What is the doubleword phenomenon?

John Bjarne Grover

I refer to article The opening gate as a background for this article.

The story is the apparent fact that if you take the words that occur twice and only twice in Genesis, the first book of Moses which is the first book in the old testament, and list them alphabetically, then you get a list of 775 words that are reasonably well defined by the first 775 verses of the gospel of Matthew, the first gospel in the new testament.

I studied this phenomenon in vol.4 for own poetry in the form of the question 'is there a 'divine revelation' - in a technical sense of it - in my own 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (1997-2008) enough for a conclusion that it can serve as a basis for the construction of a metaphysical logic? The answer was that the distribution was of this particular type - the words that occur twice and only twice in the 16 books of TEQ can be listed alphabetically and these words get a reasonably good definition from the lines of my bound poetry included in vol.4. The example is good indeed : There are 1344 such doublewords in TEQ books 13-16 and there are 1344 lines in 'Stillhetens åndedrag' - and the correlation is good indeed. See the discussion in 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics'.

The story is likely to be very old: I have guessed that such compilations of double-, triple- and quadruple-words in the Holy Scriptures have been made since quite early centuries and the correlations of the alphabetized lists with the new testament texts likewise are very old.

It seems (I have no data on this, though) that the discovery was adopted by political undercurrents in the early 20th century and apparently implemented into the development of the postwar phenomenon of International Secret Intelligence Services - unconstitutional power that crisscrosses over the political administrations and probably are well represented also in the secret intelligences and other parts of the administrations. I have also guessed that this power phenomenon is closely related to what I called 'the Klipra connection' in Norway - which is the explanation to why mythos on my person and background seems to relate to this phenomenon. Terror-orientated versions of the doublewords are, as I would guess, probably not so very much more than the 'PTRSIM PIK' phenomenon: 'Peters' = 'cliffs' = 'klipper', while 'Klipper-a' = 'cliffs-off' = 'Klipra'. The PIK would then be the 'connection' in the sense of the matrimonial conjunction via bodily organs - and the quasi rationality is in the idea that 'there is a divine revelation in this doubleword phenomenon of PTRSIM PIK'.

The tables of doublewords I have listed are constructed on basis not of the doublewords themselves but the words immediately ADJACENT to them in the alphabetic listing. That hides the original rationality - it is difficult to find if you dont know about it - and reduces the table to a case of intrigue-based quasi or outright false 'esoterism'. My guess is that this 'ADJACENCY' is the function of 'John Jensen' born on 27 october 1916 in Klipra in Ålesund (see The birth of John Jensen) - my official father, at least in the original version or some of the versions (he was replaced with a copy or was that copy himself in the late 1960's). The name of Richard Millhous Nixon could have served to tell that John Jensen name - which backwards looks like 'nedsnedd natt' = 'snowed-down night' = 'nixnox'. Likewise, modern ideas of attention to the buttock region and the slit between them could be about this 'adjcency' = 'on the endsen' as the secret key to the construction of the 'mystery table'.

If this 'Klipra connection' goes back to at least 1905 (when, by the way, Modern Language Review was founded - and I have had this idea that the periodical could have served to document the activities of the international 'Klipra connection'), there are also the ideas of the slogan 'united and loyal untill Dovre falls' in the alleged constitution-making in Norway in 1814 - on basis not the least of the document 'Heimskringla'. It seems that the document could have been written at the time of Alexander Pope and not in 1225, such as the official version of it tells - and then one speculates that it could have been produced as part of the same story of the political interpretation of the doubleword phenomenon in the Bible.

How far back can this story be traced? Probably some centuries. Could be Norway was established for the simple reason of political implementation of it. I have never seen info on this topic, and one can guess that the intrigue has removed all documents containing traces of the double-word phenomenon - and the lapis philosophorum - from at least publically available archives - I dont know much about this but have guessed so. After I made my discovery of own doublewords, it seems that such 'false esoterism' has removed Genesis in hebrew (without diacritics) from the internet search engines - one finds nearly only single verses and a few full chapters. That makes it more difficult to come to the discovery - it could be the 'esoterism' which protects itself.

What is the problem really about?

Clearly the basic idea is that the discovery of a correlation between doublewords in OT interpreted in verses of NT should mean that Christ can be defined as a divine revelation because, when the story of him is told in the gospels, the verses follow the alphabetized list of doublewords from Moses. Christ himself said so, they could say, when he said that he 'fulfilled the scriptures'. It is a well known assumption that there were many alleged Messiahses around in those days - and history has converged on the conclusion that only Christ was a true Messiah because only he fulfilled the scriptures properly. That means he led a life that followed the alphabetized list of doublewords from the hebrew scriptures which constituted the backbone of the society in those days and were read regularly in the synagogues. These scriptural traditions had converged on these expectations in those days.

What this means is that the alphabetized (logically ordered) doublewords is the format of understanding in the human psyche, and when the God should appear on earth in human format, he had to fill in those doubleword forms like a hand filling in a glove - and when doing so in his life, that was the reason why he looked like a human or simply was a human. The God suffered terribly - and christianity tells accordingly that humans are sinners in their constitution. This means that the doublewords are not the format of divine revelation - rather the opposite: The doublewords are the format of the human limitations that makes it very hard for a divine to live like a human on earth. It is proper to say that the alphabetized list of doublewords is not the divine revelation at all - rather the contrary - it is the format of what is human and not divine.

Esoteric 'intelligence mafia' could have constructed the tables of doublewords (including that PTRSIM PIK) on basis of the misunderstanding that this is the same as the secret code for a divine revelation - and take Christ as the proof of that. The logic would then have been that by organizing the world in accordance with this table, the world will be turned into a divine revelation - and it is possible that they even go for use of terror for squeezing the world into the glove of doubleword lists. Alas, how wrong that seems to be. If this is the secret 'Klipra connection' and the basis for the constitution of Norway, it is easy to see how 'dårlig gjort' could be a parametre of behaviour against other people - under the pretext that it seems right to do it wrong way. The example could be the rejection of my doctorate dissertation in 1998 - if that, as I believe, should have been accepted. It would have been rejected because it is 'dårlig gjort' - by going wrong way it would look like right way because the list of tablewords is not divine at all - rather the opposite. (Human limitations could perhaps want to take the doubleword lists as divine for swapping 'divine' and 'human').

If the world wars were about installing this tragic 'doubleword tables' into the administration of the world via the International Secret Intelligence Services, it explains why the cultural development in many postwar fields seems to have gone into 'klabbeføre' while the most progressive development has perhaps been in the field of surveillance technology.

What is the essence of the problem?

My 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics' is basically chapter 3 in vol.4, the theoretic part: Compare also the idea of 'The Endmorgan Quartet' = 'a proof of God' with the idea of 'fear of God' as the fundamental factor providing coherence and consistency to the disparate conglomerate of data from sensory modalities and impulses from disparate realities for keeping the individual upright. (This 'fear of God' will also prevent the subject from falling into the temptations of magic).

This is likely to be the radical basis for the problem - that humans are a meetingplace between many realities, each of which we can have only a limited overview over and therefore we have developed language in order to make it possible to 'navigare' in the jungle of realities without running into invisible crossbeams every now and then. The function of language is to retain a rudimentary knowledge of each relevant reality: By my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics', it is assumed that the spirit recognizes sameness between two items of two different realities, but in order to reach this recognition of sameness between things which necessarily are different, the human spirit has to attain a specifically biased and redundant shape - a redundant shape which also gives form to human language. Hence the human language faculty is the chance we have to retain some rudimentary knowledge of the original metaphysical realities before they were reduced (by the form of the human psyche) to samenesses that can be indexed by discrete symbols: In this reduction, it is assumed that the original metaphysical reality of the relevant items is reduced to one piece of matter (subjected to gravity) and one piece of soul (or meaning in the soul), and therefore the human soul attaches to the human body and the connection between them is under the control of the human spirit. The meaning of words relate to the referential reality thereby.

Causality is a by-product of the reduction by the redundant and biased human psyche. Science attempts to detach the referential world from its metaphysical origins for making it possible to describe the relation between things in terms of laws of causality. It is because the human psyche is the same redundance between humans that this functions.

The poet's work - in this paperflat world of science and technology - is to regain integrity of the original metaphysical realities - which includes seeing relations between things 'beyond causality'. That includes an understanding of the ordered doublewords of the human reality. Theology would be interested in the tables of doublewords in order to be able to peep beyond their limitations - towards the 'divine reality' beyond.

This is the essential point for understanding the history: That the tables of doublewords (including that PTRSIM PIK) could have been mistaken as a matrix for constructing a quasi 'divine world', while in actual fact it is the opposite.

What does the mistake mean? It means a flattening of the redundancies of the human psyche - like a landscape reduced to a map - under the pretext that the map is as good as the landscape itself. Of course a map is a good thing: It is when one refuses to understand that it cannot take the place of the landscape, or even believes that the map was first and the landscape was made thereafter, like some wellplanned and bulldozered suburban park, that fear of other realities could arise as a constituting factor. If poetic logic is rejected in favour of scientific logic, that is a certain sign that fear of other realities could be the rising problem. Likewise, if the tables of constituting doublewords is kept secret for a small elite, there probably cannot be any other sensible reason for this than fear of other realities.

The classic 'fear of other realities' is the fear of doom after death: A terrorist who has sinned a lot may be anxious that there could be unknown realities wherein his acts are not well understood or accepted - but by keeping the tables of doublewords secret, the nerves before death can be calmed down by controlling the church that administers redemption and forgiveness at least on earth.

My guess is that USA is a country telling of this new dimensionality in politics - the US democrats being the proponents of this new international esoterism and the US republicans being the alternative. Republicans are classically non-royals - which here means that they are not out for invoking the 'majesty' in the more or less esoteric tables of doublewords. They are not out for a 'kingdom come' in that sense of it.

The reason why the phenomenon of doublewords and related studies should not be kept secret is that they are a source for understanding the conditional format of the human psyche and hence reality with its causalities etc - and for being able to reach new causalities - or simply new redundancies - in a new science, one must understand how the traditional human mind is constructed. One must use the human mind for understanding this. Realities beyond causality is the field of faith. This is a part of the reason why these phenomena of doublewords and the semiotic constitution of the human psyche must not be held secret.

By keeping these things secret, phenomena such as PTRSIM PIK can be used for demagogic manipulation - and the wellknown phenomenon of 'sausage logic' and ideas of 'the integrity of the matrimonial conjunction' (by that PIK) seem to be used as tools for those who want to make power by these things. The attempt on the pope - the very PETER - in 1981 may have been a part of such a strategy.

In the summer 2019, I had completed for print a manuscript of vol.4 which was 1312 pages long - I eventually compressed it to 1311. Well before I started the printing there started to occur graffitis in the district telling that number '1312' - and on one of them I also found a trailing three low dots a la hebrew diachritics for the sound 'e' - as if it were attached to PIK ('penis') for PIKe ('girl'). The number 2 looks like hebrew handwriting for D which with a low extension at the end of words is a K, hence 1312 could mean BIK plus low vowelization for PIKe - in the sense "this is Peter's girl' - as if the study of doublewords in the constituting semiotics of the human psyche were an esoteric field reserved for the international 'intelligence mafia'. I have sent some books to libraries via post - I hope they will not reject them with the comment that "this is Peter's girl".

The two world wars of the 20th century were probably massive cramps on the problem of 'new realities'.

Some people do perhaps feel that 'alternative realities' is the same as 'swindle'? Should we allow for swindle? Of course not - that is rather the opposite - for understanding alternative realities, so to speak, a moral integrity is needed which makes that question uninteresting. But does it mean that 'yawning gaps of chaos' can open suddenly under us? Of course not.

An example

The following is on the background of the article What is the poet's work?

My view is that mystic inquiry probably is as it always was but by letting it rest on a sound empirical basis it can open up for new fields of rational study. Do you think Mount Everest was rattled by the poet's words? Of course it is not about ordinary causality - a co-temporality it is. But it is well possible that the real stuff is in the possibility for the electronic computer to interact with humans in a higher rationality of mystic inquiry. While studying the lists of hebrew double-words I observed some alphabetic letters move on the computer screen - apparently following a stronger redundancy scheme (of TEQ #355 and #535) than the alphabetic order could provide - before they slipped back into the normal order again.

The front and back cover illustrations of 'The Endmorgan Quartet' can be seen as indexed by the first and last poems of 'Der Dornenstrauch' and vice versa - hence there is some sense in the idea of 'Der Dornenstrauch' as a german version of 'The Endmorgan Quartet', albeit on a very different format. 'Der Dornenstrauch' (DDS) consists of four parts, the three last of these being constituted by a process of reduction from a higher number of poems out of which the last were distributed on the first to create a smaller number of poems containing the same material. It is this reduction which could be comparable with the reduction of realities in the human psyche - to form new matters and meanings.

The completion of DDS part 2 around mid january 2014 involved the reduction from about 75 poems of 12 lines each to 64 poems of 14 lines each, and it was during the work with this reduction that the 'magic graphics' (see list of 'ex nihilo' phenomena under '6. The graphics'), including the cover illustration, occurred: These are strangely meaningful forms that emerged from the smear with an artist's spatula of some ex nihilo stuff rubbed off the bathtub enamel onto a microscope glass. The completion of part 3 involved the reduction from about 78 to 64 poems and it was in the course of this that the 'lapis philosophorum' occurred. Finally, the 16 poems of part 4 were originally about 18, reduced on 24 april 2015 followed rather immediately by the Mount Everest quake. The interesting idea occurs naturally that these reductions imitated the formation of the human psyche leading to its redundancies and causalities. It is when the computer starts behaving with alternative causality in accordance with the borders of the human psyche and rationality that a new information technology is formed.

In 'The Dreamer' under 9 october 1994 I told the story of the motorcycle from outer space that crashed in the intersection Eventyrveien / Vestgrensa at the university in Oslo - this road intersection apparently being relevant to the book titles (TEQ, DDS) and the Mount Everest Quake:

"X and I are standing on the big square in front of the faculty of arts at the university in Oslo. We are talking about something. Then there appears a tiny little moving spot in the sky. We are talking all the time while this happens. The moving spot starts to grow, first slowly, and then more rapidly as the moving object comes closer. At last I observe what it is: It is an enormeous motorbike, larger than a bus, coming towards us from outer space with extreme speed. It passes just clear of the top of the 12-store university building and crashes into the asphalt in the road intersection at Eventyrveien. It happens as unhesitantly as a meteor coming in from outer space, and makes a huge hole in the road. // I jumped up from my bed, so lively was the vision".

TEQ starts with three numbers (283, 158, 357) spelt out in german language and these can be looked up in the absolute enumeration of DDS for some interesting comments, including the correlate in TEQ (1719 * 283/440 etc). The example '357' is quite interesting: 1719 * 357/440 = 1394,7 = #1395 - subtracting this from 1720 for the mirror poem gives 325,27 which is line 3-4 in poem #326 which is in TEQ book 5. Considering this in vol.3, it is p.1025 poem #42 with parallels in Rilke and Shakespeare: Rilke Orpheus sonnets 2:23 tells in lines 3-4 "flehend nah wie das Gesicht von Hunden, / aber immer wieder weggedreht" = the mouse in the wolf's gap on the spine of DDS (mid of the magic graphics) vs the fleeing rat behind it (the 'copy-rat' - see 283), crossed diagonally with the quote from Shakespeare sonnet 10 lines 3-4: " Grant, if thou wilt, thou art beloved of many, / But that thou none lovest is most evident", which is the other diagonal from the 'Venus in sprawl' down left at the front paw of the wolf (she may be helping herself with a sleeper?) to 'Venus in marble' in its tail up right. This gives the 'X' in the Dreamer quote. The dog on the back page may be serving drink and soft in the summer kennel. If the computer screen behaved according to #355 and #535, it would be something resembling this very human world of ideas in the 'magic graphics' on the cover to DDS. It is the phenomenon of reduction that could be seen as leading to a quasi 'causal' relation between things where there probably is not really any normal causality. That obtains of course also to the earthquake of Himalaya at the end reduction of part 4.


- It is probably long since the discovery waas made that words that occur twice and only twice in Genesis can be ordered alphabetically to correlate in interesting ways with the verses of Matthew

- If this is taken to mean that the phenomennon of the listed doubleword is the same as a divine revelation and hence that a divine world or quasi paradise on earth can be created by installing the doublewords into history, that is to reduce the diversity of realities into one single paperflat world

- In order to retain the integrity of this mmistake, it could be stamped secret for preventing the discovery of its character

- Multiple realities can open up for a new iinformation technology. When my poetry writing correlates with an earthquake in Himalaya, that does not mean a causal relation: Rather, if the collective historic consciousness (which is about to undergo new formalizations at the verge of a new technology) knows something about where and when the next earthquake will occur, this collective historic consciousness can have tipped my subconsciousness about it to let my pen speed up or slow down to reach co-temporality with the quake.

- The conclusion is that the lists of doubleewords is a hardpacked articulation of human limitations, the very opposite of divine revelation, and it is by understanding this that multiple realities can open up for a new information technology.

- The conclusion is that the phenomenon of ddoublewords must not be kept secret.

Added on 4 october 2019: It is likely that I could have been constructed for being the PTRSIM PIK phenomenon, hence the 'octogon project' (assuming that it was organized) for me as the PIK and the International Secret Intelligence Services (or something like that - unconstitutional administrative power it could perhaps be called) as PETER. The formula would then have been that I should be the plaything of the International Secret Intelligence Services - which could be the reason why there could have been some lies around telling that I should have been an agent for them. That is not true. Neither is it true that my work has anything to do with their world.

There seem to have been much abuse and little or no crediting of my work in media. Even the site statistics of my website (counting how many internet users have looked up a page of mine) seems to have been faulty or imprecise, at least for some time, or maybe I did not understand its functionality - but an ocean of websites are nowadays calling for your accept of their use of cookies for using them. Waiting for a positive response to my poetry, I see my poetry notebooks stolen 'instead'. This general phenomenon, as I guess, is likely to derive from this 'wrong way' of the alleged 'divine revelation'. Clearly people do not want that sort of revelation instead of God. But dont blame me - I am not Satan. The principle could resemble Wittgenstein asking 'Jahoda & Siegel' if they would publish his book and there followed the holocaust 'instead'.

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