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John Bjarne Grover

Soami Divyanand is a great indian mystic - a student at the lotus feet of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj - who has translated the indian vedas into a sensible world - it makes very much sense to a poet and is ideal for the conceptual framework of my 'Poetic semiosis'. These vedas were apparently published, or planned to be published, in 80 volumes, and I found volume 2 and 3 (published in paperback in 1987) in the summer 2012: Each verse is given in devanagari sanskrit and in transcription in latin letters and in translation word by word. It was a great joy for me to find these two volumes (Rigveda from 1-24-1 to 1-64-15) which I read with much interest, and I suppose they could have been constitutive for the semiotic theory in my 'Poetic semiosis' which I wrote mainly in the course of the autumn 2012. When I now find the full 'Vedamrit' (which probably would have run to 80 volumes if equipped with sanskrit and explanatory material as in volumes 2 and 3) on the internet, I find that the new 2008 translation is somewhat changed relative to the 1987 one.

How come Divyanand differs so totally from the standard translations which exist in large quantities and which have been inundating the western world since probably the 19th century? My guess is that immeasurable damage could have been done to the world by what looks like the great british swindle of Heimskringla and other icelandic sagas which came to be trend-setters for the modern conceptualization of the ancient world - leaving even ancient indian vedas looking like brazen icelandic stories. If it were Thomas Parnell who wrote many of the icelandic sagas, and if he also were the template for the character 'Paul Marshall' who seems to have been the 'double' briton who took Hitler's identity around 1918 for guiding the world war through under british control in Germany, it tells that WWII really could have been about driving the mocking antisemitic misconceptualizations of a british authorship of the ancient world through - for the ultimate plan of claiming british authorship also to the Bible. I guess that the reason why TV soap is called soap is likely to be from the rig-vedaen mystic concept of 'soma' - which is not so mystic on TV. The vedas are apparently currently the tumbling place for all sorts of mafioso elements in the world of international secret 'intelligence' - the 'services'. It can be urgently important to stop the further progress of the british program before all ancient treasures are removed from libraries and replaced with mocking british copies.

Divyanand emphasizes in his preface that the 'rishis' of the ancient vedas should be considered authors of revelational experiences of those days - and hence not any sort of chronicled 'saga' from battlefields or the like. This would also be the reason for the many formulaic expressions. It is easy to recognize the classic archetypes. I cannot evaluate the sanskrit, but at least the edition of 1987 is very easy to check for a person versed in sanskrit language.

An example from Rigveda chapter 10, Hymn 52, verse 6 (the 2008 internet version): Possessed of three divine forms, (the Saint) makes three purifying divine revelations flow and gives us thirty three divine revelations. The Saint gives us the wonderful divine forms. Always coming in a human body, the Saint gives (us) the divine revelations and makes us stay above to worship God. He makes the inspiring divine revelations flow inside (us) and makes us stay above.

Divyanand explains: There are 12 divine revelations of light, 11 divine revelations of sound, 8 divine revelations of soma, 1 divine revelation as Godman or competent Saint, and God Himself.

This makes much sense for the architecture of my TEQ such as outlined in my 'Poetic semiosis' (contents overview see end of this file): The fundamental forms 1) revelation function, 2) redaction function, 3) metric functions - and the 11-12 first books with their mirror images on the righthand side in books 13-16 interpret the lights and sounds and the essential book 12. The 8 divine revelations of soma could then suggest that soma be an aspect of the metric functions - including perhaps the peculiar mirror symmetries in the parallel hebrew of my books 5-8 which Shakespeare has interpreted.

The human body is an image of this architecture - revelational head or 'crown', redactional thumos-chest-heart where the man-on-wagon rests inside the nose-trunk, metric underbody or extremities, cp. also the sefirotic structure - and the socalled 'Saint' - intermediator between the human and divine - brings the primordial acoustic articulation of the poetic reality to the point where the historic reality takes shape in a bifurcation of the primordial sound (brought by the 'Logos' in other philosophies) into phonetic and logical form. Divyanand's translation seems to contain this conceptualization. (There is no reason to mix this up with the power games of 'secret intelligence' and their philosophies on 'soap' and 'soma').

Rigveda chapter 10, Hymn 52, verse 6 is translated as follows by Geldner: "Dreihundert, dreitausend und neununddreißig Götter ehrten den Agni, Sie besprengten ihn mit Schmalz, legten das Bahris aus und setzten ihn als Hotr ein", which sounds more like an excerpt from some icelandic saga.

I mention the difference between the 1987 and the 2008 editions (and Geldner's), example Rigveda 1-43-6:

Divyanand 1987 edition: The source of sound controls our swift mind and appeases the senses with its divine bliss. It should draw our soul up to reveal the sound to us.

Divyanand 2008 edition: The controlling Saint gives me the ever flowing divine revelations. With the divine revelations, he makes the path straight. The perfect guide (the Saint) gives me the divine manifestation of sound.

Geldner 1923 translation: Er schaffe Heil unserem Roß, guten Fortgang dem Schafbock und der Schafmutter, den Männern und Frauen, dem Rinde.

It may be that Hermann Grassmann was a pioneer in vedic translation - but it may also be that he was a better mathematician than sanskritologist and that his role in the traditions of translation really could relate to his role in mathematics. It is well possible that the development of british binary logic springs forth from an intrigue on his mathematical work - the 'Ausdehnungslehre' of 1844 which still could be at the heart of the political intrigue, such as by the 'labour-iotan'.

Grassmann 1877 translation (in my possession - it looks original but could of course have been 'reprinted' in 1923): Er schaffe unserem Rossen Heil und Glück dem Widder und dem Schaf, den Männern, Weibern und dem Rind.

One could speculate that the ancient vedic sanskrit contains at least two layers of meaning - one self-explanatory in the sense of Divyanand, whereby the language itself explains the principles of bifurcation which creates the form of historic time on basis of the divine revelations and at the same time the same linguistic forms (which contain this self-explanatory function) on a more surface level could contain a more normal narrative over that same historic time-forms. I cannot evaluate the surface vedic language - could be Divyanand quite simply is the most appropriate one in any case.

Whatever be the reason for these large differences in conception of the vedas, there is no doubt that the interpretation of Divyanand - at least the 1987 one - has great value not the least for those who want to construct a poetic logic.

What is the primordial sound which the 'logos' brings forth before it divides in phonetic and logical form? The recordings of Dora Deliyska could be a good example. One day I heard first her recording of Schubert '4 Impromptus' and thereafter her Chopin 'Ballade #4'. Could be this is how that mystic primordiality sounds.

Added on 20 october 2013: I also tried to order the full book version of 'Vedamrit' from a publisher, not the least to see if it were the same as the original one or if it is the one on the internet, but there have been deliverance problems. Neither can I be certain that it is about the same translation even if the name seems to be the same. The 2008 translation is considerably more 'weak' in the differentiatedness.

The idea which has arisen, although I know very little about this, is that the vedas used to be read in the 'poetic' sense of it and could be of fundamental importance for understanding poetic logic, but that this reading of them since about 1850 has been warred down by british symbolic logic. Hitler's Volkswagen was such a vedic Wolkenwagen rather than the poetic version of the vedas, and Hermann Göring (originally a british Kennedy?) was a name-variant of Hermann Grassmann. The Oslo Report could have been about turning the key in the vedic lock for the exclusive government to have some 'soma' to offer the democratic voters, and the world wars could have been for warring the original reading of the vedas down for reserving them for a small elite of power-holders while presenting the brazen wolkenwagen versions to the masses. Is it likely that the Grassmann edition which is available today is the original one? In light of this, an original reading of the vedas could be difficult to publish. Could be this is a part of the background of the differing versions?

The vedas cannot be nonsense. The phenomenon of Panini tells of this.

It could be noticed that Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj was named a spiritual leader of India some time before his death, and there is a temporal connection between his death and the murder of Indira Gandhi - a murder which also was an attack on indian spirituality by Sant Kirpal Singh. Which means that there also thereby is a connection to my name and e.g. Sandveien 4 in Molde 1957. The Vedamrit edition of 1987 which I have shows a photo of Divyanand on the front page with a slight shadow under his nose (the photo can be compared with the back page photo to my novel 'The Dreamer', which also is back page to vol.1 in the 3-volume edition), and the print of the title on the spine is so vague and undifferentiated that you can have it in your bookshelf without being arrested. It does not mean that Divyanand is 'nazi', nor that he is 'lotophagous', but it is possible that the west is so hostile to indian vedic mysticism after an angloamerican Hitler that the mysticism naturally tends to grow more and more general for each new edition. The gas attack in 'Syr'-ia could have been for a v-Eda-mer or Gouda symbolism. Putting the V in front turns it James Bond.

See the article on Jessenin and the relation between photos 2 and 5 in the last line of Jessenin's poem - with the 'RE'. I made a study of the poem 454 in my TEQ ('The boy whose moth of libbert') from book 8, including the relevance of this poem to Rig-Veda 1-27-8/9/10 whereby the poem's line "at pleasures, are tilgjengelig with forty doors" corresponds to the fragment 'PARYETA KAYASYA CHIT'. Divyanand translates this 'the pleasant (light) makes us conscious', where the CHIT (some would transcribe it CIT?) means the 'consciousness' as derived from CHI (CI) = to line up, pile up, heap up, arrange in order - as for the forty doors in layers of construction. It seems that the KAYASYA allows for a comparable composition into 'ka' + 'yasya' = 'which develops unto death' = 'til gjenge-lig', the meaning of 'screw' (by spiralling 'thread') as driving the human soul downwards. The function of the word in norwegian rather than in english is then to avoid this 'screwing unto death' since it really means 'available'. This suggests that the 40 doors are the genetic knowledge-space. I have not made much of these studies but it seems that the 1987 version allows for some interesting observations.

Translations of 'Vedamrit' exist on the internet. As far as I know, and there is no mention of anything else as far as I can see, the download is free and one does not have to take later charges for the download seriously, as far as I can determine:

but these are not the same as the original from 1987.

Added on 20 november 2013:

I found Divyanand's very interesting and poetically relevant 1987 edition in the summer 2012. I tried to search very discreetly for some information and as far as I remember there was very little about him on the internet in the autumn 2012. Also since his publishing address in Sägegasse in Herrischried in Germany seemed highly relevant to the poem 'Richtown' (TEQ #613, in book 10), I included this poem in a letter of thanks of mid november 2012. Then in january-february I got two cases of unpleasant inner sensations which I associated with the concept of 'self-sacrificing', the latest on 27 february, and the pope resigned on 28 february. I had delivered my 3-volume edition to legal deposit on 25 february. The first inner sensation was some weeks earlier. I later wrote to Divyanand's publishing house and asked for information about the big edition in 80 volumes of the vedas which is mentioned in the 1987 edition. Some time later I found that Divyanand's translation should be on the internet and downloaded them. They were in both english and german version - could be it would be permitted to speculate that it had been an act of self-sacrificing to put that much work out on the internet for free.

Then I put out on the internet the above article mentioning Soami Divyanand and Dora Deliyska (with her Schubert recording) on 21 july. I sent also an email to her. There was no answer but a female which resembled her (I dont think it was her) stopped me very briefly in the street and asked for the way to a certain address, and then quickly continued. I think this was only a few days before the story of Alois Huber (cp. 'hallo i Schubert'?) took place and was top news in all newspapers for a few days. The dramatic story seems to have been located to 'the wild one from Annaberg' which I could not avoid associating with the name of the houseletter in Rome who in fact resembles somewhat the british princess Anne and hence can be associated with 'the heart of England' which could be associated with 'Herrischried' in Germany, cp. 'Prince William Sound' with the world's second biggest earthquake in 1964 when I started school (and hence went 'John F.Kennely'). The drama started with a road control of cars. Huber seem to have shot a series of police before he barricaded himself (he had some hundred rifles and so to speak 'swam' in weapons) in his house - called 'Vierkanthof' - and the police had to use a military Panzerwagen to smash themselves in through a concrete wall in his house, where they found him burning and self-shot. (There are traces of the poem which I sent to Divyanand in the story). This was on 17 september and hence not so long before the election to parliament. What is a 'Vierkanthof'? It is true that the name Panzer was a part of the assignment of my current home to me via Wien Wohnservice, but it can be noticed also that the german national 'intelligence' is in Pullach which perhaps associates with the silbern square paper that is pulled off the top of cigarette packs - there is often a PULL printed on it. But I don't know when thery came on the internet.

It is a great pity that I have to publish on the internet whom I sent letters to. One version of the story could be that I hereby am forced to do it and that was the 'punishment' for having sent the two letters - it breaks the informational encapsulation of my person if the two letters did indeed arrive. Another could be that the german chancellor has to use the military to smash themselves in through the walls of Pullach intelligence centre in order to stop a coup. A third is that this was a part of the election to parliament in Austria - and there have, after the police car crash in 2011, been signs of a construction of a swastika around my home, which perhaps could be alarming as far as a replacement theme is concerned. It seems to have been the 'Cobra' group - anti-terrorist police - who were behind the action. A fourth is that Divyanand could have been sent by the indian government to sit in the heart of England ('Herrischried' in Germany) e.g. after the death of Indira Gandhi - and if the britons could let him work peacefully with his vedic studies there as a student of Sant Kirpal Singh (whose death date can be spotted somewhat in the death date of Indira Gandhi), things could be restored a little and India would not have to wind back to 1947. See under Mahatma Gandhi for MLR before Mahatma Gandhi's death - I think I found something similar for Indira Gandhi as well but cannot find it again. Í notice that her death normally is associated with 'Operation Blue Star' - there is a possible link to the word 'opelhore' which I made when visiting Fjellheim in his home (address resembling 'Punjab' somewhat) in Fredrikstad in the late 70's - I think it must have been around that time. The role of 'Leif Juster' in norwegian 'revy' entertainment is well known and I think he often performed along with Jens Book Jenssen who was somewhat similar to Jacques Chirac. If this background lent much power to Chirac in France, it is something. If 'fjellheim' is the key word due to this potential 'opelhore' word, it could have been about Pol Pot and plans for Europe.

As to the question whether all this is nothing and just private associations, which of course is possible, I notice the two first 'review' articles in MLR january 2013, the titles of which in theory could be suggestive of some attention to the letter I sent to Divyanand in mid november.

I am so far almost totally uncredited for my work and it is a little difficult to continue under such circumstances. There are reasons to believe that so much terrorist policies have been piled up on me as the angloamerican scapegoat - the beast of terror threatening their culture - that they probably will be tempted to keep me under the surface. There is the need for some crediting of me for my work. I am a private person with absolutely no affiliations with terror and have nothing to do with all this mythos and politics. I may be under surveillance (illegal surveillance that would be) which could lead to tapping of my work.

It remains a mystery why many countries have embassies in England. It could be this which is my problem. And then also the problem of those countries who have embassies there. But do not blame me for that! If intellectuals in a country are systematically murdered by angloamerican 'intelligence', don't blame me for those losses! It would be a great burden for the country and it does not help to blame me. What helps is to pull the embassy out. Could be that would be a Pull-ach.

But a Pull-ach name is not much worth if the centuries roll by and nothing can lead to a pullout of embassies. How many countries would not gain from pulling out - and tell the true story instead?

The standard situation could be that angloamerican agents in national disguise work with murder and such strategies in other countries and the angloamerican heros stand up against this terror and injustice against the the human race in other countries.

There is also the theory that the Vietnam and Iraq wars really were about Vienna and the plans for England as an 'andorran enclave' - with Andorra located to Vienna for a Jar connection after the Klipra connection. These plans could have been as old as the birth of Ch-omsky, for the ultimate british plans of reducing Austria to a microstate on the form of a power-muscle ring around the inner centre of Vienna. The Ch-allenger disaster could have been about this and there is the general problem of challenge of inner state of mind: Whatever you think, if you change your mind, you have lost it. This is a problem here in Vienna and people in only a remote platonic relation to me could perhaps feel it.

I do of course hope that the postal connections in and out are not disrupted. That is for the POST - and that has nothing to do with the back of the human body. See HITLERSPOSTCARD for the element of 'instigation to action' which could have been a way of couping the vedic origins - including the swastika etc. But plans about turning Vienna and Austria into a tight ring of angloamerican power cannot really be in the interests of the country.

I add that classmate Knut Stene Johansen's father (as far as I remember) worked in a clothes shop next to the metal shop (Jacobsens Jernvarer) on Stortorvet in Fredrikstad in the first half of the 70's before he opened own working clothes shop.

If the story of Alois Huber is meant to tell that only Austria, threatened with being reduced to a tight ring with a vietnamesien hole in the middle, is the only one who could leak that angloamerican agents and influence are getting too much power in other countries and therefore there is the definite danger that fascism and nazism can develop once again, and, could be even worse, that the true story will never be told, the conclusion is once again that the east can only regret it today that they were not more explicit in facts-telling while the cold war lasted. Was Indira Gandhi shot by angloamerican power because 'juster - metal - shop' was too obvious, and Chirac was real power to France? And this is all for the british enclave under 'viennesian' authority? There is one and only one problem all the time - and that is that the public has not yet got the true story. Many politicians probably believe or like to tell to themselves that the people know it all deep down in their hearts and that is what they vote for in the elections. That is not true. The people do not know what they have not been told and the politicians are given the authority to represent the people only as far as they have told the truth.

Some engineer must write the book 'Do underearth torpedos exist'? and some historian must write the book 'Were Hitler and his government british? Was the holocaust under british government?' That is not to leak secrets - it is to think before it is too late to think any longer.

On 26 november 2013, the first day with snow in Vienna this year, around 1700 local time, 1600 UTC or a little later, I was in a tram that passed Johnstrasse in Vienna when it stopped and several people stepped in - and I stepped out and went on foot homewards. Having arrived home I found that if I now look up the american Dow Jones index, it is expectedly rising already. I so did and found on some financial web page a press release telling '22 minutes ago' that Goldman Sachs was going ex-dividend tomorrow.

Added on 16 december 2013:

I must add that do not believe that Gandhi arranged the 'Operation Blue Star' for the purpose of launching the concept of 'opelhore'. Rather one can guess that if the concept were around somehow, the intrigue that led to her death could have been made in such a way as to create the impression that she did. There is the additional factor of 'Bodin' (see this article) which could have been invoked from archives after Bostad started the latin course along with me in august 1984. Could be I should add that Bostad spoke a dialect which said 'ei' instead of the common 'jeg' = 'jei' for 'I'. Some would perhaps respond to such a dialectal form with the idea that 'well, it should be easy to put a little 'j' in front, a small glide' - in which case the intrigue could have been that it should have concerned the idea of some person changing gender from female to male - and the ideas of Blair and Clinton being in some systematic relation to my two official sisters could have been the theme. For example, one could think of one of these sisters once having crossed 'Blomster-Torget' ('Flower square') in Fredrikstad - where the metal shop also was - when a passerby used the word 'opelhore' to another person in such a way that it was overheard by the female - and when she later underwent gender change and was rebuilt into Blair or Clinton, the indian Operation Blue Star could have made some impression on the organizers - since they had to face the fact that the rebuilding was known and could be made public at a later stage. But this explanation sounds farfetched for various reasons - not the least the reason that I would doubt that any such rebuilding took place at all - but clearly it could have been constructed for creating the impression that Gandhi was the one who launched it. And then the purpose with the murder could even have been to fuel the constructed idea that Blair and Clinton should have been my sisters.

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