Austria 2018

John Bjarne Grover

The Burgenland power mystery has ridden the world through decades and centuries - it was the name of Hitler's government and it is the secret of the president series Bush-Clinton-Bush. The little land of Austria has long been a battlefield of international power interests which has held it in a power grip against which only a strong nationalism could stand. But the world has long-since understood that it could not continue with this strange mystery and one had to solve the riddle if the world should proceed.

This may be one of the reasons why they made me - to write the blue metre with a higher generality that then historic reality which thereby would make it possible to find out where the redundancy was hidden - an immense task.

I wrote first TEQ which approximates a maximal generality and thereafter PEB - the blue metre - on basis of it. And solved the riddle - after many years of work - now we know what it was and it is possible to dismantle the mystery.

I published the finding on the internet on 6 october 2017. This should be the great day in austrian history when the country got its freedom and independence - and no longer needed to sell itself on the free international market of power-making. This was the day when they could start putting away their strange reality-imitating nationalism.

I had then expected a better reception. Unfortunately, it has only made it more and more difficult to live in the country - untill recently their attempts to turn everything in my life 'homo' has made it rather impossible. Is it only that their strange world cannot understand things otherwise? There are people standing on corners for looking like others, meaningful looks at the door when I come home, 'homos' pressing on with beers and sausages behind me in the shop queue, 'haunted spots' created for making it impossible for me to go there (Stephansdom U-Bahn, intersection Zinckgasse/Märzstrasse) untill an apology arrives for the stalking, which it probably does not. It seems that my travels abroad are studied in details and 'installed' in events soon after my return. I bought a medication abroad for relieving blocked urination - and soon after my return a constructed waterfall from a houseroof forced me to go out in the street when a car of type LOGAN sth backed out towards me to force me to wait - an echo of the poetry reading in the Logan Hall in London in 1997 which I left when Ted Hughes started using the word 'pistol' too often - so one suspects that the car was there for being a countermeasure to my new medication.

It seems that progress in my social life - however tiny - could be a particularly favoured target of such hatred campaign.

I have long suspected that they tap all my writings and paste their contents up on advertisement posters around town and country. Example: I had written the article Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics with the story of Löwentatze but not yet published it when an ad for 'Tullamore Dew' irish whisky - 'exceptionally smooth' - came up. It has been like this for a long time - and 6 october 2017 did not, contrary to expectations, change anything at all.

Or is it simply anti-semitism? I dont think I have ever written a bad word about the country.

The police does not stop it - which suggests that it is governmental power behind it.

To me that means that they do not want their new freedom - they want to continue under old dependency or simply cannot see the state closed down quickly enough. That is of course an alternative - to close the experiment from 1955 simply because it was not a good idea.

There is the additional element that I self-published my german poetry book 'SNEEFT COEIL' in the autumn - but that publication seems not to have helped at all, rather the contrary. I had planned to postpone the publication of it untill the fourth volume of my 'Collected Works' was completed, but the pressure from leaks became so bad that I had to do it before time. Everybody in Wien had 'Schwung', told the ads. I guessed that plagiarisms could come to flourish long before I published the book.

They could have planned the complete identity of them and me - totally 'homo' - and simply followed old plans never mind 6 october 2017.

Added 12 february 2019:

I add the observation that, in 2018, if I went into a shop in Vienna and was treated by a sympathetic female working there, if I went back the next day there would (often, or - as was my impression in late 2018 - even generally) be a male working there in her place - and there would be a feeling that this was not coincidental and possibly a burden (my occurrence the day before, that could have been) to the place - in particular if (as one could guess) it were a male temp who suddenly arrived from some external source for working there for some time. It is not impossible that this had been going on for some time when it came to 2018 - and if it were more than coincidences of my life, that is. My feeling was that it (if it were more than coincidences) could have been about modelling a 'homo' interface of mine to the society. I have not received any information on this phenomenon but it happened sufficiently frequently for me to articulate the hypothesis.

Added 25 july 2019:

On 15 july I gave 5 copies of my new volume 4 to legal deposit. There are 3 libraries to give it to, and I have done that many times. The two first were exceptionally closed but somebody appeared after some time, while the third stood exceptionally open and a male (there have always been females there earlier) appeared from behind while a female employee seemed to be occupied with other things. The male looked for the ISBN which was not there (I do not sell the books but donate them only, mainly to libraries, I am easily verifiable and if I move to another country, the austrian ISBN office will not inform about the new address). I did not give it to a man of free will - I gave it to obligatory legal deposit and would have preferred to give it to a woman. In the first days thereafter there were males apparently organized by somebody to come a little too close, stand with a leg lifted up on a low edge at the entrance to the post office and things like that. Yesterday I went for an afternoon walk and a man around 50 appeared on a rolling scooter like a young girl and opened his beerbox with a pfff, and another man opened another beerbox in a another street intersection. That is what an employee did when I some years ago entered a shop selling laser toner cartridges and the 'Boston bombing' followed shortly after I made a few prints with one of them. (I had ordered a double pack which cost 250 euros or so - and when they arrived the sealed wrapping of the cartridges seemed to have been opened - I suspected that there could have been viruses in them, so I could not really use them). It is very disappointing and very insulting with these 'homos' in response to my many years of work - which partwise has been to much potential progress for the country I have lived in. They should not show their 'bottoms' in response to my work.

It is possible that austrian composers have not been much into counterpoint, for whatever reason. Mozart wrote some interesting counterpoint in his Requiem but that was the last thing he did. Bach (german) was a master of counterpoint and had 20 children. He was not homo. Palestrina could be the secret behind much modern history, like Palestine and ideas of 'Padania' and things like that.

When Austria was reduced after WWI, the eastern (Burgenland) border was given a shape that seemed to make it necessary to make a Westerreich out of Österreich in order to reach a spiritual equilibrium. But that would be their problem - do not dump that on me.

Could be my official parents were paid for smallcrook roles, like standing on top of the stairway for that to 'mean' something and things like that. If these were agents, it could be a part of my problem that I have not yet been informed about it.

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