My epidemiological theory (april 2020)

John Bjarne Grover

14 april: I published (after an introductory part on 11 april) in the article called 'The reason for the corona epidemic crisis' (see also material in the article MOERINGG.10-12) the full theory of how the coronavirus epidemic and possibly even all virus epidemics generally can be stopped. This conclusion is based on my work since about 1992. It seems that this article prompted immediate response in WHO for going over the numbers of infections and deaths and revise them where needed.

15 april: An immediate response from Trump to this WHO initiative halted all economic support from USA to WHO for at least 60-90 days while investigating what they were doing really. I notice in a tweet of his that day (or the following) that he referred to the 400 million and 95 face masks (a number of that kind it was) that had been acquired against the virus. I reached the conclusion that WHO's quick action could have looked like an attempt to cover the facts I refer to in my article and which gave the basis for the theory. (Alternatively, WHO's action could have been about involving a responsibility of mine?).

16 april: Radio Free Service, the inner radio talking (more or less reliably!) news in your mind, told that my theory had led to an immediate success and that the farmaceutic product that could be developed from my method spurred immediate recovery or at least notable improvement in the people infected with the corona virus. The very promising first results would be tested over some weeks before the medication (if the tests are positive) possibly is launched on a large scale for stopping the epidemic.

17 april: Radio Free Service announced that Trump and the republicans do not want to credit me publically for the breakthrough because they think that it is important to follow the original schedule for launch of my work - a schedule devised probably down in the 1980's on basis of the data available at that time: This means continueing to keep my work below the surface attention of media but with a gradual and slow surfacing (in parallel with a slow turndown of the monkey business) that will make it possible to turn my works into a lasting public value without risking 'shootdowns' of those who have bought the books and scenarios like that.

19 april: News from Canada told that a certain Mr. 'Gabriel Wortmann' had gone on a shooting spree in Nova Scotia and in the course of 12 hours driven around in a car shooting people - a total of 17 people died including himself as the last. One fancies that this 12 hours was a long time before the police reacted and that it could be a newspiece about 17 victims - 9 scotia = 8 of the octogon which is 0,67 (see my article) of the 12 hours. The '17' could also be the 'Pentagon' horseshoe upside down on the wall of the first cartoon of New Yorker 26 june 1989. The news told that he was partly dressed as a policeman and I think also drove a car with such text. It suggests that the shooting spree or at least the newspiece was under the control of the police. Why? For telling that it was the police in Hungary who burglared my house twice and this was the basis for the corona epidemic - or was it for telling that it is the police who shoot those who have bought my books or mention my name as the discoverer of the anti-virus medicine? I would not think so. Gabriel Wortmann sounds like a name of one the one from heavenly news who starts an important story with a few words - it would be 'me', the apparently frequent conclusion to analyses of terror - that it is me who is The Terrorist in the world - the Bad Loser when he has to realize that his work is worthless, as seems to be the propaganda value of some terror. Could be it is this role which USA do not want to pack down? Wortmann could also be a 'message' to the hungarian authorities - if it were the police who burglared the house, they should have chance to solve the mystery and bring the stolen things back again. Power balance is not a reason for such a burglary. I personally would not have shot people for telling something, but it may be that the issue is to take the initial impetus out of the epidemic before it leaves 20% of the american population dead. I cannot decipher the newspiece properly - it looks like a power demonstration.

And Frau Gröver is apparently still on the loose, in spite of evidence that she could have been involved in serious child abuse.

20 april: USA had accused China of hiding big black numbers - but China answers via Radio Free Service that this is but a trick for turning the roles around since it is USA who does not include the infections and deaths among their thousands of militaries - those are big numbers that are not included in the official count (told a newspiece some time ago). Could be it means that Trump wants to tell that it is WHO who tries to stop my solution by altering the numbers? The numbers in USA are still rising quite quickly.

21 april: Today Sweden, who has been a test country with very low restrictions but with some still upwards-rising curve, announced that 'society' or socalled 'herd' immunity will be reached in mid may - that is when the society will be immune - surprising in view of the still rising numbers. This article on China Daily today tells: "Anders Tegnell said the Swedish capital, Stockholm, will be among the first places to develop such immunity. He told local media infection rates in the city of 2.4 million people have already started to slow, because locals have developed resistance to the disease". Since there is no lockdown and only lax restrictions in Sweden, this is quite surprising indeed. "He predicted herd immunity will be achieved 'some time in May'" - even if the numbers still rise steadily from day to day. Does this mean that the medication I devised on 14 april has already been made and is tested in Sweden - with positive results? 'Tegnér' is a norwegian (or swedish - 'Tegner' is norwegian, I think) name - but that does not mean that you are good 'tegner' (good at the art of drawing) even if you have that name, tells Radio Free Service. Hence, do they try to tell that a medicine has been found and will be launched on a broad scale after a few weeks of testing - or, say, if it is sufficiently harmless it could even be mixed in the drinking water of the 'herd' - but that the story behind it will be hidden behind some 'herd'-is eggen news ('Herceghalom' etc - or 'mortality break'? - the swedish and US rate of change have been the same for some time, close to the UK - it is noticed that Norway quite recently made a 'county reform' that collapsed former Akershus, Buskerud (not 'bukserud' = 'trousers-rude') and Østfold (not 'Ostwald' who published Wittgenstein or 'Oswald' of the Kennedy assassination) into a new county called 'Viken' - one could wonder whether the millilitres 'under the text'-iles in the train at Bicske/Herceghalom is supposed to be made into a big thing - 'két' is also hungarian for '2', as for that PTRSIM PIK of the fundamental theorem - and I did not shoot at Kennedy - but maybe he ejaculated at my brain? - fourletter word for 'masturbated' (but not for wetting in the pants only) is 'ronka', not 'corona' - that detail of july 1957 should not be held secret if it be the case - 'svigen' is a form that means a sort of 'quisling' - but that is not me! - by the way, the numbers that come in to the 'desh-Bord' of Johns Hopkins - not the dog from Bangladesh - are probably electronic - and under the control of the socalled 'intelligences'?) and 'reason' for covering the fact that it was I who rescued the world from the catastrophe? Of course, if a medication or harmless 'substance' were found very quickly, it could have been decided to mix it in the drinking water and the epidemic stops - while hiding the origin of this theory of mine by editing numbers for making the empirical basis for the theory more opaque. If that were the reason, then Trump's response would have been very sensible.

Of course, even if there should (due to heavy monkey business on my work in many fields of social and business life) be some threats about shootdowns of those who have bought my books in the future, it is totally inacceptable to keep my name secret if it is my invention that is the basis for a new medicine against corona or viruses generally. If the medication functions against viruses generally, this will completely change the world and a new fruitful era will open up - while much of the old murky power balance will lose its force and interest.

Here is an excerpt - the main parts from my 14 april article "The reason for the corona epidemic crisis" that forms the basis for the theory of such a possible medicine:

Above I showed that the virus epidemic probably spreads in such a way that the distribution interprets the relation between some peculiarity in the linguistic 'identity' relative to the shape of the border. This need not be the country border, of course, but would be about the border to another reality. My 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' tells that only 2 items can be the same across different realities. The metaphysics goes as follows: Two items e1 and e2 from 2 different realities are recognized by the human spirit as the same item and thereby they reduce to one existential being (referent) x1 plus one semantic meaning s1 attached thereto like a shadow it is hard to run away from. This theory tells that this is what existence is. However, if culture develops into a state which takes history astray (the example was the state of Austria in late 2019 - I mean at the Steiermark election, not Bierlein's government), it must reverse the development and start over again from an earlier point. That means turning x1 into 2 items e1-e2 in two different realities - that will turn the history. But for a virus that means to divide x1 into two new items that then count as e1 and e2 - and since the meaning s1 still remains, it comes as a third element when considering the distribution: It is by this that the two new realities are two and not only one. Hence for a probability distribution there are now 3 items for computing e.g. the entropy, but only 2 of these have real existence - and that means that summing their probabilities will not take it to 1,0 but only 0,67. Therefore at least one of them must divide again in order to fill in the missing slot. In this way, the former realities will be tentatively accessed and the cultural condition in the collective consciousness reversed - and the state of the existential being who hosts them will be weakened and possibly even die and buried and it is gone - and in this development a gap between the realities of the linguistic centre and the border will be levelled out untill equilibrium is reached. In the state of formation, there are two forms of existence - one real existence and one meaning-existence and the probabilities of these will sum to 1,0 but the sum of real probabilities only (without the meanings) will be less than 1,0. In order to remedy for this, new reduplications will speed up the number of existences in an attempt to reach 1,0 for the entropy function - a sort of vacuum pump that will be - untill the host cell bursts. The difference between ontological and epistemological existence, as it could be called, corresponds to the difference between the knockings that could be recorded on 15 january 2020 and 20 january 2020 and those that could not (a week or two later) - that is, the border to silence - the later knockings had 'meaning' only but not enough material existence to leave traces on recording equipment. Could be such virological existence could be called the border to white noise - or just a variant feature of that silence.

How then is the epidemic stopped? By creating a substance that can fill in the slot of the meaning s1 with existing substance - could be by studying the distribution of viruses in their multiplication and recognize same clusters and establish a formal lexicon by my TEQ function 14 and grammar that can engineer the same distribution - a distribution or lexicon-grammar modelled in a complex organic molecule that takes the place of the existence qua meaning of the viruses - their 'shadows', so to speak - and thereby prevent these from multiplying into new existences. The crux of this theory of mine is that the virus has a brief existence on the border between eternity and history - a 'diagonal' existence straddling eternity and history, two different realities - wherein it is 'meaning' only but fills in the form of 'existence' - and if the shadow which is called 'meaning' can be filled with other substances, the virus will not reproduce. It is the entropy function that interprets the flux of information from eternity to history.

A 'negative imprint' of the semantics is found on the mirror point of function 14 - for a theory of a 'poetic logic' on the other side of the rainbow. But me as 'grandmother' shooting Lenin or sth like that is not relevant for understanding this turnaround of meaning and substance for stopping the epidemic.

My TEQ function 14 - and hence the grammar that can engineer the same distribution - is rather groundbreaking linguistic theory: It is of course possible to make such a theory on a general basis but then it would look rather taken out of the air - but with my 16-volume TEQ (a work of continued attention through the 11 years 1997-2008) it is possible to show that it is a very likely theory - on a healthy empirical basis - and that makes it a very relevant model of the human linguistic faculty. It is even possible to model with it the mirror image where one finds the phonological form - that means a new poetic logic that is hitherto unknown. It is all and only my literary work which makes this possible - and the epidemiological theory of mine springs forth from this and my prose work 'And hang under the Justcan keys': It is because there is empirial evidence for the epidemiological data in the chapter 'The border' and the concluding chapter that one can make this theory.

As is seen from my description, if one should try and make a molecule on basis of the distribution of the virus divisions causing 2 viruses to develop from 1, of course the method is electron microscopy for studies of the distribution in time and space by way of data analyses (of some kind) for establishing recognizable units (clusters, patterns) for which one can count occurrences and make paradigms for my function 14. (Of course geographic distribution has nothing to do with this).

The Burgenland border mystery of Hitler possibly including even the octogon story is probably not much more than anglophonic mysteries including certain 'mock' elements - and that probably boils down to the phenomenon of England having only ocean as borders plus USA having only ocean - plus Canada (and Me-X-i-co): That is likely to be the Canada/Kennedy story - for which the Burgenland border mystery is anglophony only. But that means these special geographic BORDERS. But clearly to continue exercising such hitlerish power abuse because of these geographic peculiarities of England and USA cannot be accepted. In particular, the worst thinkable scenario is the one of successful development of a farmaceutic product that can stop a virus infection - but stamped secret as a military advantage ands restricted to the few power-holders only - making it possible to spread nearly anything from the labs for biological terror purposes. This horror scenario must of course be avoided - and that includes crediting the source. The source for this particular theory is me. If a new medication against virus is developed from my work, then my work with my name must be credited fully and openly. Anything else is completely inacceptable.

The strategy for securing a future for my works (in spite of possible threats from those who have invested much into monkey business on my work and the mythomania around my person) must be a schedule for how much can or must be published at this and that time point - not a schedule for how low the roof must be under which my work and person must be held.

It is important to observe that viruses could be believed in the collective subconsciousness to be God's communications to the humans and therefore human society imitates the logic of viruses - such as when progress in knowledge can tend to lead to immediate 'diagonal' ideas of more or less counter-intuitive kind. Therefore it could be that a medicine against virus could come to alter the social conditions for cultural development rather completely - and everybody should be happy for that, of course. Power balance is not a reason to keep this medicine suppressed.

The reason for the spread of the corona epidemic seems to be the absence of proper crediting of the source (that is the monkey business which could feel threatened if my name and work should surface). Then it is total madness to try and stop the epidemic with a new medicine without crediting me if I should be the true source of this. It is only the nazi power freaks in 'intelligence services' and things like that who could want this. Do not listen to those power freaks - they could certainly claim that I want to remain hidden and secret and that is the best for everybody - but it is high time that those manipulations and intrigues on my person be brought to an end. Do somebody try and tell that I am The Terrorist and intrigue maker? Of course I am not - but those who try to make such claims certainly could be.

It is my work and if USA has abused it badly, they have anyhow no right to keep my work in a state of continued abuse. Possible plans for how to rescue my work could have been based on evaluations from norwegian or other authorities who could be totally unable to understand anything of what I am doing - this lecture, for example, should not have been rejected for the PhD degree. (Norway was established in 1814 for preventing jews from being there). TEQ function 14 has a correlate in PEB line 14.

There may also be a grandiose naivity in the understanding of US business abusing me work - of course if they stop the drug abuse then the society will only improve and become much stronger - even if the protests will be loud in the beginning.

Today on 21 april the austrian ÖVP government announce (I think the news were on but I cannot find it again - here is something, though) that they will refrain from 1 month salary because of the corona situation. That does of course not mean that I refrain from my salary for this work of mine! I repeat that I have absolutely nothing to do with all the monkey business or political circus around my person and only wait for it to come to an end. If a medication against the virus now is found on basis of my work, it must be understood that it is all and only my lonely heroic work through 30 years that is the basis for it and if I had not done in then 20% of the world's population could have died and been lying there rotting in the street. The epidemic has so far cost the world 5 trillion dollars. Then it is not permitted to continue the old monkey business on me and my work.

24 april 2020:

Indian Express reports: "US President Donald Trump on Friday suggested that researchers should try to apply their findings to coronavirus patients by inserting ‘light or disinfectant’ into their bodies". This sounds quite simply like 'inserting semantics' - which sounds like my theory of 14 april 2020. It suggests that this theory of mine and its development could be the theme of the current divided views on strategies and WHO funding.

Indian Express reports: "'It goes without saying that when medication or a vaccination is found, tested, released and is ready for use, it must be available all around the world and affordable for the whole world', said Angela Merkel". As if that should not be self-evident for a pandemic virus. We must hope the purpose is not to make efficient means against deadly virus a privilege for the few.

25 april 2020:

I have looked at some more geographic distributions for other countries than the ones (Italy, Spain, USA, Norway) I discuss in the article 'The reason for the corona epidemic crisis' and found that the 16 regions (Bundesländer) of Germany (data of 23 april) follow well the 16 first paragraphs of chapter 1 in my book (Hessen on place 5, for example, is quite impressive), while Russia's 13 regions (data of 24 april) follow the 13 first paragraphs of chapter 16 well (Dagestan on place 8 and Rostov on place 10, for example, are quite impressive). [Added 1 june: I also tried the 7 main regions of Portugal - ranked by number of infections in the order North, Lisbon and Tagus Valley, Center, Algarve, Alentejo, Azores, Madeira - against the 7 paragraphs of the last chapter '24. What happened later' and found the mid 'Algarve' against the mid 'I've got a bullet train in the bucket' - cp. Adolfo Coelho's etymological dictionary for portuguese under 'Algar', 'Algara' or 'Garupa', 'Garupada']. Today (25 april) I looked up India's 36 regions and found that they follow chapter 5 quite well - and continue in fact into and through chapter 6. I here list the 18 first entries on the ranking of regions of India according to number of recorded infections (source

1. Maharashtra
2. Gujarat
3. Delhi
4. Rajasthan
5. Madhya Pradesh
6. Uttar Pradesh
7. Tamil Nadu
8. Andhra Pradesh
9. Telangana
10. West Bengal
11. Karnataka
12. Jammu and Kashmir
13. Kerala
14. Punjab
15. Haryana
16. Bihar
17. Odisha
18. Jharkhand

The three first are obvious: Mahar-ashtray, A-Gurkarat, Delhi (see chapter 5). In fact there seems to be a phonologial logic (Odisha = China) which is quite interesting and which opens for the theory that 'del-hi' should be the key to 'India' in the sense of the man who tries to get the old door up: That would mean that 'he' first divides in two, like viruses do, then he throws one of these parts onto a door and tries to divide that in two as well, one substantial door and one meaningful ('semantic') doorframe (or maybe vice versa). I conjectured that this should be the meaning of 'delhi' and looked up Monier-Williams where I find not 'delhi' but something similar, indeed interesting:

1. 'dehali' = the threshold of a door or a raised terrace in front of it
2. 'dehin' = having a body, corporeal; a living creature, man; the spirit, soul (enveloped in the body); the earth

In short, this seems to support my theory of 14 april quite well - and it seems to support a theory that this is the reason why Delhi is on third place in the ranking of regions by infections: That it thereby explains how the solution can be found. ('Delima' = 'name of a place').

5 may 2020: I add the text to the three examples mentioned above under 25 april 2020: 1) German 'Hessen' (see Grimm) on place 5 for paragraph 5 of chapter 1 = "It would be mighty isolated if I were to crush the surface like a cobweb on a mirror". 2) Russian 'Dagestan' (see Vasmer) on place 8 compares with paragraph 8 of chapter 16 = "Look at this one - it is one of the jewels of our collection. It is a socalled 'stringhook', as it is called, invented in the late 19th century". 3) Russian 'Rostov' (see Vasmer) on place 10 compares with paragraph 10 of chapter 16 = "'This is a marvellous invention', she said. 'It is everything the opposite of a ski lift, and it was in fact invented before the ski lift was invented. That is the fantastic thing about it'".

The discussion is continued in this article: How to construct a medication against covid-19: What happened on 14 april 2020?

See also (2 may 2020) (3 may 2020)

11sep2001.htm (1 may 2020)

Are the following two newspieces based on the results of my theory? I may be the only person who still does not know what happened on 14 april: (5 may 2020) (6 may 2020) (18 june 2021) (18 june 2021)

20 june 2021: What happened on 14 april 2020?

Assume that it was shown on 14-15 april 2020 that my epidemiological theory could be a sensational discovery - maybe capable of solving the problems of virus and cancer - hence also possibly solving threats from biological weapons of mass destruction - but Trump immediately pulled USA out of WHO. Why did he do that? There are at least 2-3 possible interpretations on basis of this assumption of major progress in medical science by way of my theory:

1) Trump could have feared (as seems to be an existing theory) that I could come to be known to the public 'before schedule' and then the socalled CURVE (the existence of which seems to be postulated by certain politics) would not go as planned. He tried to prevent this by pulling USA out of WHO since it was not certain that his veto would be respected.

2) Somebody (say, by telephone) could have launched a request in WHO that my name should not be mentioned, could be on basis of false allegations that I should be a swindler who had stolen the theory from somebody, or simply that much power was balanced up on my person - and WHO listened to this talk and agreed to suppress my name in the publication of the theory. Therefore Trump pulled USA out of WHO since such behaviour was not in accordance with sensible scientific behaviour.

3) Somebody, from a member state of WHO, advanced the request of keeping my name secret - and when WHO could not reject the idea, Trump pulled USA out of WHO for telling that this is what WHO could do with the state that had requested silence on my name.

Of course it would be totally unacceptable to suppress my name in the context of such major theoretic progress in medical science - and the intended or planned use of my person in political or 'intelligence' projects would probably be criminal. If my epidemiological theory be right, the discovery could probably be bigger than, say, penicillin or antibiotics generally.

I am still not informed about what happened in april 2020.


Grimm, J. & W.: Deutsches Wörterbuch. (33 volumes). DTV 1991 Nachdruck von Ausgabe Leipzig 1985.

Monier-Williams, Sir Monier: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary. Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1979.

Vasmer, M.: Russisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch. (3 volumes). Carl Winter, Heidelberg 1953, 1979.

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