The left side

John Bjarne Grover

The story with me and possibly JFK from july 1957 is that my newborn skull could have been opened and the 'coming president' masturbated a spurt on my cortex before the skull was put on again. This may be an old trick for making money and career - 'Bissmark' is apparently the german term for it.

Will the sperm remain fertile? Is it still possible - now 62 years later - to take that sperm out again and fertilize an egg with it? The mythos goes that this is possible and that it could be lifted from generation to generation inside such 'natural freezers'.

In principle, the first masturbator could then have been Jesus and somebody may go around with this divine sperm in his head even today. That is the reformist version of the dogma of the infallibility of the pope: When the pope is elected from the cardinals, and when all cardinals had heard it personally from the pope that, yes, Jesus did live, and this goes in an unbroken chain back to the first pope or bishop Peter who knew Jesus personally, then his existence is proven by the dogma that the pope is selected by God and cannot lie. Then we know something - and the reformation gave it the twist of this 'natural freezer'. When the pope was the PeTeR, this story of the 'natural freezer' could be called PTRSIM PIK. Then we know something.

The name of Fridhtjof Nansen could mean such a story, and the father of the modern republic of Austria was Karl Renner whose name rewrites to New Yorker. He spent the wartime in house arrest in Gloggnitz (an hour's walk from Otterthal where Wittgenstein in 1926 had ended his career as teacher with the unfortunate story that 'arrested' the schoolboy in the schoolhouse) which likewise rewrites to 'vitsen-i-igloo' - that joke about the 'inuit-asians' that they let visitors borrow the wife for nighttime heating in the igloo. That igloo probably counts as a 'natural freezer' with a 'witz' inside.

If Kennedy masturbated on me in 1957, the correlate to this for Wittgenstein would have been US democrat president Grover Cleveland - a name which rewrites to Grover Wittgenstein/Wittgenstand.

When the propaganda goes that I could be PTRSIM PIK, in the sense that I could be the direct offspring from Jesus or rather that I could carry the divine sperm in my head, that only means that it could have been JFK who came with the wares - that is, that JFK could be divine, is the propaganda value. And his son could thereby be aspiring for the title of the Son of God - the very Jesus Saviour of Mankind. ÖVP in Austria could perhaps harvest some votes on that propaganda value - if the story with New Yorker is true. Who can stand up against such authority?

The real reason for this propaganda theory is, though, likely to be 1) the PTRSIM PIK of the matrix of doublewords from Genesis to Matthew, telling just that story of how the 'sperm of God' in the divine inspiration of Moses came to reach the times of Jesus and the following New Testament, and 2) the idea that the set of phonological oppositions in PTRSIM PIK, BTRSIM BIK, FITRSIM FIK etc conveniently can come to cover the mystery of recursion in a philosophical interpretation of the human reality - given also in the form of the ex nihilo piece of matter I call the 'wigwam' (cp. also the 'four presidents' in the rock in USA):

The man on top of the PTR cliff looks out the oarlocks of redundancies in human reality, the FTR version is down in the window below observed by the BTR and WTR version in the mid Janus head - staring onto the woman in the window, with a nose-dripping clerical in the back of the Janus head.

Humans live in the enclosure of such phonological oppositions - a redundant and imperfect world wherein we see as in a mirror darkly, so to speak - in the constant hope of one day returning to the real world - call it paradise or nirvana or whatever.

My guess is that this 'wigwam' of ex nihilo character is a part of (or refers to) an old jewish mystery borrowed into the intrigue - and therefore I am of jewish-genetic origins in order to lend substance to the political propaganda intrigue.

The US involvement in the Vietnam war could have been for making oars to the oarlocks - for the over-looks of the president on top to become the material wood for driving the nation 'forwards'. The oar would then be the item inserted into the mouth of the woman below as she is observed by the man with the forwards-backwards Janus head whose nose is dripping when the oarblade is lifted.

When the proper list of doublewords in Genesis is 775 or 776 such occurrences, if you multiply this with 11/9 you get 948 - which is that PTRSIM PIK. Look up this list which I have made myself - under #948 or Ch.26 verse 38 you find PTRSIM PIK). On the other hand, if you take 1067 * 8/11 you get 776. Hence 9/11-2001 for telling of this PTRSIM PIK (the propaganda value in the idea of a divine Son of God among us perhaps even today - could it be the new politician?) and the adjacency function 9/11 relative to 8/11 called adjacency = John Jensen - my official father, also probably present in that event of july 1957.

One notices that this idea of 'divine presence in history' could resemble the phenomenon of poetic reality present in the historic reality - and hence concern the idea of the formation of the blue metre as a new level of formalism in the collective consciousness.

The propaganda version with the sperm carried for centuries inside heads of generations is a variant created for converting this into a tool for a catholic Hitler from Austria to be inserted into a protestant Germany. Catholicism has (or had) the dogma of infallibility of the pope which protestantism has not.

This version of PTRSIM PIK may be what is applied onto me - and the proof may be my leftsided gynaecomastia - if one assume that one-sided gynaecomastia develops under conditions when the fertilization of the embryo takes place far outside natural schedule of history - that is, either much delayed such as sperm or egg stored for long time in (natural or artificial) freezer before fertilization or much ahead of time if generations can be shortened by modern technology. These matters were probably studied by nazi eugenetics. The version which tells that both Lenin and Mahatma Gandhi vounteerily let themselves be shot would probably claim that they did so in order to leak to the world this essential detail of the leftsided gynaecomastia which should be used as 'proof' that I was offspring of what could be Jesus 2000 years ago. This was after Wittgenstein and Grover Cleveland.

Of course there is no such proof in the leftsided gynaecomstia - all there is of proof is a 'proof' that JFK could have aspired to the label 'divine' - it was he that came with the wares, the 'precious commodities', in july 1957 (if this is the story). If somebody should make claims that I should be 'son of God', that could be for winning the election on such propaganda basis.

This point may be assigned some value as far as my vol.4 is concerned - since it deals also with the issue whether Fatima could be a referential interpretation of TEQ - the basis for the blue metre PEB. If so, then the referential interpretation would have come before (ahead of) the literary work itself - nazi eugenetics could perhaps spring up in recognition of conditions for gynaecomastia. But this does not mean that I am Jesus or God - and the Shijing #15-16 could be proof that these are matters of literary (mystic) structure which interpret the human reality. That does not mean that Shijing 'preheralds' my book. It means that this is a part of the form of the human reality - the oarlocks of which the humans (or maybe the pope) look out through. Therefore Fatima can be a 'referential interpretation' of my book written 80 years later. One need not even postulate any systematic or necessary connection between Fatima and my book for seeing this.

But if Fatima should be a 'referential interpretation' of my book written 80 years later, then it is important to understand that this does not mean that I am PTRSIM PIK in the sense of being a direct offspring from Jesus or carrying his sperm in my head.

This issue may be quite important for those who want to present the case as a matter of me being divine or not. This matter would concern the issue whether JFK is divine or not, and his son JFK jr being a 'son of God' or not. What I claim about my book is that it could be interesting mystic poetry - not that I am a god. But if the divine status of JFK could be dependent on this flavour of PTRSIM PIK as far as my person is concerned, there could be political interests out claiming that I claim to be divine. That is nonsense.

The question whether the leftsided gynaecomastia is a proof that I was born from material long stored inside heads can be cast in another form: If this preheralded (by the deaths of Lenin and Gandhi?) medical condition serves as such a proof, is there any other potential and essential reason for it? My guess is that there is such a reason: I have guessed that if the skullcap is lifted from a recently born child and a small part of the lower occipital (back) lobe is scissored off on one side, this will not lead to serious impairment of the faculty of vision but it will lead to a strange sort of 'bias' in an overall sense of it. My guess is that it can lead to leftsided gynaecomastia and that this is the secret of the story. In 2012 I had a magnet resonance scan of my brain to check the assumed stroke of 2002 - it was shown as a notable white spot on the cortex for the left hand. A day or two later there were news from Toulouse in France - a man had gone on a shooting spree in town and was chased back to his home by police - he hid in his bathroom (behind the toilet?) while police tried to shoot him out - they fired 300 shots into the white bathroom tiles, tell the story, before the man jumped out the window and died in the fall. I reasoned that this could mean '300 backspace', could be what would be needed for editing a scan on computer with the 'backspace' key. I do not believe that this is what happened in the MRT institute - there is every good reason to believe that the trace of the stroke which is visible on the scan is real - but the news could have been a comment on the idea of the vital political importance of the detail of the following part of the scan - where one can see that the lower left occipital lobe is a little shorter than the other. (I do not believe that the scan is edited). This 'bias' resembles the ex nihilo 'wigwam' piece of 'PTRSIM PIK' (brain scan by MRT Mariahilf, Vienna):

(The scan may be mirrored - as indicated by the 'L' to the right). This 'identity' could lead to the reasoning that I am PTRSIM PIK in that sense of it - and therefore that a leftsided gynaecomastia (if it can be caused by shortened occipital lobe on one side) is a 'proof' of PTRSIM PIK. But of course such reasoning is worthless for the political propaganda. Was the holocaust for preventing that the secret leaked out?

And of course this bias could be a proof that my head was opened in 1957 - if it could not develop in natural ways. But that is not so nice treatment of a small child.

It can be noticed that my slight 'strabismus' seemed to be bigger before 2000 than after - could be the ditch (on the left side?) was the result of the 'strabismus'? There exists also a wellknown photo of JFK with 'strabismus' - before the US involvement in the Vietnam war. Did he look out the oarlocks to the left - where also the woman is further down? Do we eat names, or do we eat eels/alia? A 'Kennedy' is a sort of oarlock? A 'trockene-Scheide' means an 'alia'? (Norwegian 'tråkkene skjeide' could mean 'her skilles våre veier' - here our roads part - vs. 'her villes våre skjeider' - here our 'Scheides' find their volition).

Conclusion is that if leftsided gynaecomastia can develop from such 'abbreviated' occipital lobe on one side, then there is not much left of the PTRSIM PIK as a political program. It seems rather that the development of the blue metre as a new level of formalism on the border between subjective and collective historic consciousness is the story - and that nazism and similar problems was the faulty interpretation of this - a mistaken interpretation that has rid the world for at least 200 years or more. 'Left' and 'right' in politics is on its way out - and it is permitted to speculate whether it had its origins in this complex called 'PTRSIM PIK'.

In short, it may be that there is much to realize and admit in politics. In the mean time, I walk around like a sort of 'unmentionable' person. However, it is clear that the world moves forwards and not backwards into the swamps of dark mythomania, so there should be hopes for the future.

It is only a few years since I discovered Jan Dismas Zelenka's music - and it felt like something close to an insult: How is it possible that such music has existed through centuries and I had not even heard of it? It is not impossible that Zelenka was held back from public attention for being used as 'spiritual' pretext for the Vietnam war and that he was released only a few years ago. How could that be a pretext for a Vietnam war? It would have been about the spiritual depth in such things as this 'wigwam' concept - and with 'Jan Zelenka' being close to 'John Kennedy', there is this 'strabismus-Bjarne' in the 'Dismas'. But there is not much spirituality or beauty in a Vietnam war - and neither will there be any beauty in a swampy mythomaniac war in Italy. It is time to understand that this is old superstition which cannot take it the right way. Is Zelenka modern swindle - Kennedy propaganda? It is not - I heard his 'De Profundis' which he wrote to his father's funeral - it took me some to realize that it caused real mourning in the listener - it is no swindle.

This matter of PTRSIM PIK as far as concerns vol.4 of 2018 could even be the background of the current 'Corona virus' emerging from Wuhan in China. It was my hand that wrote the article on the chinese sign WO - and my hand also wrote a poem which I called 'La Corona' among the audiences in the Logan Hall in London while waiting for the reading of Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes to start (Peter Stothard, editor of The Times, was also present). I left when Ted Hughes started to use the word 'pistol' too often. The poem was included into the application for a project in 'poetic science' which I sent to the norwegian research council in 1997 - it seems to have disappeared on the way - and princess Diana died around the time of the disappearance of this application. I later also included this 'poetic study' into my PhD dissertation as part 4. The poem was not so advanced - it was composed 'on the fly' among the audiences - it goes like this: "La Corona. 'From' Ted Hughes // As it has grown to be my habit / in waiting for a poet on the stage / to read his work reciting in a voice / I use when I rehearse my age, // I write a sonnet in the humming noise / of audiences gathering around / the stage so far unlit by any man. / I write in slumber, and I write in rage. // Then as the audiencing girls and boys / let all their voices gather in the sound / negating what we know about the rabbit, // I hurry towards the end, as bound / by rhyme, and rhythm, and the fourteen strands / converging on the stage, as on a crown". Bill Clinton after his period was over gave a speech in some 'Hall' (not 'Loadgun'!) in Oslo - the newspapers wrote that he (according to himself) had composed the speech while on the transatlantic airplane on his way to Oslo. There was recently (24 january 2020 at 17:55 UTC) a disastrous earthquake in Elazig in Turkey, the epicentre was 7 km east of 'Uslu'. Cp. 'strikka-jumper' & TEQ #1200? (I have speculated if there could have been a 'rehearsing' masturbator in the church where I lost the rucksack with the poetry notebooks in 2019). The annual overview of pensions paid in the previous year should normally have come around these times - I hope it comes in the course of january - the monthly paper slips were a couple of years ago replaced by electronic overviews that can be accessed on internet if one logs onto the personal account which also can be used for changing bank account for the pension to be sent to and therefore I try to prevent the opening of that personal account - they are not even sent by email - and therefore this single material contact with the source of survival is vital - I hope it comes and is not withheld. There were some cases of negros shot by FBI under Obama's FBI chief James Comey. If FBI means FTRSIM FIK, BTRSIM BIK etc - it wasnt me who shot the negros - then igloos?

Added on 30 january 2020: The annual overview of pensions paid in the previous year comes from 'NAV' ( It is perhaps not only me who hasn't got it yet. Coro-NAV-irus? Or 'in Rus-sia'? It was in the late 60's that I pulled out a drawer in my official father's bedside table and saw some packs of condoms there. The official father probably not long thereafter bought a strange foldable leathern suitcase for suits. In manchu language, 'olhokon fusheku' = 'ziemlich trockene[r] Fächer' and rewrites somewhat to 'octogon-fuched ego'. Was my pulling out of this drawer the Arne Treholt case? In Austria employment means (if I have got it right) obligatory membership in a union, and these seem to be organized by Sach before Fach: Some unions imply automatic membership in ÖVP. Ted Hughes (later poet laureate with task of entertaining the queen) had been married to Sylvia Plath - and I have noticed a certain relevance of the name of 'Tonje Aanonsen' (one of the 'octogon' stories) in possibly all (at least many of) her poetic lines (which is easy to check). The idea of 'Qin Shi Huang' = 'skinnsyk uang' for 'jealous uang' could apply to the 'Ton'-house with water in the walls. I suppose Hughes and Plath did not divorce formally (but I had not discovered the possible link to Plath's poetry in the octogon story name when I was to the reading with Heaney and Hughes in 1997). I notice the assumed complex with the email heading. The annual overview of pensions paid in the previous year had not yet arrived today, but the website of 'NAV' tells that it should come before 1 february (before BREXIT, that means), so it probably comes tomorrow.

Added on 31 january 2020: The annual overview of pensions paid in the previous year came from 'NAV' today. The letter inside was, though, dated 8 january 2020. The envelope had no date.

See also the new file 'The Octogon' on the issue whether these stories involved the concept of 'entertainment' - and hence also concerned Ted Hughes' entertainment of the queen. If so, one could speculate that the 'octogon' could have had the function of creating the impression of me as an insult against the english throne or the monarch's person.

I have never sent any communication intended to be hostile or insulting to Buckingham. I am very sorry if I should have hurt anybody's feelings - that was certainly not my intention.

I have personally apologized to every male involved in the octogon complex and was met with friendly and correct understanding.

© John Bjarne Grover
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