What is the 'zidalweidun'?

John Bjarne Grover

This summary article is written on background of the complex commented on under 22-24-25 august 2022 (in this order) in this file.

'Zidalweidun' is the mystery word from the socalled 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' which is considered an old document which grants to the austrians the land described therein. The only problem is that the latin document contains the strange word 'zidalweidun' which is not found in any latin dictionary - but which is translated 'Bienenweide' probably on basis of a guess by onomatopoetics 'zzzidalweidun'. However, it is likely that the document is not historically true but is a fabrication of later times and therefore has no value as historic document. But the document and the word seems to hold a magic grip on the austrian conception of its territorial rights, somewhat of a type like the Decameron in Italy or Heimskringla in Norway. What is the reason?

My explanation goes as follows:

Yijing is perhaps the oldest known document - it describes 'being', the human reality, in terms of 64 fundamental concepts which are enumerated in a quasi bitstring format along certain 'features'. The 'basic Yijing' contains these 64 elements with 6 lines of commentary to each of them, a total of 64 * 7 lines. See this source for an excellent and brief exposition.

I am currently into a study of line 6 from each of these 64 relative to my own work and it seems that there are reasons to recognize this as a traditionally very essential conception - at least in modern 'intelligence mysticism', as I have guessed - along the following principles: Divide the 64 elements into 3 groups and fold each group along the middle. That gives 3 * 11 groups (pairs and singulars) which can be organized in a matrix. The first 3 * 3 will constitute fundamental principles while the remaining 8 will fold yet another time for a resulting 3 * 4 - or '3-4'. However, if one takes the end of each of the 3 main groups (folded along the middle), the second group will end on the folding which puts 32 over 33 and hence the group ends in 33 which has pinyin (the standardized phonological representation of the chinese signs, approximating the phonetic realization of them) which goes "fei-dun-wubu-li" which is likely to be the origin of the mystery word 'zi-dal-wei-dun' (via 'li-wubu-fei-dun'). Cp. also the names of former chancellor Werner Faymann and current president von der Bellen for these "fei-dun-wubu-li" pinyin forms. The end of the third group, which means the end of the entire matrix structure, will then fold along 54-55 and find (under 54 Gui Mei 7) the last pinyin forms as "yang-wu-xue-wu-you-li". The current potential turbulence could then find its explanation via a spoon on 'Wang Yu-xue - wi lou yu' as the format of the austrian society which seems to find its territorial rights on the historically somewhat rickety 'zidalweidun' from the end of the second group - feeling these perhaps threatened by the alternative presented by Hitler who dug so many old-testamental jews down in Germany and Poland as an extension of the new-testamental part of the PTRSIM PIK structure which seems to be associated with my person - and some could perhaps feel that this work begun by Hitler could be completed by an 'Endlösung' which then will amount to an 'Anschluss' of the territorial rights in the rickety 'Schenkungs-Urkunde'. As the mystery word 'zidalweidun' reveals, these hopes for a massive expansion of the national borders find their origin in a quite fictional world - but by way of mass psychosis (which Hitler seems to have been a master of engineering) it could function nevertheless. It could be this problem which is invoked by the pinyin in the end of group 2 and 3 if my presence should be conceived as constituting a 'Wang Yu-xue - yu lou mi' - in competition with a 'yu lou wi' or even 'wi lou yu'. This paradigm could be the basics of the classic 'Julaften', 'wheelaften', 'Isle of teen' (Epstein?), 'helaften' etc - for the socalled 'loghouse mysticism'. My view is that these paradigms are to be considered jokes comparable to all that 'Kuruksetra' of king 'Dhritarastra' from Bhagavad Gita and should not be taken as serious semiotics but rather codewords for power administration. (See the norwegian poet Jan-Erik Vold's famous recitation of his poem 'Kulturuke' = 'culture week'). Therefore these apparent Ball-mood turbulences of quasi 'voodoo' in the air - as if the presence of my person could be felt as a threat to the territorial rights of the nation. I am no threat to the nation - unless these phenomena be allowed to maximize a mass psychosis by way of my presence - in which case it is high time to dismantle Hitler's construction for border expansion into a propaganda machine for a new Hitler. It is fully possible that the same Yijing structure was used for engineering the 90 degrees european swastika turn down to 'Mussolini' [25/8-22: who 'sits al way-dun' of the folding Yijing structure] even one hundred years ago. Of course it is well possible that a mass psychosis along the eastern arm of the swastika could have been deliberately engineered by western-arm interests - but certainly that would not have been much help for neither Germany nor Austria. It is therefore very wise to keep all these 'tempting redundancies' as low as possible and avoid feelings of national aspirations which can be invoked thereby. In particular, the austrian territorial rights should not be maximized by way of a suppression of my person - even if certain emotions could be enhanced thereby. It is of course possible that political intrigue could have wanted these emotions to arise by way of a suppression of my person qua PTRSIM PIK - and thereby a turning of the swastika could be obtained for the western arm to swing up towards the tempting aurora borealis in the north while the eastern arm swings down on Italy - where Mussolini once collected his 'fascies' for an overearth 'pane-ic' as a function from the underearth 'panic' of a Black Sea Loop along the eastern arm - thereby lending metaphysical impetus to an 'isomorphic' harvesting of the mystic aurora borealis curtains in the far north - beyond the land of the norwegian 'elfenbeins' (the 'Abidjan-Ålesund' connection for metaphysical foldover is a possible background of the 'Beatles' and maybe JFK's rocking chair in the 1962 photo) who may have suffered much metaphysical plunder from antivikings throughout the years of such mythomania. I dont know if that even could be a part of the political function of the 'Ivory Coast' name - the map-isomorphic location a la 'Sunnmøre' in Norway - but it is clear that if this structure of Yijing is the origin of the 'zidalweidun' in the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde', the phenomenon cannot be very new. Nazism is and should remain forbidden in Austria and to make symbolic emotions or ideas arise on basis of these redundancies in the Yijing (which probably is the world's oldest known document) is not so smart - in particular not as far as the territorial rights of the austrians are concerned. Clearly if these mythological shadows start drifting over the landscape, it could be all too easy to see the threat from my probably jewish genetics as the reason for these feelings of threat against the national territorial rights - and to let such emotions develop could come to constitute a real threat against the rights of Austria to exist as an independent state. But dont blame me for that! A feedback function on these aspects - seeing the threat in the presence of jewish genetics - could have been used for engineering mass psychoses in both Germany and Italy - and clearly there is no reason to repeat that in this century. Clearly precisely the word or phonological form 'zidalweidun' could serve to enhance such feelings because it seems to be a proof that the document is not likely to be much older than the european knowledge and use of the chinese Yijing, including these foldover analyses of it.

I have worked much for finding and explaining to the democratic voters these phenomena - such as this PTRSIM PIK which could explain why Hitler made the holocaust or the 1223 which explains possible links from Auschwitz to the current ÖVP via my person. But I do not think I have been much credited for this work and it may be that modern administration could feel that constructions like these should have remained secret in order to continue to function - but clearly modern democracy is not much served with that. A modern state is not reinforced by entering into a mass fiction world whereby mythos characters enter into roles a la that folded zidalweidun and all that and the movements of these shadowy 'thresholded' mythos roles certainly can be used for making sense out of the world - but these could be very dangerous political things to set agoing. In particular, there could be political hopes of making a quasi divinity out of my PTRSIM PIK role for solving matters on the shadowy TV screen - but there is no real basis for constructing such a quasi-divinity for demagogic purposes. Get the hysteria down - is the best political and scholarly program.

25/8-22: The conclusion seems to be that the austrians bit the hook of the 'zidalweidun' mystery because they could not resist the temptations in the Schenkungs-Urkunde document, granting them this fantastic 'royal' land "...mit Wiesen, Weiden, Wäldern, Gebäuden, mit Quellen und Wasserläufen, mit Jagden, Bienenweiden, Fischwässern, Mühlen..." = "...pratis pascuis silvis aedificiis aquis aquarumve decursibus venationibus zidalweidun piscationibus molendinis..." in possibly systematic parallel to the full name of Mozart which was "...Johannes Chrysostomos Wolfangus Theophilus Mozart..." - and this temptation being fuelled by the possibly bad conscience after the premature death of the composer. Hence being pulled towards this solution to the mystery, it would be the form 'zidalweidun' that would seem to constitute the real solution to their problems - and that means this structure in the Yijing - and it seems that it was just this teaser which was the reason for the rise of nazism in extension from the feeling of a national threat to this solution (and the security of the state thereby) from the assumed PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein and his at least partwise jewish genetics. Of course the solution is then not to try and usurp this position from the PTRSIM PIK by way of the Hitler - of course the solution for the country is just to forget about the whole Yijing mystery and return to reality instead of chasing shadows on some mystery screen. That should be very easy indeed - to dismantle all that Yijing that probably has been massaged into the culture since the death of Mozart and the construction of the PTRSIM PIKs started. Of course the Wiesen, Weiden, Wäldern, Gebäuden... could appear tempting - but it is all a lot of shadow theatre. Hence there should be no purpose in whipping up an apocalypse for battling the jewish genetics or whatever is seen in the Stammbaums, or, say, closing Twitter for my internet connection. It is just to conclude that the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' probably is a piece of 'fabrication' and nothing to waste more time on.


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