The quest for the Holy Grail

John Bjarne Grover

A relevant theory says that Churchill was so named to resemble 'Catull' in name - and Hitler similarly for 'Hymen' (Catull 62, 64 etc) - which means 'the virginal membrane', akin also to the word 'he-man'. The reason is that the 'services' had discovered that Catull contained the secret of historic time - what I called Catull 188.

From this one can assess the theory that Adolf Hitler changed his name to Aron Eidsvig after the war: The proof of this is then contained in the name of the new capital Bonn of western Germany after the division of the country after the war. 'Klampen' means in norwegian - according to my intuition - something clutching around something else, and it could be the name of governmental power from that point of view. But my norwegian dictionary tells that it means a short and thick piece of wood or metal, typically for construction work. 'Klampen i bånn' = 'the clamp down into the bottom' means 'top speed!', 'gas pedal into the bottom'. 'Klampen i Bonn' could then tell that the government is in Bonn, working at top speed, although this, meaning that it is down to the bottom, could mean that there is a thick piece of wood or metal there. 'Arr' = 'scar', 'opening for pollen in female flower parts'. 'Arr av neids-vig' = 'fertility-opening/scar is in the curtsy-opening' - hence the story of the icelandic settlers - with 'he-man' for getting through 'hymen' (but rather a closed vagina) = 'virginal membrane' - which could tell that 'a doll fitler' = 'arr o neidsvig'. Could be the german capital in Bonn meant that Adolf Hitler lived in Norway with the name Aron Eidsvig and under the high protection of NATO after the war?

It seems that all of modern politics has sprung forth from an ardent belief in the 'international secret intelligence services' that the work of Catull (with his 'Hymen') contains the innermost crystal diamond mystery that has ever been discovered - the very pearl of 'secret intelligence mysticism'. The beginning of Catull 66 contains the 5 'revolutions' of 2011 - Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria - in that order, in equal spacing up to the devastation of Assyria on line 12:

Omnia qui magni dispexit lumina mundi,
qui stellarum ortus comperit atque obitus,
flammeus ut rapidi solis nitor obscuretur,
ut cedant certis sidera temporibus,
ut Triviam furtim sub Latmia saxa relegans               
dulcis amor gyro devocet aereo:
idem me ille Conon caelesti in limine vidit
e Beroniceo vertice caesariem
fulgentem clare, quam multis illa dearum
levia protendens brachia pollicita est,
qua rex tempestate novo auctus hymenaeo
vastatum finis iuerat Assyrios,
dulcia nocturnae portans vestigia rixae






It seems that what Bush in 2002 called the 'axis of evil' constituted by IraN, IraQ, nOrth kOrea = N/K Austria has been planned for a long time, including possibly Saddam Hussein in Iraq (he followed after Qassim) and the iranian revolution permitted by Jimmy Carter. The real reference of 'Axis of Evil' seems to be in Austria, the streets going from Heidenschuß to Fütterer Gasse at Judenplatz. The holocaust memorial on Judenplatz is a converted 'library' which seems to have been planned since at least 1973 with the stories of Muhamed Boudia and Josef Alon - and the Safarikova (Bratislava) stories - 'e må pisse' of Vikebukt 1968-9 and all that.

This 'axis of evil' is apparently at the end of Catull 66, the last line:

sidera corruerint utinam! coma regia fiam,
proximus Hydrochoi fulgeret Oarion!

"proximus Hydrochoi fulgeret Oarion!" for "approximately Heidenschuß - Fütterer-Gasse!". I would guess that there is much 'service politics' to make the one be the same as the other. The beginning of 67 - that means the bridge from 66 to 67, that is, of 6666.... for 'the axis of evil' - goes:

O dulci iucunda virgo, iucunda parenti,
salve, teque bona Iuppiter auctet ope,
ianua, quam Balbo dicunt servisse benigne
olim, cum sedes ipse senex tenuit,

"O dulci iocunda viro..." could read in the same 'intelligence language': "Odel Sziget Utca..." sth like that. If this house is something in the story, for example, simply because I have bought it, it could be that the 'odel' = (norw.) 'inheritance right to the house' is a part of the story - in which case it could be defined - if considered a 'service project' - by Catull 67. It is possible that Heidenschuß-Fütterergasse of Catull 66 relates to the house (and its terrace) of Catull 67 as an inside-out - which then would be in the turn from Catull 66 to 67. Heidenschuß-Fütterergasse involves the role of austrian president Thomas Klestil (cp. nORTH kOREA for N/K Austria), and if the correlate means a Thomas Cutlet rather than a Thomas Klestil ('ötlet' is hungarian for 'idea'), the role of this idea could have been attested by the role of Idi Amin in Uganda. 'Klestil' is norwegian for 'clothes-style', like the eczemas that could be on the body - its 'cutlets'. Catull 67:3 tells of 'Ianua, quam Balbo dicunt servisse benigne' which could read 'Janus Thomas Klestil/Cutlet und servisse benigne'. The door...

All this could be the 'services' who have been reading Catull with greater and greater amazement throughout the decades and centuries - it is just fantastic what mysteries of Eternity hides in this work when installed into History! If, they may have thought, we can form History to adhere to the form of Catull, then we can also look into the Heaven which we want to have on earth. What they have probably not understood is that they have stared into the mystery of the blue metre - which I wrote in 2008-2010. That metre is now completed and there is no reason to continue the nonsense of imitation of Catull!

Proof of this is in the Melissa story. It is possible that the same 'services' are trying to pull down all religions of the world - at least judaism and christianity - on basis of that Cristopher Columbus mistake of catastrophic identity of Moses with Rigveda - and replace it with a new Melissa mystery religion. But that is just the same nonsense: Melissa can apparently release in you the experience of a rock concert down the street behind that corner and a little further, and that is just Catull 64:254-264. Continue a little and you may perhaps have Melissa herself in the following lines.

What they have not understood is that this is the proof of a blue metre: You must add 188 virtual lines to the total number of lines in Catull to get a number of lines which can divide with 366 in such a way that you get the right factor which is needed to prove relative to the blue metre that Catull is authentic and was completed for publishing in 58 BC. (The blue metre can also prove, in a similar way, that e.g. Acts is authentic and was written in the years 66-67 AD). That is the number of lines needed to prove the 'justification' of the whole thing. But those 188 lines are just the number of lines from the 'rock concert' of 64:254 to the assyrian destruction of 66:12 - and the fantasts of the 'intelligence services' have probably believed that this would in the last analysis also lend justification to their own destructive programs that have been going through the decades. Destruction of the Vatican and its spiritual orders by infiltration of agents, the destruction of an enormous lot of things. Churchill/Hitler could have been the same fantasm - the search for this Holy Grail (here of Catull) after it was found that Moses and Rigveda could tell that Christianity was fraud - and then they needed a handsolid proof, the very Grail with which the Lord had given out his blood or wine from. If that Holy Grail could be found, then christianity was not fraud - hence the quest for the proof. That is likely to be just the reason for the Churchill/Hitler story of WWII. Proof of this in the form of Catull is the line 64:253

te quaerens, Ariadna, tuoque incensus amore

which seems to contain the double ocurrence of names of Karen Anne Axelsen (octogon / Eisenhower doctrine #1?) and Karen Abdul Qassim who was state chief in Iraq between king Feisal and Saddam Hussein - here as next to that lacuna before the concert of rock: Add 188 lines to this and you have the syrian crisis.

The intelligence services and their 'fantastic' friends in political parties have destroyed enough on basis of this illusion of theirs - that the connection they feel they have seen between this 'Melissa' phenomenon and the 'Route 66' of the 2011 revolutions are telling of some administrative enigma, the very Koh-i-Noor diamond of History. However, it is the blue metre of mine which is the Koh-i-Noor diamond of History. This blue metre is now completed - it was in 2010 - and that was the end of all these projects. Syria should not have suffered so much from 2011 onwards. There is no need to run the Catull 66 through to the 66, 67...

Who made the secrecy classification? Every secrecy classification must be annotated with the name of the one who made it - and if the authority of that person crumbles, that is, if it turns out to be not goodenough, so must the classification as well - tumble down to public or confidential.

Although it is obvious that this is what the many intelligence services and political parties are working with - the quest for the Holy Grail that tells of how History can be turned into a paradisal Eternity - and that thousands and thousands, no, millions and millions of people are employed in this project. How can the governments agree to such? It is clear that there can be no project of any higher importance for mankind - it is the quest for the very Holy Grail itself: The blue metre of mine ('POLAKK English Bloggi') can make it possible to communicate faster than light (since it establishes a basis for a knowledge-structure beyond historic time), and that will make it possible to get in contact with remote intelligences. My yellow ('Der Dornenstrauch') and white ('Stillhetens åndedrag') metres make it possible to understand the transgression of the boundary to existence (white stones of 'lapis philosophorum' type ex nihilo), hence even space travel and transmission of matter can be made possible. And the red metre ('My mention e Anna') can define what is to be travelled or sent. Can anything be of greater importance? Probably not - the intuition of the relevance of this is the reason why the governments have given the 'services' nearly carte blanche for making the quest possible. Any means could, if necessary, be used for finding the Holy Grail of the third millenium - and the 'intelligence services' have been granted the 'secret' rights to commit nearly any crime needed for reaching this overarching goal. Terror of all kinds around the globe. Millions and millions of people have been working day and night for reaching this goal.

For finding the Holy Grail.

Now it is found. Then for God's sake stop the searches and all the carte blanche murders and crimes!

"But shouldnt it be installed into administration?" No, that is the worst thing one can do - to put on the brakes even before we have started. It is like installing an A, a B and so forth down the street for making the alphabet 'understandable'. But that is only an obstacle to the development of the new technology.

Which means that all the mythos circus must be terminated. Politics can return to the state of telling rationally what they are out for and drop the mutual theatre roles.

Clearly this has been the life and the meaning of life of the many millions in politics and related branches and services - although it may be that many have forgotten what it really was for. And it is not so easy to put down all the big projects that were scheduled for the coming centuries.

It is important to understand this point: The international 'intelligence' services have been indulging in all those things which should not be done and they have been the bad side of the society - with agents, murders, lots of crimes - in order for all these bad things to be closed down when the Grail is found. It was never meant to be the future.

Therefore the US embassies in Africa were bombed when my PhD was rejected, therefore AIDSHIV was set in circulation (I guess that it is some Catull lines - where?) - all those things - WWII with Churchill-Catull and Hitler-Hymen is quite an example! - an enormous lot of personal self-sacrifices and devotion for this Holy Task - of finding the grounds for a new third millenium reality. No stone should be left unturned, no sacrifice could be too large to reach this New Reality. The bold crusaders (the international intelligence services) had set out to find it, cost whatever it would cost.

Now it is found (it is my PEB) and there is no reason to continue the sacrifices. Many will feel this as a disappointment since it leaves them with a lot of meaningless burdens of past-time sacrifices and no call for continueing - but after a generation or two there will be little left of this and a new optimism will start to develop.

That could have been the additional reason for the german government in Bonn - that it means 'the burden of sacrifice' that makes it a little difficult to move on effortlessly, but it would be only a temporary burden, a generation or two.

The PEB means that information can be sent faster than light and hence we can break out of the informational barrier that surrounds Earth like an 'Axis of Evil'.

This also means that my work can be published - and 'service' projects on my life and the progress of history can be closed down. The separatism of Donbass from rational Ukraina could 'mean' those 188 lines from the faith in Melissa to the 'axis' of 66-67... that must be inserted by 'expansion' for reaching the proper factor. All those plans for the coming centuries all over the world can be closed down and a new openness and rationality in arts and sciences can be started.

It seems that it is I who found the solution - but the disappointment and hatred from all the many sacrifice-burden-carriers have started to be a little massive and I hope that it can be understood how important it is to support me (in finding a publisher for these books of mine, for example) rather than being filled with understanding of all the natural hatred that can come to boil up through yet a generation or two. The eczemas ('axis of evil' etc) are getting a little difficult. I dont know if I get post or if post I send go through - all these things are under the control of the sacrifice-burden-carrier services. It is very evident that all those things will be closed gradually down, as soon as human emotions allow for it.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 6 march 2017