The four levels of inner poetic articulation

John Bjarne Grover

The essential issue in the story since the Fatima revelations 1917 and the question whether these revelations were 'referential' interpretations of the text written 80 years later - my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' written 1997-2008. This work is constituted by more than 20.000 inner poetic articulations written down by the poet, and the question is: Where do these inner articulations come from?

One can postulate 4 principled levels of explanation to a correlation between TEQ and Fatima as far as the source of the inner articulations is concerned - the question concerns the idea of logical order relative to semantic assignment (this is an excerpt from the file Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics):

Level 1: This is the trivial one that the work is written by a good poet based on his skills and experiences - and possibly knowledge of Fatima. Then the logical order is 'normal'. This level is not interesting for the issue of revelation.

Level 2: The second trivial explanation is that the inner articulations come from propaganda in the culture - filtered through the contemporary time by news and other forms of consciousness-shaping forms. That is likewise not interesting for the issue of revelation.

Level 3: The third level is the mystic-religious one that the source is divine. An important element could be the Vatican and the catholic church who may have understood early that Fatima could be a projection of a later work (or 'Christ') - and they have lived in the expectation (that is also an essential christian attitude) which can have added much essential transcendence to the work. That is interesting for the issue of revelation.

Level 4: The fourth and highest level is that each and every line of TEQ is a divine revelation in the sense of 'Jesus Christ' who is the same in heaven and on earth (by the fundamental theorem of linguistics). That is interesting for the issue of revelation.

The standard aim of political terror is (tells this theory) the attempt to swap level 4 with level 2 and vice versa in order for the terror organizers to try and be identified as divine authority.

John Bjarne Grover
On the web 1 april 2019