Black Sea Loop terror as New York Times 'snuff'?

John Bjarne Grover

I know little about this but try and recount a few ideas on basis of own data.

Black Sea Loop is, if I have understood it right, the idea of terror running from Batman at Van Sea in Turkey, around the Black Sea and across Rumania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and in towards Paris. One fancies that it be about people CARRIED OUT from their homes and driven off in vans for horror. This will create underearth panic running along this loop, and with a 90 degrees turning of the swastika it comes out as overearth pane-ic = collection of fascies = Mussolini's fascism in Italy, running from Sicily up to the north.

The trick is that 'Black Sea Loop' or 'blekke si lup' probably means the same as catholic 'transubstantiation' - what every catholic wants, and therefore it is easy to get this horror propaganda through by the trick that a Black Sea Loop is the same as terror on the Black Sea Loop.

Here is an excerpt from Mathew's Chinese-English dictionary:

It could be the same principle - and that is why the nazi swastika went wrong way - like terror or horror vs salvation or simply goodness. Hitler's main emblem could have been just this loop around the eastern arm of the swastika on Europe - the northern arm being Norway, the eastern England and the southern Italy.

In my SNEEFT COEIL, poem 16 in 'Die Verwandlung' seems to be about the innermost codeword of italian language/culture, like 'hymen' seems to be for hungarian - even this apparently incomporated into Hitler's cabinet - and that is when 'transubstantiation' looks like the same as 'blekke sea lup' - when the last page of a newspaper is folded around to cover the front page. It happened one day that I wrote something in my notebook in so small and indistinct lettering that I could hardly read it myself (in the vain hope of keeping it off the attention of secret surveillance), then a day or two later I was out walking in the sunshine from the blue sky and should write an idea in the same notebook - when the page with this indistinct lettering was exposed for a brief second or so for a potential satellite surveillance microscope spying from the sky down onto my notebook. The day after (probably not two days after) this small and very indistinct lettering in which I had CARRIED OUT my idea seemed to have been blown up to big news on the front page of New York Times (I saw this on a copy sold in a newsstand in Vienna). If it were from the brief exposure under the cloudless sky, it must have been good surveillance technology they used. The effect was of course very insulting: There are not much chances left for a poet to compose a literary work without the massive pressure from international media if this were the story - my handwritten note and the front page of New York Times. Could they even have their own spy satellite?

This was around the time when I also went to Szolnok in Hungary and discovered the burglary: A burglar had broken into the house and CARRIED OUT a number of items - mainly what could be converted into a little money, however small. A couple of days later, the sightseeing boat 'Hableany' crashed with a 'Viking Sigyn' boat and sank in the Danube in Budapest and probably more than 2 dozen south korean tourists drowned.

News told also that 'Eni' sth (who perhaps spoke some if not all of Indonesia's 700 languages) died around the same time. I add that the first burglary, in probably january 2016, led to installation of a new window and I stuffed some 'hab' = 'foam' (construction foam that insulates well) around its frame - while this time it was the doors that had been broken up with quite some damage on the doorframes.

The principle could be very simple - in particular if the burglar were resembling me in some way (could be to an extent that the neighbours would have believed that it was me? - but I dont know anything about this beyond a certain 'homo' response a couple of times in town): If the items CARRIED OUT by the burglar later should come to be used as template for selecting victims for being carried out and driven off in vans along the Black Sea Loop, say, a 'Mr.Maxter' = 'a mixmaster' and names like that are carried out, then it could be me who could be blamed for having written the list of names for the horror on the Black Sea Loop - something which of course I would never do.

In addition, the selection of a Mr.Maxter as victim CARRIED OUT for the horror would then simply serve as 'snuff' for the New York Times - if this story of the spied-on handwritten note is the case. (Snuff is, if I have got it right, a murder that comes after the indexes of the victim have been exposed in a newspaper or other media for some time - typically serving to enhance the sales of a 'dirty' paper - but I may have misunderstood the term - a 'snuff film' is otherwise a film which shows a factual murder zoomed and focussed in space rather than in time). For example, if the names or other indexes of the south korean tourists were undertexted on a newspaper's front page in the days before they drowned in Budapest, it would count as 'snuff', according to this meaning of the term. Why the front page? Because in order to hide the scandal, like a dog kicks backwards onto what it has 'carried out', the last page must be folded around to cover the first - like a new 'york' times? - and that is likely to be when the 'blekke see lup' is 'the same' as catholic 'transubstantiation'.

'Lup[e]' is norwegian and german for 'magnifying glass' and could be an essential part of such a strategy - if the details are 'carried out' of the minute handwriting that holds the ideas. 'Blekke' is 'slang' for an unimportant newspaper. ('Blekk' = 'ink', black-on-white).

It can be observed that if Hitler's swastika emblem - the very symbol of his nazism - were turned around for precisely the purpose of making catholics welcome the 'terror on the Black Sea Loop', believing that it was the 'Black Sea Loop' qua 'transubstantiation' of the eucharist in the holy communion, the very 'body of Christ', then the 'loop' is no small matter - it could have been the whole purpose with Hitler's government, including the attempt to squeeze the details of the third secret of Fatima out of Sister Lucia and eventually out of her handwriting in the closed envelope in the safe at the bishop of Leiria. Mathews tells that the original swastika - meaning anything good - was a word pronounced WAN - and Hitler's famous 'Wannsee-Konferenz' at Wannsee outside Berlin (would that be like Berchtesgaden by München? - for example for insinuating that Lucia was 'berte' with 'gåde' = 'riddle'?) could of course have been about the Black Sea Loop from the Van Sea in Turkey around the Black Sea towards Paris. It was Reinhard Heydrich who invited to the Wannsee-Konferenz on 20 january 1942 - the name behind the 'Aktion Reinhard' (cp. 'Eidsvig, Ragna'?) with Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez claiming 1,8 million jewish lives, possibly organized for making the Vatican nervous enough to press onto Lucia for making her write the secret down. It may be that the pressure contained in these three death camp names was based on eavesdropping of the three children of Fatima.

But to use a 'Black Sea Loop terror-wave' for big-sized 'snuff' (in this sense of it) in international western media is too bad. I dont know, of course, if New York Times is involved in such or if it were a single case I observed, but I would guess that 'snuff' on such a loop could be a problem in western media generally - and then it would deserve critical attention. One century ago it would have been about making it easy for making a Benito Mussolini (quasi 'Armando Rattolini') in catholic Italy, while the very effect of turning the swastika wrong way, taking 'Black Sea Loop' to be the same as 'terror on the Black Sea Loop', would be what moved the political impulse from catholic Italy up to protestant Germany and Hitler. The 'transubstantiation' is precisely the essential difference between catholicism and at least anglicanism - but probably also protestantism generally. A 'blekke' contains text.

All these things are very easy to explain so simply that anybody can understand them. Then why isnt that done? Why let the democratic voters go around in the fog of confusion on these very simple matters? I dont know, of course, if a 'Black Sea Loop terror wave' is planned for making new fascism in Italy followed by new nazism in Germany, or even if that happened one hundred years ago, but one naturally guesses that it could have happened - and that this also in principle could be the purpose with a magnifying spy glass in New York Times along with a burglary of my house in Szolnok.

Finally, democratic voters have normally (a probably healthy) confidence in their political representatives, and clearly those politicians will normally not let any such terror loop start - it can happen only if unconstitutional power gets stronger than the constitutional one. But even this should be easy to explain.

Finally, the option that the magnifying glass of New York Times were a coincidence did not seem likely to me - but perhaps one could not entirely exclude the possibility that I had guessed it prophetically in advance. If that should have been the case, then I have no data pointing specifically to the New York Times. But I have often felt that plagiarisms of my things could have been a problem of media generally. If anything such goes on, then it could of course be urgently important that somebody tidies up in it.

Added 10 june 2019:

More on the Blekke 3I 3I

In this article, which tells the relation between my genetic and custody parents, it appears that the norwegian prime minister Per Borten 1965-71 encodes by the exact mid point of his period my 11th birthday in 1968, and combined with the newspieces of Kursk & Cole of 2000, it follows that the program could have been the lifting of the genetic parenthood of Nelly Sachs and Paul Pessach Antschel/Celan over onto Ragna 'Eidsvig' Grøver and John Grøver/'Mengele'.

Older german typography seems to have been a possible background for this role of Per Borten 1965-71. The examples are from a 'Summa Privilegii Cæsarei' 1746:

= the typography source

= 'Worten'
= 'Laß nicht'
= 'jetzt'

'Worten' arguably looks like '2Borten' = 'Pair Borten', while it is observed that the double 'S' in LASS looks quite similar to the TZ in 'jetzt' - both look like 'B'. This is likely to be related to the new chinese radical that looks like a B after the war - on left or right side. In fact that double 'S' is originally an 'SZ' - and that is modern hungarian spelling: Hungarian 'SZ' is pronounced like a plain alveolar 'S' while a palatalized version like 'Sh' is spelt 'S' in hungarian. For example 'Szilva' = 'Plum' is pronounced like 'silva'. It is this which is retained in german double 'S' as 'ß': It is pronounced like hungarian 'SZ' but is spelt 'SS' if the ligature is not used. This means that the 'SS' phenomenon - or the 'B'-looking ligature - encodes the Burgenland border power mystery which seems to have been Hitler's project - and when US presidency was Bush before and after Clinton, it suggests Bushenland = Burgenland power with 'Bill Clinton' = the HYMEN phenomenon of hungarian language. That means the border between Austria and Hungary.

If the name of Per Borten really means 'Worten', it could be about pretending that the death of Nelly Sachs being due to her leak of a few words about me - she had got a letter from Celan in Paris, she may have read it in the airplane and a journalist could have read it over her shoulder, and it may have been burglared from her home later. Borten resigned in 1971 because he had told a few classified words to a journalist in an airplane. But all this is probably political gags for hiding the evidence in the 1970 days between the attempt on Lenin in 1918 and his death in 1924 - and for telling that the international secret intelligence services hold the power via that Burgenland border.

Josef Mengele was doctor in Auschwitz concentration/death camp which claimed more than a million jewish lives. On basis of the typographical considerations, it could be spelt 'auBwiB' and from there to 'Antschel' is easy. It suggests that the idea of Grøver as Mengele of Auschwitz as my custody father - with Paul Pessach Antschel (Celan) as the genetic father - is not too farfetched. But it leaves a '3' at the end of 'auBwiB'. If that is taken to be the beginning of '3-blinka' = 'Treblinka' = '3-Blinka' = '31-31-inka' it suggests that the 'inka' = 'blekke' for 'blekke 3I loop'. English 'ink' = norwegian 'blekk'. The name 'Eidsvig' is also clearly quite close to 'auBwiB'.

The reason for this adding of the 'inka' is found in a yet higher level of the 'Vollkornbrot' which in its primary form - apparently developed from the squeeze in three dimensions of two lapis philosophorums - looks like a gingerbread form, a parallelogram. But it is not symmetric - as it would have been if it really were composed of two identical lapises. Doing with this 'Vollkornbrot' as for the lapis, turning a copy upside down and merging the two together, one gets a form which looks like the propeller in the mixer I found in my kitchen drawer recently (the one to the right):

Some further photographic enhancements of the double-Vollkornbrot leads to the recognition of the potato peel filter which I found in my bathtub in 2006: I heard it fall down from empty air, there was nobody else in the flat and it could probably not have fallen down from anywhere - I concluded that it was 'ex nihilo' and even falling out of the air and into my bathtub:

The left low photo is a photographic enhancement to show the circle better. The potato peel filter looks like a mystic INKA disk - and could be just the 31-31-inka part of 'Treblinka' - adding my name to Celan's. If the Vollkornbrot arises from two lapises turned 180 degrees, and if the Vollkornbrot itself is turned 180 degrees and merged, then the result will be 4 lapises inside the drainhole of the sink - just where a potato peel filter normally is found.

But this is just the INKA-31-loop = BLEKKE SI LUP.

Could be 31-INKA is the reason why I should not have lived in Zinckgasse? But the address cannot really be the problem - it is cynical abuse of indexes for a Black Sea Loop which is the problem.

It is noticed that the potato peel filter as an INKA sun dial is a weak point in the derivation for 'Treblinka'. However, 'Treblinka' is more likely to have entered via the third secret of Fatima - the 'rough-hewn trunks of cork-tree with the bark on' - which means that somebody has swung the axe and removed some of the bark from the trunk, and that is called just 'treblinka' in norwegian language. 'Jump-jarnegg-grover' is the link to my name.

One sees also the two S forms - on different levels. "You jump S over S" is the paragraph sign § used in law - and Hitler's postcard was written to 'Eugene Paisseau' = 'Ø kjempesår', the name of the world war II - with the norwegian diagonal dividing the world into east and west.

Alas, it seems that all this ex nihilo mysticism has come to be defining for world politics since then - with Adolf Hitler as top guru in the new political pantheon. A great pity that is. Ex nihilo must count as a form of magic and no serious mystic will stop too long by magic. It is not the real form of the world - rather it is a trap you are invited to go in. It is a strange redundancy which tells something about the human psyche - but that is rather about the weak parts that make humans fall into history, not the spiritual striving for a higher reality. Therefore one can guess that ex nihilo matter as a guiding light for politics comes to be more or less the same as terror-driven politics - such as Hitler's orgy of terror is telling of. But for just this reason is it of large importance that the field of ex nihilo matter be released from the secrecy which turns it into a tool for political manipulation by way of terror. It should be studied openly in serious academic institutions and schoolchildren should know what lapis philosophorum is.

Politics which is dependent on secrecy for manipulating the masses has not really the integrity needed for that. If a piece of info is secret, people sometimes try to make other people understand it by telling a little and unsecret part of it. That is probably what has led to the phenomenon of 'secret intelligence' power.

The conclusion is likely to be that the role as Jesus assigned to me by the international secret intelligence services is planned to be the same as that 'mystic' Burgenland power of the hungarian 'HYMEN'. But this sort of program is probably only a waste of a lot of time and money - and, as I have shown with my blue PEB, the mystery is probably not of lasting value.

I add that SNUFF = SNØFF while SNOT = SNØRR. Snot is green. It is not impossible that this could affect somehow the green movements in Europe.

Finally, trivially, I have made the lapis philosophorum and the Vollkornbrot myself and do not know the extent of their universality, but it looks meaningful to me.

Mathews, R.H.: 'Chinese-english dictionary' (Harvard 1931/1943)

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