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John Bjarne Grover

Elements of the Zinckgasse phenomenon

The political construction seems to rest on a series of secrets focussing on my person in Zinckgasse - that is as far as I see it - and it is only by knowing all of them that one can get to understand what it is.

1) The 3-2-1 * 56 days intervals onto the attempt on the pope in 1981 - Sanjay Gandhi with assassin Nathuram Godse on his grandfather (cp. also chinese for 'grandson' = 'sun' = 7*8 = 56) = SanGodse = Zinckgasse factor with John Lennon = John Lenin Uljanow = child abuse? Sanjay Gandhi = 'Sandveien Kennedy'?

2) The reduction of the Genesis-Matthew matrices to a set of featural oppositions (PTRSIM PIK, BTRSIM BIK, FTRSIM FIK ect) that hide the real issue and convert it into the official family tree of Devold-Eidsvig-Jensen-Grover - series of names which also seem to mean the 1-2-3 of the child abuse factor. (1 = skull opening after few days = 'de-vold' = 'de-violence', 2 = rape at 6 month age = 'eids-vik', 3 = chemicals in blood at age 18 months = 'jensen').

3) Flaktürme = Arenberg Park = the SKO factor of e.g. 'James Comey' = the töffles/truffles of my poetry and the idea that these should have their rooting in terror - including Auschwitz etc. (In fact the atrium in Zinckgasse contains three low parapets which could be compared with the three pairs of the Flaktürme - but I suppose one cannot put too much weight on these).

4) The story with Anne Skundberg in 1972 - probably supposed to remain hidden and private in my personal memory - links Hitler and Auschwitz to Zinckgasse via Flaktürme in Arenberg Park.

5) The octogon = bed-8-ungen = the 'Bedeutungen' of the words. It could have been the plan that I should buy another house in Szolnok ('szo' = 'word') instead of solving problems of mystery water along ceiling/wall of the adobe house (are there hidden water pipes in the walls?) and installation of water from the public network. If, for various reasons, it should be difficult to repair the current house, would the need for a new house mean that I harvested the profits from the work of Osama bin Laden - for the fuel of my poetic 'truffles'? (It was more than 3 years after I bought the house that the occasional water leaks started - and it took me another year to verify that I could not find any rational explanation to them - and had to speculate if somebody had opened a water tap somewhere else to a hidden water pipe inside the wall: Is the house an 'intelligence project' from 1970? If so, would the same 'intelligence' - of 'truffles' etc - also control the available craftmanship that could have helped me repair the problems of the current house? If there are hidden water pipes in the walls of an adobe house, the house can collapse at any time if the taps are opened by somebody else - and the taps to such pipes can of course be far away and the pipes go deep down).

All this gives an overall outline of nazism called PTRSIM PIK - in such a way that indignation could point to the diffuse and ubiquitous threat from

6) my jewish genetics who thereby could be blamed for the dangers against the society.

The whole construction of PTRSIM PIK is really a big CORK on the philosophy of multiple realities and the information science that can be derived from it. This information science is the third millenium and the CORK of PTRSIM PIK is just the reaction against it. ('Al Qaida' means 'the base', could be even for logarithms and a symbolic logic on letters and numerals). Clearly this backwater is not so interesting and will come to be faded out. Ideas that 'this is the power format of the third millenium' and things like that will lose interest.

Ideas that the reduction of the matrices is the same as the reduction for a lapis philosophorum is not interesting: Not all reductions are equally good.

My role seems to be the prism that contains these factors - rather than being a factor myself - for making it possible to tremble the indignation against the jews.

The question is possibly the factor of child abuse.


There seems to exist a theory that an email I once (probably) sent to Buckingham from an email cafe in probably Vilnius should have been the reason for England's planned exodus from EU. I cannot recall neither the contents of the email nor the reason but I think it was of a rather humble kind - a website of some news presenting a frame "send your comments to Buckingham on this matter", sth like that. It could perhaps have been a 'webmail' where personal names were filled in, but I do not recall this precisely. I recall that the circumstances were of the kind that I could not solve the problem of heading to the message and therefore I sent it (if I sent it, that is, which I probably did) without heading - that was for not stepping on any toes by improper addressing.

It was anyhow only a brief message (what was it? condolences? congratulations?). There could have been nothing insulting in the message - I did not have neither intentions nor reasons for anything but a friendly communication - and if this email should have been the reason for BREXIT, it must have been that the lack of heading was felt like an insult for reasons which were outside my control. It is now perhaps possible to understand this in terms of PTRSIM PIK - if, that is, I were associated with this construction - and if e.g. it should have been felt like a 'suggestion' from me that the state would do better without a 'heading'. But I am not PTRSIM PIK - of course if e.g. the pope qua 'Peters in Peak' had sent such a letter without heading, it could have been something. But I am not involved in the PTRSIM PIK - I am only a private person.

However, I posted a letter to the Norwegian Research Council from London on 21 August 1997 (with a copy of my 'Pilot study for a poetic science' with the application in it) and asked why I had not received confirmation of receipt of the application I had sent to the Research Council on 14 June. On 3 September, I received the answer that the application had been received safely in their archive and was registered there, but, alas, it was gone and I had to send in a copy. Could I do it quickly to reach a meeting? In the mean time, princess Diana had died on 31 august 1997 after a car crash to the entrance gate of the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris - 'alma' is hungarian for 'apple'.

Then on 9 february 2002 princess Margareth died from a stroke. She was the english queen's younger sister. 14 days later, on 23 february 2002, my younger sister's birthday, I seem to have got a brain stroke in my left hand region - I speculated if it could have been from a laser beam. (Were there some traces of it in MLR jan 2002?) My left hand remained paralyzed for a long time due to this 'lack of heading'.

I add the phenomenon that the royal massacre in Nepal took place shortly after the queen of England had left Norway whereto she had been for an official visit - she was probably not still in the airplane but it was not long after her return to England. (I think this was in some potentially significant interval - a week or so - relative to the general election in England 2001, and there was a deadly car accident outside my home in Vilnius in another significant interval - a day or so - before that election - which thereby put me in some sort of relation to the story).

I dont remember when I sent the email, but if it were before 2002, which it could have been, if these two later events should have been organized and coordinated, they could have looked like 1) a terrible insult against the royal family (adding to the story with Diana after my application in 1997), and they could have looked like 2) a message to me: "Now John, since you have insulted the throne so terribly, you still have your right hand left to write an apology". In this way the 'lack of heading' in the email could have looked like a bad insult - which of course was not due to me. If some mafia of some kind had organized it, of course they should apology, not me.

But if an 'international secret intelligence service' mafia of some kind should be involved in producing illegal pirate copies of my works and sending them around as if my copyright should have been theirs, the identity borders between them and me could have been intentionally blurred thereby - for which reason a feeling of insult from my email could have been understandable - in particular if those who made the illegal copies also were resposible for a divide-and-conquer intrigue.

If an 'international secret intelligence service' mafia of some kind in addition should have been nourishing interests in running an 'Endlösung' for completing the holocaust against the jews, they could have been out for the effects of such a construction - as if blaming the jewish genetics for such an insult against the british throne. It is of course not right that jewish genetics shall pay for potential crimes of an international mafia who could acquire much power by such divide-and-conquer strategies.

But these things should be easy to understand and clear out - and it should not be possible to believe that BREXIT comes because I have not sent an apology. But could it be for avoiding being left with the responsibility of future nazism in Europe - and hence for avoiding that nazism?

There could be a complex in the political effect of abusing the authority from a child's early lifted helmet. If there is something about apologies and if that is about Norway or norwegians somehow, it is likely that the Klipra connection ('Article 50' = 'farty clifty'?) qua PTRSIM PIK (if that is the origin of the state formation of Norway in 1814) is the story - but if that historic problem is lifted onto me, it could be the result of lifting the infant skull - leaving the child 'without heading'. I still dont know if my head was opened in july 1957 but there have been some reasons to believe that it was. Of course the secrecy on this story element should be downgraded if that is what happened.

The 'northern Ireland' conflict could have been related to this 1814 Dover-Dovre link to the Klipra connection - a 'land of ire in the north' - as if the skullcap had been lifted from Ireland to Norway.

A brief story

I also have to tell a little story from the first half of the 1970's:

In grade 8 or 9 - around 1971-73 - there was some discussion in a break about body weight and I said in the direction of a girl named 'Elisabeth' the word 'eflisabeth' - that would mean a not fat woman ('flis' is sometimes used about thin people). She came right over to me and gave me a solid slap on the cheek and went back again (had she 'lifted a schoolslap'?). I think she later opened or worked in a kiosk in downtown Fredrikstad - not far from where I once saw 'Boris', the only socalled homosexual in Fredrikstad in those days. I dont know if he really were homosexual but somebody must have said so. (Did I also once see him on a bus? - I dont remember this with certainty). Another classmate had an electronic organ called 'Farfisa' - did I see this in circumstances of the possible time of the death of Mao?

Is it the plan to let all 'story elements' from the life of an alleged PTRSIM PIK run together in one explanatory formula on my life? LET THAT BE - there is no purpose in trying to turn neither me nor the jewish genetics into a new 'Jesus'.

It is high time to tell to the public all details of the PTRSIM PIK construction. The world is moving out of the mythomania, not into a new.

I repeat: I am not PTRSIM PIK. I am only a normal humble private person.

If a 'political' system is about to develop on basis of e.g. elements from my private life, in e.g. an attempt to construct a meaningful totality out of it, it is high time that the police starts arresting the service folks and politicians involved in this game-making of fanatism and mythomania - which could take the democratic people astray into new hitlerish marshes. Proponents of such a 'system' could perhaps argue that 'it is the opposite of Hitler' - that does not matter: It would be an aspect of the same dangerous fanatism. For example, if my private address did not change from Zinckgasse to Szolnok before a certain time limit - if that should have been the cause of BREXIT (on the logic that Mr.PTRSIM PIK lives in a swamp of nazi symbolism and this imposes a burden onto the world's people) then it is high time to tell the details to the public.

Nazism develops (relative to me) when agents for the unconstitutional mafia plagiarizes and copies me (without my permission, that is) - that creates the unconstitutional power for the mafia who pays them for it - and some people feel that this enhances the power and therefore consolidates the state. If the mafia is a part of or has integrated into state institutions, it can feel like the state power increases (however much that necessarily is an illusionary bubble). That is, I would say, developing nazism. The loss of my poetry notebooks and the current Caravaggio + Bernini exhibition (assuming that the idea of the 'white stone' as essential to Caravaggio is my idea - from my 2014 work with the so far unpublished 'Der Dornenstrauch' part 3) could be examples of such potentially developing nazism. It would be nazism if the esthetic value of Caravaggio is conceived in terms of this 'power potential'. If e.g. there are people in a ministry who want a certain theatre chief because he accepts plagiarisms rather than original material because it enhances the 'esthetic value' (the power feel, that is), that would be integrated mafia in this conception. (The observant reader can perhaps discover that the more difficulties I have with making the Caravaggio+whitestone discovery appear as mine, the more it could 'feel' as if everybody are now waiting for me to send a letter of apology).

I suppose the problem resembles subliminal propaganda on TV: It is probably not permitted but if it were permitted with subliminal propaganda it could be the way to power. Advertisement in public space is probably a variant of subliminal propaganda.

It is possible that the whole story comes down to this single thing of a lifting of my skullcap in early days - for a grandiose 'political' swipswap effect because of such fanatism. It is possible to tidy up in that mess.

I repeat that I have never heard a word about all this construction or a role for me in it but have concluded all of it myself on basis of publically available sources and my own life. Neither have I ever been asked for permission to produce copies of my work.

PS In this account the element of 'lacking heading in an email to Buckingham' seems rather essential. I must add that I believe that I sent this but I do not recall this well.

PS2 My high school (1973-74) history teacher Berger told in a lecture that in Versailles they sometimes stood masturbating each other in the windows while watching heads roll from the guillotine. I notice the story with Anne Skundberg - and the recent fire in Notre Dame in Paris. 'Himmel' = 'heaven'.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 16 december 2019