The octogon interpreted again

John Bjarne Grover

The question is whether 'the octogon' were organized by political interests or if it were due to faulty moral qualities of mine. The political intrigue could have been based on the principle of 'zidalweidun' as a trivial triangular structure against which I could have had problems to withstand because I had problems with low moral quality from the 'octogon'.

There is no doubt that my official father was replaced with a copy on Vikebukt ferry station in probably 1969 - and that the new person never told his real identity but pretended that he had the right to use the former father's identity. If it should have been Adolf Hitler who was hiding under the surface of the new father, the state of Norway would have a problem. There are two national TV productions I can point to which seem to suggest that the state needed to defend itself against such problems.

1) The children's TV series about a marionette doll called 'Titten Tei Andre von Drei', with doll 'fitler' Birgit Strøm, was shown from 1971 onwards. The name of the doll seems - on background of the theory that it be about Hitler's program - to suggest i) 'titten' = my leftsided gynaecomasty ascribed to the probable masturbation on my cortex with scissoring of a part of my occipital lobe short time after my birth in 1957 - possibly with John F.Kennedy in the main role - in which case the 'politics' would have been to credit JFK with my things if it be associated with that 'titten'. ii) 'Tei[g]' = the site for my house in Szolnok. iii) 'Andre von Drei' = the second of three = the triple folding of Yijing with the 'yang wu-xue' for 'vanne[t]-i-huse[t]' = 'the water in the house' of Szolnok as a motor engineering power for the nazi intrigue. The purpose with this doll program for children would have been to explain the reason and basis for Hitler in Norway. The doll had a standard expression 'sjokedorisei!' and it called 'onkel Rolf' for 'sjonkel Rolf', which could mean that the standard expression really should have been 'okedorisei!' for 'octogon!' If so, this program from 1971 could have served also as evidence that the octogon were planned in advance and hence would have been organized and not been caused by a moral failure in my character.

2) The other important evidence from norwegian TV from those days in favor of the same conclusion is the series of 5 entertainment program called 'Og takk for det' ('And thanks for that') - which is an expression which were not really anything in itself - and I guess it still is not - in the norwegian language but it was assigned a heavyweight meaning via these program. I guess that it could be for the same function 'Og takk for det' = 'octogon'. The combination of the two TV series could perhaps suffice.

It could also mean that the state would not tell about these things to me since then I would not have participated in it - and then Hitler would not get the chance to tremble his index finger with indignation against the loose jewish morals as the cause of all sorts of problems.

I discuss the 5 episodes - which can be seen under this link on the norwegian TV web page - from the viewpoint that they could be about the octogon and me as PTRSIM PIK.

A standard theme is 'slipstvang' = obligatory tie for males entering some restaurants.

The 5 episodes seem, as far as I can determine, to be constituted by the following main themes:

Episode 1: Octogon names + original names 1-4
Episode 2: Octogon names + original names 5-8
Episode 3: The Szolnok complex
Episode 4: The theoretic principles in the 'intelligence program'
Episode 5: The 'Belcez' complex (see this)

Hence episode 1 would - if my theory in this file should be right - contain the names 1) Tulla Elieson, Karen Anne Axelsen (plus original name), 2) Anne Sexton, Tordis Skjærven Søderlind, 3) Janis Joplin, Jette Råboe Larsen, 4) Jimi Hendrix, Ayo Jardar. Episode 2 would then contain the names 5) Jim Morrison, Kirsten Ribu, 6) Sylvia Plath, Tonje Aanonsen, 7) Saul Bellow, Herdis Eggen and 8) Ellen Berger + original name (Marianne Moore?). See this file for "the five fundamental New Labour election pledges in England from The Times on internet in the spring 1997". I repeat them here since they seem to be modelled on the 5 episodes of 'Og takk for det' from 1969 (source of the text is 'The Times' on internet):

1. Cut class sizes to 30 or under for 5, 6 and 7 year- olds by using money from the assisted places scheme.
2. Fast-track punishment for persistent young offenders by halving the time from arrest to sentencing.
3. Cut NHS waiting lists by treating an extra 100,000 patients as a first step by releasing 100 million saved from NHS red tape.
4. Get 250,000 under-25 year-olds off benefit and into work by using money from a windfall levy on the privatised utilities.
5. No rise in income tax rates, cut VAT on heating to 5 per cent and inflation and interest rates as low as possible.

See e.g. this file for a discussion of the 'red tape' ('from-NHS' = 'bjar-eneidsvig'). 'Treblinka' is easily detected ('windfall levy on privatised utilities') in #4 and 'rates as low as possible' in #5 - from which one concludes that #3 = Sobibor for the 'Aktion Reinhard' of 3-4-5 - after the Labråten couple of 1-2.

Some of the octogon identities seem easy to detect in the 5 episodes - I point to the famous sketch #13 in Episode 1 called 'Hos jernvarehandelen' where the customer wants 'Doble f[r]ustasjeopphengsforkoblinger'. The 'r' on the second place in 'f[r]ustasje' is expected by norwegian ears but seems to be only partwise prononuced. It could mean the name 'Jette Råboe Larsen' on the form 'jeg retter opp øl-arsen' = 'I straighten up John Grøver' - and if John Grøver were Adolf Hitler (such as suggested by the Yom Kippur war in 1973), the name without 'r' in second position could mean 'the [people's] cry for the strong man' - which would be the 'opphengsforkobling'. She would then be 'Doble' = 'Joplin'. She is/was danish. The one who plays the customer is the actor 'Gunnar Haugan' who in the many dialogues with Wesenlund seem to exaggerate very much - which could mean 'to cut away flesh': It could mean the one who rebuilt Hitler and other historic persons to their new identities. It would be the one who 'retter opp øl-arsen'. Could be it also could include the theoretic rebuilding of my penis at puberty times.

Discussion of some details of the 5 episodes - probably enough to show that it could be about an organized 'intelligence project' - I discuss the names from the hypothesis that the relevant names could be part of an organized 'octogon' which were articulated even through this TV entertainment in 1969. The points left open can pro+bably be filled in by the reader:

Episode 1 = Octogon 1-4
1. PTRSIM PIK (Salme-nummer = samleie-nummer = sexual intercourses)
2. (s)Kapellmeister Security Johnsen = JFK 1957?
3. Triangles (1 female, 2 males) w/Solskinn = Szolnok = Octogon
4. Welcome to you and you but not you = octogon exclusion principle, racism
6. At the dentists = torture for making me soft to accept conditions of the octogon = basement in Oslo in 1975 for opening throat abscessa. Also school dentist and Treblinka theme.
8. Tulla Elieson, Karen Anne Axelsen? Ball-ansen / Ball-etten = fei dun wubu li = li-wubu-fei-dun = zi-dal-wei-dun → wubu-dal = voodoo/'would-you'-ball = curse-ball = the octogon, a play of cursing - tells that the austrian ZIDALWEIDUN (episode 5) = 'Adolf Hitler' is the point and purpose with the octogon - this terror balance with ballistic rockets etc was also the contents of the Cuban missile crisis 1962.
10. Anne Sexton, Tordis Skjærven Søderlind. The problem of the customer in the sketch seems to be a veneric disease ('sex-ton'). Hungarian for the birthyear 1936 of the client = 'tizen-kilenc harminc-hat' = 'tissen-key-lens har[d] min [c]hat'. The birthplace is 'Åsgårdstrand = 'to cut-strand' = 'Skjær-ven Søderlind'.
12. Slipstvang = obligatory to wear tie in restaurants = anne sex-ton?
13. Doble f[r]ustasjeopphengsforkoblinger = [Janis] Joplin J[r]ette Raaboe Larsen (danish) = jeg retter opp øl-arsen
15. Soup council = rebuilding recommended? Terrible nonsense.
16. Oksehalesuppe = ox tail soup = the change/rebuilding of my penis at puberty time?
17. The PM (politician) who lied - or did he on the contrary speak abnormally truthfully? An agent, quite simply - a wolf in sheeps clothing? (Adolf Hitler?)
18. X-mas = high VIP?
19. Jimi Hendrix
20. Ayo Jardar
21. Octogon 1-4 completed

Episode 2 = Octogon 5-8
4. Vegetable council = what rebuilding recommended? (I recall well this sketch from the 1960's - then it was called 'Grønnsakrådet' and not the current 'Rotfruktrådet' so there has been a change. 'Vegetable council' could perhaps have meant a 'brain transplant' - I hope there are no such plans on me).
5. Exaggerating terribly: Private cars in Oslo now 12,4 million. Corrected: At least 3,5 million.
6. Jim Morrison, Kirsten Ribu
7. Sylvia Plath
10. Berger Ellen?
11. Saul Bellow, Herdis Eggen
12. Herdis Eggen
15. Ellen Berger
17. Thorleif Grue on Club 7 = end of the octogon

Episode 3 = the Szolnok complex, Sziget Utca, Sobibor
1. Instrument = 'sighet' ('strupe' = 'throat'), tangent = 'toucha'. LAFTEN = Vanne i huse: You love/lou we
5. Acquisition of 2nd hand house = 'reclaim-parade' = the mafiosis lining up for claiming true ownership after the acquisition. The advertisement for 'Blue snow' tells of 'the cigarette for real men': Sailing, trips in the forest, dogs and fresh sporty masculine life = if the houseroof falls down or one is thrown out when the 'real owner' comes back from holiday
6. Reklame for Ballodent = 'advertisment for 'Ballodent' = 'ball-point-pen' - cp. the possible 'Dra-kula' = 'pull-the-ball' of a ballpoint pen when signing the contract - as (as discussed earlier) a possible theme of current ukrainian government of Zelensky - which even could have a co-reference to this sketch - cp. also the 'New Labour' election pledges from 1997
7. Only what is written in the contract counts - what is said extra does not count and hence if the sales contract of the house says so-and-so that is what counts
8. The joke about the general in NATO tells that it is not 'ball-point' - hence it could be about a neutral Austria, but since it is somewhat 'ball-point' + tie, it could be Szolnok nevertheless - in a dependency relation to Austria
9. A tie goes down, the zipper = 'glidelås' goes up: 'Glidel-os' = 'sob-i-bor', the sound of the sobs and the vision of the drill. List of restaurants with obligatory tie = 1-2-2-3 = the assumed dependency relation of ÖVP = the Sob-i-Bor dependency relation of the human senses (vision, audition)
10. Tra-fikk-kon-troll = checking = the dependency relation is in the brain, like alcohol is
13. (Rita Allmers in Eyolf Little = red tape / rat wife - should be in episode 5)?
14. Solsjenitsyn = Szolnok
17. Palmyra
The 'service' philosophy of Sobibor is apparently that audition and vision does not go well together unless they are conjoined cerebrally - and there is much 'uncleanness' there like alcohol. This system is vulnerable to octogonal triangles
I do not remember when my cousin Erik Eidsvig told the jokes on Vågstranda, if it were before or after this christmas 1969, but it may perhaps have been before. The joke about the 'drunk priest' was told after bedtime in the darkness of the night in the 'annexe', if I remember right - and it resembled quite a lot the sketch "16. Fluksberg annekskirke". The philosophy could be that triangular octogonism concerns the reality of the neural system - with a reflex in the social space when his name 'er i keidsvig' would shift over onto my condition with leftwards-pointing erection. .

Episode 4 = the theoretic principles, Treblinka
5. Your fly is open = the opening between the U-curned trunks in the lower part
8. Magician El Finco = the fundamental theorem of linguistics
9. Junta = fundamental theorem of logic misinterpreted politically
10. Phonological heap-up with onset-truncation, role-switch (turntaking?) etc
12. Do-kø = recursion with heap-up of right-hand contexts - the water-knee on the toilet
13. The poet who was published but the publisher's sales numbers transcended the poet's own fantastic accountancy
15. Toy shop

Hence the Treblinka motive with 'formal aspects of logic and cognition'.

Episode 5 = 'Svartemarja', the small black vehicle, Belcez
'Svartemarja' ('black mary', the police car) as concept derived from the little black 'bean'-like envoy from the distant planet, perhaps what is called in Ibsen's Eyolf Little for 'Rottejomfruen', the 'Ratwife' in english translation, in the Vienna counterpoint to Szolnok the police car crash in Märzstrasse / Schweglerstrasse. 'Aunt Mary', Yeats' 'Michael Robartes and the dancer' etc.
The principle seems to be a paradigm with variations over some forms including 'tippekupongen' - with variations for adjusting this into 'svartemarja' = 1) the police car, 2) the small vehicle or animal from remote planet I met in Szolnok
1. 'God jul' = 'svarte Maria' in the sense of 'answered Mary'
3. Gullslipset = 'gul jod'
6. 10 vek i vognen = V
9. 10 rek rongnen? (vits: 'bystene' for '10 bek i bongen') = R
11. tid akk ja ongen = A
14. 10 sek u songen/gongen = 12 glass in 120 secs = S/G
17. 'guttapercha' = 10 dek i dongen, tiger i dongen = D
18. 'Sportsrevyen' = 'tippekupongen', 10 pek i pongen = P
19. Farvel ('goodbye') = Belcez

I am guessing that it was known that the black animal/vehicle would appear on that place in Szolnok and the police car crash served to index it in Vienna format in advance. The animal is a 'Dunkel-Birne' when I lit the 'Glüh-Birne' - and the reason why it is thrown out of the one who finds it is that it is in itself the principle of objects being visible because the light is thrown out from it: If it were not thrown out of the house it would not have been visible there either. But jews believe in 'the invisible world' and would normally not throw it out but experience its mystery light instead (see Tintoretto's 'Jewish passover' in Scuola Grande in Venice - this interpretation is guesswork of mine only). A mistake it was probably to throw it out in the garden - but I fancied that I heard a small humming sound as from a battery-driven el-motor and that it moved on small wheels so I dont know - I considered it unsafe in case it was a 'spyware-toy' vehicle which could contain things. But search this file for 'harpsichord' - could be evidence that it was a real mystery.

The 90 degrees angle of the police car crash would have been the light and darkness, the lifted arm to the light, the vehicle out on the floor.

If the small black vehicle is identified as 'Rottejomfruen' (the ratwife) in Ibsen's 'Eyolf Little', it could by political intrigue be considered the route to 'Adolf Hitler' by the folks coming down from the mountains.

If the small black vehicle or being is to be identified as 'Belcez' (pronounced 'beu-zhets'), it may be that I experienced both Sob-i-Bor and Belcez in Szolnok and if these jewish mysteries are prone to occur on that place, it could be the reason for the intrigue's interest in the place. It is possible that Hitler constructed 'Aktion Reinhard' = 'Eidsvig Ragna' for the 'dritte Reich' in the sense of me qua PTRSIM PIK - via Sobibor associated with my elder sister Vibeke Grøver, Treblinka associated with me (my name on the form 'jump-jarnegg-grover' could mean just 'tre-blinka' in norwegian) and Belcez associated with my younger sister Tone Helene Grøver: Then if the political intrigue associates her with John F.Kennedy, it could mean that the whole construction serves to go from me as PTRSIM PIK in the beginning of episode 1 to this 'Belcez' (JFK?) at the end of episode 5.

Conclusion: It seems that the program was to take jewish mysteries (Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez) and turn them into the philosophy of Hitler's nazi death camps - for turning the holocaust around for escaping the doom that otherwise could have followed from it and make it a matter of territorial claims via the PTRSIM PIK strategy only. Could be the program is called systematic anti-semitism? If the octogon is rooted in episodes 1-2 and these encode the official parents, in particular if these parent(s) were nazi or holocaust crime affiliated, the guilt-dumping could have been enhanced by way of the octogon against which it would have been hard to oppose the blaming index fingers. The construction would have gone via 'secret intelligence' and smart tricks on the architecture of human cognition and signification.

If it be the case that Tony Blair won his great british Labour election in 1997 on basis of these episodes 1-5 of 'Wesensteen' from 1969, it can be observed that the program could in fact look quite 'Hitler-friendly' if the program is to dump the blame for 'Aktion Reinhard', ÖVP-Auschwitz-function and other nazi tragedies on me by way of my problems with withstanding the criticism of the triangular 'octogon', then the british 'Labour' program could be called quite Hitler-based. However, since this sounds not so flattering, it is possible that these episodes 1-5 of 'Wesensteen' could be presented as a proof that the octogon was planned in advance and therefore was not a proof of the inferior moral qualities (like 'sewage in a neural system') of the Judenblut. But that could depend quite a lot on the result of the politics, of course. I would say it would depend also on the willingness to publish the historic details needed to make a final and conclusive end to the historic era and political programs of Hitler and his comrades. And, it can be observed, if the 1969 articulation of the 'octogon' serves as a proof that it be not due to moral inferiority of the Judenblut, then some could be inclined to add the role of the dentist scene in episode 1 as 'proof' of the appropriateness of jewish genetics - "he did not involve into the octogon on own incentive - on the contrary, his moral appropriateness is proven by the tough methods that were needed to make him collaborate" - and then the question could be whether such methods in general (along a Black Sea Loop, for example) still could serve the same purposes. There are perhaps some potentially shady fields there on the quasi lefthand side of the political spectrum.

© John Bjarne Grover
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