The magic of the flesh

John Bjarne Grover

The article discusses the phenomenon of 'magic flesh' which could be at the foundations of the most important political division line, and it concludes on basis of empirical evidence that the explanation to the 'magic' is to be found within the scope of the 'blue metre' rather than oldtime 'nazi' philosophies. It may be that a fundamental problem of politics is solved thereby.

The magic of the flesh

It is a theory I have developed that a political intrigue exists on the following form: The penis is removed from person A (who gets another instead) and put onto person B who with this organ rapes an infant who is the genetic son of person A - when this child grows up he will develop fat accumulation under the left side nipple which on the outside can come to resemble a female breast (gynecomasty). The theory says that the two persons A and B need not even be aware of the swap of the two penis organs - with modern medical science it is probably possible to swap such organs in the course of a few hours and it is never discovered - but the child will develop the fat nevertheless. From a 'nazi' political viewpoint, that counts as a proof of the magic of the flesh.

The natural common-sense response and protest to this is that the genetics of the tissue cells inside the penis organ which intrudes into the body of the infant cannot possibly be detected and understood by the psyche of the infant and later adult person: The insult against the person's integrity is material but independent of the genetics inside the cells of the intruding organ, and the sexual damage, which can surface many decades later, cannot be dependent on the tissue cells but must at most relate to the genetic identity of the rapist. This is the common-sense interpretation which claims to steer clear of the superstitious and 'nazi' ideas in such an intrigue.

Since this article utterly depends on the idea of such a link, I should need some empirical proof or evidence of it or at least be able to refer to a seriously-taken theory, but none of these are available to me. However, I have an example which can be considered sufficiently strong to call for attention to the phenomenon, plus what seems to be evidence in extension from such a theory, and maybe that could do.

The example is from my own life - on background of the theory that I am a genetic son of Paul Celan but grew up under the custody authority of John Grøver who had changed name from John Jensen in 1946 and earlier possibly had been Josef Mengele in Auschwitz. The empirical evidence for the present article is Paul Celan's letter to his wife Gisèle Celan-Lestrange from Stockholm to Paris, dated 5 september 1960 - it is reproduced in full at the end of this article. The theory is that this is what happened to him - that his penis was transferred to my custody father who could have raped me in young age - and that Celan is my genetic father. I emphasize that I do not have any knowledge of the status of his genital organ - whether it was replaced or intact or whatever. It is the development of fat under the leftside nipple which is the 'political' story - on background of this letter of Celan. It is furthermore guesswork from my side that Celan had gone to Odda to visit me there in the autumn 1960 (this visit, if it were, could be the contents of Celan's "Der Meridian") and that a Doppelgänger went in his role to Stockholm for visiting Sachs there and maybe sent his prewritten letter on his behalf - or he simply went first to Odda and then to Stockholm or vice versa. It is the wording in the letter which is the evidence - since it seems to contain the names of the three Singhs who were involved in the Indira Gandhi assassination: "Nelly a dit: "Des gants blancs, cela veut dire: 'je lave mes mains dans l'innocence' - ich wasche meine Hände in Unschuld -, donc preuve de fausseté"!!!

Des gants blancs = 'de ga blan-KE FA[r]EN' = 'they gave a good damn' (without the [r]) OR 'they gave the blank father' (with the [r])

hence KE FA[r]EN which can mean 'KE harsing' = 'Kehar Singh' (and 'des gants blancs' = 'John Gröver')
je lave mes mains dans l'innocence = 'Beant Singh' as 'Pilate'
preuve de fausseté = 'Satwant Singh' on the brisk

It must be added that 'preuve de fausseté' is a special construction relative to the norwegian language which I understood at that time in the sense that it is nearly identically the same phonetics as 'prøvde å få sett det' = 'tried to get a glimpse of it', 'tried to see it' - for the prisoner that could be to see through a grid of bars in the window. This adds reason to the 'blanke fa[r]en'.

There is a further proof adding to this evidence when the letter continues: "Mon amour, je tâcherai de prendre un train après-demain soir sinon jeudi: matin ou soir - peut-être vais-je interrompre en route, à Hambourg ou à Cologne". Clearly this could mean that he tried to make me understand the history by telling that for Hambourg = John Bjarne and for Cologne = Grøver, it was he who was the 'interromper' - that is, it was his organ who did that. In addition:

Hambourg = han bor = he lives (he has his residence)
Cologne = kolonne = in the keys to heaven = in Singh-gasse = in Zinckgasse

This suggests that the three Singhs who were involved in the assassination of Indira Gandhi were selected for the job by name. However, since it is rather unlikely that Indira Gandhi's intelligence services would not have discovered this redundancy in advance, one can also speculate whether the names could have been invented later by the indian services precisely in order to bring attention to this story from Odda: Tone Helene Grøver was born in Odda on 23 february 1961, that was 9 months and 1 day after the world's biggest earthquake in Concepzion in Chile only few minutes after it had been announced to Knesset that Adolf Eichmann had been arrested - on 12 may argentinian time (after which he was smuggled out by Mossad and the announcement came 10 days later). Nelly Sachs died exactly 10 years after this arrest - could be on the hour - some days after Paul Celan had died on Adolf Hitler's birthday. Tone Grøver was born less than 9 months after Celan could have been in Odda - I personally remember the morning but cannot remember which date it was. I suppose February is right.

Celan also writes in the letter (see the end of this article) the enigmatic reference to Sachs that she showed him her thumb and index curled in a ring and said: "It is only this little light that I want" - "troubles venant de mille côtès, de loin et de près". This could have been a part of the reason for the use of this 1960 letter to tell of the 1984 assassination of Gandhi. Could be the reference to Sachs was made for me (in Odda) identifying with her - on the background of a rape.

It is the expression 'they gave the blank father / they gave a good damn' which could mean that I had been raped with the 'blank father', that is, with Celan's penis head.

The first part of Celan's letter includes a telegram which tells of Ingeborg Bachmann rejecting the 'Niedertracht'. I notice that 'inneborg bakmann' could mean the location and archetecture of the house in Zinckgasse where I have been living since 2009 - and the terror group Baader-Meinhof in Germany in the 1960's could have been in reference to this name 'Bachmann Ingeborg' = 'BadrMein'-hof. If the 'bathroom' is the 'meinhof', it is interesting to notice that I found the 10 ex nihilo graphics in extension from my 'lapis philosophorum' by way of some dirt which had occurred ex nihilo in the bathtub. There are furthermore some reasons to speculate if the 'meinhof' of the house simulates the container of the 'lapis philosophorum' of the streets on the nearby Johnstrasse hill - with Wurmsergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse and Selzergasse - with Hütteldorferstrasse as the fourth closing the 'hof' quadrant. If so, it seems that this 'lapis' rather would be turned upside-down in the house - which in theory could be about the up/down directionality of the Mao-Gandhi contruction described below. Whether such plans could have been known to Celan already in 1960, I don't know.

The lapis philosophorum in the 'political' conception of Ouyang Xiu could be called 'boat and to their own', which SPOONs (cp. the idea of swapped penises) to 'rotten to the bone'. This means that the political aspirations in imitating a 'lapis philosophorum' could be to leave a stamp of 'rotten to the bone' on 'the other one'. Norwegian SPUNS = english BUNG, the cork in the bottom of a CASK which can be seen as the nature of the boat that also is an uninhabitated coastline. I add to this the socalled 'rathunt memory' I have from Odda, probably from around the time when Celan sent his letter - and there could be traces of this memory in Celan's "Der Meridian" - according to this memory I grabbed a broom in the entrance room of the house and with a friend I went on the back side of the house for hunting rats. A big rat peeped out from between the stones in the foundation of the old house with a friendly 'hello John, nice to meet you' and I swung the mighty broom and hit it on the paw so that it started bleeding - after which it looked at me with a disappointed look and withdrew back under the house again - while we returned to the front of the house and flames of shame and terrible conscience shot up from my young shoulders: Why had I behaved so badly towards this friendly rat? As I remember it now, the rat looked somewhat like Celan. This memory has always been strong and vivid - and as I can understand it now, it could be about this story of the 'borrowed penis'.

If this is interesting evidence, the question is in what sense it is interesting: It could serve as a faint 'proof' that the assassination of Gandhi was made by one from Odda, could be even the three Singh names were used as a reference to her name only (could be 'Pa-[g]ul[v] Pessar Antschel' could be taken to mean 'To-ne Hele-ne Grøver' - but the fact remains that Amritsar could have been planned to be 'sufficient reason'), or it could serve as a proof that the problemshift of rape with stolen penis-of-genetic-father is of essential importance for understanding the political complex. The sculptures on Albertinaplatz could be suggestive of this idea.

It is well possible that these ideas are in activity in modern political power intrigue - on basis of experiments and documentation which prove that it is not superstition, it is a well proven and established fact that fat will accumulate under the leftside nipple if the person were raped as infant by a custody authority ('Beamte'?) who had the genetic father's penis transplanted. It is fully possible that this 'fact' serves as a cornerstone in socalled 'nazi' power administration - that custody power has its rationale in human genetics in a quite mysterious way.

What does it mean?

The blue metre explains the magic

My answer is that this is all about the socalled 'blue metre' and that it is no superstition: The answer is that the connection between original owner of the penis organ and the genetic offspring in terms of the psyche of the child is controlled not by the genetic code in the tissue of the penis organ but by the collective historic consciousness of the community in such a way that it will influence the bodily growth of the child. This control of the connection between original owner of the penis organ and the genetic offspring is controlled by what I call weak semantic forces - that is the essence of the blue metre which can date a text by semantic contents only and it is the same as what is called 'weak nuclear forces' keeping the elements together in the core of the atom nucleus - controlling the radioactive decay which makes it possible to date carbon-containing material with the method of C-14 - with a precision which probably resembles the precision of dating (down to plus/minus one year) of a text with my blue metre. (On the 'weak nuclear forces', see the section 'Information transmission faster than light' in the article Catull and the fundamental theorem of linguistics).

The custody authority of the rapist can be recognized as function 4, in the blue metre line 4 of government, and the genetic authority of the genetic father as function 6, that is line 6 in the blue metre. The problem of 'spooned' penises can therefore be seen to consists in the swap of these two lines, #4 and #6, like two rails of a railway that suddenly swap left and right, which means that a 'miracle' must be performed for adjoining the two lines straight in function 5 which seems to control the archetypes. Swapping male and female archetype in line 6 is perhaps one solution, the fourth archetype of line 5 is perhaps another. (This PEB line 5 derives from or relates to TEQ function 5, which is a linebreak function which I have studied in 'Poetic semiosis' chapter 19 called "The wheels of Ezekiel" wherein I read the 48 poems of TEQ book 5 turned into 48 'sonnets' by way of a linebreak function - in parallel with 48 sonnets of Rilke and Shakespeare). The penises have been swapped or 'spooned' - and sexuality is possibly related to the function of collective memory keeping track of the behaviour of the genital organs and their activities.

The conclusion is that such an 'irrational' link between the genetics of the tissue of the penis organ and the later development of the genetic child is possible but only by way of the collective historic memory keeping track of the material being. It is not impossible that genital organs have a particular sort of registration in the collective consciousness, relating e.g. to archetypes - cp. the idea of automated surveillance keeping track of every gram of super-explosive RDX material as it moves around the country, is sold in a shop, is stored in a garage, ends up in another garage etc.

The blue metre is a different sort of time, a higher consciousness than the individual's sense of historic clock-time.

It is important not to be led astray in the political interpretation: Why does the fat accumulate under the left and not the right nipple? That is likely to be because collective memory is stored in the community in an etymological format - and everybody know that names are of large importance for politics - and hence be a lateralized linguistic phenomenon in humans. But that does not mean that the lateralization has anything to do with the diagonal of a lapis philosophorum, and in particular does it not mean that left and right in politics can be understood in such ways.

The function 5 is a linebreak function on the red metre - and was used as the 16th book (books #5 and #9) in the 2007 edition of The Endmorgan Quartet before the proper linebreak function 16 relative to Midori's recording was included in the 2008 edition. This function 16 handles the difference between units of single poetic articulations which are notated with a linebreak - including indentation of the second part - in TEQ: The complex but single articulation can count as either 2 or 4 seconds, that is, the single line in such a complex articulation counts as either 1 or 2 seconds of historic clock-time depending on the epistemological status of the linebreak.

In addition to these lines 4,5,6 I discuss line 1 = etymological origins and line 14 = distributional semantics (TEQ) and simultaneous discovery (PEB). Line 1 relates also to the fourth book of 'Der Dornenstrauch' - in Ouyang's poems that means the part wherein the ('Torah', sort of) 'scroll' that drifts ashore is the one element of the pair in the fundamental theorem of linguistics while the 10 pictures that arise from the scratching of the black spot take their shape from the ideas that exist in the mind of the poet and are considered the same as the scroll (cp. also Rigveda/Moses similarities). It is likely to be this aspect of 'Der Dornenstrauch' part 4 which finds the echo of two and only two occurrences in function 1 which makes line 1 in the blue metre be relevant to the concept of 'etymological control' - related also to the concept of 'weak semantic forces'. The essential observation is that ontological material being takes shape ex nihilo via the yellow metre of 'Der Dornenstrauch' - and that means that line 1 will interpret the relation between the text (the scroll) and the thing (ex nihilo graphics) in such a way that the relation is etymologically meaningful in the 'mind' of the poet - that probably means the subjective interface to the collective consciousness. This means that the ontologically real reference in the semantic function arises as a function of the fundamental theorem of linguistics in the gap of difference of the human reality compared with other realities: It is assumed that human reality is semiotically constituted in such a way that it arises from the recognition of sameness in elements in two different realities (say, the realities of non-linguistic beings such as birds) and that this sameness is what constitutes the language and logic of humans - hence the fundamental theorem - in order to be able to understand the limitations and characteristics of the own worlds of humans - say, as different from e.g. angels or birds. It is in this gap of difference or otherness that the etymological origins of a word is found - and the human species survives by way of a certain functionality of the collective consciousness that it keeps track of these etymological origins in a certain form of registration. I refer to line 2 of Ouyang's poem #4 which in chinese properly reads 'a wolf in the registers changed a red spot' - which probably refers to just this function. (I chose another formulation in order to retain the empirical basis for my translation).

See also e.g. 'Stillhetens åndedrag' poem #54 'Alle diktere'.

In contrast, line 14 is the last line in the 'sonnets' of PEB, the other side relative to line 1, and is concerned with function 14 in TEQ which is about distributional semantics - which is corpus-internal and so to speak the opposite of etymologically controlled semantics. Once a semantic unit is established, it will be included in the corpus and be subjected to historic distributional control and undergo a historic development which some call 'etymology', the history of a word, which is not the same etymology as the original creation of a word, and of course none of these are the same as the distributional semantics of a word. The etymological control I have in mind pertains to the original creation of the word alongside the creation of the material world, the referential object in question (here the graphics ex nihilo), and the thesis obtains here that the community stores the memory of the creation of the material being, its origins, in the etymological functions in language. As such, it resembles the control which the society keeps with the human organs involved in the creation of new consciousness of new members of the society - although this function is likely to be activated for the present evidence mainly because of the abnormal and abusive function of a rape - and the 'spoons' of the penis organs.

This would mean that the etymological control in question is stored in line 1 of the blue metre - which is testable: The test goes via the study of assassinations and it is expected that the name of the victim will be found in line 1 and the name of the assassin in line 14 - and the purpose of an assassination is then to annihilate the personal identity which is taken to represent the etymological control of such body tissue in the collective historic consciousness in order to relegate the control with the magic of the flesh to the assassin - and thereby assign quasi divine powers to those who organized the murder.

Discussion of some empirical examples in the blue metre

It is easy to test this hypothesis by studying the relation between names of victims and perpetrators of famous assassinations and see how these relate to lines 1 and 14 in the poem relevant to the year of the assassination - and by studying lines 4,5,6 one can see if the officially known rationale (political or whatever) behind the murder makes sense. If so, the hypothesis of etymological control can be considered verified. I discuss here 10 examples: The three Gandhis (Mahatma, Indira, Rajiv), Caesar, Kennedy, Lenin, Rasputin, empress Eugenie, Kotzebue and Mao - I do not know the circumstances of the death of Lenin and Mao but discuss the hypothetical case only that their deaths could have been cases of murder - and I show how the blue metre can be used to tell the authenticity of these possible assassinations, who did it and wherefore - and generally that the wherefore is linked to an attempt to swap or coup historic role and impact on basis of a theoretic swap or 'SPUNs' of the correlate to penises.

Example 1: Indira Priyardarshini Gandhi, 1984

(2009-1984) * 0,366 = 9,15 = PEB #10

Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:

Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 7:
Line 8:

Line 9:
Line 10:
Line 11:

Line 12:
Line 13:
Line 14:        
This is a place where the earth
is burning under your feet.
There's heavenly song in the church,
where hand touches earth and they meet.

The movement is back and is forth.
A doorway leads out to the light.
A body's suspended up north,
a quick to the left takes flight.

Here one leg is resting aground,
the other's suspended in air.
Her hand is holding the lone.

Ten foam rubber mattresses bound
to a trolley - so bright is her hair
she prettily hands me the phone.

Line 1 - name of the victim:
This is a    
place where    
Priy ar
the earth
darshini -

Line 14 - name of the assassin:
she prettily    
hands me    
the phone.

The latter depends on the identity of the 'two down' with the female beauty. When only one of the two female beauties falls to the ground, the gynecomasty is leftsided and unilateral. Cp. also 'Nehru' with 'tu-neh'.

Line 5 (where line 4 and 6 cross) gives the 'innermost rationality' of the murder - the movement backwards of the finger on the trigger and the movement forwards of the bullet. It tells that it is the name or identity of the trigger-puller which is the whole purpose with this.

Example 2: 'Mahatma' Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 1948

(2009-1948)*0,366 = 22,3 = PEB #23

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
It's nineteenseventyseven
and now it is confessional
She used to be so wise
and now replaced consultance
if you conceva ihn

Line 1 - the numeral '1977' which in sanskrit (as far as I can construct it) is 'navadasan saptansaptati':
nava das
an sap tansa    
karam chand

Line 14 - the assassin 'Nathuram Godse' - for the form 'I fyouk on Shevain' = 'nature and god-see'.

Line 4 = and now it is confessional = 'nathuram godse', editor in Poona/Foona
Line 6 = and now replaced consultance = 'gathuram nodse', editor in Spoona
Line 5 = She used to be so wise = the wife, the spoon, the SPUNs = the BUNG

Example 3: Rajiv Gandhi, 1991

(2009-1991)*0,366 = 6,59 = PEB #7

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
Zoom in on the monkey akimbo
the bloom of the previous years.
L'arterior interior, brewster,
is reached at the bottom of page
if you were not an atheist yourself

Line 1 - name of the victim:
Zoom in on    
the monkey    

It is possible that the 'GIN' is of much importance for the history. The name of the assassin is given as 'Thenmozhi Rajaratnam', possibly a minor.

Example 4: Gaius Julius Caesar, 44 BC

(44+9) * 0,366 = 19,4 = PEB #20

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
A mystery horse in the garden lane -
and body movements faint.
Toy dolls with wooly knitted caps
and perplex eyes are held
looks up in camelot.

He was murdered by Brutus and Cassius.

A puzzling 'spoon' with the later 'Julius Caesar Germanicus':

Line 1 - name of the victim:
A mystery horse    
am I julius
in the    
cae sar
garden lane    

And the reason? - is in line 5: "Toy dolls with wooly knitted caps".

Example 5: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1963

(2009-1963)*0,366 = 16,8 = PEB #17

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
Over the shoulders spot
wod and hood the street.
She holds the ID high
and pants in front of me
the lightswitch through the wall

Line 1 - name of the victim:
the shoulderss    

Line 14 - name of the assassin:
the li
the Lee    
ghtswitch thr    
ough the wall

that is - the name tells exactly the opposite of the etymological control - and hence one could suspect it of being a 'pulk'. Line 5 confirms that the identity was the theme. "Pot and hot the street, / she holds the ID high / and faints in front of me". If this 'ID' reason is as opposite as line 1 is relative to his, the rationale in the Kennedy assassination could have been just precisely this ID difficulty (opposite) which could mean that it would be easy to claim after the murder that he had not really died but only changed identity - and if he were really dead, then somebody else could perhaps more easily dress up in the presidential authority.

Example 6: Vladimir Iljitch Lenin (born 'Uljanow'), 1924

(2009-1924)*0,366 = 31,1 = PEB #32

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
I give her a paper sheet
This confirmation unites.
We're driving out in the wetlands.
The volkswagen beetle is green
It was wrong to follow those vertical stripes.

Line 1 - name of the victim:
I give her    
a paper    

Line 14 - name of the assassin:
It was
ng to follow    
those vert    
ical stripes

Line 1 seems to turn the roles around just as for Kennedy (or the 'jocular' Caesar)

This suggests that the name - albeit not necessarily the person - Laura Helene Devold could have been credited with the end of Lenin's life - if it were not just a natural death. And what would have been the purpose? Line 5 suggests that it could have been something like 'Paul Marshall'. Cp. also the below logic on Mao.

Example 7: Grigorij Jefimovitsch Rasputin, 1916

(2009-1916)*0,366 = 34,04 = PEB #35

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
She opens her pretty mouth
the strange word 'pagination'.
It is the number twenty-four.
Not pages, though, but houses
mother. Write it, dad. Write 'Dad'. And 'Dad' again.

The story of the end of Rasputin tells that a group of aristocrats under the lead of earl Felix Jussupov had conspired to murder him and that he was shot several times and was hard to get dead. At least three times he was murdered that evening before he gave in. 'Dåd' is a word which is often used about murder. The full name of Rasputin is found in line 1 if one reads it a little 'russian'.

Example 8: Empress Eugenie Amalie Elisabeth, 1898

(2009-1898)*0,366 = 40,6 = PEB #41

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
Under the microphone net
over the world turning brown.
'Hornås', it tells. It's a name.
You show your identity card
Secretary turns her head: "Ein wenig".

'Sisi' (Eugenie Amalie Elisabeth) was empress of Austria and queen of Hungary and was on a private travel with her secretary Irma Sztáray to Switzerland where they travelled incognito. The two ladies were on the way on foot from the hotel where they had stayed overnight in Geneva to a boat when they were attacked by the italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni who drove a dagger into her heart and fled. Elisabeth fell to the ground but soon stood up again and conversed with her secretary. They went on board the ship but she collapsed again and returning to the hotel they could ascertain her death. I would suppose that the incognito travel could have given rise to ideas of dubious identity of the dead person.

Line 1 - name of the victim:
Under the microphone net
Eugenie Amalie Elisabeth

Line 14 - name of the assassin:
Secretary turns her head:    
"Ein wenig"
Luigi Lucheni

Example 9: August von Kotzebue, 1819

(2009-1819)*0,366 = 69,5 = PEB #70

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
We live our lives about
taught that we have.
She is the married
part of his wife
my beddy goes.

The german drama author August von Kotzebue was murdered by Karl Ludwig Sand in 1819. The method of analysis established here suggests that it was because Sand wanted to obtain a 'waist of time' rather than a 'waste of time' - that it was the waistline of an hourglass that was the theme and he felt the need for making the sand run in the right part of the body (a problem of 'homo'?), could be even contrary to the education he had been given:

Line 1 - name of the victim:
We live    
lives about

Line 14 - name of the assassin:

Here 'beddy' is taken as handwritten 'loeddy' = 'ludwi[g]', and 'sand' can be handwritten to look like 'goes'.

Example 10: Mao Zedong, 1976

(2009-1976)*0,366 = 12,08 = PEB #13

Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:

Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 7:
Line 8:

Line 9:
Line 10:
Line 11:

Line 12:
Line 13:
Line 14:        
There lives still in Havana
a russian giant.
There lives on the savannah
a yearning lioness.

The world is spherical
as goes the time,
as goes the metrical
and hollow rhyme.

A real 'Geiger'
is a girl from Hessen, -
in bed a tiger.

To pay the houserent
is to see the lesson
is the life of tent.

The theory is that the death of Mao, if he were murdered at all in 1976. which is perhaps far from certain, relates in an FFT butterfly with the death of India Gandhi in 1984 in such a way that there is a mutual feedback which leads to a gradual and constant lowering of both of them seen from a western viewpoint. I have constructed a tentative sketch of elements that could have been involved in the 'logic', although these are my own ideas and it is far from certain that they have much relevance.

1) The lapis philosophorum of Ouyang Xiu by the XI HU HAO = 'the western sea is good' or, by TEQ #285 line 6 'please give me the european reason' (which also is a possible translation of Ouyang's 'xi hu hao') = line 6 plus

2) the ex nihilo round gold-fish-like dried-apricot-like eucharist-like object which I found on the home carpet on probably christmas eve (if not christmas day) 2014 - I took the coin-sized and coin-shaped object up between thumb and index and was very surprised when I found that even the slightest pressure on this 'christmas present' - which itself was a 'christmas present' - like pressing faintly on the flat sides of a coin - made what felt like 4-5 layers of slippery sloppy substance of orange or mandarin colour slide quickly apart - reshaping itself into what looked like a little fish that in humble posture receives the holy communion:

Chinese for 'slippery' is 'guanghuade' which in norwegian could invoke associations to 'gu-a-n- hue-a-de' = 'to go/slide off the head' - as when a male foreskin glides back - in parallel with the meaning of the name of MAO relative to HAO:

The principle is thereby REDUCTION - from XI HU HAO to this fish:

1) The top layer of the chinese sign of XI = 'west' relating to SI = '4' in chinese sign by the lack of upper horizontal stroke on the latter, otherwise they are the same

2) HU = 'lake' goes to YU = 'fish' which is under the surface of the lake, a level under, like the 4-5 layers

3) HAO = 'good' goes to QIAN = 'coin', 'bread', here the orange circular disc in 4-5 layers, the bread of the communion

Compare this with the name of Mao Zedong - the relation goes in reverse order:

MAO = hair on top of the head, cp. HAO
ZE = 'lake' or wetland area with much water, same as HU
DONG = east, Lord, proprietor, opposite of XI = west

This tells of a 'reduction' caused by the role of the 'lapis philosophorum' (in my interpretation) of Ouyang Xiu's poems.

Line 1 = 'there lives still in Havana'

ha = breathe out, breathing the last
wan = late, evening, the last time before sleep
na = to let in, accept in the doorway

Line 14 = 'is the life of tent'

life = shengpeng
tent = zhangming

difference between 'life' and 'tent' is thereby 1) devoicing or VOICE, 2) articulation height, 3) nasal or denasalizing - which are precisely the differences in the signs when XI HU HAO turns into the coin-fish of the holy communion - the top 'hair' or 'cover' removed = lowering of the velum for a nasal, the vowel heights = the fish under the surface of the lake, the devoicing = the coin-round throat of the voice where the good bread slips down and undergoes its transubstantiation in catholic faith.

A rewrite of the name of 'Vibeke Grøver' according to these three parametres could lead to a slightly four-letter form a la 'fi-me-tte knølle', sth like that - which could be recognized in modern fitness studio movements (rather than spiritual and esthetic acivities) and things like that. The secret of the political intrigue could be that the female genital organ 'holds' the male genital organ like a 'broom' = 'hold-a-cost'. The three Grøver children of Labråten 58 seem to have been a possible reference in the three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez of Heinrich Himmler's holocaust. Plus possibly Auschwitz of Josef Mengele.

The key to this would have been the LAPIS of Ouyang - and that seems to have been a possible trick for cheating (or lending or creating a political motivation for) a 'Tone Helene Grøver' (in whatever sense of it) to do it - by e.g. 'la pis: pi lås opp Aarum' = 'la pis: Aarum-gården' which was the bus stop in downtown Fredrikstad where one normally stepped off the bus (coming from Risløkka next to Labråten) and from where there were only a few metres around a corner for reaching the 3 shops which could have been the reference in Gandhi's 'Operation Blue Star'. Going around that corner would be like Grøver/'Mengele' in the late 60's saying 'I have to piss' before he stepped out of the car and went around a corner of a shed - before he returned as a seemingly different person.

It is in this reference of Gandhi that the reduction applies to Mao by the lowering of the velum etc, those three phonological parametres which make for the difference between LIFE and TENT in line 14.

I refer also to the form of Celan's letter of 5 september 1960 to his wife - the first part contains in capital letters the quote of a telegram to Klaus Demus on the form: AN DICH SOWIE INGE GERICHTETE BITTE DER NIEDERTRACHT ZU ENTGEGNEN AUSDRUECKLICH ZURUECKGENOMMEN - which could have been for telling to me (to his wife Gisèle Celan-Lestrange) that the sexual drive which the 'Niedertracht' had been meeting should be pulled back - but in a less friendly reading it can also be seen as containing a reading of the name of Mao in chinese on the form DONG ZE MAO. This means that the political intrigue could have been constructed on basis of the first part of the letter for Mao and the second part for Gandhi - and the combination of them for the letter in total (which should have been a help for me) turned via the political intrigue into the opposite.

Hence PEB 13 could suggest such roles for the death of Mao only via a butterfly on the death of Gandhi - and this would shuttle the reduction back and forth like line 5 of PEB 10 untill there were little left of either of them. Assume the virtual lines 15-16 for the linebreak function 16 - that means that line 4 (governmental authority) counted from the end will be line 13 in PEB 13 - which is "is to see the lesson" - which could mean "is to see the lessen"-ing of the powers of China and India - as this butterfly goes back and forth - somewhat like the two placenames 'Aberdeen' and 'Nicaragua'.

My conclusion is that the story elements suggest that an agent arrived late to Mao's residence in the rebuilt form of a copy of his wife who was let in to Mao and they had a sexual intercourse after which the agent could have murdered him - that is probably not the history but the story elements that can be reconstructed on basis of the present tentative analysis and data. Then his name would have been the 'Havana' of line 1 in chinese which via the XI HU HAO of Ouyang (the 'lapis philosophorum' in my translation) and the reduction of this to an ex nihilo FISH eucharist of slippery form would have implied a reduction of Mao which would have applied to the murder of Indira Gandhi and vice versa. If so, the name of Vibeke Grøver would have counted as the identity hidden under the rebuilt Mao wife and the name of Tone Grøver would have been hidden under the standin (!) in New Delhi. Could this account even have been a part of the mystery why USA let Fidel Castro make his communism in Havana? I notice that the name 'Celan' in handwriting could look like 'Wan' - and then the chinese 'HA' could be taken to associate with 'Klaus Demus' and 'NA' with Ingeborg Bachmann - then the whole telegram quoted could be seen as referring to this 'Havanna' of the first line of PEB #13.

Who did it?

Was Tone Helene Grøver a tragic victim of cynical upbringing who eventually agreed to sacrifice the indian state chief and herself - because there was no other solution? Did they offer her the job of shooting the indian state chief and then be shot herself, or, at best, spending the rest of her life in prison? Clearly if the construction should be dependent on her taking such a job, it was not likely to succeed, however convincing and cynical the pressure. I personally do not believe that Tone Grøver was a tragic victim of such cynical upbringing that told her that there could be no other solution than 'freely' choosing that single job, but the theoretic construction of such a tragic hero-in (modelled possibly also via the 'heroin' rock star deaths of 1970 - alongside the deaths of Sachs and Celan) is of course possible. Celan wrote his letter in september 1960, Tone Grøver was born in february 1961 and Bob Dylan made his first important public performance in april 1961 and published his first record in 1962. 'Double-land' could mean 'India' if 'Dåd By-Land' ('deed/act/murder city-land') means New Del-He ('new part-he') and In-Dia ('in breast') as the two body parts that could have been removed by 'error' from me in 1978 (leftside nipple) and 1981 (penis head, possibly changed) - 'Dåd' could then e.g. mean the act of pulling the trigger in an assassination - the neural impulse which flexes the finger muscle. If the penis head were not changed, the name of the norwegian PM 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' around that time (she was later even 'head of WHO'!) could be suggestive of a certain relevance in the question anyhow. In Molde in 1966 a neighbour classmate of mine was called Tore Nyland. Bob Dylan is born Robert Allen Zimmerman - I was thrown out of the school by a teacher called Robert Zimmermann (if I recall his name right, and I think I do) in probably early 1971 - that was probably around the 10th birthday of Tone Grøver, in the only year in Fredrikstad where we went to the same school - after he wanted the class to go and get chairs for the film room (vis-a-vis the school dentist), I said but there are chairs in there, he said no, go get chairs everybody, then he opened the door and there were chairs in there and then he threw me out (a 'bad loser' = norw. 'dårlig taper'?) with a claw on my neck ducking my head down (to chest or hip height) while leading me down the long corridor and out the school door which he slammed shut after me. I peed in my pants on the way down the corridor. It is therefore even possible that the Chernobyl disaster could have been for such purposes - only 88 (not 808!) days after the Challenger disaster - cp. the roles of the nipple and penis head organs. And with that close connection to my role such as Albertinaplatz could be telling of, the sympathies could even go over on her 'hero' role in such a construction, leaving the burden onto me or rather my work - such as that book 'PEB' on the blue metre.

Some would perhaps agree that the whole story could even have been for making the blue metre be written by me but without escaping to the public - that the power mafia of the world wanted it for themselves to control the world - therefore this giant downpressing mechanism to prevent that it escapes to public knowledge. Cp. the 'masculine' down-ducked throwout in the school after the 'temp job' on chair information...

This means that there could perhaps have been some pressure on Tone Grøver for such a job, but since the construction is so groundsolid, another person could do the job and it would count as Tone Grøver anyhow - even if the whole purpose would have been PEB #10 line 5 = 'the movement is back and is forth' = 'the personal muscle pulling the trigger backwards for the bullet going forwards'. Which I think is the most probable historic account - this 'stand-in' who then also would embody the 'fatima' and 'fitness' etc associations to the death of Mao. Of course they could not have taken it for granted in advance that she (or her sister) would take such a job - and therefore it is likely that a professional self-sacrificer would have been the standin.

The conclusion is therefore likely to be that political mythos constructions try and present the two sisters as the assassins while the fact is likely to be that the construction assigns the responsibility of such murders to their identities - on the historic background of Hitler/Himmler's holocaust machine with the three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez.

There is a further possible aspect of intrigue that could be contained in the name of 'Operation Blue Star' - and that is the strategy of threat against young females for whom their breasts could be dear - and the act of going into one of them in the form of a syringe while the young woman is sleeping could be a potential threat of some value. There is this line 2 of Ouyang's poem #4 which in chinese properly reads 'a wolf in the register changed a red spot' (the red can also mean 'dear') - and the 'Hesse-fever' that spread in the 1960's on basis of his 'Steppenwolf' - which political intrigue could be using for its 'He-He' and 'Ha-Ha' valuation. The 'operation' would then be a red spot on the 'star' that turns 'blue'. I add that I lived in Voldgaten 1 in the Old Town in 1978-80 next to the empty flat of the old mother (then in retire home) of the house owner and shared a back stairway where a back door was open. I had once a reason (which I cannot remember) for going in there (the flat was rather empty and there was nothing of interest to observe), but I cannot remember now if this was before or after the murder of Aldo Moro in Rome at the time of the murder (with knife) of Inger-Johanne Apenes (the mother of wellknown conservative MP Georg Apenes) in the night to 6 may 1978 in the house on Kongsteen right across the canal relative to Voldgaten 1. This happened in the night when I was to a party in the house next door. Of course I did not do it - but I found later that the socalled 'mora' knife I had got from some students at the end of my job as teacher in a private school, a knife which I stored in a tool box, suddenly had doubled - there were suddenly two such identical 'mora' knives in the toolbox - whether that box was made of 'zinc' or not I do not remember. A 'Zinc-kasse'? Aldo Moro (suggests 'the old mother') was found dead in the back of a parked car on 9 may 1978 - the car could then have been there for a couple of days. It is fully possible that the 'operation blue star' is planned to be this idea of a needle going into the breast of young females - could be in the form of 'the breath of young females' after the 'king of the apes' (Apenes on Kongsteen) had gone into her anal opening - for a 'retire home', so to speak. 'Dårlig John, det' could mean 'that is a bad John' or it can mean 'bad breath' ('dårlig ånde') - and one notices a possible additional function of 'Johnstrasse'. Clearly the complex in total could make it possible for 'cynical upbringing' to alter the form of the breasts of young females while they sleep - and that could be quite efficient 'guiding of thought' by fear.


The article has shown that the belief in a direct causal relation between the genetics of the tissue of a penis with the development of the body and psyche of a child that has been raped by it does not exist. Rather, the apparent causality stems from a memory format in the collective historic consciousness which has an etymological origin, and the cases I have studied of famous assassinations suggest that the purpose with such an assassination is the attempt to annihilate the etymological link and causality in order to simulate a direct impact from the genetics of the body tissue. The political aspiration therein is to achieve the demagogic potential in a quasi-divine authority. Corollary for much 'politics of murder' - that which is not for removing a terrible tyrant but for removing certain 'phonological structures' - is therefore that such politics is doomed to fail in the long run.

I notice that it is likely that some politics want to take over the etymological control-function of the collective consciousness by murder of the identity of a 'line 1' via the identity of a 'line 14' in order to get the etymological control-function under their own authority and relegate it to the 'intelligence services'. Could be this is associated with the once-called 'left' or 'socialist' in politics. If 'two-nibble rear' is the sculpture for the name of 'Vibeke Grøver' and 'bill clinton' the story behind the name of 'Tone Helene Grøver' on Albertinaplatz (such as by a role for 'Peter Ustinov'?), then one could see in these 'leftists' of the western hemisphere of the spherical world at the turn of the millenium a certain wish to jack the west up and the east down (contrary to the movement of the sun) by way of such terror-orientated redefinition of the function of the collective historic consciousness by turning its control into a control by the international secret intelligence services rather than the people itself. (Or should 'two-nibble rear' and 'bill clinton' rather be taken to mean what is left of me after 'Zinckgasse'?) This political orientation will go in parallel with a reorientation from religion and cultural esthetics towards fitness movements - the field of human intercourse which can be vulnerable to 'divide-and-conquer' strategies for turning human relations into power. That would be the 'new nazism' of the 21sth century - and the aim of it would be to annihilate the etymological control of the collective historic consciousness in order to relegate the control to the assassins for making the administration appear in a demagogic quasi-divine light.

The blue metre PEB is a book I have written and which should have been published - in order to bring the knowledge of the former world of power struggle and superstition into a new and larger concept of historic time. It will probably lead to a complete revolution in all fields of academic study. If you are a politician who reads this article and checks it against the blue PEB itself, please check also out whether the copy of the book which you use is legal or if it is a 'pirate copy' from the intelligence services - who have no copyright to the book. I do not work for the 'services' and I do not support their illegal activities! This is another reason why the book must be published - so that those who are interested in studying this groundbreaking work can get hold of a legal copy via a bookshop and thereby escape reading it under the shadow of the criminal mafias who want to take control with the collective historic consciousness. Therefore, if you are in this situation, please try and find a publisher who can contact me for the rights so that the book can reach the bookshops in legal format. As of may 2017 it is as yet not published and copies for sale are most probably pirate copies. One should probably not be too naive on these matters: The international 'services' probably want to gain more power and control by keeping my book and work generally secret - dont let them destroy the world but help me find a publisher. (If the post connection is not optimal in Austria, it should be possible to get a message through anyhow).

Added on 26 may 2017:

Evidence that Celan's penis had been stolen by John Grøver/'Mengele' is possibly found in his story in terms of his friendship with Jean Bollack and Peter Szondi: 'Shampoo-lokk' = 'shampoo-lid' and means the first stage in a 1-2-3 abuse of a child, the lifting of the infant's skull top a few days after birth, while 'Peter Szondi' then would mean the third stage, the injection at 18 months of age, in my case the 20 January 1959 which also is referred to in Celan's "Der Meridian". Inbetween these is the second stage, the rape of the child at 6 months of age. If, that is, I have understood this 1-2-3 complex right. The three friends spent some time together in Engadin in Switzerland, which could be about another form of 'magic of the flesh' when the penis is narrowed ('eng-') if the child is subjected to heavy suffering, such as 20 january 1959 could have been about for my case. It is possible that this narrowing or 'eng'-ing is called not a PENIS but a NEPis - and that this was the 'meaning' of the royal massacre of Nepal.

It is possible that the entire "infamie" story - the accusations of Claire Goll that Celan had plagiarized from her dead husband Yvan Goll's authorship - served to tell and handle the problem of this 'stolen penis' - not by Yvan Goll but John Grøver/'Mengele' - jo safe with 'ENG'-ele.

Jean Bollack's wife since 1951 was called Mayotte. When I was thrown out by teacher Robert (?) Zimmermann in probably 1971, that was when the Grøver family lived in 'Kongensgate 8' = 'the Kings Street 8', 'the king shall to eight' - which could mean that I had not much chance. The nuclear disaster of Chernobyl took place at probably 01:23:45,678 local time.

I wrote 'Kinderhilfe' the first part of 'Der Dornenstrauch', in the two years from the end of 2009 to the end of 2011 - in handwriting in a notebook which I locked well down, intending that it should not be taken up again before the three other parts of the yellow metre were completed. It is possible that a burglar could have taken an illegal copy of it. The theory arises that if Obama's health reform 'Obamacare', which was set into function in october 2013, were or contained plagiarism of this manuscript of mine, then it could have been a part of the reason for my collapse in march 2014. If so, then it is urgently important that Obamacare be dismantled and replaced with a new legislation. If the Obamacare of 2013 does contain plagiarism of my 'Kinderhilfe', then it is possible that the constructors have been quite immature on the point - believing that it was a manuscript of low value which they incorporated for 'Albertinaplatz' reasons while in actual fact the work (the yellow metre) contains that 'etymological' aspect which is involved in the 'magic of the flesh' and which thereby could have been felt (diffusely and subconsciously) as a threat to the 'democrat' orientation in politics. I don't know if Obamacare does contain plagiarism of my 'Kinderhilfe' - it would have been quite illegal if it does - so I cannot have any more opinion on the matter. It is my collapse in march 2014 which is the reason for this idea of mine, as well as the long time of my slow recovery, but clearly there could have been many reasons for this exhaustion of mine, including a state of overworkedness which it has taken quite a while to see the end of. I do by now feel that I am gradually approaching the possibility of regaining concentration and work capacity, although I am for the time being not certain if I can regain the same feeling of wellbeing which I had before 2014.

Clearly if Obamacare is or contains plagiarism of my 'Kinderhilfe', seen in relation to Paul Celan it could insinuate that I had stolen Obama's penis - a sort of 'jump your negro over'. I have not, of course, but the name is mine. In late march or beginning of april 2014, just at the time of the collapse, I developed some horror-wabbles on the righthand underarm where I had smeared on the 'Sensicutan' salve - at the time when Obama's war veteran minister was Eric K.Shinseki:

It could perhaps have been called an "oba-mocker" for "krig: svetter han min ister?" = "war: is it my white fat he is sweating?" - the white fat being sweated out the skin instead of going under the left nipple. This could be a sort of wrongway 'jump your negro over' form.

'Salve' in a 'war' sense of it could mean (gun)-'powder' = 'PULVER', but rather 'ointment' at a time of peace.

There was also the incidence when I was in the U-Bahn and a man came up to me, released some flatulence gas ('U-Bahn-mocker'?) and removed himself again - and the news came later that there had been a chlor gas attack in Syria around the same time.

I add an 11th example of famous assassinations which is Abraham Lincoln being murdered by John Wilkes Booth (here 'Wilkes Booth, John') in 1865, which means PEB #53:

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
It's not so clear
looks down, please.
A ball I loop
to foot of fountain
with seriousness.

Clearly one must insert or 'release' a 'sorry' in the name of Lincoln for making right sense of it. Could be it was the problem of indian rights that led to the assassination - but then it is high time to clear up the confusion on american and indian indians. (Vibeke Grøver's friend 'Nick' from Aberdeen said in 1976 he had a brother called 'Bucket', norwegian 'bøtte' - cp. 'fylkesforskeren' who did not get the doctorate degree - and the man who shot after Ronald Reagan).

It is possible that the present article can be seen to be about a 'fundamental theorem or principle of politics'.

Added on 30 may 2017:

It was on 18 may 2017 that I wrote a poem in my pocket notebook - which I always bring with me. I have not shown it to anybody - so if it has leaked out by surveillance, they have ways of tapping my handwriting.

I had been thinking of travelling to Berlin for a few days, without making any overt signs of such plans, though, and one evening I gave it a brief thought that if I should go to Berlin now, I could pass by the CDU headquarter Conrad Adenauer Haus and leave my 'Dornenstrauch' book there in a package - but, as I thought, experience tells me that it would be left at some secretary who would just pack it away so maybe there was no purpose in it. The thought of this was very brief - and there were no overt signs of it anywhere.

The next morning there were the news that the SPD headquarter Willy Brandt Haus in Berlin had been emptied for an hour or two due to an alarm in the early morning - a small box had been found and triggered the alarm but it turned out that it was empty so people could go in again. "Det er ESP, det" = "but that is ESP", I said to myself.

In the evening the same day there was the bomb attack in Manchester at the end of a concert with Ariana Grande, as told the news.

Then a few days later another attack by gunmen on a bus with coptic christians in Egypt.

The handwritten poem of 18 may was 16 lines and included these lines:

The intimate is known to us
like passengers inside a bus,
like evening strollers in the spring
under the chestnut trees. The thing
that any human comes to know
is like that chestnut in a row.

You think this is ESP? Or had they tapped it electronically - by camera that must have been, showing the handwriting?

If Obamacare is a plagiarism of my handwritten 'Kinderhilfe', and if the 187 poems in the second part of 'Gesammelte Gedichte' by Johannes Bobrowski to his 100th birthday is a plagiarism of the 187 poems of my 'Kinderhilfe', then it follows that the edition is a very bad insult against me. German socialist party SPD's candidate for chancellor election in september is 'Martin Schulz' - a name which in handwriting looks somewhat like 'Kinder Hilfe' - with oldfashioned big H with curls.

'Kinderhilfe' is the 'catalogue of mysteries' for the etymological installation of the metaphysics into history - and hence contains the format of knowledge active in the role which is assigned to line 1 in the blue metre as far as famous assassinations are concerned. An assassination is an attack on this etymological knowledge - in an attempt to turn it into demagogic quasi-divine power. The assassination of Indira Gandhi was a great tragedy, and it meant an attempt to turn her power into such demagogic quasi-divine power - and to the extent that it would succeed, it also could mean a collapse of important aspects of the indian culture. My book 'Kinderhilfe' could serve to restore some of what was lost by the assassination - and by terror generally. But that means that if Obama's political party - or some who shared interests with him (who do you think could have done it if it were not a despair of sikhs only?) - were behind the assassination, if Obama then uses my book for presenting his own program, then it clearly can come out as a massive error which by all means should be avoided. The voters could be cheated to believe that I am 'the beast of terror' and that my work is in support of that terror which attacked Gandhi and the indian culture - nothing could be more fundamentally wrong - and if this means that terror-orientated politicians spring up in the politican landscape in Europe and elsewhere under rewrite names looking like 'Mr. Kinder Hilfe', in handwriting like the manuscript (I notice 'Matteo Renzi' in Italy and 'Manuel Valls' in France as names of a certain albeit a little vague resemblance - in addition to 'Martin Schulz' in Germany), then much damage can come to be done not only to my work but to the future of the global culture.

Clearly if this is the story, that the Obamacare which took hold from october 2013 onwards was a plagiarism or imitation of my 'Kinderhilfe', that could of course have been at least a part of the reason for my collapse in march-april 2014.

Publish my book! It may be urgent.

But the three politicians mentioned here have names which start on Ma- and even if this is similar to 'Ki-nderhilfe' in handwriting, why should it mean 'Obamacare'? The 'proof' could be in the above story of 'oba-mocker' (and, to add more uncertainty, I dont know if my official grandfather had anything to do with Adolf Eichmann or his brother with Adolf Hitler) and the salve with the 'sweating of white fat' - which is something. ('Ajurveda' has also become a frequent concept). I must emphasize, though, that I dont know if Obamacare really is a plagiarism of some kind of my book - but one can speculate that a burglar could have tiptoed in and taken an illegal copy of my handwritten manuscript - which was run through their Big Computer in seach of correlations and structures - and they could have found the correlation between my grammatical errors and the points of most obvious parallelism between Moses and Rigveda - which is that millenium-or-so old riddle which could have led to the Inquisition and to Martin Luther's reformation in Germany - as well as Columbus in USA and the later indian pogroms etc. Clearly this could have been what could have tempted them to a plagiarism or imitation - e.g. using the essence of the concepts in the points of convergence in the Moses-Rigveda correlations and the phonology of my grammatical errors - as a sub-grid for the law wherein the correlations could occur in the same order as in my book. It could have looked 'very right', in particular in USA, and even more in 'expansive' politics relative to Germany with its Martin Luther. But if this is what happened, it is likely that they would not have known that the Moses-Rigveda correlations are but a side effect of the much deeper etymological mysteries contained in my 'catalogue of mysteries' in 'Kinderhilfe' - and hence they would probably not even have understood what the temptation was or why it looked so tempting: The temptation would have been that by installing this in their law, it would have reinforced the assassination logic massively and doubled the 'political profit' from the terror - without the organizers even knowing about it - and for the public it could have looked like the anti-terror orientation were in my book! The government could then have looked like innocent children only - but relying on a foundation of abuse which could have been a national problem ever since Columbus and the times thereafter.

This problem is precisely the reason why plagiarisms are forbidden and must be considered a very serious crime and should be totally banned from all serious culture - since it can lead to very heavy burdens on the culture and it can take centuries before the real reason is discovered and the culture can get up on its feet again.

Once again, I dont know if Obamacare is a plagiarism but the theory looks interesting - in particular in light of such things as the Bobrowski edition. And, of course, if the story should be that Renzi, Valls and Schulz came up in Europe to tell of a transatlantic 'Kinder Hilfe', then the scandal could be of potentially quite impressive dimensions. And what for? Well, for the power balance relative to India and China, for example, such as Albertinaplatz could be telling of. Or even worse?

Added on 31 may 2017:

The story so far admittedly looks like HANDWRITING.

Hörbiger hydraulic lift factories used to be with its RAMP visavis Ehamgasse 23 on Simmering where I lived in 2005-2008. Now it is closed down or rather moved away - some years after I moved out - and residential houses are planned instead. The name HÖR-BIGER can be seen to mean the same as the szolnoki street 'Szántó Körút' = 'sann tok öret ut' = 'truthfull took the ear out'. Two adobe houses were demolished there recently - in the intersection to Berzsényi Dániel Utca which leads over to Ifjuság Utca on the other side. 'If you sag ut sa' = 'if you saw out, said', 'if you sa gutt-sa' = 'if you said boy, say'. (In sum, 'if you ejaculate' - cp. the refugee crisis with refugees coming up in Europe). Here is an excerpt from my article 'The buttocks and the horsefart' which I published on the internet on 1 august 2004:

In 1987, Norwegian foreign minister Knut Frydenlund in Gro Harlem Brundtland's government died on T-262 day 26/2-1987. It was an official dinner and Frydenlund suddenly had to hurry to the loo, as if there had been laxatives in his food (in addition to whatever or whoever else could have been there). He was 'found' a little later when they opened his cabinet door and he fell out dead with his pants down: He appeared to have been attacked by a sudden 'cerebral haemorraghe' while he was excreting on the ring, as if he had been shot through the back of his head through a little window sawed out in the cabinet wall in advance, when the 'birth' was going on. This would have been the most bizarrely exact representation of the name 'Frydenbergs Gymnas' one could ever think of. I don't know if this was the real story, but it seemed like a rumour in the air afterwards. The news of the sudden death of the foreign minister were rather lax, as if there had been some unknown reason for this sudden death during the act of excreting.

This tells that the idea of 'Ifjuság Utca' could have been present already in 1987. Norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland's foreign minister Knut Frydenlund was replaced by new foreign minister Johan Jørgen Holst but even he went the same way - he was shot in his head by an intruder in his bedroom but survived somewhat, but died on 12 january 1994, the day when the 'cable was pulled' that the Rwanda genocide would go as planned, if I have understood the story right. 'Johan Jørgen Holst' is a name which could suggest the idea of a 'self-sucker' grasping himself in the heels and struggling with getting the erection into his own mouth - the Lord has created Man in such a way that it is very difficult to get it into own mouth, since it slips under the jaw all the time unless the jaw or face is abnormally long and deep, but Man invented the 'shoelace' and therefore it is not totally impossible after all - although it is still difficult since you have to grasp the two heels while at the same time holding the shoelace between the same two hands. 'Født Knydenlund' = 'born knoten-Lund' this can be called - and hence constitute a reference to the low 'self-sucker' on the sculpture on Albertinaplatz. Or 'født knydenrundt' = 'born knit-it-round', like the ex nihilo scroll that washed ashore in my bathtub - like a Venus on the beach:

In contrast, the rewrite form 'Johan Hörgen Jolst' can be seen to be about a female breast and the potential 'flattening' or 'flattering' of it: 'Hölgy' (pronounecd 'hölj' or rather 'höldj') is hungarian for 'woman' or 'lady', a 'Venus' sort of, but often used about women above their most blossoming youth. In norwegian 'hölje' means 'heavy rain lashing down'. Therefore the two SPOONs on the two foreign ministers seem to apply to the 1988 sculpture on Albertinaplatz - and to the streetnames in the area around my house in Sziget Utca in Szolnok: 'Ifjusag Utca' could mean 'Knut Frydenlund', the story of his exit in the toilet cabinet, while the spoon 'Født Knydenlund' could then mean the other side of 'Berzsényi Dániel Utca' - the 'Szántó Körút' which could mean 'sann tok öret ut' which could mean 'Hörbiger'. 'Krutt' is norwegian for 'gunpowder'.

'Johan Hölgyen Jolst' could also invoke associations to the problem of removing the fat that has accumulated under a leftside male nipple due to 'magic flesh' ('Sils Maria' of Celan). If you want to suck it out yourself, like a 'self-sucker' further down, how do you do it? Pondering the problem one soon comes to the conclusion that there is really only one possible way to get it out and that is to saw out in a plank or bread board a little 'window' just a little smaller than the 'breast' in question, then pressing this 'hölgy' into that 'hole' for thereby keeping the fat centred and sufficiently elevated to allow for the safe handling of the syringe with the two hands (one hand has to hold the tube while the other pulls out the handle - to do that with one hand while pressing the fat together with the other is not safe) while the plank itself be attached with straps or other means with some pressure onto the thorax. The problem - and hence also the ingenuity required for solving it - is perhaps comparable to the one of the shoelace.

Now the essential point could be that 'Szántó Körút' in handwriting looks like 'Handwriting' in handwriting.

Hence the whole story could be about that 'handwriting' of 'Hörbiger' in Ehamgasse on Simmering where I lived in 2005-2008 - visavis the RAMP of Hörbiger - who produce hydraulic pumps etc - fine high technology on hundredths or thousandths of millimetres of precision in the diametres of the axles - this is precisely what is critically needed for making a rockpedo that can trigger an earthquake - if, that is, rockpedos exist - I have myself computed that they probably do but that this is the critical problem that could not be solved before high technology was developed for it. It seems that those rockpedos are jocularly called KNORRs - cp. 'KNORRE w/Fatima' etc - the fitness concepts - cp. the second sculpture group on Albertinaplatz. Earthquakes probably still have the aura of divine wrath that strikes against mankind for correcting their behaviour - which means that a rockpedo or 'KNORR' (not the soup, though) will more resemble the demagogic quasi-divine power that can be obtained by means of terror - and potentially doubled in effect if a manuscript like my 'Kinderhilfe' be couped by plagiarism in the law.

The 'lapis philosophorum' which I found in october 2014 I kept in a small box - on which I had written AQUILA - and there later was an earthquake in Italy at Norcia near Aquila at a time which encoded Chernobyl 1-2-3...8: It was on 2016-08-24 = 2-1-3 = 1-2-3, at the time 01:36:32. The 'Gstaltmeyrstrasse' which is one side of the square which constitutes the symbolic 'lapis philosophorum' near the top of the Johnstrasse hill in Vienna could have found its 'origins' in the single mention of the name 'Eliza Stolzenburg' at 01:41:36 in the film 'The prince and the showgirl' with Marilyn Monroe. If you 'swap seconds', then two time points on 2016-08-24 = 1-2-3 will come out as 01:41:36 - 01:36:32 = 4:56 - hence 1-2-3-4-5-6... Where the 7-8 is, I dont know. Is it the '87 of Frydenlund's exit? The result could anyhow be 'Chernobyl' with the uncontrolled nuclear reaction at local time appr. 01:23.45,678. This 'lapis philosophorum' is then by the 'square' of the streetnames Selzergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse, Wurmsergasse + fourth street Hütteldorferstrasse - mean appr. salt, mercury, incombustible sulphur = the ingredients in a 'lapis philosophroum' - plus the Hütteldorferstrasse at Johnstrasse. It is this fourth street which is the 'oba-mocker'?

The earthquake could have been designed for the idea of finding its impetus in a letter I had sent to Italy earlier in the year. Certainly I would never have given the impetus to anything such - and certainly a new letter of mine to the same place does not mean anything like that. There seem to have been some problems with post to me in Vienna.

As far as the Norcia earthquake is concerned, I mention also the joke which my classmate Roy Andersen once told me while we walked down the stairs from the top floor in Seiersten School in appr. 1972 - that 'bat' = 'flagger-mus' is called 'vagina mobile' ('swapping second'?) in latin. 'Skolissen', 'skole-issen', 'shoelacen' - 'Schule-asen'.

The assassination of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy

This was in 1968 and it was done by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan who shot Kennedy in the head in the kitchen - in the kitchen in the head. Holst was shot in the head in the bedroom. (2009-1968)*0,366 = 15,006 = PEB #16:

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
Cast iron rods crisscross
run counter feminite
or in the chesterfield
somewhere out in the 'rue'
wanting in the north.

Robert = cast, fits-gerald = iron(blood)-rods, kennedy = crisscross matrix

Wanting in the north = the compass needle of Norway - here out of tune - the wanting is the electromagnetism, the yellow metre - in the north the metre is more white, if you see the point. Sir-han bis-hara sir-han = says-he bis-hara says-he (norw.) - the swaying compass needle?

What is the chesterfield? It is quite mystic, I think. One night in Szolnok I was convinced that there once had been a 'hestebrenneri' = 'place for burning dead horses' there in the district. Apart from the modern cigarette brand, a chesterfield is an earl district after which a certain overcoat is named - or a certain sofa, according to Oxford's dictionary. The overcoat is here the crisscross matrix of indexes. (There may have been a cue).

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was a palestinian. Now there is another sonnet in PEB - #149 - which contains a story of Palestine. If you add not 183 but rather 133 to RFK of PEB #16, due to the name of the assassin, you come to PEB #16+133 = PEB #149:

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
If ever you go for the fleeces                 = Kennedy, Robert Fitzgerald?
and pieces is scrambled in day.
Then you can drink from the wine
the logos of poem and bread.
that now we have folded the game.                 = Sirhan Bishara Sirhan?

PEB #149 means the years 1601-1604 - and that could suggest the murder in 1606 on Ranuccio Tomassoni which Caravaggio (born 'Michelangelo Merisi') was accused of having committed. It was probably not him but a 'double', tells the story of the death of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy. A nephew of RFK's wife was also accused of having committed a similar murder with a golf club - like Caravaggio was accused of. Kennedy was shot in the 'kitchen' - which is where you can make scrambled eggs, prepare wine and food - 'pieces is scrambled in day'. On the 'lapis philosophorum', the head of the eagle or sleeping lamb, the dreamer's vision of Eve seems to be without her head - which means that the heads ('eggs') of the 'Aquila' dreamer and of Eve or new-born Venus are 'scrambled'.

A shot in the head can mean 'excrements in the head' or maybe 'berzsani utca'.

But 1606 should mean #150 and not #149 - cp. the #15,006 - here is PEB #150:

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
Mankind lives in the ban
and woman of all the earth.
Eschatologically, this
is about modernism and
No Person Without another.

Mankind lives in the ban
Ranuccio Tomassoni

No Person Without another
Michelangelo Merisi

which looks right, alas. So it was Caravaggio who murdered him - with the ball game club? The reason was 'Eschatologically, this', tells line 5. Tomassoni was known as a pimp, which makes sense for line 4.

But - waitwaitwait - (2009-1606)*0,366 = 147,4 = #148 - and not #150 on the other side of 149 - these should not be 'scrambled'. But does PEB #148 makes sense for Caravaggio? It does not:

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 7:
Line 8:
Line 14:    
And if he said
at eight or four.
New York was mine,
BERLIz the job
of Joyce. Define
the underbob.
He must and sigh.

The underbob is of course the indian that developed under the Joyce.

This means that the story is probably that Caravaggio did not commit the murder but that a double did it - and the responsibilities were scrambled.

Michelangelo Merisi 'Caravaggio' died in 1610, himself a victim of murder, tells the story. (2009-1610)*0,366 = 146,034 = PEB #147:

Line 1:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Line 6:
Line 14:    
A lonely place I live
in what I read.
It says that EU convinces
the trimmed people of France,
Come on, clouded sky!

A lonely place I live
plac A lonely ce I live
Mich-elangelo Me risi

'EU' could have been the topic of misunderstanding with Tomassoni, of course.

Conclusion on the Robert Kennedy assassination is that it probably was done for the concept of 'scrambled heads', like the dubious identity matter of his brother JFK - as suggests also the name of the assassin 'Sirhan Bishara Sirhan' by 'says he -LAPIS - says he' in norwegian. But if that means the dreamer with his sweet dreams of Eve, then the gender of Eve could be changed to male in the norwegian 'tongue'. Ach, ja, this could be the 'service logic' behind it.

The assassinations on the two Kennedy brothers could find its shared interpretation in 'Euphrat & Tigris' of Iraq/Mesopotamia - and hence 'Saddam Hussein' of 1968.

And then Holst being shot in the head in the bedroom - if not simply about the self-sucker 'shooting' himself - could have been about 'the trimmed people of France'. I got a questionnaire from the hungarian bank OTP which told that EU had asked the banks to collect more detailed info on some matters - which perhaps could be recognized in this sonnet line of PEB #147?

The opened infant

'Ronke Røver' ('to masturbate crooks/behinds') or 'Ronker Over' ('masturbates above') and 'Dårlig gjort' ('unfairly done') seem to be two strategic concepts on me which tell of the fate which could befall people who have been opened in the head soon after birth - probably essentially including a masturbation on the open infant brain, a 'shot' of sperm - the '1' of a '1-2-3'. That seems to mean that the give-and-get functionality of society does not come to function properly through the rest of the life. The give-and-get functionality of a normal person in a normal society is probably (as far as I have been able to conceptualize it) based on the phenomenon that the child in birth is expelled from a balanced give-and-get paradise in the womb, and after the birth the skull (which has to be flexible in birth) can still - for some days or weeks after the birth - be opened for a 'second birth' but since that does not normally happen the paradisal balance of give-and-get with the mother body is thereby restored - and the mother body physiology is probably the model in the collective consciousness (cp. the etymologies of 'magic' connections) of the give-and-get functionality in professional careers: A normal tax-payer gets something in return for the tax money paid - one meets a friendly person on the corner and things organize themselves in good and profitable ways and that is what a career is. The coincidences are the friends of the taxpayer but can often be chilly if the tax isnt paid in accordance with the law. But a person who has been opened soon after birth seems not to enjoy that sort of response for contributions to society but rather often and seemingly paradoxically experiences the opposite - paying tax then leads to meeting the unright person on the corner and things do not organize themselves in positive ways and the career is often hard to get up and going. The more the person contributes to society, the harder it is to make the career function. The coincidences rather conspire on 'dårlig gjort' ('unfairly done'). There is nevertheless no other choice than to do as well as one can and hope that the society will understand the problem - and that can be to 'masturbate the crooks' or 'masturbate those above' from whom the response can be only something that seems 'unfairly done' in return - like abusing a book submission for plagiarisms instead of publishing the book itself. Typically the rejection will claim that the book is 'not goodenough!' while the publisher pours out plagiarisms that harvest the historic support in the book. The problem is that this is probably all too easy - and people buy the plagiarisms in great quantities, so it looks 'businessly right' - if the person is a victim of 1-2-3. Clearly these strategies are like laughing at the man with a wooden leg - hahaha how funny he looks! Or the one with the wooden bread board. 'Ronker Røver/Over' and 'Dårlig gjort' means that it is more easy to exploit this person than another person - and the political and business strategy is to invite people to join the abuse because some parts of the society had opened the child precisely in order to profit from it - not the least since the skull has grown on again and it is hard to prove it later.

The catastrophe of 2014 was not the least that my first book in german language had to be self-published - the possibilities for a career as poet in german language seemed destroyed after I had seen the film "The councellor" which seemed to tell that my 'Kinderhilfe' had been stolen and made subject to plagiarisms. It meant that I could not make it in german either - but I had to self-publish the book in order to be able to show the world that plagiarisms could have taken place and could be a threat to the stability and development of the world. It was while I made that edition that my health and optimism started to deteriorate markedly.

Why does my career look so miserable? The question is whether I was opened in the head soon after birth - and possibly also could have suffered further mutilation on critical points of my development - there is the critical point at 6 months and one at 18 months and there are such critical turning points throughout the childhood and youth at least up to age 18. Was it a series of 1-2-3...-8 - an 'octogon'? Did I get PULVER that hampered my muscle growth for making it more difficult to stand on own legs at age 18? Why does my career look so miserable - even if my books may be 'goodenough'? If the society says that it is because I am a 'worthless krepper' only, that this is my natural disposition, they go for the 'dårlig gjort' if skull opening were the real story. It means that my books are rejected because the publisher claims that they are 'not goodenough' - and the publisher could even have been instructed by the 'services' to respond like that - that is, if the administration is adhering to the politics of terror-driven strategies - such as Albertinaplatz could be telling of - and this could be a matter of east-west global politics. But if I am the son of the two magnificent poets Sachs and Celan, the books shouldnt be so bad? Ah, but he does not resemble them! Did Josef Mengele practice on twins he picked out on the RAMP of Auschwitz in order to test ways to alter child body growth for his eugenetic studies? There seems to be a series of such ideas around me and the Mao-Gandhi complex - a part of the reason why Sachs and Celan possibly were murdered in 1970 could have been that this made it impossible for me to get in contact with them and thereby find out of it. 'He is not goodenough' is then the official reason even if 'dårlig gjort' could be the factual reason.

The conclusion is that those who go for a terror-driven society (under a demagogic quasi-divine authority) are the ones who go for the society who laughs at the man with the wooden leg - he looks so funny etc. It is the worst sort of cynical society - a society which quickly will lose the ability to understand moral values and spiritual matters and go for 'divide-and-conquer' and 'fitness' instead.

If my 'Kinderhilfe' were installed into 'Obamacare', that was to torpedo my chances for a career as poet in german language - or to hijack it. Otherwise I would probably since long have got a letter from a publisher who wanted to publish my books.

And, to add the most obvious form of 'dårlig gjort' - if you get a letter from me and contact the 'services' to ask if it is safe to answer, and they say that you must not answer, everybody who does are getting shot, that would be to practice 'dårlig gjort' in order for the 'services' to be able to continue the project - and making it impossible for me to get through. If you should get such an answer from the 'services', do not hesitate with reporting this to the police.

Should even the 2015 Paris agreement on climate action have to re-inked? It is signed by nearly 200 countries.

I could add some unpublished 'juvenilia' of 1983 or 1984:

Jeg er et ensomt forspilt geni
som bor i en rødmalt hytte.
Her jeg skriver jeg dikt hver aften til ti
dessverre til ingen nytte

for ingen vet hva jeg skriver her
og ingen kjenner mitt hjerte
og ingen vet jeg er døden nær
hver gang jeg rimer på 'smerte'.

*     *     *

The letter which Paul Celan sent to his wife Gisèle Celan-Lestrange on 5 september 1960:

Stockholm, le 5 septembre 1960
après notre téléphone

Mon amour!

        Merci d'être si courageusement à mes côtés!
        Que dire? Ils me lâchent - donc il faut nous féliciter de ne point devoir recourir à eux. Je viens d'expédier à Klaus un télégramme:
        AN DICH SOWIE INGE GERICHTETE BITTE DER NIEDERTRACHT ZU ENTGEGNEN AUSDRUECKLICH ZURUECKGENOMMEN: Prière adressée à toi et à I. de répondre à l'infamie expressément retirée.
        Voilà. -

        Que vous dire de Nelly? Elle souffre beaucoup. Ne veut plus entendre parler de ses poèmes -
        "Je ne veut garder" - et là elle réunit le pouce et l'index de la main droite en anneau - "que cette petite lumière".
        Troubles venant de mille côtès, de loin et de près.
        A propos d'une lettre de Ingeborg - écrite après mon téléphone - à laquelle I. avait joint une paire de gants blancs, Nelly a dit: "Des gants blancs, cela veut dire: 'je lave mes mains dans l'innocence' - ich wasche meine Hände in Unschuld -, donc preuve de fausseté"!!!

        Mon amour, je tâcherai de prendre un train après-demain soir sinon jeudi: matin ou soir - peut-être vais-je interrompre en route, à Hambourg ou à Cologne.
        Mon amour, embrassez notre fils!
        Je vous embrasse, je vous aime, soyez tranquille, je vous aime vraiment


Doubek, Katja: Lexikon der Attentate. Piper 2003.
Paul Celan, Gisèle Celan-Lestrange: Correspondance (1951-1970). Èditions de Seuil 2001.

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