An example

John Bjarne Grover

See the article 'Stillhetens åndedrag' and some related political issues as a background of the following example.

In 'Davenport' there are appr 100.000 souls, like the NOKs from Ragna Grøver in probably late 1992. Write 'Davenport' in handwritten devanagari script (hindu, sanskrit) and you have something which looks like GOOGLE.

Like Lambertsville = 3,4 million forints in devanagari.

'Devan-agari' means appr. 'Daven-port': Sanskrit 'agari' means sth like 'house', 'home', 'mixed-caste' and 'to sprinkle'.

'Barack-Obama' as 'Bha-bha-[CHO]-bha-bha' in devanagari looks like 44-44. He was the 44th US president and his vice president Joe Biden was probably the 44th vice president. Both of them had names which conspired on the form 'JomBjarne'. Could have been the background of the 'Yom Kippur' war in the late 60's?

Google was founded in 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford.

It was in the spring 1995 that I wrote some 'finger exercise poems' (Hanons, sort of) on certain morphs in various languages. Two of these - LAP and PAN - share some features, such as the window (these poems are reproduced in vol.3 of my 2013 edition):

LAP: The teacher

The leafing through a scholar's book,
as pocket thieves make their advances,
gives to a schoolboy something of the look
which scholars have reserved for chances

when opening a novel book on any page
letting the index finger make the choice,
just as a schoolboy in the playtime rage
hits the baseball to the other schoolboys.

In the lean behind of scholared wits
as a fleshy outgrowth of the long-time learning,
where the little patch between the buttocks sits
intelligence is stored in long-time yearning

for clearer views upon that worldly matter
and metaphysics well suspended over it.
Then, contemplating on the latter,
he looks to where a baseball hit

as it bravely went between the window crossbars     
and made a thousand pieces out of one
initially unbroken sheet of glass,
and then the sound of schoolboys on the run.

The afternoon light sifted through the curtains
and left a stamp of gold upon his shirt
whose tails were white as whalebone on his trousers
of velvet drapery with specks of dirt.

In the dust over the varnished table
he made a pattern with his finger's tap,
one two three four points scattered on the surface
and then adjoined to look like gingersnap.

Then from this melancholic mystery he lifted
his eyes to look out through the window pane.
He saw his neighbour's stone wall high in armour
and then his neighbour's stone face in the same.

He grasped for cigarettes to put light and glow to.
His vision crackled like a chinese vase
as though a lightning tore the heaven's canvas
to show the back side of his neighbour's face.

He saw the window with its crossbars painted,
he saw the flowers and his neighbour's male
and silent face over the spreading background
of jacket gold, and then a jaw of whale.

'Zhenzhin[a]' is russian for 'woman'. Sir Zhenhzin. This establishes a certain link to egyptian hieroglyphic 'm' which is an 'owl' = norw. 'ugle'. Cp. G-røver.

Modern Language Review januar 1958 had the following titles:

1. George Meredith and the 'Westminster Review'. Gordon S.Haight
2. Malherbe and Gongora. By Renee Winegarten
3. Saint-Amant and the 'New Astronomy'. By Beverly S.Ridgely
4. Some unpublished letters by Alfred Jarry. By I.Königsberg
5. Fontane's conception of the folk-ballad. By Gillian Rodger
6. Multatuli's psyche. By Peter King

One could perhaps see a PAN & PSYCHE in the mirrors of 1 and 6. 'Zongora' is hungarian for Grand Piano Klaver. In this article I discuss a certain political role for the 'ballade'. I hope the post functions as it should. It was in this month january 1958 that Nelly Sachs was first acquainted with Hans Magnus Enzensberger when he travelled to Stockholm. One year later, on 20 january 1959, was the middle of Eisenhower's (not Enzensberger's!) period and possibly the date when I could have got some horror chemicals in the blood - if that is the story. I have been told (by the custody parents) that I swalled a walnut which I found on the floor and the allergic reaction was so strong that I nearly died. This is at least the conception presented to me so far.

See my socalled ABC - search for "War den ganzen Tag froh" - an excerpt of the letter which Nelly Sachs wrote to Enzensberger's norwegian wife Dagrun two days later, on 22 january 1959. Here I quote the letter to Dagrun Enzenberger on Tjøme, Norway, once again:

War den ganzen Tag froh, trotz Eis und Dunkelheit, daß es so etwas Lichtes und Süßes im Nachbarland gibt. Es war so gemütlich zu hören, wie Du schön warm heizt, und draußen ist es bitter kalt genau wie im Märchen. Ich sehe euer Häuschen vor mir. O wie gerne würde ich auf der Küchenbank schlafen. Weißt Du, ich schlafe bei mir auch in der Küche, einfach weil ich da mehr zu Hause bin als in dem Fein-Zimmer, wo ich die Möbel von anderen Flüchtlingen übernahm. Und dann, wenn man selbst einmal auf der Flucht einen Stein gestreichelt hat, weil es das erste war, worauf man sich niederließ in einem freien Land - so hat man niemals mehr ein nahes Verhältnis zu allem, was nicht ganz direkt zum Dasein dient".

It is perhaps doubtful whether Sachs hinted to a certain 'Dwight David Eisenhower' in the first line, but 'politics' could have taken it that way. Mario Rigoni Stern (not 'Stein') wrote the novel "Il sergente nella neve". 'Neve' is norwegian for hand, fist, palm. It was a korean surgeon who in 1978 or 1979 removed my left nipple button (the balance or navigation organ under the skin) rather than the fat surrounding it, which I had asked for. Somebody could have 'fixed' the instruction he followed? In 1980 the oil rig Alexander Kielland went aground and capsized while being tugged out the 'rio' - and 123 people died. Would it have been telling a top secret info piece that I had suffered a 1-2-3 in early childhood - up to 20 january 1959? I have never been told anything that could tell of such 1-2-3, except for this info on the alleged 'walnut' in Hammerfest, but clearly I should have had the right to know it if it were the case (and I would certainly have liked to know it). Is the 16th birthday (mine on 29 june 1973) the day when one has the right to such info?

It is possible that much politics has been established on this letter of Sachs to 'Dagrun' (not 'aground'), this fragment. The name of 'Kurt Waldheim' of Austria could have been seen as a 'humus' joke on the form 'Skogrun' Enzensberger - possibly the background of later 'HOMO' problems of philosophy ('så go[d] og rund' = 'so good and round', 'så go[d] grunn' = 'such a good reason'). Da-grun = to days?

My guess is that 1-2-3 in early childhood (if I have guessed right, 1 = opening of skull soon after birth, 2 = rape at age 6 months, 3 = horror chemicals in the blood at age 18 months - all at maximally critical developmental stages) could lead to red skin and rash under certain conditions of re-invocation later in life (could have been my collapse of 2014, possibly resembling my collapse of 1988-89 while working for the MUSIKUS project?) and that this red skin 'means' the indians of the american continent. Could be the plan is to consider the indians as a sort of new jesuses resurrecting by the equinumerous holocaust and american devanagari etc. Melissa, Mescalin, Mesca, Mecca etc.

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammed Ali - and even creed.

Would that mean 'plagiarizing' the indians' territorial rights? A culture of plagiarizing cannot bring territorial rights to the immigrants. I have noticed a certain similarity between the presentation poster photo to the US film 'La la land' and my own 'indian' turned 90 degrees. The film was released after my book "Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra", with alternative title "Stillhetens åndedrag", was completed. I have not seen the film, only this presentation poster photo, and cannot tell if it could be about an 'electronic' production creating 'consistent functions' from a source code (text) to the completed film - whereby the fiction functions not only inside the work but also outside. A new culture of artworks of that 'consistent function' type could not take it very far. Plagiarisms are illegal, they are violations of the law of intellectual properties and copyright, and should be stopped by the police, unless permission has been granted by the copyright holder. I have never given any permission of that kind.

Google has been running a web campaign which consists in a popup that tells you that Google is subjected to certain Privacy Regulation Rules (or something like that - not PVC violation fools?) and you have to agree to these if you want to continue, otherwise you cannot. But isnt that to turn the roles around? It is possible that the strategy is used by other institutions - you have to sign a paper telling that the institution is subjected to certain regulations. I would guess that such 'nonsense prompting' is not really legal.

The wording in a popup was this: a Google company / Before you continue / To be consistent with data protection laws, we’re asking you to take a moment to review key points of Google’s Privacy Policy. This isn’t about a change that we’ve made – it’s just a chance to review some key points. / We’ll need you to do this in order to continue using Google services.

The political phenomenon of 'the hungarian woman' could be about the relation to Austria. Hungarian for 'the woman' is 'az asszony' which seems to be conceived as a naked woman on her back on a donkey's back with a male standing behind the donkey attempting intercourse with the woman but failing and going in the donkey instead. (I saw this in a hungarian joke magazine called 'Pistike'). In the animated films called 'Shrek' there is a donkey character with a 'negroid' voice.

Added on 23 february 2017:

In addition to the two 'morph' poems on LAP and PAN, it seems that the first such poem I wrote in the spring 1995, on the morph RAK, perhaps could have been abused by political intrigue. It is this poem:


The lobster trod the sands of winter night-gales,
the furious jokes that broke into the shore,
and made its old acquaintance an aquaintance
of wings so clipped to touch the ancient moor.

A horse was clipping over the horizon
the gait it got when Satan made a thought
and drove a pronged rake into the laburnum
and closed the garden which he long-since bought.

And from the long extended throats of heaven's writing
the wild geese in a white eternity cried.
An angel, black in terror, white in garment,
went the metallic breath of one who died.

I wrote these (and many other) morph finger exercise poems in the spring 1995. It is a fact that Ragna Grøver in the autumn 1994 was on my door and gave me the choice between either 'fars anorak' ('fathers anorak') or 'plommer fra hagen' ('plums from the garden'). I wanted neither of them (and should probably not have opened the door - which I had done in the belief that perhaps she had something to confess). Could be RAK-LAP-PAN cover these forms, in addition to 'far sa no' = 'father said something...' (such as perhaps 'e må pisse' in the late 60's, before he disappeared behind a shed and seemed to have been replaced with a copy when he returned). The administrative upper hand - if these poems have been abused by intrigue - would have been installed on the tacit preconception that I wrote my RAK poem because she had suggested 'fars ano-RAK', and the same with the other two poems. That is not true but the intrigue would not ask me.

I recall in Molde in the late 60's we had learnt in school the hymn 'O bli hos meg' ('O stay/abide with me') and I gave expression to the opinion at home that it was a song of much beauty - which is true. Beatles published their 'Obladi Oblada' in 1968 - I do not remember which of these events were first, but there is some potential proof value in the vowel change in the title to the song:

   O bli hos
nå er det
G    =

O bli hos meg, nå er det aftentid / og mørket stiger
O abide with me, now it is evening time / and the darkness arises/ascends

with the alternative 'childish mistake' of 'og mørkets tiger' = 'and the tiger of darkness'.

Beatles start their song: 'Obladi Oblada' - 'Desmond has a barrow in the marketplace' which rewrites to 'O bli da o bli di - this means he's a below and that mørkets tiger'. Could have some proof value?

But it means that the song of the Beatles would relate to the hymn like my poems would relate to Ragna Grøver's two options - as could be the logic of the administrative intrigue.

Joe[a]-Biden with me, said Obama before the election. His own name could go by the same vowel change as "O beam me, bil-link hus i annen" - suggesting that the laser beam which could have given me a cerebral haemorrhage in 2002 could have come from a car parked outside and possibly even been precision guided somehow by a link indoors.

'Joe Biden' - does that mean 'cerebral haemorrhage' - such as 'Dob Iron' could suggest? 'Dose of/up Iron' is perhaps not much better. But this could suggest that the paralysis of 2002 could have been linked to a presumed later presidency of Obama - and such a laser beam could even have been connected to my three poems already then.

It seems that this could have been a possible part of my collapse around march-april 2014 - and it must be admitted that the collapse was about 4444 days after the first - if e.g. one thinks that the cerebral haemorrhage on the 'lobster' is interpreted as the RAK poem and it turns via first/second of the songs and Ragna Grøver's options. Clearly this could have been a very heavy stress for the poet - not the least by the potentially hateful interpretations of the poem which can arise therefrom, at least compared with the poet's intention. And if e.g. Google (a theoretic example) could have been used for 'couping' the writing and reading of the poems, it could have been quite a heavy burden for me - and I collapsed, for whatever reason. It could perhaps have been enough with somebody who resembled another person (with or without 'pronged rake'?) for creating rather heavy effects. It is noteworthy that I (for whatever reason) had developed some eczemas and tried to find a salve without hydro cortizone and an apothecary offered me a salve called 'Sensicutan' - "you can try this one", she said when she gave it to me - and it is only today that I discover the name of Obama's 'Kriegsveteranminister' of those days (Eric K. Shinseki up to 30 may 2014 when he was replaced with Robert A. McDonald - notice that 'uten' means 'er ikke' in norwegian - while 'sinnsyk' = 'mentally ill'). I had also just taken some liftups on a crossbar for improving my body stature - not many days I had been doing this, a few liftups per day - before the collapse when a mock 'he-man' right arm developed with giant muscles - which were only oedema water all of it. But it could have meant 'such a beautiful heman' - for 'such a beautiful hymn' - that 'O bli hos meg'. Was it secret surveillance who was quick with the mock? (There is still an ad up in the post offices, I think, showing footballers doing liftups on a goal crossbar). 'Hymen' is norwegian for 'the virginal membrane'. A pity that those three 'meanings' could apply to a 1-2-3 on a small child. But that is certainly not what my poems of 1995 were about - rather very much the opposite.

'This means he's a below/bureau and that mørkets tiger': Could be there has been like this more or less all my life. Isnt it soon time that administration comes out with the story - that they confess, that means? The world does not need more of this sort of intrigue.

Added on 26 february 2017:

The question is whether PSYCHE of the 6th title of MLR jan 1958 receives enough emphasis and combination to create a PAN in the first line. This is the last lines of Olaf Bull's poem 'Metope': "Pan og Psyche / in front of an ocean of corn, in starlight!" There is a structure which seems to converge on this.

On the corner Am Hof / Heidenschuß in downtown Vienna

there is a marble corner pillar to 'Verbund' which carries a puzzling inscription - english on the left and german on the right side of the corner:

What calls for attention is that the 'yellow' and 'fog' could apply to the quote from Beatles on background of the hymn I had learnt in school - 'this means he's a below/yellow and that mørkets tiger'. That fog?

The notable historic link is in my arrival in Vienna in 2004 - when I went to register my new residential address, austrian president Thomas Klestil (= 'Am Hof'?) suddenly died (fell unconscious same morning and died a little later), and when I registered in Venice in 2008, Jörg Haider (= 'Heidenschuß'?) died (later in the same day).

I add that in recent years there is a firm called ISTA who reads the electric metres in town, at least where I live. I have earlier described the situation on my arrival in Fredrikstad in 1970 when I spoke with a neighbour boy my age who said that I STA in eastern Norway means 'in a few moments time' while my conception (from western Norway) was that it meant 'a few moments ago'.

On the other side of the big square 'Am Hof' there is the narrow passage into 'Judenplatz', and the corner on the other side of 'Am Hof' is also the corner to 'Judenplatz'. There, on the corner between Drahtgasse and Judenplatz, is a 'corresponding' sign - probably for those who clean the memorial on Judenplatz:

It was in the spring 1995 that I wrote the above 'morph' poems (LAP, PAN, RAK and others). I then travelled in early june 1995 to Bergen to get a preappointed room at Fantoft Studentby, a name which now can be recognized as relevant to 'Am Hof - Heidenschuß'. In the late summer I got a flat near the university where I lived in the autumn and a few weeks into 1996. I am fairly certain that I wrote the following sonnet in the autumn 1995 (and self-published it in London in the pamphlet 'Poems' in the spring 1997) - it is based on a somewhat more complex morph structure:

The chap came to the church like kings
when suffering from thorns in flesh or heart.
In the confessional he said, as with a fart:
"It was a series of interlocking things

which as a ball and chain still to me clings,
a masterwork made with a blacksmith's art".
Then, through the wall, some humble words apart,
as from a flounder telling him to leave the ring.

He bolted for a wooden door to lock,
a toilet compartmentet from the flock,
where he could sit and soothe his suffering soul.

He entered sideways, like a monk in frock,
and, stooping to lift up the ring, saw in the bowl
old Agamemnon's mask in liquid gold.

The question is whether I am permitted to recognize the 'masterwork' of the 'blacksmiths art' referred to in this sonnet in the 'Meisterbetrieb' of the cleaning company. However that be, on the Judenplatz itself there is now a large holocaust memorial created by the british artist 'Rachel Whiteread' - erected in probably 2000 - after the idea to it was conceived (by Simon Wiesenthal?) probably after the discovery of the foundations to the old medieval synagoge in 1995:

The memorial consists in a turned-around library - rows and rows with books with their back inwards and the 'V-backs' turned outwards:

The 'book rows' of the memoral                         The info plaque close to it

On the other side of the Judenplatz itself there is a corner with some telling concepts - Zahnärtze: Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde - a place called 'Ellas' and a few other things. A sculpture of Lessing.

I discovered this phenomenon and the puzzling relation to my own sonnet from 1995 on 26 february 2017, in fact on the same day as the annual Oscars are given out to the film industry in Los Angeles in USA. I had to recall Johann Sebastian Welhaven's famous poem "Åsgårdsreien" about the old norse mythological horses who run across the sky - but installed into more modern times - what even could look somewhat related to ideas of an american racist movement or something like that. Oscars-Reihen - is that about those books in the memorial? I recall teacher frau Berge (who also had taught us 'O bli hos meg') in Molde telling about this poem of Welhaven. That poet is of course not the same as the later Olaf Bull - but it is noteworthy that the inscription on the icelandic artist on the marble corner piller at 'Am Hof' is not the same as a 'metope' - but somehow related associatively nevertheless. See my ABC of politics (so called not the least due to the very limited knowledge of the author) and search for the story of 'Hjörleifur' and the other icelandic settlers. In 2011 there were 4-5 'revolutions' which could have followed an 'Adolf Eichmann' generation tree pattern. Does this mean - if I am considered the Eichmann since the earthquake of Concepzion 1960 - that Obama's role (in this structure) could have been to install the Adolf Hitler into history for a later transference into Germany?

HYMeN seems to be a possible concept even for the story of the icelandic settlers, however modern those ideas could be - and I notice that the word is essential also to some of the poems (61, 62, 64, 66) of Catull - and thereby also the question of the role of Catull and a theoretic 'blue metre' for the syrian conflict since 2011.

One could guess that my eczemas could be related to this phenomenon, as also the progressive condition of it now around the Oscars could be suggestive of - since it could mean that as soon as I write some poetry in this city space, it follows these lines in the collective consciousness and goes simply astray relative to my own intentions. That makes it hard to be very 'devoted' to the task.

Is 'Pan & Psyche' by this structure established? Could be it is.

Kost = broom.

Added on 27 february 2017:

Those who illegally survey other people are filled with bad conscience unless they find a method for dumping it. Plagiarisms in culture is such a method for relieving the conscience of illegal surveillance - since it consists in the uncredited borrowing of intellectual property which is the problem of the secret surveillance, who may have tons of illegal copies of copyrighted documents - but the result is of course a bad culture.

The night of the Oscars in USA was a real horror for me - I did not follow it but lay in bed with a terrible itch, for whatever reason. News next day told that the film called 'La la land' (told of above) won the most Oscars but their 'Oscars-Reihen' was not crowned with Best Film - although it was first announced, the director got the price and started reading his thanking speech when it was discovered that it was a mistake and they had to give it back to the real winner who was the film 'Moonlight' (probably not 'moonlit frog' like the confessor above). Ideas mingled turbulently in my head during the night in bed that no film can be nominated for the Oscars if it is not a plagiarism of some work of mine, still unpublished. I am sufficiently naive to believe that this cannot be the case, and I wholeheartedly maintain that the police must arrest every uncredited 'plagiarism' of american film. It does not matter that the secret surveillance could want to have it to be relieved of the burden of bad conscience.

What is the phenomenon? It is easy to see that it could be about the tragic lack of territorial rights in the USA after the pogroms on the indians who originally owned the land - and could be they still do according to internationally accepted law. (Jimmy Kimmel, not James Joyce, was the host of the Oscars show, if I got it right - and the presentation photo to the most-winning film showed a 'plagiarism', sort of, a similarity with the poor 'indian' in a 90 degrees turn - his sweet daughter and wife). Therefore some may feel that they find a certain foothold in a 'transcendent' intellectual territory of Otherman's Land - and typically a 1-2-3 on a small child could be what releases the 'khora' of the developing subject as a sort of 'shareware' for the society. The 1-2-3 attacks the child in the most critical phases of development - such as the days immediately after birth: The child has been thrown out of paradise, which is traumatic, and its skull bones are not grown together and the 'moon travellers helmet' can be easily opened with simple tools, a masturbator sends a clot of sperm on the infant's cortex as a sort of 'flag' planted on the new 'khora', and the helmet is put on again. It is the construction of the human body and the human reality which allows for this, and one can guess that it used to be normal in older days (when 14 children shared the single room with the parents) as a 'hijack' of the child's pack of life resources that follow it to the earth, and probably victims of such used to end up in the ditch - therefore every civilized society has infant child control after a few months of life when it is too late to open the child but when the scars of an early opening will still be trackable with a nurse's finger around the neck. It is the fact that such opening is possible and that life resources can be hijacked therewith which lends to the infant a feeling of being admitted back again into a protected paradise when this does not happen. That leads to a harmonious give-and-get (often called give-and-take) relation to the society later in life, and the days soon after birth are probably critical from that point of view. A rape at age 6 months or chemical horror in the blood at age 18 months (when syntax starts developing) could have a similar function on maximally critical points of development - and the combination 1-2-3 could perhaps detach the 'khora' (Kristeva's term?) from a subject for borrowing of territorial rights.

But is the USA that uncivilized?

My own The Endmorgan Quartet was written in 'one breath' through 11 years (1997-2008) and consists of 16 books of poetry which form the basis for the 'blue metre' in 'POLAKK English Bloggi' (2008-2010) - it seems that historic events tend to follow a line through the 366 poems. For example, when names of governments of a country follow from poem to poem in line 4 successively through fairly long periods, that is likely because of the 'poetic function' described in book 4 of TEQ. The poetic function #4.

A modern plagiarism does not consist in a trivial imitation of the 'meaning' of the literary work. If for example a US film is a plagiarism of a book of poetry of mine, then you can see the film and read the book without being able to point to any similarity anywhere. It is the systematic relation which is the plagiarism, and then one can guess that every little detail of the literary work will be transformed by a systematic 'function' into the film in such a way that you can describe with great precision which part of the literary work relates to which part of the film - even if nobody can spot any similarity. But you can feel it. It is the invention of the goodenough computers which makes it possible to scan a book of poetry in and press a button and the electronic film comes out as a 'perfect plagiarism' after a few hours of processing - and nobody can see the similarity and the function between in and out can be kept as a potential complex and esoteric secret for a powerful brotherhood. The result is a systematic 'function' the form of which that can be used in business, politics etc - for making a new 'khora' for the young and developing society. Secret surveillance can scan the input directly from the 'divinity's workdesk and the resulting media works (films, books...) come out with full presentation material some minutes later and go with email around the world. The poet takes a break and go to the shop for potatoes and see in a window the film poster for what he wrote an hour ago, and in the shop there is an offer for 'frankly carrots'. That is why secret surveillance is forbidden and the copyright law of intellectual property must be respected. And why human rights with necessity apply to absolutely every single human being, and if somebody says that 'our society respects the human rights for everybody except for that single one, of course', then they do not respect the human rights.

The question is then whether these systematic 'plagiarist' functions are the same as the poetic functions of my TEQ. Is that the reason why the american society seems to accept the phenomenon - if it exists, that is? Poetic functions 1-2-3...16?

If so, then one could understand it and perhaps even agree to it - to the extent, of course, that the source of the original literary work be properly credited in the film and other material. The name should be on the poster, of course, if it is the source of the film.

Put differently, is this the phenomenon which is conceived by modern 'secularized' society as 'mystic functions', postulating that this is what happens in some form of it every 1000 years - and is due to the limited reality sense of the symbolic constitution of the human species?

Is that why they do not credit the source (if they dont) - because they want to find something to 'believe in', a mystic presence of some quasi-divine being behind the veil of appearance which can grant them grace and (territorial) rights to live?

Could be esoteric religion is vulnerable for these reasons - if they keep their mystic esoteric knowledge secret, they can be blamed for such belief by intrigue and be attacked by society for that reason. Were the indians esoteric? Were the jews? Were the tutsies?

My own view is that if mystic revelation is granted to the humans from a transcendent realm, and indeed existence beyond the grasp of human reason is just more probable by these speculations of mine than less probable, that is because we are supposed to communicate it to fellow beings and not keep it secret as a potential power source. True esoterism probably exists in the form of some knowledge being non communicable, but if it can be articulated, then it should be.

And then there would be no reason for 'powerful abuse' for forcing the powerful secrets out. In primitive society, if anybody see a potential alien warrior moving in a faraway thicket, he should tell it to the rest of the society and not keep it as an 'esoteric secret'. Could be that is the logic.

It is my view that a poetic function is not the same as a plagiarist function, but it is not impossible that a similarity exists across the millenia in such a form that the difference between them are wiped out in the course of time when the memory of the once divine knowledge fades and gives in to the new shopping centres being the same all over the world. This would then be the 'formal metres' that apply as a grid over the amorphous TEQ. And whatever the history could be, the source must always be credited as well as possible - that is rule #1 for any mystic and the way to distinguish truth from lies. A strategy of 'creating divinity' - something to believe in and get the needed rights from - by suppressing the source is 'too plastic'.

So I got all the Oscars this year as well?

Frankly, these are ideas only and I have never been told that US film plagiarize me. Could be they do, and then the explanation could be of the type discussed here, could be they dont. It is probably easy to find out of with a goodenough computer.

I wrote all the poetic metres - the blue, red, yellow and white - in the course rather exactly of Obama's 8 years in the White House. Obama seems to have been planned since the 60's - at least there are data suggesting so, planned either by society or by history.

Similarly, my role defined by history could have been to write these metres, in particular the blue metre could be important. But I would say that the TEQ is more important.

There are some reasons to believe that a rudimentary blue metre has existed for some time, maybe a few centuries (maybe in the possession of Buckingham?) - a simple morph-counter the relevance of which was proven by way of Catull. Could be I was planned around the time of Ibsen's 'John Gabriel Borkmann' for writing a better one and that Winston Churchill really was a Winston Catull. (The Grövers had a 'skatoll'). If so, then one can guess that the purpose with the war in Syria was to lend emphasis to this Catull-blue metre - in which case the war could have been avoided with a publication of my book. But all this makes a quasi-divine status of mine unnecessary and superfluous.

This version of history I have given here presents a draft to a negotiable solution which can make it possible for USA to find a solution without having to resort to crime.

The Sensicutan story once again: When I lived on Fantoft Studentby, there were a few cues that could have pointed forwards to Obama and the corner Heidenschuß / Am Hof. When Bush defined the 'axis of evil' on 29 january 2002, it could have been about IraN, IraQ and nOrth kOrea = Austria telling that unless he told this in advance, US could come to be credited with the death of Klestil or comparable collapse when I came to Austria - could be an intrigue for George Bush as George Meredith in MLR jan 1958. But how could I come to Austria if I had no money? 29 january 2002 was just the days when I ran out of money and had to find a solution - and went to Paris a few weeks later. 'Konk-ordet' means the word that tells of bankruptcy or simply 'konk' = 'broke', 'no money', and the Concorde crash in 2000 could have been pretelling that this would have been the chance for Bush to tell it in advance. After the Concorde crash 2000 with appr. 99 germans on board and Bush' 'axis of evil' 2002, there followed the austrian delegation to a consultation with Condoleezza Rice as foreign minister on 5 september 2005 when (in the same morning) a helicopter carrying 750 kg of concrete in a container lost it down on a Seilbahn in the alps and hit it right on the wheel running on the cord so that it fell down with appr. 9 germans on board. Clearly a Senzacorde (which could have served to pretend that it was american terror in Austria?). If the Concorde went on a transatlantic rope, this one did not. This Senzacorde is clearly a possible explanation to the Sensicutan story - since the 'corde' was 'cut-an' when it was no longer transatlantic. Clearly it is 'nazi' to believe in the annexation of a subjective khora to make it the new territory of a continent. That is an american problem which has nothing to do with the semiotics. The new territory is transcendent and metaphysical (not so 'concrete') and the field of a new technology and the americans can find their territory there along with everybody else - and so the problem could be solved without invasion of subjects. But the invasion and annexation that perhaps could solve some political problems - and which could be the theme of this story - is a german annexation of Austria? My collapse in 2014 could perhaps be related to this issue. If Churchill was Catull, was Hitler simply HYMEN? I dont know how Klestil died, but published data tell that he was on his way out in the morning when he suddenly fell down and died.

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