The EU election in Italy 2019

John Bjarne Grover

The 'Eurovision Song Contest' could in principle be about 'e må pisse' on background of Grøver/'Mengele' on Vikebukt ferry station in the late 1960's on background of the attempt on Lenin in late august 1918 by 'Fanny Jefimowitsch Kaplan' (or 'Jefimowna') = 'faren i jeg-må-fi-vits car-plan' = 'the father in I-have-to-fi-joke car-plan' - for the Armando Rattolini effect in the car-plan. If 'Rattolini' is a 'fi-joke', the 'Mussolini' could be a 'pi-joke'. It is likely that the plans for the political abuse of the Fatima revelations were made before or in august 1918, including the plans for Mussolini in Italy and possibly even Hitler in Germany. The name 'Armando Rattolini' (it could have its origins in the idea of 'rushing turning around') would be evidenced in the 'car-plan' and realized in the name of Benito Mussolini. The Eurovision Song Contest could therefore in principle be a propaganda motor for a new Mussolini in Italy.

This 'Fanny Jefimowitsch Kaplan' = 'faren i jeg-må-fi-vits car-plan' of Vikebukt in the late 60's plus the current 'Eurovision Song Contest' thereby constitute a potential historic pointer back to the original plan after Fatima on my role as the poet for the text which should be conceived as the 'backwards causation' of the Fatima revelations.

'Song Contest' = 'sing-kinn/cheek-tosset' for the lapis philosophorum and the idea that Grøver/'Mengele' only put silicon into the cheeks or sth like that behind the shed.

It should be easy to make an information centre for political mythology which could have their website for informing the democratic public about everything they need to know for being able to make a sensible choice. On this page one would find e.g. the data on sumerian cuneiform in the Banda Aceh and Bam earthquakes - the 'banda', 'ban-da', 'bande' etc = 'jung', 'klein', 'kurz' etc. It would also contain the data telling that the self-published 1999 book 'Time and the sonnet' by John Grover includes an account of a common structure in the sonnet, terza rima, ballade and sestina, all of them from the high middle ages, and the ballade is explained in such a way that it lends much weight onto the last word or line - after 3 stanzas of 8 lines and 1 'envoy' stanza of four lines. Grover presents a sample ballade written by himself, called 'The funeral', wherein the two last words are 'travelling north'. Sumerian cuneiform for 'balla' = 'Haube', 'Prachtgewand', 'eine Haartracht mit Tuch', the latter two with determinative TÚG. Balladur was a name in french politics since the 1960's. 'Bala' = 'Regierungszeit', 'Amtsperiode', 'Amtsträger', 'Amtswechsel' etc.

Clearly that sort of website - which had to be serious and to the point without running errands for politics - and Manfred Weber was pronounced winner of the EU election in Germany on 26 may 2019 - would also tell the story of the family in the beetle at Vikebukt ferry station, the link to the attempt on Lenin in 1918 and the Eurovision Song Contest, Hitler's holocaust indexes etc. That is to take the effect out of all the overly smart intrigues that serve to cheat the public to vote this vote that - for a return to reality.

I did not get my PhD accepted in 1998 - PM Gro Harlem Brundtland was elected chief of WHO 'instead'. WHO is the worldwide UN association for the 'doctor' or 'lege' (norwegian for 'doctor', like german 'Arzt') profession. 'Lege a no ord' ('doctor of/from some words') could be the word for the doctorate which I should have had. It is pronounced 'Lega Nord'. 'Time and the sonnet' was self-published in 1999 when the Air Egypt plane crashed after its telephone prefix to Norway - it described a big 'N' in the air before it crashed into the sea at 0047 in the hour when summer time changed to winter time and Clinton went to Norway early next morning, could be the first high-level visit from USA to Norway since the Kennedy assassination in 1963 (norwegian PM Gerhardsen had appointed Jens A.Boyesen - cp. the 'jung, klein, kurz' of sumerian 'Banda [Aceh]' - to the government a few hours before the shot in Dallas). I was driven to psychiatric hospital on Kennedy assassination anniversary 22 november 1999. A good part of the book 'Time and the sonnet' constitutes a major part of chapter 5 in the vol.4 which I sent to the Vatican LEV publisher in late 2018.

The story is perhaps the 'telephone prefix'. When I came to the institute of linguistics in Bergen in 1995, I was told to talk with 'personal chief' Persen and knocked on his door. He was in a telephone and asked me to wait outside. When he called from inside for me to enter, I opened the door and he was just putting the receiver on while turning and looking at me. Could be it meant that my PhD dissertation, for which I had got the stipend, would not be accepted - but it was perhaps 'telephone pre-fixed' to fail for the rejection to be used in politics. (The three years of decent income I had at the university of Bergen was the basis for the decent disability pension which I got later). This PESON seems to be the 6th element in the 'keys to heaven' - PESON as one part of the 666 there.

This story seems to be my problem still - as when I send the manuscript to LEV and it emerges - probably simply from out of the air - that it must not be accepted since it is reserved for politics in rejected format. That could be the telephone prefixed of Venice - the story of all the telephone boxes being 'pre-fixed' when I tried to call one of those telephone numbers I had got. The silent telephones of 1986-88.

The italian fascism of Mussolini was based on an over-earth collection of the wheat fascies, probably bundling up the 'underearth pane-ic' from a 'black sea loop' of 90 degrees angle in the european swastika. (I dont know if the 'black sea loop' was running at that time but conjecture it). It is that swastika which comes at the end of the Norway-Vietnam 180 degrees war (Norway and Vietnam are 180 degrees on the globus) followed by the Norway-Iraq 180 degrees war of a 'double sonnet' cognitive structure. (This is, as I show in my book, the same sort of structure as the ballade). The third step is a Norway-Italy 180 degrees war against Italy in the european swastika constituted by Norway north, England west (the Northern Ireland hook bends wrong way, like the arm on the back of the crook taken by the bobby), Italy south and the Black Sea Loop east. It could be about the total destruction of Italy. Mussolini, not to speak of Hitler, was very efficient politics, very strong. But the world must have learnt this lesson that it was not worth it. And a 'Black Sea Loop' running also across Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Zürich, into Paris) is a catastrophe nobody wants.

The story of Mussolini is apparently based on that name of Fanny Jefimowitsch Kaplan from 1918. Lenin spoke warmly in her defence when the case came up in court, argueing that she had acted as a political activist just like himself, and she got a mild sentence and was released from prison a few months later, so it is likely that Lenin had made the attempt himself - that would have been for 'telling something'. It could have been the plans of Mussolini (she 'had to' act politically?) and the Black Sea Loop he told - followed by Hitler etc - for squeezing the third secret out of Lucia. The second secret was already told by the children of Fatima - it said that 'Russia must turn around' - and some days later the russian revolution broke out. The east-west power balance has been the story of the Fatima revelations since then. But then it is of utmost importance that the catholic church is not abused for such power politics as 'Mussolini'.

'Blekke' is norwegian 'slang' for 'newspaper'.

'Fanny Jefimowitsch Kaplan' = 'faren i jeg-må-fi-vits car-plan' = 'the father in I-have-to-fi-joke car-plan' tells that it is the father who tells the 'fi/pi-joke', which means that it be about my person. When the father went out to 'pee' but another man returned, it was no longer a pee-joke but a fi-joke. The book I sent to LEV probably solves this Fatima story and thereby detaches it from political abuse. But then it must not be rejected and abused for political power instead.

I had sent an email to the municipal URP in Venice, asking for how to apply for a municipal flat. They responded with three telephone numbers I could call (to other offices in the administration). I tried them but whenever I called from a telephone box, the connection was broken when the other side lifted the receiver - sometimes the coin was swallowed but it was impossible to achieve contact. This happened so many times and by so many telephones that I had to conclude that I could not get through - the telephones looked 'pre-fixed'. The same had happened in 2018 when I asked for how to apply to the 'Ufficio Cohesione Sociale' - they said I needed a termin and that I could only get via telephone, which was a futile game since the telephones appeared 'pre-fixed' even then. I therefore sent another mail to URP telling that all the phones were out of order - if it were possible to have an email address to one of them instead?

On 28 march 2018 there were news of a turkish commercial ship El Hiblu 1 that had rescued 120 boat refugees from Libya - and the news told that the refugees had taken over the control with the boat and forced it to go north to Malta (and Lampedusa was mentioned). The italian interior minister Salvini said that they could not be considered refugees but pirates and could therefore not come to Italy. In the same morning there came an answer to my email from the URP of the municipality in Mestre, repeating the telephone numbers but giving no email address.

The question is whether this meant that I could not come to Italy because I was not considered a refugee but a pirate when I was born into the norwegian family in Molde in 1957 - a sort of 'refugee' from the jewish genetics of Sachs and Celan. The repeated telephone numbers meant that I could not have hopes of a municipal flat or even to get in contact with the office organizing them - if all the telephones were 'prefixed'. The question was then whether this email from the URP was coordinated with the news of Salvini's rejection of the libyan refugees because they were considered pirates rather than refugees.

It was on 17 october 2018 that I went back from Venice to Vienna to complete vol.4 - and made the discoveries on the sumerian cuneiform in its correlations with my 2016 poetry book 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. These discoveries - which may have settled the issue of the surface (phonetic-phonological) form of sumerian and thereby made the terror in Syria superfluous - were based on the 'zifferblatt' and the phenomenon of an apparently extreme linguistic intuition in the composition of the sumerian dictionary 'Inim Kiengi' by Barbara Hübner and Albert Reizammer - the phenomenon of extreme intuition was that their presentation of the various sumerian meanings of a word or cuneiform sign followed the lines of my poetry with amazing precision. I concluded that they had done all the work needed for another person (me, that is) to come after them and make the needed discoveries - and I spoke warmly about this work of theirs in my vol.4. The name of the turkish ship El Hiblu 1 (which picked up the 120 libyan refugees who allegedly forced them to go to Malta) could include or open for an insinuation that the name of Barbara Hübner really meant 'Barbaric Hübler' = 'Adult Hifler' - as if the authors of the sumerian dictionary were agents for the nazis or other secret intelligence service and had composed their book in collaboration with interests thereby being suspectible of having provided the material for me. That is nonsense, of course. I do not believe that Hübner and/or Reizammer were agents. (The book is published on selbstverlag in Marktredwitz - should that be 'no-tredd-a-me[g]' = 'Notre-Dame' because of the 'angel-o-phony' in the name - and then 'Wickernstrasse' should mean 'supremacy'? I dont think I bite that hook). It is the same sort of intuition for my poetry (written long after their book was completed) as for the correlation table of the 24 meanings they list for the sumerian 'U' relative to the third secret of Fatima - it is the order of these meanings which is by an extreme intuition. The secret intelligence services could probably have leapt to the conclusion that the authors of the sumerian dictionary knew about the relevance of the sumerian 'U' for the third secret of Fatima - the secret which was published in 2000 long after their dictionary was completed in the 1980's - but that could be 'secret intelligence' suspicion which could resemble the idea that Løveid/Granath's sculpture exhibition in Bergen in 1998 was made with Rilke's fourth Duino elegy in hand, simply because the correlation I had pointed to in my dissertation was 'too good to be true'. It is even possible that this logic was used for rejecting my PhD - I think Løveid/Granath were fired from their leading positions at the academy of art in Bergen not so long after my dissertation had been rejected - as if their exhibition was suspected of being a fraud (not crediting Rilke as the source) which led to the rejection of my PhD. Løveid told me that she had got a fax in an evening in Bergen which told her to come to a meeting in Oslo the next morning, and when she could not reach it in time, she was fired from her job. (I do not believe that they had used Rilke for making the exhibition, as they also confirmed that they had not, and, in addition, this question would be essential for only a part of my dissertation and the rest of it would suffice more than enough for a degree).

The rejection letter came in the end of july 1998 - dated 27 july - and while I was writing my appeal in the following days the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi were bombed (hundreds of employees died and the entire buildings were demolished by the giant bombs in the twin bombings) on 7 august and there was the bombing of Omagh in Ireland (the biggest act of terror in the entire northern Ireland conflict, as the news told in those days) eight days later - the sum total of which seems to have meant 'rejected on a political basis' - which is what could have been the contents of my appeal, as if I - as a 'beast of terror' - expressed my appeal in the form of such terror.

'Al Qaida' is arabic for 'the base' - such as Euler's constant 'e' = 2,71828... which could have been used for defining the length of the centimetre on basis of the length of the lapis philosophorum.

Soon after the news of Salvini's rejection of the libyan refugees, there started to appear police whenever I was in or near a coffee place I had been to a few times, not far from 'Ramo di Turkish' or something like that in the Cannaregio district - a small canal side where a sign tells this name on a house wall but I could not find it on the map. I was not certain how to understand this. The police appeared friendly, though.

If I were born in Molde in 1957 as pirate and not refugee from jewish genetics, it could mean that I was Grøver/'Mengele' if he had constructed the child. But then the insult of a Grøver/'Mengele' as pope in the Vatican, if that should have been the story after 'e må pisse' of Vikebukt in the late 1960's, would have been quite massive - I mean, if Grøver/'Mengele' should have been rebuilt to look like pope Paul VI and taken his place for a few years time. But that was not me. The logic in certain political circles seems to be that I am a nazi because I grew up in such environments (assuming that Josef Mengele could have been my official father and Adolf Hitler a granduncle etc). But that makes my background probably more like the jews of Auschwitz - even they were under the custody authority of Josef Mengele. Of course I am not a nazi and I have never been informed about any such political background - it is in fact I myself who have launched the tentative hypothesis on internet but without being able to prove it. But clearly if one can prove that I so to speak took the place of pope Paul VI, that would not make me much popular in Italy. In addition, I am not a pirate and I have not stolen the manuscript I sent to the Vatican publisher.

Whether the email from URP were coordinated with the news of the libyan refugees, I dont know. Of course I know that I would not under normal circumstances have been qualified for a municipal flat in Venice, having lived there for one and a half year a decade ago, but there could be good reasons why it could be favourable for Italy with me living there - on background of the story since Fatima 1917 - and then they got the chance with my application.

This piece of probably ex nihilo matter sprang from my hip yesterday during the EU election. I recall how I found the black Christ-flake: As far as I remember, it was this black piece that lay on the back of my hand when it came out from the bathrobe sleeve I had just thread it through. No-tredd-a-me?


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