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An airplane fell down on Karachi and one or two persons survived and was rescued from the flames.

Another newspiece few days later tells of the village Let Kar in Myanmar that on 16 may had been burnt down to the ground after gunfire from soldiers, probably governmental. The idea arises in the mind while reading that an airplane had passed over it and something had fallen to the ground on the Let Kar village - a 39 year old man told on telephone that he had escaped from the flames.

One speculates that this could have been a piece of bioterrorism - that somebody had called while the bottle was on its way down from the skies that it contained a superdangerous virus that would end life on earth if it could spread - and the governmental forces had (since the threat was credible) no other choice than to exterminate the village and contain it in concrete and cover it. Could be heros had to do it. Could be the idea was created by the news from Karachi, though.

The third story is from probably the summer or maybe autumn 2011 after I had completed and self-published the first part of my 'Caruso' - a book of poetry that probably can be shown to be a poetic biography (counting word-by-word in my book against month-by-month in his life) of the great singer and which constitutes the 'man-on-wagon' part of the red metre, the male archetype. I went to give a copy of it to the library of Literaturhaus in Vienna - and was somewhat 'taken back' (?) when the person behind the counter was a man with Yves Saint-Laurent spectacles and man-on-wagon beard - as if it were the theme of my book. He took the book without a thanks - as if I could have returned it (back) a little earlier. I speculated if it were a standin from the 'services' (of some kind) who had tapped me tucking it under the arm and going in the direction of the Literaturhaus - but this I dont know anything about. Could be he worked there. This story drained me of some enthusiasm.

In short, had a piece of 'VIRUS' escaped and gone astray and now threatened all life on earth if it were not successfully 'contained'? Who was that 'very dangerous man-on-wagon'? Has there been anything the like in history so far?

You need to cross the border? Well, use a car. You dont have a car? Well, you can rent (let?) one. Etc.

There is a poem signed 'Ein Hengsten der Karachi' in my TEQ book 15. It could apply to the front page in parallel with Celan's poem 'Der Hengst mit dem blühenden Docht' ('Fadensonnen').

Graffiti on a housewall in Witzelsbergergasse, intersection to Alliogasse (came up probably some weeks ago).

Is it the US democrat party who hope to make a new Hitler on basis of my work?

Of course I do not support terrorism.

But if I have made a theory of virus epidemics that can lead to a solution to the problem, that could mean the end of such bio-terrorism - which could mean quite a relief.

I sent the theory to copyright registration on 14 april and the receipt will certainly arrive one day - I suppose they are just overworked after the lockdown.

[Added on 17 june 2020: The receipt has now arrived]

Added on 31 may 2020:

My function 14 is the proof that the inner articulations of my The Endmorgan Quartet is not from political administration but from something spiritually more interesting (see 'function 14'). There is a global function 14 (spanning the 16 books of TEQ) and a local function 14 (the book 14 itself). In vol.3 I discuss several other works of comparable format (comparable to the local function), among them Celan's 'Fadensonnen'. Poem 15 from the beginning in this book of his is "Der Hengst mit dem blühenden Docht", of remarkable relevance for the front page illustration to my TEQ - and potentially part of a possible background of the aircrash in Karachi recently by my own 'Ein Hengsten der Karachi' from my TEQ book 15. The mirror poem #15 from the end of 'Fadensonnen' is "Beider entnarbte Leiber" can be seen to be relevant to the back page illustration to my TEQ - the photo from Vilnius. (For a discussion of these two, see also this file). Now the recent story of the death of George Floyd in USA (and following riots) seems almost too relevant to the back page photo (the bent knee against his throat like the photo from Vilnius, not Bil-news etc) to appear as a coincidence, and it is perhaps permitted to speculate that it could be about an intended election effect from the poem "Beider entnarbte Leiber" onto 'Joe Biden'. 'George Floyd' spoons perhaps to (norw.) 'får til sløyd[en]' (= 'will succeed with [the] carpentry' - associatively relevant to the idea of 'genetic engineering' - 'far til sløyd[en]' = 'father of the carpentry/genetic-enginering'). There were also riots after some FBI police shooting of negros under Obama. Hopefully the US democrats are not rattling the threat of 'civil war' in case certain themes could come too close to the surface of public attention. Of course such things as violence imitating my book cover illustration and following riots are very unfortunate for me and my book.

Added on 1 june 2020:

This statistics page in La Repubblica for covid-19 data of today 1 june 2020 shows a map over the relation between covid-19 deaths and factual deaths compared with the average 2015-2019. The map looks like this (a quote from this internet page) and seems to show a PTRSIM on his throne of Lombardy who PIKs his favourite at Pesaro & Urbino (Marche). The gap between factual deaths and covid-19 registered deaths goes into nearly 600% - while the region of Rome has in fact minus 9% - there are fewer deaths than normal there. Is it a map telling that a St.Peters in LOMBARDY ('rumpardy'?) picking Pesaro & Urbino (Marche) is about homo marriage and that is not the one in Rome? Clearly if BREXIT & PTRSIM PIK includes the option of PTRSIM going out to the lighthouse PIK, that could even be the theme of the 'LETT KAR' = 'light man' (non-heavy) of the Floyd story. Nobody is served with a new 'service-quasi-divinity' inspiring awe by a Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde strategy. If Kennedy sprang out from some 'services' and got his identity modelled on the 'Wörterbuch' of Wittgenstein, it is very high time that this be published as a fact - and not be used for such 'quasi-awe-inspiring' Jekyll-Hyde stories for making a new divinity controlled by administration.


Celan, P.: Fadensonnen. Suhrkamp 1993.

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