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John Bjarne Grover

Helene Grimaud's 'Water' (2015) record is also highly recommendable. I had never really understood Liszt or Janacek before I heard this recording.

Angelina Jolie's 'By the sea' (2015) is what can be called 'the perfect film'. It interprets in every instant its own semiotic conditions. The framework is a couple - he is an author who writes the book or manuscript which is the film in the course of its story - comes to a french seaside hotel, and his wife discovers a peephole in the wall which makes it possible to look into the neighbouring room where a young couple is living a happy sex life. This starts about the time when he starts writing his book - and she is the film creator who watches the life of fiction through the estrangement of the lens. It is - as suggests also the cover to the CD - possible to see this in terms of the four basic corners of 'stoic' semiotics - she is the lekton of two lenses (spectacles) of potential double truth value, he is the (semi-tragic) logos, the young couple behind the wall of fiction are the phonological or alphabetic lexis and acoustic phone of the linguistic sign. Their own matrimonial life is the 'fiction' behind the wall. Could be the film strives towards understanding the lekton without having to feel that truthfulness is challenged - and could be that is reached by the union of writer and film creator. The film is about how the film came into being and interprets itself contantly - through the lenses also of those who sees it and tries to understand it. "Stop!" she shouts in american 'STAAP!' - could be the black-and-white 'St�bchen' of the retina of your eyes or the stapes of your ears are the acoustic theme just then. The film is abstract, friendly and careful and could be called avantgarde. It can be recognized in Nelly Sachs' poem 'Hier ist kein Bleiben l�nger' from her book 'Flucht und Verwandlung', starting as follows:

Hier ist kein Bleiben l�nger
denn aus seinem Grunde spricht schon Meer
die Brust der Nacht
hebt atmend hoch
die Wand, daran ein Kopf
mit schwerer Traumgeburt gelehnt.

(21 august 2016)

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