Catull and the fundamental theorem of linguistics

John Bjarne Grover

The article tells of a possible political matrix function of Catull in the postwar reality and how that could be the basis for an attempted construction of a new Hitler in current times. I show that the real interest of the human species - that aspect of human significational endowment which could be abused to make them accept such tragic developments - is in the discovery of the socalled fundamental theorem of linguistics as defined by me. The conclusion is that the political tragedies can be avoided if only we understand the theorem in its full depths.

Intro on the political background

It seems that there are reasons to believe that Adolf Hitler could have been the name of the leader of the germans during WWII for reasons of Catull's HYMEN (found in Catull 61, 62, 64, 66). Click here for a translation of Catull. 'Hymen' in norwegian language is the virginal membrane, but the words associates with the 'he-man' of Hitler's war machine and hence also ideas of 'closed vagina'. It would have been for the same reasons that Churchill was the leader of the britons - because of name-similarity with 'Catull' - could be some would add other aspects of his person as well - who thereby was the real 'meaning' of WWII. Or, put differently, it was assumed in 1945 that WWII had been battled in this way in order to put up Catull as the matrix of politics for the unconstitutional rule of international secret intelligence services and their control with and links to political democratic parties and administration after the war. And one can probably add WWI as a preparatory stage - a theory goes that WWI served to install the socalled 'Klipra connection' of Norway as a background for WWII and that Adolf Hitler escaped to that district after WWII - and continued living there after the war under the protection or at least permission of the western powers. Some would say that the german choice of Bonn as administative capital of Western Germany tells just that story. It seems that Obama could be associated somehow with Catull 66, notably with the 5 socalled revolutions of 2011.

Omnia qui magni dispexit lumina mundi,
qui stellarum ortus comperit atque obitus,
flammeus ut rapidi solis nitor obscuretur,
ut cedant certis sidera temporibus,
ut Triviam furtim sub Latmia saxa relegans               
dulcis amor gyro devocet aereo:
idem me ille Conon caelesti in limine vidit
e Beroniceo vertice caesariem
fulgentem clare, quam multis illa dearum
levia protendens brachia pollicita est,
qua rex tempestate novo auctus hymenaeo
vastatum finis iuerat Assyrios,
dulcia nocturnae portans vestigia rixae






As far as the 12 first lines of Catull 6 for the 5 revolutions of 2011 is concerned, I notice also the reference to 'Trivia' in Catull 66:5 - and princess Diana's (and Dodi Fayed's) car crash at the entrance to the tunnel of Pont de l'Alma in Paris near the sky-pointing Eiffel tower. This was not long after I from London had called for a receipt to an application ('alma' is hungarian for 'apple', 'allmans' = norw. 'everybody's', like trivia literature) I had sent by Royal Mail to the norwegian research council for scholarship before the annual deadline in mid june. The council answered in their letter of 29 august 1997 (REF 97/03909) that the application had not arrived - and I sent a copy of it on 3 september 1997.

It is therefore very possible that when Trump in 2017 imposes immigration restrictions on Somalia, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria at the beginning of his presidency, he really tries to reduce the effect of an Obama construction on Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria - the 5 'revolutions' of 2011 in accordance with Catull 66. That could be for stopping a new Adolf Hitler, or new Churchill-Hitler.

The blue metre

The enigma which the WWII background in 'intelligence services' and their freemasonry have been staring at for decades or centuries is probably the blue metre as a semiotic control of the historic consciousness. The freemason philosophers of politics have probably never had it in clear articulation - untill I found this precious gem in 2010 - but could have hoped to find it. I wrote my PEB - the blue metre, 'POLAKK English Bloggi' - in 2008-2010. It consists of 365 'sonnets' plus a leapyear poem and seems to have its basis in the 16 books of The Endmorgan Quartet of 1719 poems which I wrote in the 11 years 1997-2008. My view is that it was this large preparatory work which made it possible to write the PEB - which can date a text as follows: Divide the text into 366 equal parts and find the optimal match of these 366 against the 366 poems of PEB. For example, for dating Olaf Kyrre Saga in 'Heimskringla', one slides the one text against the other untill the optimal match is found at poem 1 of the saga against poem 118 of my PEB written in 2009 - and then the year 1688 of creation of the Olaf Kyrre Saga follows from the formula (2009-1688) * 0.366 = 117.486 = offset 118. The blue metre of the 366 poems of my PEB has a time space of a 1000 year cycle, which means that each poem covers about 2.7 years or roughly 33 months.

Generally, if a text is written in the course of max 1000/366 = 2.7 years, it will, if written 'in one breath' and kept unedited, follow my PEB segment-by-segment in nice parallelism, but if subsequent editing has taken place, or if the writing took more than 2.7 years, certain mismatches relative to the blue metre of mine are inevitable. An excellent example is the Odyssey - it is normally assumed that it took quite a number of decades to reduce it from oral rhapsodic form to the written format it obtained, and if some 70 years were needed for the entire process, the resulting mismatch would be substantial. Move the last 665 verses of the Odyssey from the end to between songs 18 and 19 and you see what the blue metre means. It is probable that these verses originally in the oral form really were between songs 18 and 19 (and that the Odyssey really ended on song 23:255) but had to be moved to the end because the blue metre is an inherent aspect of the writing technology. That led to a somewhat strange result - it is a much more natural story with the 665 lines between songs 18 and 19 - but there was no other way to solve the problem. This problem of mismatch arises whenever it takes some substantial time to write the story.

This means that it is not possible to write anything without being in concordance with the blue metre, the year of thinking. Of course you can copy something which was written 10 years ago - but then it was written 10 years ago and not when you write it. A computer writing something write it as when the algorithm was made. The ideas in your head - that includes the ideas which your consciousness makes of incoming perceptual data - follow the relative time of history which is subordinate to the concept of an absolute time of a blue metre wherefrom they are laid out into historic time.

The present story tells that I found the blue metre in 2010. It must be understood that my work is somewhat exceptional in this sense of it - and that when I found the 'lapis philosophorum' twice as part of the same work, in extension from the writing of the yellow and the white metre, it must (assuming that the two lapises were real 'ex nihilo' matter) count as exceptional work.

Catull's work

Catull has survived in one single handwritten copy only - a collection of his 116 poems was found in the drawer of a certain 'bishop Rather' in Verona, Catull's home town, in the 10th century. If, therefore, Catull is dated to 58 BC with the blue metre, it is not impossible that it was the bishop himself who wrote them in 942 AD, since the blue metre can verify only within the cycle of 1000 years. But the blue metre can prove that it is not later than 942 - if copies of it existed before 1942. The theory that it is a fabrication by later freemason scholars and servicemen can be rejected. A few, albeit rather minor, references to Catull exist among some contemporaries of his, such as Ovid, and the theory that the work was written by Catull and completed in 58 BC is probably verifiable. He is one of the most fragile latin authors from this point of view, an easy prey for conspiracies that want to claim that he is a later product of political intrigue.

One can divide Catull's work of 116 poems - in their current canonical order probably from the bishop of Verona - into 366 segments and search for the optimal offset for dating it. I have not studied this is detail but tried the match corresponding to the official year of publication or completion of these in year 58 BC - and concluded that this offset is much better than those which follow immediately thereafter or before. I conclude that the work was completed in the year 58 BC - in accordance with my blue metre.

But clearly the 116 poems were not written in the course of that year or the three preceding years - it was a lifetime of work.

Are there some lines to be moved to or from the end - like the Odyssey? It seems that Catull is a little special in the sense of having incorporated the blue offset of a lifetime of work into the total oeuvre - in such a way that if 188 lines be added to the total number 2308 of lines (following the enumeration of the Reclam edition by Michael von Albrecht), then you can divide the resulting 2496 lines into 366 segments and obtain a series of segments that follow my blue metre PEB conveniently. It means that dividing Catull's 2308 lines + 188 = 2496 lines with 366 poems for the factor 6.82 lines of Catull per PEB poem of mine gives an acceptable match, but if 188 virtual lines be not added and one divides only the 2308 lines with 366, then there are 6.3 lines per poem - and computing on that factor makes the work of Catull out of match against my PEB. Then Catull could be even more easy prey to political conspiracies. 188 lines added means that the work must have been written in the course of some 70-75 years - probably the time it took to settle an oral Odyssey into written form. The fact therefore seems to be that Catull wanted his full life span of about 70 years to constitute one single literary or poetic work - could be also for being in harmony with Homer. Therefore he wrote it in such a way that one part corresponded to another part with a gap of 188 lines and other intervals between the corresponding parts. Thereby it ended on 2308 lines but 'virtually' on 2496 lines.

What is that interval of 188 in Catull's work? I have not studied it in detail but guess that it would be relevant to point to the following:

End of Catull 66 - the 'axis of evil' in modern 'politics', recognizable as the area 'Heidenschuß-Fütterergasse' in Vienna also in terms of the deaths of the high-ranking austrian politicians Jörg Haider and Thomas Klestil - both of whom died in the immediate context of residential address registration of mine:

93         sidera corruerint utinam! coma regia fiam,
94         proximus Hydrochoi fulgeret Oarion!

Adding 101 lines to this takes it to appr line 53 in Catull 68:

51         nam, mihi quam dederit duplex Amathusia curam,
52         scitis, et in quo me torruerit genere,
53         cum tantum arderem quantum Trinacria rupes
54         lymphaque in Oetaeis Malia Thermopylis,

and, adding yet 87 lines for making the gap of 188 takes it to Catull 68:140 and preceding lines:

138         saepe etiam Iuno, maxima caelicolum,
139         coniugis in culpa flagrantem concoquit iram,
140         noscens omnivoli plurima furta Iovis.

Try the theory that the war in Syria was arranged by those who want to get in control with China through politics on Europe - that old strategy of first making a swastika arm of 'evil' in the east - then turning the swastika 188 lines = 90 degrees down on 'trinacrian' Sicily and Italy, for triggering the underearth pane-ic of italian fascism converting into new overearth nazism in Germany.

Catull 66:11-12 - the 'syrian lines' of the fifth 2011 'revolution':

11         qua rex tempestate novo auctus hymenaeo
12         vastatum finis iuerat Assyrios,

Add first 101 lines to this - for 68:34-35

34         hoc fit, quod Romae vivimus: illa domus,
35         illa mihi sedes, illic mea carpitur aetas;

and to this an additional 87 lines, 188 after the first, for 68:55-57

55         maesta neque assiduo tabescere lumina fletu
56         cessarent. tristique imbre madere genae.
57         qualis in aerii perlucens vertice montis

The intelligent and alert reader will have observed how close these latter lines are to the first example 68:51-54 - in fact these follow each other closely.

As for 68:56, which is 188 lines after the 'destruction of Syria', have you heard about that disgusting 'political' idea of a male entering into anal ('Romae'?) coitus with a young female for strangulating her in the moment of orgasm - so that her eyes stand forth and thereby look more american than chinese - leading to the assumption that the strangulator therefore must have been an Enemy from China rather than an american? It could be just there. In that 'foundations of the faith and formal creed of the believers of the modern secret intelligence church' - in the form of Catull. Those could be out for keeping China as Enemies - for this and only this single reason of such a sick and forensick logic. Whether the faith of the secret intelligence services also is of such a kind that they factually strangulate young females in order to 'install' this matrix of faith into history or its 'axis of evil', I dont know.

It is possible that an 'axis of evil' exists as a political concept of more practical kind than the general 'axis' defined by Bush in 2002 - and when IraN, IraQ and nORTH kOREA were the names mentioned, it looks like a reference to N/K Austria. (There exists a more or less jocular 'Volksbewegung' called 'No kangaroos in Austria' - could be that means that the number of strangulated young females in Austria are about the same as the number of kangaroos).

It could have been the whole purpose with the tragic destruction of Syria which has been going on since 2011 - on basis of this fundamentalist faith in Catull which also seems to have been the background of the war between Churchill and Hitler.

The separatism of Donbass could have been for breaking this 188 interval up for making history closer to the 'truth of Catull' in the postwar reality - with a Brexit (british exit from EU) as counterpoint in the other end. These breakups would have been for turning Catull's integrated 188 lines into external lines to be added to the 2308 - for the result to allow for a factorization which meets the blue metre. With the breakups, the philosophers feel that they are justified in considering Catull 2496 lines - otherwise it could be a little farfetched.

Assuming 58 BC as the year of completion of Catull's work of 116 poems, what are the blue metre correlates to these lines of 'syrian war' in Catull 66:11-12? There will be two different correlations - one with and one without the 188 lines. The computation goes as follows, computing from 2009 as the year of creation of the PEB: Offset of Catull will be (2009-2000+58) * 0.366 = PEB #24.522 - that means #25, either from the start or from 0.522 = 7.3 lines into it. Catull 66:11-12 (the 'syrian war' since the year 2011) are at lines 1697-1698 from the start. This means that the two lines will cover the interval from the end of 1696 to the end of 1698. There are the two computations:

1) Without 188 extra lines means from (1696/2308 * 366) + 24.522 = PEB 293.47 = 0.47 * 14 = 6.6 lines into PEB 294 to (1698/2308 * 366) + 24.522 = PEB 293.79 = 0.79 * 14 lines = 11.06 lines into 294, hence the interval from mid of line 7 to beginning of line 12 of PEB 294:

7         to say it in advancement that
8         one simply doesn't understand it.
9         From which corollary is drawn:
10       I find myself before my desk.
11       A female reaches for the phone.
12       Such do we live in absent touch,

2) With an 188 extra lines means from (1696/2496 * 366) + 24.522 = PEB 273.21 = 0.21 * 14 = 2.9 lines into PEB 274 to (1698/2496 * 366) + 24.522 = PEB 273.51 = 0.51 * 14 lines = 7.1 lines into 274, hence the interval from end of line 3 to beginning of line 8 of PEB 274:

3         as on a kettle, warm
4         at level low or mid.
5         Taking that cover off,
6         one puts a spoon into
7         the rice and stirs enough
8         till it's unsticky through.

Another example: The 'axis of evil' is recognized as located at the turn from the end lines of Catull 66 to the first lines of Catull 67 - that means lines 1780-1781: Computing the turn itself means

1) the point of (1780/2308*366)+24.522 = 306.79 = line 11.09 into PEB 307:

11         a walking couple.
12         She's a madam,

2) the point of (1780/2496*366)+24.522 = 285.53 = line 7.44 into PEB 286, that is just before the mid of the line:

8         She turned, excused her tide.

Which is the best for the concept of 'the axis of evil'? Could be +188 lines wins the cake (there has not arrived any letter), but both of them could mean 'the same' in political logic. Copulation 'access' could be in reference to that strangulation program.

Donbass and its interpretation

The whole matrix of thought could constitute a very elaborate and complex World of Secret Intelligence - that has been built through decades and centuries of studies of Catull and his fantastic prism through which you can see the entire Truth of History unfold. It would have been this which was the reason for the Churchill-Hitler = Catull-Hymen war - laying the foundations for the political postwar times. If you understand that whole matrix of thinking, then you will understand what Donbass is and why it is seen as 'necessary' from that viewpoint of that freemason 'intelligence church' - could be the logic.

To use a personal memory element, Gröver/'Mengele' quite a number of times in the 1960's used the expression 'lapskaus på Dombås' - 'lapskaus' is a sort of traditional norwegian potato and meat stew dish and 'Dombås' was a place we used to stop on the way to Oslo for a plate of just that in the railway station restaurant before we drove on. But it is likely to have meant more than that - probably it could have meant just this 'Catull 188' lapse-cause - of 'Donbass' or 'Dombås' - and, sadly, it could have meant that disgusting idea of 'replacement coup' of a full organization or institution house wherein the employees are replaced with copies arriving in buses in the morning and the original employees go through a barrel-sized electro-mechanic mill wherein they are chopped into stew and are flushed down the toilet and are gone. The copies have taken their place. These two variants of the 'lapse-cause' could be telling of the way the 'secret brotherhood of intelligence' is thinking - how Catull massaged the 2496 lines into 2308 for making his full life a 'poetic work' - and consequently, think perhaps those brotherhood people, the interval of 188 can be massaged down to zero by replacement of people with medically engineered copies - rebuilt people. Unfortunately it seems that some people and 'politicians' believe in this 'meat stew' solution. It tells that although Donbass lends justification to the idea that Catull's reality is the broken-up 2496, the alternative is 2308 of this 'meat stew' - on 'Dombås'. It may be that some governments grant the 'secret intelligence services' the authority to carry out such cruel replacement coups in order to reach the desired state of having found the blue metre which is the end of the quest - and these should notice that the blue metre is found and the quest (including all those replacement tragedies) can be terminated.

Clearly this - the literary connections of 'relevant similarity' between the lines with e.g. 101 and 188 intervals - could be the 'poetic format' of the 188 virtual lines of Catull which turned his life into a single poetic form - and could be my Labyrinth 101 tells of an additional reason. But to break countries and unions up for 'doing the same' is not right. It may look right for the believers in the intelligence services since it turns History into something transparent which makes it possible for the services to glimpse into heaven thereby - and these secrets they have guarded with much passion and faith. World War II could have been made for installing these treasures of 'poetic philosophy' (!) into world history, and the more precious it looked, the higher the secrecy classification got. Thereby it should be impossible for the unfaithful servants who did not want this to pull the ivory tower of secret intelligence down.

It is probably all this which is the basis for nearly everything which goes on in modern postwar administration.

It has a simple explanation and we dont have to remain there staring at the mysteries which are no mysteries any longer. It is only a Secret Brotherhood of power intrigue which concludes that the replacement program with 'meat stew' solution is the only possible conclusion - as soon as the cat of the blue metre is out of the sack and the books can reach the ordinary public, the other solution - of sensible studies and the construction of a new information technology - quickly arises as the only sensible understanding and real possibility. The 'meat stew' is only a sad expression of despair due to the too heavy sacrifices on human conscience and aspirations which is burdening those who have been in the secret political business for a longer time.

Therefore the books of mine that lead to this understanding must be published. That's it. Resistance against this is easy to understand but should not be allowed to continue. It is not for the fairness of a little success for the little fellow (me) after all these decades of raw abuse of me and my work which is the reason why the books must be published - it is because the world cannot continue stumbling around in the fog for yet another few decades or centuries. It is well possible that the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin were but pale shadows compared with the Rising Sun of mine - and to keep me going as a pale shadow - as everybody's underwear in news and cultural publishing - is something which could call for a new generation of politicians - to take the place of the former entertainers. Politicians must not be jumping jacks for the freemason 'intelligence' services - those who created the paradox of Europe on basis of the parallelism of Moses and Rigveda - that essential proof of the authenticity of both which the freemason services took as a proof of the opposite.

It was probably the need for finding the blue metre that let the governments grant the services so much authority. Now it is found and we can dismantle all that tragic authority - an authority which could allow them to send out on field work agents who strangulate young females (callgirls etc) in anal coitus for doing 'political work' thereby, or agents who are rebuilt copies (real crooks!) for taking the place of the decent originals who go down the toilet in meat stew format - only for making sense of that Churchill-Hitler Catull. Why dont they pose this question for the service chief on TV? Is that sort of cruelty really going on - for such 'political reasons', 'security of the state' etc etc? "We cannot tell that to the public, it is classified as secret" is perhaps the answer. Well, that is the Secret Brotherhood - which must be dismantled. It is a very dangerous sect which has all too much power. They try to split China from Europe and the western world - and China do what they can to mend the gaps and appear like the west in order to make the label of 'enemy' seem strange and unprobable.

Could be the worst problem is that this Secret Brotherhood which more or less rules the world believes that its program makes the world 'poetic' - like the life of a poet, the world of Catull and all that. Nothing could be more mistaken than that sort of 'secret intelligence poetry'.

It is easy to understand this when the blue metre is found and the logic can be shown in the way I have done here. The blue metre is likely to be the key to an absolute time beyond the relative historic time - and thereby the key to the transmission of information faster than light - and thereby break the informational encapsulation and isolation of the human species in cosmos. Nothing could be more important than finding this blue metre - and that is the reason for all those tragic years of 'intelligence' authority which allowed for agents strangulating young females and that sort of thing. Before the blue metre was found, it would have been only a shot in the dark that could find it - hence all those tragic 'projects' - but when it is found, it is easy to understand afterwards. And then there is no reason to continue those tragic 'projects' or other aspects of the 'secret intelligence church' who struggled so much with installing Catull because they believed that Catull could give us an important cue to the solution of the mystery. Hence the world wars etc.

The blue metre was found by me in 2010 and there is no reason to continue the nonsense. The book must be published so that it be available to the public and not to the 'secret brotherhood of intelligence crusaders' who classify knowledge as higher and higher secrets the more 'precious' it gets - and thereby they hope to retain it under their exclusive control.

It was Karl Marx who wrote 'Das Kapital' - it was not an oldie John Jensen sitting next to him in British Library, a student of the punic wars was it who died just before his work was completed? Stop the nonsense. It is important to understand how important it is to credit the right source. The new technology cannot progress beyond an elementary level unless one credits the truth of history. It is extremely important to rescue the integrity of true science and arts before it has all been turned into mud.

Information transmission faster than light

How can the blue metre lead to information transmission faster than light? I have suggested that the 14th line in the blue metre handles the phenomenon of simultaneity or chronology of discovery in extension from the phenomenon of distributed semantics in the 14th book of my The Endmorgan Quartet (1997-2008). As an example, it is assumed that there are four fundamental nuclear forces, one of them being the socalled 'weak nuclear force'. But how is it discovered? By way of studies of distribution of data in 'foggy' landscapes - giving names to certain vague things which combine with other vague names - which means that it just as well could be termed 'weak semantic forces' applying to more or less foggy data spaces. It is well possible that an absolute time beyond historic time can include the following correlations:

Gravity = the white metre ('Stillhetens åndedrag')
Electromagnetism = the yellow metre ('Der Dornenstrauch')
Strong nuclear force = the red metre ('My mention e Anna')
Weak nuclear force = the blue metre ('POLAKK English Bloggi')

and hence provide the cues to a technology for information transmission faster than light. But then it is important to stop the nonsense under the control of the secret intelligence services and understand that a certain quantum effect can obtain on data of discovery - but that does not mean that swindle in science is of any value. Quite on the contrary! This is among the most important things to discover in our time. Flirting with swindle and 'jokes' is a most reactionary resistance to the development of this new knowledge.

The four metres of mine provide for a formal grid inside of which a new non-discrete reality takes place in The Endmorgan Quartet, a poetic work of nearly 1900 pages. Even this has a deep structure - but that looks more like a natural crystal symmetry a la a normal compass. Like a 'Stonehenge'?

Is that 'compass' the reason for the conflict on 'Donbass'?

There is no 'compass' in my work - but a general orientation grid can certainly be established. In the summer 2012 I enumerated the 1719 poems in such a way that very interesting symmetries arose. Which impressed myself quite a lot.

The white metre outputted a white pumice-like stone which I found on the ground on a significant place. Considering the 'thorax'-like feel the book leaves in the beginning, with a sternum and rib grid resembling the permutation of 'faith' in the book, one could venture the theory that the pumice-like substance resembles human bones. Could be the skeleton could be created in this way. I had registered the title 'Bjelleklang' = '[jingle] bells sound' to the first 34 of the 64 poems, and after the book was completed I summed up four 'skeleton' style elements of the compositional structure:

Bjelleklang - the Klang of '[jingle] bells' = catalogue of mysteries = skull
Froskelår - frog-thighs, 'leapfrog' (?) = principle of zipping across 31 poems = hip bones
Dueslag - pigeonholes, appending 2 to 3 stanzas, running backwards = extremities
Roggbif - rainbow, the principle of symmetries arising therefrom = thorax

Stillheten = the skull and the silence of its aurals
åndedrag = the thorax, its breathing

Since the 64 poems adhere to the principles of 'I Ching' (in addition even to the fundamental sign list of egyptian hieroglyphs), one can postulate that the vertebrae of the spine are found in the principle of HI and LO of 32 substructures.

Then the electromagnetism which makes up the basis for consciousness in the brain is found in the yellow metre.

To take an example, I notice that 'Der Dornenstrauch' relative #115 = absolute #204 can be seen to be about just these four principles of distribution and it has its mirror poem in relative #136 which was the basis for several pieces of 'recursive' matter which I found on 18 january 2014 - such as a piece resembling the Evlyn shoe which I found a few days later, a piece strongly resembling the caviar box (which sadly could have been abused for terror in the Copenhagen 'Krudttönnen' - if 'services' had tapped my manuscript), the philosopher and the E=MC2 formula. I notice that the E=MC2 formula shows a scene with a woman and a 'german' lover kissing her red nipple which seems to be viewed from another angle in the 'Restaurant Ganesh' scene - although there the lover looks perhaps more french. Are these 'the same'? Here the lovers in another light - notice the apparent 'identity' of her left arm and his right neck-shoulder and arm - although the href="restaurantganesh.jpg">restaurant scene shows that this is really more about his left side. Notably, the 'philosopher' has a certain 'Ganesh' look.

The yellow metre of DDS in its fourth part (the end mouth piece of the 'tuba' with the catalogue of mysteries in the huge brass opening tract) adheres to the principle of the fundamental theorem of linguistics relative to book 1 in The Endmorgan Quartet. Books 13-16 adhere to the same principle relative to the white metre - which means that TEQ can be seen as the mystic link between mind and matter as far as the fundamental theorem of linguistics is concerned. It is therefore not impossible to construct a theory telling that the DNA structure is a sort of 'poem' or 'poetic structure': With enough faith and integrity of consciousness, and that is indeed the fundamental prerequisite, as probably any mystic can attest, the matter can go through the light wall. That is the 'lapis philosophorum'. One can guess that space travel faster than light can come to be possible.

For the example above, I notice that the two poems of absolute ratio 204/214 of DDS can be applied to TEQ for the two poems #820 ('An extra?') and mirror poem #900 ('Do Indonesia!') - and I notice the great beauty in the 'sameness' of the two parallel texts Genesis 19:19, the last third, and Acts 9:4 - telling of the transcendent reality of TEQ.

More on the politics

My 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' tells of the case of two and only two elements being recognized as 'the same' in different realities - that is likely to have been the goal of Catull as well - with a wing span of 188 lines between the occurrences. It is unclean politics that abuses this for telling that the destruction of Syria in Catull 66:11-12 = "hymenaeo / vastatum finis iuerat Assyrios" (for the 2011 'revolution') is 'the same' as the 'strangulation scene' in Catull 68:56 = "tristique imbre madere genae". Wasnt there a Hollywood film called "The revenant" some time ago - "I'm premature takrenna"? - in the midst of the syrian crisis? It is a fact of 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics' that this can function as 'the same' in human semiotics. Clean politics would do what they can to bring this to conscious and rational knowledge and try and steer clear of such muddy waters in the practicalities. It is of utmost importance to find and understand 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics' - but that does not mean that political linking of the destruction of Syria with a disgusting strangulation program is of any value even if it could have led to a discovery of the theorem itself. But it is discovered!!! We dont need the strangulations and destructions - in the aftermath of Hitler and the world he constructed for the postwar era.

It is discovered!!! If I had not discovered 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics', then it could have been quite difficult to argue that the destruction of Syria and a disgusting strangulation program were totally 'unnecessary': Many people could have agreed that yes, we need another Hitler for finding this most important knowledge. But with this new knowledge brought to consciousness, it is no longer needed.

That is civilization.

A new Hitler will probably try and keep the rational knowledge secret and claim demagogically that those poets, semioticians, linguists who try and bring this forth are the representatives of EVIL - an AXIS of EVIL - and that they must be stopped. But that is just a demogogic Hitler who would say so.

That is reactionary resistance to the work - it wants to continue living in the world created by Churchill and Hitler - its political 'Catull' matrix of uncivilized power struggle imposed on the latin poet's work by the world wars of the 20th century. Most politicians of today could have their arts founded in the mastering of that world.

This means that the books must be published. Will there come a letter to me (if, that is, post functions to me) from a publisher (contacted by somebody else than me, after consulting the books in libraries where they can be read) who wants to publish it - or will we have to wait for the next generation before it can start moving? The 'secret brotherhood intelligence services' probably long for getting hold of all existing copies, of shooting everybody who have heard about it and digging it down in the bunkers with top secrecy classification - because it is 'precious knowledge'.

It is important to get this work out to the public before that hysteria takes hold as a lasting condition.

My experience tells that it is not probable that this work of mine will reach the relevant competence in any other way than through theft by illegal - however public that may be - surveillance, without crediting of the source. And it is fully possible that I am informationally encapsulated by the same 'services'. Clearly the science cannot develop beyond a certain low threshold as long as that goes on. While I was writing this and the previous article, the news emerged that somebody had defined 'time crystals' in the sense of periodic occurrence of things. After I had completed the 64 poems of the yellow metre part 3 I found a 'lapis philosophorum' and a few weeks later there were the news of the 'comet landing' by a Rosetta (not 'risotto'!) mission which looked strangely similar to my lapis on some photos. After I had completed the 64 poems of the white metre I found - as I had expected - another 'lapis philosophorum' by following a similar procedure as the first time, and there soon came news of a crash landing on Mars by a spacecraft (see the video) that resembled the lamp (not 'slampe'!) that stood close to and pointed to my internet computer - the space mission had been sent out long ago but contact was lost upon landing. There have been camera-equipped rovers on the moon but I have not seen reports on any of these finding the old landing gear from the pioneers who were shot out in the Jules Verne tin cans in the late 60's. It is very possible that this is the average style of published science for the time being - and it is possible that I was born to the role of writing these metres and their inside. That could be the reason why I was born in Norway - that the role of this country is to function as a 'compass needle' in the new metaphysics.

It is high time to pack down all that sort of hysteria.

There is an enigma in politics - that it seems to be the socalled 'socialists' who are in the progress whenever terror occurs. If Banda Aceh earthquake, that took the lives of 200.000 among the world's poorest people, were organized for making a go for the 'socialists', driving the tram down Westbahnstrasse, how come? But isnt it quite the opposite way, ask many people? We thought the socialists were the friends of the poorest people and tried to help them?

The enigma could be just this - that the european crisis which has lasted for nearly a millenium is that the proof of the authenticity of Moses and Rigveda were understood the wrong way - that it was a proof of the opposite, that at least one of them was fraud. It should have been the heaven-sent proof for a great day and the start of a wonderful cultural blossoming but it was misunderstood as a proof of the opposite and it led to centuries of trotting around in wilderness and warfare under the nagging doubt that if Moses were fraud, then Jesus could have been as well. It is high time to get these facts on the table. It is well possible that the proof landed on earth around 1000 AD. I wrote my 'The Dreamer' - about the envoy from heaven who came to write a report on the state of the earth - in 1994-95. It is high time to get the ecumenic facts on the table and understand that christianity is but one of the features - could be there are 6 of them - constituting the new space.

The books to be published

The poetic books of mine which concerns these matters can be published in two volumes - one with the metres and one without. The yellow and white metres are in german and norwegian language and can be published with parallel english translation - hence twice the number of pages:

Vol. 1: The non-metric poetry
The Endmorgan Quartet, books 1-16

Vol.2: The metric poetry
Blue metre: POLAKK English Bloggi
Red metre: My mention e Anna
Yellow metre: Der Dornenstrauch = 450 pages * 2 =
White metre: Stillhetens åndedrag = 64 pages * 2 =
Red metre in 2 seconds interval = TEQ book 16, time annotated      
Index material
In total

appr 1880 pages

appr 370 pages
appr 300 pages
appr 900 pages
appr 130 pages
appr   80 pages
appr   50 pages
appr 1830 pages

It is important to get this out to the public so that the free thought of young intellectuals and unschooled geniuses can get hold of them in a backstreet bookshop in New Delhi or Peking or thereabout - without the thought control of the sad secret service brotherhoods who only long for shooting everybody else who could have given important contributions and to keep it all locked down for themselves - not the least for making all politicians dance to their pipes. And that pipe-dance may feel my work as too revealing of their post-hitlerian logic. To use these works of mine as basis for plagiarisms and biz is a very sad mistake and the publication of them should take place as soon as possible.

I accept a simple contract whereby the publisher buys from me the rights to a certain number of printed copies, pays one third of the sales price to me for every printed copy, and the contract allows for automatic renewal untill it is terminated by any of the parts, which can be done immediately, on no period of notice - but the publisher has then the right to sell the copies already printed and paid for. I can consider exclusive rights on certain conditions - lasting as long as the contract is valid but not after its termination, even if printed copies still remain to be sold.

The ODEL and the house in Szolnok

For the understanding of this part, I notice that the name of Obama could be not totally coincidentally relevant to my own name John Bjarne - as perhaps his choice of vice president and running mate Joe Biden could suggest as well. (The fiction character James Bond is likewise recognizable as relevant to my name). If one should conclude that the german 2017 election candidate Martin Schulz relates in some way or other to my property in Szolnok, that would likely have been on the background of Obama's presidency.

What seems to be the definition of an 'axis of evil' in politics could have its rooting in the transition from Catull 66 to Catull 67 - see above - including the concept of ODEL = priority of inheritance. The question would be whether somebody could come and claim that the house was sold by an (for whatever reason) unauthorized seller and that an inheritor could claim the rights to it. But that could of course apply only as long as it were not a pre-appointed game - protected by secrecy of administration.

For the house I had bought in Szolnok, the metres of gas, water and electricity must be read at least once a year. This year I was notified that the german e-on electricity provider would read the metre on 10 march - plus/minus 3 days - and I travelled to the place in time to wait for it - 3 days before 10 march I arrived. It turned out to be impossible to get a more precise time point in advance, I tried personal inquiry, telephone and email, but it was not possible to get it more precise (the metre reader shall, though, leave a paper in your postbox if you are out just when they come, told the local e-on) and when in the end of 13 march there still had not emerged a metre reader, and there was no paper in the postbox, I had been waiting for one full week. In the course of this week it had also happened twice that I came home and found the door handle inside in 45 degrees angle and the doorbell had gone kaputt - the bell was okay when I arrived but out of order in the morning of the 10th, so I had to go out to check that the telephone was in order, which it was. I had left the number on the doorbell outside and when I arrived, a man (not the Charles I associated with) stood telephoning with a shoulder bag outside the neighbour - I signalled that I was on my way in but nothing happened and there was no paper in the postbox. But had I left that inside door handle in 45 degrees myself? Could be, could be not. I suppose the telephoner outside was not the e-reader. This was one case of indoor 45 degrees door handle, the other had been one or two days earlier. I associated with the 2 dispatches in 2016 of 20.000 NOK from Ragna Gröver - both of these have been returned to sender - which I even could associate with Obama's tango with the dancer 'Mora Godoy' in Argentina - and I had to wonder if there were any links to the former spelling GRØVER of my name GROVER (I changed the spelling in 1999). I had not given the keys to my home to anybody, and I dont know to what extent I could have left the door handles like that myself, although I normally dont. 'Door handle ' = hungarian 'ajto-kilincs', while 'door bell' = 'ajto-csengö'. 'I touch and go' = the 'slampe' mars lander? The house is officially from 1970 but there is a very old door between the two main rooms - that has a door handle and door hinges which could suggest that the house could be at least 2-300 years old. If, that is, the door is authentic, which of course it need not be.

In january 2016 there was a burglary in my home - a kitchen window had been opened and a burglar had broken in and stolen a double hotplate worth 8999 forints and a small plastic handle to the lid of the gas convector, of minor value. Since the insurance company Allianz had drawn only 9134 forints for the biannual fee, against expectations of a somewhat bigger sum which I guess would have been 13405 forints, I guessed that perhaps the small plastic handle for the gas convector could have been of a value around 135 forints or so. The sum had been drawn from my account around mid january or a little later, which could have been around the day when the burglary had taken place.

The question is whether this is high politics. The e-reader had been announced for 10 march in advance but didnt show up. I suppose he had not acquired keys to the house from some mafia or service source and read the metre without my permission - and hence there was no paper in the postbox. This did, though, at the end of the day 13 march occur to me as a theoretic explanation - although I had no real reason to believe so. The door handles I could have left down-pointing myself upon leaving, and the kaputt doorbell did not have to be due to sabotage - it could have been a coincidence due to age of the equipment.

Some days before this, Angela Merkel should have come to an appointed meeting with Erdogan 'but didnt show up', told the news.

My name and work is not secret. If my person is classified as secret that classification must count as a crime.

Clearly when the electricity provider is a german firm called e-on, the rewrite of the upcoming election candidate name Martin Schulz[e] into the name of (a földhivatali adatok szerint) the seller called Jezsó is a piece of info that is hard to look apart from. If this is high politics, it constitutes a very heavy burden on my person.

My work should be published and not be subjected to raw abuse of this kind.

Obama could perhaps have felt this if he reached for the phone in 2011 - that nothing in this world is more important than finding the blue metre and therefore they had to allow for warfare in Syria. This was valid reasoning untill 2009 - but when my PEB was completed in 2010 it is no longer a valid reason. It is true that Obama should have reached for the phone in 2011 but that should have been for finding a publisher for my work - not for shadow politics of that kind on Syria.

There was once a joke from a danish singer-comedian on the german mentality called 'Schulze': Warum sagen die Franzosen 'e toi'? Es heißt doch 'Futteral'? The 'axis of evil' from Heidenschuß to Fütterer-Gasse in Vienna as far as Catull 66-67 is concerned could of course be the tacit reference in such a joke.

The US democrat party should not try and win the election in Germany. Do you think it was Allianz themselves who had drawn 9134 forints from my bank account - instead of the expected higher sum 13405 forints - as a responsibility claim on the burglary? Or was it I who 'drew the polize'? Obama claimed that there had been russian hackers on the administrative computers and that this could have been decisive for the outcome of the election. I took a lichee, I touch and go - with slash on the O? There is a ring muscle in the eye at the lens and in the behind.

I am a private person who seem to be subjected to much secret surveillance and possibly 'monkey business' on data from my life and work - and it is fully possible that the 'intelligence services' can obtain quite a lot of unconstitutional manipulative power simply by gaining authority to my 'other side'. It seems to be Gordon Brown who entered the train and the compartment where I was, probably on the same day as the earthquake of Haiti (Port au Prince), he was carrying a leather bag in old 'doctor bag' style which looked like one I had been in possession of in the late 70's (but possibly lost during some 'pranks' in Sweden - and I notice also a similar story of Kavafis just before his death - a Rika Singopoulos brought him a suitcase Kavafis had bought 30 years earlier for a trip to Kairo for enjoyment purposes), and it seems that Obama (supported perhaps by the James Bond character in films and books in relation to my name) could have been in a comparable 'swap' relation with me in the 'Sensicutan' story due to his governmental minister 'Shinseki' - and whoever be in charge of my 'other side' in the secret surveillance of my work and private life could probably swing themselves up to quite impressive powers as the third element in such a 'troika' of power. The world's most powerful person? Well then the technical details of my housing conditions could be quite interesting if they come to enter into abuse of my personal life for political propaganda purposes. I should add - even if it is a pity that such things seemingly be left to me to present - that Karen Anne Axelsen, who could have been a part of the octogon stucture (the 'triste' Catull 68:56 - for the syrian lines + 188?) with name possibly recognizable in the undertext of the Eisenhower doctrine 1, changed her name to Tulla Elieson around the time when Julia Tymoshenko married in 1978. The two women are even somewhat similar. This does not have to mean that Tymoshenko is an agent, but the phenomenon could have been seen as politically relevant, not the least for the Donbass conflict. The deed paper telling the details of the ownership to a house is in hungarian called a 'tulajdoni lap'. This of course could serve to make my person an even more essential piece of knowledge for understanding the political complexes I have discussed in this article.

Is THE DEED the whole story? Norwegian 'dyd' means the same as 'hymen', at least in common use, and hence the whole construction, if it be of this kind, could serve the simple purpose of mixing me with Adolf Hitler. That could be for the uncivilized reactionary demagogics to shout their slogans the wrong way - to claim that those 'poets, semioticians, linguists' who try and bring this forth are the representatives of EVIL - an AXIS of EVIL - and that they must be stopped. This again would be for the trivial purpose of those politicians who have their skills within the scope of the matrix of a postwar Catull to continue in that dream world of power struggle.

Is it all for the power struggle only? I say no - I say that all the tragic intrigues and dirty politics probably had a higher and more civilized purpose under it all - the deep desire of the human species to move on to a higher level of civilization, and therefore the sacrifices had to be endured for the purpose of this higher goal, waas probably the human logic. But that only means that when this higher level is found, we must not remain on that lower!

Notably, the germans should not elect an 'axis of evil'. I have absolutely no information on the topic but have feared that my new book ('Stillhetens åndedrag' - for the white metre) since late 2016 could have fallen victim of plagiarisms - which then greatly could come to serve as fuel for the launch of such an 'axis of evil' via possible secret surveillance of my life and work. All this is very much against my will and conceptions. Such politics is not civilization.

If there are plagiarisms of my work around, they must of course be stopped and withdrawn from the market.

I repeat that I bought the house after a normal search - I was really on my way to Miskolc for looking at the market there when I had an extra hour in Szolnok and found the offer among several other possibilities - and believe that the sellers, who gave a sympathetic and 'normal' impression, were ordinary people with good intentions. It is likely that if any intrigue on the technical details should be going on, that is likely to be because of my particular personal role.

Added on 20 march 2017:

As to the question whether the ' tristique' of Catull 68:56 is the whole 'Octogon' story, I notice that the line seems to be quite heavily represented: 'cessarent tristique imbre madere genae' - remove this 'tristique' and there is 'cessarent imbre' = 'Donald John Trump' to the left and 'I'm premadure Reagan' = 'I'm Ronald Reagan' to the right. The 'tristique' is then the Eisenhower doctrine. The line is thereby well documented - even in the streetnames around Sziget Utca in Szolnok.

I recall Ragnar Söderlind telling a joke: After John F. Kennedy with his famous 'Ich bin ein Berliner' when he visited Berlin, Ronald Reagan should do the same when he visited Hamburg and said: "I am a hamburger". The interesting question is then whether the line Catull 68:56 means 'John Fitzgerald Kennedy'. And whether the line even sums up the names of the 8 males of the octogon, or at least some of them.

Suggests that this is the line. It is 188 lines after the syrian war line of 66:11-12 "qua rex tempestate novo auctus hymenaeo / vastatum finis iuerat Assyrios".

Just before this are the 'egyptian' lines of 2011: "ut Triviam furtim sub Latmia saxa relegans / dulcis amor gyro devocet aereo" - where Trivia could be princess Diana and the 'furtim' could be the key word. 188 lines later one finds it at 68:49-50: "nec tenuem texens sublimis aranea telam / in deserto Alli nomine opus faciat" - which could be telling of that Ragna Gröver role for the house in Szolnok relative to 11 september 2001 and the idea of crediting somebody else with my work. But all this program is only for finding the blue metre and the fundamental theorem - and now it is found - so all the secrets can be downgraded and the theatre terminated. I have not stolen anybody else's work.

The gyro in the line after 'Latmia' could be that 'wheel-news' of Segway and the other rolling miracles of the time?

66:5 Latmia saxa = Leonie Sachs? Then 188 later there could be the name of Paul Celan: "Sublimis aranea = Paul Pessach Antschel? The turn of SUB into PAUL could be that TULA-J-DONILAP turned from TULLA & DONSAB (hence the DN.SE, 'Dance with me' of Bulgaria etc) into DONBAS.

Paul Pessach Antschel

for turning 'Paul Celan' into 'Ragna Gröver' - and hence Nelly Sachs into Gröver/'Mengele'?

If I were opened in the skull soon after my birth, if somebody scissored a little in the white matter or the occipital lobe, it could be called 'let me scissor' = 'lat mi a saxa'.

Clearly all this runs together in the evidence of Kursk and Cole - for the idea that the plan could have been to swap me with Adolf Hitler - by the 'deed'/'dyd' and the HYMEN of Hitler. But that clearly would have been only for preserving the world of Catull as a tumble-place for the international secret intelligences - instead of moving into the new civilized world of the third millenium.

Clearly if all these things are projects of the services of the public administration, they must carry the burdens themselves and not dump them on me, a private person - who even have contributed with the solution to the fundamental problems. I mean, if somebody should claim that the house acquisition in Szolnok and hence the 'tulajdoni lap' is not valid, that must be the problem of those services who have organized it.

© John Bjarne Grover
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