How to construct a medication against covid-19: What happened on 14 april 2020?

John Bjarne Grover

There is no doubt that something very important happened on 14 april 2020 when I published the article 'My epidemiological theory (april 2020)' on the internet. The global curves for the new cases per day and for mortality per day had been running in close parallel from the start of the epidemic - but on appr. 19 april the global mortality curve started going down and has been downwards since then while the curve of new infections has been rising steadily since then. The english, french, belgian curves are quite convincing: Infections and mortality went in parallel in the beginning but while the second round now is raging, the mortality is nearly zero and the epidemic is like a normal flue. Here is the mortality curve for Belgium - with that very clear turning point on 14 april. See the data for: France, England, Belgium.

What happened on 14 april? The data suggest that something must have happened in probably the evening 14 april which gave an immediate effect and it can be used to prevent death in corona-infected people who are under medical treatment. My hypothesis is that a quick test of my hypothesis was made and gave immediate results and this has been implemented as a medication in some form or other - could be in drinking water or as dust over cities - could be in tablet or inhalation format for medical use. This would not have been the same as a vaccine, and a vaccine has no impact on an epidemic before it is completed and put in use - but it could have been about a chemical substance that would temporarily stop the multiplication of viruses in infected people. If the substance were harmless, this could have been done without much public or professional attention.

The basis for my ideas that a new medication against virus-caused disease can be found is in the metaphysical theory contained in my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' - essentially that '2 and only 2 items can be [recognized as] the same across different [metaphysical] realities'. This describes how the spiritually controlled metaphysics reduces to physics with formation of matter and (linguistic) meaning. In principle, if this meaning attaching to the matter also is the basis for the soul attaching to the material body, this allows for the postulation of a system of matter, soul and spirit on a form which can give rise to a new form of science.

My theory of virus (and possibly cancer cell) multiplication can lead to the formulation of a medication against viruses if one finds a way to construct a farmaceutic molecule which takes the place of the pumping of new viruses from the metaphysical into the physical realm and thereby stops the metaphysical reduction to physics. How is that made? The basis for this is found in the white stone that took form ex nihilo while I wrote my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' - written as 105 poems reduced to 64 wherein poem #5 contains the articulation which led to a specific form of this ex nihilo stone: Ex nihilo is then just the reduction from metaphysics to physics. The number 5 is what is seen at the lower turning point of the 'zifferblatt' - the form which is the logo to my poetic work 'The Endmorgan Quartet' book 12 (out of 16) and which I have postulated is the most densely reduced form of the human linguistic faculty - that which concerns the semiotic relation between meaning and matter by the fundamental theorem.

The mid stanza (out of 5) in this poem #5 is this - with the imprint of this meaning into the matter seen in the two photos of the white stone that took form on 10 august 2016 - while the poem #5 was written many months earlier:

Vi hører det når vi gjesper.
Vi ser det i mørkets lys.
Det er som spanjoler som lesper
når mulighetene bys.
     We hear it when we yawn.
We see it in the darkness' light.
It is like spaniards that lisp
when possibilities are offered.

Clearly it makes sense to assume that the yawn of poem 5 is seen as 'imprinted' into the ex nihilo stone, and the same can be said about the 'lisping' protruding lips. That is imprint of meaning onto matter by some mystic semiotic function - which, for some reason or other, applies to just poem 5 in 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. The matter which takes shape from the metaphysics to the physics adheres to the meaning in the significant poem. That is no small matter!

Poem 5 was written early in 2016 (I started writing the book on 11 january 2016), and I believe that I had not been into the academy of music in Venice before the summer that year - but I probably was there in the summer before the white stone took shape in august and then I can have observed the two white-stone sculpures at the entrance door these seem to encode just a 'yawn' and a 'lisp' - quite interesting in view of the idea that 'Stillhetens åndedrag' is about musical 'harmony' (against 'Rosens triangel' which is about counterpoint).

In 2018 there was also the story with the Madonna with child in Märzstrasse in Vienna which led to my speculation that a 'lisp' (Lucia/Rusia) could have been the story also for the Madonna of Fatima. If so, it is likely that meaning can be imprinted in matter if metaphysical circumstances allow for it.

Assume, therefore, that one can postulate an imprint of meaning in the matter in poem 5 out of 64 reduced from 105: If this is supposed to give the basis for a farmaceutic molecule against virus, stopping the multiplication of the viruses in the metaphysical pump, how is that to be constructed?

The basis for controlling the meaning must be in the modelling of the procedure for my function 14 which is distributional semantics (this model of natural language semantics is my own - and the empirical evidence of it in my TEQ book 14 is unique): The immune system in the body resembles that distributional semantics quite a lot. Alien cells or elements that can cause disease are packed or wrapped by protecting cells in the blood and transported in such packed form to the door and out. This resembles the relation between the poems of book 14 (the local function 14, the 'generative' or 'metaphysical' forms) and the distribution of words in books 1-16 (the global function, the 'structuralist' or 'physical-historic' forms). Alien micro-organisms correspond to the generativist poems that are wrapped in the distributional semantics of the structuralist protective cells and this adjustment and updating of meaning of the structuralist words continues untill the balance is reached - that is when the body has got the message from some 'eternity' (beyond historic time) from which the ex nihilo micro-organisms come. This understanding of a correlation between the immune system and the distributional semantics of human natural language is probably only mine.

One can make a strong and a weak version of function 14: The strong takes it that all intervals in the distribution of the words are included in the computation, that is, that not only the interval 456/621 * 207 = poem 152 of three lines but also 165/621 * 207 (plus) = poem 56 ('Lo stesso capit') is included (this poem is here the phonology to the semantics of poem 152 but can of course also in itself be a semantic unit - in particular if more than 3 words distribute), and this implies generally that all generativist poems of the local function 14 must be the same size and form. They (the poems) are certainly not so in book 14 - but in 'Stillhetens åndedrag' they are (64 poems of 20 lines plus title all of them).

In the socalled weak version of function 14 it is enough that one of the intervals - preferrably the 'most significant' - makes sense.

If, therefore, a modelling of a farmaceutic molecule is supposed to be made on basis of poem 5 in 'Stillhetens åndedrag', since this is where the imprint of meaning in matter is most evident, one could think of a medication against a specific virus (say, the coronavirus of covid-19) by the weak version while a medication against any virus (the immune system generally) more naturally would aim at modelling by the strong version. If such a preliminary medication were made in the evening of 14 april, it is likely to have been on basis of the weak version.

How is the molecule constructed? Could it be made in the course of a few hours?

A virolabber, a farmaceutics expert (these two could of course be the same person) and a programmer would be needed. The distribution of multiplication of viruses would be recorded on video and reduced by the programmer's expertise from 3 to 2 or 1 dimensions. Such a reduction necessarily loses much information and that is where the problems of the development of the substance is found. The most natural (or, strictly speaking, only real) procedure is to define a discrete symbol inventory for this reduction - the size of this inventory would be determined by the number of atoms that the farmaceutics on an experiential basis would make use of - and then find a procedure to reduce the video data to discrete symbols as a distribution within this inventory. Clearly there is an infinite number of ways that a recording of multiplication of viruses can be described by reduction, and each solution will lead to a different distribution of the resulting symbols in the corpus. Ideally, the programmer would try and find a way to optimize this for reducing the infinity to a small number, but it is not so easy in view of the problem that one reduction (from non-discrete video data to discrete symbol distribution) will lead to one distribution which leads to one formulation of what corresponds to poem 5 in the 64-unit formulation of the corpus, while tilting the angle of the camera just a degree or two (or defining the border between two categories of multiplication forms) will lead to a potentially very different distribution of potentially different symbols: Even if the farmaeutics expert should (which is doubtful) find a principled way of automated conversion of the symbols of the mid stanza of 'poem 5' into atoms that compose a molecule serving as medication (along one or two or three dimensions of the molecule), there is still the time-consuming procedure of making the molecule, dropping it into the virolab where the multiplication is going on and then see what happens. If the multiplication stops or is slowed down, clearly a good result is obtained - but it is not necessarily optimal.

In principle, one could search for methods of immediate conversion of the developing state of the virus culture into a molecule that can be dropped into the virus culture to study the impact, but this is probably the maximal automatism that can be made since the last step - the testing of what happens with the virus multiplications when they get in contact with the substance is where the unknown is hidden, the very secret of the disease.

It is the disceteness of the atoms in the molecule that makes for the problems of reduction. Such atomism is old news also in philosophy. To this is added that it is doubtful whether optimization of the reduction from video data (or comparable empirical format) to resulting string-level symbols representing atom numbers in the periodic system and from these to molecule (including testing of them!) can be done - even if one tries to model this mathematically, it is probable that the practical discovery procedure will have to go through trial-and-error by way of infinitesimal small changes of camera angles and category borders which are run through by the computer, and if the number of variables can be high, a good computer can find good-working results but it may be difficult to find the optimal one.

In addition to these problems, there is the sliding windowing in time of the recording of the viruses - a window can contain, say, 64 or 105 'units' (or, say, 64000 and 105000) - clearly the optimal solution could (as is a good guess) probably be where a maximal number of windowings give the nearly same result - but not necessarily. Of course that can be just what a virus is - that it cannot be predicted by the immune system because it is not the most general form but some unexpected variant.

There are many (continuous) dimensions and factors and it is not probable or at least not self-evident that they can be optimized by computer methods. An infinitesimal change in the definition of discrete borders for whether a virus multiplication reduces to this or to that symbol can lead to large variation in the distribution - and if testing of the resulting molecule by trial and error in the virolab is the only final test possible, it takes time.

But clearly some results can be obtained by a quick lucky strike - and it is well possible that an epidemic can be stopped or at least slowed down by only a modestly efficient medication of this sort. In the spring 2020, covid-19 in France reached a mortality of nearly 20% of infected people - now recently (september) the corona curve has been on a steep rise again and transcended the number of cases per day from the spring - but the mortality is now nearly zero - against 20% in the spring. The same seems to obtain for Italy where the mortality also was alarmingly high in the spring, in particular if number of deaths beyond annual average was included - then it ran to nearly 30%, I think I read somewhere - now the mortality is almost zero. The theory is natural that some experiments were conducted very quickly on basis of my theory of 14 april 2020 and a first substance turned out to slow down the effect of the virus - in the course of a day or two it could have led to a harmless substance that was shown experimentally to slow down or even stop the multiplication of the covid-19 coronavirus - ideal for curing respiratory crises. This could have reduced the epidemic to a normal flue level. But this is guesswork only - I have no data beyond the internet stastistics of cases and their mortality as basis for it.

The conclusion is that it is probable (from my conjectures) that a medication that can have some effect on mortality although not necessarily enough to stop the spread of the disease can be constructed in the course of few hours, and that an optimized molecule can be constructed over longer time.

It can be added that the theory I presented on the internet on 14 april 2020 was a sort of 'application' for accept, a phenomenon which could concern e.g. France and Italy, but that problems could arise in 'homos' claiming responsibility or authorship to it. This could perhaps be a part of the story of the mortality curve dropping globally from 14 april onwards - and the infection curve dropping from 27 july when I left Austria and travelled down to Italy.

In light of the apparent fact that Austria's biggest political party ÖVP seems to be constructed in an an apparent '1223' relation to me, such that major events in the party seem to be preheralded 12 years 2 months and appr 3 weeks in advance in the cartoons of 'The New Yorker' (and these USA-witzes as a power pump from ÖVP to USA could even have been the reason for 'Auschwitz'), on the assumption of this interval from the founding of the party in 1945 to the opening of my head in 1957 possibly with John F.Kennedy present, it is clear that I should not live in Austria at all - but nobody has said a word to me about this which I discovered myself only after a decade. In Vienna I rented a small flat on a time-unlimited basis and had a home that could last for the rest of my life, but in Italy that seems rather impossible to achieve for me. For once, I probably cannot take up a loan in a bank simply because banking could come to to earn money from the mythos-function of my person. I used a cash-point of Intesa St.Paulo and the first time it functioned well, the second time the bank closed unexpectedly, the third time the cashpoint was out of order and the fourth they had imposed a fee of 3 euros on cashpoint withdrawal from abroad (and exchange rate was according to, told the display). But even if I should be able to acquire a small flat somehow, the danger is very present that the rest of the flats in the house could be sold to agents or willing persons who go together to invest in expensive refurbishment that drives the houserent up - and with 4000 euro rent per month for a small studio flat I cannot pay and nobody will buy it and I am bankrupt - this could happen because of the apparent mythos-function on me, seemingly made for being an easy target of strategies for making power and money. Rental in Italy is possible only for a limited time and by its expiry I have to apply for a renewal or new flat - which is an enormous burden for my mythos-downloaded person when politics, business, finances want to take advantage of the situation. It seems that the only chance I have for finding a home is that somebody sells me a house which has no houserent (a small house, for example) for the symbolic sum of 1 euro with sales contract that gives them the right to buy it back for the same sum when I sell or exit: Then it would not have cost them anything - they could even have earned some money from it, and it would have solved a big problem. Why isnt there anybody (state, municipality could perhaps afford it) who does so? For the time being I cannot travel back to Austria without the coronavirus epidemic or its death rate getting a new impetus and I have so far not found a new place to live - the corona curve went immediately down on the day when I left Austria but it has made a new upwards turn when I could not find a place to live. Israel recently announced a 3-week lockdown from the day after tomorrow (18th september) - even if the mortality curve is close to zero. There are now normally around 10-15 people who die from covid-19 per day in the 9 million state - that is a little more than one thousandth of a promilla of the population per day - and the percentage of infected people who die is about one promilla - that is the normal death rate for a normal winter flu. Is the curve shooting up because I cannot find a place to live? But the state of Israel could invest a little money in a house for me - which they get back for the same sum later? Is that the reason for the lockdown - that it is instead of buying a place and selling it to me for a symbolic sum? It is well possible that this could have saved them a lot of money. I have a feeling that this phenomenon is what politics is developing into - me as the 'invisible factor' which the public cannot guess. Or could it even be that Israel tries to tell in this way that I need a place to live and somebody has to help me with it? Clearly if I have invented a medication against viruses generally, like a penicillin against bacillae, it is no small matter and I must be credited for it. In particular if the method also applies against cancer and related diseases. Politics looks like a disease which perhaps also can be cured one day. My Function-14 is probably the first empirical proof that another form of logic exists which is not on the aristotelian basis - it is well possible that this poetic-phonological logic is interpreted in the modern world as 'new politics' (a strange sort of dribble or shadow boxing or even skating against eternity). But it is not politics that should develop this new logic - in particular not politics based on secret intelligence (who could have made the medication by my prescription on 14 april and in some countries put it in the drinking water and now could have taken out an illegal patent and do not want to admit it?). This could be part of the problem - that politics has found this new tumbleplace which they do not want to give away.

Added 17 september 2020:

To add a final comment on the idea that there could be a direct connection between the (mortality of) covid-19 and my residence or sojourn in Austria, it is observed that Hitler's death camp program (!) including Auschwitz could have been about making the assumed power pump from the Burgenland border power generator to USA - including possibly Pamhagen = Pentagon. My theory is that this 'power generator' is due to the 'ethnologic parametre' which I postulate in natural language generally - the phenomenon is explored by the chapter 'Die Verwandlung' in my poetry book 'SNEEFT COEIL' - whereby I can postulate 'generative' poems for the distribution of these languages as listed in the article 'The falling cliff of Beachy Head':

Die Verwandlung (Unter vier Wänden)        
1. Das Licht
2. Die einsame Jungfrau
3. Die Lampe
4. Die Juden
5. Das kosmische Tier
6. Dunkles Gewicht
7. Der seltene Bogen
8. Nachtmond
9. Tibet
10. Venedig (im Herzen Berlins)
11. Hammerschlag
12. Das Rostige im Leben
13. Was früher
14. Die Verwandlung (Unter vier Wänden)          
15. Das Firmungsfest
16. Die Nachtluft

english (?) / 'belgian'?

What makes the Burgenland border between Austria and Hungary particularly interesting for the anglophonically defined political power (of presumably England and the US democrat party) would then be the special similarity of the two 'generative' poems defining this 'ethnologic parametre' in hungarian and german, even if these languages are maximally different in the european area - here from the article 'The logic of the new technology':

2. = hungarian

Die einsame Jungfrau

Entblößt ist die steinerne Ziggurat.
Es ruht in der Abenden Bauch
deine übervergrößte Aufmerksamkeit
deines offenen Dornenstrauchs.

Verkleidet ist sie - die Dunkelheit -
wie eine Jungfrau in schwarz
die hinter dem offenen Abstellraum
einzieht in ihrn Atemrauch.

Vom Badezimmer entströhmt es die Zeit -
eine Reihe von Fraun auf den Marsch
bis letzte Frau auf den Hüften sitzt
eines Mannes der steht in ihrm Harz.

Die einsame Jungfrau - die kennen wir kaum.                
Die sitzt in ihrm Rosa zart
und liest in dem Buche des Marmorbaums
bei dem Fenster im Hause des Rats.
3. = german

Die Lampe

Die Lampe ist ein bekanntes Wort
das läßt sich bei Tag nicht verstehen.
Bei Nacht, doch, erschließt es seinen wahren Ort
in Dunkelheit vor unsrem Sehen.

Es zieht ein Licht über Bäume und Strauch
von Föhn in dem Wind einer Wand
als ziehe die Dunkelheit mit in dem Hauch
als wär' sie dem Licht unbekannt.

Der Vogel fliegt in dem schnellen Wald
und läßt sich nach Hummel fliehen.
Da zieht er wie Salz in dem Herbste kalt
nach was sich die Frühlinge ziehen.

Da war es die dunkle Frage entblößt
von welcher kein Lebe-Gast stand
als wär' es bei Donner und Blitze getöst
bei Fenster, bei Lampe, bei Wand.

This similarity in the ethnologic parametre in the 'generative' poems will be exceptional and therefore the 'structuralist' distribution in the political space of the two areas will be 'similar political power' even if straddling this linguistic border between two very different languages. The 'Doppelmonarchie' will be the proof of this phenomenon. Political power will then be considered 'the same' in the sense of distributional 'semantics' as the distribution of 'structuralist' cells in the immune system when these are congregating around the 'generativist' micro-organisms considered alien messages from heaven untill a balance is gained by the deciphering of the message and immunity thereby is obtained. The idea of Kennedy as quasi 'divine power' is likely to be of this kind. The Burgenland power phenomenon can be seen to arise from the fact that the political distribution is the same around the two very similar 'generativist' poems even if the semantics to the same phonological forms in the two very different languages necessarily are very different: The Doppelmonarchie would then have lent a particularly strong pressure onto the poetic-phonological logic which can be postulated - and it would have been this pressure which gave rise to the Burgenland border power phenomenon as the basis for Hitler's construction of the assumed power pump to the anglophonic USA and its democrat party. It is not enough that power straddles two very different linguistic areas - it is the need for the similar shape in the postulated 'generativist' poems for these languages which makes this power particularly abusive relative to the poetic-phonological logic therein. It is when one understands that the 'divine' power is borrowed into human power (could be including royal socalled 'majesty' - the 'basileus' - by anglophonic pressure) that one can start deconstructing this power for getting to the true nature of the poetic-phonological logic - which my function-14 seems to prove the existence of on the mirror point of the 'rainbow' relative to the aristotelian-based logic that applies to the language of distributional semantics (the example is 'guitar'). If logic is independent of semantics, then it reduces to symbol manipulation and then the only interesting logical operator would be the negation 'NOT' - and that takes it down to the truth table from FFFFF to TTTTT. Suppression of this poetic-phonological logic for turning it into political power will be abusive and claim that (by the phonology to 'guitar'') a voiced velar stop 'G' means 'it's love' because of a G-point in the vagina - that is not the logic I have in mind. In comparison, a probably better logic could be obtained by the fundamental theorem (search for Savonarola), the example could be the double-words from Genesis which apply to the verses from Matthew in alphabetized order: That means that by changing the order of the alphabet the correlations of the words from Genesis with the verses of Matthew will be quite different - and hence lend a quite different value to e.g. the 'G'. Or, say, the order of the words in the lefthand column relative to the poetic lines in the poem Savonarola's thought - if 'substance' and 'suggesting' be swapped. The fundamental theorem is likely to be essential for the understanding of this new logic - and therefore a PTRSIM PIK propellar for anglophonic royalist power interests is about as unfortunate as can be for the development of this logic.

A certain isomorphy between the distributions in political, semantic and immunological (genetic?) form seems to make sense.

This is the reason why it is reasonable to assume a connection between me travelling out of Austria and the down-turning of the covid-19 curve. This correlation can be seen as a proof of the existence of such an 'ethnologic parametre' in natural language.

I hope of course to get help to remain settled outside Austria - such as in Italy.

Added on 18 september 2020:

Concluding remark: Why was there such a high death rate in the first cycle of covid-19 and a very low one (close to zero) in the second? It could well be for the simple reason that I lived in Austria during the first and now I am in Italy during the second - and the high death rate of the first is the same as the death camp program of Adolf Hitler.

80 days = a Ted ace = a Ted Kennedy. It is well possible that Ted Kennedy personally put in a horror injection in my body in 1959. (On the biography page on former directors-general in WHO, an excerpt is found of the acceptance speech for the World Health Assembly of Gro Harlem Brundtland which seems to encode a certain idea of 'Edward Moore Kennedy' in the undertext - "What is our Key mission?" etc). Then it is important to not point the quisling finger towards me, as if I were Adolf Hitler's death camp program, but to point it towards the 'Bermuda triangle' who seems to pump the power from Austria and ÖVP by way of that death camp program of Hitler.

Of course ÖVP and the cartoon department of The New Yorker could or should be closed. ÖVP is a legal party? It is not legal if it is essentially based on my single private person relative to Hitler's death camp program via the Kennedys (WHO should notice that). The covid-19 mortality of the first versus the second cycle could be proof that the austrian party are essentially related to me.

But not the least since this abuse is not fair towards me, I should not pay the costs of being able to live in another country - and be the Weltenretter thereby, the shepherd with the 'stick' who leads to flock over the mountain pass and down into the green valleys on the other side. Why is the world so reluctant to help me? Could be they 'feel' that Hitler's death camps attach to me somehow, and how can anybody support that? But sensible reasoning should be able to break through this barrier of feelings.

What is 'immunological distribution'? How can the body know that its 'structuralist' distribution of cells matches the 'generative' micro-organisms? This knowledge could be 'genetic' (as a fingerprint) in the same sense as the 'interference' of camera angle, distance (from wages for faith) etc - this would 'turn it around' like the 'octogon' of mine ('the-man-dicks' = PTRSIM PIK?) could turn an abuse program associated with the 8 Kennedy siblings (or their names) against me around. That is why terror still could make for some progress in politics - how can politicians otherwise become popular because of some destructive bomb? The 'Bermuda triangle' seems to be constituted by an 'Angle-land', a 'US distributional party' and an 'Österreichische Volks-Partei' = the distance reached to the parting of the two peoples at the Burgenland border. Is a 'Raster' really necessary? Or is it 'Adolf Pixler' this time? Or even Peter Pixler? (A hundred years ago it was Anton Drexler who started the nazi party). But not all fingerprints can be made from interference on a straight glass surface - to make the slings and loops one must use flexible plexiglass. Ah, that is what the covid-19 is for! For making interference with the story a hundred years ago? But it should not be necessary to run this farce only for imitating flexible ideas and get up strange and unexpected mirages on the screen - it is better to use sensible reason for coming to the point of the phonological logic.

A certain pressure


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