Burglary, EU and India elections

John Bjarne Grover

On 28 may 2019 I came to my house in Szolnok and found it had been burglared once again, after the first burglary in january 2016. This time the burglar had broken up the gate and two house doors in crowbar style (some professional crowbar or jack had seemingly been used - the strong iron or steel latch to the gate-door had been bent nearly 90 degrees but there were no signs of the crowbar so it must have been a strong jack), stolen valuables (two computers, tools for house repair, a bike) and pulled things down from shelves and out of cupboards onto the floor. The doors had been left open for possibly quite a while. The condition would in norwegian be called 'endevende' and in hungarian 'összevissza'. 'Lendevende' and 'løse visa' could perhaps be relevant ideas.

There had been the 'Ibiza affair' (Strache and Gudenus) 1223 days after I had started writing 'Stillhetens åndedrag' on 11.01.2016 - vice chancellor Strache resigning on the day of the 'Eurovision Song Contest' ('e må pisse'?) after the Ibiza secret surveillance video had been published online on Der Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung (sueddeutsche.de) around 18:00 the day before (norwegian national day 17 may). (In the late 60's, Grøver/'Mengele' spoke Sunnmøre dialect which says 'e pissa' for 'I peed', while I spoke Molde or Romsdal dialecet which would have said 'i pissa' for 'I peed').

Theresa May announced on 24 may, Friday before the EU election, her resignation on 7 june.

The burglar had left an iron bar slanting onto the threshold-step of an outhouse and the door to it open, and a chair just inside had a tool on the seat with a V or M indentation - with a 'stemjern' ('stem eisen') on the floor in front of the chair. Inside the house there was a teapot moved from the shelf onto the kitchen table and three items next to it which did not belong to me: Three nail scissors bundled together, a pouch with coloured plastic sticks and a bundle of ribbons. Possibly meant to be 'meaningful': Three Sachs = No-tre-dame? Beauty = teapot + banknote = No-tre-dame + Banda Aceh (2004) / Bam (2003)? Hence my copyright registration (2002) in Library of Congress - cp. the Congress Party in the Lok Sabha election votes counted on 23 may before the 26 may EU election. Loss of support or diminishing = hungarian 'csökkent' quite similar to norwegian 'kjøkkenet' = 'the kitchen'.

On the map of Szolnok there is a triangle between Thököly ut and Jozsef Attila ut: On the upper side of this is the structure with Sziget Utca, Vasgereben and the intersecting Tel, Rege, Ösz utcas (cp. 'Österreich') streets, in between Thököly and Jozsef is the Levente Utca (cp. Syria), and on the lower side a Kürt Utca corresponding to Tel Utca above, and then Toldi Utca would correspond to Sziget Utca. 'Told' is to expand or lengthen, while 'csökkent' is to reduce, diminish. Összevissza = Ösz-Ibiza?

'Thököly' should by normal rules be pronounced 'tököy' but is factually pronounced 'tököli', if I have got it right. (The hungarian 'ly' was originally pronounced 'li' or 'ly' but this seemingly assimilated - as with 'sandhi'? - to 'j').

The burglary was made to look like a 'vinnings-forbrytelse', norw. for the purpose of money, a 'crime for profit', but clearly there cannot have been much to get for the stolen items, and if the number is 1223 then it is politics.

But a 'vinnings-forbrytelse' could be contained in the similarity between 'SNEEFT COEIL' poem 'Die Juden' (associated with polish language, #4 in the chapter 'Die Verwandlung') and 'Rosens triangel' #2. That makes for a 'POLAKK norwegian bloggi', as if the white metre should have been written in english instead.

That is the norwegian problem - oh dont use norwegian, use english instead - like some self-sacrificing attitude.

But that 'POLAKK norwegian bloggi' could resemble Salvini's Padania program for dividing Italy in two - for solving or at least half way solving the problem of the unpayable state debt - one half speaks italian, the other half english.

'Rosens triangel' #8: 'Den om Roma og den med budeia'. Cp. Szolnok / holmoak.

The burglary admittedly looks political - as for influencing the elections in India and EU. Kurz and ÖVP won ('told'?) the EU election in Austria (but Kurz was thrown by inconfidence vote in the parliament the day after and Brigitte Bierlein is scheduled to take over), Congress gained a little in India but is still under 10% of the parliament seats - could still mean 'csökkent'. The catastrophe for Congress was in 2014 when Narendra Modi (cp. 'Bam, Banda Aceh'?) grabbed 166 seats from Gandhi/Congress in the 552 seat parliament. I look up my PEB #151 which starts:

The story was a thunderbolt
from Bam to Banda Aceh
retelling what's already told:
Lukemeir abootish, eh!

Subtracting the 166 seats from #151 leaves minus 15 which wraps over in the end of the 366-poem PEB and lands on #352, which looks rather perfect. #152+166 = #317 also is quite to the point but in a different sense of it. The real story is, though, that the book should have been published.

Robert Frances Kennedy was shot in the kitchen ('kjøkkenet'), for whatever reason, by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan. I left the house in mid march 2019 and returned on 28 may - I dont know when (between mid march and 28 may) the burglary could have been but the doors could have been left open for quite a while. A millipede or centipede had sneaked in but had not the time to go out again before I arrived. A bird had left a feather.

'Lien', 'encumbrance' in norwegian is 'heftelse' (cp. the 'heft-plaster'), in hungarian it is 'zalogjog' - cp. 'sa [l]endevende': It would have been the one who asked for such a burglary who 'sa endevende', not the one who did it. 'Sirhan Bishara Sirhan' is a name which in norwegian sounds like 'says-he bi-told-you says-he'. 'Rosens triangel' #3 ends 'Fortell, fortell!' = 'tell/narrate, tell/narrate!'.

'Sa levende' = 'said alive'. Hopefully the war in Syria has not been for installing the 'levente' (Levante) = 'levende' = 'alive' for scaring the people in Europe to accept certain politics. The typical political or 'intelligence' scare could be the idea of breaking the 'alive' skull open with a (professional) jack and leave it open for days - the lonely human condition or the condition of the small infant whose head was opened a few days after birth. The stations on the train line from Györ in Hungary into Austria seems to have been defining for Hitler's cabinet - including 'Karolyhaya Kimle' = 'Heinrich Himmler' and 'Lebeny Mosonszentmiklos' = 'A-doll fitler' (this 'A-doll' could also mean 'Wilhelm Frick'). The 'Lebeny' (cp. 'levende') suggests the feeling of a moving 'bone' or 'extremity', while 'Mosonszentmiklos' suggests that a funny (= 'morsom') person had sent it to your body's nearness. Therefore it not impossible that the war in Syria = 'Levante' could have been for the 'platonic' activities of an 'A-doll fitler' in the sense of 'sa levende' = 'said Adolf Hitler'. (The pronouncing politician or whatever will expectedly be 'funny'). If so, then there is not much doubt that plans of a new Hitler could be very active indeed.

If Italy has too big state debt to be able to pay the loans, 'zalogjog' could apply as a 'goodenough reason' for taking the country. Or maybe half of it could suffice - could be Salvini's 'Padania' program of Lega Nord.

It is a great shame if such burglary against my house is used for politics. That is not much statesmanship. It cannot continue this way.

It must also be added that my PEB may have brought an end to the international concerns and interests in the internal affairs of Austria because of the tempting Burgenland power potential - which is not so tempting after my PEB solves this in line 1 - and relates that to other parametres of the collective historic consciousness, such as the one of state leadership in line 4. Chapter 6 'Die Verwandlung (Unter vier Wänden)' in 'SNEEFT COEIL' seems to be telling of national-linguistic characteristics, such as 'hymen' in poem 2 for Hungary relative to poem 3 = 'Die Lampe' for german = Austria-Germany. The last poem #16 seems to be about the italian language, for which I have conjectured that the code word (like hungarian 'hymen') could be 'transubstantiation' - the poem includes the concept of a newspaper with last page folded around to cover the front page, such that the second last page is 'front page'. But this seems to be the 'blekk[e] see loop' - and if that is just the same as 'transubstantiation', then the politics is precisely to go for public support (by public appeal in catholic countries) to the catholic transubstantiation of the holy communion, which is what sets the catholic church off from the protestants, including the anglican of Henry VIII (cp. the bar-eisen and the V-shape in the outhouse). A Mussolini-Hitler axis will expectedly play on just that parametre. The dirty trick is that the political power tool is terror on the Black Sea Loop, not a Black Sea Loop = transubstantiation itself! One could guess that Hitler's 'Treblinka', although it could originate in eaves-dropping on the children of Fatima for that line of 'a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark', nevertheless could be about the Black Sea Loop in the form of original hooking onto copy in a chainlike fashion, like 'Belcez' crossbar hooking onto vertical 'Sobibor' pole of the christian cross. When this is installed into politics, it could be a dirty trick for making the pope's drawing of a cross in the air in front of the congregation look like nazi propaganda for Hitler. But that is the same dirty trick as taking terror along a Black Sea Loop for being the Black Sea Loop (catholic transubstantiation) itself - or taking jewish resurrection to be the same as the methods used for that Black Sea Loop terror - like the burglar himself rather than the one who asked for it. Many would agree that one must take the burglar rather than the one who asked for it - and the political correlate could then be about taking the jews instead of the nazis. If there are plans for new nazism in Europe, that could be just the strategy.

My Dornenstrauch part 1 poem #118 could be telling of how a transcendent reading means 'jewish resurrection' but an immanent angst-controlled reading could take it to suggest that 'jewish resurrection' is the same as the strategy of breaking into a house, forcing the people there to sign a paper telling that they agree to it (like 'legalized euthanasia') and then driving the people off to whatever horror. "We dont want that sort of jewish resurrection - let the jews get the same in return" could be the intended public response by way of a political antisemitic strategy for terror on a Black Sea Loop. For reaching such angst-controlled immanence, it could be enough with some terror.

"We dont want that sort of politicians..."

It can be noticed that the Black Sea Loop could be planned to start around Batman (!) at the Van Sea in Turkey - and this could perhaps have been the reason for the Wannsee-Konferenz of the nazis during WWII.

As I have said earlier, Austria is a country which could be subjected to much international interests because of that Burgenland power potential - NIKLsdorf is the place closest to the border - and it is probably therefore that Austria has this phenomenon of the 'Freiheitliche Partei' FPÖ with Strache - for an attempt to liberate the country from those internationals. FPÖ lost a little in the EU election.

'Hableany' = 'hab leany' = 'foam girl'. (It could perhaps have sent out a Mayday signal, could be even a Mayday Reiser signal, but I dont believe that Theresa May was behind the tragedy). In my 'Caruso' there are the lines

In competition Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan
are drinking quite impressive quantities of beer
approaching 6.5 litres of hab'.

This could be the 'hab' girl left by the burglar (at some time or other) on my kitchenbench (nail scissors, ribbons and colour sticks at a teapot). 'Car-use-o' could then also point to 'süd-cleutsche' or 'sykl-cleutsche' Zeitung. I bought a used and somewhat similar bicycle the next day - it needed air in the tyres and the pedal started soon to make clacking sounds against the chain-cover but these could be avoided by bending the pedal a little out when it passed the chain-cover. Probably a coincidence, though.

Humans seem to be concerned with the fate after death - and terror could be an attempt to scare eternity off, so that the nerves are calmed down. History or rather political history or intrigue may even have made me for the role of post-Fatima Jesus - the presence of Eternity on earth - including the role of not being informed. If my official granduncle were Adolf Hitler, the purpose with me could have been to let 'Heaven' refer to him as 'my very nice granduncle'. That could calm the nerves of many a criminal.

Added on 1 june 2019:

On the site to my house in Szolnok there are various outhouses built in probably communist times for keeping own pigs, rabbits, poultry etc. The regulations of such own-constructed buildings are quite liberal - one can build a 50 m2 house up to 3,5 meters height without asking for permission and use it for e.g. a lawyer's office, but not for living in it. There must be at least 4 meters from the border to the nearest outhouse in my case, 6 meters in the lower end. There is one outhouse which is even less than a metre from the border, next to another outhouse that is 3,9 meters from the border. In the lower end there is a fenced-in pigsty with roof over the fence which is nearer than 6 meters. Another outhouse (with rabbit pen) was about 3 meters from the border but the back northern side was so weatherbeaten that it could collapse at any time, so I had to do something. The construction was a little special: The whole wall hung on a crossbar (and a gap in the roof plate exposed this crossbar to rain) which was nailed to the two end poles but because of the elevated inner rabbit pen it was impossible to get to it without risking a collapse, so I had to take down all of the inside and put in reinforcing pole beams - and I moved the eastern wall westwards (like the sun moves) untill it was 4 meters from the border. This was about the time when the Norcia earthquake struck in Italy. 'Nor[d]sia' is norwegian for 'the northern side' - it was the reason why I had to repair the outhouse and then I had to keep it 4 meters from the border.

But, wait a minute, the direction would not really be 'north' but more 'north-east' (Nord-Ost) or even north-north-east if I got the map right. A certain 'e-vende' applies.

The question is whether my house in Sziget Utca is an intelligence project preplanned since the 1960's or earlier by the intelligence services. The Oslo terror on Utøya is a sort of proof - 'øya' = 'island' = 'sziget' and hence it means 'Sziget Út' ('Island Road') which is the same as 'Sziget Utca' ('Island street'). I mention also the fretsaw I got from Grøver/'Mengele' in Molde in the 1960's - for sawing out figures in plywood - which could mean 'saget ut sa'. The intersecting 'Vasgereben' = 'Eisen-gereben' = 'Eisen-how-where' - via e.g. german 'reißen' = 'to rake/pull' (and then Rege Utca is reminiscent of 'Ronald Reagen') with the intersecting roads 'Tel', 'Rege', 'Ösz' = 'Österreich'. 'Tel' = winter, 'Ösz' = autumn. (The movement of Ösz from the end to the front of the series of three could be an aspect of 'I ching', the oldest extant chinese document - this I have touched upon in the 2017 edition of 'Stillhetens åndedrag' - cp. 'was gere ben'). The Eisenhower doctrine of 1957 seems (if I have got it right) connected with the factor 1223 for the number of hours, days, weeks, months from the birth of Albert of Saxony untill the publication of the doctrine on 4-5 january 1957.

If so, if it is an intelligence project, then the outhouses have been built in collaboration with the consent from the building council and the papers removed later. The building council told me that there is a time limit of 10 years - if the outhouses are older, 'nobody comes to pull them down'. But if the intelligence had built them for their project, as for controlling the elections around the world, they must necessarily have made it in agreement with the building council - even if they did not use papers - otherwise they could have risked that the council could come and pull them down. But that means that the houses are legal - even if there are no papers there. But since there are no papers there, the burglary could have come to look like the society's attempt to tell me that my 'success' (!) is because I have violated the rules and regulations of society - like walking on red light.

I add that there is not yet water installed in the house (a tap in the garden exists) and I fancy that it could be difficult, not for technical but for 'intelligence' reasons, such as this recent burglary which could have had an influence on the bigger elections. It is 'VCsM' = 'vi-tshi-em' which is the name of the local water suppliers, for 'Viz es Csatorna Müvek' = 'water and channel works', cp. the V/M tool left on a slanting ch-air by the burglar (and I notice also the success of P.D.James with the Grey books - but, wait a minute, it is not P.D.James but rather E.L.James who wrote these books). There is rain water ('regnvann' = 'reinvann') led from the eaves-gutters on the side of the house down into the official drain water system, but one does not pay for this - these eavesdropping gutters extend a little beyond the 4 meters border but that is legal, says the building council.

'Sal e-vende' = 'orgasmus'?

If so, if this is an 'intelligence project', the name of 'Michail Gorbatchov' could be telling of this problem - for the MIKL/NIKL-sdorf Burgenland border power phenomenon. At the time of Gorbatchov, Hungary was still a part of the Soviet Union. There was a coup d'etat against Gorbatchov before the Soviet Union started to dissolve.

But the Soviet Union is dissolved and hence it should be possible to install the water - when only it be confirmed/admitted/confessed officially that it is an intelligence project - which thereby must be terminated.

'Intelligence' is, as it appears to me, often the same as 'International Secret Intelligence Services' - the socalled jihadists of Syria (the Levante) called themselves or were called ISIS.

If the house is an 'intelligence project', it is likely that it could have been intended to be used as a 'reason' for abuses internationally: It is because there is less than 4 meters to the border that this happens. The Soviet Union was a big thing, and so could this intelligence project be. The boat that sank in the Danube few hours after the burglary had been discovered by me and reported to the police around noon 28 may 2019 could have indexed 'jewish genetics'.

It seems that there are some 'heavy' snap elections coming up in september 2019: Austria, Italy, Israel. The international intelligences could perhaps want to control these, but the people should not let them do that.

It must also be added that the Congress Party in India (the Gandhis) could have chosen deliberately to be low in the landscape for a few years in order to avoid development of new nazism in Europe.

Conclusions: 1) Any 'intelligence project' on the house in Szolnok should be admitted officially, that is, downgraded if it is classified with secrecy. 2) My person and work should not be held secret. Of course, if there is an intelligence project on my house in Szolnok, that project must be terminated immediately. There could perhaps be a 'secret explanation' launched by the 'services' to the police etc. that this is my project and that I have appointed it with the Grøvers many decades ago - that would be nonsense, of course. The name of 'Intesa Sanpaolo', now Europe's biggest bank, could be read as 'intesa saopaolo' = 'indisk, sa [b]opelhore' = 'indian, said [b]opelwhore'. (Grøver/'Mengele' worked - specialized in social medicine - for a year at Gudmund Harlem's institute SAO in Oslo in the late 60's - there existed also such institutes SAB in Bergen and SAT in Trondheim - around the time of the Vikebukt replacement story - Gudmund Harlem was the father of Gro Harlem Brundtland. The Bhopal cyanide disaster in India was in the immediate context of an exam of mine at the university (I read latin along with 'Sindre Bostad' - cp. 'cyanide bopel'), and it was followed by a very similar cyanide disaster in 'Halabjah' = 'har labb, ja' = 'has a paw, yes' - like 'Har-lem', mid name of Gro Harlem Brundtland who was PM in Norway around those times. The 'norwegian explanation' could have been the reason - then for the idea that I would have had no other chance than agreeing to an appointment with the Grøvers. That is and remains nonsense - I have no such agreement or contract and I was happy when I had bought the house in Szolnok in 2015 that I finally had found a place chemically free from any 'intelligence' involvement. Alas, it is possible that I was very mistaken there and hope that this intelligence program - if that be the case - can be dismanteled and admitted officially.

PS To get water and drain into the house, for VCsM connection, is strictly speaking obligatory in Hungary, but it can be postponed some years by paying a 'burden-fee', 'Belastungs-Gebühr' - for the burden which use of outdoor loo (called 'ute-dass' in norwegian) and spillwater makes for. It is not impossible that this complex could be seen in the name of 'Narendra Damodardas Modi' - which thereby could be in the same category as 'Michail Gorbatchov'. The parallel is very obvious: If my 2002 registration at Library of Congress means Congress Party, then the 2003 Bam and 2004 Banda Aceh could mean Narendra Modi - which means that Modi couped the state from Congress. But that is just what happened to Gorbatchov as well. The conclusion is that probably International Sercret Intelligence Services are planning a coup d'etat in many countries for getting to World Power. And then the methods could come to resemble the Black Sea Loop terror.

Example: It may be that austrian secret intelligences control the local advertisement business for just such purposes. To the left an amateur photo I took of myself in the hospital bed in Venice - this photo has been on my private computer for some time - and to the right an outdoor ad I observed on Urban Loritz Platz on 31 may 2019 - this phenomenon of apparent copies from my workspace has seemingly been a quite extensive problem for many years:

The austrian parliament would do well in forbidding all advertisement in public spaces. That can prevent a terrible coup. If this ad is a deliberate copy of the photo on my private computer (strictly unpublished untill here), it is probably for making a coup possible. (It is of course a great stress on my relation to the society - and such systematic abuse through years should normally lead to some compensation - but the relevant services do perhaps want to conceive it as my project, which of course it is not - and neither have I agreed to the burglaries).

I refer also to the above excerpt from PEB #151 (written years before I had heard about Modi) and notice that the name of 'Narendra Damodardas Modi' backwards sounds in norwegian ('i domma se ut meo dra til Magyarorszag') almost like 'I/he made a fool of myself/himself by going to Magyarorszag' (Magyarorszag = Hungary).

I mention also that I got two telephone numbers from VCsM to installers of theirs who could put water pipe and drain into the house - but since my own telephone by Vodafone apparently was pre-fixed (it had functioned well earlier but now the message on the display was that it was not well enough registered) and it was hard to find a telephone box that functioned, I gave it up.

Added on 2 june 2019:

New ex nihilo

I bought a mixer (or is it called 'blender') of type 'Telefunken' but it soon started to dysfunction and after a few days it stopped completely. I bought a new one (of another type) and used it once before I left for Szolnok and found the burglary. I had left the mixer in a drawer under the kitchen bench. On my return on 31 may, there was suddenly half a mixer extra in the same drawer. I had not left it there - unless somebody had burglared even my home in Vienna, it is quite an impressive piece of ex nihilo. Here is a photo of my own mixer above and the half 'ex nihilo' mixer below:

The half mixer is about 20 cm long and a little dirty. I found that it could have been put in relation to the line from my poem 'Die Juden', poem #4 in the chapter 'Die Verwandlung (Unter vier Wänden)' from my 'SNEEFT COEIL' - comparable to poem #2 from 'Rosens triangel'. The line from the poem 'Die Juden' is this:

'einer reichlich resonnierten Uhrzeitsfrau'

which is about half way through the 12-line 3-stanza poem. Since the 'half mixer' is white, it could link onto the vague etymology of 'Widerhalle' for the word 'resonniert', and if 'Widerhalle' is interpreted as 'echo', it can be read upside-down as 'oysa'. Then if 'reichlich' is taken to be the 'dirty' of the mixer, one can read 'dirty' upside-down for the word APP. In combination: 'App oysa' = 'A.Boyesen' or 'a poison'. The first name of Boyesen was 'Jens' which could read upside-down 'royal' for the 'Uhrzeitsfrau'. (This is, though, not really my way of thinking).

What is it about the 'boyesen' person? Jens A.Boyesen was a norwegian politician who was called to the government (as 'statsskretær') of Einar Gerhardsen a few hours before the shots in Dallas in 1963, and the suggestive similarity of this name with 'John F.Kennedy' could have contributed to the idea that Gerhardsen knew about the plans in Dallas in advance. The Warren committee reached the conclusion that the shots were done by a lonely madman. I dont know if there had been a high-level state visit from USA to Norway since 1963 before Clinton in 1999 - with that Air Egypt crash at 0047 in the night before he left and all that. The Air Egypt plane had been held back for a considerable time on the John F.Kennedy Airport before they were given permission to go.

I had not left the 'half mixer' there, so it is likely to be 'ex nihilo'. The word can be written in 'devanagari' as '41' X 'ghar', for 'MI x GsER'. Could be it can be written in cuneiform as well (notice also the time interval 0048)? Could be there are some SAO and SAB in this newspiece.

Is Netanyahu a 'magician' - or even a 'mixer'?

However, it is well possible that 'genes a/of poiesis' can mean 'ex nihilo matter', so maybe it is a possible explanation after all.

A couple of years ago I was attacked by two 'avatars' when I entered the house after a travel - and then I went to the police and reported it. I have not got any response so it may have been true avatars - could be insubstantial and invisible to anybody but me. I cannot take the chance of going to the police once again with a new piece of ex nihilo matter - quite advanced, in fact - if that only adds to possible worries about the state of the art of mine. Rather, since it would be political if it were put in the drawer by a burglar, I hope the police can do something about this problem without me bringing the sensational item to them.

New evidence, 6 june 2019

After the burglary in Szolnok I was tidying up and discovered that two paintings left behind on the wall by the previous owner, two artworks which I later moved out in the outhouse, seemed to have been stolen from this outhouse. The paintings were these - by unknown artist(s):

Norwegian is a difficult language for poetry - it is quite 'skeleton' and contradicts even the law of gravity, but it has a certain drift which is hard to bend. Typically, a poetic language will quickly end either in the ditch of 'Drit og dra' or in the other ditch of vain imitation a la 'Grønn katarakt' - a poem written by Andre Bjerke (probably in the book 'Den bakvendte boken' of 1949) as a parody on (probably) Clas Gill's poetry. These two ditches can perhaps be spotted in the two artworks - one of them trivially a 'Grønn katarakt', the other less trivially about 'Drit og dra'. (One could perhaps also spot my name in the two artworks, including the idea of 'Dårlig Hjort').

After the fire in Notre-Dame, the cathedral will need 'Andre Bjelke' = 'new timbers/beams'.

In 2018 - and more recently once again in I think 2019 or late 2018 - I got a call for an investigation of the lungs in Szolnok, allegedly issued by the Polgarmesteri Hivatal, Szolnok:

Inspecting the map, it turns out that Hösök Tere apparently does not exist in Szolnok, in contrast to other streets there, but it does exist in Budapest. There was also theft of artworks from the museum of fine art close to the Hösök Tere some years ago. 'Tüdö-tudo-many' would mean 'lung science'.

'Hösök Tere' could relate to the idea of 'Pølse Vev'. 'Pølse Vev' would be a socalled 'skeleton' title. I believe that my book is not 'sausage web'.

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