The holy cow

John Bjarne Grover

The article tells of what could be the concept of the 'octogon' - based on the limited information that so far has been made available to the author.

Assume the following scenario: Humans undergo 8 critical turning points in their development up to the age of independence at 18 and if my childhood and youth were in the custody of agent parents it meant that these 8 turning points were in the custody of the 'intelligence services' ('IS') the agent parents worked for. This means that if the 8 critical developmental points were subjected to intrusions that elicited crises that went wrong rather than right way, it was the 'intelligence services' ('IS') who could claim responsibility for these.

I have never got a proof that the official custody parents were agents but the psychologist Per Mentzen whom I - on recommendation from Ragna Grøver, that is true - consulted in 1983 told me that both my parents were 'dependent'. There could also be some evidence for the 3 first levels of an octogon available in the story of Celan and his friends - Jean Bollack, Paul Celan and Peter Szondi could be three names that tell of a 1-2-3 on my early life.

Then I turned 18 and soon after my 20th birthday the second 'octogon' (1977-1982) started - with me having to intrude by way of triangle relations into 8 dependency relations of matrimonial character - which means that I in adult age would be in the role of the 'intelligence services' of my childhood. A child in need of care can perhaps be seen to constitute a 'dependency relation' of 'matrimonial character' - and hence the two octogons could be comparable in that sense of it. In my own understanding of my history, it seems that the year 1975 was used for making me 'soft' enough to agree to enter into the 8 triangle relations - the year included more than one (was it as much as three?) hospitalizations with ambulance transportation, anaesthesia with removal of tonsils and waking up with needle in the wrist blood vessel, outright torture in the throat by a specialist in a basement in Oslo, and other elements such as two diseases with names (mononucleosis, throat abscess) resembling the names of my two first girlfriends. Was there a 'PULVER' served to reduce my muscle growth? (Allegations of 'pulver' would presuppose that the parents were agents and I have not got enough proof for that so far). If Syria be special by a number of names meaning '75%', this year -75 could relate to Syria as well as my birthyear -57.

It is of course possible that the 8 matrimonial couples in question were agents preparated and designed for being the correlate to the 8 critical points of my upbringing - and the Eisenhower doctine which was published some months before my birth in 1957 could be suggestive of these names of the 8 females in its undertext - as the reader can check against the female names - 1) Karen Anne Axelsen (who changed name to Tulla Elieson in probably late 1978), 2) Tordis Skjærven Søderlind, 3) Jette Råboe Larsen, 4) Ayo Jardar, 5) Kirsten Ribu, 6) my own '666'?, 7) Tonje Aanonsen, 8) Herdis Eggen and 9) Ellen Berger. These are mentioned also under 'The Octogon and the Eisenhower doctrine' in the 'ABC of politics'.

It is the relevance of these 8 names for the assumed 8 critical developmental points that can be reconstructed which supports the theory of two interconnected 'octogons' on 'matrimonial relations'. I mention the main elements without going in depths on the names:

1) Skull opening a few days after birth in 1957: 'Man (= 'kar' for the masturbator onto the infant brain) and then a different turning of the world'. 2) The name could perhaps mean a rape at 6 months of age. 3) Can mean the 'giant raw-hole arson' in the sense of injection of horror chemicals at 18 months of age. 4) 'I of J harder' could mean the rape at age 6 months with penis of genetic father - hence 'rape of genetic offspring' = forced ejaculation at age 3 years. 7) Could mean a 'self-sucker' for the first ejaculation at or after puberty = about 14 years of age? 8) First sexual experience around 16 years of age? 9) 'Pulver' hampering muscle growth at 18 years of age = Indira Gandhi assassination? The symbolisms of the names could be a little advanced if the politics is supposed to be contained therein.

I noticed recently a certain relevance of the classic firm name 'Caran d'Ache' (coloured crayons and art colours generally) and had to notice a certain affinity therein to the name of DAESH, a terrorist group or network in the middle east, if I have understood it right. There was the story with Tordis Skjærven Søderlind when a box of colour crayons left on an oven melted and the colours ran out and together and she asked me if I were responsible for it - this is of course only a personal memory of an incident which could have been coincidental. I certainly do not mean to suggest that the colour producer is involved in the politics but the name could fit into a pattern in the history, for whatever coincidental reasons, and hence invoke octogon #1.

Since there seems to be a certain affinity of the poetic lines of Anne Sexton with 2 (her poetic lines can be seen to encode the name of 'Tordis Skjærven Søderlind'), of the poetic lines of Sylvia Plath with 7 (that the lines can be seen to tend to encode the name of 'Tonje Aanonsen'), and could be even of the poetic lines of Marianne Moore in 9 (that the name of 'Ellen Berger' can be recognized in Moore's poetic lines), one could observe a possible mirror symmetry in the distribution, at least in the 1-2-3. (I think I saw an edition of Sylvia Plath's collected works in italian on 'Mondadori', I think it was, annotated with 'I Meridiani' - could be a series or something like that).

The simple strategy behind this - to the extent that it be more than coincidental correlations - could then have been for the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' ('ISIS') to create terror and then dump the blame on me as a 'dirty beast' or 'beast of terror' and then harvest the public sympathy therafter. The story would then have been the building of a world of abuse, the purpose of which would have been to create an identity of me and the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' (ISIS).

By keeping me and my name totally out of reach for the public, plagiarisms and other abuse of my work organized by the ISIS would then have been recognized by the people as being the work of the 'services'.

Which means that if the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' tap illegally my work in progress and spread the ideas without crediting the source in the media, art, science networks - and there is terror for which ISIS can claim responsibility, say, in Syria, it means that the public will believe that the ideas in my work come from the terror-orientated administrations that ISIS work for.

There has been quite a lot of terror news recently which seem to index the name of 'Martin Schulz' in Germany - however, it is well possible that it really means 'Kinder Hilfe' in handwriting - and hence serves to pump the values from my work over onto 'Obamacare' if that be constructed in relation to my work.

Hence the identity of 'intruder into dependency relations' (typically 'divide-and-conquer' power strategy) between me in the octogon 1977-1982 and the ISIS in my childhood and youth 1957-1975 would be what makes it possible for the ISIS to turn the roles for 'divide-and-conquer' power strategies (terror and abuse of various sorts) with me - to the effect that they hope to be credited with the work I have done while they hope that I will be blamed for the terror and abuse. If there should have been plans about attempts to credit 'service agents' with my authorship, it could have been for such reasons.

There seems - as is my impression - to have been much plagiarisms of my work in films, art, literature, science, news, advertisement, media generally. For example, I did believe (right or wrong - I did not have any solid data) that there was a considerable density of plagiarisms of my manuscripts in Hollywood productions, e.g. in the period when the destruction of Syria was going on. The question is whether the source is credited or not - which it is not in cases if plagiarism. For example, if my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' be turned into a 'fingamental firearm of linguistics', then it is suddenly into terror-driven politics - see the 'magic flesh' on Indira Gandhi. It means that if my work is plagiarized without crediting of source, then I risk being blamed for the destruction of Syria - for example.

If aspects of my work is used in cultural connections, then if my name is mentioned explicitly there is no chance that the ISIS will be credited with my work - but if the concepts and ideas are stolen (e.g. by secret surveillance) from my work and circulated via the networks of art, science, culture by the IS or ISIS without mention of my name, then there is the obvious danger that the roles will be swapped for a 'divide-and-conquer' power strategy. Such role-swap strategies could also be found to be supported by terror and other things surfacing in the media.

When this goes on in a large scale, in art, science, literature, culture generally, and it is possible that it could be a major component in much news publishing, and when the people has not been informed about it and could be badly cheated to believe that e.g. jewish genetics is terror-inclined or that the IS or ISIS are a driving force in a new cultural revolution, then it means that those who participate in the abuse risk being classified under the crime of high treason (if the cheating of the public goes all too far astray - to the extent that the public give their democratic confidence to enemies of themselves and of the state). As far as I know, there is capital punishment for this in many countries. I am not going to come around with the death penalty, but could be the terrorists could be inclined to - thereby protecting the constitution and harvesting a quasi right to their terror. But are the victims of that death penalty the same as the victims of the terror? Not exactly the same, but a certain 'monkey business' could thereby be observed, and that seems to go in parallel with terror. The conclusion is that it is naive to believe that plagiarisms are safe - or a sort of 'future'.

The IS and ISIS (in this and other ways) make power for their governments and for the international power balance (east-west) - and they do so by intruding with divide-and-conquer into anything valuable between people, personal relations (such as by surveillance) or organizations, that can be intruded into. The people do not know about this since they have not been informed about it.

I-slamic S-tate is often credited with terror in the news. If the local IS ('I-ntelligence S-ervice') or international ISIS be not the same as these, then the difference could be seen in the 'slamic tate' = 'the lambic tit' - see the 'magic flesh' article about the 'tit' ('Sils Maria') of the 'lamb'. It would mean that if terror be identified as 'islamic terrorism', then the 'magicflesh' fat accumulated under my leftside nipple could be a phenomenon that contributes to turn the roles.

This could also be the Tibet issue - whether Tibet is a 'lambic tit' which should be on chinese side and not western. 'Dalai Lama' = 'in the valley lama' = 'the tight lambic' = 'the lambic tate'. Of course the Dalai Lama wants to lead his people in religious matters and everybody understands that, but clearly the same Dalai Lama probably does not want to be a driving motor in western terrorism. As such there could be affinities between his role and mine in the political mythology. My view is that the political problem of Dalai Lama is likely to be found in the western 'intelligence services' (IS, ISIS) and their unconstitutional power-production rather than in China - that is, at least to the extent that a political freedom (in this sense of it) of Tibet is an illusion anyhow, which means that there could be many westerners who go for the independence of Tibet do so because they are after the 'lambic tate' potential therein - which could be for strengthening the IS and ISIS power by terror-and-monkey-business. It is likely that the chinese annexation of Tibet had a motivating factor therein - to prevent the global rule of terror which could have come to harvest the people's sympthies and support all over the world via mixmax strategies on the spiritual achievements of the contemplative monks. This problem is what I recognize from my own work and 'career'.

This reasoning, that Dalai Lama is related to these 'formulas', goes via the idea that in the bottom of the 'valley' ('dal' in norwegian) it is or should be rather 'tight'. There could arguably be weak points in this reasoning - but it must be admitted that not only my finding of the 'lapis philosophorum' of 2015 in the drain-hole of the kitchen sink but also the 'potato peel filter' that fell into my bathtub in 2006 could be telling of a certain role for such openings or plugged drains where the 'spiritual' hole is filled with a 'material' thing (tit?) - possibly by magic ex nihilo appearance which some would say is a spiritual thing converted into matter. I suppose this could be a real reason for this Tibet and 'Dalai Lama' interpretation - and I point also to the 'lapis philosophorum' interpretation of mine of the cycle of poems by Ouyang Xiu, which seems to take the spiritual world from which the ontologically real world has its metaphysical origins as a sort of water container or 'lake'.

However, the political fascination with the phenomenon is likely to be that it seems that this 'magic tit' derives from the genetics of the flesh of the raping penis at age 6 months (point 2 in the assumed 'octogon') - while this really is an illusion, as tells my blue metre. The illusion is then the 'divine status' of the rapist and his body.

It is this 'lapis philosophorum' in the edge of the 'sink'-drain which could be the 'link' to 'Zinck'-gasse in Vienna. However, there is also the story of the 'kasse-bil' = boy's car made from old child pram wheels and found planks by my friend Geir Hagbø and me in Molde in the late 60's. It could be steered with ropes onto the front wheels (cp the steering of horses) and one of us had to go behind and push while the other sat inside and enjoyed the technological progress. The car was called 'Holland-Holken' after 'holken' = an old vessel or car and the word 'Holland' which was printed on one of the planks, a former pear box plank I think it was. If Francois Hollande in France could have made some of his career on this story (such as his gay marriage law?) it can be that the key to this is in the hungarian for 'zinc' which is 'horganyzo' - a la 'holken-lo'. But then the zinc is something, whether of himalayan levels or not. Clearly Tibet is a much older story, at least a decade older, but sink is not the same as zinc.

(It is possible that if Nono's death in 1990 were premature, see the titles of MLR april 1990, it could have been that he fell victim of a plot on basis of the historic role of Sisi, empress of Austria and queen of Hungary, murdered by 'Luigi Lucheni' = 'Lulu', for the simple sake of this 'Holland-holken' and the 'zinc' = 'horgányzo' = 'holken-lo' which could be mistaken for 'horgász-nö' = 'fisher-woman' or perhaps even 'mermaid'). As can be seen from my article, the 'reason' for the murder of 'Sisi' seems to have been in the line "'Hornås', it tells. It's a name". Could be this is the reason for the puzzling 'homo' orientation - coupled with a belief in 'the meaning of names'. 'HORN-OSS' = 'horn-us', which could be a bullfighting strategy. Is that how they made austrian Hitler for Germany a century ago?

Hungarian 'horgányzo' ('zinc') relates to 'horgász-nö' ('fisher-woman') basically via a swap of N and S plus some palatalization and voicing - which the 'services' could have taken as sufficient for a rewrite link between 'Nono' and 'Sisi' - via a 'Lulu' link. ('Hal' is hungarian for 1) to die, 2) fish, and it means 'half' in norwegian - spelt 'hal[v]' - cp. also such phenomena as modern phonological feature inventories defined by Halle/Jakobson and Halle/Chomsky). However, if this complex has any value at all, it is likely to be found in the work of Nono himself - his concept of 'harmonies' (which I am elaborating elsewhere) - and then the titles of MLR april 1990 could perhaps be suggestive of 'services' in panic about bringing such work to an end or getting it 'under control' rather than being constructive of anything valuable in itself. An attempted hijack of Nono's own ideas? But then 'competence' could be called for. If a 90 degrees turn from hungarian to italian culture-space should be part of a political geography, it could be contained in Nono's work of life and not in the work of death of those who use terror for imitating it.

But is Tibet really essential? 'Lama' - the sleeping lamb on the white stone - the headless Eve with her 'tits' at the eye or cheek of the dreaming lamb - in combination 'lambic tits' - but does this mean TIBET? Isnt it rather about a puerile competition in being the first to spread the new mythos ideas all over the world? The 'Intelligence Service' (IS) seems to have been indulging in using the form of the 'lapis' in all sorts of ways simply because the average person doesnt know how it looks - and you probably could not find any photos of it on the internet or in published books before I published it on the web in 2015. It could have been under rather high secrecy classification in the governmental archives, is my guess. (Maybe somebody could answer this - now after I have published the one I made myself? Are there photos of 'lapis philosophorums' in the secret archives?) That would give the IS a certain 'upper hand', as if they were well advanced in the fields of mysticism - and you are not - as if they were capable of leading the development of the New World after WWII was over securely through the difficult fields of the troubles of human spirituality and religious mysteries. Alas, it is possible that the boyish drive for entering a career in the 'services' could have been more about gunsmoke than sacred incense - and that this really could be the whole story: That they did not feel competent but had to take the job of leading the grex over the high mountain pass, heading for the greener valley on the other side. How clumsy they could have felt! Such rural morals - against such fine-tuned chants of the religious devouts? It is a great pity if this led to the murdering of a long series of prominent and spiritually advanced people after the war just in order to minimize the distance from the average serviceman or service-chief to the himalayan peaks of spiritual mysticism - the scaringly impressive highbrows of postwar intellectuals. Was Luigi Nono's music vain noise or was it himalayan etherealism? I could recommend a comparison of his 'Fragmente - Stille, an Diotima' with my own 'Stillhetens åndedrag' (or 'Atemzug der Stille'), and notice that although I have my own reasons for this title of mine, it clearly is much more relevant and similar to Nono's title (and work) than to the two 'secret intelligence' murders (on Josef Alon and Mouhamed Boudia) around my 16th birthday in 1973 - two murders that seem to be possible to sum up in the concept of 'Stiletten sondedrag' and seem to have been assigned much importance as such. Nono's quartet starts on my poem #17 and wraps around in steady pace - the displacement is exactly one quarter, or 90 degrees sort of. (Curiously, if one counts from my original 105-106 poems - that means even 107-108 poems of three quatrains each - and divide the duration 38 minutes of his quartet with these originals of mine, one gets to appr 21 seconds of music per poem of mine - 21 lines each of these including title. This supports the theory also from the correlation with Midori's recording of Bach and Bartok with my TEQ book 16 - that one line is one second (or two, as it was there). Or vice versa - that is what a second is - not only a heartbeat that means).

With this relevance (of the title 'The breathing of silence') higher for Nono's work than for the 'services' and their gunsmoke, if the whole story is that the 'services' do not feel competent but will not admit it, but try to compensate for their lacking competence by swipswap and mixmax strategies by way of terror in order to feel that they thereby can gain sufficient authority to lead the grex over the high mountains for the greener valleys down on the other side, then it is high time to round off the area of 'secret intelligence leadership' (IS, ISIS) in the formation of the new world of the third millenium. Competence is the ability to see the limits to own competence. While mystic wisdom used to say something like 'smile to the world and it smiles back', 'do to others what you want others to do to you', 'tat twam asi', the mysticism of IS and ISIS could be more a la the smart trick of the octogons in order to make efficient progress by way of terror and then dump the blame on some innocent jew. But that cannot have much to do with a 'lapis philosophorum' - except perhaps a photo of it from the archives or some streetnames in Vienna.

How essential is that Tibet thing? There is an apparently sleeping sheep or lamb on the 'lapis', and it could be dreaming of Eve with her two beautiful breasts, and the 'lapis' could be seen to contain in itself the entire being of human reality, how its FORM = MATTER in some sense that makes it possible to understand the metaphysical logic of creation, how and why the lamb exists and why it looks just like it does: That look is in the vision nerve which the lamb could share with headless Eve. Human reality is limited, this means. Could be there exist intelligences in other realities in other parts of the universe. But in order to be able to understand those, or, say, even to understand the fragile and ethereal otherness of bird reality, it is necessary to understand that human reality is limited: Only then can we be competent to understand that there are realities outside ours. Christianity has always been concerned with just this, and when Böhme said that Christ is the same as the 'lapis philosophorum' - he probably did not mean gunsmoke and powerstruggle philosophies. How essential is Tibet in this light? Is it necessary for human reality that 'the lambic tit' should educate humans in the art and form of living - in the sense of 'Tibet'? Or is it 'titbits' the story is about?

This question would concern the naive belief that by channeling my work and possibly person through the prism of the efficient terror-driven 'services', if the whole world thereby should let itself be cheated to believe that my work and life is the same as the work and life of the 'services', then the whole world will eventually think and work like me. What a naive self-deception that is. It is of course rather the opposite - such a strategy would ensure that my sort of thinking and working hasnt got much chances. The plans could have been made on paper some decades ago, with box and arrow diagrams - leading up to the conclusion that this is the way to transform the world into 'jewish' thinking on behalf of the 'services' - while the 'jewish genetics' would be getting unpopular under the burden of blame - in a 'mystic transformation' (!) resembling the one which the alchemist underwent when he created his 'lapis philosophorum'. Such flat paper plans with box and arrow diagrams are all too naive and puerile to deserve the confidence of the governments, not to speak of the people themselves - who see the one precious and loved thing or person after the other go down the drain in a 'mystic transformation' shrouded in gunsmoke rather than in the smoke they used to have in the church - without the people being able to protest or do anything about it - because of the 'extended authorities' that the parliament has granted the 'services' who need them in order to carry through their 'spiritual revolution'.

Therefore, if there is a tragic earthquake in Norcia in Italy, it is well possible that it is IS or ISIS who has made it with a 'rockpedo' (if that exists) because the name of my norwegian bank is Nordea and because I was repairing the northern side ('nor[d]-sia') of an outhouse in my garden in Szolnok at just that time. Planks, from Holland or not - that sort of logic. But it was not I who made or wanted that quake - of course it could have been IS/ISIS who wanted it because it 'meant' me and my activities just then and thereby served to turn the roles.

The sculptures on Albertinaplatz in Vienna show 1) the massive sculpture = the identity of IS/ISIS with me (the 'Mao' part?) and 2) the octogon names and projects, that is, the identity of octogon I with octogon II, in the 'Gandhi' part. The sum total could be a construction which burdens China and India down along with me - while the western world jacks themselves accordingly up - in an overly smart and clever intrigue from western politics and 'services' who could have wanted to be recognized as indian and chinese spirituality.

I pronounce it very clearly: I do not support those 'service' projects and I certainly do not do my work in order for them to abuse it for their programs. The terror and destruction is their problem and their work, and I am not involved at all. I am waiting for my work to be published so that it can reach the people (and thereby remove misunderstandings) and I think it could be quite urgent that this comes into reality.

Consider the possibility that Obama could have accepted an 'offer' from the services who had plundered my manuscript cupboard and found a real delicacy called 'Kinderhilfe' - a handwritten miracle of political problemsolving from the complex of Rigveda and Moses correlations. Could that be tempting? Perhaps it could - but then the problem soon turns into one of very grave compromising of the governmental authority of USA - and there the services quickly have the upper hand! They could have tried to rescue the authority by doubling the error rather than erasing it - by using the same manuscript when inking the 2015 Paris convention on atmospheric action - with 195 countries signing it. Trump pulled his 'Obamacare' country out of the 2015 Paris convention and that could have helped a lot, but the problem could still remain to a massive degree - but there is light in the horizon and hopefully there will be a solution to these problems. (I emphasize that I still do not know whether my 'Kinderhilfe' was used for such purposes - this is a hypothesis with some explanatory value only). One notices that 'Joe-Biden + Obama' = 'John-Bjarne' could be an extreme case of identity confusion which hopefully will not return - and hopefully the destruction of Syria will soon come to an end. The name 'John-Bjarne' seems even more involved via the 'Albertinaplatz' complex related to India via the name of 'octogon #7' - for 'Tonje' being 'Tone' with J inside like 'Bjarne' = 'barne[t]' = 'the child' with J inside, as in the 'magic-flesh' complex. Cp. also the Tibet issue in the light of this.

If this should have been the story, it tells of how urgent it is to get the 'services' out of control with the cultural development. Are there any field of cultural life left which still is allowed to develop without being held under 'service' control? What should happen if the 'services' quite simply cannot get it under their control because they do not understand it? Will the members of new progressive intellectual and spiritual development then simply be 'removed' unless they agree to work for the 'service control'? But if that be the case, how can culture ever develop beyond the 'box-and-arrow' level which can be under such control, and up on a more himalayan ethereal level? It is well possible that all cultural development for the time being is under hibernation and everybody only wait for the spring to come when the control will melt away under the heat of the welcoming sun.

It is easy to see how the principle of octogon could be extended to a general 'service' administration of culture generally - every now and then the culture gets into a critical phase wherein its expressions will either develop into new and hitherto unknown heights or fall down on an understanding as 'vain noise' only - and then it is of utmost importance that the members of this new development do not fall victim of terror which could be hungry for turning its potential development into power (by wrong way in the critical points of development) which it can serve as temptations on a balcony, presenting for the chief the magnificent and promising landscape that can be obtained from these 'harvesters of power' - if only the conditions and identities be understood the 'right' way.

I gave my 3-volume edition (4400 pages) to Zürich Zentralbibliothek (who received them probably for reading to see if they were suitable for the library) and a few days later there were the news of a terrible massacre on a group of mountaineers in a camp high up in the Himalayas. One had to spot the 'Alp-i-Blut' of the name of the library.

Clearly the only thing which can make it possible to distinguish clearly between me and IS/IS under such conditions is the public availability of my work. Therefore, while waiting for an ordinary publication of them, I make my own books by home laser printer and bind them by hand and donate them to libraries (and many libraries have accepted them), and clearly one can expect to find that the ISIS would be essentially interested in keeping them off the reach of the public. Therefore I do not submit them to publisher's review, simply because the temptations from IS/IS to reject them - accompanied by much terror - would be very high, and such a rejection could leave the work crippled and hardly publishable for a longer time - and the label of 'not goodenough' can come to remain stuck to it as long as certain terror or warfare that serves to keep the label on continues. My blue metre PEB is still unsubmitted and therefore still publishable. (Which means that if you find a copy of the book and open it, your mind will be allowed to read it with openness and a positive attitude, which probably would not have been permitted if the book had been through one or two tough rejections which would have elicited the immediate idea of 'not goodenough' in your mind when opening the book). But the chance to have my books published by a normal publisher will then largely depend on the chances that a publisher can find them in a library and a reviewer on behalf of a potential publisher consult them there. My books do exist in several libraries, in various countries, and it should be possible to find them there - if you are a publisher who want to consider any of them for publication you can send a reviewer to a library to read it there. However, if you are a librarian who is contacted by the local 'services' (IS or whoever) who try to tell that "we are the government and believe that these books should be collected from the libraries where they exist and stored in a safe and secret place where only we can find them", then tell them that that such collection of legal books could come to sort under the paragraph of high treason and be potentially punishable by death and it is anyhow strictly forbidden to collaborate with terrorists or terror-affiliated politics and therefore the library does not consider it safe to hand the existing volumes over to the local 'services', however much these may sort 'under the government'. It is also wise to keep the volumes on the reading room and not lend them out to users since otherwise they could be prone to get lost - and the tag 'on loan' could come to attach to them forever in the electronic database - so how can you find them then? Likewise, if you study my work and find interesting things and write an article on basis of these ideas, if you contact the 'services' or are contacted by them and they tell you that it is not permitted to use John Bjarne Grover's name in such a publication because his name and work is supposed to be kept secret and reserved for government, then please tell them in return that the fact of the world is very the opposite and that it is strictly illegal and against the international law of intellectual property to not credit the source under such circumstances - and John Bjarne Grover himself insists very strongly that his name and work should be used explicitly in the public space and not be kept as a hidden source. Intellectuals should not give in to the pressure from such terror-orientated philosophies and possible filthy crimes of secrecy-shrouded units of administration, however much they could claim to sort under the 'government', if their claims come in conflict with decent intellectual behaviour and international law of intellectual property and copyright. Even more if you should experience that 'intelligence services' or others (network administration or whatever) come around with material from my hand and suggest that you make your own work on basis of my work without crediting me as the source explicitly, that would be a most terrible lie and a crime - please show such indecent suggestions off and do not accept the material. I have never (as of june 2017) given my copyright (to any work I have written) to anybody else and if you should experience that anybody else can come around with it or suggest that you use it without crediting the source, that is an outright crime which I have never agreed to. There could be ideas around of creating a 'Zeit-Geist' or things like that out of my work and person - in the worst case this could be simply what they mean by 'globalization' - 'simply 'Groverization'? - do not listen to those who want that (although I do not know what is contained in the concept of 'globalization' - could be some people take it the other way round). If a scientific advisor at the university suggests for you that you can use material from my work (from my web page or books I have published) for your master or doctorate thesis without crediting the source (for example "you can freely use this material without specifying the source"), then you risk losing your degree if you do not credit the source properly. Say, if you are a student of physics who writes a thesis on the semantic basis for weak nuclear forces or a student of logic who writes on a fundamental theorem of linguistics or a student of musicology who writes a thesis on the transfinity of Nono's music without crediting me as the source, that could be a disaster for your career. Do not listen to such networking 'scholars' of low intellectual integrity - some of them could even be secret agents paid for driving serious students into the ditch. They could be working for the terror-driven program who wants monkey business at the universities! Zeit-Geist in that sense of it was never anything but low quality work and swindle. Or if you should be in a media environment - Hollywood or TV or publishing or whatever - and there comes somebody with ideas and material from my work and suggest that it could be used as a template which does not need to be mentioned explicitily - show them off immediately. You work in the space exploration field and get an offer from ESA to collaborate on the reports from the socalled 'Rosetta mission' - and then you discover that it seems to be a hoax based on my finding of the 'lapis philosophorum' a few weeks earlier - I would not have taken the chance to collaborate on anything such, considering the danger there could be that the purpose of it could be to maximize the effect of terror on behalf of the european union community and its politics and business - if the strategy is for the reports to minimize the distance of the reports to my white stone and my work generally (although I do not know at all whether a Rosetta - not Risotto! - mission really was sent out some years ago - but some of the photos of the comet did resemble some of the photos I took of the white stone). After I had found the second stone, in august 2016, there was another report on a crash landing of a 'Schiaparelli' I think it was mission to Mars. Indeed I do not know to what extent modern science is restricted to providing fuel for terror-orientated business and politics, but clearly if they do use material from me without crediting the source, then the question could be hard to avoid. It must be kept in mind that the interests of what I here call IS/IS in this respect (relative to my work) must be considered strictly illegal - and they could be out for confiscating my books and make them impossible to find for the public simply because this IS/IS could be classified as criminal and could try to escape persecution by swapping roles with me - and for that the inavailability of my work is essential. To this comes the potential wish of the same 'services' to be recognized as the essence and possibly even the authors of himalayan etherealism - which clearly could be very far from the truth. Therefore it is of utmost importance that my books be made available to the public and be found in public libraries - with my name on the front page.

The conclusion could be that IS and ISIS is a phenomenon that has arisen after WWII when the 'security' boys were given the task of gaining a quick overview and control with all fields of knowledge for giving these a new form streamlined to the needs and demands of the international governments and administrations - and this came to be felt as too heavy a burden for the chaps in the 'services', who, after all, are human beings like you and me. If they in addition were granted 'extended authorities' to carry out 'security operations' to find short cuts to quick solutions by way of terror which it otherwise would take a long 'detour' (in the mystic quest) to reach, the 'services' or their suboffices could have come to feel the burden of conscience when grave insults against fellow beings could not be repaired by the normal offers of sentence serving in prisons etc. It is likely that this could have come to lead to problems of competence in the 'services'. Is it right to put hidden microphones into the confessionals in church, or is that to violate human privacy? Could be the 'services' are not competent to evaluate this. Competence means the ability to pull out of interest fields which your human limitations cannot evaluate properly. The 'services' need more competence, is the conclusion, not more money or 'extended authorities'. Which probably means that all 'extended authorites' to carry out 'security operations' (for which there could be a real need once every tenth year while in the real world these authorities could be in use every day due to limitations and lacking competence of the human employees) should be withdrawn and a return to reality thereby obtained.

Has the destruction of Syria been going on for some years in an attempt to make me move out of Zinckgasse - due to the 'zinc' of 'horganyzó' on background of my childhood 'Holland-holken' and similar ideas? 'Horgász-nö' as a 'mermaid' or even 'the lambic tit'? I don't think the residential address of my humble person could have anything to do with the world situation - but the I-ntelligence S-ervices could perhaps. It is of course possible that the name similarity of 'Joe Biden / Obama' with my name 'John Bjarne' could seem to bring my name into a position of responsibility for the politics on Syria, but that clearly would be only a matter of delusion due to similarity of name. Obama could be responsible for the syrian situation, I could not. 'Globalization' in that sense of it has nothing to do with the real world.

I think that my PhD dissertation of 1997 is sufficient for the 'competence' of a doctorate degree. It is the 'I-ntelligence S-ervices' who could be lacking the competence, not me.

Abuse of my person or work for quasi 'globalization' is something which well can come to be classified under the category of 'high treason'. Don't be so naive.

You think I am the holy cow of international politics? (Or even holy kau? Robert Zimmermann, as I think was his name, threw me - with my head ducked down to hip level - out the school door in 1970 or 1971 because I was 'right' in the door opening visavis the school dentist door when we were about to go in the door to see a film. I think 'Woody Allen' was a name known in film already then). It isnt me - it is the 'I-ntelligence S-ervices' who want to be the holy cows. "Dont touch the Services!" - 'blame anybody for anything, only not the services' - that idea could be what they want to predominate in the people - and that could be the reason for the Tibet story and all that. It is likely that the problems continue untill somebody takes a complete dishwash on those mystery services. What are they doing really? (They cannot tell because it's secret?) How far do their authorities extend? Do they spread illegal surveillance data around? It is likely that the unsolvable problems of the Cold War is about to come to an end for the eventual conclusion that we do not need secret intelligence services any longer - the intelligences need not be secret, that means. Stop considering them as holy cows who can sleep in the middle of the road if they want - and the traffic jam has to wait untill the cow removes itself freely (like moving out of a Zinckgasse), however many days the drivers have to sit there waiting behind the wheels. The holy cow isnt me! The 'I-ntelligence S-ervices' do not have the competence to control all parts of the society - that is the reason why they probably should be packed down - that they could have difficulties with seeing their own limitations due to secrecies. This could be the real issue in the debate on the socalled 'globalization', whatever that be.

In the worst case, the 'service interests' could have prepared for Joe Biden / Obama presidency since the 60's precisely in order to make the syrian crisis for making a holy cow out of me - globalized - people watching 'James Bond' films all over the world - and then swap roles with me via the 'I-slamic S-tate' and 'the lambic tate' stategy in order to make themselves immune against criticism and power influence - in order to be the holy cows of international politics. That could have been due to the übermenschlich task they could have been assigned after the war of controlling and mastering all fields of knowledge, on earth and in heaven. Take that burden away from them and reduce them to the archive clerks they once were and really should be - like the eventual fate of the 'horgász-nö' in the german tale of the flounder. "Do you have some info on this matter?" asks the government. Aye aye, sir, they say and run to the archives to find it. That is the 'intelligence services' really - a sort of journalists and archivists - not those cosmic demiurges they could have been turned into in the postwar comedy. Destroying Syria for such holy cow reasons - that is too bad! Even the India-China Gandhi-Mao construction could have been made for the very same reasons. That doesnt make it any better! This tells that the postwar angst of a third world war now can be tuned down - for a rational and sensible non-secret government preventing that it breaks out again (a third world war for the final consolidation of the secret intelligence power would not be good) - and the world should now be able to construct a global community without those secret and disastrous intrigues.

If 'holy cow' is the purpose with the whole story, say, for allowing the 'services' to organize terror without being formally blamed for it, it can even be possible to understand the 'jihad' = 'holy war' of the IS/ISIS for the concept of 'gender swap' for a 'bullfighting' strategy - such as in repeated puncturings and deflations of my intellectual work? But would that be to create an austrian Hitler for a german intrigue once again? That should not be permitted - and would also be in conflict with the 'Staatsvertrag' of 1955.

It is now about 10 years since my lawyer in Vienna sent a letter on my behalf to Ragna Grøver telling that further communications from her was unwanted. She has ignored this to a considerable degree with a number of letter communications which I have forwarded unopened to the police in Fredrikstad, Norway - and twice in 2016 she sent the sum of 20.000 NOK to my norwegian bank account (in Nordea bank - the earthquake at Norcia in Italy could perhaps have been related to one of these transactions) and most recently 15.000 NOK on 19 june 2016. Every time this happens I have to contact the bank and ask them to send those money back again. This form of harassment - it could be called 'stalking' - is no minor matter in the light of the material in this article, and it must count as a quite massive scandal that I have not been informed about the agency or dependency status of Ragna Grøver under these circumstances - since the absence of such info makes it much more difficult for me to protect myself against the harassment. Clearly on the background of the material in the present article, the purpose of such unwanted 'attention' and money transactions could have been on behalf of terrorist interests (in particular if a 'dependency status' of Ragna Grøver should be involved) and do constitute a considerable burden on my life. It should not be up to me to tidy up in these matters. I had hoped that preparations for an economic compensation to me for the burdens on my life which this story tells - such as e.g. school dentistry in 1970-71 drilling 31 holes in my teeth, could be for making my oral space 'holy' - was now going on, but clearly such unwanted attention from Ragna Grøver should then not be expected.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 26 june 2017