Wittgenstein's reception history

John Bjarne Grover


It seems that the whole story of the 20th century was 1) Einstein 1915, 2) Fatima 1917 and 3) Wittgenstein 1918.

Wittgenstein completed his Tractatus in the summer 1918 (according to the preface in the 1977 edition of the 'Wörterbuch') and tried to find a publisher - allegedly 3-4 of them in this order: 1) Jahoda & Siegel (publisher of 'Die Fackel'), 2) Braumüller, 3) Reclam, 4) Ludwig von Ficker (to whom he earlier had given a good sum of money for support to writers such as Rilke, Trakl, Lasker-Schüler) - before he gave up and sent his manuscript to Bertrand Russell who found a venue for it in Germany in Wilhelm Ostwald's "Annalen der Natur-Philosophie" (1921 or 1922). This is probably the reason why England won the war. The edition contained some errors - and the corrected version was published in german and english translation on Routledge Kegan Paul Ltd in England - also in 1922.

Such a book must be well received and it may be that the publishers Wittgenstein contacted first did not understand it well enough. It meant that the work was rejected, even if it later was accepted via England. More than that: It also meant that when an austrian or german publisher rejected it, then Austria and Germany rejected the world contained therein. Why did it have to be accepted? It was not because Wittgenstein had worked a lot and deserved to have success. When he gave away his large fortune it could have been for telling that this was not the reason, and when he also gave away his career in philosophy and logic by becoming a school teacher it could have been for telling that his success was not the reason why it had to be published. The failed attempts with publishers soon started accumulating and Hitler entered the german nazi party of Anton Drexler in 1919. His 'Beer Hall Putsch' in 1923 could probably have meant a breakthrough of the hungarian HYMEN in the sense of 'Witt-G-Einstein' - whether Hitler was aware of this or not: It would have been a result of the rejected initial attempts with publishers. What was so 'Einstein' about the 'putsch'? It could be the intro dedication lines to Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' - wherein he tells the alphabetic list of names - those who "fielen vor der Feldherrnhalle sowie im Hofe des ehemaligen Kriegsministeriums zu München folgende Männer im treuen Glauben an die Wiederauferstehung ihres Volkes". That is like the corollary of 'logical order and semantic assignment is one and the same' which follows from the fundamental theorem of linguistics. This dedication is to coup Wittgenstein in its deepest roots - in the conception of Israel as a logical space wherein the jewish people resurrect - and indeed that could have been a part of the reason for the establishment of the independent state of Israel after the war. Those copycat 'heros' who fell may have believed in their case - and it is well possible that Hitler did as well - having run off (could be via austrian 'Wirtschaft') with the publication of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus after Wittgenstein's unsuccessful initial attempts in 1918. That work could have led to a better world - as could have been the driving force in Hitler's movement. 'Terror and monkey business' is apparently an old formula - in modern form by 'terror-and-surveillance' - which could have been the rationality in the Beer Hall Putsch. It is well possible that it was Bertrand Russell's help to find a publisher for this work that won the war in 1945. I discovered these 693 hebrew fragments - as the matrix of shared reference between my novel 'The Dreamer' and 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - in the autumn 2008, and Obama won the election. Hitler may well look like the 'Einstein' part of the name of 'Wittg-enstein' after the failed attempts to have the book published, and the enormous success that followed would have been a strong burden indeed on Wittgenstein. This progress of 'Witt-G-Einstein' Hitler would have created an increasing counter-pressure on Wittgenstein who eventually made the mistake of being in the role of abusive power when he in april 1926 hit the schoolboy unconscious and the bad power abuser resigned immediately. It is likely that this mistake could have been a direct result of the publication of his 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen': As specified on the title page, this book had been accepted by the education ministry for use in 'Volks- und Bürgerschulen' on 12 october 1925. The contract with the publisher (granting Wittgenstein 10% of the sales prize) was, according to the preface of the 1977 edition, signed on 2 november 1925 and the book was printed 'in 1926'. That probably means that the book was on the market before april 1926 - and one sees the potentially immediate relevance of this with the mistake of Wittgenstein when he hit the student Haidbauer. I guess that he had got it from the publisher and read it through, and that is when the typography caused the conclusion of giving a 'Donner-Watsche' = 'Ohrfeige' to the 'Frucht-Bengel' which was hard enough and which led to his resignation, thereby leaving in history a bookmark where to find it. It is not probable that this was intended - rather it would have been a logical conclusion on the work of the typographer.

One notices the reflex of names such as Borten, Per (Wörterbuch'), Pål Danielen ('Volksschulen') and Berger, Ellen ('Bürgerschulen'), from later stories.

Wittgenstein, after his failed attempts to have the book published, gave away his fortune and took in 1919-20 an education as school teacher in a teacher seminary in Kundmanngasse 20, and after he resigned from this career in april 1926, his sister built a house on the site just vis-a-vis this teacher seminary and Wittgenstein assisted in its construction in the years 1926-28. Later Staatsvertrag-signer Leopold Figl lived in Kundmanngasse 24 in the years 1937-1946. Two temporary houses for parliamentary offices (while the parliament is under refurbishment) in the Hofburg at the Nationalbibliothek in Vienna seems to present some main points from mainly the Bundes-Verfassungsgesetz on its facade - 4 lines with text running around both houses - and one notices the excerpts in big lettering: "Die Freizügigkeit der Person und des Vermögens innerhalb des Staatsgebietes unterliegt keiner Beschränkung. Jedes Kind hat das Recht auf gewaltfreie Erziehung. Körperliche Bestrafungen, die Zufügung seelischen Leides, sexueller Missbrauch und andere Misshandlungen sind Verboten". This calls forth associations to Wittgenstein as teacher after he had given his money away. It is easy to understand this after Hitler, if he were a copycat on the rejected manuscript to the Tractatus, and one could think of it as a way of installing just this aspect of the history - as if Austria were blamed for the national socialism in Germany because they had grabbed the opportunity and made business and politics out of it after the rejection of Jahoda & Siegel in the summer 1918. I dont know who decided on the text in the Bundes-Verfassungsgesetz - if it were a part of the agreement for the reopening of the state after the war.

The student Haidbauer had lost his father and his mother worked as a maid. I do not believe that Wittgenstein was 'prone' to abuse children - rather, if allegations of sexual abuse of children should be launched, these could perhaps be traced to the 'Frucht-Bengel' of the 'Donner-Ohrfeige' of Siebenstern #6. School 'service' was probably obligatory for children in those days - but Wittgenstein had entered war service voluntarily and completed his Tractatus at the front, so to speak. He didnt have to be in the war but chose it freely - and that was the environments of his completion of the work. This probably false logic - that he worked best under circumstances of violence and warfare - could have been Hitler's reason for his program, if he needed a reason.

Wittgenstein's book is of 'jewish' type and the rejected initial applications could have been the historic origins and driving forces of the holocaust.


After the war, the program was continued by probably the International Secret Intelligence Services under the pretext that Hitler had been nothing but Witt-G-Einstein and his attempts to get the book through - and it could have been concluded that the historic reason for the complete demolition of Germany was that they had published Wittgenstein in 1921. Mahatma Gandhi was shot on 30 january 1948 and the deadline for nominations for the Nobel peace prize was 31 january: The nomination by "C.Oftedal" of 20 january could be taken to mean 'zoophthoria' = 'creation of death' / 'sodomy' (vs. 'zoophoria' = 'creation of life') = 'Annalen der Natur-Philosophie' while the nomination of Frede Castberg, Smestad, could mean 'Routledge Kegan Paul Ltd'. ('Keg-ambolt' = 'keg-anvil' = 'smithplace' = 'Smestad'). Castberg's nomination letter from Smestad in Oslo is dated 31 january 1948 - he could not reach the deadline by post but could have reached it by taking the suburban line from Smestad down to the National theatre and run up Drammensveien to the institute and given it to them 'privately' - on the 'basement' of urgency. (This can be recognized in the 'private suburban basement' of later stories - possibly even in the Maryland story of 29 june 1973). This element of battling deadline of time could have been the 'Limited' of the publisher's name printed on the title page of the 1922 edition (from Schulte p.62):


(One notices the name of peanut farmer 'Jimmy Carter' during the crisis in Teheran - and it is permitted to speculate whether the outhouse LOO - cp also 007 James Bond - of 'Jond Bames' - cp. also Obama's presidency including vice - in Szolnok is contained in this E.C.4 - while the requirements of water installed could resemble a 'Jahoda & Siegel'). The postwar program could be under the pretext that the reduction of Austria in 1919 was because Wittgenstein had written this book and tried to get it published. My own 'act of creation' of the lapis philosophorums was reached by a reduction algorithm - which could be the real reason for this political program of 'reduction of Austria', even if the constructors of the political intrigue may not have been aware of it. The 'lapis philosophorum' in its three chemical components salt, mercury and incombustible sulphur could be recognized by the same political intrigue as the target of Wittgenstein's wish to continue the warfare and violence that had been the environments for his completion of the Tractatus - by the deaths of David Pinsent (in terms of Marguerite Respinger), Francis Skinner and Frank Ramsey. Skinner died on Saturday 11 october 1941 - click here for the note from Wittgenstein's british calendar of october 1941 (the 'S' for 'Saturday' looks perhaps like an '8') - source Schulte p.42.

Whether this was the background of Mahatma Gandhi and the Nobel prize nominations in 1948, I dont know. See this file under 'Mahatma Gandhi' in MLR january 1948). The program could have been to create the idea of Wittgenstein as a ruthless murderer trying to get his program through by violence for reaching the 'lapis philosophorum' - which is not likely to be the case.

The modern 'homo' program could possibly be for just that 'sodomy' parametre of 'zoophthoria' - including 'creation of death' - for the 'Annalen der Natur-Philosophie'. Such 'homo' in politics is probably a version of 'terror and monkey business' in extension from Hitler.

Are the 'Siebensterns' a new discovery of mine?

The Wörterbuch of Wittgenstein contains some notable structures - which I call 'Siebenstrerns' from the potato peel filter - that seem to be of relevance for understanding how the book could have been Wittgenstein's attempt to mend the holes in the logical system of his TLP. Are the 'Siebensterns' a new pioneering discovery of mine - or is it old more or less secret news? There are some reasons to assume that it was already known but perhaps considered secret. One of these is the strange word 'Ringlo' with a link to 'Stauen': 'Ringlo' immediately sounds like 'Ringo Starr' (born Richard Starkey) of The Beatles. 'Starr' is also the bottom word in the mid column on page 34. Another is the 'Fidel' in the 6th Siebenstern - with a 'Kaninchen' for the 'Castro' (born on 13 august 1927) in the first. 'Ruse' is norwegian for 'fish trap'.

More alarming is perhaps the correlation of the six names of the three Kennedy brothers with the mid entry in the 6 'Siebensterns': 'John Fitzgerald' as the mid word in 1-2 ('Indian mitten'), 'Robert Francis' for 3-4 ('Rüsten Toll' - the latter can be traced back to indo-european 'dhuel') and Edward Moore for 5-6 ('Akrobat/Akt ersetzen'). But only Edward Kennedy was born after 1926, so I dont know.

Wittgenstein took 1919-20 an education as teacher in the school for such in Kundmanngasse 20. After he had resigned from this career in april 1926 - the school inspector Mr.Kundt tried to keep him from it but Wittgenstein was determined - his sister Gretl Stonborough acquired the site vis-a-vis the teacher education school and he assisted in constructing the house which was completed in 1928. Here a photo of Kundmanngasse with the entrance to the teacher school to the left (white arrow) and the Wittgenstein house to the right (red arrow):

On basis of my fundamental theorem, one can consider the joining of two 'lapis philosophorums' (I found it in the edge of the drainhole of the kitchen sink) pressed together along three dimensions to a 'Vollkornbrot'

which again can be rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees with a fold-in of the devangari 'A' rays to the 'Siebenstern' potato peel filter - under which a new 'lapis philosophorum' can be found.

This tells of a sort of 'recursion'. The two lapises can be seen as 'the same' even if they really should have been different in two different realities (the Vollkornbrot is not symmetric) - if they were to symbolize the fundamental theorem. Therefore the example tells of a flat 'symbolic level' which is not really the reality but illustrative nevertheless. One can think of this 'recursion' as a means for lending weight to the symbolic level which otherwise is rather flat and weightless. Are the formal languages of Chomsky variants of this symbolic level? I notice the 3rd Siebenstern 'nisten' (for 'nesting') and 'listen' (for 'context'). 'Schlagen' and 'rasseln' are the correlate to these in the 4th Siebenstern. It may have been the typography that caused Wittgenstein's mistake. Attempts to insinuate that Wittgenstein had 'rasselt' sexually with the children would only be an attempt to ignore the role of the typographer. The Costa Concordia accident could have been about this - I notice the Rampe, schmierig etc.

Interesting is also the correlation with Tony 'Watsche' + Blere = 'Blasen' of Siebenstern #6 followed by Gordon 'Genick'/'genieren' + Brown = 'braun' of #1. That could look like a 'Labour' or 'Arbeiterpartei' as the identity of the use of the 'Siebensterns'. See also Siebenstern #2 for 'Jeremy Corbyn'.

Is Kundmanngasse taken to be the same as Siebensterngasse? But Siebensterngasse is rather a sort of mirror to Seitenstettengasse where the jewish Kultusgemeinde is - which could suggest that a driving motor in the sad story of the Gandhis in India could be a late reflex of Hitler's anti-semitism.

The socalled 'civil war' in Syria 2011-2018

It is likely that a similar 'Wittgenstein' = 'Witt-G-Einstein' logic could have been applied to the concept of 'Saussurean arbitrarity' for the sense of 'so Syrian civil war' under US democrat president Obama. Saussure is known for his two theses: 1) The arbitrarity of signification in natural language, that is, the idea that there is no immediate phonological-semantic reason that motivates the form-meaning relation in a morphemic sign (that is, 'house-door' has its meaning composed from the meaning of 'house' plus the meaning of 'door', but 'door' does not have its meaning composed from meanings of 'd'+'o'+'r', as is the naive interpretation of 'arbitrarity', and 2) the socalled laryngeal theory (1879) which postulates a matrix of approximately 4 (additional) laryngeal-coloured (or something like that) vocalisms in proto-indo-european. There existed data on indo-european which had led to the establishment of certain phonological forms - but Saussure postulated another 4 'theoretic' laryngeals which would increase the explanatory force in the theory, and the success was large when around 1915 cuneiform hittite on clay tablets (in Turkey and probably also Syria) was deciphered by Hrozny and showed a language which appeared to be indo-european - and where one later found traces of such laryngeals in the cuneiform data (Lindemann). It is a puzzling fact that although the words of hittite look somewhat indo-german, like austrian german does, the grammar looks more hungarian, at least to me. So it sort of encoded the Burgenland border mystery. Whether hittite really counts as deciphered or is just a sort of proto-hitlerite, I dont know. Modern computer decipherment probably has an opinion on that.

However that be, the two main achievements of Saussure could have been recognized in Wittgenstein's Tractatus in the form of a matrix of truth values (running like a binary code) for Elementarsätze applied to language - for the idea that a 'nomothetes' would assign arbitrary meaning to a word like a divine revelation of Fatima could set the russian revolution agoing. In political intrigue, this assignment of meaning by divine revelation could be the background of a masturbator spurting semen on an infant cortex. The intrigue could perhaps call that 'arbi-trary signification' - for the idea that the masturbator would be symbolic of an arbitrary signification in the infant's developing 'log-ic' (the brain, that is) while the matrix of laryngeals of proto-indo-european signification would be symbolic of the web of (binary-enumerating) truth values in Wittgenstein's logic - for the idea of an arbitrary signification as a 'divine origin' and hence a quasi-divine authority in the masturbator. Clearly this could be the background of such child abuse for politics gone astray.

My own fundamental theorem postulates not an arbitrary signification but two different realities - otherwise it also entails the idea of a close affinity or even identity between diachrony and synchrony, although nothing in the style of this hilarious 'political' version of linguistic logic. My own linguistic theory postulates rather a historic guiding of signification while a semiotic quasi arbitrarity arises via the rainbow function - and this can be abstracted and lifted or 'compared' into a logical space. The global function 14 (with data from the entire TEQ) provides the distributional semantics on basis of distribution in historic time (diachrony), while the local function 14 (the structure of book 14 without relating to the rest of the books in TEQ) can be recognized in a 'logical space' (synchrony - cp. vol.3 chapter 23) - and the identity of these is what makes for the rational abstraction. The plotters of the political intrigue (including child abuse) could thereby have felt that they were 'right' (like Hitler did) in this intuition of a shared origin in the synchronic Saussurean arbitrarity of signification (with a quasi-divine 'nomothetes') and the diachronic origin in the Saussurean laryngeal matrix - since my own theory leads to the assumption of an isomorphy or identity in diachrony and synchrony, albeit on a very different basis. But clearly it is short circuitry to take this as indicative of any divine authority in a 'president' or whatever.

There are reasons to understand Israel (reopened on 15 may 1948 - after Gandhi in january) as a 'logical space' which establishes its signification and 'creation of life' through divine revelation or guidance - hence a holy land of synchronic revelation for God's chosen diachronic people - without which history could go astray and end up in wars and catastrophes. For christians, the 'act of creation' (creation of life) would have been in the matrix of the logical space of Israel when Jesus Christ was conceived and grew up there - and ideas that the 'lapis philosophorum' is identically the same as Jesus Christ could find its explanatory framework there.

It is possible that the socalled 'civil war' in Syria (neighbouring to Israel) has been launched under the banner of 'so Syrian' arbitrarity + laryngeals (a la proto-hitlerite?) - as an echo of Wittgenstein and Ostwald's publication. If this has been intended to be moved over onto Italy, a situation of 'soitalian' arbitrarity could arise - and I recognize the name of 'Søderlind' from my own 'octogon stories'. ('Tordis Skjærven Søderlind' of my own octogon #2 could be suggestive of a 'Padania program' of dividing Italy in two, whether by civil war, so-syrian or whatever, and 'arbitrarity' could perhaps be taken to suggest the sawing of a log in two. If the octogon is about an 8-fold halving, like Zeno's paradox, there could eventually be little left of Italy).


The Eisenhower doctrine part 2 starts "Russia's rulers have long sought to dominate the Middle East". Hungarian for '2' is 'két', and gender is typically in the middle. Some years ago I travelled by train from Vienna to Budapest and was sitting next to a woman in probably her 20's. She was sitting at the window on my left. It may have been when we passed Biatorbagy (between Herceghalom and Törökbalint) or thereabout that she lifted her left leg up on a low edge at the wall and my gender organs suddenly emptied their contents in my pants (without any further erection or involvement of mine). 'Våt-i-buksa' = 'wet-in-the-pants' this is called in norwegian - cp. 'war-tip uksa'. According to conjectured 'intelligence mythos', my younger official sister Tone Helene Gröver could have been replaced with a copy and the original was rebuilt to be a copy of Satwant Singh, the security guard of Indira Gandhi who shot her on Halloween 1984. She had been present at Mahatma Gandhi's deathbed. The conjectured 'secret intelligence mythos' tells that this really was my younger sister who shot her because Gandhi herself had asked for it. The combination of the woman who 'sat-Wand' and my gender organ which 'singh'-ed could then make for the rewrite 'Satwant Singh' = 'Salvin Tang' - which then involves the idea of the TANG-SHAN earthquake in China of 27 july 1976. This is the second most disastrous quake in recorded history - some two hundred thousand people or thereabout died - about the same number as the victims of the tsunami from Banda Aceh 2004.

SHAN is a morph associated with the persian SHAH - in definite form in norwegian 'shahen' or 'shahn' - pronounced 'shan'. His youngest daughter was born in 1970 and he himself died in 1980 - and Gröver/'Mengele' died on 27 november 1990 (plus/minus a day, but this is probably the right day) which was on the day in the mirror image to the birth of the shah's daughter in 1970 around the day of the death of the shah in 1980 - and it was exactly on the day 160 years after the Madonna who appeared before Catherine Laboure in Paris. The Madonna therefore serves as a proof that this middle point of the SHAH structure is not coincidental.

The interesting thing (a la 'arbitrary signification'?) about this SHAN is therefore the middle point - and the conjectured 'secret intelligence mythos' about my elder official sister Vibeke Gröver is that even she was replaced with a copy in Norway and rebuilt to look like Mao's wife - and she was smuggled into China and sneaked in to Mao and lured him into bed where he died from or somehow suffered an injection from a needle hidden in her vagina. The myth suggests that this happened on 27 july 1976 (50,25 years after Wittgenstein's 'Ohrfeige' struck Haidbauer) and 'therefore' the quake of Tangshan struck on the same day as China lost its great revolutionary leader. A 'needle-ton' could be an interpretation which could be inspired by the article "Trollope: An Interior View. By W. J. Overton" of Modern Language Review of 1 july 1976 (issued 27 days before the quake) - adding to the idea of a 'middle-ton' in the death of the persian shah in 1980. Could be this inspired me to associate the woman on the train with Kate Middleton. Cp. also 'Anne Sexton' - whose poetic lines seem to encode the name of 'Tordis Skjærven Söderlind'.

The other articles of MLR july 1976 seem also interesting - not only this 'troll-up' of Overton.

Evidence of the sister myth

Clearly it is the 'secret intelligence mythos' that my two sisters should have been involved in the deaths of Mao and Gandhi that make these intrigues relevant to my person. Frankly, I had not discovered these things untill rather recently, a few years ago this idea started taking shape that they in the 1970's could have been replaced with copies (and the originals abducted for these acts of terror), and amazingly similar they must have been since I did not notice it. The elder sister had once been out late (in perhaps 1973 or 1974?) and found the door locked on her return home - and therefore she peeped in my window and asked if I could open the door for her. I was asleep and a little confused when I was woken up and I first refused to let her in unless she had some identity documentation, a passport or whatever - but I let her in after some seconds' confusion. The younger sister had (in probably the late 70's or maybe early 80's) given me for christmas two small dictionaries - a dutch-norwegian / norwegian-dutch and a greek-norwegian / norwegian-greek. The 'intrigue' propaganda could have tried to prove the reality of the role of the sisters by the two french socialist presidents Francois Mitterand (telling that the elder sister was in the 'middle' between the two 'rands' of the window) and Francois Hollande (for that norwegian-dutch). It is the second of these which could lend some interest to the first. One of the first things Hollande did was an attack on terrorists in Mali. This 'Mali' or rather 'Malin' was, if I recall it right, the name of a character in the swedish TV series 'Vi på Saltkråkan' (sent on norwegian TV in the 1960's) about 'Tjorven' and her family, based on I think a book by Astrid Lindgren - the idea should have been that this 'Tjorven' was modelled on my elder sister and that the role of 'Malin' was to tell of the one who took her place in the early 1970's. 'Vi på Saltkråkan' = 'Life on Seacrow Island', the english title. 'Kråkan' means 'the crow' - some associate crows with 'women' - such as this 'Malin'.


Does it all converge on me and my jewish genetics? I do not normally masturbate - but rare unintended overflows can take place: One such happened in the summer 2015 and soon thereafter Europe was flooded with refugees coming from the middle east via Hungary. Was it 800.000 of them - like Verdun, Treblinka, Rwanda, Shansi?

Ah, ja, the intrigue seems to be intended to let RONCOS ORSOS take the place of classic spirituality. (The original portuguese is really 'troncos toscos' but onset-truncated 'roncos orsos' has some explanatory value). It is this sort of tragic logic:

3rd secret:

2nd secret:
1st secret:
= Hitler's death camps
= 'war-tip-uksa'?
= russian revolution
= uncle Zeus = polti anusen

For the 'war-tip-[j]uksa', I notice also the name of 'Baruck Obama'. (See also 'Masern' and 'murksen' of Siebenstern #3).

Finally, it can be observed that there is the factor of 1223 months, weeks and days between the birth of Albert von Sachsen and the publication of the Eisenhower doctrine. (That is, if Albert was born earlier in the day than the doctrine was published). There have been several occurrences of this magic number in recent years - such as when Michael Spindlegger was vice chancellor of Austria for 1223 days when he in that morning, without warning in advance and apparently without any explicated reason, announced his immediate and total withdrawal from all political positions - and Heinz-Christian Strache more recently did the same - resigning from his vice chancellorship and party leader positions - on the day 1223 days after I started writing my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' on 11 january 2016. (The first poem - which I wrote on that day - is called '#solens pike' = '#the sun's girl'). In 2004, when I arrived in Vienna, I got a bank account in Die Postbank with PIN code 3221.

The story from the train to Budapest could also be suggestive of a 'war-tip' link between the name of Baruck Obama (wife Michelle) and Italy via Siebenstern #3 (Masern-murksen = 'våt-up juksa') and #4 (saufen/sausen-Republik - cp. also 'uncle Zeus') - as well as 5-2 (Akt-mitten). Then the 'sat-want' element remains to be accounted for - and if the fence to Mexico is a genuine US republican project for other reasons, it would be hard to spot in other ways. But maybe that fence rather is a sort of 'want-sat'.s Then what is the 'singh'?


In july 2018 I was in a hostel-hotel in Venice and wrote 'Rosens triangel' there. A man soon moved into the room next door who vaguely resembled Playboy-chief Hugh Hefner - he stayed there out the month when I was there. Before he moved in, the wall between the two rooms had been refurbished on the other side by a worker - who had sandpapered and painted it in accordance with poem 3 for 'Rosens triangel' which I had written in my notebook on 2 july, a few days before this started - here in literal english translation: "There is/exists a picture on the wall. / You cover it with plaster. / It is the church who has it in its calf [etc]". On the train back to Vienna, I had reserved a seat and close to it a man was sitting who resembled Hefner a little more. Having arrived to Vienna in august, there came a stalking letter from Ragna Gröver in september, and Hefner died when I got the letter. In Venice in the end of march 2019 there was the story with interior minister Matteo Salvini (of Lega Nord) and the libyan refugees whom he called 'pirates': The turkish ship 'El Hiblu 1' (a 'törökbalint'?) rescued the poor boat refugees from their miserable plastic boat, but since the ship was going to Libya, the refugees could have uttered wishes that they did not want to go back there and hence the boat changed its course and went for Malta instead. This is why Salvini called them 'not refugees but pirates' and they could 'just forget about coming to Italy'. Then a few days later, on 4 april 2019, Khalifa Hifter (the arabic is sometimes transcribed 'Hafter' - I dont know if 'Hefter' is a possible transcription) started an attack on Tripoli - including 'anti-tank missiles' from the United Arab Emirates - and Matteo Salvini was in all newspapers for some days or weeks. 'Man of Salvation' it could mean - the Man being in the military attack on Tripoli (and maybe the Playboy chief), the 'asian' could be 'inni' = 'inside' the Tang-shan quake - whether that should mean 'jewish-genetic biological material' or explosives in China or whatever. 'United Aruby Pirates' could have been the association to the sandpapering of the wall and the following 'Hefner' story. (The news tell that Hifter spoke with Trump on the phone and Trump hailed him for 'fighting terrorism').

Man of Salvation = the creation of life qua Jesus Christ in the logical space of Israel. Clearly 'man-of-salvation' can also be seen as relevant to the political concept of a masturbator leaving his semen on an infant cortex - for the idea of quasi-divine authority.

There are reflexes of this in the Wörterbuch of Wittgenstein in the 7 triads of words for the 3rd dimension that seems to encircle the 'Kausalität' which he in his TLP identifies as 'Aberglauben', the first, fourth and sevenths triads being these:

40 Wasser, Watsche 5 Christus, Christoph 40 widersprechen, Widerstand 1 Aberglaube, abermals 8 ersetzen 1 allwissend, Alms 4 Bengel, benützen 11 Geld, gelehrig 4 blasen

This is when Christus or 'Christ-up' makes or negates the 'gelehrig' (prone to learn easily) when the Ohrfeige hits the resistance of the obstinate schoolboy. That makes for a 'man-of-salvation'. (It is noticed also that 'Watsche-blasen' could suggest 'Tony Blair').

The relation between the names of 'Khalifa Hifter' and 'Adolf Hitler' corresponds roughly to the relation between 'Satwant Singh' and 'Salvin TANG'. Paul Celan's first child Francois died after only 30 hours because of a brutal birth with birth tongs = norwegian TANG. 'Tatt med tang' is a normal expression.

The original title for the Tractatus was 'Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung', the title used in Ostwald's 'Annalen'. It was allegedly Moore who suggested the title Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus used for the english edition. 'Arbi-trarity' can be seen as a word play on 'Log-isch-philosophisch', while a similar change a la 'Satwant Singh' to 'Salvin TANG' can transform the 'Arbitrarity' into 'Abhandlung' via 'Abartirity' etc. Cp. the 'A-Banda-ceh' etc.

Criticism of the mythos apparatus

It is possible that the mythos plotters have planned to make the following 'intelligence' symbolism - for manipulation of public opinion in extension from Adolf Hitler - based on the 'Wörterbuch für Volks- und Bürgerschulen': Lapis philosophorum = Wörterbuch, cp. Borten-Per by my 11th birthday, the Volksschulen = Vollkornbrot, cp. Pål-Danielsen, while the Bürgerschule (cp. Berger-Ellen) = the Siebenstern. 'Per Borten' is then likely to have a role in the mythos theatre as the one who - on my behalf? - preheralds the death of my genetic parents Paul Celan and Nelly Sachs in 1970, which could have been pre-heralded already with Lenin's 1970 days between the attempt on him in 1918 and his death in 1924. The problem with the 'Siebenstern' is that it appears to be recognized as an anus - an apparent problem of 'secret intelligence' and probably no necessary interpretation at all. The 'reason' for this could be in the 3rd dimension of the 'logical space' (cp. 'Rampe', 'schmierig', 'Kundmann' etc) wherein two of the three observations are up on the page (left and right column) while the third is low in the central column - like the three stigmas of Christ. But then the low 'stigma' of the recursive 'Siebenstern' is the 'fut' stigma. It is indeed unfortunate if an infant abuse of 1-2-3 is the basis for these definitions - with a rape of the infant in the mid. Clearly such a fixation on anus as the locus of 'mystic inquiry' would be quite unfortunate and, if it be the relevant interpretation, it could be a sign that the plotters of the intrigue do not even want it themselves. Attempts to organize 'homo' is probably just this 'anus stigma'. I guess that the real reason for the 'homo program' and 'anus fixation' is in the origins of 'monkey business' by the rejection of Wittgenstein's book in 1918.

'Potato peel filter' = 'Poet Adolf Hitler'?

I notice also that it is possible that the reason for my almost non-existent career could be in the role of 'Borten-Per' for my 11 year age, that is, the name of the 'Wörterbuch'. That is when ignoring the crediting of my work and authority (as if a minor) creates the systematic identity with Borten-Per for 'Wörterbuch' which puts me in a 'triangular' relation with 'Volksschule' and 'Bürgerschule'.

My (and most other people's) natural criticism of the 'homo' program (qua anus fixation for 'mystic inquiry') could then be suggestive of the name of a planned next Labour leader after #2 Corbyn after #1 Brown (Miliband resigned after an election) - if the top ('kritisieren') and bottom ('Pflugschar') entries in the 3rd Siebenstern be telling of a next Labour leader planned for government - which then would mean that Corbyn would have to be in government in the mean time. Hence a part of the driving forces could be a general 'Labour' interest. It is noticed that 'kritisieren' co-occurs with 'Kristall'. Was this the reason for the 'Kristallnacht'?


Hitler can be seen as the terror that developed from the monkey business that followed after the initial rejection of Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus' in the summer 1918.

The assassination of Mahatma Gandhi can be seen as an attempt to create doubts about the integrity of Wittgenstein - in continuation from the work of Hitler.

Since two of the three Kennedy brothers were born before Wittgenstein wrote the Wörterbuch, a conclusion that their names therefore probably were not authentic would throw doubt on their integrity (although such coincidences exist), but if the correlations were due to Wittgenstein writing his book in accordance with certain wishes, the integrities could be rescued.

The socalled 'syrian' civil war, if correlated with or inspired by political interests a la mythos creation for 'intelligence' power in extension from hitlerite abuse of Wittgenstein, could have served to be 'Saussurean' for a logical space correlating 'arbitrarily' with a divine authority, possibly also for a parallel 'so italian' reference. This would strongly enhance the effect of the need for the 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen und Bürgerschulen', since this dictionary could have been Wittgenstein's own attempt to mend the hole in the logical system of his TLP, and this again could lead to a further enhancement of integrity.

Tang-Shan = Wörterbuch-based Siebenstern 1+2 (India+mitten), which also could be recognized as Brown+Corbyn. This renewed and reinforced interpretation would be assigned by the effects of the syrian war.

The french data could serve to substantiate the idea of a link from this Tang-Shan to my person via sisters.

The 1223 establishes a link between Albert of Sachsony and me if the Eisenhower doctrine is relevant to the 'octogon'.

If there are plans for an 'Ohrfeige' on Italy, for its catholicism being not in conformity with new 'Labour' (and possibly US democrat) world views after Hitler's abusive version of Fatima-Lucia and Wittgenstein, it could be for the sheer interests of enhancement of Kennedy integrity - in particular if there are plans for a Very High position (quasi divine authority?) of John F.Kennedy in the political pantheon. I cannot support such a program as an Ohrfeige or 'Donner-Frucht' (6th Siebenstern). It is evident that the political version of Wittgenstein's ideas is but exploitative and has nothing to do with progress in knowledge - particularly if there are ideas around of constructing a new 'religion' in competition with catholicism or christianity generally. 'Man-of-Salvation' clearly could relate at least phonologically/graphically to 'Albert-of-Sachsony'.

My (and most other people's) natural criticism of the 'homo' program (qua anus fixation for 'mystic inquiry') could then be suggestive of the name of a planned future Labour leader. Hence a part of the driving forces could be a general 'Labour' interest.

The purpose with a possible democrat-labour 'Ohrfeige' on Italy could furthermore be to make a 'recursive' involvement in China on basis of the principles of 'controlled ontology' (a la Beachy Head) in the Lapis-Vollkornbrot-Siebenstern - contained in the (implicit) title to Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen und Bürgerschulen'.

These international interests could probably lend support to anybody who is willing to 'Ohrfeige' Italy - but clearly everybody would be served with letting that be.

Added 20 july 2019: The information service in the entrance to 'Pavilion Burg' (to the austrian parliament in Vienna) tells on an info leaf about the text on the outer wall of 'Pavilion Ring': "Die Freizügigkeit der Person und des Vermögens innerhalb des Staatsgebietes unterliegt keiner Beschränkung" = Staatsgrundgesetz über die allgemeine Rechte der Staatsbürger Art. 4 (1). "Jedes Kind hat das Recht auf gewaltfreie Erziehung. Körperliche Bestrafungen, die Zufügung seelischen Leides, sexueller Missbrauch und andere Misshandlungen sind Verboten" = Bundesverfassungsgesetz über Rechte von Kindern Art. 5 (1)

Added 21 july 2019: There were 50 years from the 'Ohr-feige' in Otterthal on probably 26 april 1926 to the earthquake of Tangshan (on July 28, 1976, at 3:42 in the morning) and another 1/3 century to the earthquake of Port-au-Prince (on Tuesday, 12 January 2010 at 4:53 local time (21:53 UTC). 1/11 = 0,090909.... (Birth of John Jensen was on 27 october - and my first days?) Will Venice (after the 5 revolutions 2011) sink into the sea at 6:04 on 27 october 2019? Or is my brain endangered - as if 'JFK' (if that were the story in 1957) wanted to have the 'money' back? I do not agree to be the 'Jesus' for this mythomania. 'Össze-vissza' (house opened with jack and left lonely and opened for weeks after burglars had pulled things down from shelves and out of cupboards) could also mean 'Venezia'. We must hope that civilization has advanced further than that.

Added later: In the scheme of Otterthal - Tangshan - Port-au-Prince - 2019, it is noticed the sequence 1/2, 1/3 and 1/11 = 0,90909... I noticed that the latter in the sense of Manhattan 11/9-2001 could mean 'Ni-Vea', the famous salve. (I got a book on 'Harmonilære' by 'Ketil Vea' from the official parents (Ragna Grøver?) in probably the 60's if not the 70's - I think I have seen it in bibsys.no earlier but it is no longer there - or maybe it was 'Musikklære' which can include 'harmonilære' - how the one vertical structure follows after the other - he has written a book called 'Musikkdidaktikk' but if that is from 1980 I think I got it earlier). There is a 1/4 in earthquakes, though, in the quakes of Bam in 2003 and Banda Aceh in 2004 - with exactly one year interval - including the year back to my copyright registration in 2002. Bam was in Iran and could be telling of the SHAH, for Tang-Shahn, while Banda Aceh is in Indonesia which could be telling of 'Venezia'. 2003 and 2004 could suggest 1/4.

'Otterthal' was the name of the place where Wittgenstein was teacher when he gave the 'Donner-Watsche' = 'thunderous box on the ear' to the schoolboy Haidbauer. The name means the numeral 8 in norwegian ('åttetall') - the symbol '8' itself. How much is 8 divided in 2? Some say that it is 3, others that it is 5, others again that it is 2. Some claim that it is 0, others can take it to 7 or even 1. But can anybody take it to be 4?

Zeno's other paradox tells that Achilles cannot run faster than the tortoise. If the body grows fat, then it moves forwards, but very slowly - like a tortoise. Achilles can never run faster than his own body. Norwegian for 'fat' = 'tjukk' or 'lubben'. 'Tyuk' is hungarian for 'poultry' or rather 'hen'. Cp. 'kauz-tyuk' - the hair (kauz = austrian or german) and the hand (tyuk?) seem to have been added 'magically' from the eroding Joyce on my microscope glass - the Joyce image was first and then it dried and crystallized in the course of about a year, after which it had turned into the 'indian'. Kauz, Kristall, Indianer are all in the Siebensterns.

Did Wittgenstein eat peanuts when he wrote his 'Wörterbuch'? If so, was that the background of peanut farmer Carter as president? The cartoon 'Peanuts' seems to have started in 1948. 'Gandhi' is a name which perhaps can be taken to mean something like such a 'revelation in the text' - in the sense of a smell. If 'the indian' eats too many peanuts, he can turn 'tjukk' or at least 'lubben'.

Added 22 july 2019: As I have told earlier, it was on the day of the great earthquake of Port-au-Prince that I went by train from Venice to Vienna and I believed that it was Gordon Brown, then PM, who wanted to step into the compartment of the couchette wagon where I was sleeping (I left the compartment for him). He carried an oldfashioned doctor bag ('Le Grand Alcandre frustré'?) which resembled the one I had in the late 70's. The story of the ejaculation in the pants perhaps at Biatorbagy followed after a preamble at Westbahnhof wherefrom I travelled: I had arrived early and found a place in the nearly empty wagon and started writing on my computer when a man came to sit down in front of me and put a guitar case on the luggage shelf above me. I thought that there could be surveillance gear in it and decided to change to another seat, but the wagon had in the mean time filled up and there was only one free seat and that was next to this young woman. She had her handbag on the free seat, I asked if it were free and she said yes and removed it. The ejaculation in the pants had happened once before when I travelled from St.Pölten to Vienna: Even then the wagon was totally full but there was a free seat next to a young blonde. It was in the moment when the train started to move from the platform of St.Pölten that this 'zenoan paradox' ('Achilles' trying to run faster than his body) happened. It is possible to analyze the Siebensterns #1-5 as being about the category 'inchoative' in the mid entry while #6 is 'causative' - hence the step from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown in the sense of the step from Siebenstern #6 to Siebenstern #1 could be seen as causative-inchoative. If so, the whole story can be about an attempt to construct a world of 'royal' or whatever power in the sense of the monarch or power holder lifting the leg or a finger causing an earthquake or sth like that (a 'cliff-off' = 'Klipra') elsewhere. The lapis-vollkornbrot-siebenstern construction could be thereabout. It is possible that this is what the International Secret Intelligence Services are out for.

Some may think that the human tragedy is in the biased psyche which also is the cause of language and therefore the naive-comic conclusion is drawn that politicians must not say anything but only act - only then they can get into the 'logical space'. But that means 'secret intelligence'.

The lifting of a finger has a correlate in the lifting of the skull - the sound of it etc. Or the lifting of it a few days after birth with 'the mystery of sperm' spurted onto it. There was an election in Ukraine yesterday (the news gave the impression that my 'christ-flake' - cp. the terror in one or two mosques in Christchurch some time ago - could have been the unspoken theme), and there are snap elections in Austria, Italy, Israel in september. It seems that such snap elections out of normal schedule are called at any time nowadays to construct this mythology, and indeed one sometimes gets the impression that politics is only preappointed games. It is easy to see how a great Donner-Watsche could strike on 'Otterthal'-Italy (Venice?) as a 'Reichstagsbrand' after the italian election and jewish genetics be blamed for it.

The burglary in Szolnok was very unfortunate. The philosophy (also in 'Ukraine'?) seems to be that the 'third-man-penis-inside-married-vagina' is the same as a crowbar breaking the 'logical space' of a house open. This is likely to be based on the idea in my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' that 'two and only two' items can be 'the same' across different realities - and a third item cannot really be recognized as 'the same' without entering another significational mode. This is what can solve the difficulties in Wittgenstein's theory - but not in the form of power games or crowbars in 'logical space'. Could be the 'octogon' was constructed for extending the power from the Wittgenstein story?

A great pity it is with all this 'reception history' on Wittgenstein's work. The world is nervous after all the warfare. 'Open-minded' does not mean 'opened skull' as 'opened logical space'. It is important to reach the stage where it is possible to give expression to a theory such as Wittgenstein's without this triggering nervous nazism. I do not support the mythos-constructing International Secret Intelligence Services.

It is fully possible to say things right out as they are. Why hasnt this story with Wittgenstein and Hitler been told - at least I have never seen it mentioned - before I tell it here after some superficial studies? If it is the basis for political power, it should be told for the sake of democracy.

Added 23 july 2019: There are reasons to speculate if a complex of looming insecurity is intended to pile up annually in the late summer or early autumn - could be so bad that one has to spend some days elsewhere: If so, it could be for the idea of 'år-feigen' - 'the annual coward'. 'Han du elsker' (cp. 'annual scare') = 'he whom you love'.

Added 24 july 2019:

For the 'birth of John Jensen' on 27 october 1916, MLR October 1916 gives four titles, the second of which attracts some attention - by Gordon Brown 'con frusta' (on the train) and a possible 'princess of Cleves':

2. 'Le Grand Alcandre frustré' and 'La Princesse de Clèves'. By Benj. M.Woodbridge.

But even 'Benj. M.Woodbridge' could have some interpretation of relevance: Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) had been exposed in the surveillance 'Ibiza-video' in Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Der Spiegel and resigned from his vice chancellorship the day after - a few days later there was the EU election and chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) was forced to resign by an inconfidence vote in the parliament a day or two later - whatever the reason, the coalition could not function for another day, was the theme, and the government was dissolved. Austrian president Alexander von der Bellen asked 'Präsidentin des Verfassungsgerichtshofes' Brigitte Bierlein (otherwise not in politics, if I got it right) to make an interim government while new snap elections would be held in september for getting a new composition in the parliament. Arguably the name looks a little relevant to 'Benj. M.Woodbridge' - so the line from MLR is coming to the surface. German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen had been nominated for election to new chief of the european commission after Juncker on 1 november, and announced her resignation from the defence ministry just before she was formally elected commission chief (president of EU, I think it counts as) on 16 july, and Kramp-Karrenbauer took over as minister of the gunpowder and its triggers. Theresa May had announced her resignation and Boris Johnson took over as UK PM yesterday 23/7.

There is a house number in Goldschlagstrasse just at the intersection to Zinckgasse which deserves some attention:

'423 alt' looks indeed similar to 3:42, the time point of the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 - in particular when the time point for the Port-au-Prince quake was 4:53 on the day when apparently Gordon Brown wanted to enter the train compartment with what could have been a 'frusta' ('whip') in his hand, an oldfashioned doctor bag.

Then 'Boris Johnson' could sound like 'bor i sjansen' = 'lives in the chance' - rather than 'bor i Tangshan' = 'lives in Tangshan'.

What is puzzling is that the house number '423 alt' looks very old - it could well be older than the Tangshan earthquake - at 3:42. Was it an underearth bomb that triggered the quake? Or was it the Lord himself who pointed his finger to this place? Speaking sanskrit rather than hebrew: 'Tat twam asi'?

Some norwegian word forms seem relevant:

  År-feigen, Ohr-feigen, ORF-eigen
Hår-fargen = the hair-colour
which can be either
Lyshåret (light-haired, blonde) = lys-året (the lightyear) or 'ly'-såret ('hurt by ly')
Mørkhåret (dark-haired) = mør-kåret (chosen for tender-[beef])

'Ly'-såret = hurt by the 'ly'. It is a little difficult to define 'ly' but most norwegians would probably associate it with a soul-impression from some masturbation of some kind. 'Lyve' is 'to lie'. Hurt by the feeling or soul-impression of masturbation from some more or less 'remote intelligence', it could perhaps mean. An enemy of such 'juice' could perhaps feel hurt by the 'ly'. There are also 'lü'-s in chinese.

Feelings hurt by the presence of 'juice' sounds alarming. Anti-semitism, quite simply?

On 20 july 2019, that is 4 days ago, there was the premiere of the film 'Lion king', king of the lions, and a 'juicy' posture of a lion could perhaps be spotted in the 90 degrees turned version of the planned cover illustration to my SNEEFT COEIL, the 'ex nihilo' graphics (of the 'young pianist'):

The same day there were the news from Iceland on some 50 pilot whales ('grind-hval') that had stranded and died in Gamlaeyri (?) at Löngufjörur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. This looks like 'beautiful' nature poetry relating my SNEEFT COEIL (chapter 8, poem 2, mainly line 10 out of 18) qua synchrony (then also with corresponding place in chapter 1) to 'Der Dornenstrauch' qua diachrony, swapping cyclicity of sanskrit with cyclicity of hebrew for the concepts 'God called it' (the nomothetes of Wittgenstein?) and 'tvam' (a la that 'tat twam asi' = 'that [thing you see over there] is you') - cp. also the '2' of my fundamental theorem - and seemingly it adds (by extension of the cyclicity table in my vol.4, which cover strictly speaking not part 4) the forms 'Vrishno cruel against animals, the different sun-god' - or 'the difference of the ocean' like the ocean opening up for the crossing jews - or the difference of the strand from the water. This was hopefully not fake news for launching the film on the 'king of the lions'. My work is written for serious studies in poetry, semiotics, linguistics etc and not for business. One must anyhow credit the source if the material is used.

The complex in total makes for quite a pressure on me. Last night my kidneys started bleeding again.

Rilke, 7th Duino elegy: "Hiersein ist herrlich". 4th elegy: "Und irgendwo gehn Löwen noch und wissen, solang sie herrlich sind, von keiner Ohnmacht".

Added 25 july 2019: The norwegian broadcasting company is called Norsk RiksKringkasting = NRK. In my childhood they used to have a logo with this text and a photo of the TV sender called 'Tryvannstårnet' = 'the Tryvann tower', and this was regularly shown I think just before the news. It happened often that we children watched this TV photo telling "NRK Fjernsynet Oslo" and shouted the text - which also could mean "N er K, fjerne synet, Oslo" = "N is K, remove the vision, Oslo" over and over again. We were then often told to 'go to bed'. However, it could also be a 'homo' message - as if 'N=K' means 'without vision, os-lo'. (It is not the entire reason for the homo paradigm?) If N = K, then 'fjerne-synet' = 'fjerke-syke' in the 'oslo'. (I have suffered from some 'fjerke-syke' now and then). Once the train from Budapest stopped at Györ and we were told that we had to wait for a new loc because the one we had used didnt function any longer. Could have been 'Tryvannstårnet' = 'drivaks-togene'? If R = K, then ÖBB chief and then maybe austrian chancellor 'Christian Kern' = 'r kistian rekken' = 'is (in?) the row of coffins' - like those pilot whales in Iceland? The film 'Lion king' is made by 'Disneys Film-Company' which likewise then rewrites to 'discus film-nom-paky'. What is the package in the nom of the film? 'Li & Knikken' it could be. Nelly Sachs used to call herself 'Li'. Is 'Knikken' or 'knee-gene' related to Paul Celan? My own TEQ book 15 is called 'Gentlemen'. The title is not susceptive of such rewrites but if one anyhow does, it goes 'shakt-til-mek' or 'shakt-til-makk' = 'shaft to the worms', as in a funeral, and then one can think of those pilot whales on Iceland in a row. I once sent this book to somebody. Is the film (I have not seen it) an attempt to wedge in with divide-and-conquer in homo strategies? For getting a little 'love' in a cold and loveless world? Kolesterol = Nålesterol, nå lesteru ål. Nål ('needle') is the raw L. Today I passed a 'Friedhofsgärtnerei' and somebody was sitting on a bench at the entrance, and I got this funny feeling in the hip. Such scrabble is not the real world. If this be a matter of pure personal persuction, for example if it be about an attempt to make me 'homo', of course it should be stopped.

Lindemann, F.O.: Introduction to the 'Laryngeal Theory'. Oslo University Press 1987.

Schulte, J.: Ludwig Wittgenstein. Suhrkamp BasisBiographie 2005.

Wittgenstein, L.: Wörterbuch für Volksschulen. Mit einer Einführung herausgegeben von Adolf Hübner - Werner und Elisabeth Leinfellner. Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky, Wien 1977.

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