Were the coronavirus pre-announced at christmas 2016 - soon after the US election?

John Bjarne Grover

Excerpt from my diary 26 dec 2016:

I am a little confused about the news but it seems that St.Claus could have been for an official visit to Norway. The swedish queen was rushed to hospital on christmas eve and stayed there overnight, and the british queen dropped the mass, tells the news and speculated if there was something with her health. Prince William and his wife Kate went to mass in Englefield, Berkshire. The danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende wrote that Emily Meng was dead. Korean UN chief Ban Ki-Moon was accused of bribery on christmas eve but have no problems with such accusations of an old story - pure nonsense he tells. An earthquake 7.7 in Chile on Isla Chiloe ('kiloet' = 'the kilo', or 'key-low'?) could be telling of 'rein jus'.

In addition, a russian airplane with a choir fell down on the Black Sea = coro-nave-i-rus?

One could guess that if the coronavirus were set in circulation on purpose, it could have been the Bermuda triangle who had the political interests that could have dropped the bottle. It is easy to understand their panic - since the triangle seemingly has been formed from Henry VIII and his disciples. If my 'Hammerfest' (with poem #57 'When did it started?') solves the issue of transubstantiation, the grounds for this Bermuda triangle may suddenly disappear and the power therewith. Hence Faber could not publish it in 1997-1998? This could have been what drove Clinton to Norway in 1999 - a few days before I was driven to forced psychiatric hospital treatment in Bergen on 22 november 1999 - the 36th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

For the idea that the poetic inspiration should have come from biological material left in my rectum or colon by some pederast or 'trans' (who 'isla kiloe[t]'?) around 1970-71, see this file. There is no basis for a 'bookshare' as far as the rights are concerned - but of course a publication of the books will be a good thing.

If I remember right, one of the last things Obama did in his presidency was to pardon the transgender Manning.

The second intifada against Israel started at the end of Clinton's presidency - a few months after I was released from the psychiatric hospital. 'In tiefer Ader' can be a sort of 'Hammerfest' - and can be the philosophy of a Black Sea Loop. The young palestinian 'suicide terrorists' had explosives stuck (by somebody) into their bags or rucksacks before they entered the public space. One surviving victim of a bus bombing told that the 'terrorist' looked surprisingly unaffected and relaxed when he entered the bus. Another young woman was blown up - they found her responibility claim on a video she had left in her home before she left. It seems that Hamas was involved in organizing the second intifada. Israel retaliated with the bombing of Palestine soon after Obama had been elected in 2008. Of course I do not want my poetic work to fall victim of such strategies as abuse for the purpose of 'in tiefer Ader' and things like that, e.g. in a Black Sea Loop - and one could suspect the 'Bermuda triangle' to be involved in such possible plans.

Hence it looks as if the coronavirus pandemic could be an organized attack on my rights to my authorship. But it seems that the reason for such possible plans should be easy to understand. One could expect enough maturity to avoid such plans.

Rimbaud writes that the 'panier' is lowered from above - over the 'indian' - see this file. (See also Rilke's 'Laren-opfer'). But that could be just the phonological reason in the name of the democratic candidate - that his name has a 'baden' conscience for the indian pogroms.

Were England leading in the indian pogroms of America - e.g. for lending punch to Henry's brexit by way of 'bad conscience' for e.g. terror looking like 'bad conscience' for the indian pogroms and the territorial issues thereby? Or is that a modern aftereffect? Whatever of these, the alarm could be that a 'kingdom of terror' could be the ultimate 'spiritual aim' by a protestant church.

It may be that the socalled 'Endlösung' (end of last jew on earth) discussed and possibly planned in the socalled 'Wannsee conference' during the war (a leading character being 'Reinhard Heydrich' of 'Aktion Reinhard' which could have been turned into the 'edesanya' - here Eidsvig Ragna - of postwar Hungary) could be part of such plans - for example in a 'Black Sea Loop'. (The photo of Adolf Eichmann arguably resembles Bjarne Eidsvig a little - and the two nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945 could have served to swap these identities - and a biography on Eichmann - I dont remember which - told that only two photos of him are safe and both of them show not his face properly). Were that loop (from the Van Sea of Turkey to Paris) planned at Wannsee?

I think England should close down their monarchy and turn republican.

Added on 3 august 2020:

I left Austria on 27 july and crossed the border probably before noon and have been abroad since then. I had predicted that this would lead to a flattening of the curves of covid-19 - first the curve of infections and maybe a little delayed the curve of mortality. This seems to be right - see the worldometer global overview for daily new cases and daily deaths - it seems like the rising trend is flattened after just 27 july in both curves (here photos of the worldometer curves on the web on 3 august 2020):

What is the reason? It must be understood that if the epidemic even is set in circulation by the political interests of the 'Bermuda triangle', it seems like 'the root of the evil' is found in the 12 years 2 months 12 days interval from the 1945 founding of ÖVP to my 1957 birth - plus a few days untill the opening of my head. It could have been John F.Kennedy who sent a RÖNTGENSTRAHL on my cortex - for the historic moment of foundation of the new quasi 'religion' which could have put himself up at the top of the pantheon - as the source of the divine light that brings new life to the human beings etc:

Notice that the UK 'two-nibble rear' to the left has a counterpoint in a US 'klinten' (could be graffiti on the wall spurted with an 'falling upwards again' onto the wall from a tube of brown foamy colour that had fallen on the bathroom floor) to the right (the turning male - 'a barking dog'?) - at the turn of the millenium. With this high political level of the 'conception light', a swap function on me with ÖVP or its chief could lead to devastating effects if it be my authorship which is abused by the 'novel coronavirus epidemic'. It means that as long as I am under the legislation and authority of ÖVP , the pandemic will rage around the world - and as soon as I am out of the country it would probably slow down. That seems to have been the case.

The construction with ÖVP (as 'the root of the Bermuda triangle') and me could have been made for swapping ÖVP /Kurz with me - and the burglary of my house in Szolnok could have been political 'for taking that ÖVP /Kurz' - while the result of it was major progress for ÖVP /Kurz in the Steiermark election half a year later. This could be a vicious spiral: The more the world tries to stop the progress of ÖVP and the Bermuda triangle by trying to stop me, the more will they progress. It is this logic which trembles its fingers towards me and blame me for the bad situation since I still live in Zinckgasse - and it is this which could lead to a panic in the pandemic and send the curve right up. I could have left Austria around 20 july - and when I waited for yet another week, some countries such as Japan and Vietnam, saw sudden and unexpected outbreaks.

The panic can be that the world does not want another Hitler.

I point also to the phenomenon of the new norwegian county 'Viken' since january this year - it has a form which resembles the region of the max 'enger' = narrow bottleneck at Narvik - and which can be spotted also as the 'female attraction' to an apparent male erection to the right in my photo #8 from the Danube Island - and that would be to turn the gender relative to the standard conception of Sweden as female and Norway as male. The turnaround would also serve to swap with now swedish Bohuslän which once counted as norwegian. It is on this background that me paying 15% withhold tax to Norway since 2010 could have a large effect - on the background of the story from 1957. The schoolclass of 1970-71 contained one Roy Viken and one Roy Andersen - if the latter 'meant' a 'trans penis', the former could have 'meant' my opening behind ('viken' means a 'bay' but also more generally an 'opening'). Or even the 1957 opening above? (Not the sound, I hope?) Roy Andersen was rather 'short' of body height.

But should it be up to little me and my humble economy to rescue the world economy from the slowdown which now threatens by fleeing to another country and finding a letting on a time-limited contract? I cannot take up a bank loan without risking serious problems. It may be of vital importance that I be relieved of the need for a renewed application for a place to live after some time. The story from 2009 that drove me from Venice to Vienna could have been prompted by my need for a new contract from the summer 2009 - then I am dependent on goodwill from society in the response and that can release 'levelling' responses after my 30 or so self-published kitchenbench books - books which the world very badly need - not to speak of the need that can be felt for 'taking that ÖVP /Kurz' when only they get a chance. I quote from my file 26 july 2020:

It is not impossible that the whole pandemic could have been reduced to a normal flue if somebody had helped me out of Austria in march or april - after the borders were closed and I could not get out by own efforts. What could have rescued the world and its economy from this devastating epidemic could have been if somebody had contacted me:

"Mr.Grover, if you contact the Embassy they can tell you how to get assistance if you need to move out of the country". I go to the relevant embassy and they say that I could buy from them (or another state institution) this place there in, say, Italy (they show me some photos of the place) against 1 euro plus contract guaranteeing them the right to buy it back again for the same sum if I sell or exit - and they could provide a van for stuffing all my things into it and drive it down there - crossing the border with diplomatic licence. If you are interested, they would tell.

I sure would have been interested. This would have been true politics - and it may be a terrible scandal that nobody did - I mean, if indeed this attempted shipwrecking of the global economy were planned since my fourth volume was completed and I was 'resting' (or rather rescued) in the hospital.

My need for such help is certainly no less now - and it would count as 'bad politics' to let 'humla suse' and pretend like nothing and comfortably let the blame for the pandemic be dumped on me - while the Bermuda triangle sails on as never before. Somebody said (it may have been me) that politics currently looks like the art of not thinking, not talking, not acting and not even deciding (since that reduces the 'power') - and then the field of politics looks, as Greta Thunberg said recently in a TV summer talk, like a nudist camp of emperors in new clothes. It may be the international secret intelligence services who can offer those very fine garments to them - look at this wonder, a graffiti with PTRSIM PIK embellishments - pure nonsense all of it. If it were not nonsense, then it would not have been secret.


It is very easy to stop the progress of new nazism and fascism - but that means some thinking, talking, acting and even deciding instead of waiting untill it is too late and letting time make the needed decisions.

Added on 5 august 2020:

A massive explosion in Beirut on 4 august 2020 took place in a region of quasi relevant names: Charles Helou Avenue, Pasteur Street, El Arz, Berberi, Gouraud Street, Rizk, Sursock Street etc. There were two explosions, the second at 18:08:18, the first some moments earlier - but I have searched in vain for data on that. If it were at 06:07:08 it would have been reminiscent of aspects of my internet password on that day. El Paso? Preposing SP to Beirut, Lebanon, would leave sth like 'sprayer-out spray-banan'. Would it have been a message sent through the 'password' of the 'internal net' telling that more covid-19 would have to be set in circulation for hiding the fact that the curve of infections globally for covid-19 starting turning down on that day when I travelled out of Austria? The day before I had been in a situation where I wondered if english intrigue had gone between me and the society ('god raud'?) and I said to myself in the street, without being heard by anybody: "Throw out those britons!" - meaning that if they had put covid-19 in circulation (for 'political' reasons), embassies can be expected to be closed. Today the news told that Israel had been suspected of being behind the blast since they have no diplomatic ties to Lebanon. The world should not just sit and wait for Time to make the decisions when it is too late - as if 'History will be my judge' should be the motto of modern politics - but should come out with the facts even if that should put England in a bad light. I mean, if England put covid-19 in circulation and released the first explosion at 6-7-8 - that is facts which democracy must have to function.

Added on 7 august 2020: (I feel a little tired and the following should have been better worked over but I will have to postpone that to another time - or maybe it suffices for understanding the ideas).

Modern antisemitism

I think it was in 1970-71 or maybe some years later that Ragna Grøver told me that a certain cynicism or 'blasert-het' is inavoidable in a hospital. 'There was a MORS in bed this morning' could be the expression, she told me. 'Mors' (= latin 'death') is norwegian for 'mother's' (gen), while 'mothers' (plur) = 'mødre'. How do they find organs for transes? By 'mødre'? One guesses that the personal identity of the organ is not unimportant. I know little about such perversions but would guess that a necro [of modern type with organ in freezer] is out for the 'person' talking in the mind after activation with the frozen organ lifted from the 'freezer' - and in a political framework that could be about a mock of the poet's 'inspiration'.

Nelly Sachs reportedly (some biography) had an underbelly operation under local anaesthesia in the 50's and maybe under normal anaesthesia in the late 60's - it was a part of her intestine that was removed. When there have been theories that I should be of 'royal descent' and hence be 'heir to the throne', does it mean that Sachs was heir to the throne?

For being certain who was the identity of the trans organ, who had the propriatory rights to it, so to speak, one can fancy that the trans personally has to be present when the organ is lifted from the original owner's body and either temporarily deposited in a plastic bag / freezer or installed directly onto the new, if that is possible. For being certain of the identity of the transplanted body, local anaesthesia could be used.

Aldo Moro was probably 'mødred' on the same day as Inger-Johanne Apenes was 'mødred' in the house next to where I was to a party. Apenes was the 'old mother' of conservative MP Georg Apenes. The 'Apenes' could be suggestive of that 'trans penis'. Moro/mors --> Apenes/ape-neo. A norwegian politician joked on TV about the norwegian word 'moro' = 'fun' meaning the same as swedish 'kul' = 'fun', 'kule' = 'bullet'. 'Morokulien' was the suggested joint place name. I think the same 'funny' politician also said 'Bratteli' (he could have been PM then) was an italian name a la 'fratelli'. The war in Syria started with a massacre in Homs - could be the whole Syrian conflict was for that single 'homo' by O/S - in order to lend weight to this construction - see below on a possible role of Clinton's name.

Tone Grøver had a teddybear in 1970 called 'Mumle'. Is that the reason for the whole 'humle/homo' program? ('Humle' = 'bumble bee'). She and I went to Trosvik school together in 1970-71 when we lived in Kongensgate 8 - we stopped on the way and looked in a shopwindow where this teddy was displayed and she probably later told that she had heard it 'mumble'. (I cannot recall with certainty that she told this there at the window and cannot exclude the possibility that she had got the inspiration to this idea from e.g. Ragna Grøver - but have no opinion on that).

Now I do not believe that Nelly Sachs was into such trans-necro perversions for gaining inspiration to her poetry, but the idea of 'mødre' ('mothers' in plural) could apply to the idea of Ragna Grøver as a hypothetical trans. Could be a political program could aim at lifting 'the idea' over onto Sachs - insinuating that she had got a trans penis installed for the purpose of gaining poetic inspiration from perversion. If one should take it that this idea be lifted from Ragna Grøver onto Nelly Sachs, backwards causation or reversal of time would be needed.

But how can time be reversed? By turning the metabolism, some would perhaps say. Here is an excerpt from my 'ABC' - the beginning of the chapter on 'british spiritualism' (should perhaps have been 'spirituality' - but not 'spiritism'):

British spiritualism

The story of 'british nazism' can be seen to start with Henry VIII of England as he broke with the Vatican and founded the anglican state church. The essential question, which also was a theme of the catholic council of Trient, was the status of the holy communion: Should one really take faith in the dogma of the transubstantiation of the biscuit in the mouth, in the sense that one really swallowed a piece of human flesh, or should it be taken totally symbolically, to the effect that it was a biscuit one swallowed? This idea of a variant of cannibalism seems to be the basis for the formation of what can be called british nazism. It leads to the three fundamental political parametres of cannibalism, pederasty and genocide as the basis for the link between heaven and earth.

When the anglicans rejected this dogma and refuse to take it for anything but plain biscuits and drinks, then they are thrown into existential despair by losing the immediate contact with the divine. For solving these problems, they introduced the principle of reliance on the word - the 'trust me' principle - which emphatically asserts that this is a piece of human or rather divine flesh, and this 'trust me' word came to take the place of the idea of real substance. One cannot go to church on Sunday morning and swallow anything as disgusting as that if it is a piece of flesh from the pathologic institute, was the british logic who refused to take faith in the magical transformation. So there must be another solution. Pederasty is another transformed version on the concept of 'eating the bread of Christ' communionized in the metaphorical sense of recursive 'upbringing', which is the phenomenon with the trick of conventional (hence the theme) custody relation assigned priority above the genetic parenthood relations which has given rise to the modern phenomenon of international secret service, which means that the act of pederasty represents the childhood baptism - the introduction into the community of a consecrated place, and the 'mune' or 'mouth' is in the wrong end of the child (compared to where the 'bread' normally is inserted) and it is the pederast who is 'introduced', then double negation means that it is the child who is introduced into the religious community with this humid ceremony. But then one needs a better understanding of what the ejaculated sperm of the pederast represents when it really is the 'flesh and blood' of the body of genetic parenthood relations - such ejaculation as in pederasty cannot give offspring. When it is NOT genetic parenthood but pederasty via the 'celestial orifice' (not to be confused with the consecrated 'ecclesiastical office'), then it is the standard myth of 'genocide' wherein an enormous lot of potential people round off their careers prematurely: If the communion of the 'eucharist' is about (a portion of) the body of Christ and this is supposed to bring a solution to mankind's striving towards cosmic harmony with nature, then it follows that the body of Christ must be the cosmos (it normally means the church in its distributed form) or at least the territories within the reach of the british empire. And then 'genocide' means the sacrifice of a portion of the body - representing the 'genetic' sperm of pederasty. It goes into the 'earth' and never gives fruit except in the sense of 'upbringing'. It is this 'ejaculated part of the body' from which the christian faith can interpret the 'transubstantiation' of the normal biscuit and the available beverages (when it cannot take the traditional version of a mystic transformation in the mouth): It is transubstantiated via genocide, from the substance of the global community to the substance of the individual pederast, or vice versa. Therefore the 'holocaust' - thought of as a part of religious ceremonial feelings.

This means that genocide represents the transubstantiation of community to individual, but since british symbolic logic rejects the dogma the effect of this transubstantiation must be obtained via the concept of normal cannibalism, whereby one body from the community is transformed into another body in the metabolism. This completes the circle, maintaining the effect of catholic transubstantiation without having to accept the catholic dogma.

This means that the whole mystery is moved into the digestion channel - where the swallowed human flesh can come from the upper side and the 'upbringing' pederast sperm from the lower side - and they meet just there where the mystery is found, at the place where the substance of the food is sucked into the intestine wall. This is the reason for the execution site of Paneriu at Vilnius (the Jerusalem of the diaspora) during WWII, where 70.000 jews were shot into mass graves: They represented the human flesh being sucked into the intestine wall of the globe or global community and the name of the place represents that other mystery which the nazi philosophy hopes to get under control: The turning of the time for entering Eternity (however bad the scroll of conscience may look). PAN-eriu means that dry rusk which fish fingers are rolled in - they are so dry that when they land in the intestines they suck fluids out of the intestine wall rather than being sucked into the wall themselves, and - voila! - that turns the time of the otherwise irreversable metabolism which some people take as the basis of historic time. Hence the jews were really sucked out of the mass graves, so to speak, for cleaning records and things like that, by the name of the place.

This is the real reason for the nazi philosophy - that they hope to be able to enter Eternity by these three parametres of pederasty, cannibalism and genocide.

Hence for a trans to be able to know whose organ it was it is needed to be personally present at the 'mødre' of the victim and keep it in view untill it is installed under local anaesthesia.

'Bia-fra' in norwegian means 'halted fra' = 'halted brother' or it can mean 'from the bi'. In principle it could mean one who halted the 'fra'-ter who had the organ. The republic of Biafra existed from 1967 untill 1970 when I started at Trosvik school. It was mainly a hunger catastrophe - the attempted separatism was halted (or 'strangulated'?) by embargo from Nigeria untill they had to give up. 2 million people died, mainly children, mainly from starvation. The leaders of Biafra were Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu which is a name that could be suggestive of the graffiti with the woman with the protruding breasts (cp. 'tjukk wuman og en vegg med tjukk wuman' = 'fat woman and a wall with fat woman') and Philip Effiong which could be a name suggestive of that man on the graffiti (or even that gender change?). This graffiti is likely to be the basis for the idea of a 'two-nibble rear' (UK) and 'skumbergs klinten' (US) at the year 2000.

'Tjukk wuman' = 'fat woman' could of course mean the 'fat' trans erection. Chukwuemeka = tjukk Mumle? 'Fat woman' would otherwise in this 'political' mythology probably refer to my leftsided gynaecomasty which is not so fat but consists of mainly fat.

'Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu' could then be telling also of the idea of one single egg in a sanitary towel (cp. 'Osama bin Laden') and an ovary with thousands of eggs. The mirror theory suggests that since the vagina resembles the uterus, if the egg-containing towel and the ovary are mirrored symmetries, then the 'fallopian tube' = the 'labies', cp. the US Clinton and the UK Labour party. An inside = outside theory.

The name of 'Kennedy' is likely to find a counterpart in that 'labies' part (Labour party) of the mirror structure of the female gender organ. It has been said that Clinton is conceived as an alternative to Kennedy. If a tube of brown shoeshine colour falls on the bathroom floor and a shoe steps on it, the spurted colour could follow a 'fall-up-again' trajectory onto the (not so ex nihilo!) graffiti on the wall (the 'graffiti' compares with the mystery of the Kennedy names relative to Wittgenstein's Wörterbuch). The trajectory would resemble a fallopian tube onto the ovaries of the 'collective logic' vs the 'individual logic' of the single egg in the sanitary towel. See the 'graffiti' with the man whose shoe is entangled into a structure resembling a fallopian tube. The fallopian curve would resemble the relation between individual and collective logic and hence be the mystery on the doorstep to the new millenium - when Clinton was US president and Tony Blair (a la the two-nibble rear) was UK prime minister for the Labour party.

If the graffiti is seen as the head of an erection (PTRSIM PIK), the spurting comes therefrom. But brown? I refer to my crisis of 2014 after the blubby red eczemas on the arm ('Rote Armee Fraktion'?) and Obama's change of war veteran minister - I had ideas that somebody had put natrium-wolframat (cp. 'atrium-olframat' and political troikas) in my food - that makes the cell walls in the brain collapse and if somebody had put excrements in my brain, it could go into the genetics of the brain cells and follow the nerves out to the skin - and possibly even go into the genetics. I was a little overworked at that time and ate a lot of soyaflour pancakes which contains much molybden. I refer also to the death of Jan P.Syse - why I fancied that he suicided with natriumwolframat I dont know.

In short, the political theme seems to be this 'frieze' on the bathroom wall. If the bathroom is thought of as a 'brain', or even the head of a trans organ, there is a fullfledged semiotic quasi-sefirotic theory available there - the inner and the outer, like the female gender organ system. However, it may have been designed to look like a joke on jewish philosophy.

From Rimbaud's 'Iluminations XX':

The lighting comes back to the king-post (= L'éclairage revient � l'arbre de batisse). From the two ends of the room, scenes of some sort, harmonic risers join. The wall facing the person watching is a psychological succession of cross-sections of friezes, of atmospheric layers, and of geological strata - Intense and rapid dreams of sentimental groups involving all kinds of beings in all atmospheres.

This 'éclairage' could be that mystic light which is added to the graffiti when the chinese KUA sign is superimposed on it. (Madonna talked in the secret of Fatima of an 'overnatural light' - she probably had other things in mind but the intrigue could have aimed at this nevertheless).

This 'frieze' is made by a 'friezer' (the 'artist') who shares phonology with the 'freezer' containing the necro or trans organ, the beast = the US containment program after WWII. Hence the beast = jewish genetics and spirituality. The political program is then to identify the jewish spirituality or poetic inspiration generally as the inner voice talking in the mind after activation with an 'ice penis' from the freezer. The idea of Clinton as the name of the 'inspiration' that spurts from the brown tube up onto the wall (in an act of 'upbringing') for the creation of the frieze is of a similar kind - it tells of 'ex nihilo' control by not-so-divine forces. If jewish genetics is identified as such perversions ('trans', 'necro'), it could be seen as 'the root of evil'.

'Klinten' is old norwegian - normally biblical weed but also a cliff could be possible, but the normal modern sense is with long 'i' and then it means 'he smeared out' - could be even from a tube. Of course Skundberg associates with Clinton only in my world, but that seems to be a world smeared out in media globally. The association is furthermore attached to an assumed 'universality' of the ex nihilo 'shoeshine' colour phenomenon.

The 'freezer' that stores a necro organ in ice and the 'friezer' who made the graffiti on the wall is probably the political trick that is supposed to harvest 'jewish' support to the US democrat program - since the 'friezer' is thought of as a William Jefferson 'Skundbergs' Clinton spurting the colour onto the wall from the floor. Or would the 'jewish genetics' that lives in the flat make claims of being the 'friezer', the 'artist'? But isnt that the same as the 'freezer' who contains the ice-and-how-where penis, the source of the inner 'poetic inspiration' talking in the mind? Of course not, but the trick of freezer = friezer could make it look like.

Finally, this trick could apply also to the identity of the original owner of the trans organ for the issue of the 'spiritualism' discussed above if the sperm that comes from the end orifice of a child in sexual abuse has the same identity as the flesh that comes down the digestion channel in the cannibalist parametre: If these two (coming down / up) are 'the same' [identity], it could serve to turn the metaphysics that works the opposite way. Two spiritual things recognized as 'the same' reducing to one material being plus 'semantics' here turn around: Two material things being recognized as 'the same' reduce to one 'identical' spiritual thing plus 'semen'-dick - and hence it reverses the historic time of creation in the same way as the PAN-eriu rusk crumbs of mass-graves/masquerades (cp also the maskerade of the current covid-19). This could lend to the new owner of the trans penis the role of the creator of the world or the source of divine inspiration for the poet.

My own solution for stopping the metaphysical pump of virus is something very different from these perversities. It is not impossible that the epidemic is driven by people's sickness about perversions - homo etc. I am certainly the first to have discovered these aspects of distributional semantics in factual empirical data (a text corpus - my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - which is not engineered for purposes of proving the theory), even if the general semantic theory is easy to make - and the reason why such a perverse political program could draw voices in elections could be in the natural intuition that a solution (for healing the sick society) had to be found - but clearly perversions cannot be the way. My formal symbolic solution is probably much better. But if a huge part of the political landscape has been busy with searching for the solution in aspects of the human nature that are not normally exposed, in perversions of these kinds, then one can understand a sort of panic that could break out in politics in response to my epidemiological theory on a formal semantic basis - since it could come to threaten the whole existential basis for this part of politics.

Cp. also Rimbaud's 'panier' (Illuminations XXI) and my 'leave it' (TEQ #57) - and the shoe coming with the flower down onto the 'laren-upwards' or 'indian inspector'. The jews were falling down into the mass graves of Paneriu.

It was after diseases with names resembling girlfriend names that I in 1975 by Ragna Grøver was given a dish of alleged 'indrefilet' for gaining weight - a sort of stroganoff in a strange sauce in a plastic container - heated in hot water in the kitchen sink-[gasse]. Now I have no reason to believe that it was anything but normal meat, but if this had been the original owner of the organ, it could have been for a 'St.Roganoff' as a Divine JFK with 'RÖNTGENSTRAHL' (if JFK were present in 1957) or 'RÖNTGENOFF' as the possible source of the poetic inspiration. Of course it wasnt JFK or his 'junior' I ate but the stroganoff format could have led to such ideas.

The Bia-Fra = halted brother republic existed from 1967 to 1970 and was mainly a hunger disaster that claimed 2 million lives - mainly children. Hence if the one who 'Is-la Chiloet' (the kilo of the owner of the organ) also 'bia fra', then I was the negro child who suffered from hunger. I was very thin after 2 diseases, 50 kg or so, but not as bad as the Biafra children looked. Hence the Biafra crisis 1967-1970 could have been seen as a way of magnification (by backwards causation, that would be) of this 1975 event. If the gender organ 'kilo' were installed in SARS-borg in 1970, a fragment of the rest of the corpus could have been added in 1975. But I repeat that I have no reason to believe that the flesh I ate was human, nor even that Ragna Gr�ver was a 'trans' - but there are some reasons to see the theoretic construction.

This hilarious version of jewish-sefirotic philosophy could have been designed for the eventual inescapable conclusion that 'this cannot continue', it is perversion only, the source of evil = Satan. It does not help much to support perversion by claiming that those who are born perverts should not be discriminated. What helps is to see the cheap tricks employed - like freezer = friezer or semantics = semen-dicks, the-man-dicks, the fallopian = the fall-up-again etc.

This US democrat program could be based on this simple trick and is possibly an attempt to make a defence for the holocaust program.

The war in Syria starting in Homs could be on a similar scheme - resting on the Moro basis.

From the above quote from the ABC:

1) '...existential despair by losing the immediate contact with the divine' = contact with 'to soma autou', or the body of PTRSM PIK in modern mythos, as represented in the sexual abuse of PTRSM PIK - mythos designed to model alleged despair caused by loss of contact with the 'Madonna'

2) 'For solving these problems, they introduced the principle of reliance on the word' = suggesting a relevance of these freezer/friezer homophonic strategies as the alleged problem of protestantism

Assuming identity of these two issues, the political program could try and make it look as if the logic of protestantism (with loss of the madonna cult) really is a bizarre logic of judaism, and hence if lutheranism were founded by an agent for England called 'my art in lewd-dear/luder', it could look as if Moses were an agent and hence inacceptible. But here the program seems to run into fundamental (= territorial?) problems. Henry VIII's brexit from catholicism led to protestantism, and now the current brexit from EU could be about installing this new bizarre philosophy as a 'protestant' form of judaist philosophy - quasi-sefirotic ideas.

Norwegian 'blasert' (= english 'bored'?) = german 'blasiert' from french 'blasé' = 'av-stumpet' ('blunted'), there could be reference to 'stumpen/stompen' = a child's bottom, cp also german 'Stumper' = cigar, cp. also agents' container in colon. The socalled 'despair' would then be recognized as the effect of the Madonna trans penis being 'av' = 'off' the child's bottom.

It seems that the whole 'problemshift' is contained in my vol.4 - the question whether the inspiration comes from heaven or from earth. The political strategy of anti-semitism could be spurred (not 'spurrt') by religious doubt (not 'dought') which they try to heal (not 'heel') by swapping with jewish faith.

The poet hopes to reach divine inspiration for the poetry, while the political antisemitic program tries to swap the identity of the divine source with the identity of the rapist working on behalf of certain political interests.

If only these political interests could get St.Peter's under control, as he is picking this person go here and that person go there, their future postmortem in paradise rather than in that other place should be secured. It is likely that the whole program is as hilarious as this.

The conclusion is that the Bermuda triangle seems to be steering towards a pitiful imitation of 'jewish spirituality' for the ultimate conclusion (supposed to arise spontaneously in the people) that 'we cannot have more of this'. If this function be the essence of a swap-function of my role relative to ÖVP via (possibly) JFK's RÖNTGENSTRAHL, it tells why I should not live in Austria - in particular if ÖVP counts as the Burgenland root of the anglophonic construction called the Bermuda triangle. This anglophonic function seems to have been the purpose with the Auschwitz pump via USA-witz in a 12 year interval. It is well possible that the holocaust structure was in imitation of rusk-crumbs of PAN-eriu and things like that, events in the digestion channel. If this be the case, then it is doubtful whether ÖVP be a legal party - having been started only 80 days after Auschwitz closed. The Biafra crisis 1967-70 could be telling of how my person relates to UK/US aspects of the Bermuda triangle.

Studying the hilarious 'sefirotic' (jewish-philosophical) logic in the derivations with the graffiti and the shoeshine tube, one reaches the conclusion that it could be about brown skin colour - an old theme. If a virus should have been developed that takes all negros, it could perhaps have been planned to come instead of the anti-semitism.

The socalled 7/7 terror in London tube on 7 july 2005 (cp. the 6/7 in Beirut recently) were also a sort of 'shoeshine' tube if it be considered a variant of the socalled 'palestinian intifada' (alleged 'suicide bombers', that is, people with explosives put into their luggage, suddenly went off in the 'tube'): 'Innte fada' = 'close-to/touching the fada/feet', 'innte pada' = 'close-to/touching the pad', 'innte kada' = 'close-to/touching the kada/kette'. 'Ve ne-sia' = 'at the lower side'. Hence the recent Beirut bombing could also be seen to concern this problemshift, and the London 'perpetrators' likewise by names (such as the alleged bomber 'Shehzad Tanweer'). 'Anna ste sia' = 'another place later'.

Lore Diab once played for me a record with Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Sheherazad'. The Beirut bombing was perhaps on the 'rimsky' of the 'kors-a-kov' (the 'bere-ut').

Should it have been a socalled 'goodenough reason' for such a gigantic Beirut bombing to try and whisper, so to speak, that Obama should be a shoeshine negro? My name John Bjarne Grover contains a 'negro' and if you replace that with 'shoeshine' you get 'John Bjarshoen Shinover' = 'jump excrement skin-over', a rather precise description of loopaper in action. Could be that means PTRSIM PIK, which, though, is hebrew and means a region on the other side of the border to Egypt (seen from Israel). [Added 8 aug: 'Egypt' in hebrew means just 'the border' - it is MTsRIM' where the 'IM' is plural suffix and hence there is a similarity with norwegian 'MØDRE'].

In short, it could look like a formulation of racism by skin colour. Does it mean a program against negros (of natural or 'tanwear' type)? Or racism generally such as anti-semitism? The bombing of Le-banan 'Beirut' smeared the town out over the bottom. But it wasnt me who was the devastating force - that force would rather apply to the concept of 'peristaltic'.

It happened a couple of years or so ago, if not in 2019, that I crossed a bridge in Venice and it looked as if somebody resembling Midori Goto were coming up on the other side but she turned and went down again before we met, could be she went into Ponte e Calle del Forno. A few days later the same happened on probably the same bridge with another person who resembled the british (not bridgish!) intelligence chief I had seen photo of in a newspaper not long before: He turned around after I had passed him and followed or 'stalked' after me down the bridge, closely behind. Innte 'fadan', so to speak. (Before I left Vienna there was much apparent stalking).

One sees the formula 'british INTEL-i-jens'. Recently a new british intelligence chief (Richard Moore) was appointed. Hopefully the many INTEL CPUs around the world will not break down and make it difficult to have moni transferred when ammonium nitrate.

If this be the theme, it could mean that 'shoeshine negro' is the concept.

The Li-banan could also be about Nelly Sachs (she used to call herself 'Li') from whose belly a part of the intestine was removed by a doctor. In the streetnames around the bomb in Beirut there is the concept of 'doctor' - El Arz, Pasteur Street, Trois Docteurs etc - and in the 'Sursock Street' one can spot the idea of the sock on my leg that was manipulated by Ellen Berger (or her copy, if that were the story) before the other guests left in the christmas of probably 1979. Before we had left the temporary pub on the upper side of 'Bjørnen' for going to her Nachspiel, doctor Halvor Rognerud had arrived and told with rolling eyes and glances over onto me about our common friend Solveig Hansen (an attractive woman - the 'sunway hansen' name could mean a good career as writer) who had been brought in to the hospital with 'tarmslyng' and he had her on the op table and opened her belly. It could have meant that I (PTRSIM PIK?) had not much choice. If the 'sursock' of the Li-banan be about this story, the removed intestine part of 'Li' (Nelly Sachs) could mean that my lower leg were removed - which means a 'pirate' symbolism on me. But that again could refer to the isomorphic similarity of the british 'Union Jack' flag with the traditional pirate flag (crossed bones). Sursock Street is between Charles Helou Street and Charles Malek Avenue.

The street 'Chukri Hosri' ('fat ride at ride'?) suggests even the name 'Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu' in the sense of 'fat woman and a wall with fat woman' - the graffiti image. I think Halvor Rognerud was the immediate neighbour to Danielsen/Berger. Sursock Street is also in the Mar Nicolas area, intersecting with St.Nicolas Stairs/Street. 'Sarkozy' suggests hungarian 'sarkon' = 'p-jørnet', 'on the corner'. There is a restaurant called 'Terra - The modern mediterranean grill' there. Sursock intersects also with Rue Boutros-Dagher and twice Lebanon Street - suggesting perhaps that 'it was only a copy'. But this applies not to the poetry notebooks I lost in Vienna. However, it was not as a pirate I had the notebooks - they were mine and do not belong to somebody else. If they should have landed under the authority of ÖVP , it is not their notebooks.

In short, it looks as if the 2020 Beirut bombing could be about a british attempt to make claims on my authorhip. I add that 'Pasteur Street' could apply to my theories of medication against viruses generally. I hope I am not the 'loopaper' in that story.

After the new Viken county of Norway, quasi similar to Israel, Lebanon resembles Bohuslän in Sweden with Beirut probably around Smögen or Lysekil - where Tordenskjold (well, it may have been the nearby Dynekil) made his smart trick. Tordenkil = thunderbolt (lightning), while lyseskiold = Illuminations? Cp. JFK and the 'éclairage'. Some say that Norway has a historic territorial claim in Bohuslän.

Arthur Rimbaud had a leg removed due to disease. He died on the day when Nelly Sachs was born. If Rimbaud were a PTRSIM PIK, the masturbator could have been James Buchanan, later US president for the democrat party.

Finally, all these things which I write about the 'political project' is something which other people should have published, and given a copy of it to me - then I could have concentrated on my poetic work and the world would have been up on its feet again. When I have to do it myself, and that is when Skundberg associates with Clinton, it means unfortunately that things turn around. It costs me very much. I think the world should stop supporting the progress of new nazism.

PS There seems to be little doubt that the covid-19 curve started flattening on 27 july 2020 when I travelled out of Austria. In this diagram from 7 august 2020 on https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, the superimposed curve is a 7-day average and 27 july is the local minimum over the annotated 'Jul 29':

It is very simple: If I get optimal living and working conditions, so does the world. The more independent I am from the world's chances to make political intrigue on my person and history, the better thrives the world. But should it be up to me and my humble economic resources to rescue the world economy? Politics risks turning ridiculous if they cannot solve this problem. Will it be possible for me to find a stable home outside Austria? For the time being I cannot continue my work untill I have found a new place. My work is not 'loopaper'.

I had some very nice days abroad untill this bomb sprang in Beirut.

Added on 8 august 2020:

I add this peculiarity about the possible reference to Venice in the Beirut bomb: There are not many bronze sculptures on marble in Venice but notable is the one of an alleged 'Paolo Sarpi'. In the framework of the present story one could associate with the norwegian word SARPING (= person from Sarpsborg) and hence the story from probably 1970 of Ragna Grøver hospitalized in Sarpsborg. (If this should have been a case of 'penis transplantation', it could have been the story of 'skinke stjele' / 'skinkes dele' = 'Movimento 5 Stelle'). The official reason for this stay in SARS-borg was a diffuse matter, hence 'probably not an abortion', so to speak, perhaps rather the opposite and hence BALLONG could be the intrigue logic (such as Aukrust's character 'Rudolf Blodstrupmoen' as 'Rudolf did-you-pump-up-the-mother' could indicate). There is a balloon also in a Foley catheter. Sarpi could therefore in theory have been an invention from the 'services' for lending sympathies to gynaecologist 'Paulo' Danielsen as part of the 'octogon': The bomb in Beirut seemed to address this complex with Danielsen/Berger while constituting a bad threat against 've ne-sia'. Sarpi is vaguely similar to Per Aanonsen whose 'peer' brother Pål Aanonsen could have been the theme of the Bologna bomb ('Bologna-on[d]sen') at the time of the publication of Eco's novel "The name of the rose". What is the name of the 'rose'? The rise? Could be it is a 'knorr' or underearth bomb that could make Venice 'rise' or 'rose' if the bomb rests 've ne-sia' and can be triggered by a button anywhere, such as e.g. in London. Italy dont want to lose Venice to the sea. There have been many demonstrations and actions against bronze sculptures of 'slave traders' recently. 'Sleiven' in informal norwegian can mean 'penis', cp. also Aukrust's idea of 'Kroksleiven retire home'. (There is also as far as I remember - I dont have the volume here - in my Vol.3 the story of the man in white clothes lying aslant off from 'tråkkene' - this story would have been constitutive also of one of the poems in the poetry notebooks I lost in 2019 and still have not got back - cp. also the 'El Paso' aspect).


The article has suggested that some politics is badly burdened with explorations of perversities in the theoretical foundations. How come such politics receive support in democratic elections? The answer seems to be that the perversities constitute an attempt to counterbalance the breakdown of the border (cp. also hebrew 'Egypt') to the metaphysical reality, such as in epidemics, probably since perversities (by human intuition and conscience) can be the very cause of this breakdown and therefore agent perversities with blunted conscience (double negation, sort of) could be a desperate attempt to stop the breakdown. The isomorphy of some such 'principles of perversion' (cannibalism+pederasty involving genocide) with my own modelling of the stopping of virus formation is suggestive of the idea that the era of agency+perversion can come to an end when the formal-symbolic modelling of this border can be fully understood and form the basis for new knowledge. (The construction of PTRSIM PIKs could be for just that purpose of reaching this). My own 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' ('two and only two items can be the same across different [metaphysical] realities' as defining for the form of the human psyche) is just that sort of knowledge. It could mean a new technological mastering of and on the border to the metaphysical reality.

Added on 18 august 2020: I started writing the part called 'Added on 3 august 2020' early in the morning that day, probably between 2 and 3 in the morning. John Hume died around the same time. (I got the info from von der Leyens twitter account).


Rimbaud, A.: Collected poems. Introduced and edited by Oliver Bernard. Penguin 1986.

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