Why did the global covid-19 curve decline after I left Austria?

John Bjarne Grover

Abstract: This article tells as briefly as possible why it is probable that the global curve of covid-19 bent downwards at the end of july because (as goes this theory) I left Austria on 27 july 2020 and that it has been downwards-moving since then because I have remained outside Austria.

1) It can be proven that I most probably was opened in the head soon after birth on 29 june 1957. The proof is in the file 'The left side' - the magnet resonance scan which shows that the lower occipital lobe on the righthand side is shortened (apparently 'scissored') while the cranium is intact. One guesses also that a masturbator sent a spurt on my exposed cortex.

2) One furthermore guesses that the masturbator could have been John F.Kennedy who came for this errand to my first residence in Sandveien 4, Molde, Norway. i) His wife's name Jacqueline Bouvier means something like that address, which could serve as a proof that he was not there, if he should have needed such a proof. ii) The sons of Indira Gandhi were Sanjay and Rajiv - which perhaps is a better proof. iii) Mao's 'Hundred Flowers' campaign could have served to index this story.

3) The data in this file prove that my person is indexed in high-level politics.

4) Finally, the idea makes sense that Hitler's Ausch-witz could have been established for making a power pump to USA from Austria with the Burgenland border shared with Hungary. The Burgenland border is characterized by the 1919-defined 'tooth' of Pamhagen which probably (my guess) is the reason why the 1943-built US defence center is called Pentagon. The Auschwitz power pump is in the form of the cartoons in 'The New Yorker' = the USA-witz. The article on the New Yorker data presents the evidence that ÖVP, the biggest political party (currently in government) in Austria, is constructed in an apparently strict dependency relation to my person via John F.Kennedy's masturbation in 1957. ÖVP was founded or rather opened (only 80 days after Auschwitz was closed) 12 years 2 months and 12 days plus a week or so before my head was opened. This interval seems to be constitutive of the main activities in ÖVP relative to the USA-witz cartoons in 'The New Yorker' 12 years 2 months and 12 days earlier. Which suggests - if this be right - that ÖVP could be a puppet party controlled by Kennedy's party - after the war and still so. To me it seems that the rest of the stuff in 'The New Yorker' (beyond the cartoons) is but camouflage. The cartoons in 'The New Yorker' for the day when ÖVP was opened in 1945 seem to index the persons that could have been present in 1957 - JFK, his 'junior' (= his erection), my official parents and me, while the cartoons in 'The New Yorker' for the day when I was opened in july 1957 seem to be the names of those people who were present in the constitutive meeting of ÖVP in 1945. A recent example is the cartoon of 'The New Yorker' 8 february 1999 which was 12 years 2 months and 12+ days before Sebastian Kurz - austrian chancellor since january 2020 when England brexited - was included into the government of Werner Faymann in 2011. My theory is that ÖVP thinks of itself as me, in a big monkey business construction - and that people vote for them because they take confidence in me. I am not involved in politics, and particularly not in monkey business.

5) This is the reason why covid-19 could be rising when I live inside the borders of Austria under ÖVP legislation and governmental authority. This phenomenon I felt very strongly in the spring when the borders were closed and I could not get out of the country - and my meagre economic resources did not allow for taking the chance to cross the border but not being able to return and then having to live in hotels etc. When the border closures were relaxed, there was one train from Vienna to Venice on 22 june and one back again on 23 june, then the next went on 11 july and back again on 12 july, and thereafter it was announced that the train traffic would start following the normal schedule on 24 july. I left the country on 27 july and have remained abroad since then - and the panic-shaped global covid-19 curve (according to the John Hopkins and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) that had seemed to be steeply rising suddenly started flattening out on 28-30 july and now seem to be quite simply heading downwards again.

I understood the reason very well and experience it extremely well in my person: The more the global community tried to wriggle out of the political clamphold of perversities that seem to be the driving motor in the 'spiritual' control and lack of control in the epidemic, the more would the epidemic speed up - and this would lead to a panic which made the curve rising steeply. In the moment when I had got out of the country, the global community seems to have relaxed.

I lived in Norway for more than 40 years before I had to flee - I applied for political asylum in France in 2002 but did not get it, probably because the intrigue was too high. I have now lived for more than 10 years in Austria and have to flee again - as the covid-19 curve shows. I have the opinion (but not much handsolid 'proof') that there has been extensive illegal surveillance of my life and work with the material abused for giving shape to the public space of Austria (advertisements with big posters everywhere seem to have used such material) - but there has been no signs of willingness to admit this and compensate for the breach of copyright. I discovered the ÖVP construction around christmas 2019 - after many years of spadework in the old mud - and the borders closed soon thereafter.

I worked for 11 years 1997-2008 with writing 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (including book 14 with the socalled 'function 14' that may have been used for constructing the vaccines against covid-19) and only thereafter could I write the blue metre 'POLAKK English Bloggi' which describes the temporal logic of the collective consciousness with a 1000 years span - over 14 lines which correspond to TEQ book 1-14. It is this which made it possible (via line 1 corresponding to function 1) to solve the mystery of the socalled Burgenland border power which is the root of the Bermuda triangle. This will also lead to the liberation of Austria from that clamphold of ruthless international power interests - and I should have been considered the hero of the country due to this effect from my poetry - which can provide a new independence and future for the country. But when in the summer 2019 I forgot a rucksack with some poetry notebooks - drafts for which I have nearly no copies at all - in a church after a concert, the austrian society did not even care to find it for me. Has it gone into ÖVP for enhancing their feel of identity with me? Or even over-identity, inviting to a case in court for deciding on the ownership of the notebooks - the copyright? Instead of finding the notebooks for me, the loudspeakers in the U-Bahn started barking a new message: "If you leave material behind in public space you can be fined 50 euros for the removal of the garbage". I think this could have made the covid-19 curve rise rather steeply. This is almost as in Norway 2000. Is the country under foreign administration when they prefer this?

In view of the results of my work, the world should give me optimal working and living conditions for me to continue my poetic work. If they do the opposite, that explains the covid-19 curve. The practical conditions of my 10 years in Zinckgasse in Vienna have been rather optimal and that is why I have been reluctant to move, but clearly the surveillance coupled with the Kennedy story makes it untenable.

Poetry is of immense importance for the state and logic of the global collective consciousness - which could be the reason why PTRSIM PIK has been established - politics trying to get poetry under control. I have guessed that Wittgenstein and Rimbaud also were such PIKs - Rimbaud by James Buchanan, Wittgenstein by Grover Cleveland, me by Kennedy (US democrat presidents). The story from Vienna with the lost rucksack could be telling of the mistake it is for politics to try and get the poetry under control.

Before I left Vienna on 27 july, there were for 2-3 weeks a problem of more intense stalking than usual: If I went for a walk, or only to the bank and back, there were males waiting in parked cars either stepping out of them just when I passed (even if the street had been motionless for minutes), or starting the engine in the moment of my passing, or stuffing things into the back room of the car. I speculated if this apparent stalking were british intelligence or if it were colleagues in the austrian. It made a quite massive impression and was felt as highly unpleasant. Today 9 august 2020 I went for a walk along a canal and a boat started its outboard motor just like the Vienna cars had done. The driver was not as skinny as my leftsided 'jury'-Stern is, or as a former leftsided neighbour of mine. Is it british intelligence (new chief since I crossed the austrian border is Richard Moore, not Richard Stern, a name from my TEQ) who follows after across the border, or is it the local 'government' who doesnt want it? A very great damage to my life it is. It may be 'the world of intelligence' who wants to 'keep in touch' and continue the harassment - but I dont want them. In Vienna I was on the brink of complete panic by the tough stalking of males stepping out of cars etc - I could not go out of the house without this starting - and it could be the complete crisis if this starts here as well.

My life and work is not an intelligence project.

The 'world of intelligence' (or is it the Bermuda triangle) probably owe me a large apology and economic compensation - not more problems.


My income since 2002 has been a disability pension which in 2014 got its name changed to 'benefit', norwegian 'trygd', 'på trygd', while 'på trykt' means the pressure that can be exerted on a button ('trykket på') for exploding e.g. the bomb in Beirut recently - which could have been made for putting unpleasant threats on Venice. So they stalk me because of all the terror and theaten with terminating my pension? Is that the name of the new british intelligence chief? That would not be a respectable program. England should not try and dump the blame for terror they have made on me or my jewish genetics. Do they dream of an 'Endlösung'? I have the feeling that England made a very great error with their 'brexit' and should be stopped now before it is too late.

I was stalked by letters from the official mother up towards the end of the eighties. To get such a communication was like being haunted by a curse which was hard to get off. It may be that others experienced something similar if I contacted people in the late 80's - as if just a slight pressure on them would be needed for transmitting this quasi-divine/satanic 'curse' which nobody wants and therefore have to forward to others. Could be this is what the organizers want to model by 'trykket på' the button such as in Beirut recently - as if the terrible blow came from me by 'peristaltic' pressure on the Li-banan - Nelly Sachs called herself 'Li' - and when this comes around via indexing Venice, there could be agents in town who do not want it. The 'curse' would be the swap-around of Kursk-and-Cole: Cole pulls towards Kola and Murmansk, but how could the destroyer Cole be in Aden ('in-tief-Aden') just then? That's the curse-k.

My PhD dissertation was rejected in late july 1998 when Gro Harlem Brundtland (PM in Norway through many years) was appointed chief of WHO ('world doctors'): While I was writing the appeal in august, the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi as well as the peace conference in Omagh were bombed: That makes for 'rejected on a political basis' - as if that terror should have been the format of my appeal. There is a theory that says that Ted Kennedy personally injected horror chemicals in my body ('in tief[e] Aden') in Hammerfest in 1959 - could be on 20 january which was in the mid of Eisenhower's period. An even worse theory says that JFK was only a precursor for this 'doctorship' of his younger brother.

It is seen that this 'curse'-k turnaround phenomenon even could be the purpose of covid-19 - to get the whole world under the spell of the pressure on the button.

Now the last Kennedy sibling is dead and I think it is high time to open the package. It may be that ÖVP is an illegal political construction. It should not be called John F.Kennedy Airport if it is my young brain they mean.


Now for the practicalities: If I should be forced by meagreness of my resources to move back to Austria, it is likely that the epidemic curve could come to rise steeply again - or that new nazism could break out. This clearly could come to be very expensive for the world economy.

So I have to stay outside Austria like a refugee - but the resources are limited and for the time being I cannot continue the work due to lack of facilities.

If I rent a flat, I am easy target for new intrigues, in particular when I have to apply for renewal. My theory is that my 47 days in hospital in Venice in 2018-19 was because I had sent an application for housing to Venice municipality - to "Direzione Coesione Sociale, Cittá di Venezia, Servizi alla Persona e Benessere di Comunitá, Servizi per la Residenza" - the problems were burst urine channel due to retention which started 9-10 days before I sent the application, digestion problems, trombosis in left leg at hip joint, acute anemia - I got 13 bags of blood that rescued my life. In Vienna I had been happily without having to produce any single application for a decade. I wrote several books of potentially much value for the global community there - but under the present circumstances I cannot submit a manuscript to publisher but have to publish them myself, without waiting for the society's accept and okay. To say that this makes the society thirst for revenge and grab the opportunity they get when I send an application is not entirely right - revenge is not the word but chance to control the form and format is perhaps to the point. But it is this work which now can lead to a vaccine against viruses. The problem is perhaps that my status is too low. Or is it only inertia in the established knowledge? I completed the manuscipt to vol.4 in the days before I was hospitalized, and it was a great burden to my life when I had to realize that I would to have to make the 30 copies of vol.4 by hand after my recovery from the disease - in light of the obvious value my 3 first volumes (2013) seem to have had for the progress of the world community. I think the handwork with the 30 copies of vol.4 were just completed when I lost the rucksack.

The bomb in Beirut could have been for that single Pasteur Street and a turnaround structure that could have been made for rejection in Venice.

If I should own a flat, the other flats in the house can soon be sold to agents who drive the houserent so high that I can neither pay it nor have it sold and soon I could be in the ditch and the world of business and dirty politics rub their hands. Nor can I have a bankloan without being vulnerable to the bank's use of my data in its business - and which bank can resist the temptation? If state or municipality lets me rent on a time-unlimited contract such as I have had in Vienna for a decade, a new rising star in politics can soon be elected on the program of 'throw the quisling out'. If I get a housing as donation, it is an income that must be taxed - and it may be that my early opened head will not thrive well therewith (unless I be granted a general tax relief for this medical reason). It seems that the only reasonable solution is that an official institution (a private person cannot do that) buys a small house or a flat without houserent and sells it to me for 1,- euro with contracted right to by it back again for the same sum when I sell or exit. Then they lose no money and it solves a lot of problems and a Wall Street crash can be avoided. If I am maximally detached from the chance for business and administration to make intrigues on my life and work, that certainly can be a great help for the world.

My formal-symbolic function 14 (distributional semantics) can contribute to solving the most profound political problems - such as the foundational mix and matrix of secret agency with perversities secured with a genocidal diagonal for building a bulwark against the threat from metaphysical collapse which perhaps was what drove Henry VIII out of the catholic church - and probably lead to a medication againts all viruses (a la antibiotics) and possibly even cancer. But that is only after 11 years of work - and for doing that work I need working conditions that allow for it.

And it is necessary that I be credited for my work.

The recent intrigues could be simply british 'services', as I guess, grabbing greedily for the PIK's candy. It was probably understood in a flash around my article on 14 april 2020 what this was.

Added on 11 august 2020:

The 'curve-decline' at the end of july 2020 is something which everybody would follow with much interest all over the world. The CURVE could be the essential political aspect of covid-19. If ÖVP is a 'curve' party for Kennedy's party (cp. Rimbaud's 'panier'), one can observe that the epidemic could serve to dump that label of 'curve' on me. 'Curved-eck-line' = 'hore-kore[t]', [the] 'whore-choir' (background female singers for the front stage star) H/K. One observes also the possible formula Hurz-Kurz. The 'kore' = 'Kåre' is the name of Gro Harlem Brundtland's main opponent 'Kåre Willoch' in the 1980's politics in Norway: If his name means 'Villach' on the austrian side of the border I crossed on 27 july, the name of 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' could mean 'Tarvisio Boscoverde' on the italian side. Could be 'Tarvisio Boscoverde' also could mean my name 'John Bjarne Grover' in the sense of 'loopaper' (via 'shoeshine negro'). It is a puzzling fact that if Rimbaud and Wittgenstein also were PTRSIM PIK's, their names could also mean 'loopaper', for Wittgenstein in the sense of archaic clay tablets. That is when my name clings to Brundtland's, a Labour politician, while Kurz's name would attach to the 'Kåre' of conservative Willoch who was rather hairless. This means that if 'curve-decline' is what everybody wait for and follow with much interest, if ÖVP is a 'curve' = puppet party for the Kennedy party, it will be the perfect swap with me - and then I will look like a 'curve' while ÖVP will look like White Lamb paper. Therefore this curve of covid-19 could be the entire 'purpose' with the pandemic.

See also (for the curved-eck-line and covid-19) the artwork on the wall in the mid of the cartoon of The New Yorker 8 february 1999.

TEQ book 14 = distributional semantics = ca. 207,42 poems
TEQ book 15 = logical order = 66 poems

207,4248 / 66 = 3,14 = π

Radio Free Service had a program on PTRSIM PIK and its basis in the Bible and could tell that the principle was first discovered by Eusebius, the church father or at least early Bible commentator, not the port-uguese footballer who ran after the pi. (I once read about pope Francis talking of the footballer Eusebio called 'the black pearl'). He became bishop of Caesarea Maritima in 314 AD, tells the internet. One guesses that he discovered the principle in 314,28 AD. Looking up Caesarea Maritima on the map, it turns out to be somewhat isomorphic with Beirut Port where the explosion had an isomorphic correlate in a 'Crusaders Kosher' restaurant. Caesarea again is in Israel (like Viken in Norway and the area around Narvik) where the explosion was in Beirut. Chrystler and Mercedes merged (cp. Crusaders Meissler) on the day when I sent TEQ book 15 to Jüdische Verlag - but I soon had to withdraw the submission due to a satanic toothache which started when the letter slipped into the postbox. The devil had acquired a hydraulic drill, it seeed to me. Or was it like the school dentistry of 1970? No sooner had I withdrawn the submission, the devil gave up. The reason for the satanic toothache in the mandibula may have been that my chin is a little underdeveloped and it should perhaps have been a little bigger had history been otherwise.

This means that the bomb in Beirut could be an attempt to get my function 14 under 'control' - hence Pasteur Street. The correponding street in Caesarea is Israel National Trail (not Libreria Editrice Vaticana). Could be a terrorist plan is to lift up to function 16 and turn it around there - upstairs/downstairs etc. But does the world community need such swindle? Is it about the vaccines of 'Pasteur Street'?

I had also (probably in the same year) sent/given book 15 to Paul Zsolnay Verlag who likewise didnt want it.

Paul Zsolnay
John Szolnoki
Paolo Sarpi

Did he sell his grandmother?

Now it is possible to consider Caesarea isomorphic with the present town and then the relevant place could be about the place where an apparent stalker started an outboard motor on 9 august 2009.

Yesterday I wanted to send the above to WHO but had difficulties with finding a relevant email address. I finally sent it to emlsecretariat@who.int. Today it seems that WHO denounces scam mails that have occurred on the internet - mails that falsely claim to present WHO's material as their own. Could be they did yesterday as well but then the search engine failed to find it, if I remember right.

While I once again searched for their contact addresses on the web today, I noticed that the www.who.int/news-room/media-contacts page lists four communications contacts names for WHO which are strangely similar to the highly explosive perpetrators of the 2005 London bombings - including such an H/K rewrite:

WHO contacts
Fadéla Chaib
Margaret Harris
Tarik Jasarevic
Christian Lindmeier                
London bombers
Hasib Hussain
Mohammad Sidique Khan
Shezad Tanweer = H[r]usader Hosher
Germaine Lindsay = Her main Lindsay

I didnt know that WHO was terror-driven. Or maybe it is the other way round. It sort of felt like. Take it (the 'curve'?) or 'leave-it'.

I add for the theory of possible problems with the CPU of INTEL that 'Richard Stern' is the first words in the last part of TEQ book 4, the part called 'Apparatski and Stern'. That is just before the second quarter of TEQ - called 'Birds to Saladin'. Could be Caesarea would apply to that as well.

Added on 12 august 2020:

Keith Lamont Scott

My 'Stillhetens åndedrag' ('The breathing of silence') was completed around the time of 20-25 september 2016 (the last line of poem #106 was written on [probably] 20 september but it took a few days to organize the lines properly for the final 64 poems). Shimon Peres died on 28 september 2016 and the film 'La-la-land' was shown for the first time on 11 december 2016, with public release on 13 january 2017. 'Pølsevev' ('sausage web') could be a norwegian association to the construction of the book (intertwined lines), and the death of Peres Shimon could be telling by name. On the background of my general situation and history, I could have guessed that the film could have been made on basis of my book by computer in the course of a few days (although the archive material with filming of actors etc would of course have been older) but know nothing about this (nor have I seen the film). I recall that I had the idea when the film was launched. It is, tells the web, about Sebastian and Mia, played by Ryan Gosling ('loopaper'? = my name) and Emma Stone ('a masturbation'?). Even the author name ('Damien Chaselle') can be seen as related. The film got a lot of Oscars.

The internet tells that a Keith Lamont Scott was shot by police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg in North Carolina around 16:00 local time on 20 september 2016. That was probably rather precisely the moment when I wrote the last poem #106 in 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. It happened in the summer 2015 after I had bought the house in Szolnok that I had an 'overflow' and ejaculated unwillingly probably appr. 800.000 sperm cells - after which the same number of refugees from the Middle East flooded into Europe. This happened after I for a few times had been sitting in a big cupboard which the former owners of the house had left there. It would probably have been more about a surrogate mother's cupboard than a Wilhelm Reich's orgon cupboard - a fresh start in a new house. This cupboard could perhaps be called a 'kott' in norwegian, and hence 'keith lamont's kott' could be about the question whether I voluntarily and actively had been involved in the ejaculation of the 'refugees'. There was a key in the cupboard door but it was wrong key - while norwegian 'ronki' could suggest active and willed masturbation. This is reflected in the reports on Scott's death. The police claim that there was no book there, only a gun. "Unnamed sources said the gun was stolen, and that the person who stole it said he had sold it to Scott". He had bought it against money, this means. Could be the theme would be the 'muse' and the issue of poetic control or not on the writing.

It is a little hard to believe that this story with these indexes is true in particular when one sees that 'Charlotte-Mecklenburg' is a sort of 'curved-heckline' of 'covid-19'. My guess is that the political intention behind this - if the story of the shooting of Scott should be fictional - could be to reduce the story to 'Kennedy's erection' (his 'junior') in 1957 as an explanation to my 'la mont', the leftsided gynaecomasty which the Eisenhower doctrine of 1957 could be hinting to as the purpose with Kennedy's later involvement of USA in the Vietnam war. This means Shijing #37. Covid-37, so to speak.

However, there is also the poem Shijing #145 which can be seen to be a 'covered' TEQ - as if my TEQ is backwards 1QET = 1937. But my book is not homo, nor is it 'Mumle's work'.

I recall a nurse from the hospital department of the Grøvers who was called I think Laila, if I remember right - she asked my younger official sister what her Teddy was called and she answered 'Mumle'. "So it leaked out". This name 'Laila' could be recognized in the title to the film 'La-la-land'. The muse is a teddybear?

This film was launched around christmas 2016 and could be an integer part of the covid-19 plans 'leaked' at that time. People die from respiration problems = 'The breathing of silence'.

This account of Scott shot in Charlotte-Mecklenburg could be compared to the idea of the 'Lotte' in the article 'The logic of the new technology' - wherein one also finds the last stanza of the 'hungarian' poem which seems to contain elements of the circumstances of Scott's death - his wife claimed that he had no gun but was sitting at the wheel of his car reading a book when he was shot:

Die einsame Jungfrau - die kennen wir kaum.
Die sitzt in ihrm Rosa zart
und liest in dem Buche des Marmorbaums
bei dem Fenster im Hause des Rats.

This 'einsame Jungfrau' could be me in 1957 when JFK could have been there. Am I considered 'Public, open to all'? That would be mightily unfair and unjust.

In short, the story of Scott could look like a later construction designed to try and wriggle this 'Lotte' theory out of my hands. Charl-8 could be in reference to Oslo Report - which seems to contain in its part #1 about Ju88 = Charl-8 (?) a responsibility claim telling that Adolf Hitler turned into Aron Eidsvig after the war - which suggests that Hitler must have been an agent for the allied forces. For the 'Ju88', see also the 'you jump S over S' = 'Eugene Paisseau' in the socalled 'Hitler's postcard'.

Part #2 of Oslo Report ('Franken') seems possibly to suggest (although it need not have been so in the real world) that my official grandfather Bjarne Eidsvig was Adolf Eichmann when he officially was imprisoned in 'Grini' (a concentration camp in Oslo), while #3 could be about Gro Harlem Brundtland's father Gudmund Harlem. This could then mean the third brother Bernt Eidsvig, in addition to Aron and Bjarne. For the third brother Bernt to mean a Harlem, it may be necessary to see the series:

26/12-2002 - my manuscript to TEQ books 11-12 registered for copyright in Library of Congress
26/12-2003 - earthquake of Bam, Iran
26/12-2004 - earthquake of Banda Aceh

Hence if this is a 1-2-3 of Oslo Report, it tells that my authorship is Adolf Hitler, which is rather uninteresting: My authorship is certainly not Hitler. But it could perhaps be a theoretic contents of a Bermuda triangle program to pretend just that - I mean, if the program is to swap with me. Cp. also the later problems with the lost poetry notebooks and the claim from Charlotte-Mecklenburg that there was no book there, only a gun.

Finally, in october 2016 the European Space Agency (ESA) reported that they had sent a 'Schiaparelli' lander to Mars (or was it 'in March'?) but it crashed in 'Meridiani Planum'. 'Skapanelli' would mean 'cupboard of Nelly', and the 'planums' in which the lander crashed could perhaps have been hopes ('DREAMS') of having the book published?

Added on 13 august 2020:

Norway would have done well in making an apology for getting that effect of the sexual abuse from 1970-71 down - if it took place: I am still uninformed and discuss this only as a theory. I have computed that the nuclear bombs on Japan 1945 could have been only for preparing for that year 1970-71 at Trosvik primary school - forwarding Wittgenstein's box on student Haidbauer's ear. One computes from this that 'Hiroshima' and 'Nagasaki' were teasers forwarded by student Haidbauer from his parents to main teacher Wittgenstein. Could be the philosopher had masturbated in a window when a fair lady had revealed herself in another window and the teaser from the student told that the lady had been quick out with the rumour - something like that. The philosopher had only been polite in answering her application in a friendly manner, was the story - he didnt know that she did it for such reasons. He had probably just got his 'Wörterbuch' accepted by the society and that helped after the misery with the 'Tractatus'. Was it an application he had launched? And there it was accepted when the ministry of education accepted his 'Wörterbuch'? (In Norway they used to have a beer called 'Vørter-øl' - cp. hungarian '-[r]öl').

However, one can guess that the story of Wittgenstein could be that the lady in the window meant to be an accept of his Wörterbuch which was very important for the whole world and even Haidbauer had intuited this and meant to be friendly - and the window lady hadnt said a word to anybody. But maybe he had let it go - and that was the story.

I wetted the inside of the pants (!) at Herceghalom (= Charles Heloe Street in Beirut?) - but it was not only somewhat 'micro' but also 'soft' - a pure emptying only. Were that Covid-19 - with pants xrayed with studies of the curls of ejaculation, imitated in kar-kar-kars to Wuhan where the outbreak of the 'trembling in the pants' first was observed?

My own main teacher at Trosvik primary school was called Jan Roger Ulfeng - which perhaps can rewrite to 'J and rogue Acqa Ali' = PIK and PTRSIM of 1981 when Ali Acqa shot pope John Paul II on Fatima day 13 may 1981 in Rome. I have guessed that the pope (PTR) was hit in his (SIM) penis (PIK). This was also around the time when Ragna Grøver (born 12 may 1929) suffered a frontal car crash in Oslo and got her working capacity reduced to 3/4 or so. She would then have been in the role of Haidbauer in 1926 - and hence in my role in 1970. And what role were I squeezed into? My penis foreskin had been normal until about 1963 - when one morning in the bathroom I had pulled it back (for some reason or other) and could not get it forwards again. I shouted for help and the official father came and helped me put it forwards again. That was the last time - although I recall me and some boys had studied the phenomenon in probably 1961 and then it was normal. 1963 could have been around the time of the Kennedy assassination. That could mean 7 years before Trosvik 1970 which was 11 years before Rome 1981 and hence appr 2/3 which by role-switching turns 'Auschwitz' into 'USA-witz'. The 'graffiti' will then unite the hypothetical window-woman (= 'female sexuality') of Wittgenstein with the penis-head (= 'male sexuality') in the bathroom of my memory from 1963. The sexual interpretation of 'Trosvik' = 'Bjarne Eidsvig' / 'Adolf Eichmann' = 'Hiroshima' / 'Nagasaki' can then lead the attention onto Oslo Report #2 'Franken' - which again means, if this mainly serves as a 'western' responsibility claim on Adolf Hitler / Aron Eidsvig, a quite massive attention to the third point of possibly Gudmund Harlem = the father of Gro Harlem Brundtland - and the whole construction would then serve to create a bridge or power pump from Auschwitz to USA-witz in apparently 'The New Yorker'. See also the above on the earthquakes mentioned also in this article - the series relative to Oslo Report seems to encode 1-3-2 - which by the turnover to 3-2-1 means 'Ausch-witz' --> 'USA-witz'. Clearly the 'ferngesteuerte Gleiter' of Oslo Report #3 could resemble the possible role of ÖVP relative to Kennedy's party - via my person.

This is the perennial story of 'secret administration': They believe that the PTRSIM PIK poet shrinks back from an instantiation of KENNEDY'S ERECTION in the indexes while the poet really shrinks back from a meeting with this attitude in the society. 'Do not step into our circles', they seem to say, 'for they contain some crimes that should not see daylight' - such as illegal surveillance and stalking. They believe apparently that they have mastered the beast of history (or was it of eternity?) with a crossword puzzle of indexes while in actual fact that is only a mix of perversities nailed to a matrix of genocides, or was it the other way round - a matrix of perversities with a genocidal crossplank nailed over it. They believe that the poet is trying to throw dirt after them when he tries to explain this, while the opposite is the case - the poet tries to avoid more of such 'casting'. It is the end of the poet like Rimbaud when there is something he cannot tell of - and if there is swapomania in the secret administration that is a problem.

The 'matrix' is the 1970 'mother' (if that be the story) who is swapped to the young rectum by the perversity of the 'trans'. (I emphasize that I little or nothing as empirical basis for this theory).

I-lig-el sur-vei-lence = ejaculation in or of the trans/corpse/young
Stalking = cannibalism - with the flesh S-talking?

The pederasty meets the cannibalism in the young body. This could be the S-Dylan S-Thomas = hypothesized as the bulk of the contents in The New Yorker if this is mainly about camouflaging the 'Auschwitz' cartoons that are used for remote political control. That would make illegal surveillance with abuse of surveillance data for organizing stalking attach perfectly onto a PTRSIM PIK since 1970-71 - a complete disaster of Auschwitz and Hiroshima dimensions it is then felt like to meet such a stalker who is sent out on basis of secret surveillance of the 'object'.

My social life is almost only this - I have the feeling (but little proof) that lots of agents run around me pretending to be coincidences while in actual fact they could be cued by illegal surveillance. That enhances the 'puppet party' effect of the Bermuda triangle. This clearly also makes the cueing of the CURVE strong.

It was a happy day to travel out of this jungle of coincidences on 27 july 2020 - and I had a few happy days and the Covid-19 curve went down - before such a 'coincidence' happened again on 9 august - and it seems like the curve turned and started going up again then. That is of course not because of any 'magic' indexes - it would be because the society allows for such abuse of my person - which is extremely depressing and discouraging. It also means that anybody I meet in public space could be a potential 'illegally cued coincidence' and must be considered as such. Could be this phenomenon could be the reason why they may have tried to make an 'unjust ku' out of me - with unofficial 'public' reason in what could have been Kennedy 1957 as 'great warrior' of Vietnam pretold in the Eisenhower doctrine (as is my theory) - for maximixing the swap?

This swap is, though, probably about the need for escaping doom at St.Peter's. But if the perversities are in the form of 'illegal surveillance and stalking' = SDylan SThomas in The New Yorker, then the diagonal 'genocide' would be me qua ÖVP premodelled in 'Auschwitz' cartoons of The New Yorker. However, I dont think it would enhance their chances at St.Peters if they organize a genocide on my jewish genetics - for the 'ultimate swap'.

I add the final observation that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are quite precise representations of the names of Bjarne Eidsvig and Adolf Eichmann. This adds force to the swap-effect on me when the strategy of 'turning on the gender' is in use. I notice that Midori Goto (from Osaka, Japan) is educated in psychology and gender studies - her recording of Bach and Bartok sonatas can be aligned with parts of my TEQ book 16. ('Mike-Donald' could also be a relevant concept these days).

Added on 14 august 2020:

It may be observed that in the construction with the main teacher Ulfeng 1970 and Ali Acqa 1981 there is apparently the essential role of the 'tool'. Why does narrow foreskin develop? Except for natural reasons, I suppose it can be provoked technically (in my case e.g. timed with the Kennedy assassination) by way of a small file of the type used for fingernails or for locksmiths making key profiles: If this is rubbed lightly against the foreskin opening, the foreskin is likely to start closing. It would find its correlate in the bullet which hit perhaps the pope's penis in 1981, the joint reference of these being KENNEDY'S ERECTION. When I stayed in Rome in 1981, it was at my then girlfriend 'Hiliry Harvey': A 'harv' is norwegian for that tool which the farmers use for rubbing up the earth. These two tools would correspond to a hypothetical 'trans' penis rubbing against my anus in 1970-71, if that were the story - and thereby the idea arises that the size and shape of this would be of some interest. The norwegian dish 'smalahove' = 'narrow head' (cp. the 'narrow foreskin'), a full lamb's head boiled and served, could therefore be telling. "How do you open it?" etc. It counts as unfortunate administrative logic if this should lead to the conclusion that the 'Madonna' is involved in 'opening the head' (of the Lamb) and 'shooting the pope'. Clearly if a political strategy against the germans takes the essential point to be the lack of the Madonna cult in protestant countries after Luther, a new Hitler could invoke such religious feelings by offering the chance for terror. In 'A brief explanation to what is PTRSIM PIK' it is outlined what is the basis for the biased human psyche - and it is understood that the redundancies pull us down to earth while the mystic quest (of, say, catholic Madonna cult) liberates from these redundancies, while 'administrative logic' of the type which can construct this sort of 'protestant Madonna' (who recommends shooting the pope) clearly functions by attaching to the redundancies and wriggling the one redundancy against the other in order to arrive at 'structures' which can pull the humans by their noses by convincing demagogy. Clearly both attitudes can on the surface 'look the same' since they are concerned with the same redundancies but they can differ in the alteratives later offered by St.Peter. It must be observed that administration need not pull people down in the mud - it can also give people the chance to liberate spiritually from the redundancies. The human mind can recognize a rape by a 'trans penis' as 'the same' as the event of the bullet that went into the pope's body, since one thing went into another thing, but that is only under circumstances of pressure and threat and loss of hope. The crash on Wall Street and the following depression 1929-33 could have served to force people into accepting Hitler's demagogic logic of that kind. Hopefully the world will escape a worsening of conditions of a similar kind - for example in an attempt to make people accept this 'logic' of a 'Madonna' of that kind. If the Covid-19 pandemic were put in circulation by the 'Bermuda triangle', it could have been for such reasons. I notice that 'Hiliry Harvey' and 'Hillary Clinton' could be names referring also to the 'hilly' landscape in the mid of the cartoon of 'The New Yorker' 8 february 1999. It is noticed also that the helloing man with his head in front of the landscape artwork resembles the man in front of the two females in the background, and if the latter counts as 'John Grøver sr.' (my official father) the former could count as me - the similarity ('the same') being in the quasi 'marital conjunction' with the quasi Madonna. A pity it is indeed if modern homo marriage laws allow for one thing to go into another thing also for homos for such reasons. It is understood that the whole construction probably is resting on this 'penetration of the virginity' which serves to lend massive supremacy to anglophony - angelish = 'role of wings' = 'aka ali' - via the Burgenland border power phenomenon (not 'borer powder'): What a new Hitler can offer the germans with this quasi Madonna cult is then a solution without hymen and hence without anglophonic supremacy. This combination of 1) without anglophony = without 'aka ali' = without shooting of the pope and 2) without that role of the Burgenland 'hymen' could lead to the conclusion that 'Ben-i-to Mussolini' is the optimal choice for the italians. The 'a-money-um need-rat' that exploded in Beirut recently could then also suggest that this solution can lead to 'money'.

Assume that the human psyche is biased and uses its redundancies to build local universes by some principles of organization: If these are constructed in too much deviation from the metaphysical reality 'outside', such as could be the case with the anglican church if one assumes that it is not metaphysically right, then tension will accumulate and now and then be flattened out by diseases, epidemics and warfare which set the larger metaphysical reality through. Assume that Hitler was an agent for the 'Bermuda triangle' and that his job was to let himself be warred down by England (before he escaped to Norway for a clandestine postwar existence there): Then it would afterwards look as if England were the true name of the larger metaphysical reality that justly and by cosmic legitimacy (that is, socalled 'majesty'?) demolished the errors of the human race. But that would be only by a dirty trick of an agent. It is this vicious spiral which should be avoided.

On The New Yorker as 'camouflage' and hence 'SDyle and SThomas' for the cartoons - on Thomas' 'A map of love' as the basis for Tony Blair and possibly Clinton at 2000, see this file. Were Thomas an agent for british administration? His 'When all my five and country senses see' is almost too good to be true relative to the bathroom 'graffiti'. Could be the 'Salvator Mundi' of Tizian in the evangelic-lutheran church of Venice suffices as proof that he was not an agent. (The thumb and the vegetable eye). Looking up, looking down - the 'tabula smaragdina' was according to legend wrestled out of the hands of an old mummy by Alexander the Great.


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The complete cartoons of The New Yorker. Ed. Robert Mankoff. Including 2 CDs with 68647 cartoons ever published in the magazine. Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, New York 2004.

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