Is there a new Mussolini in the making?

John Bjarne Grover

The 'keys to heaven'

The structure of Acts chapter 10 (on the structure of divine revelation) is described in this article from may 2004. I had discovered it myself - the permutations of Acts 10 I discovered soon after I had met the iranian refugee in the park in Paris in 2002 (I think I had already in advance planned Acts as parallel text) and the deeper subdivisions of the paradoxes on verses 2-5, 19-25 and 33-46 I found in Berlin in 2004. It seems that the innermost 'paradoxes' are summed up in the three verse-pairs discussed at the end of the article - and that these could be used for highlevel intrigue for cheating people. The three innermost verse paradoxes are these - whereby each column constitutes a verse which is divided into 8 parts - and the intrigues tend to use the horizontal reading straddling the paradoxes (source Nestle-Aland 'Novum Testamentum Graece', Stuttgart 1979):

Verse 2
1 eusebes kai phoboumenos
2 ton theon sun panti toi oikoi autou              
3 poion
4 eleemosunas pollas
5 toi laoi kai
6 deomenos
7 tou theou dia
8 pantos

Verse 25
1 hos de egeneto
2 tou eiselthein
3 ton Petron
4 sunantesas autoi
5 ho Kornelios
6 peson
7 epi tous podas
8 prosekunesen

Verse 33
1 exautes oun epempsa pros se
2 su te kalos epoiesas
3 paragenomenos
4 nun oun pantas hemeis
5 enopion tou theou
6 paresmen akousai
7 panta ta prostetagmena soi
8 hupo tou kuriou
Verse 5
kai nun
pempson andras
eis Ioppen
kai metapempsai
tina hos

Verse 19
tou de Petrou
peri tou
horamatos eipen [autoi]
to pneuma
andres treis
zetountes se

Verse 46
ekousan gar auton
megalunonton ton theon

It seems that these 8 groups could have been used also for explaining aspects of the socalled 'octogon' in my life from 1977 to 1982 - the 8 apparent 'triangular' relations I had to enter into. It is likely that I had not much choice and - after a failed 'test' with a 'Laila' in late 1973, in moonlight on the fortification mounds in the Old Town just vis-a-vis the location of the Apenes murder in the night when Aldo Moro was murdered in Italy in 1978, as for pretending that 'the test was successful nevertheless' (when the metal tool went into the female body of the old mother Apenes) - this 'Laila' could be the contents of the introduction to the Eisenhower doctrine of '57 - the authentic text (including onr-over comma errors) is found on this URL but this page seems to have been blocked by some webmaster - were it now after the present page came up on 17 june 2019? - that the year 1975 was used for softening me enough to agree to the octogon nevertheless. The society voice told me intramentally that 'this is important for the future of the country, John, we hope that you will agree to participating', to which I answered intramentally 'okay, but then you must carry the responsibility'. I have not had access to data describing a background of the octogon in wellknown media persons, but have understood that Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison - who all died around 1970 - could be relevant names - and then it is not possible for me to decide the extent to which they could have 'pulked' (continued under new form and identity after 1970) or simply died for the mythos factor. Of course the three famous names could have been murdered for others to pretend to be their new 'post-pulk' identities - they could even have been made for such long-planned purposes. Jimi Hendrix (whose texts can be seen to contain some possible cues to #4) died officially in a 'pool', tells the story - if he were element 4, the mid group tells "sunantesas autoi - horamato sneipen [autoi]" = 'synd han tesa seg slik - hora måtte sneipe-n' = 'a pity he behaved like that - the whore had to extinguish the cigarette', as if he died surprisingly in the arms of a 'callgirl'. 'Janis Joplin' is easier to detect by name - in #3 "poion - eis Ioppen" = 'på Janis Joppen' - should it mean 'John på jobben' = 'John at work', as if I should have been a paid agent? (The 'keys' have a greek reading, and it may be that I was a little 'paid-os' in these stories). Sylvia Plath as #7 ('epi tous podas' = on feet qua 'platt') and Anne Sexton as #2 could have been other famous names - but the extent to which they could have been personally involved I have no opinion on.

The '666' - the group of 3 * 6 - is interesting in light of my role as 'dirty beast in the revelation'. It was in the first half of 1982 that Wenche Stray was my girlfriend, then I started studying literature - and there at the institute was Tone Torp Pedersen as well - an interesting and intelligent person who seemed to be perhaps a little interested in me - but I was not the interesting type so I did not really understand what it was. She wrote an interesting article (on Kafka, was it?) for the student paper at the institute, drove a white beetle and wore a sheepskin. I believed that she was a serious type. It never came to anything, and could be there wasnt anything involvement either, but when the 'triangular' story rather sailed up with Herdis Eggen who also studied literature at the same institute, I may have understood that it could be the 8th and last story on the list which I could not avoid - at least that is how it looked to me. The relevance of a theory on '6-6-6' is quite obvious: 'Deomenos' in greek means 'being bound', and hence 'not went astray', hence 'Wenche Stray', sort of. 'Torpedo' is norwegian for a hitman sent out for a special target, if I have got it right - and hence 'Tone Torpedosen' could have meant my younger sister Tone who - told this story - perhaps could avoid the job of shooting Indira Gandhi if I agreed to the terms. (Such ideas were far beyond all my conscious horizons in those days, but if it were installed in the story structure, it could have been a redundant subconscious element nevertheless). Or what about 'Tina Hos Pe-Idou-son'? (It could be recalled that Anne-Brit Gloria Pedersen also studied literature at the same time - although I may have been acquainted with her name only in the autumn). 'Parres me-n - akousai' is quite precise for 'Eggen Herdis'. Now recent discoveries seem to have suggested that perhaps it was not Eggen I was with for some days and weeks in the early summer 1982 - but - surprise! - it could have been Saul Bellow (!) in disguise while Eggen was out travelling. Now, wait a minute, John, isnt it time to think this over a little - this theory sounds hilariously crazy. Bellow was a communist in his youth and had gone to Mexico to meet Trotsky - who was assassinated by an intruder with an axe ('jarnegg') to his head the day before the appointed meeting, and Trotsky (born 'Laib Bronschtein') died on the appointed day. Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmermann) was born 9 months later - hence it could have been about the sound of the iron edge (what is 'heard is the edge'). There is not much to gather for the theory from the righthand columns, but a little perhaps: 'Tina hos' ('thawed at'), 'idou' ('in the toilet/loo') and 'tote' (the small protrusions in the intestines sucking nourishment out of the food) could perhaps mean 'Saul Bellow'.

But why was his name Saul Bellow?

French president Macron was for a visit to US president Trump in 2018 and brought a gift - an oak that had grown from the soil of the Battle of Belleau in 1918, for the anniversary, that was - the first US involvement in WWI. The oak was planted on the lawn outside the White House but unfortunately died. Macron would send a copy, told the news.

I have earlier told the story of how I came up Märzstrasse for turning into Zinckgasse when a small street theater seemed to be the cause of a terrible feeling - if it were the answer to a letter I had sent. I later found the explanation when leafing in a greek dictionary and came across the pair:

Zoophoria = creation of life
Zoophthoria = creation of death, sodomy

The name of 'Saul Bellow' arguably looks somewhat relevant. By inserting that little '...T...' in the mid of the word, it turns totally around. Belt-of? There later came up yet another indication of this - by the WAFFEN shop at the zebra stripes and traffic lights at the Berufschule - where one has the chance to wait for green and feel 'betroffen' at the 'Berufen'-schule.

If 'Trotsky' means 'trasse' (be in defiance, be obstinate), then 'Märzs' could mean 'Bellow'. Janis Joplin sings famously that she wants a Mercedes Benz.

This was also at the time when my work seemed to be tapped and the ideas abuse-interpreted and seemingly pasted up on advertisement posters around town or even around the country - in spite of my repeated calls for letting that be. This attitude could be called 'trasse'. I notice that it led to the situation wherein my work was present 'all-Wien-i' - all over Vienna, and that is when 'Märzs' could look like 'Matteos'. It would be 'Bellow-Trotsky' which was the code word - or 'Battle of Belleau'. Or simply 666 - mythologically for my person. I notice also that Pedersen by Acts chapter 10 verse 25-6 could be conceived as 'Pe-DAESH-on' - DAESH was the name of the jihadists of Syria, at least in russian media, after they called themselves ISIS (which I speculated could have meant 'International Secret Intelligence Services').

But the theory of Bellow looking like Eggen for group 6-6-6 could apply also to group 8-8-8. It was in christmas probably 1979 that folks who used to meet at a pub in Fredrikstad called 'Karjolen' had to use premises on the other side of the house because it was rebuilt. (The restaurant 'Bjårnen' = 'the bear', cp. URSUS, was between the original and temporary pub). Ellen Berger was also present among friends when the doctor Halvor Rognerud arrived and told with rolling eyes and glances over at me that he had just had a common friend of us called 'Solveig Hansen' on the op table. Berger invited folks up to her home - the rest of the family was off for cottage days in christmas - and the folks (10-15-20?) went up there and drank some wine before they left. After the others had left, there was a brief sexual intercourse with me and Berger - and, as far as I know, it was the one and only time I met her. She had manipulated my socks when we were sitting on the carpet. Now a theory tells that not only the family but perhaps even Berger herself were off and this was Marianne Moore in rebuilt fashion looking like Berger (enough for her 10-15-20 friends or acquaintances to believe that it was her) - she had a sunny author career ('Solveig Handsen'?) before she died some years earlier. She would have been 90 but rebuilt to be many decades younger if one should believe such a story.

Ellen Berger was (if I got it right) married to Pål Danielsen.

The Grøver family had been footwalking in wellingtons in the mountains called 'Rondane' in the late 60's, perhaps also early 1970's, and stayed at 'Rondane Høyfjells-hotel'. We were not making many holiday excursions but were also for a trip to Borås animal park in Sweden and in probably the summer 1972 we went for a trip to London - I think the hotel was in the Bayswater district. We were also to the place called 'Røros' once - to see the copper mines there - could be as part of a 'Rondane' trip?

In probably 1963, the Grøvers had a socalled 'høyfjells-sol' - a lamp radiating large amounts of ultra-violet (is it?) rays for tanning the skin in winter. We children were sitting in front of it with plastic 'cups' in front of the eyes. 'Høyfjells-sol' could associate with 'Solveig Hansen' - a long-haired woman of notable radiation of beauty and charm, a professional weaver married to Truls Hansen, even he a weaver. 'Huldra' is a mythological woman.

L and Berger = Burglar, potentially the background of the burglaries in my house in Szolnok. It was in the end of the 70's that I came to know the art group called 'Gruppe Elg' = 'Group Moose', consisting of the artists Petter Brønn, Magne Rudjord and Morten Juvet - names which perhaps could find some echo in the three 8 fragments. ('Pant' = empty glass bottle, 'brønn' = 'well', 'magen er udgjord' = 'the belly is in a bad condition'). It is that 'L-G' which has some affinity with the 'bur-G-L-ar'. The first burglary (2016) was through the kitchen window - 'pant' used to be the norwegian word for empty bottles returned to the shop against some money. The second burglary was preceded by the postcard from Dr.'Sebestyen Ildiko' who called for a medical examination of the lungs at her institute at Hösök Tere, Szolnok - which does not exist in Szolnok but it does in Budapest.

'Prosekunesen zetountes se' could mean 'pro-sekundesen seeks you'. Or there could be a reference to 'zoophthoria' in the 'kunesen' - and then the belly can get difficult.

I do not want more burglaries for fuelling the progress of fascism or nazism in Europe. There were several time-pieces left after the previous owner.

The theory of Marianne Moore is not excluded by the three 8-groups, but maybe not much supported either. It is possible to say that the name of 'Ellen Berger' could be found in the undertext of Moore's lines, but likewise in a quite general fashion - not as convincing or precise as for Plath or Sexton. 'Arianne Oore'= 'Ellen Berger'? Here the beginning to her poem 'What are years?' (translated into german by Paul Celan - source 'Paul Celan Gesammelte Werke, Fünfter Band - Übertragungen II' - Suhrkamp 2000):

      What is our innocence,
what is our guilt? All are
      naked, none is safe. And whence
is courage: the unanswered question            
      Was ist unsere Unschuld,
was unsre Schuld? Alle sind
      nackt, keiner geborgen. Woraus
ist Mut: die unerwiderte Frage

Lebeny - Mosonszentmiklos

This is the station on the railway line from Vienna and border town Hegyeshalom to Györ. It is next to Kimle Karolyhaza = Himmler Heinrich. Lebeny Mosonszentmiklos probably meant 'living/leg funny sent close to me' - for the idea of 'A doll fitler' or 'Wilhelm Frick'.

'Lebend' is german for 'living/alive'. Norwegian for the same word is 'levende'. It is a good guess that this was the purpose with the war in Syria = 'Levante' - to index this 'levende' = 'Lebeny'.

Sa levende = said alive.

'Benito Mussolini' in Italy could have had this one and only function of preparing for 'a doll fitler' in Germany via this 'Lebeny Mosonszentmiklos'. He was allegedly born in Predappio near Forli, which could mean 'pre-doppio' in 'foldy': That is two lapis philosophorums pressed and folded into one Vollkornbrot made from the fascies of cereals - when this is 'pre-doppioed' one gets the following form which again can be folded along the outer edges for reaching the perfect potato peel filter in the sink where the lapis was found - the effect of the pre-doppio and the foldy is that there are four lapises around the inner edge of the drainhole:

The form is 'pre-doppioed' before the 'foldy' along the two straight lines - and with 'four ends' (Firenze) it goes magic - resulting in the drainhole filter:

The Vollkornbrot seems to be the basis for the indian devanagari script - hence Hitler's swastika and quasi theories of arians etc.

In 2011 there were 5 'revolutions': Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria. If one takes Kyrgyztan and Tunesia and turn and mirror them properly, they come in combination to resemble the two interlocking or inter-jawing halves of Venice separated by Canal Grande. Egypt and Libya likewise are quite similar if e.g. Libya is turned 90 degrees and mirrored, while Syria on the map has the outlines of lapis philosophorum turned around (back side up) and mirrored. Turning and mirroring is the relation. In total, the turnings and foldings needed for making the perfect potato peel filter. The following maps are from 'Microsoft Encarta' - could be 'Tunesia' should have been 270 degrees unmirrored:

Revolution 1) Kyrgyztan
upside down
Santa Croce, San Polo, Dorsoduro        

Revolution 2) Egypt

Revolution 5) Syria = Levante

Revolution 3) Tunesia
90 degrees mirrored
Cannaregio, Castello

Revolution 4) Libya
90 degrees mirrored

lapis philosophorum back side mirrored

The impression is that if one tries to make Benito Mussolini once again - or, rather, Armando Rattolini with a Notre Dame spire in the behind - this reference to Lebeny Mosonszentmiklos could serve to index Adolf Hitler.

In the file The EU election in Italy 2019, I wrote: "Soon after the news of Salvini's rejection of the libyan refugees, there started to appear police whenever I was in or near a coffee place I had been to a few times, not far from 'Ramo di Turkish' or something like that in the Cannaregio district - a small canal side where a sign tells this name on a house wall but I could not find it on the map. I was not certain how to understand this". In light of the above analyses of the 2011 'revolutions' and their potential relevance for a possible political construction, I have speculated whether this story from Venice - with the police occurring several times in the context of me at 'Cannaregio' - could have served to indicate something about this indexation. 2 police first, next 4 more heavily armed, next several occurrences of police in boats etc - could be that could be taken to mean these 'transformations' of the 5 revolutions, including the Venice factor, but clearly this is an interpretation which comes to my mind when I sit here writing about 2011, and it was anyhow not present or prominent in Venice. I notice also the role of the Oslo terror of 2011.

I recently read an analysis on the internet telling that 'the european debt crisis started at the end of 2009' - that is when I moved from Venice to Vienna. But there are many ways to compute such things. An article also told that the debt crisis is much worse in Japan than in Italy - and Japan has, if I have got it right, a wellthriving economy.

These intrigues are apparently the product of International Secret Intelligence Services - and they could be the reason why the lapis philosophorum and its derivations (Vollkornbrot) are kept secret - otherwise the people could have discovered it and voted not for Mussolini. It is even possible that Norway was established in 1814 for making these manipulations possible: The pretext could have been that Norway - geographically at the tip of the NATO-shaped Vollkornbrot - once was world superpower #1 (like NATO today) which deserved to be re-established, and the secret of this flattering designation was held intact by preventing the norwegians from discovering the lapis by making the country anti-semitic: If jews had come into the country, the lapis could have been discovered.

There was a revolution in Ukraina as well - which could have been about the tete-a-tete double sonnet of the war in Iraq relative to this Norway. It adds to the Vietnam war 180 degrees relative to Norway - and the third 180 degrees is Norway-Italy on the map of Europe with its swastika around Paris. The ukrainian revolution could therefore have served to make for the turnings of the lapis in the potato peel filter.

Ah, ja, the world stands still untill these secrets are liberated from the intrigues and published for everybody to study. The following three seem (to me) safe assumptions:

Lapis philosophorum is ex nihilo
Vollkornbrot is ex nihilo
Potato peel filter is ex nihilo

The total result of the revolutions and the war in Levanten is the form of a propeller a la Vermeer (source Walter Liedtke: 'Vermeer - the complete paintings', Ludion 2008/2011) or Venice on the map:


'Sa Lebeny' = 'sa levende' = 'sal e-vende' = 'sal e-turning' = the female orgasmus when the propeller runs in the election.

I notice also the salt in the magic summer 2014 that seemed to produce so much water that it rose even beyond the top level of the salt - even Noah could have wondered what that was.

On 13 june 2019, it seems that the black plastic cork which I have used for a few years in the kitchenbench sink went 'in nihil' - it disappeared without traces. There could have been a burglar there, of course, but if it were 'magic' it could be a part of the trick - a la the 'corkoak' spire on the roof of Notre Dame.

The mixer and the cork are perhaps less safe 'magic' but could well be. I notice the black flake with file name 'christflake' and its possible reflex in the terror in Christchurch some time ago:



This means that if the internationals succeed in making a popular Mussolini once again, there are dangers of a new Hitler as well. The turning point is the transubstantiation which is the Black Sea Loop as the possible 'snuff' of e.g. New York Times.

This is how the international secret intelligence services apparently try to increase their unconstitutional power at the cost of democratic constitutional power. That unconstitutional power is not safe.

The question could be - on basis of these indexes: Is Matteo Salvini planned to be the new Mussolini? He seems to have a name well suited for the arrangements. That of course does not tell anything about his politics - but the question seems permitted anyhow. I cannot support a new Mussolini or Hitler. Of course if I have been used as a turning point for such plans, with intrigues installed onto my person and activated through extensive plagiarisms and advertisement abuse, I have to tell the relevant details. It is of course extremely uncomfortable for me to have to tell such details of comparisons of indexes in the light of suspicious ideas.

Who 'sa levende'? It is possible that the plan was to credit me with new fascism and nazism. "If he hadnt lived in Zinckgasse, there would have been no war in Syria". Could be, but then somebody should have told me, of course. But when they do not, it could be for blaming me in order to put the label 'sa levende' on me: I 'said it living' in Zinckgasse etc. Could be the plan also was to blame me for the burglaries in Szolnok as well - on basis of the 6-6-6 or 8-8-8 which can be spotted in the data.

I add the story from 2014: I had acquired eczemas through a year or two but tried to avoid hydro cortison. I therefore asked in an apothecary in Märzstrasse if they had something without cortison, and I got a tube of 'Sensicutan' based on anti histamine or was it histamine. I followed the instruction sheet and smeared salve on the arm up to about the biceps - and a ferocious allergic reaction followed that brought me quite out of shape. Obama's war veteran minister Eric K.Shinseki resigned a couple of days later. 'Sensicutan' + 'Eric K.Shinseki' = 'Eucharistie'? I dont know what was in the salve. Could be there was a natural explanation - or an anti histamine (not 'anti hysteric') schock of some sort. The salve is otherwise considered well established and harmless - very innocent treatment it should have been.

In '75 I was, as mentioned above, 'softened' with 3 hospitalizations (I think there were 3, certainly 2, but most probably 3): The first for mononucleosis = the name of my first girlfriend, the second for throat abscess = the name of my second girlfriend, the third for removal of tonsils: The name of my third girlfriend could be taken to mean 'the body saturated through with tortoise'. In the mean time, between 2 and 3, Grøver/'Mengele' had taken me to a 'specialist' colleague of his in a private office in a basement in a suburb of Oslo - in a failed attempt to open the abscess - the attempt was unsuccessful but may have left me with a body 'saturated with tortoise' after the handling of his tools down in my throat. Grøver/'Mengele' drove the beetle up the shingled garden path of this specialist's home - which I perhaps recognized years later in the photo from the place of the assassination of the israeli attache to Maryland on my 16th birthday 29 june 1973 - the day when I should have been told why Grøver/'Mengele' was replaced with a copy in the late 60's, but I did not get any info. The palestinian intelligence chief was assassinated the day after, on 30 june 1957 - not with 'Amor's arrows/piler', though. (Copy was cop?) Could be this unspoken info piece was the purpose with the trip to Oslo in '75. ('Tropper opp Oslofjorden' could also be a concept harvesting some interest of mine).

Does a majority of placenames in Syria mean 75%?

The three hospitalizations in '75 were along the names of the girlfriends and the private suburb basement could have served to indicate that I had to agee to some stories with females - could be 2 in the power of 3. Or, tells the sceptic, this is how I understood the story. If 6-6-6 were my reason, some sceptic could also call it the conclusion of a mythomaniac.

The theory that post-1969 Grøver/'Mengele' - after the probable replacement of him at the Vikebukt ferry station in the late '60s - could have embodied the theory that 'copy = cop' (that is, that the copy of Grøver/'Mengele' was a policeman and hence guardian of the law) is supported also by his 'drinking crisis' in 1981 - then he was 'polet i' quite often. 'Polet' is the folk name of the official national seller of alcoholic drinks called 'Vinmonopolet'. 'Politi' = 'police'. 'Røros' could suggest 'polt anusen' = 'polet i'.

The loss of final 'y' could perhaps also suggest a theory of some trans?

He told me once in the '70s that he in the '60s had invented a salve against heart troubles (was it?) - the salve was under a plaster that was pasted onto the skin for slow absorption - but the invention was stolen and somebody else was credited. Sounds like the story of the narrow foreskin and the salve for softening the skin so much that the opening could be stretched - then circumcision would no longer be a necessary cure against very constricted foreskin. This salve was presented on the market in the 1990's - but could be it had been held back untill my foreskin had been removed in 1981 or was it 1982. 'My T of salveni' could be the name of the story he told in the 1970's. Salvini is currently 'cop minister' in Italy.

I quote from my TEQ #541 (in book 9 ' be an emperor...') - the poem written on 21-22 august 1999 including these lines:

He woke up with a [somebody]:
            The pop minister thought he was enveiled.

The royal massacre in Nepal was 2-3 years later - in fact the british queen had been for an official visit to Norway and was on the plane back to England, or maybe she had already arrived, when it happened. Of course I had no knowledge of anything such when I wrote my poem: If the massacre were for a reference to this poem, it could have been for the intention of turning my poetry into politics. (A 'GOP minister' would have been too easy, though). The parallel text to this poem is from Xenophon's Anabasis (greek source is 'Xenophontos Kurou Anabasis, Dindorfii, Oxonii 1855') translated by myself as follows (see vol.3 p.1242):

541 But the Carduchians, when they saw the rearguard of the crowd being left isolated and now looking like a small group, fell quickly on them while singing a kind of song.

It looks arguably 'political'. It is speculated that the 'Carduchians' could have been the Kurds - if not another people - in which case this could be the first mention of the kurdish people - a factor in the current situation in Syria. But it is considered probable that it could have been another local tribe.

Did Grøver/'Mengele' (after 1969/70) always play the 'cop'[y]? I recall him once rising from the TV chair for going out in the entrance room to find 'drops' from his jacket pocket and returning with it in his mouth. Drops = chops? After he was pensioned off he spent much time putting out 'kabal' (UK 'patience', US 'solitaire' acc. to my dictionary - the card games for a single person) on the table. He was putting kab-al out. He died officially from cancer in the pancreas ('bukspyttkjertelen') cancer in 1990. British Library moved to London Pancras in 1997 or 1998. 'Bukse-bytt-kjertelen' = 'the trouser-change-gland' - cp. the 'glan[d]s' and the smegma etc - under the 'cap'.

British Lib   rary
Bukse- bytt-kjertel

I acquired a veneric disease in the late 70's called 'chlamydia', but, as far as I remember, the only possible source was not ill. However, 'chlamydia' in norwegian is 'kåpe' [kope]. Had somebody smeared the bacillae on while I slept?

Once I was in his car when he was driving down Labråten and at the lower end of it he suddenly drove into the roadside, stopped the car and asked me if I had any opinion on the idea of him divorcing from his wife. I had not. However, the place where we stopped was not far from the house where a man lived who (as far as I remember) was somewhat similar to Reinhard Heydrich, 'police minister' of Himmler/Hitler. (When he allegedly was murdered, the nazis exterminated a whole village 'Lidice' in revenge - cp. 'Il Duce'). 'Ragna He-drink' or even 'Ragna Eidsvig' could have been the 'theme'. At another occasion we drove up to Veum psychiatric hospital - where his own assistant chief doctor Gard Nyquist later was chief doctor - he had an errand there - and we drove into the parking lot where a psychiatric patient stood controlling the traffic like a policeman - waving his arms 'drive this way, drive that', but Grøver/'Mengele' ignored his instruction and drove the other way.

There could be a potential COPY symbolism even for Ragna Grøver: Around the time of the attempt on the 'papa' in Rome in 1981, I was in Oslo and got the news that she had been in a frontal car crash and was in hospital in Oslo. I visited her there and she appeared to have slammed the face into the DASH-board in the crash. However, a cut across the forehead was rather 'clean' and seemed to have been made by a scalp-L - it was hard to find a natural explanation and one wondered what it was for. I dont know if my skull was 'burglared' in one of my first days of life, in july 1957, but if that should have been the case, this story of 1981 could have brought forth associations to that long-since forgotten event. An infant's skull is only loosely attached in the first days of life and if it is detached and lifted, I suppose the ears will remain on the edge that runs around the open hole with the brain inside. S-K-aul Bell-of? In fact the first article in Modern Language Review of 1 july 1957 was "A Current Misconception concerning the Influence of Marino's Poetry on Crashaw's. By Laura Pettoello". A 'skål below' could be the 'patella'. The 7th and last article was "Henrik Pontoppidan (1857-1943). By W. Glyn Jones". The mid article #45 was "Two Obscure Sonnets by Verlaine. By C. Chadwick" - like a Black Sea Lup to observe.

Could be the whole story converges on the 'zipper' - the main norwegian zipper producer is called 'YKK', as in 'motors-YKK-el' = 'motorcycle'. Cp. 'GL-YKK-oglid' etc. Grøver/'Mengele' was for a period member of the municipal council in Fredrikstad which was located at LYKKE-berg.

What would the COP[y] arrangements have been about if it were on the agenda of the Grøvers? If this be for the interests of International Secret Intelligence Services, the international unconstitutional mafia, it could be about making COPies of people for replacement - a terrible means for power. Of course such is totally forbidden in all civilized societies, but if it gets out of control it opens for extreme totalitarianism.

Some perennial truths

1) Humans have a limited and redundant reality which can be evidenced in their language faculty. Therefore they have developed the field of politics which tries to act without speaking. The pantomime finds it empirical evidence in birds that can fly longer than the energy stored in their body can allow for - a proof that other realities exist, hence angels have wings. A bird's egg is spherical ('Sverige'-L) while a philosopher's egg is not - but the 'norwegian' egg I laid in Szolnok is quite round.

2) The Fatima revelations were cast in the form of the human language faculty - which created the effect soon after Einstein's general relativity theory that the revelations were conceived - in a cultural subconsciousness - to be projections from a literary (linguistic) work that would have been written later. In order to make this possible, for preparing for the technology that would communicate with intelligent life on remote planets, the author had to be prepared in advance and every effort had to be invested to ensure that he did not get any knowledge of the 1917 revelations - otherwise he could come to cheat by peeping in the 1917 data, and then the metaphysical logic in the 'backwards causation' from the work to the revelations would be difficult to trace or construct. This led to the phenomenon of international secret intelligence service - providing the tools and means for politics.

This model of history for the 20th century has an enormous explanatory force on the development in nearly all parts of society.

The work in the centre of this turbulence is my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' written 1997-2008. I have shown in my vol.4 that it probably contains a divine revelation - at least in a technical sense of it. And that is the absolutely necessary precondition for being the basis for a metaphysical logic - if this logic shall not take humans astray, causing a future demolition of the reality built through this logic. That could be what war is - the destruction of a metaphysical logic that took the historic development astray. A metaphysical logic that can send the message backwards in time - from my TEQ of 1997 to Fatima of 1917 - could form the basis for a technology for communicating with remote intelligences, but, as Einstein proved in 1915, there would be no way whatsoever to check the validity of the responses: Humans would send out signals and messages - and the answer could come after 10 seconds instead of after 10 million years by signal transmission - but we cannot after 10 seconds find out whether the response is valid or not - if it is only a projection of our own innate expectations. We can take a chance that 'it looks plausible', 'it is probable since it looks meaningful' etc - but we cannot really check it. Therefore, to construct such a technology is to take a chance - and if, after 200 years with elaboration of the new knowledge and the new global society, it is shown that it was based on a fundamental flaw and must be done over again, the whole thing must down - and that could be the cause of terrible apocalypses. Therefore the metaphysical logic must be based on a 'divine revelation in the text' - which could be the nature of my 'TEQ'. It is the question whether a 'divine revelation in the text' - in this technical sense of it - can be verified for my TEQ (vol.2) which is the theme of my new vol.4.

It is a grandiose crisis that I must finance the publication of these books myself and fold and sew and glue the books together myself - instead of a serious publisher doing that job for the sake of the global community. It is the power-freaks who try to prevent a decent publication of them because that lowers their official status and postpones the official recognition of me as a decent poet and serious semiotician for that new logic. Hopefully that is not for trying to coup the whole thing from me in the mean time. In late december 2018 I sent the manuscript by email to LEV = Libreria Editrice Vaticana - who hopefully was not scared away by the story of Leib Bronschtein = Trotsky when the email from the 'jarnegg' jumped into the publishing house. And those intrigue-organizing services must be kept far away from this work - they are aleady heavily burdened by the fault of working for own interests rather than the interests of the community - and that is precisely what can lead to the apocalypses in 200 years time. This task of working out the metaphysical logic must be done openly and by serious scholars who have speakable reasons for their reasoning, not the power-freaks of the 'services'.

The logic of the power-freaks has probably been that 'if Fatima 1917 really were a projection qua divine revelation of the work written 80 years later, then it was established already in 1917 that the work would be completed successfully - however big problems the author met on his way - and therefore it was right to burden the author with as much problems as possible - such as an octogon and lots of trivialities and difficult economy etc'. Even if a 'reverse octogon' (1,2,3...8) were the story, it could have been for such quasi reasons - helping the metaphysical poet to avoid the pitfalls and temptations of the historic reality. Clearly this is very wrong logic.

To 'say thanks' can be the same word as 'si takk' = 'taxi' = 'drosje', nearly the same word as 'droge'. I am not on 'droge' - even if some should make claim that I should say thanks for the 1,2,3...8 or the abuse of my work for ad posters as 'feedback' to my work etc.

It is because human reality is redundant and limited that the historic development goes astray.

Of course the books must be published and not be reserved for the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' - those who could consider reality a matter of interest struggle in history - such as the 'need' for a quasi civil war in Syria for making the parametres be switched the right way. That is just the reality conception which could come to need fundamental revision 200 years later.

My norwegian poetry

'Rosens triangel' is the last part of the poetic work proving the theory of vol.4. It seems to have a reflex in the third secret of Fatima. 'Rosinen i pølsen' is the gone-astray term for this counterpoint, like 'Pølse-vev' is it for the first part, the 'harmony', called 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. Shimon Perez died, according to news, a few days after my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' was completed in september 2016. However, writing 'Rosens triangel' in hebrew ('MShLSh ShL ShUShNH' - if I have got it right) gives a form which can be handwritten and read backwards for the meaning 'Jeg legger eggene' = 'I lay the eggs', or rather 'Jeg leser eggen' = 'I read the edge' - as tells the philosopher of norse background. Or even better 'Jeg leser esen' = 'I read the S/Essen'. What is the title to the book which James Joyce is reading? Ah, it is 'Rosens triangel' in hebrew! A 'shall' has fallen out and been converted to 'les' = 'read'. The egg is not likely to be excrements or 'ex nihilo' from naive intestines - it is more likely to be the 'philosopher's egg/bone' I found in Szolnok - wherein the text can be read from the material bone-stone itself. (It is not about sausages at all).

From DDS part 4 poem 3:

Das ist die tiefere Intention:
Zu sehn über eigenen Schultern.
Das ist das Essen: Die eigene Vision
zu sehn in den eigenen Kulten.

The righthand photo is diachronically the same as the lefthand - only two years separated the two versions. The first was made in 2014 from mud-smear on the microscope glass - the mud was rubbed off the ex nihilo speck of dirt in the bottom of the bathtub - and it created miraculous images like this reading Joyce, the Joyce of reading. Then the glass was put away and two years later the mud had dried and crystallized and much of it had fallen off the glass - but some remained and that is the 'indian' (reading devanagari) to the right. The image is mirrored along a vertical axis because the microscope camera was turning it - but the hand that holds the material 'breath' is not mirrored and had materialized in 2016: It looks as if it has fallen down from the hand peeping over the shoulder of Joyce - but only a part of the hand is mirrored along a horizonal axis. The interpretation of this could be called 'hand-dels-fold-ke e[t]s-[s]bråk' ('hand-part-fold-ke[y]-Ess-noise') which simply means the last line in TEQ = 'in terms of traders'. The 'bråk' = 'noise' is the white noise of my acoustic theory in 'A waist of time': The theory tells that linguistic structure arises on the very border to either white noise or silence - where the 'meaningful language' is just about to take or lose shape. 'Stillhetens åndedrag' (the 'Stradivarius' on top of the indian's head and the material fingers of his breath) is likely to be the semantics to this acoustic theory - as indeed the magic graphics tells.

I concluded in 1997 that the acoustic theory could not be taken further without an empirical basis in poetic logic.

Now it is important that these things be published and not reserved for the self-reinforcing intrigues of the International Secret Intelligence Services - such as the intrigues on my house in 'Szolnok' = 'Saul Bellow' for the 'sole-knock' = the poem for 'Latvia' in my 'SNEEFT COEIL'. Look how the placenames of Latvia resemble Switzerland on the map - a secret bank account for the latt! Sidestepping off Lithuania! Are there 8 major mappings between Latvia and Switzerland? The 20th century seems to have been a lot of turbulence and witchcraft of such type.

The terror on Sri Lanka could have been an attempt to make speechless 'politics' on the material hand of the indian for the breath - instead of publishing the books.

I hope 'Belt and Road' is not just that nexus between TEQ and PEB which could have got its misunderstood interpretation in the terror on Sri Lanka. Saul Beltow?

Having read this, the services do perhaps start organizing new intrigues. Stop all that nazi nonsense - and find a publisher. The 'services' want the sausages of a new Hitler instead of my books - could be because sausages are speechless.

Stop flexing the ring muscle of political power on my poetry. The cat is out of the sack and will remain there - outside. Is it 'sausage logic' which takes it to the following conclusions in my article from may 2004:


Information technology

Where do the inner poetic articulations come from? That is the essential question for constructing a metaphysical logic that does not go astray. But the muse and the technology will clearly be at paradoxical odds - a computer muse isnt much worth. Likewise, it is not excrements which Joyce is reading - but some divine revelation it could be. Finally, to find the black sheep Auschwitz-Mengele listed under the white flock of 'Goodness' looks suspicious, but maybe it is only the name of the 'sausage'. The '30-666' could suggest something. The categorial interpretation in 'keys to heaven' suggests that the 'goodness' parametre must be moved from point 2 in LOGOS to point 5 in PHONE.

For the Latvia-Switzerland 'sameness', from my diary 4 may 2019: DDS part 1 poem #129 - the cosmic mystery of the sameness and difference between Jesus and Madonna in the mirroring, between Latvia and Schweiz. Absolute #129 = relative #97, while abs #97 = rel #59, beginning of 'Grenze'. The mid point between Riga and Bern is just east of the border between Germany and Poland, between Garbicz-ov and Koziczyn, between Lubin and Bargow. The russian 1917 revolution, or just on the border. The chinese radical for rel #59 seems to be of the 214 system = the absolute enumeration #74 yue = moon, month: That could be the 'Nachtmond' poem of Die Verwandlung. Nachtmond reads forwards and backwards.

There are 130 km from Riga to Madona, and 130 km from Bern to Geneva.


It is possible that the role of Grøver/'Mengele' - if he were an agent with special tasks relative to me - and who could take another person's place without being an agent? - I have quite good reasons to believe that he was a copy and I believe that the original did not return - were to embody the concept of 'cop[y]' or 'cop minister' - which of course could mean simply 'Heinrich Himmler' = 'SS' = the famous Burgenland border power of Hungary/Austria. Himmler was the chief organizer of Hitler's holocaust as his interior minister. His name seems to be connected with 'Karolyhaza Kimle' on the railway line to Györ, close to 'Lebeny Mosonszentmiklos' which seems to have meant 'Adolf Hitler'.

If there are plans of further expansion of the International Secret Intelligence Services and their Burgenland power, it could be that a repeat of 20th century is planned - with a Mussolini in Italy for making a Hitler in Germany possible.

If so, it may be that some function for this is relegated to me - such as that 'cop minister' which could have been embodied by Grøver/'Mengele' for a later extensive abuse of me and my work in the media for this propaganda to reach the masses of voters in that way. Of course I do not support any such intrigue and that is why I have to write this and other articles - precisely in order to have as little political impact as possible.

I once again emphasize that the era of Burgenland power probably has come to an end with the work I have done with my TEQ and PEB - and that it is likely that a repeat of the 20th century in that sense of it is not going to take place.

But I must add - a little desperately - that it is not enough that I make this work and the politicians install it in their programs - that could come to lead to the opposite effect of turning my work into politics: The whole purpose with my work is of course to get the poetry and the metaphysical logic relative to Fatima out of politics - and therefore it is desperately important that one finds a decent publisher who can produce and sell it to the public who want it. If only pirate copies are in circulation, it functions the opposite way and only fuels the intrigues for Mussolini and Hitler. I have sent my manuscript to LEV in the Vatican but they have not even answered.

Perhaps the International Secret Intelligence Services have dreamt of the great day when Europe once again will explode in violence - cities are burning, millions are fleeing for their lives - a shiver down the spine - and they look with sore minds at my work which could threaten these plans and which they hope to have stopped. (Who did this Grøver/'Mengele' work for if he imitated 'cop minister' against payment? It must have been for somebody nourishing such dreams). Of course those services do what they can to warn against a publication of my work. "It is not possible to stop Hitler", is their philosophy, and those who are not with him are against him and will have to take the consequences. That is the logic of power - it drifts towards the abyss whatever flag is on the raft. Down the drain - that is where their Jesus Christ is lurking in the edge of the drainhole - the salvation himself. The lapis philosophorum, the Vollkornbrot, the potato peel filter - in the L corner of the salvation. It is all that world which it is important to get out of - and then my work must be published to be available to people who can understand it the right way. The 'services' probably say, if people ask for it, that 'he is one of ours and does not want it published' - which would not be true.

Does this article mean that Matteo Salvini is planned to be a new Mussolini? Not necessarily - if the background I have described canvasses a certain phonological structure, any politician with such a name could of course get wind in the sails thereby. I do not have any opinion on Salvini, current interior minister in Italy, because I know little or nothing about his politics - and the name I havent heard before. But of course I would very much dislike it if my house in Szolnok should be subjected to bad intrigues and burglaries in order for a certain name to win the election in Italy. The third in the 8-group 'hupo tou kuriou' = 'hu påtok uret, jo' could be a female touching a clock through a hole in the wall of the house - or a hole in the head? In fact the house was allegedly built in 1970 and a norwegian rock group of Bergen called 'Hole in the wall' was started in 1971 - bassist 'Jens Erland Braarwig' later was in the 3-man committee who rejected my PhD dissertation in 1998. (The names of that committee associated perhaps somewhat with 'private suburb basement'?) The second burglary was apparently some time before the EU election 26 may 2019 - and there is a new election coming up in Italy now in september: I do not want to find that burglars before the election have made a hole in the wall of the house - and even much less a hole in my head - for the public sympathy in the election to flush like sperm to the cortex of the victim of the hole in the skull-wall of july 1957. She touched the sky/cortex? 6*6*6 = 216 which as hebrew handwriting looks like 'ThUD' while 8*8*8 = 512 which likewise as hebrew handwriting looks like 'DUZ' - cp. 'Il Duce'. Which means that if a third burglary makes it look as if the three burglaries were done by '666', it could come to look as if it were done by the 'Dirty Beast in the Revelation', a label ascribed to me in the mythos - as if I had been the burglar myself - and hence the roles could swap around on palindromic indexes and the public election sympathy flush to the name telling the infancy tragedy rather than to the victim himself. Which means that if a third burglary should take place, the name of 'Matteo Salvini' could come to run off with the public sympathy for the role of 'Il Duce'. Which of course would be very unfortunate - not the least for the Hitler-effect this could have on 'sa levende' = 'Lebeny Mosonszentmiklos' - and it is strongly hoped that a third burglary will not take place. We hope that Hungary can keep those political burglars off. And I certainly do not want to have my skull broken up 'alive' - for that 'sound' of the 'jarnegg'. Could be this 'keys to heaven' was used 100 years ago as well - and that is why Mussolini called himself or at least was called 'Il Duce'?

I look up 'DUZ' in Jastrow's hebrew dictionary and find only one word with that combination - and this refers to 'RUNAGER' or rather 'RUNGR' = 'public service' - allegedly a derivation from a persian word of same form apparently meaning 'servitium' = 'slavery' (cp. 'sa levende').

Spelling 'Führer' (for Hitler) in devanagari - as VIRER - in fact looks a little like 'duce' - and hence these could have their joint reference in 'Lebeny' in Hungary. In hebrew handwriting 'Lebeny' looks like 128 = 512/4.

It must be understood that 'Il Duce' seems to be a concept based on precisely the semiotic elements of my norwegian poetry discussed above - which really is about the Christ returning as a divine revelation in the text - rather than in person. This could have been the basis for Mussolini - to be received as the Christ returning in person in Italy rather than in the text - and furthermore for a Hitler in protestant Germany based on lutheran emphasis of the text itself. But these things should be studied as healthy semiotic phenomena and not be used as parametres for totalitarian political control. In particular, as my vol.4 shows, it is likely that these phenomena are going to be the basics for a new information technology of the third millenium, with a new metaphysical logic - and to install them into history by way of political madness is madness. It is with great sorrow that I see how my own poetry could have been used by politics - instead of being published for serious literary and semiotic studies. Politics struggles with getting new things under control - but that is just when they make the false metaphysical logic which has to be demolished (by war!) at some later time. A very big mistake it could be.

I do not make claims of being Jesus for the italian church. But I do make claims of having written the book - in the text of which there could be (at least technically speaking) a divine revelation needed for the construction of a metaphysical logic. A terrible mistake it would be to use this for constructing new Mussolinis and Hitlers.

"Then why dont you send your book to a publisher, John?" It is many years since this question was settled. If I send the book to a publisher, the local secret intelligence services may be on the publisher's phone long before the letter arrives and warns against the security concerns which a publication could trigger. So the publisher rejects the book (under the official pretext of 'not goodenough' because the advices from the warning services are secret) and publishes 'something similar' instead - and new nazism makes avalanches of progress all over the world. That is why I in very lonely style self-publish my books, fold and sew and glue them together, for giving to libraries where sensible readers can function as referees for a publisher who understands more than the advices from the power mafia - and who therefore can contact me for a contract. It must be understood how important this is. But it is totally crazy that I myself have to do the folding and sewing and glueing and all the handwork of a small dozen copies to give to libraries - after one full century since the perennial Fatima of the world waiting for this work to be finished. It is finished and a sensible publisher should contact me about it.

Humans do not have to be so tragic. It is absolutely unnecessary.

Not to speak of the possibility that the angst-ridden politics could trigger the release of a Black Sea Loop/Lup - a chain of horror running across Europe for channeling unconstitutional power to certain political subgroups who thereby could gain enough power to get the governments under their control. And, in particular, it is important for me to avoid that my poetry be used for politics. It is well possible that the Vatican publisher by the arrival of my manuscript panicked by the feeling of floodgates of political intrigues opened - without understanding that these intrigues were not from me.

The mythos goes that John F.Kennedy himself - before he was elected president - was present at the opening of my newborn skull in Sandveien, Molde, in early july 1957. It is his name which was 'present', of course, but not necessarily in the form of his white sperm inbetween the windings of my young cortex, just like the name of his younger brother Robert Frances Kennedy could have been 'present' at a rape of me at age 6 months at Brinken 2, Kampen, Oslo. And the third brother 'Ted' Kennedy in the third step, the injection of horror chemicals in my body at age 18 months in Hammerfest. It is a theory of mine that these three cases of abuse took place - I have not had them verified (except that the official parents have told that I nearly died from an allergic shock in Hammerfest after I had eaten a nut which I had found on the floor and I myself had put into own mouth). And the school dentistry 1970-71 (the school dentist drilled up all my healthy teeth and put amalgam into them) looks suspicious. It is the Kennedy names that were present, not necessarily the persons themselves - and it is a fact that the assassin Oswald Lee Harvey on Kennedy 1963 had a name which told of the three address towns of mine for a 1-2-3 (Molde, Oslo, Hammerfest). But that only tells of this function of turning around on the name - for an influx of public sympathies in the election. Whether Kennedy 'pulked' or not, I dont know, but it is a fact that he initiated the program of landing astronauts on the moon in 1969-1971 and that looks suspicious indeed. Even today it is probably difficult or too early to land astronauts on the moon - Israel launched a moon rover some time ago but it crashed. Of course with good telescopes or a chinese rover up there it should be possible to find the old footprints after Armstrong - if they exist, which I doubt that they do: The computers needed to steer a mooncraft in 1969 were big as houses in those days.

Is it the big nations - the superpowers - who press onto smaller nations to participate in a Black Sea Loop - and they have no choice if serious difficulties shall be avoided? That is far from certain - it is the standard mythology but there are also good reasons to believe that the phenomenon of secret intelligence and local power and control concerns could be the driving motor. Is Hungary forced to participate in burglaries of my house - for a Black Sea Loop? Absolutely not, I would say, in particular after I completed the work with my PEB in 2010: This work of mine, or the nexus between TEQ and PEB, is sufficient for showing the nature of the Burgenland power mystery and hence the Black Sea Loop - it suffices for draining the force out of that Burgenland power mystery which was the essence of Hitler power. But that means that I by my lonely work through more than 20 years have brought the salvation needed for that and other countries - and then of course it is very disappointing if they go for the burglaries instead, for being in the service of Mussolini and Hitler and sacrifice their own people for such totalitarian power madness threatening all of Europe and perhaps global equilibrium. My new 'SNEEFT COEIL' in its 6th chapter 'Die Verwandlung' also tells of the european national linguistic and cultural characteristics of 16 such nations ('HYMEN' being the hungarian one) - and indeed Hitler was a national socialist for probably just such reasons - and it is likely that the latvian code word is just a 'sole-knock' from below - a Szolnok of Saul Bellow. All these mythos elements are installed into a political machine which administrations seem to believe in and believe that it is impossible to avoid and therefore that Mussolini and Hitler are inavoidable once again. That is nonsense! If only these things can come to reach a bigger public than the angst-ridden secret intelligences and administrations, the solution is easily found by rational deliberation that gets the angst easily under control - instead of being spread for election sympathies to flush here, flush there. Am I kept low in the landscape of public literary attention because political administration wants to use and activate the 'power potential' of child abuse of me - e.g. a reverse octogon of abuses which is name-swapping on the triangular octogon of my later life - as if the Grøvers had been agents for such mafioso international secret intelligence? (I have not yet got it verified if they were). A scalp-L (8-8-8) or Saul-Bell-ow (6-6-6) could flush the angst soon here, soon there. It is all too easy and perhaps tempting to use me as a swap-mechanism for dumping the blame upon - such as the 6-6-6 suggesting that the house was burglared by myself. But that is just why the story should be told as it is - in order to avoid new totalitarianism in Europe.

Conclusion, at least as far as my person and mythos-role are concerned, is that it is very easy to prevent new Mussolini and Hitler in Europe: It is done by telling things as they are. But somehow the politicians do not want that. It is very strange.

PS Sorry for the use of private names - but the exposition would not have been possible without. Frankly, I do not take much confidence in the theories of rebuilt Bellow or Moore - but the theories can of course be active nevertheless. It can be assumed that if the Eisenhower Doctrine of 5 january 1957, published nearly half a year before my birth, really tells the essential names of the octogon in its undertext (something which also would tell how important this 'project' would have been), then one can assume that find the names of Ellen Berger and Marianne Moore in the undertext of section IX. (It is noted that the doctrine seems to follow the 'keys to heaven' from #1 up to #5, while #6 seems to tell my name qua 6-6-6, which could be the whole story - that 'Join Congress' - while octogon/keys 6 = Eisenhower 7 (or is it 8?), octogon/keys 7 = Eisenhower 8 (or is it 7?) and octogon/keys 8 = Eisenhower 9. Do you find the names of Ellen Berger and Marianne Moore in the undertext of the last line "To this purpose we must now devote our energies, our determination, ourselves"? Could be, could be not. If Berger were married to Pål Danielsen, one notices also the first line in Eisenhower 9 - cp. also the Padania program of Salvini's Lega Nord. Likewise, is there a 'Saul Bellow' in VI? Could be, could be not: "It is nothing new for the President and the Congress" = 'the old below'? 'Words alone are not enough' = 'heard is edgen'? 'Marianne more'?

It was while I lived in Venice in 2008-2009 that my hair started getting thin, but I think the top vortex had started showing a little white even before I came to the place, so it was probably not for the 'Samson and Dalilah' parametre. (Is that 'Samsung'?)

Clearly if the political propaganda effect in the matters discussed here is dependent on the abuse factor, then of course a potential economic compensation would have more effect before relevant elections than after.

Added on 18 june 2019:

Clearly if 'cop minister' were the theme of John Grøver/'Mengele', it could have been about a reference to the obvious parallelism of John Grover 1823 and John Grover 1843 in British Library - see page 2 for 'John Grover 1823 - Minister of the Trinity'. Minister of the octogon? The idea could have been that John Grover 1843 is but a copycat author on basis of John Grover 1823 - and hence that my work should have been but a copycat work on basis of the plans and projects of 'International Secret Intelligence Services', who thereby could feel entitled to control the copyright to my work. That is nonsense. They do not have the copyright - and 'intelligence copies' of my work circulated in administrations are illegal. It is the problem of level 2 vs level 4 - and the need for level 4 as essential for constructing a metaphysical logic that does not lead to war. If the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' try to construct new Mussolini and Hitler, that tells of how important it is that these do not involve in the construction of the new metaphysical logic.

The 3-strong committee who in 1998 rejected my PhD dissertation were these - here with theoretic epithet for the concept of 'private suburban basement':

Anders Holmberg - private person?
Jens Erik Fenstad - sub-urban?
Jens Erland Braarvig - 'bass-ment' player, Hole-in-the-wall 1971

I tried to contact Holmberg after the rejection but his office in Tromsø said that he had left for 'Umeå' (= 'U with Å')

Fenstad = Feristad = Vikebukt, hence "gjenser ikke feristad' = 'wont see Grøver/'Mengele' again' = the 1823 'copy minister' John Grover:

Jens Erland Braarvig Anders   Holmberg     Erik Jens
printed and sold by the author, house graph, in the televalley


in the JENS/GENES = in the televalley = in Lebeny Mosonszentmiklos = in Mussolini/Hitler

Soon after I had received the rejection letter in late july 1998 and was writing my appeal, the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi were bombed - as well as the town of Omagh in Northern Ireland - this together could be taken to mean 'rejected on a political basis' - as if that were the contents of my appeal and that were the way I wrote it. I did not - but clearly if the 'political project' has been planned to have some public appeal (cp. the 'pube-lick' of 'Dar-es-Salaam, Nairobi, Gabarone' - not Gardermoen!), in the sense of 'public rejected on a political basis', it could be about such means of expression - but that is not my way of doing it. Dont blame jewish genetics if the democratic opinion = public is rejected on a political basis.

It can be added that 'Michal Walicki' had been consulted on mathematical issues in the committee (Erik Brown, Lars G.Johnsen, Marianne Skånland, Mickal Walicki) who evaluated and rejected my lecture in the theory of science - this lecture is included in the dissertation 'A waist of time' and is reproduced on p.347-365 in my volume 3 (and it is reproduced here on this website as well). According to my own view, this lecture was optimal for the theory of science relevant for the dissertation and should not have been rejected.

'Anders Holmberg' is a name resembling the name of 'Anne Skundberg' with whom I had the first sexual experiences in the darkness of the forest outskirts - there was no sexual intercourse (= 'marianne skånland'?), it was 'not brown' but maybe a little 'lars g. johnsen'. Could be it would be called 'private'? If so, the formula 'private suburban basement' could be spotted in the committee - if there is a 'suburban' in the name of Fenstad. One could perhaps say that Grøver/'Mengele' of Feristad = Vikebukt went 'under earth' when or if his official identity were taken over by a copy.

I think my PhD dissertation should be accepted. I have delivered a 'disputation' in published written form - 'The Doctorate', materials disputing and refuting the rejection, ISBN 82-993574-4-6 - to the national library in Norway. If yet another lecture were needed for the degree one can use the chapter 'Christ as the arbitrary morphemic sign' in the book 'Time and the sonnet' in 1999 - ISBN 82-92054-01-4 - which I self-published likewise to the national library in Norway - and there is probably enough material for accepting the degree. Mussolini and Hitler with totalitarian rejection of the public are not good alternatives to my PhD degree. I think both the dissertation and the lectures and 'disputation material' were 'goodenough'.

I have noticed in recent times (weeks) a puzzling phenomenon of unnormally tall persons crossing my ways. If that is not coincidental (and a couple of them have perhaps appeared as not professional actors), it could be for the idea of my discovery of HI and LO cycles in the work of Caravaggio - see the table at the end of this file - having a potential public appeal in Italy. I noticed also a certain link to my 'Caruso' in the accident with the 'Hableany' boat in Budapest some time ago, soon after I had discovered the second burglary and reported it to the police. ('South Koreans' = 'Sørkedalen' = 'in the valley'? 'Sir Karl Popper' was a theorist of science, cp. my 'lekter' in the theory of science). It could perhaps have been about a 'car-a-viaggio'.

Added on 19-20 june 2019:

If 'Mussolini' is the program, it can be noticed that if the burglary of my house and the Hableany accident were carried out by somebody who felt that they were or could be in charge of state (or even governmental) power, it can be speculated that the Hableany accident could have been a sort of 'self-punishment' because of the injustice against me by the burglary - since terror always goes wrong way, the sinking of the 'lekter' (norwegian for a certain flatbottomed motorless boat of I think cargo type) after the collision with 'Viking Sigyn' would lead to a rise of my 'lecture' that sank after the collision with the 'vikings', as a 'compensation' for my loss by the burglary - a la the loss of career in Bergen. But this 'compensation' arguably looks like swindle - based on 'homophones', cp. the role of 'Heimskringla' apparently based on norwegian-hebrew homophones as a part of the foundations for the establishment of the anti-semitic state of Norway in 1814 - and my PEB has shown that 'Heimskringla' probably is swindle. And then one must hope that a third burglary will not take place, as it could be prompting an even worse attack on hungarian citizens for 'self-punishment' as a 'compensation' for my losses/'låses'. A la Black Sea Loop? But that would be homophonic swindle. Likewise, if 'private suburban basement' is the codeword, it could mean tough methods of a totalitarian state power. I certainly do not support that sort of power.

It must be understood that the primary aim of the history with the role of me (probably evidenced with Lenin 1918) was to solve the Fatima issue for communication with remote parts of the universe - and that all the Hitler ado was only for covering up the real purpose while time was running. But now the work is completed and we do not need to continue with another Mussolini or Hitler. My work must be published, otherwise it looks as if the purpose with the history since Fatima was Mussolini and Hitler. It is fully possible that the field of 'politics' has been developing into a genre of that type since 1917 - and therefore politics doesnt speak - such as in these days: They should have explained these things in a simple fashion such as on this page - and then the democratic voters will not have to elect Mussolini and Hitler. But if the people does not know anything, then they can be cheated into voting anything. The reason why politics does not speak is officially that it is secret - but in cases such as this a government can of course downgrade the secrets.

Who could feel entitled to feel as being in charge of governmental power? Of course the government - but even the 'secret intelligence' sometimes could feel entitled to present themselves as 'the government' - and then I would guess that the swindle strategies could be in the field of International Secret Intelligence Services trying to gain control with governmental power - also for the launch of their representatives in politics and government. 'Globalisation' could be about this. To what extent they already do control governmental power I dont know, but it is likely that the problem of the power of secret intelligence services has existed since the dawn of civilization - since the government cannot bicycle around for finding the info themselves. But the international phenomenon may be new - and could have developed from this problem of finding the truth behind the answer from remote intelligences - if they exist at all. But power-orientated secret intelligence is not the right place to develop the new metaphysical logic since such power-logic leads to war - with new Mussolinis and Hitlers.

A new orientation for truth instead of homophonic swindle should come - instead of new Mussolini and Hitler. I notice that the 'drill-and-sobs' vision and audition I experienced in the summer 2015 in Szolnok - even if it should be about a deep jewish mystery for understanding the existential human reality, possible as related to jewish resurrection (cp this as a post-holocaust phenomenon) - could have been abused in interpretation for the factor of 'homophonic swindle'. But the drill was not 'swindle' (it was a vision of mystic character probably leading to the solution of the Burgenland border power phenomenon) and the audition of sobs was not about 'homo-phones' - and therefore the people should not accept 'swindle based on homophones' as the way towards truth. Rather, with the solution of the Burgenland power phenomenon, the world can return to a state of truth and the secrets that have accumulated since 1917 can be downgraded and told - not as 'frozen phrases', though: That is the sort of 'homophonic swindle' which does not lead to truth.

If this 'homophonic swindle' is from Hitler's 'Sobibor' in post-holocaustal times, his 'Treblinka' could be about the swindle-swap of official father Grøver/'Mengele' - possibly a 'Josef Knecht' of Auschwitz or the 'copy' - with the 'knecht' of Antschel (cp. Lenin outside Michelson Factory/Zavod in 1918) - am I supposed to be the 'knecht of Antschel' as a copycat of 1823? - as a 'jos f kne-ditt' - not John F.Kennedy! - in the years after 1970 I had a left patella that did not function properly, whether that was due to body growth or what it was - and that swap could be the contents of this 'private suburban basement'. The three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez ('beu-zhets') constituted the socalled 'Aktion Reinhard' after the alleged murder of Reinhard Heydrich. It is a pity to observe how defining Hitler's holocaust program could have been for the postwar era. Clearly to build a metaphysical logic on such 'homophonic swindle' cannot lead to anything but new wars.

Finally, I may have solved Sobibor and Treblinka - and make the guess that Belcez is the phenomenon of the Riga-Bern mid point and symmetries. 'Mierczany' is a small place near the mid point - I guess that it is this which holds the role of Märzstrasse.

I have speculated if brief flashes of light in the periphery of the vision field could have been a part of the 'Treblinka' concept (and not only typographic things) - e.g. connected with the crossing of the Burgenland border - or maybe a linguistic border of that type generally. If so, that brief blink of light could perhaps also be connected with the idea of 'jos f'. Jos = (norw. dialect for) light. The blinks could also be related to the stretching of bodily extremities (legs) - that is, beyond the patella border. (I notice also the german-polish border commented upon above). If so, this could also be about the jewish-genetic family tree - for 'Tre-blinka'. Does this mean that 'John F.Kennedy' relates to 'jos f kne-ditt' (= 'jos f your-knee') via e.g. 'snu-f' ('turn-F') of 'New Yourk[new] Times? How many times did you bend your knee? But if these are matters of political importance, say, if the genetic father suffers a bad fate (Celan disappeared on Hitler's birthday 1970 - and was that the reason for the 1970 days between the alleged attempt on Lenin in 1918 and his death in 1924?) and this leads to a displaced or dysfunctional patella in the genetic offspring, these details should not be secret. It is probable that the real reasons are not in the violence but in (the disruption of) some spiritual guiding function (cp. my TEQ book 6 'Orphan and the angels' - not 'private sub-urban basement') - but this is not discovered by sensible thinking if the facts be reserved for power-thinkers only.

One sees the scenario - how an economic compensation to me could have rescued the world from the dangers of new fascism and nazism - but some may have planned to grant me (qua 'jewish genetics'?) compensation for this purpose by way of terror indexing my work 'since terror goes wrong way and therefore eventually will go the other way' - or even worse. But that is homophonic swindle only - resting on secrecy. All this nonsense must be brought to an end. It is the opposite of the Fatima issue - and Fatima is about how to reach a metaphysical logic that leads not to war and which can be a reliable foundation for communication with remote intelligences.

Added on 23-24 june 2019:

I add the final and speculative observation that if the Grøver couple were working with installing in me the names in these stories, such as those trips to 'Rondane' etc, then one can understand the reason for the apparent abuse of my work and life in international media - since that would have served to spread the same pre-installed name-structures around in the democratic space. What sort of politics would it have been for? If Grøver/'Mengele' worked for the idea of 'copy' minister, it could of course have been for the political idea of replacing people with copies. But this I know little about. I dont even know if the Grøvers had such tasks.

If 'Røros' (see above) = 'rør-ros' = 'polt-anusen'/'polet-i' = 'johng-røver', one notices also the relevance of the book titles of Saul Bellow. I think it is high time to downgrade the octogon - if that is the story.

Added on 22 july 2019:

After my discovery of the role of the reception of Wittgenstein's work and the power from the 'Siebensterns' in his 'Wörterbuch', it is possible to understand the idea of 'Marianne Moore' having been rebuilt to look like Ellen Berger: That could mean simply a link to 'Edward Moore Kennedy' - the one of the three political Kennedy brothers who was born after Wittgenstein published his 'Wörterbuch' in 1926. If it really were Marianne Moore, that could have been the reason. In the late 80's I contacted Danielsen to present my apologies and was received with understanding and (maybe 'correct') friendliness, but since I could not understand the story - could be also (as I now can see it) on background of the role of Halvor Rognerud ('rogn' = 'Laich' in Siebenstern #2) - I telephoned him and did it once too much. On my way home from the telephone box, a car with number 999 or even 9999 passed me just in the moment when I was about to step into the house, and it meant sort of 'the story is not told yet'. ('Ed ward more to tell'? - After the school dentistry 1970-71, which drilled up nearly all my teeth, Ragna Grøver started using the school dentist as her private dentist). I sent him a cheque of 10.000 NOK, which he did not cash, but it meant that I could not afford more telephones. I could not then guess that the important message could have been that 'it was perhaps not your wife but a similar person'.

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