The poetic number and a new divinity

John Bjarne Grover

My model of human signification looks like this: There exists in the human linguistic competence a poetic spectrum a la my '20 Gedichte' where each poem describes the relevant number with decimal precision. The numerality 11 is described in this poem #11 from the '20 Gedichte'. This poem extends from 10,00 to 10,99 - reaching just up to 11.

In principle, the numerality of '11' should be contained in the last phrase "bis sie wieder vergeht/vergähnt", at 10,999 just before it turns into 11. The poetic meaning of the number 11 could be seen as a 'turning over', could be for something coming into existence.

The base 'e' of the natural logarithm is - as far as I have understood - considered closely associated with the lapis philosophorum, so closely that the unit centimetre probably is defined relative to it: The theory is that the lapis philosophorum always is the same form and size. The stone I made in 2014 was 2,718 cm long - which is that number 'e'. From a superficial look at the history, I have guessed that the centimetre was defined around 1850 as an international unit of measurement on basis of the length of the lapis philosophorum - that length which makes the stone be just 2.71828... cm long.

This number is defined as its own derivative: The derivative of ex is ex. A derivative is the slope ('stigningskoeffisienten', the coefficient of inclination) of the tangent line telling the value of the degree of change in a curve at any given point - the slope varying through the curve and hence the derivative is a variable function. It is the change that it expresses, and this is likely to be the reason for the association with lapis philosophorum qua matter ex nihilo: There is a certain material state of the world and suddenly there is a change in this when matter occurs ex nihilo and therefore the derivative is associated with ex nihilo since it measures the degree of change. Lapis philosophorum is matter ex nihilo par excellence - and it is probably therefore that it is associated with the 'e' which is its own derivative.

The number 'e' is considered a transcendental number with an infinite number of (probably) non-cyclic decimals. I look up point 2,718 in my 20 Gedichte and find the following:

Dann fiel ich auf den Bodenstein
und rief es wie ihr alle fielt
dass jeder Gott [war ewig mein].

...'dass jeder Gott' stops at 2,718. I take the ratio I used in the Catalan number and compute roughly where these words would be in the decimal series - and come to what is not optimal - but a few decimals earlier there is something which resembles the opening decimals right after the 2 and the comma: That is the series 71898610687 which ends on the 972nd decimal after the comma. I try to map this onto 'dass jeder Gott' and the preceding lines and find this:


7704 1

7 189

Now the last series 71898610687 resembles the first decimals 71828182845 to a considerable extent and both exhibit quasi symmetries. They can be made more similar by subtracting and adding 7 from two of them, and by deleting a '1' from the first:

      -7 +7
7-8 986 1 068 7        
7 1 828 1 828 45        
= quasi symm perif
= symmetry mid

The movement of '7' from one position to another corresponds to the following difference:

7 189 8610 687
dass jeder Gott
7 182 8182 845
that Jesus God

=       Mary on the stone
=       righthand face on the stone
=       top face on the stone

which looks quite perfect (although I have no opinion on the extended value of it).

Is this the right fragment of the infinite number? It ends on 972 decimals, and there are 1147 alphabetic letters in the corresponding text. That should make roughly sense (although one should probably have counted phonemes instead of alphabetic letters).

The stone falls out of nothing and is the form of the human psyche. It is the philosopher who makes it (the philosopher's stone) - when I made it in 2014 at the end of a long process, I was in a state of almost complete exhaustion. It is very heavy work to make it.

The theory is that the fragment 'dass jeder Gott' with preceding lines is the poetic definition of the number e = 2,718... Hence

20 Gedichte...
    ...(954 decimals here)...
    ...#1...     ...#2...    ...#3...
... 7 189 8610 687...
    ...dass jeder Gott...

This phrase 'dass jeder Gott' is a poetic fragment corresponding to the decimals and the number itself, which is when it is a recursive phrase structure in accordance with Chomskyan theory of formal grammars from the 1950's.

In my historic study "Epistemes, language and information technology", I see a close affinity of Christ at year 0 with the arbitrary morpheme in formal decriptions of language - and I speculate that e.g. Aristotle can be somewhat reinterpreted on the assumption of a submorphemic (elemental) structure - which eventualy came to a halt around the time of Christ. The year 1000 is the next level of formal description, and 2000 thereafter: Now it seems to be the arbitrary phrase level. The basic signifying unit will be moved from morpheme to phrase level - and, I guess, an acoustic grammar will be established to account for the internal structure of the phrase.

This means that the new arbitrarity will be found in the difference between the poetic phrase 'dass jeder Gott' (written in 26-imal notation of the alphabet) and the fragment 71898610687 (in decimal notation) of the transcendental number. The same relation cannot be obtained by way of the same base in the number and the phrase: If one uses, say, 26-imal notation for the number, the corresponding fragment will look quite different and be much closer to the comma and the relation will not function. The difference in base is the one of the difference between divine and human.

This means that the new divinity is in the transcendental number, and the divine authority sifts from the decimal (non-redundant) fragment down into the poetic phrase of redundant human reality and language. Rules can be made for classifying the 26 alphabetic symbols to correspond with the 10 decimal symbols, but the opposite does not obtain. That is because there is a difference between the divine and the human.


Now facing this, the human society tries to find a way to relate to the divine under these new circumstances. National socialism under Hitler found a source of 'divinity' in Ludwig Wittgenstein and the rejection of his work by publishers: That meant rejecting it from the alphabetic interpretation of the poetic phrases for lifting it up to divine spiritual status - and thereby having the divine somewhat under state control. This 'monkey business' was kept up by terror and warfare: Hitler entered the nazi party of Anton Drexler not long after the time when Jahoda & Siegel were the first to reject it, and when Hitler later arranged the holocaust, that could have been to put a Siegel on the Jahoda. Braumüller was the world war. See this file. It may have been as simple as that - that such monkey business provided a tinge of spirituality which the society otherwise could not make. Then life felt fine and work was a joy - hey ho Hitler - when they could parasite on the spirituality of Ludwig Wittgenstein as the secret source of the divine authority. The phenomenon is called national socialism and it is kept up and going by terror and warfare on indexes which makes it feel like lasting. Leopold Figl lived 1937-46 in Kundmanngasse 24 just vis-a-vis the Wittgenstein house before he signed the Staatsvertrag in 1955 - so they probably knew well what it was.

When the state of Austria tentatively was reopened in 1955, it was with a Staatsvertrag by which Austria would be obliged to liquidate all remains of national socialism. That is a condition for the state.

The question is whether they have tried to do the same with me as with Wittgenstein. I point to the discovery of the recursion of the poetic phrase meaning the whole number against a fragment of the number - that is no small discovery and it is all and only due to the quality of the poetic work that this could be discovered. It may come to revolutionize linguistics, logic-philosophy, informatics, religion studies. You may perhaps not find anybody who has been into these ideas before, but it should be possible to find somebody who can attest the immense theoretic potential in them. But national socialism does not want these scientific progresses - they want to parasite on the work as a source of 'divine' knowledge - then life feels fine and work is a joy. In order to reach this with my work, there seems to be th idea that it has to be rejected as 'worthless'- for being lifted from the state of published poetic phrases to the mystic quality of a transcendental number wherefrom it can shine as mystically divine onto the human society.

The Staatsvertrag prohibits this. Clearly I cannot take the job as 'new Jesus' and I cannot continue my poetic work if the rucksack with the poetic notebooks is stolen and abused for being installed into political national socialism offered to the voting public.

It is called 'Kjempesjansen' - the Big Chance: I could live in Zinckgasse without being subjected to Wittgensteinian abuse - then the state could have passed the test and been consolidated. But if one took it to be a Big Chance to swing it all up to former days as an empire of terror-and-monkey-business - then the state cannot continue.

If there are foreign agents in Austria, that could be just for getting the state under control for using it as a tool for making new Hitler - and that could be those who are out for a strong International Secret Intelligence Service.

If the rucksack with the poetic notes is kept for 'life is fine and work a joy', instead of giving it back to me, then the state cannot continue, tells the Staatsvertrag. Hitler was an all too great disaster.

It is possible that my workspace has been tapped and abused in advertisement and other media, for creating just that transcendental Jesus shining onto you, for maybe as much as nearly a decade. If so, the chance may already be gone. But clearly it could help a lot if the rucksack is returned to me.

My poetic work can come to lead to a new information technology that could open for communication with remote intelligences. That is all too important to prefer the sausage logic of Hitler instead. I cannot work under such conditions. But if I cannot, then it may be that the state of Austria cannot either.

It may perhaps feel like an insult against our deepest spirituality to give the rucksack back, but then one has to try and understand what this is. There may have been nearly a decade with God-making from advertisement bureaus that can offer feelfine and workwell - like mass gym under Hitler's megaphones.

Could be this is difficult to understand now after nearly a decade.

The difference in base is the one of the divine versus the human. 'Al Qaida' means 'the base' - although it is not likely that my poetic grammar was known before I made it: Conceiving letters as numbers is nothing new, and 'base' can also mean 'dirty beast'. It is a guess of mine that Osama bin Laden was launched in western media in 1999 after I had self-published my 'Birds to Saladin' (including poem TEQ #373) in june 1999 - could be for precisely that program of me being credited with the terror of the Obama period - including 11 sep 2001. That is for making that 'stern God' who looks in wrath at the sloppy humans and now and then sends a thunderbolt of terror after them. It is very bad politics.

It is also possible that 'Al Qaida' in the sense of 'the base' simply could mean the essence of my TEQ #373 such as it could be put in connection with the Beachy Head cliff-fall - see the following excerpt from this file, where one could think of 'the base' as the secret which holds the story:

"Concluding for the theory on Heaney's poetry defined by my TEQ #373 written 23-24 days before the cliff fell down: Line 1 = metaphysics into the semantical logic of the english language, line 2 = metaphysics into the phonological logic of the english language, line 3 = metaphysics into the name of the poet of TEQ #373 (that is my name and Heaney's), and line 4 = the breaking loose of the stone going out to the lighthouse in the sea".

It may be that 'Kjempesjansen' - the 'Big Chance' (but I am only guessing here) - is the fantastic moon travel program designed by Kennedy and that some austrians hope for a 'Return of the Kennedy' - a Kennedy who has come to ensure that Austria rises to old empire status. Is that the Big Chance? It is likely to be the opposite - that Kjempesjansen was the chance of me living in Vienna without being subjected to 'monkey business'. If that could work out well, then the state can continue, tells the Staatsvertrag. Otherwise it can be difficult or impossible.

The lost rucksack

My lost rucksack was perhaps another sort of 'Big Chance'. I forgot it in a church on 3 august 2019 and discovered it a good hour later and ran back to find it, but it was gone - and I hurried (perhaps a little too early) to Fundamt - there are Fundboxes around town where people can drop found things and the owners can get them back at the Fundamt - but it wasnt there. I dont know when this ad came up on the back wall of that Fundamt reception, but it may have been the second or third time I came there - if it were not there in advance:

I hope of course that it is not my poems that will be read in edited form. The rucksack contains at least two or even three notebboks. One of the notebooks with poems started with 'The perfect place'. If they have grabbed the Big Chance to make 'divine poetry', it may be too late. It is the theft of the rucksack which makes it necessary for me to say it right out myself: There are probably not many persons who have made so much for the future of this country as I have, and then the Big Chance is to bring the rucksack back to me, not to turn and turn it 'worthless' for shining at the gymmers. My contribution to this country is not by allowing to be used as a klopapier - that is on the contrary a very heavy burden for me - but through my studies which have made it possible to dismantle the Burgenland power mystery which was Hitler's Big Thing. It is this Burgenland power mystery which could be the reason for presence of foreign interests in the country. Some say perhaps that these studies of mine have only made it worse - but that is of course nonsense: A primitive society believed that whenever the Comet drew a line across the sky, a good portion of the people had to jump out from the precipice and into the abyss. But then one day a person found the explanation: It was not the gods who demanded this, it was only a comet crossing the sky. "Oh you badman, now everything will be much worse!" some traditionalists said. You think it made it worse? Of course not. My work has made it possible for the state of Austria to liberate from all those international power concerns and interests - 'Pentagon' style - which were out for turning the Burgenland power into power for international mafia by getting the state of Austria under control. And that is by way of my poetry. But then they should not run off with my rucksack and the poetic contents therein but bring it back to me.

Of course if it has just gone lost by coincidental factors, then there are no political conclusions to be drawn from it.


It seems that a new science can grow out of this concept of a human poetic spectrum of alphabetic letters against a 'divine' number dimension, on basis of an arbitrary relation between a poetic phrase and a fragment of an infinite decimal number in such a way that the poetic phrase uniquely defines in the human reality the full transcendent number of the 'divine' reality - and thereby recursion arises. It is possible that recusion in linguistics or even generally can be defined in this way. It is likely that this can be a surface appearance of a large cultural shift around the turn of the millenium, corresponding to the cultural shift by Christ 2000 years ago - when also the classic elemental theories started to decline.

The healthy cultural response to this is to conceive of this new 'number fragment' divinity as a case of arbitrary signification, simply the essence of an attitude of mystic inquiry which does not compete with neither judaism nor christianity, and it counts as an unhealthy cultural response to install a human victim of monkey business (a quasi Jesus, for example) into this 'divine' source of knowledge - not the least for controlling the divinity thereby. National socialism 1933-45 is likely to have been just this mistake.

(Is England pulling out of EU because of excessive national socialism developing? Then it is high time to turn the trend in EU).

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 23 august 2019