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John Bjarne Grover

The fundamental theorem of linguistics

1. The fundamental theorem of linguistics briefly stated

2. The fundamental theorem of linguistics

3. Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics

4. The philosopher's white stone and distinctive feature theory
'Essential' matter forms ex nihilo and seems to correlate with distinctive acoustic features of spoken language

The fundamental theorem of logic/statistics

5. The fundamental theorem of logic/statistics
A fundamental theorem of statistics and logic in one single formula

6. More on the fundamental theorem of logic/statistics

The Catalan constant as the format of numerality in natural language

7. SNEEFT COEIL and the Catalan number
The article discusses a principled nexus between natural language and mathematical number.

8. The poetic number and a new divinity
The article continues the discussion from the previous article.

9. Mystic numbers

10. Arcus tangens and my master degree thesis of february 1992

11. Generalized numbers and natural language
A paper I wrote in 1993, not so very original ideas but in light of the ideas of the Catalan constant for numerality in language it is perhaps something worth

Articles combining the theorems as well as the constant

12. How language relates to logic by these fundamental theorems
It is the derivation I show here - in the relation between the two fundamental theorems - which seems to be the contents of the chinese radical 28

13. The two fundamental theorems and the Covid-19 pandemic
It seems that the covid-19 pandemic is a global interpretation of the two fundamental theorems - discussed in the context of Catalan matters

Some less important comments

14. Some comments on the article about 'Generalized numbers'

15. Probabilities summed to more or less than unity

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