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This page was opened in july 2009 and contains most of the material which formerly was on - the domain was closed in october 2009 after it was opened in 2004. seems that John F.Kennedy could have masturbated a spurt on my newborn brain in 1957 and that this can have determined the US presidential election as late as in 2020...

Articles about many things
A series of more occasional articles of various kinds

Introductory remark
Comment on why I had to write this website.

The problem is probably solved
Hitler's power has probably come to an end

About my literary work
Works I have written that wait for being published

Articles on linguistic and semiotic matters
Some articles excerpted from this list

Articles about formal aspects of language

Articles about Wittgenstein
Some articles about Wittgenstein relative to my fundamental theorem of linguistics and 20th century history

Articles about Hans-Henrik Holm

Articles about covid-19


The hungarian evidence
The linguistic evidence for the 'Pentagon' power in the Burgenland border

'Heimskringla' dated
A dating with the blue metre of the old norse sagas collected in 'Heimskringla' - traditionally taken to be written around 1225 - while my method of comparison suggests that they were written in the period 1688-1761.

Some personal data
A few words on my name and birth and my education and current status.

Poems in english language
(from my 'The Endmorgan Quartet', 2008)

Unit and harper emend
It was on earlier Chalk Farm
The end of The Endmorgan Quartet
A deep ratch
A day with a mechanic sound
Past hoizons
Two poems from 'Gentlemen'
When did it started?
The movement
The Endmorgan
Also Thule
Nay, it was just that I
A wedding way
There is Mary Magdalene
Two poems
All the shadows are good

(from 'My mention e Anna', 2012)
'Caruso' poem #10

Five poems from the 1990s
The long spiritual shawl

Poems in german language:
'Kinderhilfe' #136
'Kinderhilfe' #61
'Kinderhilfe' #74h
'Unter Gesellschaft' #30
'Unter Gesellschaft' #59
'Linien' #21
'Halb offen stand die Tür'
'Und warum, frage ich dich'
'Der Seemann'

Poems in norwegian language:
#solens pike
Savonarolas tanke

From greek:
Kavafis: 'Gefärbtes Glas'
Kavafis: 'Warten auf die Barbaren'
Kavafis: 'In einem alten Buch'
Heraclitus: All his fragments arranged into one poem
Xenophanes: All his fragments arranged into one poem
From chinese:
Ouyang Xiu: 'Lapis philosophorum'
The seasons: Four chinese folk songs
Shijing #15-16-17
Shijing #75-95
Shijing #145
Tu Fu: 'Once again in the post office'
Some chinese poems

My work is for the people, not for the administration or its intelligence services

The Endmorgan

When I led
time that is moved,
expert mountain...

But I mean 'entschuldigen'.
But there is:
Let me just consider the kind nature of your inquiry, and

But I saw
but twice other academics:

who were the metre, where I've come
my serial time.

          Nearly George

An angel

Some other articles

Earthquake URLs
Historic documents
Photos of me
Some sources


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