The 'baraisa' tanner

John Bjarne Grover

In the article on the 'zifferblatt', I refer to the meeting with the iranian refugee in the park 'Jardin du Luxembourg' in Paris on 12 august 2002. The story is that I had just started reading the manuscript to my poetry book 'Lead lushions in a bowl' ('The Endmorgan Quartet' book 12 with the 'zifferblatt' as logo - although I discovered this logo a few years later) when she came on my righthand side with a book by Ayatollah Khomeini in her hand and sat down on the bench on my left side. My manucript was at that time called "I wonder. Mary". I had been to the chapel of the Madonna of Paris 1830 some 2-3 days earlier - in Rue de Bac just a few metres down the street. At the entrance gate to the jardin, on the outside at Blvd St.Michel, there was a big photo of Ingrid Betancourt - and it happened in Vilnius on 23 february 2002 (170 days earlier) that I had just read the news on the abduction of Ingrid Betancourt when an apparent brainstroke hit me in the cortex of the left hand - and my whole left side seemed sort of paralyzed for a long time. Whether it really was a brainstroke or just a prophetic intuition of this entrance of the woman sitting down on my left side, I dont know. Before we left half an hour or so later, she wrote a poem and the mystery code 735266(7) on a paper and gave it to me. She had also written her anagram name and telephone number.

It is the theory that the story was 'two realities' at the same time - the meeting with the woman was really my reading of the book I had written - and the woman would then have had the role of a Madonna revelation, as indicated in my book manuscript title. If that were the case, the poem she wrote should be found in some form in my manuscript - and indeed it is there, as I tell in chapter 14 in 'Poetic semiosis' in vol.3 of my collected works. It is preceded by the annotation "A woman is singing: / It is supposed that Jesus is mine, and / spend your time" etc. In the middle of the 6-7 line poem in my book (which have a one-to-one correlation in her poem with only some scramble - as if her lines interpret mine) there is the code number '96812'. It is easy to see the relation to her mystery code '735266(7)' by 7+2=9, 5+3=8, 6+6=12 - and then (7)=6. If her mystery code had been 72(7)5366 it would have been perfect - the scramble needed for this is close to the scramble of her lines relative to mine. But her mystery code is indicative of the permutational diagram which can be transformed onto the zifferblatt which (as is my hypothesis) can be seen to be the format of the human language faculty - interpreted in the 'miracle of the sun' in Fatima 13 october 1917. It was after this meeting with her in the park that I found the parallel texts to the book manuscript I had been reading - and later also the 'keys to heaven' interpretation of Acts chapter 10 - a chapter on the nature of (divine) revelation.

TEQ #869 (a little earlier in the book manuscript) ends with the line "To the trolley away? Shouldn't they have trolleyed it away?" - cp. the book by Ayatollah Khomeini.

This means that the revelation in Paris in 2002 could have been a true marian revelation - as substantial as the Madonna in Paris 1830. I got the paper with the poem and code and telephone number - and a small bottle of what I believed was nitroglycerine. She showed me how to put some of it in the palm and smear it out there and feel its smell. I later found that there seems to exist some islamic prayer unguent of a similar kind - it could have been such a bottle.

Now it is possible that high-level politics has taken this poem and the logic in the comparison as sufficient evidence that the revelation was a true Madonna revelation - appearing through the text of my book. This idea of 'divine revelation in the text' is the theme of my recent vol.4 ('Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics').

The poem of 'A woman is singing' straddles two parallel texts from Acts - 10:30 and 10:31 - for my TEQ 879 and 880. The following poem TEQ #881 starts

Acts 10:32: πεμψον ουν εισ ιοππην και μετακαλεσαι σιμωνα, οσ επικαλειται πετροσ: ουτοσ ξενιζεται εν οικια σιμωνοσ βυρσεωσ παρα θαλασσαν. οσ παραγενομενοσ λαλησει σοι

The presidential election victory recovering:

Collected? I have collected out!
I think there are to be election -
strigh leading onto the pluck of 'B'.

In the parallel text there is the fragment σιμωνα, οσ επικαλειται πετροσ: ουτοσ ξενιζεται εν οικια σιμωνοσ βυρσεωσ παρα θαλασσαν = 'Simon, who is called Peter: He lives in the house of Simon, a tanner by the sea' - where there is ample room for identity games for the political 'services'.

The word for 'leather tanner' is 'βυρσευσ' = 'burseus' which in hebrew is 'B(U)RSI' = 'beresi', apparently the same word - with a root resembling 'Bush' or norwegian 'børs' = 'stock market'. Looking up Frisk's etymological I find only 'bursa' = 'abgezogene Haut, Fell' - that is a hide.

I have earlier speculated whether my foreskin could have been constricted around [the time of] the Kennedy assassination (1963 - I remember it very well) - something which later made it needed with a medical (non-jewish) circumcision later in life - that was in late 1981 or early 1982. I had then not observed what was under the 'hide' since 1963 - and when the circumcision was under full anaesthesia, I cannot know what happened with what was under the 'hide'. My classmate friend around 1970-72 (including the camping trip to Moss in the summer 1971) was called 'Roy Andersen' - I notice the 'ISIS' in Syria who sometimes are called 'DAESH' - which then could mean 'roy and DAESH-en'.

'Baraisa' or 'baraitha' is a concept used for a line from the Talmud - apparently related to a 'tanna' ('teaching'). There is a cluster of words around the form 'barak' - as for Obama's first name. BRK = 'to cave out', 'blessing', 'knee' etc. BRS = 'to bray' (said of a donkey).

Obama's vice president was Joe Biden - a name which invites to associations a la 'Job Iden' or 'Bar Iron/Eisen'. He was in the news some time ago for allegations of apparently some gender things - thereafter he announced that he would be a candidate for US presidential election.

And then followed the bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday 2019 (that was 'palm sunday' in Ukraine where they had a presidential election that day - the news tell that Volodymyr Zelenskiy won on background of TV shows wherein he played the role of an 'accidental president' - I add that in 1980's I wrote 3 research reports which were published in the series of the informatics institute of Ole-Johan Dahl, who was leader of the socalled 'Musikus' project, and 'Accidental positioning' was one of them) - cp. the possible nitroglycerine with 'palm' and 'smell' etc - which could be for 'Sri Lanka' = 'Bala Laika', cp. 'baraika', 'baraisa'. In my TEQ book 12 there is mention of Kurdistan - this mention is hopefully not the reason for the terror in Syria 2011-2018 - which means that the 'churches' targeted in Sri Lanka could be about 'kurdes'-tan and the 'ho-tels' ('she-tels') about the possible Madonna whose last word to me was 'telephone'.

Cp. also the chechen 'siege' of the Moscow theatre performance 'Nord-Ost' (not so very long after the meeting in the park) which in russian handwriting looks like 'HOP-B-GOLMOK' = 'hop(e) on holmoak' - the Madonna in Fatima 1917 appeared on top of a holmoak.

Obama's prepresidential career included 'teaching at Chicago university' - which could mean that he had no chair but a catheter. He quickly got the Nobel peace prize.

Obama was elected in the US presidential election on 4 november 2008. Thereafter followed the israeli war or bombing campaign against Palestine (called 'Operation Cast Lead') from 27 december 2008 to 18 january 2009 - and then Obama started his presidency on 20 january. One speculates that the ballots 'cast' could have been about the 'lead' lushions in a bowl - my TEQ book 12 with possible Madonna in the park.

One can further speculate that the issue could be the 'tanner' or 'burseus' of Acts 10:32 and that the political interest could be in the 'keys to heaven' as a possible 'proof' that the females of the 'octogon' 1977-1982 could have been agents for political interests: For example, if Janis Joplin should have been a part of the story in some way or other, lending much public interest to it, her name can be spotted in the combination of verses 2 and 5 class 3: 'poion eis Ioppen' = 'på Janis Joplin'? It is true that my 'move over' in 1977 to the one who seems to be a possible name-reference in Eisenhower Doctrine #3 was a part of the story, but it is perhaps doubtful whether this could be taken as enough 'proof'. It is just that Joplin died in 1970 and I later 'moved over'.

However, it is possible that an advanced logic could apply to my story and the 'keys to heaven', possibly commented upon by the Eisenhower Doctrine published some months before my birth. If so, the 'burseus' of Acts 10:32 could be about an attempt of those political interesters who could have organized an 'octogon' to claim that I had got the 'divine inspiration' to my work from those stories of 1977-82 - and therefore that e.g. the Madonna in the park in Paris (of which they could fear that I would 'bray') really were under their control.

I repeat this: The story - if it were a real marian revelation - does not mean that I am Jesus - but it could mean that my book is good poetry and should be published. The political plotters could, though, perhaps be conspiring on this idea of me being Jesus - since that could make it possible for them to claim a 'divine revelation in the text' if it be presented under the false identity and authorship of an agent. The fire in 'Notre-Dame' could mean that 'this is our dame, not yours'.

The story is 100 years of global collaboration and it is not likely that it is about politics at all - it may be about technology in the sense of information technology (sending info backwards in time), but mainly it is about religious and mystic matters. To turn this into political intrigue is very bad. Also, it is not fair - considering my role in this story, including a lifetime work and the making of the 4 big volumes - that I should still suffer from budget economy and having to finance and make by hand a small number of copies of these documents to be donated to libraries who want them - otherwise the tapped texts could be turned into terror and intrigue only. It is likely that somebody has made a clever and secret pretext for keeping my work under the surface of public attention - but that is likely to be only because they want to have the works for themselves, for constructing political characters with divine halo etc. The world should not accept swindle as the core of this story. I am not the swindler, and not a terrorist.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 22 april 2019