The Buckingham-Kennedy connection

John Bjarne Grover

It seems that the western border of Austria with Jungholz was settled in 1919. 'Jungholz' qua border means a 'pimple' and it seems that the pimple could have been the rejection in 1919 by Jahoda & Siegel publishers in Austria of Wittenstein's book submission - the 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung'. It is probably common to believe that this rejection was the reason for the holocaust - the sealing of judaism. It would have been the 'Logisch-Philoso-Fische' which settled the eastern border in 1919. I guess that the borders of Austria were settled after the rejection of Wittgenstein's book.

A part of the mystery could have been that it was called Jungholz because I as the next PTRSIM PIK would live in Austria and then the country would get the chance to repair the damage by receiving my authorship well instead. It may be that they have lost the chance - by giving in to the temptation to turn it into power instead?

Prince Philip of England was born in 1921, two years after 1919. There is a potential link to Jungholz in his name on the form 'filip-prinsen' = 'filipensen' = norw. for 'the pimple'.

This is what I assume is a Buckingham-Kennedy connection:

My official father in the 1960's, who could have been Josef Mengele from Auschwitz, was replaced with a copy in the late 1960's. There was no doubt about this but his wife didnt recognize the difference. Next we moved to Fredrikstad, Kongensgate 8, and it may have been the parents who asked the elder sister to make potato balls for dinner. 'På teit O balls' could mean 'homo'. Who was the 'homo'? Well, the official father was 'homo' in the sense of 'copy'. I do recall one day she went across the kitchen floor that she was a little 'new', dressed in frock, but she was turning into a young woman and that could have been the phenomenon. It was around the same time that the class at Trosvik school had seen film in the basement, just visavis the school dentist, and in the next lesson it turned out that the scheduled teacher was ill but 'Zimmermann' would serve as standin. (I think his name was Robert or Steinar Zimmermann, hence a near name-sake of Bob Dylan). He was not prepared, he said, but we could go down into the basement and see a film - in the same room, that would be. While he was fumbling with the keys to get the door up, he told everybody to go into that other room and fetch chairs since there were no chairs in the film room. - But there are chairs, said I - we were there in the previous lesson. - No there isnt, he said, everybody go get chairs. Pupils were already coming with chairs, I repeated the fact - then the door, after much fumbling with the keys, went up and the room was full of chairs. Zimmermann was that day a bad loser and lost his temper, and, because I was right, he grabbed my neck and pushed my head down to hip region, as for a 'self-suck' posture, and led me in this ducked-down posture down the corridor (I peed in the pants on the way) and threw me out the door. I had to be outside during the film lesson. Of course this looks a little arranged today - as for telling that if I wanted 'chairs' or 'cheers', I should bow my head down to hip region.

It probably meant that I had to agree to such self-suck - could be for avoiding catastrophies such as replacement of more family members with 'homo'. I therefore did agree to the terms and did some such self-sucks in late 1971. I have no reason to believe that the elder were a copy of herself, though.

If the new father were John Jensen, such as he claimed - he told that he was born John Jensen in 1916 but had changed to John Grøver in 1946 (although it is possible or probable that the first had said the same - and, of course, an explanation to the story could have been that Jensen was 'sitting' for 13 years, from my birth untill the late 60's, while a reasonably similar standin had the job), this young self-suck would have been a sort of 'Filip Jensen' = 'filipensen' = norw. for 'the pimple' = 'Jungholz'. 'Humblepension'. This would have been the link to Buckingham - via me qua PTRSIM PIK. And where does that attach to Kennedy?

Here is my translation of Shijing #37:

Foxy tail comes creeping,
wipes from side to side,
father's brothers sweeping -
Will the days abide?

Why is it abiding
the dignity of life
while it is still hiding
what is east of wife?

Foxskin frock of warfare,
trampcart not his own -
like the father's brothers
divide the place as shown.

Foxtail as its brothers
zigzag bogey bear:
Father and his brothers
laugh like monkey ear.

The foxy tail wiping back and forth is the self-suck symbolism, and the 'east of wife' probably means a left-sided gynaecomasty: It may have been common folk mythology that such a gynaecomasty comes from attempts to self-suck - since it is a fact of the human physiology that one has to hold both hands on both heels to make it, but then the erection goes under the chin. However, it is possible with some 'technology' such as a shoelace suspended between the two hands, around the erection. But can it be done without technology? If you try to hold one hand on one heel and steer the organ into the mouth with the other hand, it is very difficult to get the head low enough, even if you put your other foot against a wall. In general, the conclusion is that without technology you will end up in a slanting posture - could be a la a one-legged frog trying to swim - and folk mythology could have taken this to be the 'origins' of the left-sided gynaecomasty. But this is not right, tells Shijing #37: The real reason is, as the poem seems to tell in its chinese characters with their multiple meanings, that the 'uncle' who masturbated on your opened brain some days after your birth was a Great Warrior. If he had not been a Great Warrior but only a normal uncle, there would not have developed a leftsided gynaecomasty at puberty age. This is a secret which is hard to establish - but the ancient poem seems to have got it from somewhere and can tell it to you.

'Foxskin frock of warfare' could be the white spot at the root of my penis in the 1970's: Could be Indira Gandhi's white spot in her black hair told some news about this. The terror in Vienna in the evening before presidential election day in USA on 3 november 2020 was at the bottom of Rotenturmstrasse, or not far from the jewish synagogue a little to the side of that bottom - could be where the white spot was, a la a 'foxskin frock of warfare'.

My theory tells that this essential role of the Great Warrior is contained in the interval between the publication date 5 january 1957 of the Eisenhower doctrine and the birth of the Great Warrior called Albert of Saxony - that interval is 1223 months, weeks, days - and when this doctrine seems to encode the 'octogon', as is my evaluation, it is these stories that provide for the link to me (plus the 1223 etc). Example could be the end line of point III: 'The United Nations can always be helpful, but it cannot be a wholly dependable protector of freedom when the ambitions of the Soviet Union are involved' - which could compare well with a 'Strange Yu Lation'.

The theory continues with telling that this role of the Great Warrior was the reason why Kennedy got USA involved in the Vietnam war - and no sooner had this happened, he was shot - either by other US interests or as a theatre for going elsewhere. The Vietnam war would for USA have been this 'great warrior' role. That means Shijing #37 - whether the ancient poem be right or not. However, it is likely that the factual reason for the development of the leftsided gynaecomasty would have been in the scissoring of the lower righthand occipital lobe during the assumed head opening in 1957 (with, as goes the theory, Kennedy present): I have guessed that this gives reason for such accumulation of fat under the leftside nipple, but know little about this. This factor would have been contained in the 'doctrine' of Eisenhower. The beginning of this file suggests why 'Shijing 37' could have been the purpose with the Eisenhower doctrine - including the publication date 5 january 1957 which resembles 'san-shi-qi' = '37'.

In conclusion, it may be that the Eisenhower doctrine preheralded the Vietnam war via the concept of 'self-suck' of me as PTRSIM PIKs - and this would then have been the connection to Buckingham not the least via the Burgenland border and its 'anglophony'.

In short, the Buckingham-Kennedy connection is contained in me as PTRSIM PIK. It is likely that the traditions of PTRSIM PIKs could serve to maintain such liaisons etc.

It is understood that the investments in the Vietnam war meant that I could not really escape neither the self-suck nor the octogon.

But Eisenhower was a republican. Does that make sense? Could be the Eisenhower doctrine mainly served to leak the project - in such a way that the plans in advance were documented for later times. (For example, it could mean that the 'octogon' was preplanned and inavoidable and hence a heavy burden on my life - but the doctrine drained the program somewhat of its powers). But it is also possible that the doctrine tells of an inherent american involvement in the anglophonic Burgenland border program - including Pentagon of 1943. I dont know how involved the republicans are. Furthermore, Kennedy could have been an offspring from international secret intelligence interests, as a sort of international liga of unconstitutional power, who could have integrated into the US democrat party at that time and managed to come (including the british-liaison interests) all the way into the White House - and it is not self-evident that these interests would have continued in the same way in the decades since. See my article on the possible theory of the Kennedy names being rooted in the typography of Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch' of 1926 - while both John F. and Robert F.Kennedy were born before 1926. The theory tells that there is a 'graffiti' pattern that tells the names in the typography. When Kennedy was shot in Dallas in 1963, the shot came from a window of a library in a school - or was it the toilet in the boys school.

The theory therefore exists that the 'liaison' in question could be one of the british monarchy along with the international secret intelligences around the world - but this I know little about.

Another theory says that the only essential link to Buckingham would be in the name of prince Philip along with the Jungholz function - and a self-suck strategy of 1957 could of course have been invented without the involvement of Buckingham (unless, that is, it was the reason for the name in a Jungholz strategy preplanned already in 1921 - or even 1919).

Prince Philip recently died - and it would be no wonder if the international secret intelligences now start cooking up plans of launching a female for me - and then later claiming that I have been in bed with the 'better half' of the british monarchy. What an insult from the jewish genetics that would have been! And there the international liga could start making plans of a revenge for protecting the honour of the british monarch - a new holocaust! The recent problems with the post (coup in Burma?) could be about such things - if the post doesnt function (I sent money from Venice but it seems that the envelope did not arrive in Vienna) then the pension will eventually disappear - if my 'life certificate' does not arrive, they will send a request and if that leads to nothing, the pension will be stopped, is the normal routine - and what do you do without money, John? There are people starving to death even here in Vienna. Isnt it better to jump into bed with the charming chance?

And what a punch on that Beirut bomb. But a 'Sursock' could mean a 'surpomp på tronen', so maybe the idea isnt so good. ('Surpomp on the throne' - I may have intuited this from Soami Divyanand).

It follows from this that the ÖVP factor of 1223 is substantial and that a rather big power field is built up around my person as PTRSIM PIK. The overall conclusion is likely to be that the PTRSIM PIK power phenomenon is an attempt of protestantism to get the fundamental theorem of linguistics under their control. This reduces religion to a sort of 'psychology'.

This principle of global power seems to be divided into two camps:

1) Those who find their liaisons constituted by the role (of probably an abuse story) of my person

2) Those who oppose me because they believe that Buckingham-Kennedy 'intelligence' power is me

In actual fact it means that all politicians could meet and unite in the battle against little me. And nobody dares to say the name or come out with the story of PTRSIM PIK. The whole problem is, though, solved very easily - by simply telling the story of PTRSIM PIKs since Wergeland or Pope or Henry VIII or whenever it started and the role assigned to me (against my will and knowledge). The threat of a putsch in Burma could have been the reason why the story has not been told yet - but now there has been a putsch in Burma because the story wasnt told yet - and hence it is time to tell it. The system of PTRSIM PIK is not democratic - unless it be told out loud.

Added 13 april 2021: There were a few self-sucks in late 1971 (could be 'auto-fellatio' is the technical term - cp. the 'Kartoffel-Bälle' that the elder sister made and the socalled TOEFL test of english language), and after the socalled 'octogon' was completed in the summer 1982 (plus some ado with Stray in late 1982 or early 1983), I moved out to Austmarka on the border to Sweden in the summer 1983 and had another few self-sucks there, as if to reboot own authority. I do not remember now when the news of the arrest of Arne Treholt emerged, but the internet now tells that he was arrested in january 1984 (on his way to Vienna) and that the investigations started in 1982. That is probably wrong: It was long ago that it became clear that the investigations had started on 17 may 1983, the day when there was a graffiti outside my home, the word 'SVIN' sprayed on the asphalt just outside the house, and two phalluses in the nearest or next-nearest road intersection. The 'octogon' had been very easygoing untill the last (Eisenhower doctrine VIII that would have been) was completed, then it suddenly became very difficult. If it were understood that my new self-sucks of 1983 were an attempt to regain own authority, it could have been what prompted the Arne Treholt case ('Jungholz' would then have been the name) in a counterattempt to contain this regained authority: Treholt suffered a sentence of 20 years in prison for 'spyin' and was released after 13 years. He claimed that they used 'Gestapo' methods in the police interrogation. He admitted to have been somewhat in the shady zones of the cold war but otherwise that he was rather innocent and his russian contact Gennadij Titov said he was not an agent. Treholt had made an exceptionally fast career and was already 'byrå-sjef' (probably 'assistant secretary') in a ministry. It is not probable that they had computed the repeated self-sucks in advance - if they had, they could have made this 'Jungholz' for containing the rebooted authority. It is perhaps more probable that the secret intelligence made this 'project' of sacrificing the promising career and offered this chance to Brundtland - and if she grabbed it, that would have increased their control.

There was also the spy case against Gunvor Galtung Haavik who was arrested on 27 january 1977 and died in her cell in august that year - not long after I had started working in the library in the summer and the octogon started with 'Larsen'. One can speculate that the reason for these claims of her 'spyin' could have been in the finnish poet Paavo Haavikko's 'Winter Palace' of 1959 - the name would be suggestive of 'father we dont have' (in which case the 'gunvor' would have been about 'e må pisse' vs. me peeing in the pants when thrown out by Zimmermann) - while 'winter på Larsen' could have been about possible plans of the flooding on Rekustad while I had 'moved over' to Larsen in the winter. There could of course have been a '-ko' in her name with co-reference to Treholt on the other side of the 'octogon', and there had been the attempt on the pope in the mean time. If, therefore, Treholt's quick career started around the time of Haavik's arrest, it could have been for framing the octogon.


Simon, R.: "Shijing. Das altchinesische Buch der Lieder". Chinesisch/Deutsch. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Rainald Simon. Reclam Bibliothek 2015.

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