The name factor

John Bjarne Grover


I refer to the two articles for the account of the PTRSIM PIK phenomenon: The opening gate and What is the doubleword phenomenon?

There are three lists presented in this file, one of them being the 775 or 776 true doublewords from Genesis - words that occur twice and only twice in Genesis. There are 1071 verses in Matthew - and for making a mapping such that each verse of Matthew defines a doubleword in Genesis, one must make a list of 1071 doublewords from Genesis. This is achieved - in my method - by dividing the words of Genesis into two sets and removing all words from each set that occur more than twice - then rejoining two sets will make some words occur four times, some thrice, and, in addition to the set of true doublewords, there will be some words that occurred twice in one of the two sets but not in the other - and these will attain the function of new apparent doublewords. It then depends as a variable the point where the full Genesis is divided in two. This procedure will produce more than 775 doublewords - and the list can reach e.g. 1071 doublewords. In addition, there is the socalled adjacency function - that not the list of true doublewords is created but the list of words that follow immediately after a doubleword in the alphabetized list (of all words in Genesis) - the resulting list will then contain, say, 1067 or 1071 words that do not occur twice and only twice but only occur next to a doubleword in the total list of many thousand words in Genesis. This procedure hides away the origins of the words in the list - the origins in the occurrences twice and only twice.

The first phenomenon, that 775 is expanded to 1071, corresponds in my procedure for the 'language level' to the phenomenon of linebreak on the line level. This is my concept derived from TEQ book/function 16.

The second phenomenon, that one lists not the doubleword but the one next to it, is an 'adjacency function' that could have applied historically - it corresponds to my TEQ book/function 15 - which is a more advanced 'pointing function' which is not really an adjacency function but can include it. (However, there could be an adjacency in the relation between the 66 enumerated poems of this TEQ book 15 and the 1+64+1 = 66 poems of 'Der Dornenstrauch' part 2 which then applies to the relation between english and german language).

It is the birthname of my official father John Jensen that seems to encode the 'adjacency' function.

The last four verses of Matthew seem to be the four formal grammars of Chomsky in the second half of the 1950's (even if these grammars emerge from the inherent properties of the symbolic format). This could be the socalled 'cognitive revolution'.

It is the difference between the list of 1071 and 1067 doublewords of Genesis that make for the formula 'PTRSIM PIK': PTRSIM is the word #948 in the 1067 list while PIK is the same #948 in the 1071 list: The combination of these tells that the two lists are not the same - there is the difference of four formal grammars at the end of Matthew. Why #948? Well, the list of 775 or 776 true doublewords is 776/1067 = 8/11 exactly. If you take not 8 but the adjacent 9 for a 9/11, then you get

11/8 * 776 = 1067
11/9 * 776 =   948

= #948 'PTRSIM PIK'. It is likely that this was the reason for 9/11-2001.

Historically, it seems that this PTRSIM PIK has been taken as an anchor point for the whole phenomenon - and that the reason for the enormous attention to the list of alphabetized doublewords of Genesis matched against the verses of Matthew is that one took it that Christ was a function of the list of doublewords of Moses - that Christ 'fulfilled' the scriptures in that sense of it - and hence that the list, when installed into administration of the world, should lead to the creation of a new revelation of Christ. This naive and anachronistic conception was probably the reason for defining an anchor point which should be representative of the whole matrix - and one chose this PTRSIM + PIK to have that anchor function. In addition to its general 'revelational' hopes, this anchor point also came to mean something about the PETER = the pope in Rome in the function of main bishop for the cliff of the church. The attempt on the pope in 1981 would probably have been for re-instituting that PTRSIM PIK.

World War I

It is likely that this PTRSIM PIK background was the reason why Norway was established in 1814: Denmark had just granted civilian rights to the jews and then Norway broke out of the state and established its own antisemitic state - probably for making this Moses + Matthew phenomenon. It is said that the slogan for the liberation was 'united and loyal until Dovre falls' - Dovre is the mountainous region on the border between Norway and Sweden and it probably served to mean the white cliffs of Dover at Calais - for that CLIFF = PETER and hence PTRSIM PIK. The white cliffs of Dover probably denote the 'lapis philosophorum', the philosophers' white stone. When Norway was established by liberation from Denmark in 1814 the country went right into a union with Sweden (across Dovre) which lasted untill 1905 when Norway got its own king. 'Klipra' is a small region in the town of Ålesund in Norway - there are a few (10-20?) streets and (some hundreed`) houses in that small region and both my official parents (Jensen + Eidsvig) were officially born and grew up there - my official grandparents Eidsvig had a house in Fjellgata 72. 'Klipra' means KLIPPER-A(v) = 'cliffs-off' (of Dover, Dovre, the lapis) or 'scissors off' and would be that PETER SIN, while the 'connection' would be the male gender organ, the PIK (street language for 'penis') and PIKe (means 'girl') of the matrimonial conjunction. This is why the Klipra connection meant that PTRSIM PIK in Norway and its connection overseas to England at the channel to France.

It seems - as goes the theory here - that world war I served to install this socalled 'Klipra connection' on basis of local names and other more or less registered phenomena there, while WWII was to turn this connection into a global structure on basis of the 'white philosopher's stone' contained in the name of Ludwig Wittgenstein from Austria - the country that was massively reduced at the end of WWI by the peace treaty of 1919. For WWI, it is noticed that 'Sarajevo' rewrites to 'Vjesoara' = 'Fjellgata' by the name of the assassin 'Gavrilo Princip' = (norw.) 'gave a low turnaround principle', that is, the name 'Fjellgata' = 'Vjesoara' can by a principle of turnaround of low features be turned into 'Sarajevo'. My grandparents owned a house in Fjellgata but acquired that probably after the first world war - the 'responsibility claim' by Sarajevo would then come from the fact that the number of street names in Klipra is very small. The main battles of WWI also seem to encode this 'Klipra connection' via the roles of the Eidsvigs: 'Tannenberg' = 'Klipra' by the logic that 'tarmen' = 'the intestine' ends in the ring muscle of anus that 'cuts it off' = 'klipper-a' the 'connection'. The battles of 'Somme-Marne' serve to tell of 'Sunnmøre', the region in Norway wherein Ålesund with Klipra is found - and it includes the small place 'Vistdal' = the battle of 'Verdun' where the Eidsvigs owned the big 'Visthouse', cp. the later 'Auschwitz', which had been built by the english lord Guy Freemantle who used to spend some days there now and then to fish salmon. ('Fishe sammen' - is that how the two subsets of Genesis are re-united?). Rakel Nerem lived in a bedsit room in the house next to Fjellgata 72 - it is possible that this was Hitler's death camp 'Chelmno-nad-Nerem' in WWII on background of 'the bedsit' = 'hybern' = the battle of 'Ypern' in WWI. If so, it could have been the daily life in the 1920-1930's in the few streets of Klipra - for that PTRSIM PIK - that was pre-installed in WWI.

But this I know little about - and I cannot exclude the possibility that it is only a theory constructed by myself - long after WWI, that is. (My official father John Jensen once told me - probably in the 1960's if not in the 1970's - that a norwegian priest - I think in the southern part of the country - had launched the theory that all the languages of the world derive from norwegian - and he could prove it with a series of 'convincing' examples). However, if it were to be the truth of WWI, it would have been for making a political mythology, rich in detail and human values, which in total served to install that PTRSIM PIK (for the principle of a revelation of a new Jesus which even could have been my own person intended) into the world's consciousness via 'underwear' encoding in mass media etc. When Marilyn Monroe sometimes encoded the form 'my art is weak', for example in the 1954 film "There's no business like show business" - a film rather full of possible references to the Eidsvig family in Fjellgata 72 in Klipra - shows at 01:15:51 Monroe in an abnormally unelegant movement as she lies down on 'the red sofa', it had a reflex in the name 'Marte Eidsvig' who married my uncle Per Eidsvig who grew up in Fjellgata 72 in Klipra - I remember their wedding in probably 1964 - I was not in the wedding myself but stayed in the hotel room with a babysitter and I had got a game of chess as a present ('Jesus pess' = 'PTRSIM PIK(e)'?) - and Monroe could thereby have had a general function of encoding this PTRSIM PIK[e] on basis of the two world wars of the 20th century. It seems that some US films at least from this time - or was it only the Monroe films - encoded an essential secret at 2/3 of 64 = 42,666% through - here that means at 47:58 which could have served to encode that #948 for #776 = 9/11 of the 1067 list - or was it 9/11-2001.

It may have been a political project on me as a new anachronistic Jesus springing forth from the doublewords of Genesis - with that iconic relation to the mother Mary Magdalene. The scene of Monroe with 'my art is weak' at 01:15:51 in that film includes the two sleepers on the sofa which seem to encode my official mother then called 'Ragna Eidsvig' - the other person being either Jensen or another than Jensen - 'eit svig' means 'a treason' while 'vig' is a gap between two and 'eid' = 'oath' . I recall a situation from Bjarne Eidsvig's oyster (not Austria!) farm on Vågstranda in the late 60's - my uncle Per and I think it was the younger sister Tone Helene Gröver and I were in a rowboat on the water - the uncle held the rowboat positioned with his eyes towards the land and we were sitting in front of him having our backs towards the land when he suddenly pointed with his hand in towards land up the steep hill up there and said: "Look up there!" - and we turned and saw a huge transportation truck that had gone stuck with its heavy load in the muddy side of the dustroad and started to tip over on its side - and it fell as in slow motion over on its side (and, as we later confirmed, the back door sprang open and vegetables rolled out when the truck fell over at Kjølberg's farm) - but the hillside was so steep that there was a danger that the truck could have started rolling sideways down the long hill all the way down to the water. I remembered this event with the 'sizeable' truck on land ('på land') when I recently read about the assumed marian revelation to Thomas Michalek of Lezajsk, Rzeszów, Poland in 1578. Michalek seems to have been a woodcutter who met the Madonna in a forest glade. (I dont know if my official mother could have been a 'trans' - and have no reason to believe that).

It may have been the intention that I should take faith in these things and become an anachronistic Jesus the origins of whom would be under administrative control. I believe that it is important to understand the things right and therefore that secrets of such political intrigue is a very bad thing. Secrets of administration will probably come to be totally forbidden and 'information police' will be established for the function of tracking administratively active intrigue for making them publically available.

But it is possible that WWI was an attempt to construct a new religion (at least for administrative purposes) on basis of the idea of a new Jesus or anti-Jesus 2000 years after the first.

There exists a suggestive 'proof' (however weak) that the socalled Klipra connection is a historic reality: Odysseus stranded for years by Calypso in her cave but withstood the temptations and attractions of this love goddess - untill he finally spent one night with her in her cave and the next morning she gave him the tools he needed for building the raft that eventually took him back to his Penelope. It took him 4 days to build the raft, and on the fifth day Calypso sent him forth over the sea. 'Fifth + sent forth' in the Odyssey 5:263 = greek πεμπτω πεμπ ('pempto pemp') - which perhaps could be recognized in the name of 'Baruck Obama'. (See also the 1954 US film at 42,666%). To this 5-263 I add that Gröver/'Mengele' in 1960 bought a white beetle which was registered as T-262. This was at the time when The Beatles was launched - their drummer was first 'Pete' Best before he was replaced with Ringo Starr. The clue to the whole story would have been that Calypso love goddess = Klipra connection.

Calypso's cave could have been in Libya - cp. recent libyan refugees escaping in plastic rafts and being tossed around on the sea by Poseidon.

Somerset is the area at the mid point between Klipra and Fatima. That could be the reason why the year is divided into two halves - 'summer set' and winter. (Jensen was born in 1916 - see 'birth of John Jensen' - Fatima was in 1917).

World war II

It seems that Ludwig Wittgenstein of Austria was the fundamental basis for the program of WWII.

The country of Austria was reduced in 1919 from its earlier empire size. The reduction seems to be a classic part of the formation of a lapis philosophorum - such as I myself did in 2014 (this was the stone I made) when I reduced the number of poems from 78 to 64 by dividing the last 14 poems into 64 parts which I distributed on the 64 first. The name of 'Wittgenstein' probably means that 'white philosopher's stone'. He completed his 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung' in WWI and tried to have it published, but the four publishers he contacted rejected it and this reduction of his work or career (on basis of rejected applications or submissions) later came to be the basis for Hitler's program. 'Jahoda & Siegel' were reportedly the first publisher he contacted (the summer 1918) and this came to be the basis for the holocaust for sealing the fate of the jews. 'Braumüller' was the next and came to be the basis for the world war, while 'Reclam' was the third and led to the 'claps of walls treat'. Wittgenstein had earlier given a nice sum of money to Leopold Ficker to be distributed to poets in need of it - Rilke, Trakl and Lasker-Schüler got support from this money - but Ficker could not help him find a publisher for his work. Jahoda & Siegel published the periodical 'Die Fackel', and Ficker-Fackel could have been the basis for ideas of the Wittgenstein-Vatikanstaat - could be for the later Kennedys: 'Ludwig Johann Josef Wittgenstein' = 'president John Gerald Fitzkendy'. The Wittgensteins were 8 siblings, 3 of whom 'suicided' (the family was thereby 'reduced'), and could have been the template of the 8 Kennedy siblings. Their father had earned a giant fortune 'in Stahl' = 'install' the history, cp. also 'Stalin'. See also this article.

When the new borders of Austria were made by the peace treaty of 1919, his 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung' seems to have left traces on the Burgenland border to Hungary by way of the 'tooth' at Pamhagen - this tooth resembles the one on the upper corner of the lapis philosophorum - the tooth of the Fischamand. It is a guess of mine that this 'Pamhagen' is the reason for the name of the US defence centre 'Pentagon' by the Potomac river - and the historic background would then be in Wittgenstein and the 'lapis' of the Austrian border and the Kennedys. When Pentagon - opened in 1943 - was hit by one of the four jets on 9/11-2001, it was at 9:43 in the morning, cp. #948. At least in my enumeration, #943 contains in column 1 the PIK which is in column 2 of #948. ('Pik[e] er så erot-ISK' = 'penis/girl is so erot-IC').

The conclusion to this is that WWI served to install the Genesis-Matthew matrix into a Klipra connection by a PTRSIM PIK of #948, while WWII served to continue to lift this whole matrix into the phenomenon of names.

The names of the Klipra connection are telling: O.A.Devold founded his knitting factory in Langevåg at Ålesund in 1852, the year when the antisemitic paragraph was lifted from the norwegian constitution (or, as some could say, the year when it was lifted from the constitution and 'Ole Devold's factory was opened). His sons continued the factory and it was probably one of these who was the father of my official grandmother Laura Devold who married Bjarne Eidsvig and they bought Fjellgata 72 in Klipra. Their daughter Ragna Eidsvig married John Jensen after he had changed his name to John Grøver in 1946.

The semiotics

PTRSIM PIK is a tragic anachronism - which imposes a 'law of history' which is delayed 2 millenia and therefore breaks against the 'law of history' when it is installed into modern administration - this creates the element of crime in administration: 'Vold' means 'violence'.

The semiotics of my fundamental theorem of linguisitics tells that humans are the meetingplace of many realities and the human mind can perceive an item in one reality as the same as an item in another reality - even if they necessarily are different and the human mind therefore, in order to conceive them as the same nevertheless, has to attain a certain biased form which gives rise to redundancies, causalities, language. It is this reduction (of the differences into a sameness) which creates ontological matter and therefore is comparable to the reduction that leads to a lapis philosophorum - while the difference that was ignored for the ontologics remains in either the soul of the human mind or in the meaning (in the mind) of the material thing - that is, the difference is distributed onto epistemology and ontology. It is this factual difference in the perceived sameness which can be seen to be named 'Eidsvig' = 'a piece of treason' and 'an oaths-gap' - that is, the treason in the gap between the two realities.

The reduction is what creates (or, if one likes, derives from) the limitations or redundancies of the human reality - that which gives rise to causalities and language in the redundant world of human 'sinners': Beyond these redundancies is the transcendent mystic reality wherein things happen not by causalities (such as describable laws of nature) but by God's will only. These redundancies in two-ness among items from different realities are what makes the doublewords of Genesis relevant: According to my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics', it is two and only two items that can be 'the same' across different realities - if three items from two realities, then other cognitive functions apply, such as categorization and conceptualization, and it is by 2 and only 2 that the human mind takes on a specific 'form of creation' in order to make this recognition of sameness possible. Therefore 2 differs systematically from 3 - and that is why words of Genesis that occur twice and only twice is something. But 2 occurrences in a text is a diachronic phenomenon (along the time axis of the text) while 2 items from 2 different realities (recognized as the same) is a synchronic phenomenon. My fundamental theorem then has the corollary that it is when logical order and semantic assignment are one and the same thing that synchrony and diachrony are one and the same thing - and hence the logical (alphabetic) order of the doublewords of Genesis order them in such a way that they get their semantic assignment from the 1071 verses of Matthew. That is when the story of Jesus told (by definition) properly in Matthew creates a definition of the logically ordered doublewords of Genesis which makes diachrony become the same as synchrony and hence humans can glimpse synchronically into the eternity beyond diachrony through Christ. This is the reason why the matrix of doublewords is assigned such importance - it gives empirical value to ideas of a reason why and how Christ 'fulfilled the scriptures'. Clearly the fundamental theorem of linguistics can open up for new sciences - and particularly new information theory and technology: The accepted redundancies of the human mind recognizes item A from reality 1 as the same as item B from reality 2 and hence ontological matter arises in the epistemological minds of humans in such a way that the law of gravity attains a certain form, but if the human mind had been differently created - such that item A from reality 1 would have been recognized not as the same as item B but rather the same as an item C from reality 2, then the law of gravity could have come to look different or not existed at all. This opens up for new sciences (including the possibility of communication with remote intelligences) and that is when one understands why the PTRSIM PIK matrix - installed into a political 'Klipra' matrix of 'Devold' and 'Eidsvig' through WWI and WWII - is the reaction which calls for 'respect for the divine' while trying to navigate the new millenium into a preconceived and politically controlled 'new Jesus' who will not be in too much conflict with the old - in order to avoid an apocalyptic dissolution of the universe.

These limitations of the human reality are seemingly tentatively hidden away in the historic intrigue by a secrecy stamp on the role of the matrix of doublewords - probably for making the reason for the political program and control obscure and hard to understand - and it seems that the historic intrigue tries to retain the matrix of doublewords only in the form of names in the postwar world. Clearly that is the fallacy which suggests that the purpose with the whole intrigue could be not to enhance the understanding of other realities but on the contrary to deny their existence and thereby create a 'one world' state.

The meaning of names - Devold and Eidsvig

The following are my ideas - I have never heard that Devold and Eidsvig should be names which serve to tell of these philosophical factors - but one easily arrives at these conclusions by own philosophy.

'Devold' could be a name telling of a certain interpretation of the inevitable blue metre of the human constitution - the 1000 cycle I have detected in written documents and other forms of history - what happens when history must be squeezed into the same 'basic form' as for 1000 and 2000 years ago. 'De-vold' means 'of[f] violence', also quasi 'devil'. 'Vold' = 'violence' and hence 'de-vold' could mean 'un-violence', but 'de-formation' is also a form of 'formation' and then the 'de' looks more french. A certain form of interpretation could say that the blue metre is the cause of violence in history since otherwise history could not squeeze itself into the cycles, and then the name of 'Ole Devold' looks like 'ole devil', while others would say that it is the blue metre which relieves history of violence and those would cash in the interpretation of 'de-vold' in the sense of 'un-violence'. 'Devold' could anyhow be telling of the forced sameness in diachrony compared with the forced sameness in synchrony - the phenomenon that the two items from two different realities necessarily are different but are squeezed into recognition of sameness by the human minds. But this is the teaching of the christian church when it says that humans are sinners - and the church recommends regret and humility - not violence - in order to overcome those problems. Could be it is the 'ole devil' who is credited with the human recognition of samenesses (even if it should be God who had made the humans).

'Eidsvig' on the other hand means 'eit svik' = 'a treason', 'eids-vik' = 'oaths-gap', 'oaths-treason'. In the metaphysics, it could be a name telling that the samenesses are not really the same after all - and hence it could be telling of the reason for the name of Devold. If 'Devold' means the blue metre, the question is whether 'Eidsvig' means the red metre on archetypes. These metres are clearly inevitable progress for the new millenium and when it was I who wrote the blue metre in 2008-2010 after 11 years of work with TEQ, it was with such an official family background.

It is possible that I was created not really as a 'Jesus' but more as a poet who could write these blue and red metres. It is probable that Paul Celan = Paul Antschel and Nelly Sachs are my genetic parents - and hence that the 'anglo-saxons' are the overseas connection - by name.

But with the giant secrecy construction trying to hide the Genesis-Matthew matrix away, the whole construction looks like a reaction only - an attempt to preinstall the control - against the new scientific paradigm of multiple realities.

An example of heavy reaction is the AIDSHIV epidemic - it could mean 'Eidsvig'. The brother of Bjarne Eidsvig was Aron Eidsvig - could be about a 'hardon AIDSHIV', a veneric disease. (I have experimented with the theory that Aron Eidsvig at the end of WWII left his identity to Adolf Hitler, and I remember the granduncle as not very unsimilar, but have not much substance on this theory - which would have been unpopular also because it sounds strange that the allieds could have accepted such a 'deal', but an enigma could remain anyhow since a 'claps of walls treat' in the sense of 'Reclam' rejecting Wittgenstein's TLP hardly could be under Hitler's control).

I here quote from my own 'ABC of politics': "According to a swedish website which once was up (I think by Ingemar Kwame Ljungqvist), the AIDSHIV epidemic was set in circulation with test vaccinations against Hepatitis-B in Greenwich Village, New York (november 1978) and Los Angeles and San Francisco (probably february 1980) on volunteering homosexuals. Kwame Ljungqvist's article seems to be from his own periodical on modern science, claiming that the virus originally was developed in a laboratory for biological warfare: "Blaming monkeys and chimpanzees for AIDS also conveniently obscures the possible link between the gay hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981) and the outbreak of AIDS in gay men shortly after the experiment began". The article, which said that all the early documented cases could be traced to volunteering participants in those test vaccines - claimed that the firm which made the virus was 'Gallo & Essex' (hence representing a butterfly over the french-british canal [...]) and the same 'Gallo & Essex' also created the name AIDS/HIV of the epidemic. (This does of course not mean that 'Gallo & Essex' put the virus in circulation)". This would, again, be about the name on the 'white cliffs of Dover'.

The damage to the world could be quite substantial. People do not enter into monasterial life if the religion is under control of governmental intrigue - such as this PTRSIM PIK - and then the whole spiritual level of the society declines.

If the PTRSIM PIK construction, including such things as the US defence centre Pentagon built in 1943, is the political reaction which tries to control the development of the new knowledge from the 'fundamental theorem of linguistics', then one can understand why Hitler is not only displayed as the opposite to this reaction - but how Hitler even tried to vestige his antisemitic terror into deep jewish-mystic secrets which could trigger the spontaneous postwar reaction to jewish philosophy after the war: 'Oh no, we dont want more of that'. Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez could be such jewish-mystic concepts. For the possibly jewish mystery of 'sob-i-bor', see my article What is a poet's work? - suggesting how the ontological universe is held together not (only) by laws of nature but rather by God's will in the 'fear of God' constituting the coherence of the mystic's subject (the human subject in general), and if this were the reason why Hitler called his death camp so, it tells how Hitler was a 'reaction' which served to associate progress in this new knowledge with terror - or even to associate terror with God's will leading to 'fear of God' as the same as 'fear of terror' in such a way that God's will could be seen as being under administrative control - if, that is, the administration allows for use of terror for controlling opinion.

The Jensen factor

Devold and Eidsvig are the names on the mother side while Jensen (probably encoding the 'adjacency' factor) is the name on the father side. There is an interesting relation to chinese in that name - which I discovered while living in Zinckgasse in Vienna. This street intersects with Märzstrasse. It happened while I fell ill in late 2018 that I speculated whether it could have been due to arsenic poisoning, but the doctors did not believe so and said that arsenic poisoning gives symptoms of white stripes on the nails and I did not have that. However, my fingers later developed this symptom - in fact all the fingers showed traces of broad white stripes going across - although these occurred under 'depressions' in the nails - and these were later replaced with a strange pattern of 'washboard' ('vaskebrett') on the righthand ring finger nail - again followed by a strange black stripe in the corner of the left thumb - perpendicularly to the white stripes:

It is this which I recognize in the chinese sign for 'arsenic':

This shows the black stripe to the left, the 'washboard' and broad white stripe to the right. It means basically to trust, to believe in, truth, sincerity, confidence - but it comprises also (in addition to that 'arsenic') the meanings of a letter, an envoy, news, symptoms, indications, free, easy, aimless, to stay for two nights, to stretch out, and a figure.

There are also traits of this sign in the sign for 'zinc' - which compares also somewhat with the sign for 'marshy plant':

Hence the intersection Zinckgasse / Märzstrasse in Vienna looks somewhat relevant to this chinese 'arsenic'.

The chinese word for 'zinc' means also 'hard', hence 'a hard nail' (I lived in Ehamgasse 2005-2008 before Zinckgasse from 2009). There was also the archaically looking iron nail that occurred in my shoe at the end of my writing of 'Stillhetens åndederag'. This could even be seen as relevant to the acute anemia I suffered from. (I had worked out vol.4 in the weeks before I went to Venice and was hospitalized there, but I was quite ill even before I left, while I was completing the book).

Now the sign for 'arsenic' consists of two parts which both are radicals: The left part which is radical 9 (in the 214 system) = JEN and means 'man', 'mankind', and radical 149 = YEN which means 'word, speech'. Hence JEN-SEN means 'the language of mankind' - such as chinese.

JIAN can mean many things, including 'hard', 'evil', '(needle)-point'. Mathews presents this sign (865) as composed of two radicals 42 ('small') and 37 ('big'). The 'small-big' again could be an essential element in the conception of the role of PTRSIM PIK qua anchronism except in the sense of expansion of the size of arbitrarily signifying lexical units - morphs at the time of Christ, possibly phrases of some size at the present time.

Then why the arsenic? It will mean 'England' (in the periodic system it relates to 'zinc' via 'germanium' and 'gallium') as well as 'taking confidence in'. Hence the giant global program since at least 1814 could have been intended to create confidence in England among primarily the chinese people (but probably also people generally since there is a sensible semiotic reason in the chinese script) - even if this could be based on the concept of 'arsenic' - and due to the secrecy on the PTRSIM PIK matrix it will be difficult to discover: However, it is an inevitable factor (the adjacency) for making sense of the world filtered through this political program.

It is not impossible that this is a part of the role of anglophony as a major lingua franca in the modern world.

Considering the fact that Beijing formerly was called Peking, Du Fu was Tu Fu and Daoism was Taoism, it is noteworthy how this could relate to PTRSIM PIK - and then the issue of relation to China could be relevant. (Where is the 'big' that he 'bites' - in front or behind?) Many think perhaps that Peking is better than Beijing (and the former 214 radical system could be more interesting than then new 188 one). I add that the phenomenon of the now apparently over-extensive chinese partitive morph '-de' could be a countermove to the 'De-vold' factor. Wouldnt it be better that the anglophonic world puts away such aspirations than China having to make such linguistic grimaces - if that is what it is - for being understood?

Finally, after Devold, Eidsvig, Jensen - what is the Grover (or 'Grøver' in norwegian spelling)? It would likely be the PTRSIM PIK matrix itself, the lists of doublewords standing like trees in the forest. Or the secret that 1067 or 1071 is obtained only by dividing the forest (or the land of the forest) in two and cutting the trees that are 'more than two' in each half - reducing each 'grove' to two and only two trees left. For obtaining this, the forester, the grover, must go there first and mark each tree to be cut down with a chunk of bark cut off from the trunk - the tree marked by this 'jump-jarnegg-grover' (a 'jarnegg' is an 'iron-edge' = 'axe'), or the result of this work, is called 'Treblinka' in norwegian language.

I do not support this program - in particular not if it includes the reduction of people to two and only two in certain formations, families, shtetls, villages. I do not accept a role as Jesus or Satan for a mythomaniac program of pulling people by their religious noses. I do not agree to let my work be reserved for 'intelligence' use of manipulation: My work must be published and be available to everybody.

I think the whole story should be told as it is and the apparent political intrigue be closed down.

If PTRSIM PIK is the matrix of doublewords of Genesis receiving their definitions from the gospel of Matthew, it could be a shorthand for administrative control with the divine revelation. People believe in the new testament and then the construction with Jensen etc could be to pull their faith by the nose - if the 'control' with the divine revelation of the Bible is too obscurely hidden for the public to be able to cope with it (but they can come on the tracks of it via the name of 'John Jensen', 'on endsen' etc). The ultimate plan could of course have been to get people's religious aspirations under control.

Names in the blue metre

Finally, what is the purpose with all this name-magic after WWII? The blue metre I wrote in the years 2008-2010 were after the 11 years of preparatory work with The Endmorgan Quartet 1997-2008 - 16 books of poetry each on a poetic function over aspects of compositional time. The blue metre turns this vertically: Each of the 14 lines in the 365 'sonnets' interprets a certain aspect of historic time - and, as goes the story surprisingly, it seems to do so mainly in terms of names. See this file on e.g. line 4 and names of governments. Or this file on a possible function in line six. I add another two observations on lines 12 and 14. Line 12 seems to encode the phenomenon of divine revelations: Fatima 1917 is found by the formula (2009-1917) * 0,366 = 33,7 = PEB #34 where the 12th line is "It's Wittgenstein with his pensive look" which seems to contain the names of the three visionary children of Fatima - "it's Franceso with Giacinta, Lucia". Looking up the mirror poem 367-34 = #333: "Among the tourists in tunics and sari" it seems to contain "a Madonna of Fatima, Cova da Iria". Generally, the names of the visionaries seem to obtained by the the simple formula and other indexes by the mirror position. The Madonna of Knock (including plus Josef, John and a Lamb on the altar) was observed by Mary Beirne and Mary McLoughlin in 1879. (2009-1879) * 0,366 = 47.6 = PEB #48 line 12:

Glass, fork, knife, spoon from the supper
Mary Beirne Mary McLoughlin
from supper knife forkglassspoon

Mirror poem is 367-48 = PEB #319 line 12:

This is what I thought was the third
Josef altare John Mary Jesus/Lamb

That this mirror (on the other side of the 1000 year cycle) obtains for revelation is perhaps not so surprising - more interesting it is if it obtains also for line 14 which could be about the phenomenon of simultaneous discoveries in science, such as the cases in mathematics I mention in vol.3, the lecture in the theory of science - one just computes in the same way and find the one discoverer in the one place and the other in the mirror place. For example, the simultaneous discoveries in Grassmann's 'Ausdehnungslehre' and Hamilton's quaternions were in 1843: (2009-1843) * 0,366 = 60,7 = PEB #61 with line 14 = "and very smilingly greets my 'buongiorno'" which seems to contain the name 'Hermann Günther Grassmann quaternions', while 'William Rowan Hamilton' would be in the mirror poem 367-61 = PEB #306 with line 14 = "we have a sip of tea".

This means that the collective consciousness with a 1000 year span seems to articulate itself in terms of names - or, rather, allots roles for history by the names of people.

Notably, with such mirror distribution, the blue metre imitates TEQ function 14 with semantic and phonological logic in mirror-symmetric distribution on the 'rainbow' - a major progress in logic can be expected therefrom.

Should these great discoveries of mine be recognized as the intellectual property and achievement of somebody else - who has a name which fits into the blue metre? Of course not - a major progress with the discovery of the blue metre is that we from now on do not need to have a certain name for making a certain discovery or meeting the Madonna - the blue metre is a liberation of human creativity in that sense of it, not a narrowing down of it to institutionalized constraints.

Brief conclusion

The world of multiple realities is the jewish world of 'cosmic harmony' which flourished around 1850, and the 'Klipra connection' of Devold, Eidsvig, Jensen is the attempted hijack of this, not the least via Hitler's holocaust. This article tells of how the names of Devold Eidsvig on my official mother side and Jensen on the official father side are such an attempted hijack. The political effect is that by the hijack, the jewish world is tentatively turned into a tool of warfare and terror. Clearly the proper political stance is that the jewish world is right and should be credited with its philosophy - and then it is better to convert to judaism than to organize a holocaust for hijacking the cultural values. It is the future information technology that makes this question highly relevant.

A further conclusion could be that the PTRSIM PIK program constitutes an attempt to gain divide-and-conquer power by intruding inbetween Genesis and Matthew - could be even in an attempt to make antisemitism out of christianity.

Added 6 december 2019: It was more than a month after I wrote this article that I discovered the self-evident correlation with the featural variants in the names:

WTRSIM WIK - Eidsvig
PTRSIM PIK - Grover/Grøver

If 'de' is taken to be a french genitive/partitive, cp. also the modern chinese suffix, one could see 'de-vold' = 'de-violence' as a case of 'fathers-in-fik'. Ole Devold earned much money. 'Vik' is a 'bay' among 'headlands' = 'eid's, hence 'waters in VIK'. 'Bitters in beak' could be the name of Jensen's career as doctor under Harlem's control - it turned a little upwards after he specialized in social medicine at Harlem's institute for such (that could have turned the bitterness in his own beak onto his professional bread by the bitterness of his clients/patients - but it is not certain that it was the same person - did he continue as the peak of the Peters? It can be noticed also that Harlem's daughter became chief of WHO when my doctorate was rejected - a 'bitter' turn for my 'beak' that could have been). The Oslo report tells possibly of a featural scheme around the name 'John Grover' - the two famous films with 'John Travolta' (Grease = GRIS, Saturday night fever = GRAF - would the name of Graf 'Clam-Martinic' count as a GRIS = 'pig'?). My addresses followed Jensen Grøver's career through Molde, Oslo, Hammerfest, Odda, Molde, Volda, Molde - it would have been in Volda that I met Nelly Sachs at Jarle's, if that is the story - before the new specialty in social medicine gave him a stable job in Fredrikstad in 1970. One sees in this whole story an apparent attempt to hide the real origins of the story - Old-New Testament - in new fancy featural outfits. I emphasize that I am not PTRSIM PIK - that label is the tool of the intrigue only and I do not participate in that.

MTRSIM MIK - there is my study of function 16 with the alignment of 2 second's interval of my poetic lines of TEQ book 16 against the recording Midori Goto, Robert McDonald: Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonata No.2 for unaccompanied Violin in A Minor, BWV 1003, Midori solo violin, Bartok, Bela: Sonata No.1 for Violin and Piano Sz. 75, BB 74, Midori violin, Robert McDonald piano. Sony Classical 82796977452, published in 2007-2008. I dont know if this was the MTRSIM MIK planned by the intrigue - probably not, but this metre could have been an important part of the real background for the whole story.

Added 8 december 2019: And then, two days later, I discovered also how this relates to the 6 mystery 'Flaktürme' in Vienna. I went for a walk in Augarten and looked at the two big steel-concrete towers there and suddenly understood that the big round one probably could be seen as a PTRSIM PIK while the rectangular one rather would be a BTRSIM BIK. A crow was seated in front of this latter one, as if to confirm the hypothesis. (For the size of the twin towers, notice the humans down to the left of the round one).

The theory is confirmed by the mystery decoration around the high circumference - there are 8 corners and 6 'holders' springing forth on each of them - that makes for 8-48 - or simply the adjacent number to 948 which is the code for the 11 september 2001 and the Genesis-Matthew matrix of doubleword-verses assignment. My guess is that the 6 Flaktürme built during the war serve to encode the mysteries of this Genesis-Matthew matrix while turning them into the simple paradigm of featural oppositions in PTRSIM PIK and BTRSIM BIK etc.

There are 3 pairs of such Flaktürme in Vienna - they share the property of having the top roof point in the same height above the sea all of them - as if they were upside down. The number 846 upside down is 948 - sth like that, one easily guesses.

The scandal seems to be simple: This pair of PTRSIM PIK vs BTRSIM BIK in Augarten could quite simply be the same as Auschwitz: An Au-garten schwitz between P and B - as in Jensen Gröver's career. (Hence also the idea that he was Mengele before the end of the war?)

From this one can proceed with the other two pairs: The one in Mariahilf/Neubau includes the current 'Haus des Meeres' - likely to be the 'waters in wik' = 'Eidsvig' = WTRSIM WIK. The other one is then probably VTRSIM VIK or FTRSIM FIK - could be it symbolizes the bad tradition of opening the skull of a newborn for leaving some sperm on its cortex. (Is that 'De-vold'?)

Then there is the Arenbergpark pair left. Would that be MTRSIM MIK? I try to nasalize a little and find Anne ...mberg-Park and associate with Anne Skundberg whom I met in the forest outskirts at the time of dusk or evening darkness in 1972 - at a place the isomorphic correlate to which could be the house in Felberstrasse / Beingasse where Hitler once lived. There is all the SKJO-lden ado - with Skjolden of Wittgenstein's hut, the SZOLN-ok of my house in Szolnok ('ok' is hungarian for 'reason'), the white spot ('skjolden') that was at the root of my penis etc. (There have been more or less substantial problems with getting water installed into the house in Szolnok - and I have had the feeling that they maybe could try to make me buy another house in addition - as if to have two to swap among?). Just outside Augarten there is a Schule der Stadt Wien: In norwegian that sounds like 'skjule den statt Wien' = 'to hide/cover that erection Wien'. One notices a possible Kindergarten/-park --> SCHU-le - as for Anne Schu-mberg of 1972? This is pure speculation, though.

There is a 'sko' in Obama's FBI (!) chief 'James Comey' as well. '[H]jem' is norwegian for 'home'.

It seems, though, that the PTRSIM PIK could be the peak of interest - and I point to the notable pieces of terror leading up to the attempt on the pope in 1981 - here with my guesswork interpretations annotated. The intervals between the acts of terror was 3,2,1 * 56 days - if adjusted with the 'Holy Hijacker' on 2 may 1981.

1) Sanjay Gandhi - for SANdveien where I was born in 1957 - adding to Nathuram Godse who shot his grandfather Mahatmna Gandhi - if that Nathuram is taken to mean SUN (SAN etc), there is a SUN-GODSE = Zinkgasse of my location in Vienna - with that Felberstrasse / Beingasse down the road.

2) John Lennon - I havent quite solved the mystery why I share some traits with Lenin's father Ilja Uljanow - he died too early to be my father via a freezer, but there is a calendarial telescope present: In Weber's biography on Lenin it is said that Ilja Uljanov was born on 26 july 1831. On internet there are several sources claiming that he was born on 31/7-1831 (as if he were a little 'biased'? My gender organ is a little leftwards). I take it that the first also was gregorian calender and then it is interesting to observe that the interval between his and my births probably were 1463 months+days (1463 months and 1463 days). This is also the link I can find from me to Lenin = Uljanow - his father Ilja Uljanow studied mathematics at the faculty in Kazan where Lobatchevsky was rector at that time. Was this a P-B simultaneous 'revelation' with a SUN GOD of transylvanian Bolyai (the name is pronounced 'boyai')?

3) Ronald Reagan = 'run eragen', cp. the idea of 'Schule der Stadt Wien' etc.

4) Holy Hijacker

5) Pope John Paul = Peters in peak

Could be the concept of PTRSIM PIK is the SUN GOD - a modern version of the 'Sun King'. There was an Air Egypt airplane that fell down outside Long Island.

In short, it may be that this whole PTRSIM PIK construction was made by the nazis who probably also were the ones who built the FLAKTÜRME in Vienna - possibly in preparation of the continuation of the nazism a hundred years later. That is illegal by the Staatsvertrag of 1955. If international terrorism and mafia are busy with constructing a new Hitler, it is high time to downgrade all secrets which have anything to do with it. It is of great importance to understand that what I call the fundamental theorem of linguistics is a metaphysical theory which certainly will come to be a much importance for the development of the new millenium - but it has nothing to do with nazism. It should not be secret at all. What this nazi program looks like is the attempt to conceal the knowledge of the doubleword matrices and turn them into binary featural oppositions instead - a hopelessly anachronistic and naive program which possibly has no other purpose than to leave the control with the doubleword phenomenon and its metaphysics under the control of e.g. the international secret intelligence services.

Why shouldnt these things be pronounced clearly and openly? The 6 Flaktürme are still there in Vienna and to call them 'monuments of a past time' is probably too naive.

I am particularly concerned with getting out of the clamphold of a mythology that also could be putting me in a relation to Ragna Gröver - is she in the role of an 'Eidsvig' Madonna of the Haus des Meeres? Protestantism may suffer from a lack of Madonna and feel the need for it in the development of the blue metre relative to the idea of resurrection - and that could make them easy prey for a catholic-originated 'doll fitler' offering formalisms of a female archetype.

I forgot my rucksack with the poetry notebooks in Barnabitenkirche in Mariahilferstrasse - with the Haus des Meeres a few metres down the street. Is that the reason why it is still not found - or at least not returned to me? There could be a great scandal hiding if this rucksack and poetry notebooks are abused for political intrigue. I notice that Auschwitz is no minor trifle in history.

Are there people working with constructing a new Hitler? That must not be permitted by the international community!

PS on 28 october 2019: I add an observation on the Jensen factor that it could include the Krarup Nielsen book I got from the official father in the 1960's - probably before he was replaced with a copy. It is likely that it could be my name on the cover - the Globus, Join Flames. Petter Dass was a norwegian priest and poet - of northern Norway - who wrote 'Nordlands Trompet' and there is a certain rewrite in the name of 'Donald Trump'. It is doubtful whether 'dass' meant 'loo' in those days of the 17th century, but it does today - along with the word 'do' - and when 'dasspapir' or 'dopapir' mans 'loopaper', the fine poetry of Petter Dass was not 'loopaper'. It is equally doubtful whether the illustration of the balinesian temple in Krarup Nielsen's book could be taken to mean a 'loo', the entrance behind the 'petter', but if it should be taken to mean so, there could be a certain reference to 'Nordlands Trompet' in that illustration, in which case the name of 'Donald Trump' could relate to 'Nordland Tromp'-et like 'BREXIT' relates to 'trekkspill' - norwegian for 'accordion' - and 'Boris Johnson' could relate to 'sorry b Johnson'. The second illustration of page 132 could in principle be taken to mean 'two and only two' (by time and frequency dimensions). Hopefully this does not mean a 'reduction' program - of reducing 'groves' ('shtetls', houses?) to two and only two - for imitating the procedure for reaching the set of 1071 or 1067 quasi doublewords. I emphasize that the reason why I live in Zinckgasse is not to be part of such a program - it is only because I got the flat from Wien housing administration - and I certainly do not agree to be 'scapegoat' for such a program - but hopefully such a program is not a relevant matter at all. It is a few failed attempts of mine to move to another location that could call for the mention of this anyhow - including the vague isomorphy of the area around Zinckgasse including the once residence of Hitler in Beingasse/Felberstrasse with the area around Labråten and Pettersand in Fredrikstad. After I had discovered the burglary of my house in Szolnok earlier this year 2019, the boat Hableany sank on the Danube in Budapest in the same day. 'Hab-leany' = 'foam-girl' could in theory be in reference to 'Anne Skundberg' ('skum' = 'foam', hungarian 'hab') whom I met a few times in forest outskirts in dark autumn and winter evenings in 1972-73. If that boat accident should suggest that I had burglared the house myself, that is of course not true - and I do not live in Zinckgasse for supporting or be scapegoat for any persecution program. And. in particular, it is important that my work be published - such as e.g. this blue metre work 'POLAKK English Bloggi'.

I hope of course that my work and identity will not be faded out of history and the information moved from ordinary intelligence archives to special archives that can only be accessed in a bunker with 7 passwords etc.

If the issue is that I should have moved away from Zinckgasse or Vienna or Austria in order to rescue the world, then somebody should have told me, of course. But I have never heard a single word about all this and I have never in my life been in possession of more than 25000 euros (that was in 2002 by afterpayment of pension), and it is not impossible that banks use intelligence from my life and work to model their strategies. If the world goes into a catastrophic state because I did not move away from Zinckgasse but otherwise not, that is to lend to me the role of the shepherd whose task it is to lead the flock over the pass and into the green valley on the other side - in the role of PTRSIM PIK. I do not collaborate on that and protest very strongly against such a role. It would be a very 'deep mock' to lend such a role to me. I am only a normal person.

Neither am I in any connection or contact with the official family background. I am not an agent, neither for them nor for anybody else, and have no agreements of any kind that could lend to me such a role. It is of course possible that elements in e.g. the state intelligence could make such claims - but that would be a lie telling only of their own potential interests in the construction. There are of course many who could wish to turn the PTRSIM PIK construction into a resource for unconstitutional ('mafioso', that would be) power. Those could perhaps say that 'it is Mr.Grover who is the problem - he has enormous power and lives in Zinckgasse for telling that the Black Sea Loop must run - we dont want that' (and the 'Hableany' accident could perhaps be an example). But such claims are nonsense of course - those who say so would do it only for dumping the blame for their own plans on others.

The ethnological parametre (added 29 october 2019)

It seems that the whole story is only the afterdrag from the problems of the war: Nobody has told me anything because if they told me it would go the wrong way. That was the problem of the war - that you could not trust what people said. So one had to trust their 'deep faith'.

England seems to be concerned with the possible reading of MLR april 1917 that it appears to encode the Fatima revelations in advance. Klipra (by Jensen in MLR october 1916), Fatima, 'swan-see' (is there a 'Jensen jumpin' in the 'summer-set' time?). But the Vatican will probably say that, okay, that is possible but that is just how it would be if such a great apparition were on its way. This is the way of thinking that England can have difficulties with because of its national 'anglophony' - and that could have been the origins of the world wars - as tells the Klipra story. They do not want to take faith in such a story and then it turns out that the Madonna was a lady from the services who was hiding behind a bush but revealed herself to the children. Trusting the deep faith is difficult under such circumstances. That could have been just the Fatima revelations - giving the world a chance to take that faith nevertheless. The lady probably did not show the children a drawing of the 3 secrets.

Of course it is not the name that is going to be the new format of knowledge - it is the liberation from the names that is the story: Anybody can make discoveries of great value, not only the one selected by the name of the blue metre, will be the development. That will make it easier to think. Likewise the current times is not for making acts instead of words the format of communication - it is rather the liberation from this which is the aim of the story. It is true that language has arisen and has its form from the redundancies of human nature (contained in my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics') but the solution to that is not to act instead of speaking - the solution is to understand the form of the redundancies.

The blue metre seems to be names in most lines but not in the first - the one of (hungarian) HYMEN and (italian) TRANSUBSTANTIATION and those national-linguistic characteristics. But that means only that the liberation from names will be the same as the liberation from the political power of the national characteristics. That makes sense. If England has problems with taking faith in a revelation such as Fatima, that could be because they fear that it is a piece of MOCK - and that could be a part of the linguistic function of the 'ethnological parametre' contained in line 1 of the blue metre in their language. This (discovery of an) 'ethnological parametre' of language could be the whole political story since Henry VIII.

The ethnological parametre will be an aspect of language that lends to a language a self-reinforcing effect or the opposite - and therefore certain redundancies have developed that gave rise to nations. This self-reinforcing aspect could be the same as recursion in modern formal grammar - most explicitly (Chomsky's context-free phrase structure grammar) in the third last verse of Matthew, which again could have been the reason for the whole story of the PTRSIM PIK (in the gap between 1071 and 1067). I notice that the third last verse in greek contains the ideas of 'ex-ousia' (authority) in 'ourano[s]' (heaven) and in 'ges' (earth) - which could be that catheter story - the problems of retention and incontinence and the technology for mastering these problems. Jesus had been given 'all ex-ousia' - which could have been interpreted as 'catheter'. (I notice also that the three visionary children of Fatima had names resembling these three greek concepts - with Giacinta = ουρανο-εν).

(Maybe somebody could invent a coating for the inside of the catheter such that the urine matter does not stick to it - then the catheter need not be replaced every month or so: That does not mean that the sweet nurse coming every 28th day for helping with that change is made superfluous - it is rather that the social parametre in 'nations' can be liberated from that abracadabra understanding of the 'holy scriptures' - the 'ex-USA' or 'ex-USSR' and 'egg-susia' - such as Syria's philosopher's egg - and things like that - onto a more general level which makes it easier to think).

For about a year I have suffered from retention problems which are quite amazing - it is the sphincter ring muscle in the urine channel that refuses to open. I first believed that nature must have a solution to these problems, but the muscle did not open (even if it is my own body, my own muscle) and therefore the urine channel from the kidneys to the bladder burst and the urine was pumped into the abdomen. I understood the doctors to say that even the kidneys had burst. But the sphincter still refused to open - even if it is my body and my authority and I would have died from it if I were not admitted to the hospital in Venice. I have speculated that the retention problem could have been due to excessive surveillance and illegal spread and abuse of the data, while my work (such as this blue metre) remains unpublished, and then the body refused to let out another drop of 'info'. When the catheter eventually forced the 'info' to come out nevertheless, the body could have developed a 'galungga' barrier in the white stripes, the washboard and the black stripe on the nails. It is a little amazing, says perhaps the body, if my publication authority is not respected, in particular if it is the poetry of the blue metre that solves the historic problems. All this PTRSIM PIK, with the shepherd and the more or less white flock, is at best only a way of solving the problems of the ethnological parametre.

Added 30-31 october 2019:

It must be understood that if official administration cannot help me or tell what it is, their pretext will likely be that 'we dont want this PTRSIM PIK'. But that is of course quite the opposite, since I am only a victim of that program. This becomes visible when the details of the program are published, such as I have done here (on basis of my limited access to data). There cannot exist any sensible reason for keeping the details of the PTRSIM PIK program secret.

It is likely that WITTGENSTEIN lud-WIG was considered PTRSIM PIK - and the apparent monkey business of Hitler and the Kennedys is that sort of PTRSIM PIK, pretending to be against the PTRSIM PIK program but really being their strongest representatives.

Why arent the data on the PTRSIM PIK matrix and its historic role published? There could exist an oldfashioned idea - a pretext - that 'the religious feelings of the people cannot take it' - but that clearly is very much the opposite of how it really is.

Likewise, there could be a feeling in Norway that the state was established in 1814 for the sake of the PTRSIM PIK program (the 'Klipra connection') and therefore they could feel nervous about packing this program down - but clearly it is the opposite that obtains: That the world feels safer without this basis for hitlerish power - and indeed PTRSIM PIK should be a tool for science and not for politics - and therefore the state is safer without this program.

Added 2 november 2019:

Wittgenstein had a cottage in Skjolden in Norway. It is not impossible that the Vietnam war could have been a 'cottage' 180 degrees around the globe from Norway - a terror-and-monkey-business program ('shield of Achilles') relative to Wittgenstein ('PTRSIM PIK'?). If the Gulf wars had a difference from 10 years gap meaning '23' as the birthday of my younger sister Tone Gröver on the other side of the wall in the early 70's, it is possible that my penis ('PIK') had a pigment-displacement at its root in 1980 which was not there in 1970. This pigment-displacement in the skin could be called 'skjolden' ('en skjold' = 'a spot' or 'colour-displacement' vs 'et skjold' = 'a shield', a difference in grammatical gender), and the root could perhaps be associated with a 'kjöl' = 'keel' of a boat. It is possible that the pigment-displacement occurred after Mai Kosberg had been my girlfriend ('pig-mentdis'-placement = 'MTRS-in-PIK' placement) in 1974(?), cp. 'mike hos Berg' ('MTRSIN MIK'?) vs 'Anne Skund-Berg' for the construction 'scum of the earth' = 'ges' of third last Matthew verse - relative to me as 'ourano[s]' (vs 'urin-no' retention) and the war in Syria for 'egg-Syria' = 'exousia'. If so, then the 'mike' could be about 'Kjöl-Berg's farm on Vågstranda in the late 1960's. 'Kjöl' = 'refridgerator'. (Was 'skjolden' at the root of the penis due to her name - the name factor?) A 'sameness' of the Gulf wars and the Vietnam war could then be defined via 'PTRSIM PIK' as 2 and only 2. If Italy were planned as third 'cottage' (relative to Norway on the european map-swastika), there would be 3 and not 2. Unhealthy logic it would anyhow be with such 'PIK' mysticism. (On the floor of the room in Labråten with the sister room next door there was a plastic coating which resembled 'linoleum' but was of a more modern and flexible kind). Is it the plan to have a war with Italy for 3 'cottages' but since 2 and only 2 can be permitted for 'healthy logic', the plan is to ignore and forget the intermediate 'PIK' = the 'cognitive' cottage of the Gulf wars, that is, my authorship - for reserving it for 'secret intelligence' intrigue of 'international services'? I do not agree to that. It is high time to get the whole PTRSIN PIK circus down and all details of the historic construction published.

Added 3 november 2019:

The following two excerpts from the article The chinese bronze inscription from 800 BC were written on my home computer in the morning 2 november 2019:
"The sign for #12 looks like the australian 'ethnic' instrument of a long tube ending in a brazen echo-bowl, talking the fundamentals of human language. It is the revelational book".
"The third subtitle in book 10 looks like the chinese sign CHI (Mathew 5792) which means 'a market, a fair, to trade, an excution ground'".
There was a car bomb in Tel Abyad in Syria later in the same day. I am not involved and had not leaked the data - but it is not impossible that this could be a case of 'contraband' by espionage on my computer. I may have been walking on red lights a few times, but I dont think I have been to much danger for the traffic. (I think there may be a new system of 'Prick-Belastung' by automatic surveillance of streetlights and zebras).


Mathews: Chinese-english dictionary. Harvard 1931/1943.

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