Some comments on the article about 'Generalized numbers'

John Bjarne Grover

The article discusses some aspects of the 'paper' on the socalled 'Generalized numbers and natural language' which I wrote in the first half of the 1990's.

Assume that the modern global power landscape is constituted by old british (or other) swindle: Assume that e.g. 'Heimskringla' was made in England and came to be the important reason why Norway had to be re-established in 1814 - on constitution day 17 may. This reason would then (assuming the historic document was a later fabrication) have been a form of mock-by-swindle which has the effect that close connections between Norway and England make the norwegians feel ridiculous without being able to pinpoint where the problem is - and therefore they have agreed to a PTRSIM PIK scapegoat. The same may be the case for other historic documents - say, Chanson de Roland or Decameron:

D.Cameron = 'Decameron'
Theresa May = 17th of May = 'Heimskringla'
Johnson Boris = 'Chanson Door-o-Land'

The french honorcode could have been developed from such a fabrication - to the extent that Napoleon could not win at Waterloo. The Decameron is a sort of Canterbury Tales which resembles a 'ma-fi-a' like 'canter-bury-tales', while the Decameron would be a sort of 'camorra' - could be italian counterpoints to the french honocode.

In short, this theory tells that a global empire of international secret intelligence services could come to develop as a sort of global british monarchy - on basis of oldtime fabrications of historic documents. Those documents would typically sort in the intelligence archives.

This theory could also suggest that this global monarchic power could spread via terror organized by the same international secret intelligences.

But if the alleged 'Al Qaida' = 'the base' terror on US embassies in Africa 1998 and on Manhattan 2001 were for ridiculing my paper on 'Generalized number', is that really probable? The article looks rather schoolboyish and innocent and it is hard to understand how it could have been felt as a threat against the empire.

The answer would be that the 'paper' is the theoretic basis for the poems in the chapter '20 Gedichte - in September und Oktober' in my 2018 book 'SNEEFT COEIL' - and these poems describe (in principle) the numbers from 0 to 20 in such a way that they can provide the rationale for the theory presented in the 'paper' as interesting. When (and if) these 20 poems - from 1 to 20 - run in their alphabetic letter format (in the german language) through the corresponding first decimals in the Catalan constant (article under this page) in a significant correlation, that is when the theory in the 'paper' on 'Generalized number' suddenly is not so innocent and schoolboyish any longer: As soon as one has understood that the probably infinite series of decimals in the Catalan constant constitutes a language or rather infinite library of such poems, it can be concluded that the constant provides for constraints (or redundancies) in the human language that would resemble a metre such as the blue metre I have given a form in my 'POLAKK English Bloggi' (PEB). Of course if the string is infinite, every combination will occur - but for a certain practical 'lifespan' of it there will be strong historic constraints on it.

But that 'blue metre' (for a semiotic dating of texts) is perhaps the only thing which really can threaten the empire of fabricated historic documents: These documents could have been written on old paper with old ink (found in the basement of some old british artistocrat) and therefore no carbon-14 can reveal the swindle as such. How then can the power of the empire of swindle be reduced? By a safe dating via a semiotic metre such as my blue metre.

Böhme's 'Aurora' was written in 1612, tells the title leaf. Is the Aurora itself a fabrication? It can be tested with my blue PEB, written in 2009. If it is written in the year 1612, it means (2009-1612) * 0,366 = 145,302 which is PEB #146 as onset. This means that the optimal parallelism of Aurora with my PEB should start on #146 and run to the end and wrap over to 1 and up to #145: Hence the first page of 'Aurora' (or first 366th of the book) should be in parallel with #146 and the last page with #145. In my edition this means 0,1 page Aurora per line PEB. Line 3 of my poem ends with the word 'Salamère' which I look for in Böhme - it should be where I find 'Saft der Erden'. Looks good. The last line of my #145, which should be the last two lines of Böhme, is PEB 'up the ways of Marlboro' - corresponding to Aurora: 'Soll auch also bleiben stehen zu einer ewigen Gedächtnis, weil der Mangel in den andern Büchern is erstattet worden'. 'Mangel Büchern worden' = 'Marlboro'. With the poetic-phonological mystic logic that seems to prevail in this work, the conclusion seems immediately to suggest that the authenticity is proven.

The books of Moses can probably also likewise be proven as authentic, and if it be shown that most of the stories in the Decameron were written in the same year a few centuries ago, it can perhaps be proven that even this is fraud. And so forth.

I would guess that it should be easy to make a computer program that takes any text and subdivides it into 366 segments and finds the optimal semantic-phonological relevance match against my PEB and computes the offset for a precise dating of the text. I suppose such a program could perhaps even already have been made. But then of course it must count as a crime against humanity to keep such things secret. It could even count as a crime against humanity to keep my book off publication - even if some political powers perhaps feel that they thrive better without this book being available to anybody in full book form.

It would not have been possible to see this from my 'Generalized numbers' in the 1990's - but as soon as I had discovered the possible role of the Catalan constant relative to my poems in 2019, it could be understood what it was. But in the 1990's the 'empire' could have sensed it intuitively that some horrible threat against their power could have been hiding under the innocent surface of this schoolboyish 'paper' - and therefore they could have felt a subconscious panic and created this 'mock' version of it in the form of a 'sexual education' program: 'Dar is the Salaami', 'Na ir obi' - followed somewhat later by the female gender in the twin tower on 'Manhattan'. It is otherwise rather difficult to understand such a response to such an innocent 'paper'.

But wasnt that arabic terror? It is probably accepted that terror goes wrong way and therefore this terror would ultimately have had the effect of going wrong way for the program it seemed to advance. Hütteldorfer Strasse, Hütteldorfer Straße, Hütteldorfer AraBe.

Even Wittgenstein was accused of this mixmax of letters and numbers: The parents to some of his students when he worked as primary school teacher complained that the philosopher had tried to teach the children to compute with letters instead of numbers: a+b=c instead of 1+2=3. Hütteldorfer CRA-CRA-CRA.

See this file search "La Repubblica 9 february 2021" for this ad which seems to suggest the 'funny' feeling of 'sexual education' in my paper on 'Generalized number' installed into the bombing of 'Dar-es-Salaam' and 'Nairobi' ('there is the salami', 'now it is up in it') followed by the female genital allusion in the twin towers on Manhattan - for the concept or feeling of 'sexual education' in my 'paper' which the 'services' perhaps could trace to the theory of rape of the puberty boy as a sort of 'sexual education', if that is the story - while the relation to language is shown in the 'tre passita' or 'trapassati' conjugation. 'Chiara' at the 'Clai' tells of theoretic implications for this via the Catalan constant ('September und Otkober'). The hypothesis of a link to the double ear of Christ in Tintoretto is relevant (real or complex number). The ad maker is apparently excelling with privileged access to secret archives - and can offer you a taste of the upper class if you buy this sausage - but nobody has told me a word about this. This tells pehaps how urgent it could be with a 'Savonarola' renovation of the political system.

The Catalan constant - as a sort of 'innermost secret of language' - thereby compares with my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' - could be the latter corresponds to my TEQ while the Catalan constant would resemble the metres. PTRSIM PIK could have been a way of suppressing and controlling the 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' since perhaps Henry VIII's brexit from the catholic church (I dont know when this PTRSIM PIK started in 'politics' but one guesses that it is rather old). The theory thereby articulates itself that the recent british 'brexit' from the continental union could have been in the continuation of a corresponding wish or hope to preserve the potential for a global british monarchy contained in the history of historic documents.

Is there a 'pimple' on the nosewing of the 'corona' virus schoolboy?

A 'two and only two occurrences' in a text means really the synchronic co-existence of two realities turned into a diachronic succession of linguistic units - and although the error that arises therefrom is 'not so big', it is there nevertheless - and can be compared with the puzzling paradox that entropies can be based on probability summation to more or less than unity simply because it takes time to count occurrences in a corpus and the distribution could have changed a little in the course of that count. This is what History means - and that is likely to be what the Catalan constant interprets: The relation of the blue metre to the fundamental theorem. For political intrigue, that means the PTRSIM PIK - and that can be an intrigue which such administration do not want to lose.

Therefore, if the coronavirus (at the time of 'brexit') can be seen to be for getting this Catalan constant relative to human language under control, it could explain why my presence under government or not of the 1223 could be of importance for the mortality of the pandemic.

The article has discussed the complex around the 'paper' on 'Generalized numbers' from the assumption that the chapter '20 Gedichte' in my 2018 'SNEEFT COEIL' does exhibit an interesting correlation relative to the succession of decimals in the Catalan constant. Whether this correlation really is (can be) established or not, I dont know. To me, on basis of the limited comparisons I have made, it looks interesting.

"...what the Catalan constant interprets: The relation of the blue metre to the fundamental theorem". Clearly these important matters should be subject to serious studies that must be done in the open public and not in the closed circles of (international) secret intelligence. Therefore it is a little urgent with the publication of my works so that legal copies of them can be obtained and not pirate copies from the 'intelligence' etc.

Nobody says a word to me. This theory on Africa 1998 / Manhattan 2001 is my own. Somebody is responsible for this situation, if it is something. I have never agreed to anything such.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 28 may 2021