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Inger-Johanne Apenes was the old mother of conservative MP Georg Apenes who was quite well known in Fredrikstad. She lived in a house on Kongsteen, a region on the other (eastern) side of the river Glomma, probably at Heibergsgate (or was it the intersecting Carsten Ankers Vei?). She was murdered with a knife in the night between 5 and 6 may 1978, possibly same day as Aldo Moro in Italy was murdered by 'Brigate Rosse' (who could have served to index PTRSIM PInK = me). I was at a party at Hanne Skjefstad in the neighbouring house that evening - she had just acquired this house and gave a party for the folks in the old town and thereabout. 'Hanne Skjef[t]sta[d]' = 'the hand that held the knife'. She worked with textiles and told me she was the daughter of a miller in Moss. I then lived in Voldgaten 1 just across the canal with the 'vold' = 'mound' on either side. I do not remember if I went home across the old wooden bridge (in which case I would have passed the house of Apenes on the way - I later called the police and told that I had been in the region but had not observed anything interesting) or on the lower side through a small tunnel. I did not go under or through the canal. I certainly did not murder Apenes.

The murder is still listed among the few famous unsolved ones and seems to count as a mystery, something for Sherlock Holmes (not 'holmes-gang' of 'withhold tax', though). Here we go:

From this file there follows the theory that the Kennedy bros seem to have their names from a hidden pattern im Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen' published in 1926. That is all the more strange since at least two of them were born before the 'Wörterbuch' was completed and published. Were Wittgenstein agent? This ridiculous idea cannot be taken seriously, of course. But how then? Were the Kennedy identities constructed after 1926 - or is this a matter of an impressive coincidence? Some would perhaps say that the correlations are not too massive and therefore the correlations could in theory have been discovered later - I cannot decide on that but would consider it unlikely. Briefly: If the Kennedys had false identities (or, say, new names after 1926), then the 'Wörterbuch' could have been the responsibility claim on that. This could enhance the value of this for 'intelligence' purposes.

I notice the theory that if John F.Kennedy masturbated on my brain in 1957 in order to be conceived by the voting public as 'Messiah' due to the construction of my genetic Stammbaum resembling the PTRSIM PIK scheme somehow (I have guessed that this is how they construct the technical Messiah), then it is possible that a false identity - via a previous PTRSIM PIK - of the masturbator could have increased the 'misrepresentational' factor.

Now the 'hidden pattern' in the Wörterbuch is summed up in this file - the socalled 'Siebensterns'. (The mate of Pernille Lønne Christiansen - she had once used the word 'forpult', but spoke otherwise not such words - was called 'Petter Andre Syversen' - is there 'Marmorveien' in the 2nd Siebenstern and 'Syenittveien' in the 1st, that is, 'Falchåsen'? - he died in Botswana on probably 7 august 1986 - 12 years exactly before the twin bombings of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi). The interesting observation for the present case is the evidence in these 'Siebensterns': In Siebenstern #6 there is the 'Donner-Watsche' on the 'Frucht-Bengel', and the evidence that the name of Josef Haidbauer - the alleged victim of a 'Donner-Watche' from Wittgenstein - is invented later is in Siebenstern #5: Haid-Bauer = 'verzagen-bäuerisch', while 'X-av-er' (cp. the idea of 'holmgang' of 'withhold tax') = 'X-off-is' = 'J-os-ef'. Assuming that the hence false claim that Wittgenstein qua PTRSIM PIK had murdered somebody (= 'torvslaget' of Wergenland) has a counterpoint in a false claim of me having murdered Inger-Johanne Apenes (cp. also 'Heibergsgate' vs 'Haidbauer-Josef'), her indexes should be in Siebenstern #4 and 3: Plateau standhaft + Schräg verlangen could mean 'Kongsteen' = 'king-stone', while 'Papst-Schmiere' could mean '[f]inger-jo-hanne' and then 'Kristall/kritisieren' + 'rammen/Rampe' should mean 'Apenes'. Does it? Hm, there is evidence of this in my 23 black-and-white photos from the Danube Island: First one recognizes the evidence of the 'hidden pattern' in photo 11 - see the enhanced photo 11 - for the theory of the Kennedy names in the Siebensterns, secondly one can then observe that there is an Ape-nes in the 'metaphysical' swastika of photo 10: One can just spot the noses and a little of the face and its 'ape-face' who seem to come through from the 'other side', so to speak. A part of the reason why my 23 photos can be assigned some value for such 'metaphysics' is in the chinese film from the 1960's - see the film image to my photo 10 which is quite convincing - but without 'ape' in the chinese film.

For the value of these 23 black-and-white photos for understanding the political situation, I refer also to the 2nd photo (the first in the alignment with Valery) - where one can see England as gripping-clasping an apparent 'PIK', hence England = Peter = the pope and his church, while moving somewhat eastwards on the european map one finds the 'Lamm mit dem redenden Blatt' (Rilke) which would have its 'Blatt' or head appr. in northern Poland at what I in The Endmorgan Quartet #1300 call 'the real historical grip'. Hence England's grip on the PIK is not the real historic grip - which could explain some peculiarities in the political history - such as the endless 'turning it around', the 'matrix of Williamses' for the historic 'grip' of 'Heiskringla' [see end of this article] and things like that. But this clearly applies only if these 23 photos have some value for the understanding of the historic reality - cp also Heims-'Kringla' vs. [heims]-'Gryfice'. Is it 'mamas Gryfice'?

Now who murdered Apenes? The 'Kristall-Rampe' could be the answer: Josef Mengele was famously on the ramp of Auschwitz (see evidence of Mengele on the ramp of Auschwitz resembling [the copy of] John 'Jensen' Grøver), - Mengele arrived to Auschwitz on 30 may 1943. 'Kristallnacht' (see, by the way, the similarity in the photo from Aachen with my photo from Belgrade center under 'Some photos' in the lower right on the front page to my website) was on 9-10 november 1938 - the interval between these two dates is 1662 days: I recall well the first car which Grøver/'Mengele' bought, that was in probably 1960, a white beetle with car number T-262, a number which seems to have some historic function - for example, I read an article in China Daily (I think it was) on covid-19 in Scandinavia when the number of dead from covid-19 in Norway had been stable on 262 for quite a while. Were this number of the white Beetle even the reason for the name of The Beatles? 1662 is not the same as T-262 - but I do recall well that we were out driving one day in Volda when he pointed forwards to the car in front of us: "Look, there is number T-261". By moving unity from the first 6, 1662 turns into T-562 which is T-262 by the categorial conversion of the 'keys to heaven'.

Evidence for the theory that Josef Mengele murdered Apenes in 1978 is seen as follows: It is even possible that he had been (mythologically) quasi 'Papst'. The essential importance of this story from 'Vikebukt' (when he said 'e må pisse' = 'I have to piss' - it was the first time he used such a rude word, and it was the last thing he said as far as I heard - and went behind a shed = a 'barack hussein' while another man returned 5 minutes later and took his place and his wife didnt notice the difference) could perhaps be seen in the name of 'Barack Hussein Obama'. Were the bloody knife-murder of Apenes a case of 'Papst-Schmiere'? Is this the 'horror film' of covid-19? (I recall from those days there was talk of a horror documentary film that young people should not see, nearly a 'drain-saw' theme I think it could have been). It had happened in the second half of the 1960's when I was alone home that I looked in the bookshelf and picked out a book called 'Rettsmedisin' ('Forensic medicine') and leafed in it - but I closed the book and put it back in the shelf when I saw a horrible photo of a victim with two-three deep slices into the throat. I regretted that I had leafed in the book - it was hard to forget that photo. (At some other time - around the same times - I looked in another book in the same shelf - a greek new testament which was there and one evening I had gone to bed I jumped out and ran to ask Grøver/'Mengele' if he could teach me how to read the greek letters there - he said it wouldnt help me much to transliterate the letters since the text underneath would be greek anyhow). If the house were surveyed, which it probably was, this story of the forensic medicine book could perhaps have been a basis for an 'intelligence intrigue' on Apenes. The phenomenon of such a throat can also be recognized in 'vike-bukket' = 'opening bowed-head' - the head would then bow wrong way and 'vike' would be the same word as could be used for describing the parting of the hair of Mengele on the photo in this article - a photo which perhaps has been used (even engineered after 1970? - it isnt Grøver/'Mengele' in later nazi uniform?) for telling of 'the ferry station of Vikebukt' as indexed long before I saw the book. It is noticed that if this is Obama's name, then it could have some historic weight.

Now for the indications: It is in Modern Language Review = MLR january 1911 - Josef Mengele was born on 16 march 1911 and if he were planned for this career already then he could have been indexed there:

1. Alexander Montgomerie. By Allan F.Westcott
2. Schröders Ausschreiben und die drei Brudermorddramen. By G.Schaaffs. Texts:
1. An italian version of the legend of St.Margaret. By C.Foligno
2. Fifteenth century carols by John Audelay. II. By E.K.Chambers and F.Sidgwick

'Monkey-merie' = 'Apenes' and 'f-Inger Johanne' = 'Alexander'? 'Schröder' - is that supposed to be 'Grøver'? And what is then 'Brudermorddramen'? 'Audelay Carols' = 'Aldo Moro'? He - qua italian version - was found dead in the back luggage room of a car - cp. E.K.Chambers and F.Sidgwick.

No sooner had I discovered this idea that it could have been Josef Mengele who murdered Apenes in 1978, I started to get 'sure oppstøt = 'acid reflux' = 'as I dref lux/looks' = 'as I tref looks' = Ragna Grøver in underpants? I hope that is not the mask that everybody have to wear these days.

Now I hope that I am not the next on the list - that Josef Mengele (whom I may have known in my early days) does not come in rebuilt fashion for taking my place. But he was probably too short. 2=5?

He told in the T-262 car in the 1960's about the new 'husmorvindu' = 'housewife window' (a new practical invention which allowed for turning the window inside out for easy wiping of the glass) which a critic had called 'husmordvindu' = 'house murder window' due to the modern look it lent to old facades.

Conclusion: If the largescaled plan is to blame me for the murder of Apenes, it could be the same as a plan to replace me with a rebuilt Josef Mengele - I mean, if my official father up to 1969 were Mengele and he had planned the Vikebukt replacement with a copy of himself himself, then it is probably not an unreasonable theory. Or some other version that would confess that he had stolen the books I have written. They can let that be - I have not stolen my books and I am not a part of the intrigue.

It can be observed that if there is a heavy workload on the Apenes case relative to me, if, say, Mao should have been murdered could be even for the sake of making it possible to make claims that he were murdered by my elder official sister and Indira Gandhi by my younger - and hence the false idea of me as the murderer of Apenes would have had a very heavy workload in the mythos structure, then if all this concerning my person is about the format of the Siebensterns, then it means that the net result of all this would be an inherent proof that the Kennedys could have false identities - but since those false identities probably would have had only one function, that is to enhance the effect of the couping of the 'Messiah' label from me, the swap function would have been emphasized by me and my two official sisters constituting a 'gang of murderers' - in contrast to the then 'holy-looking' Kennedys. If, in addition, the facts seem to tell that it was Josef Mengele who did it, the mythos construction could have served to make for an identity of me with Josef Mengele, whose reputation was not the best after the war.

I have earlier mentioned the (more or less probable) theory that the purpose of the Eisenhower doctrine published 1223 months, weeks, days after the birth of 'Great Warrior' Albert of Saxony was to tell in advance that the purpose with John F.Kennedy as president was to install the number '37' into US history: The probably nearly 3000 year old poem #37 ('Foxy tail wipes right and left...' or is it 'back and forth') in the chinese Shijing tells that if you believe that your leftsided gynaecomasty comes from self-sucking (holding the organ with one hand and only one foot with the other), then you are mistaken: The reason is that an uncle of yours who was a Great Warrior had masturbated on your brain soon after your birth. This means that if Kennedy was 'assassinated' shortly after he had got USA involved in the Vietnam war, it was for becoming a 'Great Warrior' (not to be confused with my official granduncle Aron Eidsvig who could have been Adolf Hitler, though). Hence the whole complex with my leftsided gynaecomsty could be seen as having the one and only purpose of indexing the number '37': 'Dirt is heaven' could then be the code even for the Apenes murder. Cp. also the name of what could be Eisenhower #8). If Jan Dismas Zelenka (the composer who was also a professional bass player) were held back from the public for many decades in preparation of USA for the Vietnam war, and only slowly released thereafter, I notice the 'equation' which could have been constructed at some desk:

Jan Dismas Zelenka
Ganesh Bas Relief
Bjarne's Gas Relief
Barne[t]s Gas Relief = the primal scream

They seem to play such crossword puzzles, the politicians.

It seems that the PTRSIM PIK matrix serves the game of continental Europe declaring their unwillingness to accept the quasi secret-intelligence religion from England - and the whole construction above could have had the purpose of turning a potentially false 'Kennedy identity' into being recognized as true, as for the 'integrity' of the divinity - but expressing this in an unwillingness to accept me (as if I were the PTRSIM PIK program) - and hope for a common consensus in using me as a scapegoat. But that doesnt help much! They should be able to do better than that. The world does not have to drift helplessly towards a new Mussolini + Hitler.

It is observed that if the matrix of williamses surrounding Alexander Pope were the original version of the later PTRSIM PIK program, then it may be emphasized that I am not a 'challenger' to the current prince William in England e.g. in the vain hope of being recognized as a more important PTRSIM PIK - and there is no purpose in dumping e.g. the blame for the earthquake of Port-au-Prince on me. In particular if this earthquake served to tell of what could happen with the Vatican if the PTRSIM PIK comes around. The construction could serve to make the people accept the new quasi service 'religion' from England, although most people probably do not want that.

Conclusion: If Josef Mengele murdered Apenes, and if the theory can be made that he also had been in the role of a pope, it could have been for the formula 'aPENIS' = 'a PIK' which belonged to the pope = 'PeTeR' - that is, 'PTR SIM PIK'. Since the death of Apenes+Moro meant that the theory had to take shape, it could have been for weakening the pope's authority. Paul VI was pope untill 6 august 1978, three months (92 days) after the death of Apenes. This formula PTRSIM PIK was then probably meant to be hyper secret. Is it the resurrection of Adolf Hitler which is the story?

PS The intrigue seems to make as much 'ambiguities' as they can - if Buckingham-entertainer 'Ted Hughes' = 'huge tight' is supposed to be 'falchåsen' = 'the cause of the fall', I think it is high time to tidy up in the possible agencies and representations there could be. Steering towards the terrible night, the ticketock approaches midnight - and there comes who out from behind the gardina? Stop the silly games. If this were serious politics and not intrigue, it would not have looked like this.

The chinese foreign ministry

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