The story of the official residence

John Bjarne Grover

In the autumn 2018 there was the public announcement of a certain number of flats owned by the municipality of Venice for rent - prices about what I pay in Vienna per square metre, not the tourist level. The flats were administered by an office at Santa Croce:

I contacted the office but was told that in order to advance an application I needed to have an appointment first, and I could only get it by telephone. Since I have no own telephone I had to use public phones and there are many of those - but whichever I tried the contact was broken immediately upon contact by apparent technical error, and the apparatus often swallowed the coins I had put in. A euro is something, though, so I could not drive the experiment too far. However, I sent an application nevertheless, from Hungary in late october 2018. There has been no answer.

Next I sent an email with inquiry to the office for public relations at the office of anagrafe (which now is in Mestre) - asking whether the municipality of Venice lets out flats and where to get info on that, and I received as reply some telephone numbers I could contact, apparently for getting an appointment, and the same happened again: Whenever I called the numbers, the contact was broken upon contact and the apparatus swallowed the coins.

The problem is this: If England has to exit from EU because I have lived too long in Zinckgasse in Venice in Austria, and if the call for my return to Venice is politically important, for example to escape a new Mussolini or otherwise rescue the world peace, the town of Venice now has the chance - and they are apparently supported by EU finances - to help me find a place to live. But my time and money will be running out and soon England is out of EU. Somebody stole 1500 euro from my wallet while I was in hospital in Venice (my wallet was even in the bed where I was sleeping when the last 1000 euros were stolen) - I reported this to the hospital and to the police but there has been no answer. The telephones swallow my money. I have been too weak to move much around after my release from hospital and it has cost some money and exercises to get the body weight up from 50 to closer to 60 kg (I think it is around 58-60 now), but I hope that strength will return enough for me to sign a letting contract even if it is on a first or second and could be even a third floor without lift - but I must admit that I am so far not entirely certain that the muscles will improve enough for that. I hope so. If the muscles are down because of arsenic, it is not certain that they will get up again - and then a third floor without lift means that I cannot get up there. And then my economy cannot afford a 6 months period of notice if the rent is high enough.

In short, the chance still exists that I can return to Venice and maybe England can escape the Brexit and the jewish people and chinese culture be rescued, but my economic resources are meagre and it is not very long I can continue with this - since my economy is not strong. I could have been constructed as scapegoat - "it was because he did not move out of Zinckgasse that the jewish people and chinese culture got lost - it was his fault". (Could be that even mean 'it was jewish genetics to be blamed for it'). But then why not help me find another place - or help me with enough money to make it possible for me to move?

'Paul McCartney' of the Beatles - does that mean leo-Paul (Zechner - me[d] kartene = with the maps) - hence Zinckgasse with the school? If so, it means potentially a factor in the situation of England having to Brexit - because I still have my official residence in Zinckgasse? 'The evidence of the Beatles' could suggest that this role of Zinckgasse was inherent in the program since Lenin.

Brexit could mean 'making the schism' which thereby means control with the history of the jews - the 'people of Israel' has a divine-controlled history, tells interpretation - which thereby means control with the 'divine' part of the chinese signs - that which comes in addition to the alphabetizing radicals. It is probably only China who has this potential - and 'the people of China' is traditionally a fourth of the world's population - and if ideas of the power of 'kingdom' is associated with a similar semiotic phenomenon, there are reasons to believe that England will have interests in this jewish-chinese connection. That does probably not necessarily imply that Brexit is 'for' or 'against' it, but it may have something to do with it (I am not good at political logic). If, therefore, the role assigned to me is to be the Satan or scapegoat who is blamed for new catastrophes on the 'divine-controlled history' of the people of Israel or China (I notice also the ideas of early skull opening and Syria), it is possible that the blame would be dumped on me because I had lived too long next to this 'school' whose name associates with the idea of 'drinking and whoring' - which again are associated (?) with the periodic elements 31 gallium and 32 germanium - flanked by 30 zinc and 33 arsenic. But all this world of manipulation of opinion is propaganda only, hiding behind veils of secrets - and if my residential address is the clue, then it is very easy to do something for rescueing the world. But dont leave that to me and my budget economy! It may be that the issue has been turned political for making a global dichotomy into republicans against 'royalists' (or non-republicans, such as the US democrats), and then it would be the non-republicans who go for gaining control with the 'divine' aspects of judaism and chinese script. But to dump this potentially global dichotomy onto me - for leaving the choice of moving or not moving away from the name of the school - is demagogy to the brink only: The idea could be that the name of the school 'means' my two custody parents, the Grøvers (such as by 1980 and 1981 with the attempt on the pope), and hence that not moving away from the name should 'mean' my preference of the Grøvers against Sachs and Celan and hence that I should endorse a new holocaust on a non-republican basis. But this is silly tricks only - "he has a house in Hungary and could easily have moved over there even with a budget economy!" (however, the house is only 25 square meters and there is still no water installed) - and ways of turning me into the scapegoat. Of course I do not endorse a new holocaust - and I protest against lending a political value to my residential address - the house in Zinckgasse is a normal house with a normal street name and there are no political reasons for me living there. And I do not live there for endorsing royalist interest against republicans - and I do particularly not (if that should be the secret of the story) endure longitudinal exposure to periodical 33 arsenic in order to support a future holocaust! Of course, if my role has been conceived as the scapegoat, if I move to another address then the music is likely to be just "ah, Satan does not support a new holocaust - do you follow Satan?" - so the net result would be the same anyhow.

Is Brexit because EU allegedly plans a new holocaust on the jews - while England (who do not support a holocaust on jews) has its non-republican interests in chinese script? France ('gallium') has its interests in republicanism. Of course EU cannot support a new holocaust officially - and neither can England - and if interests in political non-republican power via chinese script goes via an allegedly 'unavoidable' holocaust on jewish divine-controlled historic presence, then the roles of opinion are perhaps not so easy to determine after all. The world has to move forwards, not to be sliding back into double-bottomed extermination programs. And everybody knows that it is hubris to try and take over the role of God.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 11 march 2019
Last updated 27 may 2019