Yinyang and the horned vikings

John Bjarne Grover

It seems that the socalled 'Vollkornbrot' or 'bread' piece of ex nihilo matter is the same as the yinyang structure made from two 'lapis philosophorum's facing each other:

The double-lapis in the yinyang form must be squeezed a little for obtaining the breadslice form - and it is butted in the upper end compared with the lower end - which means that the THOU is not the same as the I. It is about faith vs knowledge. The upper 'butted' corner shows the traces of the sunrays of the devanagari 'A' - could be the upper line under the crust is the control line of that script.

One can probably spot many standard devanagari signs in the breadslice - or, more properly, from the squeezed double-lapis it derives from. The interesting thing is that the bread-piece is not as symmetric as it should have been if it had been formed from two symmetric lapises. If it were not butted in the upper rightmost end, the end of 'faith' which requires humility, then it would resemble the head with horns of a devil - such as seen in the squeezed form.

One guesses that NATO can have been formed on basis of such a breadslice double-lapis - forming a square or space that also can be governed locally by such means - the lower pointed end is the border to Mexico and the upper righthand end is Norway going up to the border to Russia at Kola. But that is just the 'Horn of NATO'. If there have been plans of identifying me with the role of Satan, that is likely to be about just this 'horn of stepbornness'. When Norway was formed in 1814, that was partly (or allegedly) on basis of antisemitism, partly on basis of the glorious past with the horned vikings who ruled the seas from Washington to Konstantinopel. One guesses that the Vollkornbrot could have been known already then.

The circle that forms the basis of the yinyang structure is likely to explain also the cyclic christian calendarial year going anticlockwise - with the easter taking place right under the chin of the eagle in a metaphysical space which reattaches to the material lapis at whitsun when the yinyang semicircle of the chin of the man facing rightwards reattaches to the circle. The christian christmas will then be on the eye of the eagle - which is the placenta in hieroglyphic script.

This means that the Vollkornbrot explains the metaphysics of electromagnetic consciousness which goes outside the border of the breadslice but can be seen as 'folded down' onto it - which explains the fine layer of apparent frosty electronic circuitry on the slice:

The resurrection of easter will then be just that electromagnetic reality beyond the substantial bread. It is also possible to see the normal space as constituted by the three 'squeezes':

= the vertical dimension

= the horizontal dimension

= the enveloping dimension

Each new change will add a new 'dimension' to the reality - such as when the horn or donkey's ear up to the right is folded down for a 'butted' corner in the devanagari 'A'. This tells of how information technology corresponds to the human psyche - and the conditions for which the form of the human psyche can turn into matter - that is, how the psyche can correspond with the matter and thereby 'understand' it. Clearly these are matters which should not be held secret but should be published for sensible research purposes. Obviously traditional physics can be expanded with an exact metaphysics on this basis. And clearly much secterianism that holds a grip on human authorities can be seen to have these mechanisms as their secrets. True world religions and true mysticism are not affected by explanations such as these - and the christian bread is not a scandal in the sense of a derivation from 'cyclic' indian devanagari script. I would say that unhealthy political panic rather can be calmed down than whipped up with the publication of such data - and true religious devotion remains of course totally unaffected by them. The vain idea of 'a scandal that must be hidden away from the knowledge of the people for not hurting their naive religious faith' is precisely what can lead to political tumult. It is likely that those who want to keep these things secret do it for getting the chance to dress up in divine feathers and obtaining demagagic power thereby. Clearly these data pieces do not refute anything of religious matters - rather to the contrary. It tells of the the form of the human psyche - and for understanding metaphysical matters one must first understand how the form of the human psyche conditions the reality. The religious reality is beyond this peculiar conditioning of the reality constituted by the human psyche - and that is of course the reason why one sees traces of these human-psyche forms in religious matters.

Added on 3 june 2018:

The theory is that the 'lapis philosophorum' which I have made and presented was reasonably well known in earlier centuries before the construction of the modern international power world started after Napoleon - and one can guess that every little piece of evidence there existed of it has been hunted down and erased from the archives - for the construction of the political control by way of this metaphysics by international secret intelligence services and other mafia and freemason elements across governments - with Adolf Hitler as perhaps the strongest proponent. However, there could exist a very resistant piece of evidence in the 'megalithic' sculptures of the four US presidents hewn in the granite rock of Mount Rushmore in the years 1927-1941 - just when Hitler's government was in preparation - a study of the brown breadslice seems to show some notable similarities with this group of sculptures made by Gutzon Borglum. And then one could guess that the choice of the location could be telling of a 'more crush more' for that 'squeeze' factor of the 'lapis philosophorum' untill it has reached breadslice form.

Compare with e.g. this photo.

I notice that the dispute who was first on the south pole - Roald Amundsen or Robert Falcon Scott - could be about the 'Robert Vollkornbrot' which 'Roi La i Mundsen' = 'the King put in the mouth' - that is the bread of the holy communion. And if that race to the pole is about territorial rights to the antarctic continent, then there is the parallel question for the american continent relative to the territorial rights of the indians - and possibly also the question of divine sanction of such rights.

Added on 4 june 2018:

Of course it is not for the territorial rights to the continent - one guesses that it rather is for international secret conspiracy power to gain total control with the ideas of the existing world and rule it by way of the 'lapis philosophorum' - the 'form of the human psyche' - under the pretext of 'divine sanction'. Could be the international secret intelligence mafia hopes to succeed in being accepted as divine authority.

The authority puts the biscuit on the tongue. Could be that was the reason for the attempt on the pope in 1981 - an attempt to get an upper hand with the papal authority. Could be even that this is the reason why 'homo marriage' seems to enjoy some surprising popularity, even if it should be an undermining of the children's institutionalized protection against the dangers of human weaknesses of perversion in the parents: The reason for this surprising popularity could be simply that if 'there are two papas, not only one', then there is still hope that the international mafia has not yet gained total control with the human reality for leading it astray. But clearly if the children lose this institutionalized protection against perversion, then they could come to suffer a life burdened with spiritual threats and could come to lose the spiritual sense of adult life - and that could make it easier for the 'international intrigue' to gain popular support for a status of divine authority - putting the bread on the tongues.

Downgrade the stone! It must be published for the common knowledge. I am particularly concerned with the problem of preventing that the international secret intelligence services could come to try and get control with all copies that exist of my work for using it for their own power conspiracies and intrigues. I hope they have not already replaced copies that exist in libraries with more or less similar 'service versions'.

A proof that 'Robert Falcon Scott' meant 'Robert Vollkornbrot' is found in the fact that one of his crew was Sir Ernest Shackleton - which could be that layer of folded silbern crisp 'frost' on top of the breadslice. Does that mean that Scott has been invented afterwards?

It took me 11 years to write The Endmorgan Quartet around the millenium turn - a long walk up to the peak of the Mount of mystic-poetic enlightenment. And what did I find there? The heavens did not open with a thunder and a hand did not reach the book down to me, but it can be said that the blue metre PEB is written on top of the TEQ. It can be used for dating texts and other things - beyond History, sort of. There is the hyposthesis that line 14 - the last line of the 'sonnets' in the book - encode significant discoveries of major historic importance. It is said that Amundsen reached the south pole on 14 december 2011 and Scott came to the same place on 18 january 1912 - and found the norwegian flag that Amundsen had left on the spot. Scott and his companions died on their way back, tells the story. But another story could tell that Scott was first and Amundsen and his crew were waiting in ambush in that desolate landscape - that they shot Scott and his crew and plundered their diaries and photos which they copied to their own and left a false diary in Scott's rucksack. Could be Amundsen never was on the south pole! Surveillance was limited in those days and how to find out who was there first? Like those astronauts on the moon? My PEB can be consulted: I look up my PEB for (2009-1911) * 0,366 = PEB #35,8 = PEB #36, which has 14th and last line "as he's cleaning the floor with a cloth" = 'Robert Florwitha Cloth'. Who of the two could that be? Ah, it looks like the name of Scott. Line 11 in that same poem, on the other side, the very turnaround line, looks more like the name of Amundsen: "It sounds like her throat is bluffing". Roal Amundsen - Roller Moonsen - Neil Armstrong. Of course the PEB is not - at least not yet - considered a proof, but it may be an interesting indication. It suggests that Scott was first on the south pole.

There could have been plans of a thorough and systematic hijack of my work. It is urgent that it be published and not falls victim of such plans.

A good bulk of modern poetry can be seen to be concerned with pasting up a prose canvas with a silbern 'frosty' layer that selects the national characteristics of the language in question - like a sort of 'etymological studies' of the observations. But that could be just to imitate the art of the english language which presented such a convincing biceps against which Hitler had to bite the dust. Hopefully the national languages do not make such poetry in order to be prepared for the next round. It is high time to get past those games of territorial rights which only seem to serve as terror-driven 'secret intelligence' claims - and get back to reality. It is a fact that Hitler's cabinet looked like the Burgenland border, and it is fact that USA had two presidents with the name George Bush - not the same person! But this also means that the Burgenland border phenomenon seems to be still the peak of power. My study should hopefully suffice for bringing an end to that mystery - and then poetry should not have to be in imitation of english encoding of 'national concerns' any longer. It is in fact very possible that there will not be a new Hitler and not a new round of 'secret intrigue' ruling the world but that the whole landscape of the third millenium will open up for a new cultural blossoming.

Downgrade the secrets! Downgrade the stone and the Vollkornbrot! If somebody does something (say, organizes some event of e.g. terror 'because' somebody bought a bread, or related to the 'foundations' of the body) in order to let the breadslice be the reason, the ground, in order to let 'the ground' count as the territory, that sort of reasoning, I would say, could rather call for psychiatric treatment. It is possible that the whole matrix of freemason secrets as a matrix of modern administration could be very sick. Downgrade the secrets!

The fundamental error in this logic of terror-driven administration is the idea that 'lapis philosophorum' can have anything to do with secret administration or power abuse. The 'lapis philosophorum' is traditionally a stage in mystic philosophy acquired step by step in a more or less extensive process of self-purification, truth-following and humility-acquisition - and the idea of mystic acquisition of the 'lapis philosophorum' combined with the use of secret intrigues or terror is totally ridiculous. The existence of the idea of such a mix (terror + mystic humility) can be understood only in terms of secrecy which must be considered more or less identically the same as swindle.

I think it is important to mention this explicitly since it can be argued that my poem #11 from the beginning of 'The Endmorgan Quartet' 'All the shadows are good' can be seen to contain the three mystic 'squeezes' (or 'detachments') in the second half - the poem can be seen to be found at the foot of the Mount of poetic-mystic enlightenment - but it is everything the opposite of terror-driven administrative logic! The logic is healthy - it is terror which is sick - and of course my poetic lines are not necessarily the same as the three 'squeezes'. It is important that the mystic knowledge be not recognized as 'secret intelligence logic' - it must be possible to ascend the mount of mystic enlightenment without getting involved in 'secret intelligence logic'. They have just hijacked the whole thing and have really nothing to do there. I myself found the 'lapis philosophorum' after much work with the three first parts of 'Der Dornenstrauch' - it is unthinkable that I could have found it if I should have been involved in any form of terror-related work or secret agency or anything the like. Therefore also I am of course very much against any form of secrecy on or abuse of my work - in particular use (abuse) of my work for terror-driven administration. It is very important that my work be published and not be reserved for or used by such secret intrigue.

John Bjarne Grover
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