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John Bjarne Grover

A study of poetic revelations
Poetic revelations - relative to my own and others' poetry - a study of the basis for a poetic knowledge for a new information technology. I discuss poetic revelations in nature, matter, poetry, history, film, art, historic document and science. Of particular interest are the stories of how I found Hitler's postcard from 1924 and the structure of Acts 10 by way of poetry. It can be shown that the new poetic information technology can transmit information through eternity and hence reach remote parts of the universe. I would also say that the discussion shows that it will be possible to read lost historic documents.

A fish

Presocratic philosopher-poets
The fragments after the philosopher-poets Heraclitus and Xenophanes - and a fragment from Xenophon.

The poetic computer
And some words on cuneiform and the new dimensionality of politics - a short article

Call for invention
Are you a hobby electronics expert? Here is the call for an invention which could rescue the future of the world

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John Bjarne Grover
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