The holmoak

John Bjarne Grover

The scenario is the following: It was understood in 1917 that the Madonna of Fatima seemed to mean (not the least by the miracle of the sun on 13 october 1917 but also by the third secret of Fatima on 13 july - and the relation between them) that it was a projection from a literary work written later, by 'backwards causation', that would be, and then the question immediately arose: If we know in advance who will write it, then it is possible to cheat up a backwards causation by giving the author the details needed to construct the work in such a way that it meets the form of the apparitions - and then the whole sensational story would be worthless. How can we prevent that the author gets knowledge of it? By 1) planning and constructing in advance the person, and 2) manipulating the world such that the person does not get the needed knowledge. Clearly if the person otherwise should believe that he lived a normal life, the manipulations could have to be quite elaborate - in particular if other parts of the society should have knowledge.

It seems that the person constructed for the job was me. Even the attempt on Lenin on 31 august 1918 and his death of 21 january 1924 seem to tell of this - the names of my two genetic parents and their year of death (1970 - days between the two dates). The following years were filled with arrangements for preventing the knowledge - and the pretexts were seemingly constructed so elaborately that those involved had forgotten why. The world of secret intelligence and politics is a good example. Business and media are no longer controlled by demands for quality of products but by mythos production. The world has suffered a lot through this - but the people have accepted it under the condition that it would last only untill the preannounced work had been written - then the world could return to reality again.

The work was completed in 2008 - I wrote the last lines of The Endmorgan Quartet on 21 july 2008 and made a self-published edition. Then the world should be able to return to reality - but instead of a publication of my work and the end of the long waiting, the world of politics seemed to have missed the point and launched Obama 'instead' - and it seems that he may have been launched as a 'Madonna' on top of a 'holmoak' (the Madonna in Fatima in 1917 appeared on top of a holmoak in Cova da Iria). It is possible that the iranian woman I met in the park in Paris in 2002 - who apparently were a 'realization' of book 12 in my 16-book TEQ - could have been the template. The article 'The proof of authenticity of the Madonna in the park in Paris' tells of the (or a) proof structure that could have been activated.

In the article The 'baraisa' tanner, I wrote: "Obama was elected in the US presidential election on 4 november 2008. Thereafter followed the israeli war or bombing campaign against Palestine (called 'Operation Cast Lead') from 27 december 2008 to 18 january 2009 - and then Obama started his presidency on 20 january. One speculates that the ballots 'cast' could have been about the 'lead' lushions in a bowl - my TEQ book 12 with possible Madonna in the park".

The world may be in a critical condition after Obama's 8-year period: Instead of the publication of the long-awaited work which should have solved the mystery of the Fatima revelation, a 'political' Madonna was launched instead - and this may have been a quite serious insult against the feelings of those who had suffered from the strange conditions imposed on the world in the mean time. It could have been felt as a coup for continuing the unhealthy mythos fog that had dominated the world and the news for nearly a century.

It may be that people of the world have responded to this with losing interest in spiritual things such as books. The one bookshop and music record shop after the other is closing - and there seem to be few customers left in those which still exist - there is no purpose in these spiritual things if literature and music are used for being converted into terror that can be launched in the news for 'governing' the minds of the people. In Venice there are still a few tourists in the churches to admire the artworks there, but most tourists only lick icecream. There used to be many bookshops in Venice Centro Storico - now there are very few left and not many people are in there, it seems. There is no purpose in anything any longer, it seems. A political coup of my things - or a political program for turning everything homo - could be the reason for that. Are there any publishers left? When my works eventually can be published, there are no publishers left, no bookshops, no readers - and then the political coup can continue without resistance.

The problem is that the political world built after 1917 was nothing but a pretext world for preventing that the poet to write the text got hold of the few data pieces from Fatima - it had no other rationale and to continue that form of the world after 2008 or 2018 is senseless.

Many could have felt that the century from 1917 to 2017 was a waist of time and have revolted against it, but those who have accepted it may have have understood that the project could lead to a principled way of proving the existence of Christ in historic time 2000 years ago - and that makes the 'dogma of the infallibility of the pope' a little superfluous. If the pope cannot lie and if each new pope is selected from among the cardinals that knew the former pope personally, there is an unbroken chain of truth going back to the first pope or bishop who knew Jesus personally. This used to be the proof that Jesus was not an invention by International Secret Intelligence Services in the middle ages - but if the chance existed that the pope could be replaced by an identical copy, the chain of truth could be broken and the historic fact lost. (The idea of Gr�ver/'Mengele' leaving with the words 'I have to piss' in the late 1960's and a copy was returning for taking his place could have been telling of this idea of the pope's authenticity).

The story goes that a panic existed in the late middle ages that the Bible was a mere copy from the sanskrit or maybe even original (now lost) vedic language of the vedas - it was possible to stretch and push the sanskrit and hebrew sufficiently to prove the shared basis for this panic. See also my 'Der Dornenstrauch' (2009-2015) wherein the collocation table at the end shows the correlation of one verse of Genesis hebrew against 5 permutations of sanskrit Rigvevda - both of these correlating with my poems which also run somewhat in parallel with chinese radicals. It was after I had completed the fourth and last part of Der Dornenstrauch in 2015 that the world thanked me for this work with the house in Szolnok.

The grammatical errors of DDS seem to have a special function in terms of a correlation of Genesis and Rigveda for the concept of 'the opening door'. Alas, the politics of strange pretexts seem to have been going for making corresponding 'errors' in constructing a Black Sea Loop (from Batman in Turkey to Paris) for pulling people out of their homes and driving them off in vans - this sort of idea makes it urgent with rounding off the foggy world of strange pretexts since 1917. This makes for another public outcry: Why isnt this Dornenstrauch with its correlation tables published instead of politics going for that Black Sea Loop planned by the nazis?

This story of panic since the middle ages - that the Bible was a copy of old sanskrit Vedas - and what was left of the divine Christ then? - seems to have been the background of the expedition of Columbus when he went 'around the world' for finding the 'indians' opening their wigwams for him - believing that it was the aboriginal vedic people he had met. Some say perhaps that this idea of Columbus sent out by panic-stricken european governments rests on the phenomenon of 'Genesis' in hebrew being 'Bereshit' and therefore 'Clumbus' was the right man. (The later political role of the balloon catheter could be a variant of this cl�msy 'clumb in the schwanz').

What should solve this apparently fundamental problem was a method for ascertaining the historic reality of Christ via the text of the Bible - and the rationale for keeping the world of strange pretexts 1917-2008 going was in the idea that a study of the relation between the poetic text written by me and the original divine apparition (Fatima) should suffice for proving the historic reality of the divine revelation. Some people may have felt that this is to turn 'lutheran' and therefore it is unsuitable for catholics - but that sort of ideas cannot really be dominant in the Vatican. All popes had been italian up to John Paul II as the first non-italian pope, and the following 'german nazi' and the current 'argentinian' are suggestive of the idea of the possibility of the pope being replaced by a Josef Mengele from Auschwitz. It is possible that Hitler's three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec (= 'Aktion Reinhard') could have been constructed in an attempt to squeeze the third secret of Fatima out of sister Lucia - who eventually, even if the Madonna had asked her to keep it secret, gave in to the pressure from the Vatican and wrote it down on 3 january 1944 and it was deposited in the safe of the bishop of Leiria, who probably was a normal person with photographable keys and being in need of normal sleep. The envelope was transferred from Fatima to the secret archives of the Vatican on 4 april 1957, a few weeks before my birth - and opened and the contents published in 2000 by John Paul II with Lucia herself being present - she confirmed that the document taken out of the envelope was the one she had written in 1944.

This tells why the people of the world accepted the sufferings imposed on them by this story. IRA in Northern Ireland was about the conflict between catholics and protestants - which could have had a rooting in this idea of the necessity or not of the dogma of the infallibility of the pope. Lutheranism developed from about the time of Columbus - could be in an attempt to ease the panic that had been held secret since the middle ages.

Why isnt the lapis philosophorum and Vollkornbrot published? It seems to be reserved for 'the world of secret intelligence' who use it for the purpose of manipulating the opinions of the masses of people in order to prevent that the panic strikes again. But it may be their own panic they are concerned about - and that is likely to have quite different reasons. The people of the world have been waiting with much patience since 1917 for this long period to be ended.

But some politics apparently feel comfortable with the world of strange pretexts that developed after 1917 and do not feel for ending it. One possible reason could be that they are panic-stricken by the secrets from the middle ages and do not believe that they can obtain real forgiveness for former terror and warfare in the church - and what can come after death then?

The terrorists in Syria called themselves (or others called them) ISIS and later DAESH. Syria can be considered a sort of 'offspring' from hebrew Israel - and it looks like the lapis philosophorum on the map.

Syria on the map
(source 'Microsoft Encarta')

Outline of the white stone

The stone back side mirrored

(the illustration is an excerpt from this file)

The syrian crisis developed with Obama - could be 'instead of' a publication of my book, which the world had waited for throughout a century, and it may be that Obama was lauched as a 'black Madonna' - could be with some links to my meeting with the iranian refugee in the park in Paris.

Now there was some time ago a series of terror which seemed to relate somehow to my writings, and I add the fire in Notre-Dame which could be about a mention in the poem 12 of chapter 'Schwarze Blätter' in my SNEEFT COEIL of 2018, making for a mid point between two 'black' points ('Rinder der Nacht' instead of Odysseus' crew eating the sun's oxen - and 'black flake as Chopin on floor'). SNEEFT COEIL has 8 chapters, the last being 'Schneits in die Hand, Verteur?' - about the problems of 'touching the woman', could be 'Verteur' had made an unsuccesful attempt. ('Gennadij Titov' = 'get your hands off my tits', so to speak - was the KGB liaison with whom Arne Treholt had been in contact). The other side of the book is the chapter 'Die Wahrnehmungen' which follows the 23 thresholded photos from the Danube island which also enter into a proof of authenticity of the Madonna in the park (well, a sort of proof suggesting that she did not have evil or panic-stricken intentions from International Secret Intelligence Services or sth like that). It is well possible that Obama's party has planned to try and continue the 'coup' from 2008 in the next election - instead of giving in to the pressure from the people of the world such as Lucia did in 1944.

The work was completed in 2008 with 'The Endmorgan Quartet' but this is complemented with another two volumes of surrounding themes as well as the fourth volume which I now have completed - this includes in the poetic part 1 'Der Dornenstrauch', 'SNEEFT COEIL', 'Stillhetens �ndedrag' as well as 'Rosens triangel' - the latter two containing some important clues to the Fatima revelations, as I discuss in the theoretic part 2. The poetry takes up 900 pages of the volume, the theory 400 pages. The volume is 1312 pages - and it seems that the terror in Sri Lanka recently was an attempt to install aspects of this volume into the news programming the opinion etc. For example, the four bombings at 8:45 in the morning seems to be somewhat recognizable on page 845 - which is 'Rosens Triangel' #38 which (as tells my manus) corresponds (by mirror enumeration) to Stillheten #27, which exhibits some relevant associations ('Den genren lurer de andre' = 'Shangri-La Hotel' etc. The bomibng at 01:45 pm = wrapover of p.1345-1312 pages = page 33, where the mid stanza tells of time 4:04, which is the same as in the chapter 'Die Verwandlung (Unter vier Wänden)' in SNEEFT COEIL, the poem ''Das kosmische Tier" ('Wenn du wächst auf um vier Uhr vier') - the 'Bil Curtain' phenomenon. The bombing at 14:15 suggests by wrapover 1415-1312 = page 103 = which tells of 'vier Wände' = 'Die Verwandlung' ('Unter vier W/auml;nden') = 'Regenmantel vorgebeugt' = 'Dematagoda suburb'. (These 'wrapovers' have correlates in my vol.4 book for the 'cruz' of counterpoint and harmony - which is new and potentially very important knowledge which should not turn into news of terror). The conclusion, if these correlations are considered suggestive enough, is that Obama's political party could be hoping for a continuation of the period of strange pretexts 1917-2018 by the next election, possibly 'instead of' a publication of my 4-volume work. The Vatican publisher 'Libreria Editrice Vaticana' has not answered - and one observes a certain 'mocking' reading of the name of the publishing house in the 'touching' theme of the last chapter in 'SNEEFT COEIL' if this is interpreted via names of targets of terror in Sri Lanka - even Notre-Dame could add to this reference. There have also been refugees from Libya for some time (some of these were rescued by the turkish ship 'El Hiblu 1' - cp. 'Hübner/Reizammer's sumerian dictionary which I used for some discoveries of sumerian cuneiform in my vol.4).

The people could be expected to cry for Batman to come to their rescue and tidy up in the mess.

The bombings were on Easter sunday which was 'palm sunday' in Ukraina where there was a presidential election that day.

Terror at the time of Fatima was mainly by a few anarchists throwing bombs against politically important areas - while today it seems to be the language of those who want to continue the world of strange pretext, spreading fog on the landscape for preventing that people come to knowledge of the facts. Many people could understand the background for this going back to Columbus and centuries before him, but when there is no reason any longer, there is no reason any longer. If the book is not in the bookshop, there is no reason to go in there.

Trump seems to have done what is needed politically for making a publication of my works possible - and it should be possible by now. However, if a publisher should get the chance but thinks that he will first contact an 'intelligence service' and ask how things are now, they could come to pump him full of scare and propaganda: "Oh no, it is very dangerous to publish these things - it will trigger a lot of terror". It may be that those who spread such rumours really are the ones to blame for the apparent loss of spiritual interests in the people.

The Vatican publishing has got the chance but have not answered. To believe that they consider the project an 'intelligence project' cannot be the story, nor that they feel that this is a 'protestant' or 'lutheran' matter and therefore not their piece of cake. The attempt on the pope in 1981 and the non-italian popes after Paul VI could be telling that it is not only a lutheran matter.

The 'intelligence services' can have hoped to encapsulate me informationally - not the least for pretending in the more or less platonic social interface that my work is their work and they could have hoped to create the idea that I should be Jesus who could be replaced with an agent copy and then they could claim that 'there is a divine revelation in the text'. They could furthermore have hoped to encapsulate me informationally untill the point when they can delete all data on me in their archives and pretend that I never existed. Then they have POWER in a foggy and mythos-ridden world! The bombing of Sri Lanka could have been a threat telling that smaller nations are not allowed to keep data on me in their archives - because otherwise the 'mythos bubble' of the 'planteneger' (the negro with name and birthdates suggesting 'obscure past' = 'Baruch Hussein', 'Obama II' from 'Hawaii', hence possibly planted into Earth and its archives from the Cosmic Origins of Heaven) could come to burst.

Israel and the Vatican are the two states that should be most interested in seeing my four volumes published while there is still something left of human spirituality - hopefully it is not all too late.

I dont know how constitutive that Madonna from the park in Paris relative to my TEQ book 12 was for what Obama did in his 8 years.

The attack on the 'Nord-Ost' theater in Moscow on 23 october 2002 could have been also about 'Nord/Sewer-Boss-tok' = the sewer behind the 'boss-kasser' (garbage bins) where I was sleeping and writing my TEQ at night: The Cafe Nord was on the other side of the narrow street relative to the (Green Vest?) area where these garbage bins of my occasional nightly sojourns were. These also served somewhat as toilet for night wanderers.

The word 'holmoak' ('quercus ilex', evergreen) is 'Steineiche' in german and 'leccio' in italian. In new indian (hindu?) it seems to be 'pargai' - looking up Monier-Williams' sanskrit dictionary I find not this word but 'madhu-parka' = mix of honey and milk, an offer given to the bridegroom when he arrives at the door of the father of the bride. I notice the offer of the woman in the park for some 'mat' at a restaurant - however, we came only to the doorway of the restaurant where I turned. 'Pargata' = ashes, like 'parpara' = ashes, a handful of rice, cp. the name of republican 'Condoleezza Rice' as well as 'Barbara Bush'. The italian 'leccio' is etymologically located to the XII century - like Notre-Dame where the oaken roof timbers burnt some time ago. (Was it holmoak?) In russian the holmoak is called 'kamenij dub'. (After the fire the new roof will be a 'dub' of the original). Vasmer's etymological tells that 'kamen' ('stone') relates to e.g. ukrainian 'kamin', old nordic 'hamarr', lithuanian 'akmuo' ('stone') besides 'ashmuo' ('Schärfe, Schneide der Klinge, Messerklinge' - not to be confused with the doorbell when the el-metre reader arrives), greek 'ακμων', old indian ''acma' ('Felsstück'), old persian 'asman' ('stone'). Russian 'dub' means 'oak' or 'Gerberlohe' = 'tan' for the work of a 'tanner' ('dubina' means 'Dummkopf'), ukrainian 'dub', greek 'δενδρον' ('tree'). Old preussian 'dumpbis' = 'Gerberlohe'. Vasmer refers to an original form *dombros from *dom-ros that could have been changed into a 'u-stem' in old slavonic - examples are 'dub', 'dubr' or 'grab', 'grabr'. Further examples are greek 'δεμω', old nordic 'timbr', old high german 'zimbar' ('Bauholz, Holzbau, Wohnung, Zimmer'). This 'dob' is related to old high german 'tanna' ('Tanne'), old indian 'dhanvan' ('Bogen'), lithuanian 'dumblas' ('Sumpf'). Less convincing, tells Vasmer, is the relation to greek 'τυφλοσ' ('blind, dunkel'), irish 'dub' ('Schwarz'), old indian 'dhumras' ('rauchfarben, grau').

It is easy to see how this could be a background of the 'Dombas' conflict in Ukraina (old preussian 'dumpbis'). 'Rumpis' (cp. the old preussian) is norwegian slang for 'homo', hence a possible part of 'homo' strategies. (Grøver/'Mengele' had somewhat big or too big false teeth installed some years before his death).

If Obama were launched on basis of the Madonna in the park in Paris, his vice president 'Biden' could by name be telling of the 'pure puré', which would add to the idea of Obama as 'planteneger' - that is, according to my poetic theory of the metaphysics. This 'planteneger' could - since it in its very constrained format makes it possible to prove, as is the contents of the theoretic part of my vol.4, the divine revelation in my TEQ by way of the two and only two of my fundamental theorem of linguistics) suggest a 'higher level' than the more elaborate 'bil curtain' of Li Bai's poem - that it was the name of US president Bill Clinton which resembled the 'bil curtain' structure before the millenium shift of 2000 - and after the millenial turn it was the vice president who was the resembling name ('beide' pure and puré) while the president was in person the phenomenon ('planteneger', according to my poem) - hence a higher level, so to speak. Clinton was in Norway in I think october 1999 and I was driven in a police car - 'svarte-marja' in folk language - to the psychiatric hospital in late november and held there over the millenium turn.

The chinese sign called 'wéi' in the sense of 'curtain' seems perhaps to be only poorly understood - it may be called 'curtain' but my translation of Li Bai's 'Spring thoughts', where it is the last sign, seems to suggest that it can mean 'scapular'. It is possible that this really is about 'bil scapular' - and that 'Bill Clinton's name is not really 'Bil Curtain' but rather a variant of the sense of 'hole-mock' - upon which the Madonna = Obama can stand or sit (a 'Hauptwohnsitz'?).

This makes Obama a variant of the 'black flake' symbolism:

The file names of these two photos are 'christflake.jpg' and 'christflakeannotated.jpg' - could be a possible inspiration for the terror in two mosques in Christchurch some time ago. Why? Could be the presence of me or this historic fact feels like threatening because very much pretext can now be packed down: The 'pretext' is shown in the photo to the right, and the packing down of it is in the 'packed' mosque. Pakistan is in the west assumed to harbour some terrorists.

The 'Dunkel-Birne' in the night in Szolnok could have been a variant of this black 'flasher'.

The idea of Obama as divine or on a higher level than (= on top of) the more earthen Clinton would then be a variant of the Madonna on the holmoak in Fatima in 1917. There seems to be a history of 'whole-mock' or 'hole-mock' - not only by Burgenland power on basis of a 'mock' of the hymen phenomenon in the hungarian language, but also in the idea of Jesus on the cross being subjected to 'hole-mock' in his palms (cp. 'sri lanka'). It is my impression that the traditions of 'whole-mock' politics is a characteristic of the US democrat party - while the US republicans try to return reality to the 'holm-oak' which was the factual origin of this idea. Obama on top of Clinton like the Madonna on top of the holmoak could be an attempt to swap this republican tradition with the democrat - and could be this was the offer to the world from the US democrat party when they launched Obama 'instead of' a publication of my book. Israel then carried out their 'Operation Cast Lead'.

A 'baraisa' or 'baraita' seems to be a teaching on the Mishna by early rabbis ('Tannaim') - some of these teachings went into the Talmud but most of them are lost, like the story of Jesus - some of his teachings went into the Bible but most of his life is not documented. Hence the textual presence of Jesus would resemble a 'baraisa' in that sense of it. Vallentine's 'Jewish Encyclopedia' mentions also the 'Baraita on Salvation (Baraita di-Yeshuah), in which the 24 transgressions which delay the Messianic Redemption are enumerated' - cp. also the 24 meanings of the cuneiform 'U', the big wedge. Vallentine's suggests also that the Baraita 'bears the same relationship to the Mishna as does the Apocalypse to the Biblical canon'.

Hopefully the US democrats are not planning an 'apocalypse'. The books of Moses and the rest of the old testament are probably more worth as historic evidence than 'Heimskringla' is for norwegian history.

For a century there has been the solution of installing important knowledge in names and indexes - but that serves only to hide the real knowledge away. The world must now return to reality - and such things as a Madonna on top of a holmoak must be subjected to serious study and not be installed in names of politicians.

I mention also the story of the patent to the 'Foley catheter': It was allegedly invented by Frederic Foley in 1929 (not long after the birth of Noam Chomsky, that means) but a Paul Raiche took out patent to it first - then Foley got it back by decision in court but Raiche won it back again in another court. This story is likely to be about 'Foley-Frederic' = 'Vollkornbrot' vs 'Paul Raiche' = 'Steineiche' = the holmoak - a world of more or less pretext ideas built probably by the secret intelligence services and kept secret for preventing that the public comes to an understanding of what it really is about.

© John Bjarne Grover
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