while I stood bent over the computer case or 'chest', suddenly and irrationally started going. I had not touched any buttons or connected any cables. I switched the computer off, as far as I remember, and closed the computer house and then started it again, but then it was very out of order (it could take in a few web pages but most pages could not be opened due to a 'faulty security certificate', told the display - as a puzzling comment to the name of an email I had received the day before, of some relevance also for a letter that waited in my PO Box on my return on 1 august), and it did not function well again before I discovered (the day after) that the clock suddenly was back on 2012, long before the SP3 was installed. I had not made any changes to the cables or connections on the board and the sound card had not been in contact with it, as far as I know. Having put the BIOs to default values and corrected the clock, and I think I put the system back to the day before, the computer functioned well again. It looked to me as coincidental as when a person swallows a vitamin pill and is hit by a laser beam or a thunderbolt in the same moment - it could look like suicide but was it really?

The internal CD player on the same computer (which then had never been connected to the internet) started going 'irrationally' in and out around 4 june, at the time of the London terror. It could not be switched off and noised in and out constantly. To avoid opening the machine, I first put some adhesive tape over it, but it continued trying, and I would sooner or later have to open it to mechanically detach the cables to the CD. That was around the time when I decided to reorganize the computers and use that one for the internet instead - which was a part of the reason why I needed a new anti virus program. The Norton program I had bought several months or weeks earlier but had not used. Chester Bennington of 'Linkin Park' died very soon after I had installed Norton, if I got the news right.

It is some years ago that I came home from a trip abroad and a man was on his way out in the entrance room and passed me with a certain 'grin' or look on the place where the attack took place some days ago. (Did he carry a sort of 'bag' with which he hinted towards me?) I discovered later in the evening that a CD I had listened to before I left had landed in the wrong 'jacket' - first I could not find it again, and when I eventually found it I would not believe that I had put it there, although I could perhaps not exclude the possibility entirely.

© John Bjarne Grover
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