The Octogon

John Bjarne Grover

The article discusses the idea that the 'octogon stories' 1977-82 could have been contructed for lending much global weight to the concept of 'entertainment' that could be associated with it.

The Octogon was 8-9 stories of triangular character in the period 1977-1982. It is possible that these had been prepared via the official parents throughout my life - and I have fancied that the real principle could be a swap function from e.g. the 'secret intelligences' (or something like that) with me - so that 8 hypothetical transgressions in the form of child abuse in the critical phases of my development (bodily, psychologically, socially) in the years up to own authority at 18 would swap around on these 8 cases of triangular character wherein I would be in the role of the third part who intruded in an improper manner into the institution of marriage or established sexual relations (mates). The principle would be defined by 'penis-inside-vagina' as significant of the overstep - it would correspond to the theory that cortical fissures in the brain are bridged when the electricity-carried information impulse ferries across it by paradoxical convention or institution rather than going around the fjord from cell to cell - then the stability of knowledge in the society is held intact by the marital institution and if an alien third intrudes it can lead to chaos of knowledge. (This understanding of marriage looks perhaps a little outdated today but was probably planned to be a part of the 'cognitive revolution' from the 1950's - with the ideas of 'recursion' in language etc). For the secret intelligences (or whoever were involved) these 8-9 stories could have been planned to be a tool for manipulating opinion and creating power.

'He pulled the drawer' could be the story of me pulling the bedside table of Grøver/'Mengele' in the late 60's: Why did I pull it? It is well possible that they had made some intrigue for making me do it - and hence the force in my right hand that pulled the drawer was conducted by the intrigue from the 'services'. Writing with a 'blyant' = 'pencil' could be to 'pull the drawer'.

If e.g. John F.Kennedy masturbated on my brain in july 1957, there exists the mythos that his ejaculation went too high and above my exposed brain - 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' and things like that - and there was not enough time to repeat it. They could have used a teaspoon to collect it from the floor and pour it onto my brain. If this were the story, the mistake could have been felt as quite disastrous for the planned global power project. One can construct the theory that Kennedy before he exited in 1963 planned 6 brave expeditions to the 'moon' - only one of these failed, the other five hopped around up there with much admiration and glory from the global attention. This could even have been constructed for repairing the failure when it went across - one went across but 5 succeeded. If this should be the story, then the global attention to the 'entertainment' would have been quite extensive.

In 1970-71 the family lived in 'Kongensgate 8' in Fredrikstad - 'kongen ska te 8' = 'the king must to 8'.

The year 1975 started with a disease 'mononucleosis' that can be seen to be the name of my first girlfriend 'Mona Arnesen', while the second disease some weeks later was 'throat abscess' which could be the name of the second girlfriend 'Mai Kosberg' in the sense of the self-sucking ('gape-nes') which I probably had been lured into in the autumn 1971. It could correspond to the woman in the window of the 'wigwam'. (How they made this I have not yet had confirmed - one theory is that my elder sister could have been replaced with a copy in the spring 1971 while my best friend was called Roy Andersen - but this is likely to be just modern mythology - another theory could suggest that they used much 'g-words' for making the 'gape-nes' - see below). 'Mona Amesen' would then mean also the leftsided gynaecomastia. A throat abscess is easy to take with antibiotics, but maybe they did not have any antibiotics or whatever was the reason, they could not get the throat abscess down - and therefore Grøver/'Mengele' drove me in to Oslo to a specialist in a private suburban basement - he tried to open the abscess with his tools but did not succeed - this torture lasted for some time before he had to give up. The name of the third or fourth girlfriend was 'Mette Krøtøe' which could have meant this story - in the interpretation 'satiated through with tortoise'. A fourth or rather third girlfriend 'Erna Hauge' always kept her underpants on, could be she had planned to marry - I dont remember if this was before or after Mette - probably before. (I did not get my doctorate degree in 1998 so I was left with my MA).

By the Eisenhower doctrine, which even could have been published for leaking the names of the project as early as 1957 before I was born, it can be guessed that the octogon was a program of global extension. If the females of the octogon generally were a generation or so older than me, a certain 'cougar' role could be included - possibly the idea of hanging the young man upside down from the ceiling for a tapping (how?) of collected 'sperm' (as from a PTRSIM PIK since the times of Jesus) - and this posture or tapping act could perhaps be another variant of 'enter-tain-ment'. I do not suspect any of them of having done that with me - but the idea could attach to a generation gap. I here list the relevant names and discuss their possible relation to the concept of 'entertainment':

Intro - 'Laila'. She was the girlfriend of my friend and classmate 'Trygve Tveterås' - her origin was a little mysterious - I think she came from another town - there was a party in the home of 'Junne', another classmate, in the Old Town in late 1973 (if not early 1974), and Laila pulled me by the arm to go for a walk with her in the winter moonlight. We went down on 'vollane', the mounds surrounding the old town, and she opened my fly and try to get my penis up but it was not willing. After some minutes Tveterås appeared on the mound above us - as if drawn to the place by some inner magic. She had manipulated my organ but it was quite unsuccessfully. I have guessed that this could have counted as a test - if I were willing to enter into such a triangular story they could run the program, otherwise the year 1975 would be used to soften me enough for the collaboration anyhow. The manipulation had been at the waterside on the mounds just on the other side of the house to Inger Johanne Apenes (the old mother of MP Georg Apenes - cp. 'g-or[d] gape-nes') who was murdered by a knife in the night to 6 may 1978 - when I was to a party in the house next door and Aldo Moro was found dead in the back of a car in Rome I think 3 days later. A bad sense of the word 'enter-tainment' is this story of the old mother. (Tveterås not long after we had become acquainted in school in the autumn 1973 sent me a folded paper - from hand to hand through the class - wherein he called himself 'Heartbreaker'. I think it had text outside 'This side up', 'Use no hooks').

I - 'Karen Anne Axelsen' (later changed to 'Tulla Elieson' - could be the first form was 'Anne Karen' which is more natural for a name). She and her mate (could be they later married?) Terje Resell later built a house at Vaterland on the lower side of the Old Town, just down from the mounds where Laila had taken me, or rather from where the high school party had been. Their house was next to 'Movig-Gården' of Terje Westfoss - could be this is why I associated Westfoss with Karen Abdul Qassem, once state chief of Iraq: That was probably a farfetched association but the names are suggestive. 'Tulla Elieson' suggests 'joked/jested [about] a liaison'. I have not been able to guess a related identity to hers. 'Axelsen Anne Karen' could perhaps mean 'enter-t-ain-men-t'.

II - 'Tordis Skjærven Søderlind' (she had been married to Ragnar Søderlind) - the name seems to be the undertext of many if not all of the poetic lines which Anne Sexton wrote. She was from Boston, like Sylvia Plath. The Søderlinds were separated when I spent a night with her.

III - 'Jette Råboe [or 'Raabo'?] Larsen' (married to a 'Reinvang') - she was a danish librarian and the first of the 8 stories (after 'Laila'). I had returned from Haugsvik in the summer 1977 and looked for a job in the Fredrikstad district and got a temp job as library assistant in the music department at the library where she was the librarian. She had been married to a brain surgeon called Reinvang at Sunaas hospital at Oslo (where later FM Johan Jørgen Holst was treated after he had been shot by an intruder) - they were separated and she claimed that another woman had already moved into her once bed. The divorce papers would come any day, she later told me. If there were some pushing I dont remember, but the relation did not start before my official mother had entered the music department before opening time in the morning for some errand - knocking on the door, being let in by me. I then lived in the old house of Rekustad next to Simon Walther Hauge - it was an old wooden farmhouse with a kitchen tap with cold water and little insulation. In the winter 1977-78 I had moved over to her but had to take a look at the house now and then - once I came there the kitchen floor had been soaked with water that had frozen to ice and the kitchen tap and sink was full of ice. (In those days the winters were long and cold - nowadays there is not much left of that). This was after the Modern Language Review of october 1977 had its first title "A new Reynold - Milnes letter: Were there two meetings between Keats and Coleridge? By Donald Lange". Raino Malnes had been in another class at Frydenberg High School - and the 'kitchen coldrinse' looks very relevant to the leak in the old house of Rekustad. A house flooded with water - that sounds like the program on the chinese emperor - as if by 'recursion' = 'Rekustad'. Could Jette be associated with Janis Joplin - or would it at most have been about a 'danish doubling'? There are not much reason to believe that it was the same person but clearly the element of 'entertainment' could be present in some story elements. The house that had been flooded for some days or even weeks later needed to have its bottom carrying wooden beam (at least at the kitchen side) replaced (or maybe the new owner chose to renew the whole house) - that beam would have been about the 'entertainment' of the house. I dont remember if it were me - my right arm and hand - that 'pulled the drawer' or rather turned the kitchen tap when the pipes were frozen - then there would have come no water but I suppose I would have closed it again - or if somebody else could have done it. If the termperature rose the water could then have started running untill it froze again. I suppose that if this element had high priority in the construction, if I had not opened it somebody else could have done it. I dont suspect Raino Malnes, though. If the house in Szolnok is supposed to collapse because of water in the adobe, the question will be if the water came from pipes hidden inside the walls or if it could have come into the wall from a badly maintained roof gutter at the eaves: Such 'rain water' at the 'wall' = 'vang' could be suggestive of the name of her husband.

IV - 'Ayo Jardar' (married to a 'Jardar') - there are arguably traces of this name in some of the lyrics of Jimi Hendrix ('axis of the heart' and things like that). That is entertainment. Her husband worked at the school called 'Åttekanten' = 'the Octogon' on the archipelago Hvaler outside Fredrikstad. She had left him - I think they were separated - when we met in the Old Town.

V - 'Kirsten Ribu' - her mother was TV news presenter in the one and only channel that existed in those days and her uncle was prime minister Trygve Bratteli. No sooner had we met, he published his memoirs 'Prisoner in night and fog'. Her cousin, daughter of the PM, was Marianne Bratteli, a wellknown artist represented in the national gallery and things like that. Marianne was a catholic and had decided to leave it all behind and go for a life in a french monastery - I was to her goodbye party - but she returned some weeks or months later, having been forced to give up the project. 'Dream Orison' it could be called - it was butte dream. If so, then the mother news presenter could have been in a role of a 'J morsom'? It is perhaps possible to see traces of the name of Jim Morrison (of the music group 'The Doors') in this story. 'Dås[e]' means 'box', sometimes it means 'vagina'. Kirsten had been married to a bulgarian illustrator whose married status was essential for his residence permit, if I got it right - they had been married for a while in her flat when she wanted to leave him but he did not want to move away from her flat, I think this was the situation when we met.

VI - It is possible that this #6 is supposed to be me, the '666'. I had been with Wenche Stray in late 1981 and early 1982 when it occurred to me that a story with Herdis Eggen (see VIII below) could not be avoided. After the story with Eggen was over I contacted Stray again - the reason should have been that I had not really intended to break off the relation - when I arrived to her flat there were two cups on the table and I got the chance to understand that there could be a third person - who turned out to be an american dancer called 'Lee'. I later contacted him for presenting my apologies and he said he had been in the same situation. Could be the story is that element VI is 'me' - 'a marry can dancer'? I had met Stray on 'Club 7' when she said 'Skal vi danse?' = 'shall we dance', 'would you like to dance'? ('Skall[e]-vi[d]' = 'broad skull'). She was educated carpenter but later took an education in psychology - I once met her in an Oslo street when she was on her way to an educational skull opening - to see the brain they otherwise studied academically.

VII - 'Tonje Kolle' (married to Per Aanonsen - I think they were married - I was in fact not totally certain of her family name but if they were married it could have been 'Aanonsen', I thought, but later got it updated to 'Kolle') - this name could mean the 'Ton' and the 'J onanism' for the water at Rekustad - or hypothetically in the adobe walls of a house. She does or did in fact resemble Sylvia Plath somewhat - Plath's poetry seems to encode this name in its poetic lines. If the whole octogon were about Ted Hughes as the queen's entertainer in the role of poet laureate, then it could be the most important name. There was a very brief sexual intercourse with her - I was not really interested but she waved my pocket knife (how did she get hold of it?) which she would not give back to me unless I agreed to a sexual intercourse. This was probably not so long after the murder of Inger Johanne Apenes.

VIII - 'Herdis Eggen' (married to Torleif Grue) - is daughter of a wellknown norwegian poet Arnljot Eggen. The idea that Herdis was away for a while when Saul Bellow was rebuilt for a while and took her place as a copy for some months is of course somewhat farfetched - but the idea is of course possible. I remember that she told me that she had a sister called Hjørdis. Bellow's 'Bellarosa connection' was published in 1989, one year before the second Gulf war broke out - there was a white spot on my 'penis-root of connection' which seems to have been the possible clue to the two Gulf wars. But he seemed to have intimate knowledge of things which other people had not - of course there could have been surveillance there. Once she refused to leave and I had to grab her by the arm and lead her to the door ('en dør tain-ment'?) - the next time she had blue marks on the arm and claimed that they came from pressure from me, which I doubt. 'He had a firm grip on the situation', writes Bellow. What sort of 'soul below'? An dirt ainment? There is also this idea of a body under an adobe house - an old emperor? But to believe that Bellow was off in rebuilt form to Oslo for some months while Eggen was away for some other errand is probably to take it a little far - the idea is rather something that could have been used for the marketing of Bellow's book, of course. There is more about this in the article 'Is there a new Mussolini in the making?'

IX - 'Ellen Berger' (married to Pål Danielsen) - the idea that she could have been a rebuilt Marianne Moore in that single night when I knew her is possible from that point of view - see the same article 'Is there a new Mussolini in the making?' for some further details. There was also a burglary in my house in Szolnok - a burglar entered and carried out some values and left with them.

Conclusion: It is not impossible that the entire 'octogon' story or 'project' (if organized) in the years 1977-82 was centered around the concept of 'entertainment', in which case it is not impossible that Ted Hughes (husband of Sylvia Plath - see VII) could be considered the peak of importance there - as the selected entertainer of the monarch of England in his later role as poet laureate. He was poet laureate when I sent my application with the poem 'La corona' to the norwegian research council - and princess Diana died.

The discussion is continued somewhat in this file.

Added on 5 february 2020: If Austria turns around on itself like two lapis philosophorums then 'Bregenz' = 'Brno', cp. the idea of 'Eggen' relative to 'Bellow' - and hence 'Br-Eggen-nz' relative to 'Br-Aano-nsen' (and thereby 'Plath') - hence also Grue relative to Hughes - and hence roles could turn around also relative to the entertainment of the poet laureate.

Added on 7 february 2020:

To this must added that the three Eidsvig brothers Aron, Bernt and Bjarne could well have served the function of the three dimensions in the Vollkornbrot - the horizontal, vertical and enveloping. Bjarne Eidsvig was running the oyster farm on Vågstranda - if this were an 'intelligence' or 'security' project it could have been for the combined meaning of 'oysters' as 'secret intelligence' and 'Austria' - for just that Bregenz/Brno. How many oysters he sold, I dont know - he went bankrupt on his 70th birthday, being indebted mainly to the danish creditor 'Tage Pris', as he told me. When he married Laura Devold (probably in the 1920's), she had a large fortune (a la Wittgenstein?) after her father's knitting factory established in 1852 - her father was allegedly one of the richest in the country, the fortune being divided among his children (Laura and her siblings). If Aron Eidsvig were Adolf Hitler after the war, his 'project' is well known. What Bernt was doing I dont know. It is probable that all the brothers lived in or near 'Klipra' - Aron lived in 'Voldsdalen' just next to Klipra, I think it was. The Vollkornbrot made by two 'lapis philosophorums' in three dimensions can also be recognized somewhat in the name of 'Thorleif Grue'. A 'grue' is fireplace - it associates somewhat also with 'arne', cp. also the name of 'Arne Treholt'. 'Ted Hughes' = 'Edward James Hughes' is a name that can reduce to 'de[t] var J me[d] suges' = 'it was J with sucking' - hence the self-suck factor. Cp. also the recent division of Sudan in 2011. I notice the woman in the low window in the 'wigwam'. Grøver/'Mengele's signature for 'John Grøver' looked somewhat like 'Wigwam'.

Clearly if this (the Eidsvig factor) were for making 'Austria' (with new borders of 1919) as a 'Vollkornbrot', then the following phonological similarities may be observed:

Breg-sit - EU-no (by BREXIT)
Breg-sil-UP = Black Sea Loop
Breakins = the burglaries, cp. 'Ellen Berger' potentially on the 'octogon'

Clearly if BREXIT is a responsibility claim (or at least comments) on a Black Sea Loop, it is no small matter. I have fancied that such a chain of horror from Turkey at the Van See around the Black Sea towards Paris, for example by terror striking against an address where there lives a person with a name which selects the next address etc untill the chain has reached Paris, will spread an 'under-earth panic' which, when the swastika turns 90 degrees down on Italy, will cause an impulse from Sicily to Italy Nord (towards Paris) of 'over-earth pane-ic' = the collection of 'fascies' that was Mussolini's fascism. This could then have been a part of the construction of nazism in Germany - by Hitler from Austria. To follow up the role of Wittgenstein, postwar history has seen the role of the Kennedys, also relative to me - such as in the potential construction of ÖVP in Austria from 1945 onwards.

In short, it is possible to see this as a 'triangle' consisting of the kingdom of England, the Kennedys as potentially international 'intelligence power' (that at least in those days largely controlled the US democrat party), and Austria as the third part of this triangle of unconstitutional postwar power - sharing interests more or less with royalist interests. Aspirations for world control under the british throne is a possible analysis on the background I have outlined here - and then it is not impossible that Hitler's program were a part of that, at least as far as the austrian corner is concerned.

What clearly must be avoided is the construction of a Black Sea Loop from Van Sea towards Paris. Were Hitler's Wannsee conference about this? (My speculations that Bjarne Eidsvig could have been Eichmann during the war are based on very meagre data). The 'Burglaries' of my house in Szolnok clearly could have been for making such a chain.

Conclusion is that if England were involved in the construction of Hitler's work leading up to WWII, it is important that this be brought to daylight now and the whole history be brought down to earth - rather than an escalation of it by another turn of the same. If BREXIT relates to these things it should mean the first of these alternatives, the dissolution of such unconstitutional security power control, rather than the second, the escalation of it.

Syria looks on the map like a lapis philsophorum seen from behind -

Syria on the map
(source 'Microsoft Encarta')

Outline of the white stone

The stone back side mirrored

(the illustration is an excerpt from this file)

which means that the terror in Syria 2011-2018 could have related to a potential role of a Black Sea Loop. Could it even have been for making that (illusion of) an identity between the names of Grue and Hughes - including the division of Sudan in 2011?

It is high time that any links of England with this historic complex be brought to public daylight. And then any surveillance data on me as 14 years old (autumn 1971) sucking on own erection is not interesting, nor is the uncivilized mythomaniac idea that this should be the reason for all the history and tragedies: What rather could be of public interest is how they made the young person do that - also the question whether the parents were 'secret agents' for national or international intelligences including such tasks. The alleged 'landing on/in the moon' in 1969 (in a program made by Kennedy) were not for such reasons? It should be possible to bring these historic things to daylight without stepping on my dignity. (Ah, I may have to mention that I also volunteerily did a few such uninteresting sucks at age 25 - could be for bringing my sexual authority under own volition - soon after the 'octogon' was completed). I am not royal and it is no reason that one must protect 'royal dignity'. But it may be that the public status of other people could come to be altered somewhat. The public interest must be brought off my person (although my work could be of public interest) - and historic scrutiny rather be changed onto those who made the conspiracies for it.

Added on 12 february 2020

If there are two main strategies - for the 2011 division of 'Su-dan' = 'self-suck' and the 2011-2018 terror in Syria = 'nose-pick' - it can be observed that Regula Benedicti fragment 212 Caput XXXVI 1 Infirmorum cura ante omnia et super omnia adhibenda est ut sicut could include the option of 'infirmus' = 'ill' ('syk') or 'mentally ill' ('sinnsyk') for the 'self-suck' of Sudan and 'hura' = 'the whore' (for Syria) for the idea of counted nose-picks - since every report on a picked nose could classify as illegal espionage and hence could call for economic compensation to the victim of such surveillance, something which could make the pick lucrative and grant a 'reason' to it - hence it is the 'prostitute' who picks the nose for earning money therefrom. This adds to the idea of an 'inseparable union' of Ragna Grøver as 'Madonna' and me as the 'Je-sus' - a union that could have been engineered by an 'intelligence project' of Madonna being the 'intelligence' sadist and Je-sus being the maschochist who loves to be harassed on a world wide scale by the 'intelligence services' - but that would have been their program, not mine!- although it certainly could lead to substantial sums of money paid to me in compensation - but that would mean that I am not a maschochiste after all and the 'intelligence' services would perhaps not like that). As far as a nose-pick harassment program is concerned, it can be added that the younger sister Tone Helene Grøver has a hair of the type which is common on 'Pelopponnes' - a geographic name which in norwegian could be very suggestive of the idea of 'picking the nose' and hence her birth in 1961 could also constitute a proof that this strategy was planned in advance - but how could they be so certain I would pick my nose? The logic could be that persons who were opened soon after birth lose the normal social feedback mechanism which makes tax-paying easy and a 'lucrative investment' socially (leading to good friends and goodwill from society) - but early-opened people lack this mechanism and the social profits from this otherwise 'lucrative investment' of tax-paying goes to somebody else (a politician, for example, who thereby wins the election) and therefore tax-paying and other social contributions can lead to the opposite - simply social expulsion, and hence such victims are often 'on the street' and live a life as social misfits while the 'early opener' earns much money and goodwill - hence the possible 'intelligence project' pretending that the 'Je-sus' on the street should be just thrilled about this. The idea is therefore that in the despair of lack of sensible feedback (a despair which derives from the natural difficulties in whipping up 'justified wrath'), such victims could tend to develop a habit of trying to guide the social goodwill back to own subject by way of a suggestive movement of the arm towards the nose or even the region where the early masturbator left the evidence - therefore they try to create an artificial mechanism by way of a finger to the nose, close to the locus of the material with the explanatory force. If, therefore, the victim observes on the city walls advertisement based on illegal surveillance of the victim's work or activities (a 'feedback' controlled by the administration who created the problem), it is a natural impulse to try and get it under control. The terror in Syria could have been for enhancing the effects of hijack of social goodwill due to early child opening.

But 'mentally ill' is not necessarily the meaning of 'infirmorum' - the word means really only 'sick' or 'weak'. The current 'chinese coronavirus' situation could be about decomposing the 'mentally ill' to 'chinese illness', thereby retaining the link to Qin Shi Huang.

'Su-clan' or 'suc-lan' could then be about 'suc-king the c-lan', e.g. the Kennedy clan. If Kennedy's spurt (assuming that he was there) by 'error' went over my head in 1957, and if the 'moon landing' program were an attempt to repair this 'irrepairable error' by the 'overhead projector' and bring it down to the moon nevertheless, with allegedly 1 failed and 5 successful landings on the moon, then a later self-suck with 'landing in the moon' could look like an attempt from my side to help Kennedy land on my brain nevertheless. That could be called to 'su clan'.

See also the 20 november 2019 ex nihilo - could be the theme of the story includes the concept of 'heir/hair to the [heavenly] throne'.

The coronavirus ['corona man'] could thereby be seen as indicative of the idea that Regula Benedicti fragment 212 is the matrix which the construction is built on.

Caput_XXXVI_1_Infirmorum cura ante omnia et super omnia adhibenda est ut sicut

Infirmorum cura = 'sinn-syk' hu-ra = Qin Shi Huang, emperor of China from 221 to 210.
ante omnia et super omnia = jump-yar-negro et over ('om[me]n' is norwegian for 'the stove', 'the oven' which is 'niger')
adhibenda = Szol-n-ok ('clipeus' = round shield = 'Skjold'-n-ok - hung. 'ok' = 'reason', 'ground')
est ut sicut = Sziget Utca

'Panis cibarius' = the daily bread, as the 'quotidianus' of the Lord's prayer. It could be about collecting 'fascies' in Italy?

If 'Black Sea L-up' is the basis for 'Brexit', then the final 't' seems to get its cross-stroke from a lifting 'up' onto the 'l'. This could then have its rationale in 'jump-yar-negro et over' - turning into 'jump-yar-negrø over' or 'jump jar negr-øver' - for the original form of my name as 'John Bjarne Grøver'.

Ah, this seems to be what could be a socalled 'intelligence logic' which many find inconvenient as a basis for the constitution of the human society. Division of 'Sudan' gives 'Suc-lan' - that sort of logic. 'A-clhibenda'. A Black Sea Loop with 'crucifixion' of people for making it look like a 't' or 'T' is not a good reason. Some would perhaps say that for the society to accept such logic, the reason must be that it is an attempt to make conditions for an 'upper class' to avoid or escape moral responsibility for acts and decisions. The wish to downtune the role of christian morals could be the background. A further reason could be the wish to have a common global matrix that is easy to understand - but is it really? Could be power is not the same as truth - but most politicians probably feel that the traditional values of good intentions, truth, justice etc are something worth nevertheless. It is when 'su-clan' is the division of 'Sudan', or you 'jump yar negro øver', that the indexes have every defining power. Is it the meaning that England brexited for making the Jumping Negro move - like Wittgenstein - to England? I do not support the global power mafia. Wittgenstein is known for his logic.

The 'self-suck' program could have its origins in the idea that the 'christian wigwam' is like a 'folded' leathern suitcase etc. I do not believe that this ex nihilo means that - and I do not believe that 'self-suck' has any function in the construction of the human reality, such as the form of a big 'G'. Technologies such as 'shoelaces' ('skolisser') were not developed for making this possible - etc.

Now the society's attitudes have developed much since 1957 and people do not laugh so much at a wooden leg any longer. There have been waves of initiatives for the social accept of homos and things like that. When do the waves of sympathy for the 'social misfits' of victims of early opening start? The (assumed) 'Kennedy program' of the president harvesting the social goodwill which the victim should have had is in fact quite primitive and looks like laughing at a wooden leg - he jumps so funnily around. And everybody laugh and vote for the 'funny' president candidate who is turned into the shining star of the party thereby. It is, I believe, only because people do not know the reason that this still functions. Downgrade the secrets! It is better to tell the truth about the socalled 'moon landings' (still in school books around the world) than to split Sudan in two. And modern technology has made it possible to ascertain the story down to facts.

Of course it is better that the administration pays an economic compensation for the abuse instead of pumping more 'power' out of it. If I print the pages I have published on www internet since 2004 out on 10p types on A5 pages, it probably comes to appr 14000 pages. That means probably more than 2 hours work per day since 2004 - the total work needed for writing one page including the studies needed for it is probably more than one hour. It is not the sort of work that is suitable for me.

If England has brexited because I ('corona man'?) still live in Zinckgasse, so to speak, that could mean an attempt to make a PTRSIM PIK out of me - which could mean simply an attempt to make JFK quasi divine (again, on the assumption of his involvement). That is hopefully not for lending 'divine' authority to the english throne by way of such exploitative means as early child opening - the lifting of the top 'corona' from the nearly newborn.

There are some reasons to believe that England's monarchy could constitute one corner on a triangle with Kennedy 'power mafia' as the other corner and Austria as the third. Austria could then be the power pump for a 'global mafia power'. There exists a chinese sign which looks as follows - and which hopefully will not be a new 'swastika' for a new Hitler - here from Mathews' dictionary with my tentative interpretation added (notice also the 'ssu-clan' - and is there a 'sick land' by the current corona virus?):

Who is that unspeakable? The 'corona virus' started spreading so to speak in the moment when England brexited - in the night to 1 february 2020. Politics is not my field - even after 14000 pages. Indira Gandhi's two sons had names and pilot profession which could be telling of a 'Kendy' in scandinavian Sandveien 4, Molde, Norway - that is the essential point in the story if this triadic format is the power. It is possible that this format could be the 'anglophonic' power pump which I tentatively have de-constituted by my work (thereby adding 'grounds of entertainment' to the state of Austria?). The intrigue with the chinese emperor seems to be rooted in Regula Benedicti as a blue metre - that does not mean that they had the blue metre in my form but it may well be that the purpose with the entire story has been to make me write that blue metre in at least 14 components. The format of encoding apparently used in the blue metre over Regula Benedicti looks pitiful indeed - if it means that 'ante omnia et super omnia' = 'jump-yar-negro et over' and things like that - that is when one may feel the need for dividing Sudan in order to make sense out of it. That is when a new blue metre could have been urgently necessary. My understanding of the history is that this was the purpose with it - to write a new metre free of any political bias. War is, in this view, the result of the need for reconstructing the metaphysical basis when this has been erected with political bias and interests - then it cannot last too long. The two world wars could have been telling of this basis for the history. But it is not the destruction which is needed - it is the new understanding which should come instead of old rigidity.

It should not be necessary to let history drift helplessly towards the abyss for yet another time. It is fully possible to name things as they are - even if the plan could be to 'erase the metaphysics' - that should not be necessary in such ways. I have guessed that there is a certain international 'power liga' and that this is constituted by unconstitutional power interests involved into various political parties, in the national 'intelligences' and other services - but I know little about this. Could be these power definitions are more or less diffuse. If power is constituted by a PTRSIM PIK whose 'grounds of entertainment' (including the 'territory' of residence and the 'reasons' for it) is the main political parametre, it is high time that this can surface to daylight enough to make it possible to handle that 'beast of history' in a rational sense - and not make the power by laughing at the wooden leg. I am not the beast - not the 'metaphysics to be erased' - any more than you are. It is the rigidity of metaphysics which is the problem - and then a violent and terror-orientated politics is not the alternative to such rigidity. The public world of administration must stop pretending that they do not understand anything of this. It seems, though, that Trump's administration has brought the world a substantial step forwards towards a solution to this problem.

Of course, if the story is that the world's more or less criminal power mafia needs a 'divine' justification for feeling accepted by the people (or by History) and they feel that this can be offered via the english monarchy by ideas of elements of 'quasi divine' authority incuded in the idea of 'majesty', then it may be that the power they thereby get access to is not of a proper kind - in particular not if the plan could be to hijack quasi divine authority from a PTRSIM PIK. Of course I do not agree to be such a PTRSIM PIK - and I dont think there could be much 'majesty' to get from it either. I am not a 'corona man/virus' in that sense of it - but I wrote a poem once with the title 'La corona'.

When in april 2002 I had to leave Vilnius because of no income (the money and goodwill did not roll in, in spite of much work) and expiry of my residence permit on 19 april 2002, I had just suffered a brainstroke which also put me out of order somewhat, and when I came to Paris to apply for political asylum, I happened to come just into the turmoil of the presidential election which I did not know about before my arrival. With little money, I had to spend some time outdoors. I recall that I had a small radio which I used for finding out in the election night who had won and heard (through my otherwise not so advanced french) a lot of 'virgule pourcent'. The story could have been the autumn 1999 - when the norwegian PM Bondevik was off for psychiatric treatment at 'Modum Sanatorium' (not 'language review', though) and the 'crazy' Moscow apartment building bombings went on while Anne Enger Lahnstein controlled three ministries, Clinton came to Norway and I was (also) brought to mental hospital. This all happened after I had applied for change of the official spelling of my name from Grøver to Grover. Anne Enger Lahnstein resigned from politics soon after the bombings were over and Bondevik returned. If her name means the border of Grense Jakobselv, it is the other side of the 'english' Dovre/Dover coastline in the south - or the other side of that hungarian-austrian Burgenland border which includes 'Pamhagen', cp. 'Pentagon'. The sum total of this looked a little like 'political asylum'. In the 1960's, there was the norwegian ski jumper from Finnmark called Bjørn Wirkola - he took over the role of leading norwegian ski jumper after Thoralf Engan.

Added on 14 february 2020:

It happened when I moved from Venice to Vienna in 2009-2010 and was up and down with the train quite a lot of times to transport my relatively few things: There had been the earthquake that destroyed Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, 12 January 2010 at 4:53 local time (21:53 UTC) and when I was in the following evening (I think it was the same day or day after UTC, that is the evening 12 january 2010) sleeping alone in a couchette train department from Venice, it seemed to be Gordon Brown (then PM in England) who wanted to get into the compartment with an oldfashioned doctor bag in his hand (his only luggage, it seemed). He was accompanied by a train attendant who asked for some space to be made available for him. I did not take the chance to be with only him and his doctor bag in the compartment and therefore moved out. This happened I think somewhere between Venice and the border. (I myself had once - late 70's - had such a bag, which I had lost somewhere - I speculated if it were the same bag that had been borrowed in the mean time, but Brown did not really try to give it to me).

It is obvious that if ÖVP should be a political projection from e.g. the US democrat party in a construction related to me and JFK, then it should rather have been they who move out and not me, according to the natural disposition of Austria considered as an independent state. In this situation, it can be noticed that if the theory that John F.Kennedy masturbated on my brain in july 1957 has a rooting in reality, this element could be of such immense importance for understanding the history that a natural people's claim could be that 'John F.Kennedy must be published', so to speak - his role in the 1957 history must be brought to daylight. Or, in particular if JFK is the crux for understanding the role of ÖVP in Austria, the claim could be that 'JFK must out'. But then it must be observed that if JFK left some biological material on my brain in 1957, the idea should not be twisted into the idea that JFK must out of my brain ('JFK must out') or that JFK is the inspiration to my work (a 'soul below' my skull?) which must be published. In particular the latter idea could comment on the possible 'political triangle' of the chinese sign above. Here is an ad for ÖVP up these days.

The ex nihilo piece 'Vollkornbrot' came possibly twice - at least I found it one day and left it on the edge of my desk - but a day or two later it was gone. Some photos of it in my main camera were also gone, although I had retained a microscope camera image of a detail of it. Then some days later it returned again to the desk - and I could verify with the microscope image that it was the same as the first time. It is possible that this is a characteristic of this ex nihilo piece (that it 'comes twice', so to speak) and that there had not been somebody there to borrow it for a documentation of its details. In light of the time point 4:53 of the quake of Haiti, one could see a comment on the name of 'Gordon Brown' in a 'Drogon Brnow' of his 'doctor bag' and hence 'Bregenz Brnow' - and the 'Vollkornbrot'.

I do not believe that the current corona virus epidemic in China and elsewhere is significant of the idea of 'Abgas'.

Some days ago (a week or a little more) I bought a package of 'Curry Thai Hot' (not 'Savanna Plus'). There were news very few days later.

In London in 1997-98, I lived in 1) Portland Rise 24, 2) C2 Sherringham Avenue and 3) Portland Avenue 24. These are mentioned in the files 'Revelation in matter' and 'Sendai and the cork'. In fact I moved out of C2 Sherringham Avenue at Tottenham on 12 January 1998, exactly 12 years before the earthquake of Port au Prince. In the 'ABC', there are other cases of '12 years' mentioned, such as 1986-1998 by GAS-PAS-GAS and the twin bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. A pity if a 'division of EU' (BREXIT) should be taken to mean a challenge of the 'woman' part of my psyche. I am not involved. I am not PTRSIM PIK.

There are 12 years and a little from the founding of ÖVP on 17 april 1945 and my birth on 29 june 1957, plus a few days.

One of the best reasons for assuming that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was in Sandveien 4 in july 1957 is Mao's "Hundred Flowers" ('Hundert Blumen').

Added on 16 february 2020:

The idea could arise from the earthquake on Port-au-Prince ('au-por s-pre') that this be a matter of 'abortion spree', a la Thailand recently. In former days women who became pregnant against their will sometimes tried to abort themselves tragically with a knitting pin = norw. STRIKKE-PINNE, in which case it could be about a 'STRIKKA-JUMPER' like the one carried by the 'apekatt' = 'monkey' in the cartoon of New Yorker on 17 january 1959. (The cartoon could be about the legendary 'yeti' phenomenon). My younger sister Tone Helene Gröver once knitted a brown jumper with white droplets in it and gave it as a christmas present to me (I think it was christmas). The theory that she herself should have shot Indira Gandhi would then include the idea of she herself jumping out in the gallows (the assassin 'Satwant Singh' - the name means rather precisely her name, by the way, in the sense of the two chains holding the 'bunk/plank bed' = norw. 'brisk' in a prison cell - was hanged on 6 january 1989) for dying in the 'noose' = 'strikka' in norwegian. The word 'strikka' means both 'noosed' and 'knitted'. It is possible to see this even as a possible reason for crediting Tone Gröver with the death of Gandhi - could be even the murder itself - that cartoon of the 'strikka-jumper' ('knitted jumper') in New Yorker of 1959. It may be that the cartoon carries a heavy load - for example, when there was a massacre on mountaineers high up in the Himalayas soon after I had given the 3 first volumes of my work to Zentralbibliothek Zürich (cp. the 'Blut' of the 'centr-Alps'), it could have been even about this 'strikka-jumper' on an 'apekatt' high up in the alps. 'Ekt[e]-suring' can mean (norwegian) a mistake by sidestepping in a marriage, with possible unwanted pregnancy due to the donation of an 'item'. A 'suring' sometimes means a veneric disease. (It may be that this massacre on the mountaineers served to put an unpleasant pressure on the librarians - the library gave away the many volumes I had given to them - could be they had been misinformed or otherwise mistook my role as involved in the pressure - I dont know what 'intelligence' could have told them).

The photo of Gröver/'Mengele' to his 'CV' in the directory 'Norges Leger' ('Norway's Doctors') shows him looking up a la the monkey in the cartoon - only the other way, towards right and not left. Could be it is a standard sign of something, though.

In probably 1960 I had a fantasy friend I called 'Gori' - who probably came after Paul Celan could have visited me in Odda before he completed his 'Meridian' speech. Later Ragna Gröver knitted a doll for me (colours of jacket and trousers - the 'Jackenhos' - were different) which she said was 'Gori'. I think there existed a photo of the official handover - me looking up towards Ragna Gröver up right. Later ideas about 'Gori' as a 'jumper' could likewise be fantasy.

'Strikka' ('noosed') can also mean the idea of Madonna as a 'fangnett' rather than an attractive spiritual 'magnet' - cp. also the name of 'Agneta Fältskog' of the swedish pop group ABBA: 'Fangnett av elskov' = 'constriction net[work] from love' would then be an alternative to 'magnet av elskov' = 'magnet of love' - a comparable although not identical form of divine attraction from the Madonna cp. Fatima. This would concern much the role of the marian cult in catholicism vs protestantism for the issue of the blue metre (which I was writing just then in 2009-2010). It adds to this the idea that if an aborted embryo be caught up in a 'fangnett' (a 'magnet' will not do) when it is flushed down the sink, it can perhaps be installed once again - for a 'second coming' = 'doubly dis' (a la that 'Vollkornbrot'). The back side illustration on my TEQ (the first photo in the article 'The revelations in Vilnius and Eastbourne' - this article was first published in 2005 and the 'water knee' with the scroll and the 'cork' could have attracted interest since then) seems to be of interest for such intrigues and terror that surface in the news - cp. the masks of the current coronavirus. Between the waterknee (wherein a 'fangnett' could have been installed) and the mask there is the newborn baby face.

'Fang' can also (norw.) mean the lap whereupon sits the child, such as Jesus on Madonna's lap, and 'fange' can mean the prisoner sitting on the 'brisk' in the cell.

The idea of jumping out in the gallows includes the idea of automatic relaxation of the anus ring muscle letting the excrements go - a constricting 'fangnett' is then not the same as a 'mag[e]nett' = 'belly-net' - and then it could also be about the idea of either a poor female having been badly abused in the prison or about a poet who had lived too long on an address wherein there could have been much abuse of the authorship. BREXIT could be a seen to be concerned with this. 'Article Fifty' was mentioned in advance.

One concludes from this that the earthquake of Port-au-Prince could be seen as related to the third side (aborted?) of the chinese triangle sign, a la the following:

An 'abortion spree' from Austria to Berlin (halted on its way to London, so to speak) could then be about using the confidence engineered by the idea of a 'strange angel' that comes twice due to the 'fangnett' in the water-knee. There is a Donau-Knie in Hungary ('the Danube bend').

The overall structure could be suggestive of the idea of an 'abortion' of JFK - to get him out of the 'egg', There was an 'abortion spree' in Nepal with the 'royal massacre' a week or so before the general election in England. 'Prince Dipendra' could be telling of a 'drogon' of the Port-au-Prince. The massacre took place very soon (hours/minutes) after queen Elizabeth of England had left from Norway whereto she had been for an official visit.

The idea could be that if it is the 'royal' (non-republican) aspect of England that is the origins of all this story, then a natural conclusion could be that England must terminate its kingdom and turn to republicanism - resembling the idea that if this structure be right, then it is ÖVP that must out of Austria, not me. Hence the oppsite idea could be that it would be me that must be 'terminated', not the kingdom of England - which clearly is a false conclusion: I am not the Principle of Evil that could be the source of all this history. In general, attempts to turn me into a PTRSIM PIK of quasi divine origins could resemble such ideas. But clearly if the story be contained in sperm from JFK still suspected to reside in my head (in spite of the octogon stories with females many appr a generation older than me), it could be about shared interests - in retaining US democrat interests.

There is the interval of 12 years 2 months 12 days from the founding of ÖVP on 17 april 1945 to my birth on 29 june 1957 - plus a few days if my skull was opened for a masturbator a few days after my birth. The 2 months are between Kursk and Cole in 2000, the 12 years are described several times in my 'ABC': One of these 12 year intervals (exactly) is from the 'handshake' of the german emperor and the russian tsar in 1904 to the birth of John Jensen on 27 october 1916 - while Paul Celan was born on 23 November 1920: Subtracting 185, minutes, hours, days and weeks takes it to the same 27 October 1916. The theory can be constructed (whether it has a rooting in reality or not) that e.g. US president Grover Cleveland could have masturbated (with a 'handshake') on the brain of the newborn Ludwig Wittgenstein - hence the german chancellor was called Otto von Bismarck. The emperor who shook hand with the russian tsar was Wilhelm II.

What are the reasons for believing that Kennedy is the locus of interest for the 12 years interval (and some weeks - there are, by the way, 2 months between Kursk and Cole in the 'evidence')? If the Kennedy persons themselves should not have been physically present, the names of the three Kennedy brothers could be suggestive nevertheless. And that is when it is interesting to observe that these names seem to correlate well with a structure in Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen' (1926) - see 'Articles about Wittgenstein' including 'Wittgenstein and the Kennedys'. That is when the overall structure points to a role of the PTRSIM PIK as a quasi mythological character of 'divine' type - which could even be jolted around in opinion to its opposite by a highlevel coup. I am not interested in being part in such events.

Wittgenstein's 'Philosophische Untersuchungen' part 1 contains 693 sections, same number as fragments from Talmud Erubin in parallel with my TEQ books 13-16. In the file Higher-order poetic logic (which I published in a first version on the web on 2 and 17 may 2011, just a few days before the Oslo terror) I mention the example of function 14 (book 14) by the poem #152:

TEQ #1399
Book 14 #152

One of the [greatest] British politicians

Fi-net is another dog or similar


This #152 after the 213 poems of book 13 corresponds to Wittgenstein's 213+152 = PU #365:

365. Spielen Adelheid und der Bischof eine wirkliche Schachpartie? - Freilich. Sie geben nicht bloß vor, eine zu spielen - wie es doch in einem Theaterstücke auch geschehen könnte. - Aber diese Partie hat doch z.B. keinen Anfang! - Doch; sonst wäre es ja keine Schachpartie.

On 8 february I made a discovery in my private manuscript notes on my computer of importance for this parallelism of my TEQ with Wittgenstein - my TEQ #1300 with his PU #266 with the mention of the 'raten' that can be spotted on the front page of my DDS on the place corresponding to the 23 of my 'Zifferblatt' - that is, approximately around the place of 'Berlin' in the above triangle. (See also the 'graffiti' at the top of the triangle - a la the triangles of the 'Kennedy names' in Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch'). My TEQ 1300 is called 'Who was in the middle' and is signed 'The Real Historical Grip'. The rathunt terror by 'Jakrapanth Thomma' in 'Nakhon Ratchasima' looked arguably like something that could have been a 'coup attempt' on this discovery.

It is a puzzling phenomenon that I have presented much interesting material on this website but have so far not received a single sensible word in response. It is of course of vital importance that my work be recognized and credited.

PS18 feb 2020: I have full confidence in the integrity of the germans (von der Leyen, Merkel) and Trump.

19 february 2020: Today I got a letter from my norwegian bank Nordea that Ragna Grøver on 11 february 2020 had transferred 10.000 NOK to my bank account (it seems at least to have gone into my account on 11 february 2020 - oppgj.dato 11/2-2020, oppdr.dato 11/2-2020), with the annotation "litt arveforskudd" (= 'a little advance inheritance'). It was in Lithuania in 2000 that Stephen Saunders was shot in Athens probably around the time when my telephone rang, somebody said a few words that I believed was a quote from a manuscript of mine, and broke the contact. 'Step-hens ånders' could means that the intellectual property is / belongs to the 'step-hen[s]'. I have asked the bank to reverse the transference back to Ragna Gröver (but that does not mean reversing me). I do not believe (= I have no reason to believe) that Ragna Grøver were the once primary or original heir to the british throne nor that she by genetics represents Buckingham. (The Thailand terror on 8-9 february could have been taken to mean 'ull-til-matum' if the Curry Thai Hot were the story). 'Forsk' = 'research'. The transference counts as an act of 'stalking' - I broke the contact with her in 1988 after two years of telephone terror (silent telephones). In the last of these (december if not november 1988) I had predicted that if it were Ragna Gröver who called, the next phone would come on a certain day at 19:38, and so it did. There were two telephones in 1993 after her lawyer had told me that the official father had left 100.000 NOK in advance inheritance when he died, but when I tried to cash the check there was not enough money on the account. Letters and postcards to many christmas and birthdays, through several years returned to sender before I had to start destroying them - my lawyer has since long informed her that her communications were very unwanted - and hence this transference counts as a case of 'stalking'.

Added on 21 february 2020:

On 19 february 2020 I sent in the afternoon (after having got it confirmed by telephone to Norway that the transference really had gone into my bank account) two letters to Norway in connection with the unwanted transference of money from my official mother Ragna Gröver. Later in the evening there was a shooting spree in Hanau in Frankfurt - a person shot several people in 'shisha bars' before he shot his mother and then himself. From my 'ABC of politics':

On 7 august 1986 (I have this date from 'Alex' - 'Aftenposten's archive - on the internet, and it should be at least roughly right), an acqaintance of mine, Petter Andre Syversen = PAS, was squeezed to death between 2-3 lorries in Botswana. This was in the mid point between the cyanide GAS disaster in Bhopal at midnight 2-3 december 1984 and the very similar cyanide GAS disaster of Halabjah on 16 march 1986. If one ligaturizes 2-3 december to 23 december, the 7 august is in the exact GAS-PAS-GAS mid point if one adds 5 days in the other end. From 7 august 1986 to the twin bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (neighbour countries to Botswana) on 7 august 1998, there are 12 years exactly. This 1998 bombing was likely to represent the rejection of my PhD dissertation - the rejection was communicated to me in a letter a week or so before the bombing"

PAS was the mate of my student friend Pernille who gave me a hug sometimes in the street after we had met for a meal or coffee. Was it 'tett hughes'? Could be it was a little 'tett', but not so 'tett' that I could guarantee her gender. (Cp. also the current coronavirus). After I was told of the death of PAS I sent her a letter and a day or two later the phone rang but there was only silence there. These silent phones continued for 2 years - untill I believed that I had verified (by successful prediction of next phone) that it was Ragna Gröver who called. The 12 years in question in the quote from the ABC is activated by the idea of the insertion of a hotdog ('Frankfurter', isnt that a sausage?) into the mouth: 'Dar-es-Salaam' = 'there is the salami', 'Nairobi' = 'now it is up (in it)', 'Gabarone' = 'the opened mouth'. This means that the shooting in Hanau = 'hand up, mouth open' in 'Frankfurt' invokes the 12 years in the quote from ABC, while 'Pernille' invokes the name of 'Pamela' Rendi-Wagner, current chief of SPÖ. This again suggests that the theme of the shooting could be the election in Vienna on 4 october 2020, which is half a year after 4 april 2020 - with SPÖ vs ÖVP. (Vienna is traditionally SPÖ). Since the burglary in Szolnok apparently has not yet been cleared up, and since the election in Steiermark was moved ahead of schedule to fall on a date about half a year after the burglary, and since ÖVP won the Steiermark election, one can naturally suspect ÖVP of being involved in the burglary.

I hope the terror in Frankfurt is not a sign that they plan to burglar and steal my poetry manuscripts - for example for repeating the Steiermark success in Vienna. The poetry notebooks I lost in the summer are not yet returned to me. Is ÖVP involved? The 12 years interval since 1945 could be the reason.

I must repeat this: It seems that the world's global power mafia builds its power on the mystery of the Burgenland border. The US defence center Pentagon seems to be built on the same idea - it was built in 1943 while Hitler was at the peak of his warfare by way of his cabinet apparently constructed on basis of this Burgenland border. It is probable that I by my poetry (PEB) have solved the mystery and that the world's power liga therefore can be deconstructed. It may therefore (to say it myself) well be that nobody has done more for the independence and future of Austria than I have done. Then it is of absolutely vital importance for the country that they do not squeeze me out or let the stolen or disappeared poetry notebook remain in potential intrigue hands for making a new hitlerish power-liga instead.

Of course the international power liga will not like my poetry if it can lead to the deconstruction of the international power networks. That is why it could be alarming if there are plans around for theft of my manuscripts.

(On St.Valentine's day recently there seemed to be only male sellers in all shops selling bread that day).

(Returning from having posted the letters, I noticed this graffiti on Hauptbahnhof. Nestroyplatz?).


Mathews, R.H.: Chinese-English Dictionary. (A Chinese-English Dictionary Compiled for the China Inland Mission by R.H.Mathews, Shanghai: China Inland Mission and Presbyterian Mission Press, 1931). Revised american edition 1943. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Wittgenstein, L.: Philosophische Untersuchungen. Werkausgabe Band I. Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft 501. Frankfurt am Main 1986.

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