What is 1223?

John Bjarne Grover

After all the articles about the interval of 12 years 2 months and 12+ days between the founding of ÍVP in 1945 and the assumed opening of my newborn head in july 1957, it suddenly dawned to me the self-evident conclusion: Ah, that is of course what the 1223 is - there could have been 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks = 1223 between these events. If so, that means that my head was opened 21-12 = 9 days after my 29/6-57 birth, and if it were John F.Kennedy who was on the 'airport', he would have been in Sandveien 4, Molde on 8 july 1957.

Some data for this number 1223:

1) The Eisenhower doctrine: 1223 seems also to be the factor for the publication date of the Eisenhower doctrine on 1223 months, weeks, days after the birth of Albert of Saxony, the Great Warrior which could have been the purpose with the US involvement in Vietnam war by John F.Kennedy - could be for the Shijing #37.

2) The PIN code I got in Die Postbank in 2004 was 3221. There later followed the BAWAG bank crisis and this bank + the Postbank merged. 'Ba wag' sounds to a norwegian ear like 'asked [to] go away'.

3) Michael Spindlegger was vice chancellor for 1223 days. He was a reasonably fresh name in top politics, at least to me, and on the day 1223 he announced in a press conference that he would put down all his political assignments with immediate effect from that day - it may be that he did not even present a reason. It could have meant '1223'.

4) Vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache 'likewise' resigned 1223 days after I started writing 'Stillhetens ňndedrag' on 11.1.16 (it took me appr. 256 days to complete the book).

It could be that Austria is not only happy about an Auschwitz-initiated remote control.

5) Anatoly Alexei Navalni is a name that could mean 'han har dårlig ALEX' ('he has a bad ALEX') and could apply to my attempts to find the official death date of Petter Andre Syversen in Botswana in 1986 relative to the bombing of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi on 7 august 1998 - while I was writing the appeal to the rejection of my PhD. In the newspaper Aftenposten on internet I found in their ALEX database a dated entry telling that PAS died on some recent weekday - and by using a calendar I found that it was 7 august, exactly 12 years earlier. But this info was only in a sub-extract of the search engine from the article, I did not find the article itself - hence it was a 'dårlig ALEX' basis for this assumption. If he had died 2 months and 3 weeks earlier, it would have been a 1223.

It seems that 1223 is the number used for indexing the interval between the foundation of ÍVP and the opening of my head with possibly John F.Kennedy present. This seems to be the interval used for indexing political events 12 years 2 months and 12+ days (or 3 weeks) in advance by the cartoons of The New Yorker. Some significance seems to be assigned to this interval between the cartoon in The New Yorker of 8 february 1999 and Sebastian Kurz (now austrian chancellor) entering the government of Werner Faymann in 2011. The church seen through the window in the back of the cartoon scene resembles the Chiesa di San Simoni Piccolo in Venice, the first thing one sees when exiting from the St.Lucia train station.

Microsoft started out well but is now steering in a disastrous direction with the orientation towards 'smiley' symbols taking the place of traditional linguistic labelling. It doesn't say PRINT but it shows a small drawing of what could be a printer. WORD is a good example: It started out well and may have reached its peak around 2005 but has since declined and turned almost unusable after the roll-down menus were replaced with 'smiley' labelling without roll-downs.

What is the reason for this very senseless development? They may perhaps have consulted some fancy 'semiotician' who believe in 'the mystery of semiosis that glues the form to the meaning' and been told that the future will turn totally 'symbolic' - only smileys and traffic signs everywhere and not a single word to be seen. But they cannot have been that naive. A more pragmatic explanation could be that these smiley symbols function by a 'cartoonistic' logic (a small cartoon showing what looks like a printer instead of the word PRINT) which, if they take over the interface between users and machines all over the world, could come to function as a most massive propaganda for the 1223 program - that is, for international secret intelligence logic (or perhaps rather US democrat logic, if that is not the same) a la Kennedy relative to me.

Microsoft = Piccolosoft?

If so, it is likely that a patent for the new information technology interface cannot really be defended. It must be possible to get sensible software for machines, also without ever connecting to the service-controlled internet - and without 'licence' limitations.

Added on 16 september 2020:

I had just been to the office for citizenship issues in Vienna in probably 2010, for inquiring about my chances and rights, when on the return I waited at the end loop of tram 49 by the parliament and Wolfgang Schüssel (ÖVP) came walking down from the parliament and headed right towards me - but when he was some metres off and still looked as if he recognized an old friend, he suddenly 'skidded off the runway' when taking a sudden turn left. The next time I was at this end loop stop, a tree had been sawed down. Had Schüssel thought he heard me BA WAG? (Or BA FAG, 'asked for a fag'?). Schüssel formed ÖVP government in the early years of the millenium but fell dramatically down in the 2007 elections when I was in Vilnius for a month to be out of the election tumults. Cp. the current coronavirus falldown after I travelled out of Austria.

As far as I remember, Schüssel was later expelled from ÖVP. A number of trees have been sawed down in Vienna.

The BAWAG was merged with the Postbank where the PIN code was 3221, backwards NIP doc = 1223. There were 80 days from the closure of Auschwitz to the opening of ÖVP in 1945: A TID ace = a NIP ace. A Nin? The female side of the Clintons could perhaps have been recognized as a 'Nin'. But even John F.Kennedy had children. What was his 'male side' - where it 'switched out'? It switches out also in Gen-eva, where WHO is located, the world's DOC association. Were that the TID Kennedy story? It is my view that Norway should accept my DOC degree.

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