'Stillhetens åndedrag' and some related political issues

John Bjarne Grover

In this article I discuss the phenomenon of apparent abuse by encoding of my work in international terror and the issue of a potential solution to this problem of terror as a form of quasi-religious sacrifice. There are some comments on the role of my new book "Stillhetens åndedrag".

1. The personal background

In late 1981 or was it early 1982, I had to be circumcized due to medical reasons and the foreskin of my penis was removed under anaesthesia in hospital, and I woke up with hardly anything left of the original foreskin - there were stitches around the edge of the head or 'land' and when these were removed there was a funny little cap left on top of it - a sort of 'man-hattan'. It is likely that they had sewn from both sides and when they met on the top the two sides were twisted around each other - a sort of 'tvinn ta over'. In 1992 I got 100.000 NOK in a check from Ragna Grøver but did not cash them due to difficulties - when I went to the bank to cash the check they said that there was not enough money on the account - in norwegian 'ikke dekning for sjekken på kontoen' = 'not cover for the check on the account'. (I cashed them in 2000 to cover the material expenses I had due to the 'Wohnungsauflösung' after the forced hospitalization 1999-2000 that had been done by way of her signature). However, it may have been in 1993 that I woke up and the penis looked not totally as before - the hat was gone and there were some new countries or 'land' on the 'map' - the head of the penis had attained some new shades which looked a little like a map (cp. hebrew 'mappiq'?). On what day was it? I dont remember, and neither do I know if this could have come about by natural developments - that was the explanation I had then - that there had to be some natural explanation, and neither could I tell with certainty when the 'top hat' had flattened out to nearly nothing. But if the penis (head) had been replaced, where had the original one gone? Who could have had such interests? Had anybody paid for it? For having it in the freezer?

When I later bought the house in Szolnok in 2015, it cost appr. 100.000 NOK = 3,4 million forints which looks like 'Lambertsville' written in devanagari script: Just write 'Lambertsville' in devanagari and there is the price. With the currency value of 2015, that meant about 100.000 NOK. If not coincidental (but it is true to say that the price was reasonably market level for such a 25 square metre adobe hut), some could argue that the price was the money I had gotten from Ragna Grøver in 1992 or 1993 - although I had not cashed them before 2000 for covering the expenses I had by 'Wohnungsauflösung' when I had to move out of the country - and therefore that it was Ragna Grøver who had bought the house for this sum of money. Water was in a garden tap only, not through pipes indoors. It had earlier belonged to 'Imre Wagner' whose name I could perhaps recognize in the spoon of 'Levi Eschkol' who took over as PM of Israel after Ben Gurion in june 1963: The spoon tells 'evi leschkol' or 'evig lærerskole' = 'eternal teacher's education school' - I started school in 1964 in Volda at a primary school annexed to the teacher's education school = 'lærerskole' where the students rehearsed pedagogy on the children - this was called 'Øvings-skulen' - 'Practicing school' - which also can mean 'Øvings-kulen' = 'Practicing bullet'. 'Ø-vings-kulen' would be the bullet for the 'wing' of one of the hemispheres of the 'Ø kjempesår' globe after WWII. When this 'lærerskole' was 'evig' = 'eternal', there could be some early hints therein to the Kennedy assassination? I notice that when or after Grøver/'Mengele' was replaced by a copy in the summer 1968 or maybe rather 1969, Golda Meir took over in Israel after Eschkol - which spoons well to 'Molde Geir'. Ragna Grøver was teaching psychology at the 'lærerskole' in 1964-65.

'Evil æsj-cold' from the freezer? It was in 1994 that I applied for the research fellow PhD study job at the university of Bergen and got it in 1995 - I dont know when preparations for this had started. There were three stipends announced - Siv-Ellen Kraft got a stipend in religion theory along with Øystein Aleksander Vangsnes and me in linguistics.

But to conceive of the house in Szolnok as a necro ding acquired by Ragna Grøver for 'evil æsj-cold' purposes is to be mistaken. I bought the house for my own money saved up from the pension and the 100.000 NOK from Ragna Grøver, presented as a 'forskudd på arv' = 'advance inheritance' after the official death of her husband John Grøver in 1990, had been used to cover my losses after the forced hospitalization. 'Forsk-ud' = 'research out' (Bergen?), 'for-skudd' = 'pre-shot', 'advance payment'.

100.000 NOK = 3,4 million forints requires a certain level of currency values and a certain level of house prices generally. How many kopeks?

House acquisitions in Hungary require a tax of 4% of the sales sum paid to the tax office - I dont know if that is money which is forwarded from the state to the estate agencies to cover the acquisition - thereby keeping the estate agents somewhat under control. I got the bill from the tax office in a letter dated 11 september 2015.

2. The doctorate degree

My PhD dissertation was completed and handed in to evaluation at the university of Bergen in 1997 and rejected in a letter of july 1998, after which there followed the twin (!) bombings of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam ('there is the salami' - in the freezer?) and Nairobi ('now is it up in it') - plus the bombing of Omagh - possibly telling of the 'Obama' script of 'Lambertsville' as 3,4 million ('Bha-bha-[ch O]-bha-bha' looks like '4444' in devanagari) - for the phrase 'rejected on a political basis', which could have been the contents of the appeal I was writing just then - as if it were me who wrote my appeal in that way, by means of terror. The Beast of Terror, that could have meant. 'Evil æsj/ash-cold'?

The 11 sep 2001 attack on USA looks like the series of ratios 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5... - it could be seen as the essence of my PhD dissertation 'A waist of time' from 1997. When today I have completed not only 'The Endmorgan Quartet' which has much theoretic basis in part 1 of the dissertation, but also 'POLAKK English Bloggi' for which the theoretic basis is in part 2 of the dissertation, and now the white metre meets the essentials of part 5 not the least in the assumed ratios 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7 - and one could add the Caravaggio and Vermeer correlations as relevant to part 3, then there are every good reason to see that the dissertation should have been accepted and not rejected. It is not a reason to reject it that it lacks enough jargon. 'POLAKK English Bloggi' is a great step forwards for many fields of science, not only linguistics, and there is no doubt that the theoretic basis is in part 2: Had I not written this work earlier (1992,1995-97), it is not certain whether I could have embarked upon the poetic project later on - and clearly the interpretation of 'POLAKK English Bloggi' for linguistic studies can find much theoretic foundations in this study.

This means that 11 september 2001 could be quite simply an attack on my doctorate degree - a hijack of it, so to speak. I noticed a book by Al Gore in the bookshop which had some apparent echos of my part 1 - although of course attachment theory is interesting for more than only my studies. Attachments also often stick to emails - and I notice the campaign of Hillary Clinton and memories from the forest outskirts of 1972. There have been some news of a hacker called Guccifer 2.0 - if Lucifer is the campaign for recognizing me and my authorship as 'Satan', such as by the attacks on american installations in 1998 and 2001, the name of this hacker identified as 'Marcel Lehel Lazar' rewrites to 'Marchegg Lököshaza' = the border towns from Vienna to Bratislava and from Szolnok to Rumania. I noticed that several of those who had been arrested by Russia in the Donbass conflict had names which looked like that - border towns etc - a 'Gennady Afanasiev' who spoons to 'en av de ga fan...' = 'Loipersbach...' etc - some of those, it seemed. The campaign could be about such 'Satan' or 'Lucifer'. But would Russia be interested in creating such ideas? I dont think so.

In the course of the studies in Bergen (1995-97) I had to order a Borland 5.0 C++ compiler from Oslo since they did not have it in Bergen - when it arrived it had been hacked on the way and it produced false programs. Most of the files on the CD had been compiled on a certain date but some files were dated 1 april. ++ looks like chinese radical 42 (in modern systems) such as in the sign 'yì' = 'skill, art' - which was the reason for the rejection of my dissertation. 'All parts of the dissertation must be on a high internations level', told the reason - and they had found a page which was not so high - something about a logical proof of Gödel - and that was part of the reason for the rejection. The sign 'yì' looks like a Z with the ++ on a high level over it - not the same as a C followed by ++ - but Guccifer 2.0, Luzifer etc could perhaps be telling of such things. It is said that Guccifer 2.0 had acquired access to Hillary Clinton's emails, probably with attachments. Could be since many years ago? Evil 'æsj' in the winter cold of 1972?

Is the US democrat party planning to model terrorism against american interests as conducted by me - in the role of Satan? Then there would be all reasons for alarm - since I am not involved in such things - but would the 11 sep 2001 be about a role-turning?

Who asked for the rejection of the PhD dissertation? Find out who asked for it - and those were perhaps involved in 11 sep 2001. Mary Jo Kopechne it could not have been, since she died officially in the late 60's, around the time of the replacement of Grøver/'Mengele' and Golda Meir in Israel. After Meir followed Yitzhak Rabin whose name spoons to 'rich at jobben' which again calls forth associations to 'the keys to heaven', with 'John på jobben' (in Bergen?), but the unspooned name could perhaps be telling things in itself ('gitt seg krabben i vold' = 'cold æsj evil' or 'worthless krebber NOT evil'?)

With my new book 'Stillhetens åndedrag' / 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra' (it has a double title, like part 3 of 'Der Dornenstrauch'), I think it is time to recognize my PhD dissertation as goodenough and to accept my work as valid for the doctorate degree. I think the blue and the white - see also this file - metres (could be even this study on Caravaggio as relevant to the yellow metre?) are goodenough reason to accept my PhD degree since they prove the high relevance of the dissertation for the development of such new and interesting knowledge - never mind if there be enough jargon there or not. The disputation (viva) is contained in the book "Doktorgraden" = "The doctorate", including the lecture in the theory of science. In addition to this, there was for the degree the need for a lecture over a self-chosen theme - this is included in my book 'Time and the sonnet' (1999), the chapter called "Christ as the arbitrary morphemic sign". Thereby my PhD degree can be accepted by a norwegian committee and the diploma sent to me by post - all parts of the formal requirements should have been fulfilled except that the disputas (viva) and the second lecture are in written instead of oral form - which should not be that important after all, in view of the circumstances. With this degree of mine accepted, the effect of the terror of 11 september 2001 and the twin embassy bombings of 1998 will be much less.

And that should, after all, be something valuable.

My norwegian bank Nordea had told in a letter of october 2015 that account balance would not be sent in paper format to addresses abroad from 27 november 2015 onwards. I had thereafter only the telephone for checking the balance. In the summer 2016 I was in Italy and discovered that somebody had put 20.000 NOK into my bank account on 11 july 2016 - the name of the sender was given as 'Ragna A. Devold Grøver' - I asked the bank to return the money to the sender. When some days ago (january 2017) I asked for having a printout of the whole year to check what had been going on on my account, I found to my surprise another such dispatch of 20.000 NOK on 19 may from the same sender - which I had not discovered due to the poor overview. I once again asked them to return it. But I had not discovered this in time for the elections. For me to send money to Ragna Grøver, never mind where they come from, is a very unpleasant experience.

There was a disastrous earthquake in august 2016 at Norcia in Italy, though.

I think it is very important that my PdD dissertation be accepted. And stop all that nonsense about Ragna Grøver being involved in the house in Szolnok - as if it were a ding for various such purposes. (Wasnt there a film about a 'Revenant'?) If Chappaquiddick = 'Chappak-id-dick' of Edward Kennedy - and Mary Jo Kopechne! - meant 'csap a kertben' ('water tap in the garden') = 'Chappak-Erben' ('forskudd på arv'?), it looks like an old 'project' from those days. But it is high time to stop all further involvements of the Kennedys - and Ragna A. Devold Grøver - with my life.

I notice that the poetic metres of mine seem to have a generally peace-preserving interest and function, not the least as far as the jewish factor is concerned:

The blue metre: Could have prevented the war in Syria.
The yellow metre: Could prevent new nazism in Germany.
The white metre: Could prevent terror generally - see below

These metres have their theoretic basis in the doctoral dissertation 'A waist of time' from 1997 that was in 5 parts and relates to the poetry:

Part 1: TEQ = non-metric
Part 2: PEB = blue metre
Part 3: DDS = yellow metre
Part 4: Anna? = red metre? - including the application for poetry
Part 5: SAa = white metre

Although parts of the dissertation could have appeared less stringent to an academic eye in 1997, such as the role of the sculpture exhibition in Bergen discussed in part 3, it has a very strong rationale by the discovery of the double visual logic of Caravaggio - HI and LO - in part 3 of my Dornenstrauch of recent years - also by the 'turning strap' ('tanke-remen') of the exhibition compared with the Rigveda correlation with the Dornenstrauch - and more recently a comparable HI and LO logic of Vermeer by the white metre of 'Stillhetens åndedrag'.

3. Some political phenomena

Some years ago I met previous austrian president Heinz Fischer in 'Graben' in central Vienna. This could have been the reason why I more recently came to think of the drafts to my 8 'grave' ballades which I wrote in the mid of the 1990's. There have been some signs that the ballades of mine and their structure has gone into administrative use. The first of these ballades is included in my book "Time and the sonnet" (1999) as an example of my interpretation of the ballade form being characterized by a very strong telescoping of all its material - through three 8-liners and a fourth 4-liner - onto the very last word which carries abnormally stong weight, not the least through a distributional principle of reinforcement which the ballade shares with the sonnet - and the two literary forms are about the same age, from the middle ages. I wrote the finger-exercise ballades (some of them are not really completed but have the form of drafts only) for studying the relation of them to the phonological feature 'grave' relative to a matrix of semantic features which I think I got from sumerian - in the ballade (the first of the 8) included in the book, on the theme of a funeral, the last word is 'north'. Whether this could have been the reason for the attack on the theatre performance 'NORD' in Moscow in 2002 I dont know. (I think it is only the first of the 8 ballades that is published). The 8 last words of the 8 ballades are these:

1) north - 2) pot - 3) page - 4) tap - 5) [flower]bed - 6) south - 7) both - 8) line

This was also the moment when I recalled the film 'The Artist' (2012) - it got 5 Oscars - the beginning scenes of 'wrong care - ikke' ('masturbates not' it can mean in norwegian - not really 'Obamacare') with the society's brute calls for some of it nevertheless when it can look as if there is another person who escapes like a batman from the cell - at least I believed that this was the contents of it. Could be it was the 'belle' teeth of the main character which created this idea? A closer study of the film can suggest that the contents of the film follows the series of end words 1-8 - with some permutations included, such as the 'line dancing' at the end on a par with the 'line dance' on the breakfast table with the dog around 10:00. There is some tap dancing. But clearly these are general observations - which I would perhaps not have spent the time on if it were not for a puzzling phenomenon which I discovered after having seen the film that the name of the female main actress Bérénice Bejo reminded me somewhat of the story which my friend from the literary studies in 1982 called 'Pernille' told - that she had bought a second-hand Peugeot as christmas present for her mate/partner but it broke down on the first trip on christmas eve - and probably had to be 'pushed'. 'Pernille's Peugeot' it could perhaps be called - it had cost her 35.000 NOKs, she told me. Now where are these 35.000 NOK in the story? I noticed when I wrote an application for citizenship in Austria in 2010 that there were certain links to this price of the Peugeot in a parking fine I had got when I moved into Norderhovgata in Oslo in late 1992. As far as I remember, when I got the disability pension in late 2002, the education loan I had in the education bank in Norway was released except for the 'catch' of a theoretic sum of 35.000 NOK in case I should come to be in possession of much money at a later stage. (I have later been informed, though, that they have no longer any claims by me). Pernille's partner (who got the auto) Petter Andre Syversen = PAS later died in an 'auto' accident in Botswana on 7 august 1986, which was on the day 12 years before the twin bombing of the US embassies ('Botschaften' = 'Peugeoten'?) in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi, and in the mid point between the similar cyanide GAS disasters of Bhopal in India and Halabjah in Iraq - a GAS-PAS-GAS. The PARCing Fine could perhaps be compared with a FARC in Rye?

I have not seen the new film 'La La Land' which has reached the cinemas after my new book 'Stillhetens åndedrag' was completed (under the first title 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra') in october 2016 but see that the presentation photo of the two dancers (there is tap dancing even in this film, tells the internet) somewhat resembles the 90 degrees tilted version of my 'indian' which crystallized from the original 'graphics ex nihilo' of 'James Joyce' during 'Ablysses' - which later crystallized to a sort of 'Finnegans Wake' on the microscope glass of 2014:

(The book is in norwegian language but is not a 'jazzpapir'). The wife and daughter are just the indian tilted 90 degrees - and it looks as if the mother is inspecting a milk tooth fallen out. My new book 'Stillhetens åndedrag' #60 is the mirror to #5 which contained the mid stanza of the white stone - here the mid stanza of #60:

Du kan reise din bajonett på hodet     
som var du en gitterflekks år.
Da lyser det i visjonenes kode
med guitar og en børste av hår.
You can raise your bayonet on your head
as were you a gridstain's year/wound.
Then shines it in the code of visions
with guitar and a brush of hair.

'Gitterflekks år' should really have been 'gitterflekk sår', in which case it is the white chinese radical WANG (or is it the sign ZHU?) over the eyes of the daughter, and then it would also have been 'gitterflekk på-hår' = 'gridstain on hair' of the indian, in that back occipital part where I could have been scissored in infancy: It could have been pronounced 'gitterflekk bår' in norwegian. Hence 'bår' or 'bore' vs. 'sår' or 'sore'. This could have been the reason why I have avoided the problem by the more odd 'gitterflekks år' - which can be pronounced right in lax norwegian but looks a little different in writing.

My doctorate dissertation was written for the university in Bergen - and the research fellow education stipend accepted - while Leiv-Egil Breivik was dean of the faculty - that is when I thereby had my 'three LEB years' = 'tre/tri LEB år' = 'wheelbarrow'. (It should have been four but I could not both teach and write my dissertation at the same time so I wrote the dissertation first and applied for having a fourth year with teaching and other things but it was not accepted). 'Anders Behring Breivik' of the Oslo terror is another case of this 'driving a wheelbarrow down in the garage' - at 'Utøya'.

After I had bought the house in Szolnok in june 2015 there were the mysterious repeated sobs or groans from a neighbouring hotel room and the enigmatic high 'drill' that went up and down outside the hotel - accompanied by sounds as of geese crying high up in the air. It could have been the same 'drillesore / drillebore'.

There could be signs of abuse of this book title 'Time and sonnet' (1999) of mine - I notice the US air force F/A-18C Hornet aircaft that crashed near San Diego at 07:20 PM on 20.10.2000 and the same type three weeks earlier at 10:30 AM

seven twenty
timeand the
ten thirty     

On 13 (or 12) march 2001 around 7:30 PM = seven thirty such a Hornet jet dropped a 500-pound bomb in Kuwait near observers - 6 of whom died, 5 of them americans. (I noticed also this newspiece). On 26 March 2001 (around 1.15 p.m. local time) two air-to-air F-15 fighter jets went lost in England - F-15't fight = fist-fight = tie-men this Hornet - 'kåt er passed vann' local time. These four cases of 'own jets' were in the time not long before 11 sep 2001. In 2014 I was sitting at my workdesk whereon I have a mat for cutting paper with a centimetre grid on it - 'a gridstain's table', 'en gitterflekks bord' - cp. also the first title '#solens pike' of poem 1 ('#bolens psyke' could be about the 'man-on-wagon') - suddenly I saw a 'horned beetle' take shape on this mat at the grid intersection of 75 cm horizontally and 25 cm vertically.

Before it died after a few seconds, it wagged ('bolted'?) its tail briefly and folded one of its two antenna to make it look like the ancient egyptian hieroglyph for the sound 's' called 'folded cloth', alternating with the hobby electronics component-looking sign for the same called 'bolt' (Gardiner's 'Egyptian grammar'). (There is also a potential bolt for the atrium space in Zinckgasse). Salt/fold vs Bolt? Cp. s-Hornet = Sonnet. It is possible that this is an old 'secret' of matter ex nihilo. It could be about the 3/4 of space which in the fighter jet stories come out as 'time' - in comparison with the 2/3 ratio of the date 11 september - which is 2/3 through the year exactly. (Could be the jets on Manhattan were on the minute or hour 2/3 through the year). In which case these jets on my book title 'Time and the sonnet' - cp. the 3-4 jets of 11 sep 2001 - if sabotaged could be a part of the massive rejection of my academic work.

The DEAN called Leiv-Egil Breivik (for the 'tri LEB år') in Bergen could (by norwegian traditions on names) have been called Leif-Eigil Breivik - in which case one can notice the SOBIBOR (drillebore) mirage of an 'idol' character. 'Facebook' on internet - 'lay', not 'pro' - and one could even add a 'Twitter'? - could likewise contribute to create the political 'object' contained in this complex.

'Trelleborg' is border town in southern Sweden - some way south of the region 'Småland' where they speak 'smålensk' - and it is a correlate to 'Lindesnes' as the southernmost point in Norway. '300 years' ('tre hundre år') is the time span of sales of Melissa from the carmelite monastery in Verona, tells the included information.

Now I do not believe that those chechen rebels who attacked the performance 'Nord' in Moscow in 2002 could have had interests in these media things and the political impact from such organized media phenomena, but clearly it is not impossible that the chechens could have got economic, political, military support from related groups.

One observes also the role of the 'devanagari' writing of the name of Baruch Obama - on the form 'Bha-Bha-uch-o-Bha-Bha' = '4-4-ucho-4-4' which could be seen to relate not only to the 'gang of four' at the end of Mao's life in China but also the sonnet - and ballade - structure which I have discussed in my 1999 book on the topic.

There were western sanctions against Russia after the malaysian airplane was shot down over Ukraina near the border to Russia so to speak in the moment when I took a photo of a painting on a wall in a church in Padova in Italy. It is probably possible to show that when 'Fanny Jefimovitsch Kaplan' shot Lenin on 30 august 1918, it could been seen as related to the main titles of 'Modern Language Review' of july 1918 - which can be seen to encode the concept of 'worthless krepper' quite clearly. Here are the main titles of MLR july 1918:

1. The Date of "Love's Labour's Lost". By H. B. Charlton
2. Spenser's "Blatant Beast". By Merritt Y. Hughes
3. Dryden's "Mac Flecknoe." A Vindication. By G. Thorn-Drury
4. A Visit to the Friends of Ibsen. By Edmund Gosse
5. De Superbia Carminum. By W. P. Ker
6. Mallet's "Histoire de Dannemarc" as a Source of "Han d'Islande". By Beatrice C. Seth-Smith
7. Anglo-Norman Poems in a Dublin Manuscript. By M. Esposito

Could be he concept of 'charleston' associates with the first title - and a 'jazzpapir' with the 7th - and hence the film 'La La Land' comments on the western sanctions against Russia via my 'indian's wife and daughter on the poster - by way of the concept in these titles? Is it always this 'worthless krepper' on me? There are even traces of a 'shooting from the hib-sen' - which I can associate with the idea of a LAURA AG and from there perhaps even to the 'ROG'-gen of the book title 'Catcher in the rye' (Salinger) which could bridge even onto the death of Indira Gandhi on Halloween 1984 - for the political formula 'a far cry' - cp. also the FARC of Columbia and the story of Yosef Alon in Maryland in 1973. The total effect of this could be the role of a 'worthless krepper' associated with my person - bridging possibly even from Lenin to Mao.

(Was Fanny Kaplan really a professional agent who missed the target intentionally when shooting after Lenin - in order to let him shoot her instead and thereby turn the revolution around? Was this the reason why Lenin himself asked Laura or sth like that to come and shoot him at a later stage? I dont know what the story was).

I add the story from november 2011 - Westbahnhof had been refurbished and had just opened and I was into 'Merkur' there. When I came out there was an apparent car accident up the street in Felberstrasse, could be outside #22 where Hitler once lived on the corner to Beingasse. If the attempt on Lenin in 1918 is the hidden purpose with intrigues on my person, the ultimate interest could perhaps be 'Ostbahnhof' = 'the east asked him [h]off'.

4. The solution of my new book - the white metre

It may, therefore, be that I was totally right in choosing the form 'en gitterflekks år' instead of 'en gitterflekk[s] sår': Could be I have solved poetically that ageold problem of the human species who feel that the visual faculty or rather the logic which makes the visual faculty meaningful relative to the rest of the perceptual system is consonant with (or even quasi dependent on) the existence of wounds - and hence they feel that terror and warfare are inevitable for a sensible human life? The solution is touched upon in a complex spread out over the book - such as the riddle mentioned in poem #23 'Språk' = 'Language' and elsewhere.

Det ligger i håndens bygning
som strålene i ditt hår
at virkelighetens skygning
er tallet på dine år.

Om gåten syntes uløselig -
høstens dager er som en vårdag
i et logrende veikryss. Der løser vi     
som er en detalj av en årsak
It lies in the hand's construction
like the rays in your hair
that reality's shadowing
is the number of your years.

If the riddle seems unsolvable -
the autumn's days are like a spring day
in a tail-wagging road intersection. There solve we
who are a detail of a cause

The 'cause' is likewise an 'år-sak' = 'a year-case'. The cat's cradle is in that butterfly between the daughter and the wife of the indian - a butterfly which also suggests that ontology and epistemology of the human reality can relate symmetrically - also in narrative time (cp. TEQ function 14). It is the hand's construction that carries the weight of the christian wound that is the heart of the story - christianity solves it by the faith in Christ who suffered on the humans' behalf and by foregiveness and cheek-turning, but other cultures could feel that it does not really solve the problem.

Here from my book poem #19 'Crow' (the female archetype, according to Vermeer):

De vakreste kvinner verden har sett -
at det som er 23,
det er verden som ønsker en slik kvartett
og 21 i sin ved.

Man vil ikke ha teorien i bunn
som om de forsøkte å nå
det som skyldes materiens skjebne, en hund     
uten englene på.
The most beautiful women the world has seen -
that that which is 23,
it is the world who wants such a quartet
and 21 in its wood.

One does not want the theory on the ground
as if they attempted to reach
that which is due to the matter's fate, a dog
without the angels thereon.

This means that my book could aspire to solve (that is, it deals with) some of the urgent problems which otherwise seem unsolvable and which could lead to terror a la Breivik could suggest. Therefore it could be urgent that the book be published.

The new and 'higher' title to the white metre is a little difficult and it means NOT terror and breaking of neck. On the contrary, it means Vermeer's HI logic. The daughter has lost a milk tooth and the mother inspects it and says that a stronger tooth comes underneath - and that is her chinese WANG or ZHU sign of the visual faculty. When this is turned 90 degrees for the new title, it looks like a wound in the neck of the indian - as if he were the firstborn. But the story is really the 'Girl with Pearl Earring' of Vermeer - the higher logic when one suddenly sees her looking from the other side with a more mature, more scrutinizing, more intelligent look - it is the indian who plays 'A deep Bratsch' with the bow over the strings in the neck - but really he holds it with his fingers - which are black where the tooth is white in the neck. The Bratsch is a little shorter, it is 'A deep ratch' = a violin. This also means that the WINE 2* is the last QUARTER of TEQ in the fundamental theorem aspect - and that means Norway as a NASAL on the visual map for China as a quarter of the world's people - like Treblinka (?) means the threshold to light/darkness for the threshold to silence/sound - hence the white radical. Therefore the book was written in norwegian - but it is important to understand the HI logic right - it is not that 'han kasta hodet bakover og lo' due to the deep ratch in the neck but rather that the logic is Vermeer's HI - there is no wound there but there are the years of the tooth. This is also the WINE - it is the years of the brain death in alcoholic intoxication - like a milk tooth qua old norse VIN = the grass meadow for the cow who gives the milk - and hence the WINE means that the stronger brain underneath which is the reason for the loss of the 'milk brain'. There is a spirit underneath which grows forth in spite of or beyond the brain. Which means that he did not throw the head backwards at all - he rather played the violin.

Vermeer's 'Girl with pearl earring' can be seen to have a HI interpretation which avoids the crossing of the left and right vision nerves - and if the occipital lobe in addition is folded over to the front lobe, like a hieroglyphic 'folded cloth', that is the 'other' girl (or the other aspect of the same girl), even the upside-down of the lens is mended if it is folded over - which means that the visual impression will appear in the front lobe as if pressed directly from the ontological reality into the forehead and the cortex behind it. These two modes of seeing is what the stoics called 'apo aistheseos' and 'dia tes dianoias' - the folded cortex cloth will give rise to the 'apo aistheseos' on the front lobe and the 'bolted' signal through the vision nerve will give rise to the impression in the occipital lobe 'dia tes dianoias'. Drille-sore vs Drillebore. It is the hieroglyphic condition that these are the same - hence the occipital lobe gives a 'meaningful' representation from the naivistic cognitive theory in the front. One can add the simple idea that the skull is capable of carrying sound vibrations through - which makes the theory easier for sound (like pressing the sound waves down into the CD, so to speak). One can understand the dental fricative 's' of hieroglyphs relative to what I call the 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' in the sense that the two similar or same items are immanently so when spanning two referential objects - but precisely the fundamental theorem is what thereby forces the occurrence of a corresponding visual idea in the head - which thereby means that it has sifted through the bone as with a sound of frication. It will be dental because it is forwards-flanged - and it will be the same as the 'bolted' signal in the back of the brain in a way which establishes a principle of isomorphy as the fundamental semiotic fact even for this. The 'high drill' and the sobbing neighbour of the summer 2015 could be seen as just such a phenomenon - could be it is a 'Szolnok' vs 'Boldog' ('happy').

Clearly the ontological imprint on the frontal cortex as 'visual cognition' is the socalled 'terror' aspect of vision - but when the two modes are understood as in a butterfly a la Vermeer, the terror is relieved. This is the reason why the indian has his black fingers up where the 'wound' is white in the neck - it is that hebrew saying of 'breaking the neck' - but there is no terror or violence included. This saying (Moses Exodus 13.1-16) is likely to correspond to the egyptian 's'.

This is likely to be the solution of 'år' = 'year' instead of 'sår' = 'wound'. Terror for making the visual world sensible is a mistake. This is what the hebrew 'breaking the neck of the offspring' means - it means not terror against the offspring but a deeper understanding of the spiritual world.

The problemshift could be installed into 'political' strategies such as that one of strangulation of a female in the moment of orgasm in anal (or backwards) coitus. But that is terror, no doubt about it. It is possible that this also is a standard in election strategies. But that is not what my book title means! It is sick thinking which sees 'Stillhetens åndedrag' as related to strangulation during sexual intercourse.

It can be left as a riddle of the book - whether 'gitterflekks år' ('gridstain's year') of poem #60 really should be 'gitterflekk[s] sår' ('gridstain's wound') - clearly the latter feels intuitively more right but the question is whether this intuition is the same as makes some feel that terror and sacrifices are an inevitable part of the human existence. (And 'Finnegans Wake' is not 'Finnegan Swake/Svejk'). It can be added that there is some wisdom in understanding that the blue metre (PEB written in 2008-2010) of millenial cycles of time is perhaps even fundamentally rooted in a visual logic in some sense of it - at least for the discovery procedure - and therefore that the human community can have difficulties with including the blue metre in its logic without finding a solution to this problem. The visual art (of e.g. Caravaggio or Vermeer) aims at finding that solution which makes it possible to live and think by a visual logic without the need for sacrifices by terror. Therefore the white metre could be of essential importance. If the alternative in my book solution is the right one, it can of course be solved in 'abacu style'.

One can notice even the story from 1973 - the assassination of 'Mohamed Boudia' on my 16th birthday 29 june 1973 and an apparent return assassination of israeli military attache in Maryland called 'Yosef Alon' two days later, on 1 july 1973. Israeli news now tell that the story will be re-investigated. (See also this file - search for 'This is Bud'). My 16th birthday should have been the day when I was told why the original official father was replaced by a copy (as seemed to have been what happend) after he went behind a shed on Vikebukt ferry station ('fergeleie') in the late 60's - and hence 'Molda Geir'. There was a 'bud' ('messenger') on the door in the late 60's selling 'Gravensten' apples and Ragna Grøver bought a box of those. My 'Stillhetens åndedrag' #47 'Adam' starts:

Tanken du tenker med
er stjernen i stjernebanen.
Det sies at vi skapte sted
på forholdet ditt til en annen.     
The thought you are thinking with
is the star in its trajectory.
It is said that we created place
in your relation to another one.

The 'messenger' or appleseller came on the same place, the same door, as where guests for a party arrived with high heels so thin and pointed that they had to put plastic caps under them in order to prevent that they went into the parquet - Yosef Alon was shot when he stepped out of his parked car - these were put out for use on the telephone table at the entrance door. Hence 'Stiletten sondedrag' - in 'abacu style'? On that PLACE function which can be recognized in a blue metre? It is possible that Indira Gandhi was murdered in 1984 for reasons of the idea of a 'Far Cry' - that the solution to these 'abacu style' problems is a 'far cry' - and hence also the FARC in Columbia which tells of the Columbus mission to USA for that indian/Moses story.

It can be noticed that if England exits from EU, the 'strange christmas' = 'strange hjul asian' ('hjul' = 'wheel', 'jul' = 'chistmas') could perhaps be recognized in 2016 somehow. I am not informed about what was going on this christmas but noticed that Erdogan according to a newspaper pronounced a ban on christmas celebrations this year. The psychiatric custody of mine in november 1999 was effectuated by three police plus house owner Erik Berstad and psychiatrist Johan Fredrik Krohn (JFK!) who came on my door - those could make for the 5 rings of the olympic games of 'Lillehammer' - the placename of those games could perhaps have meant my childhood erection? Were I sexually abused? The socalled 'rathunt' memory has always been a strong memory of mine from about age 3 - I and a friend went rathunting with a broom behind the house and I hit a friendly rat ('hello, John') on its paw so it started bleeding and it looked at me with big sad eyes - 'why did you do this to me?' - before it withdrew disappointed under the house - we went back and I was attacked by a terrible guilt or shame which shot up like flames from my young shoulders. This sounds like the memory of a childhood rape - and one could speculate that it was about the time of the 'cuban missile crisis' (under Kennedy) if they had got fertile material out of me enough for starting an 'Eichmann' story. In november 1999, when I had opened the door, one of the police held his arms over his head, folding the hands behind his head to look somewhat like an H - the same sign had been used by Bøthun in a newspaper photo in Aftenposten - at least the issue sold in Bergen - a day or two after the mistaken bombing of the chinese embassy in Belgrade - which it seems that he was responsible for if he were on duty as NATO air force commander that day. The symbol in total, with that initial H and the 5 rings, could make for the formula 'strange hjul asian' - where the 'asian' is that embassy in Belgrade and the 'psychi-hat-trick' is the three police and the word 'custody' resembles 'Kennedy'. I notice that NATO was also involved in the 'revolution' on Tripolis in Libya - could be the other revolutions of 2011 (Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia) before the syrian conflict broke out can be spotted in this story. The revolutions could perhaps even be associated with the turns of the ballade structure before it ends on the final word of strong emphasis. Are there traces of the 8 final ballade words in the syrian crisis? The 8 words (north, pot, page, tap, bed, south, both, line) have perhaps an 'Aleppo' in the beginning. An olympic flag 'waves in the wind' = 'vaier i vinden' - there was a 'wire' going through the garden in Szolnok for holding ivy plants up - I notice also the film 'The councillor' - and could be the electric wire of tram 49 'Hütteldorf' in Wien can be seen as a correlate?

But one should be careful not to link this 'strange hjul asian' to Exodus 13.1-16: It would not be because of 'jewish violence' that England 'exits' and it cannot be taken as pretext for later programs against jews. It is important to understand that some solution exists, such as my book suggests. It can be noticed that the names of the two fellow students who were admitted as research fellows to the doctorate studies in Bergen in 1995 could be interpreted as meaning that the strangulator is me as the third element - in addition to the two 'fundamental' theorists of linguistics and religion. If this adds turn-around momentum to the doctorate via 11 september 2001 and other events, there is a short way to the further turnaround by Ragna Grøver and the ownership of Szolnok. This means that if I am considered a 'worthless krepper', the turnaround of the roles could add to this idea that the strangulation of the female in the anal coitus is related by roles to me. Then it could be that I am considered jewish genetics. But it can be announced immediately that it is not jewish genetics who presses England out of the life of EU. Cp. the story of the Melissa licence.

Tram 49 "Hütteldorf" with its 'wire in Wien' goes over Urban Loritz Platz and down Westbahnstrasse where it crosses Bandgasse - which could be seen as linked by name to the Banda Aceh earthquake along with the ones on Bam and Sendai - that is the Literaturhaus region in Vienna. The codeword seems to be the line "und da zsír wider eines Broite/Bräute" which in norwegian 'og da gir vi dere en sprøite' means 'and then we will give you an injection' - a codeword which probably is meant to convince the most hardboiled newspaper editor. 'Zsír' is hungarian for 'fat' and hence 'idol fatler' while 'broite' means 'to plough', such as snow in the winter. It is about rolling the smegma fat up on the penis head in a 'ploughing' movement of the head - cp. also the idea of 'lappis philosophroum' - releasing the tsunami which is about 'tha numi' of Adolf Hitler - such as that idol of Drillebohr/sore which can lead to the occurrence of chaps in the garden. Studying the indian's wife and daugthter will tell of a butterfly or cat's cradle between the daughter's visual faculty covered with the chinese radical WANG and the mother's intent look at her tooth which could have fallen out like a lapis philosophorum landing on the ground. It is in this butterfly that one can discover the mirror-symmetric relation of ontology and its metaphysics (the white stone) and the epistemology in the scrutinizing look. It is this symmetric relation between ontology and epistemology which adds reason to the subtitle 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra' (the milk tooth in a glass of water?) and which can be recognized in the poetic function 14 in The Endmorgan Quartet - book 14 with its global and local function embracing mirror-symmetric phonology (of the 'epistemological' acoustics) and semantics (of the 'ontological' reference). This book 14 is under the scope of the white metre when it is including also its twice and only twice occurrences which constitute a part of the basis for the white metre. Now the 'nazi' installation of this - for the deep mock and ridicule of the poetic understanding - is in the 'mirror-symmetric' relation between the ontological smegma fat ('smart'?) in front and the epistemological and acoustic flatulence sounds in the behind ('heart'?) - these relate in a manner which also allows for a turnaround by the 'e-piss-temological' smegma and the 'ondt-o-lo-gikk-al' suffering when people laugh at a person who is unlucky and cannot hold the air. That corresponds to 'function 14' and seems to be installed into history with the giant earthquakes with hundreds of thousands of victims among the world's poorest people.

This tragic-pathetic understanding could have been made to scare even the boldest newspaper editor or intellectual off the ground for telling that these poetic solutions are just tragic old nazi stuff. More specifically, the riddle of the correlations of Rigveda with Moses could find its solution in the white-metre understanding of hebrew letters as 'seen' in the depth of the visual faculty - but not necessarily in the surface of vision such as the daughter with the chinese radical but just as well in the depth of the heart of the indian himself (or his wife's intent look).

These things could be telling of potential plans to prevent the cultural solution by non-terrorist means of government when preparing for a world governed by mythos consciousness controlled by terror. Clearly a world of sensible reason beyond the mythological - that means also a world wherein terror and sacrifices are not necessary - is to be preferred.

6. The Smolensk aircrash and the blue metre

What was the polish aircrash in Smolensk on 10 april 2010 - wherein the whole top administration of Poland died in the landing which was difficult because of thick fog? It was a misty day and the pilot had difficulties with seeing the runway and the plane came in too low in the 'in-glish'. It is not impossible that it - rather than a coup d'etat or an attempt to spread (or 'bolt') fog on the swedish landscape (in hungarian, 'fog' is 'tooth' and 'bolt' = 'shop', cp. the indian's sweet daughter and wife) - and I must emphasize that the present speculations are my own only - could have been an attack on my book title 'POLAKK English Bloggi' - a book title which I had written in my notebook a few days earlier - and hence a part of the reason for what could be seen as potential jihadi elements in the syrian war - to the extent that these would be about the need for getting the blue metre through to the public. I notice the presence of a representative Kalman Kahana of the party 'Poalei Agudat Yisrail' ('Poaleiag Icla Daysrail' - or even 'Dies-rail') as deputy minister of education and culture in the two israeli governments of Moshe Sharett 1954-1955 - changing from the first to the second on my birthday - only two years a-head. It is likely that the name of this party could have meant my own person present at an opening of my skull not long after my birth, in addition to other parties whose names encode the names of other persons present (such as 'Progressive Party' = 'Grøver, John' or 'General Zionists' = 'Kennedy, John F.'). If so, my person could have had a split presence - the partyless representative Ben-Zion Dinor (minister of education and culture) = 'den siden er binær' = 'that side is binary'? (Cp. also the fate of Dinu Lipatti). Another party present was 'Po-el Mizrahi' (ministries of post, religion and welfare) = 'po-el mystery' = a hidden camera? Which could mean that the russian spelling of the name of Smolensk could have meant 'CIA Leica' = the hidden surveillance camera being the other side of my split-brain consciousness after the 'takeoff' and 'landing'. 'CIA-lenca' ('Zelenka'?) could then have been about 'linking rhymes' such as this PEB is. But of course this could also have been significative of an architecture of a coup d'etat if that were the story - but then I must have guessed it some days in advance - what should otherwise have been the link to this government - when such a coup d'etat cannot be done in a few days?

And to accept that such work as mine be reserved for terrorist propaganda instead of being published is below any standards of a modern civilized society. The polish aircrash of Smolensk was in april 2010 and the book was finished with the 365 sonnets in may 2010 - after which I suffered quite a disastrous lung collapse (an air collapse, that is) in june or juli, probably by the discovery that somebody had put up a prohibition which should have made it difficult or impossible to have it published. Clearly if a rudimentary 'blue metre' has existed as the reason for the war in Syria, it would have been very secret and would have served a political function only thereby - and my PEB would have served to 'leak' this secret, thereby making it worthless for political intrigue. Ed Miliband was elected new leader of British Labour in late september 2010 - which could be telling of why the book interfered with the interests in possible plans on Syria.

It is likely that the political effect of the theoretic story from 1957 is obtained in the similarity recognized between the changes possibly done to my head in 1957 (if I were 'opened' in early infancy) and changes done to my penis in 1981-82 (when the narrow foreskin had to be opened). If, that is, I were opened, which I do not know if I were. I refer to the theme of the chinese film from 1962 - I dont know what it is called but the cover to the CD is this one:

The film is about one man with round coca-cola-bottom spectacles (with changes to his brain?) and another man who resembles Paul Celan quite much (that is, with changes to his 'father', his penis head?). It suggests that the removal of my foreskin, with the stiches around the 'land', could have been planned since at least the 60's. A funny moment in the film is about 47:40 where an 'antenna' springs up as a tuft of hair on top of the man with the coca-cola-bottom spectacles - cp. the 'Manhattan' little cap on my penis after 1982. A 'David Bowie'-looking photographer takes a photo with flash-light - which could mean that when the construction of the twin towers on Manhattan started in about 1962, it meant that they had a saucy photo of the president who could not take the pressure and had to find a way out, so to speak - and he could have arranged the 'assassination' in 1963 himself, in Dallas for pretending that he had to escape because of some 'money'. (But when the 'electric mystery' behind the wallpaper seemed to be present in the israeli Sharett government already in 1954, it could not have been a surprise to Kennedy). The 'curse' that rested on the Kennedy family since then could mean that they have to confess - but have still not given in to the pressure. But that could mean that the attack on Manhattan could relate to me trivially - like the towers had done since the early 1960's. To use the rejection of my doctorate degree for installing it could mean just that 'doctorate' activities on my brain and the 'degree' of the male organ. Clearly this means that the 'twin towers' was trivial - but if one wants to claim that the doctoral dissertation was the basis for 11 september 2001, one must show also that the additional components, like the date when it happened (2/3 of the year), served to link it to the work I had done. Clearly if Lambertsville meant the price of a house in Szolnok, and if that were present in the 100.000 NOKs of Ragna Grøver in 1992, much of it could have been present before I wrote my dissertation. The offer for 'advance inheritance' came while I was working at the 'TMV centre' with the theoretic basis for the later blue metre PEB - and this article ('The history of linguistics and information technology') was included into the doctoral dissertation. (I notice that there are about 100.000 souls in Davenport).

It is possible that the story of my role since birth is that simple one - after the holocaust was over the US democrats (by Kennedy - if, that is, this is the story) wanted to pretend that the indians had resurrected as US democrats who thereby could offer 'good conscience' to the american voters and therefore my role was to be the jewish genetics with whom they could be in a 'similar' situation - like the penis and the body both have 'heads' that makes it possible to misconceive of the skull opening of the child a matter of 'circumcision'. But then it may be that the strategy is that age-old one called 'terror and monkey business'.

If the aircrash of Smolensk was by sabotage for purposes of stopping my blue metre ('POLAKK English Bloggi'), could be also for mafia reasons of integrating into the presidential power of USA (possibly even in extension from the effect of 11 september 2001), there is also the additional interest in keeping me in the role of a 'worthless krepper' since that seems to be essential for the role-turning relative to the idea of strangulation of the female during orgasm ('når det går', vs 'Gare du Nord') of an anal (or backwards) sexual intercourse. For example, if a 'strange hjul asian' could be observed in christmas 2016 while England is in the process of Brexit = exit from EU, it is not impossible that this could serve a longterm purpose of creating antisemitism in e.g. Germany by means of dumping the role of the 'strange hjul asian' on me as 'jewish genetics' - and that role-turning could be dependent on considering me a 'worthless krepper'. Such 'strangulation' could also make the eyes of the victim stand forth - making them look more 'american' than 'chinese' or 'asian' - for which reason the logic could be that the criminal strangulator could be suspected of being a chinese who attacks a westerner in this way - that is, making the anti-semitismn extend to anti-chinese. But these reasons are not much worth from a cultural or political viewpoint.

7. Evidence that the two spoons in the sink could be ex nihilo

See the article on the fundamental theorem of linguistics for the story of of the two teaspoons in the bathroom sink. Were these put there by political intrigue or had they emerged there 'ex nihilo' like the white stone of 2014? Here is an explanation to why it could have been ex nihilo.

The poem #1430 of The Endmorgan Quartet (poem #183 in book 14) contains the line 'two spoons' - that is line 5 out of a total of 13 (title counted - the title is the ratio 74/128). There are two interesting mirror poems to this: 1) The mirror spanning the whole work of 1719 poems, that is 1720-1430 = poem #290, and 2) and the mirror inside book 14 only which is #208-183 = poem #25 in this book, that is poem #1272 in the work. 1) Poem #290 contains 19 lines and 5/13 * 19 = 7,3 = line 8 counted from bottom up is 'cancelling the type'. 2) Poem 25 in book 14 has 7 lines, that means line 3 from the bottom up which is '...a reading of the Nazarones...'. In my world this could be the book 'Kanonene på Navarone' = 'The cannons on Navarone' by Alistair Maclean which I read in young age (I had got another book of his called '8 glasses' for having won a knowledge competition in school), and the Nazarone thereby suggests a rewrite: 'Ka-nominet' or 'camionet'? If 'camionet' there is also this archetype which could be cancelled. It could be about how the name of 'Baruch Obama' (on the form 'BhaBha-[uch-o]Bha-Bha') relates to the devanagari script for a 4-4-4-4 = '16' symbolism - and for this BBBB to find a relevant correlate one soon ends on the name or 'Ka-nomen' - as a correlate to 'Ka-nstantinos Ka-vafis' - of Kalman Kahana (of the party 'Poalei Agudat Yisrael') in Moshe Sharett's israeli governments of 1954-55. Studying the devanagari forms, cp. the 3,4 millions of 'Lambertsville', one finds that this name can be seen to create two times (two spoons?) horizontal instead of vertical reading of the number '188', that is 8-8-1 but each digit read in 90 degrees tilt. But not totally: Comparing the 'Kahana' with 'Catull' leads to a near identity, except that the 90 degrees '1' of Kahana turns into an L which looks like a turned-around '3' and the TU comes out as a turned-around HA. These two turnarounds fill in also in the 'Kalman' name for the '188' - which means that the result, in order to read '188 Katull' from 'Kalman Kahana', will come out a little 'homo' - could be particularly if the context be '16'. This seems to be the error of the reading of Kavafis - and one come to cancel the 'type', so to speak - the 'camion'.

This means that if '188 Catull' were the reason why the blue metre PEB ('POLAKK English Bloggi', cp. 'Poalei Agudat Yisrael') could not be published but seemed to go under an unfortunate stamp of 'secret' or 'classified', the result would not only look or feel 'homo' but also be a very unfortunate blocking of necessary information which cannot be kept secret since it necessarily will come to constitute the backbone of a revolution in most fields of academic study. '188 Catull' could have been the secret code for the reason for a planned war in Syria which broke out some time after the PEB was completed in 2010, and it may be that a published PEB would take away the (international) political rationale for such a war and hence could have made it impossible to run the war, even if it could have been planned long ago - for example as the last of a series of revolutions encoding e.g. an Eichmann tree (with 'squirrels' up and down according to TEQ book 14 poem 25 called 'Poor propaganda squirreling'). It is even possible that the aircrash of Smolensk in april 2010 - if sabotage for political reasons - could have been based on the planned title to my book (I wrote this title some days or few weeks before it happened) in fact possibly even via this name of Kahana in the Sharett government as part of a schedule for a war in Syria. This Smolensk aircrash could, also from this point of view, have been quite a political catastrophe.

Book 14 is symmetric and has two 'sports' poems in the middle - the start of a 100 m sprint in #104 and the end of a long marathon in #105 - where there are 'two soviets' that has concerned the mind of the marathon runner for quite a while.

Hence if the two spoons in the sink can be shown to be ex nihilo by this logic, it suggests that the rationale behind the proof could be found in the problems arising from the political aspirations (of Kennedy's 1957 party - if that is the story) of telling that the 'resurrected indians' (here by the indian devanagari) are 'the same' - like the two spoons are - in the sense of being in a similar situation as me being in the role of the 'jewish genetics'. The 'indians' would then have been 'resurrected' in the sense of having crossed the border from non-existence to existence, emerging ex nihilo, and the 'tease-boons' could be recognized in the 'tyis-rael' of the name of the 'canaanan' political party of Kahana.

My book Der Dornenstrauch shows how the sanskrit Rigveda as the oldest known text behaves in sensible curls and transformations of the text where the hebrew Bereshit does not - but that could mean that the hebrew has its rationale in the relation between the blue and white metres where the devanagari has it in its curls and transformations and transpositions - and that could be precisely what this story of the two teaspoons could be about - showing the sanskrit 'teaspoons' curls in the reflex to the '188 Catull' hebrew. But then it is time to understand that these are fields of semiotic study for the development of new knowledge and not a tumbling place for terror-driven politics who want to cheat the public into believing that they are the resurrected indians who can grant territorial rights to the american society. It is likely that when human culture aspires towards spiritual heights in various fields of life - esthetic, religious, poetic, cultural of various sorts - then it is about finding solutions to the quasi-tragic human constitution which has difficulties with relating to its own visual logic without inflicting wounds on each other. Higher cultures seek a solution which does not require inflicting mutual wounds on each other while a lower culture tries to accept the human nature as it is - as if it were an animal without progressive technological endowments - by indulging in terror and warfare. For these, terror may 'feel right' (as long as it hits somebody else) because it tells of the human constitution including its 'hebrew-quadratic' and 'devanagari' architectures - but it is that sort of solution which is called the easy way which cannot be a lasting solution in the long run. However, it is the field and task of science to understand these principles and to seach for solutions thereby. But these semiotic studies should not be suppressed by the easy-goers who feel that the material can be turned into reasons for terror - or 'government' - instead. It is all very simple - and the PEB should be published and not reserved for the use of 'international secret intelligence service mafia' under a stamp of 'classified'. I hope, if I send the book in the post, that it will not be stopped or replaced by a false version by the 'services' under such a classification.

It is my poetic and semiotic studies which could have been the reason for the ex nihilo emergence of the spoons, if that is the story, and not the politics which tries to suppress these studies - and that means that if there should be any hopes of resurrecting the indians by letting them cross the border from non-existence to existence, that is done by a sensible poetic and semiotic study and not by the politics which could try and suppress these studies. And such 'nazi' politics as 'circumsized' infant skulls and things like that clearly cannot be anything but the reaction.

If there are chances to avoid terror in spite of the historic experiences with the human constitution, then there are no 'goodenough' reason for terror-driven politics any longer.

I must also tell once again the story of my paralyzed hands: It was on 23 february 2002 that my left hand went paralyzed and it is likely that it could have been a cerebral haemorrhage which even could have been triggered by a laser beam - that is, that I was shot by a laser gun. In the spring 2014, rather exactly 4444 days later, something of the same happened with the right hand which then curled up to be unusable like the left had done in 2002 - but in 2014 it probably was not a laser beam. It is not healed yet. The governments of Moshe Sharett in 1954-55 has one minister of education and culture called Ben-Zion Dinor = 'den siden er binær' = 'that side is binary', that is the lefthand side of the brain, while 'Kalman Kahana' was the deputy minister of the same of ministry of education and culture, hence the righthand side. That is quite interesting, I would say. To make things ex nihilo is quite a job.

8. A model of understanding of the history

Assume that there are two main directions of politics - one uses terror and the other is for peace. What is the terror-driven for? That would be for finding the common grounds of the various world religions for the ecumenic project of one common world. This was the real crisis when it was discovered that hinduism could 'compete' with christianity. But why cannot an institute of semiotic research do that without terror? It could be that the humans working there cannot guarantee that they have found the optimal solution when they present their results - could be they would have written much about signs relating to signs but could not find the devanagari curls of the ex nihilo teaspoons. Of course terror-driven politics cannot either but they have to struggle with being illegal and suffering stains on conscience and therefore - when the power struggle is their real defined interest - they have to invest what they can into finding the optimal solution, otherwise they lose in the race for power - in this case the field of study is the common grounds of devanagari and hebrew. When, though, that is found, everybody agree that the politics of peace is the right one. This model of analysis explains how it can be possible that intellectuals support a party which also supports the use of or lets itself be driven by terror - but that is of course an explanatory framework which can do only untill the moment when the solution is found. From that moment onwards there can be no rational explanation any longer for the use or accept of terror - which means that if the terror continues nevertheless, the public can come to be led into a 'foldover' which makes them believe that it is the peace-driven party which conducts the terror. A sort of 'electric coil' that could come to be - like that flashlight of 1957. Or like that 'folded cloth' of ancient egyptian hieroglyphs - of the 'horned beetle'?

It is likely that the 'devanagari' curls of the teaspoons could have been found even earlier had the blue PEB been published in 2010. In particular the war in Syria could have been avoided - probably without losses for the progress of ecumenic knowledge.

And, clearly, it is well possible that such terror-driven policy is nothing but immaturity who hopes to be stopped by a Stronger Authority and then they have found the Ecumenic Basis which they had hoped for.

A story: It is possible, if the Smolensk aircrash was sabotage, that the international services thereby got a 'holdover' on Obama since 1) the 365 sonnets of my PEB are sonnets like his name, and 2) the blue metre is empirically related to the visual faculty and thereby one can find a quasi rationale for buffering it off if humans have difficulties with understanding the visual logic without an element of 'terreur' - hence it could have 'looked right'. The solution could have been for Obama to take a phone to a publisher and recommend the book for publication - that would have released the 'cork' of the services and their control via his name and the quasi rationale. Could be I would have escaped the paralysis of my right hand 4444 days after the left as well. But with my new white metre, it is possible that the quasi rationale no longer obtains - if only the book come to be published.

If one understands it right, some of the terror can be seen to be the other side of my theoretic work, while from my own point of view it is the poetry which is the other side of my theoretic work. This may be much more than a coincidence - it can be the essential story - that the terror should have been poetry but came out wrong due to some historic problems. That is the right way to solve the problem of terror - to understand that it really should have been poetry - an esthetic, poetic, mystic, religious understanding of the world.

9. Additional comment that should have been superfluous

There is an important reason why I had to spend time and efforts on writing this article - and that is the problem constituted by Ragna A. Devold Grøver: It is already many years since my lawyer in Vienna sent her a letter telling that his client (me, that is) did not want more communications from her - and then it is a criminal act to continue sending letters to my PO box or money to my bank account equipped with comments such as 'som omtalt i brev' = 'as referred to in a letter' (19 may) or 'som avtalt' = 'as appointed' (11 july) - as if we were in frequent contact, which we certainly are not - which I am forced to ask the bank to return to her since otherwise it could be abused politically. (The 40.000 NOK, if I had accepted them, would have been subject to taxation which perhaps could have reduced them to 35.000 or so). It can be said that it is to consider people 'worthless kreppers' (here as a 'political' concept) to ignore their authority and integrity in that way. But for me to send money back 'into her bank account' ('Nairobi'?) is very unfortunate and it leaves me in a bad mood indeed. Could be it even leads to more 'chaps in the garden' in Szolnok? But I have so far in my life never been told a word that this person could be a political agent working on behalf of political interests and if society tries to reduce it to a matter of personal relations only ("but you must respect your mother, John!") then it is a matter of international concern that a potential agency status of her (either current or earlier, if this be the story) be published officially. But, if so, why hasn't the norwegian society arrested the agent? Could it be about agency for own country - as if that should make it more legal? I did apply for political aylum in France in 2002. Now she may officially be too old to serve a sentence in prison but if it is not possible for her to refrain from sending me communications which I have to relate to, then there is of course the option of psychiatric custody left as a possibility - and if that is the only possibility, the forced hospitalization of me in 1999 - with 'three police' and two others - could have served for role-turning - cp. the logo with the 5 rings of the olympic games and the 5 revolutions of 2011. But it is not fair to leave it to me to have to tidy up in these problems - and it is fully possible that my books (including the blue metre) are not published because otherwise I would not have been conceived a 'worthless krepper' as a concept used for that same role-turning. I am particularly not interested in getting involved into problems - and if so should happen that a person be shot inside the garden in Szolnok, it would not have been me who sent off the 'revelation' and I would not be interested in serving a sentence in prison for such intrigues. Likewise, if there should have been political problems for the state of Norway in extension from the story of Edward Kennedy and 'boiler room girl' Mary Jo Kopechne, I am not interested in carrying the burdens from those stories.

I started writing 'Stillheten' in norwegian language in Szolnok on 11 january 2016 and already less than a week later there was a burglary in my house and I had to tell the police and was called to the first police interrogation - which apparently does not distinguish between witness (report) and suspect (confession?). When the book was completed some 9 months later, there had been 3 police interrogations and I was already reduced to 'worthless krepper' - which seems to be the norwegian label on me. I hope I will not have to flee from Szolnok/Hungary to France. It is that 'Ragna Grøver syndrome' on me - and 11 september 2001 and a lot of other terror is what convinces people of it. Likewise, it may be that no politician exists who can understand that I need to have my doctorate degree accepted or a book published also in order to escape from that national label which is what makes the whole disastrous machine function - instead they make a big intrigue apparently including Obama in order to make me accept and open a letter from Ragna Grøver - could be under pretext that it should contain a 'pen-i-sode' - cp. the 'sodo' intrigue in Märzstrasse as apparent 'answer' to a letter I sent. The newspaper 'Heute' of 25 march 2016 shows on its front page Obama dancing tango with 'Mora Godoy' in Argentina - and there arrived some time later a letter from Ragna Grøver which I sent unopened to the police in Fredrikstad, Norway. Obama's dance in Argentina could of course also have meant 'do not open the letter - it is just tango once again'. It could even have been suggestive of the idea of having a certain book published - depending perhaps somewhat on 'who works for who'. It is likely that people do not answer my letters simply because that would have made me less of a 'worthless krepper'. It is likely that the international service mafia contribute to this as much as they can for making the global terror machine function. And it is likely that politicians of course understand the problem but cannot take the chance on a rejection-blow from a peer review of a 'jypling' ('Johnis Jypling' could be the theme) who says that the book isnt goodenough and hence the politician has to use general terms when consulting the 'services' with the theme in the (probably vain) hope that they can find the publisher. But the 'services' are gaining unconstitutional power if they cannot find a publisher and hence it can be difficult.

However, the problem should be solvable.

10. A summary of some aspects of the article

A sensible analysis of the material in this article tells that the Smolensk aircrash could have been organized by an international mafia (or 'intelligence service interests') for integrating into the constitutional US presidential power of Obama whose indexes carry quite an impressive 'sonnet' and possibly also 'ballade' structure - and when the Smolensk aircrash served to be a strong 'pirating' of the title to my blue metre 'POLAKK English Bloggi', the pirating of the 365 sonnets therein was to lift presidential power of Obama over onto the mafia who could have organized the crash. These in turn offer better opportunities for the illegal BIZ who functions by plagiarisms and illegal and uncredited borrowing of intellectual properties - such as from me. If e.g. you find a shop selling north, pot, page, tap, bed, south, both, line things, or see a film constituted by such elements, these could earn some money on such abuse - seemingly of my work and seemingly supported by e.g. the crashing of a number of US airplanes - and seemingly in the extension of Obama's presidential power. If I send a manuscript (such as this 'Time and the sonnet' from 1999 - and it could have sold quite a lot of copies) to a publisher under such conditions, it is likely that a flood of 'similar' publications can reach the market while mine is rejected. But why could not Obama stop that? The story could be that e.g. 11 september 2001 could have contributed to his election victory, whether he liked it or not, which he probably did not, and one can add e.g. the bombing of the US embassies in Africa, but if so were the case, his power would have been conditioned thereby and thereby the integration into his constitutional power by the unconstitutional mafias and 'intelligence service organizations' of various kinds would have been consolidated. My own working capacity was very strongly reduced throughout the last 3 years of Obama's period - for whatever reason. This is likely to be a problem which attaches to the US democrat party generally - and the stories of Kennedy and Clinton could be of a comparable kind. It is by the end of this Obama period (and he has probably done what he could but democrat power is likely to be limited for these reasons) that unconstitutional mafia power could have been on the progress in many countries, and when Trump wants to straighten up the White House integrity power after Obama, to get the influx of mafia power down and the constitutional power up, he puts a ban for some travellers on certain airline routes from certain countries, which means that this ban can come to be a problem for a limited number of travellers but a great progress for those countries who are subsumed under the 'ban' - since these can regain much of the integrity and constitutional control they lost to the mafias in the course of Obama's period. The syrian crisis developed under Obama but is likely to go down under Trump. People who protest against this is likely to be just those who otherwise could have profited from illegal abuse of intellectual property and things like that. It should be noticed that the suffering of the poor people of the world (such as e.g. Banda Aceh - and look at Syria) could be much greater under such US democrat party conditions, however much the ideal intentions could look different. One understands that the unconstitutional mid administrative level has been gaining more and more power - and it is likely that Hitler was the leader of their revolution. The question is, now after Obama: Have the governments enough power left to delimit the possible plans for these 'service mafias' to run illegal programs such as a Black Sea Loop for making new 'Hitler power'? It is probably the program of Trump to try and delimit the unconstitutional powers of those 'services' into which the mafias have integrated. It is strange to see how completely absent they seem to be from all newspieces and discussions I have come across. If 11 sep 2001 were for 'Obama sin Laden' = 'Obama's business' (if the doctorate were Clinton' business, so to speak, it could have been lifted over to Obama in 2001), could be on background of the norwegian saying 'gjören og laden', it is time to understand what is the role of these 'Hitler services'. It is particularly difficult for me to be such a giant 'zwischenpapier' when otherwise I am almost nothing officially.

See this file for an example and further discussions of some related phenomena.

Added on 5 february 2017: Was the 1995 Rabin assassination a sort of Kennedy assassination for getting the 'evil cold æsj' down again - 'gitt seg krabben i vold'? There is a certain force in the idea that the whole 'æsj' really served to smuggle a Ganesh (= 'ga-n-esh' = 'gave him æsj') into the hebrew history - for making that Idol Fitler who vibrated from an alien religious signification. It happened sometimes (rather often?) that if I complained or remarked on something, Ragna Gröver gave (told) me an 'æssa!' in reply for telling that it be about a trifle only, 'do not complain or talk such', and today I may speculate that it could have its origins in Ernst Röhm's SA organization and his alleged homo coup attempt under Hitler - it happened during the wedding of Josef Terboven (who later became Reichstatthalter in Norway - and links to a 'Josef Verboten' in Auschwitz is perhaps present) and was called 'the night of long knives' - my name, apparently - and was on my birthday 29 june 1934. Those who want to claim that Israel serves 'nazi' interests would probably claim that the pre-reference to me and the Kennedy role and assassination in Moshe Sharett's government (by Levi Eschkol) two years in advance of my 1957 birthday had its origins in the Röhm putsch of 1934 and that the death of Dinu Lipatti was for putting that responsibility claim inbetween. Those who claim such would perhaps also claim that it means that the israeli governments were just puppets from CIA or similar for constructing the final end of it all - the next Idol Fitler with hindu influence - with responsibility claim in Dinu Lipatti - such as 'lapskaus på Dombås'. (Would this have been the 'reasons' for the western interests in a conflict on Donbass?) 'Evig lærerskole' is likely to have been the story - could be for leaking a possible presence of Kennedy in Sandveien in advance, like Indira Gandhi and the names of her sons - but it was perhaps a little expensive. Could be I went under the name of 'Krabben' in Norway - a constellation of stars? - at least in some circles. The 'worthless krabben'? The israeli logic would have been that everybody feel it a little 'æsj' if bit by a crab while wading in cold water - but this could have been insufficient for taking all the force out of the construction. So why this Rabin if not for telling of CIA puppets? It was not for telling of CIA puppets - it had been for pretelling the Kennedy assassination in succession of Sandveien. When Indira Gandhi was shot, it could have been for continueing these aspects of the story. Rabin was shot in 1995 - could have been for just these reasons? Ø-vings-kulen could, though, have been that bullet which is shot into a body and thereafter pulled out again, like a biopsy, could be even for repeated use. It is just for practicing, it tells. But that would mean Boudia and Alon in 1973. The israeli governments are probably not puppets from CIA but their situation is likely to be like me writing my book "Stillhetens åndedrag" - see this file on that matter. And neither am I an agent for anybody. Maybe somebody could write a book about how cleverly Hitler and his comrades integrated into jewish mysticism - not the least for converting it into terror and 'evil æsj-cold'? It seems that somebody could have tried to create the idea that I should be an agent for a program of 'evil' against young women for leaving them 'cold' after some 'æsj' - that is not true. I am not an agent for anybody and the idea is likely to have its origins in that story - which could go back to the Ernst Röhm putsch on my birthday in 1934.

PS In the film 'The artist', the first spoken word (beyond a brief interlude in the middle) is near the end - at 1:32:20 when an Erich Fromm ('Brom-Pulver'? 'Black Sea Lupus'?) looking character says CUT. (I would assume that my visual sense is not planned to be weakened). Led Zeppelin published their 'Stairway to heaven' in 1971.

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