The reason for the corona epidemic crisis

John Bjarne Grover

The corona virus epidemic broke out with its first registered case on 17 november 2019 in China. In the following I describe why it is possible to believe that the epidemic consists in nothing but the effect of critical abuse of my authorship and the need for payment of reparation money to me. There exists so far no vaccination against the epidemic and therefore it is necessary with lockdown of gatherings, curfews and border closures in order to prevent its spread. Around the beginning of april 2020 an estimate I read on internet said that it had cost the world 5 trillion dollars or would do so before it is stopped.

The theory suggested here tells that the border closures can be interpreted in terms of my literary prose work "And hang under the Justcan keys". I completed this in christmas 2011 (and new year 2012) and self-published it in january 2012 after the Costa Concordia disaster with rupture against the tuscan coast - and I suspected that this even had an undertext in the english 'Modern Language Review' of 1 january 2012 - that is, I formed the theory that there could have been illegal surveillance of the progress of my work and that this surveillance was the background of choice of titles in MLR january 2012 as well as potentially deliberate sabotage against the ship - in order to 'coup' my literary work for unconstitutional power purposes. I therefore terminated the work a little before I felt that it was finished and self-published it with legal deposit copies to the libraries of Vienna. The work is also included in vol.1 of my 3 volumes of'collected works' of 2013.

"And hang under the Justcan keys" consists of 24 short chapters of prose - and the overall theme of the work can be said to be 'katharsis': After the reading the reader has the chance to feel clean and pure in the soul - or the chance to become so. The conclusion could be said to be the simple one: It is the moral uprightness of yourself, your poetic integrity, which is the security of the state. That is, if you feel the integrity of your state threatened, you can rescue it with straightening up morally - rather than starting a war against the threats.

A visit to the patent bureau is the theme of chapter 16. Four patents are mentioned.

There is a theme of 'border' in chapter 5 ('The border' which recurs at the end conclusion of the book in chapter 24 ('What happened later'). I here bring chapter 5, needed for understanding the theory I present on the reason for the corona virus epidemic. I have here added numbers to the short paragraphs for reference in the discussion below:

5. The border

1.     There are these ashtrays, if you've seen them, constructed as a circular box with a wellcurving lid on top and a hole in the middle of the lid. If you drop the ashes on the metal lid, it normally glides down the slope into the hole if you haven't dropped it too far off the centre. It was in one of these holes that I tried to plant a cut flower, since it looked natural to me to put a flower-stem into that hole. The stem of the flower was quite broad and the end had been split at least once if not twice. It occurred to me as a proper thing to put it into the hole, like quenching a cigarette, in an attempt to make it stand there. The slicing of the end of the flower stem would not have been the same as scissoring off a long lock of hair: Lifting the hair up in a high hair-bow, leading the one half of the scissors under it, and, in this semi dusk and dark, cutting the lock with a hollow, dense and compact sound, a dark and decisive increment of the discrete reality.
2.     A cucumber ends (in kitchen environments) in a white and circular surface. If you need just a few slices of it, for example to put on a slice of bread, you can use another sort of tool for slicing the green vegetable skin off a couple of centimetres at the edge. You just whittle off a little around the edge.
3.     A man plants his boot in a closed wooden door, near to the frame where it opens. The door is old, the planks withered and weather-beaten. But the sound of the boot on the wood is still not as hollow as the scissors clipping through the hair.
4.     In a harbour region there are ships lined up along the quay. A man comes with his dog. He stops and tells to the animal: "You see that ship anchored up over there? You go to that ship and I will go to this other one over here. So let's leave with the ships and we can go to the same place", said the man to the dog. The animal listened intently and watched how the pointing finger pointed in a certain direction, and it seemed to understand what the man had explained. They parted and the dog ran off in the direction of its ship, the owner turned the other way for his. But no sooner had the dog run a few metres, it suddenly understood how impossible this would be: If it should have gone to that hollow ship anchored up over there at the quay, the dog would lose contact with the owner. How could it first find its ship and then find the owner again afterwards? So the dog turned around and ran after its owner and followed him to his waiting ship, so that the owner could show it the way to find its own ship thereafter. It didn't really matter - they could of course go to the same ship in any case. The man and the animal walked side by side along the quay, and the dog wagged its tail.
5.     Far underground, in a deep tunnel under the surface of the earth, in a deep dark bunker tunnel, a vehicle was standing and waited to be hit by a super-ray from above. It would be the new technological type of ray that can go through just anything and could be sent out from a satellite. It stood there on the concrete rock in the dim cave and a man was watching it anxiously, waiting for what could happen when the ray hit, when suddenly an unexpected impulse hit the vehicle from below with a dump sound. This movement from below was very unexpected, since they had been waiting for the super-ray to be hitting from above.
6.     It was the tramway car running through Siebensterngasse. We were travelling through the lower curve when suddenly I lifted my eyes and looked with some indignation at my own self. It was not a mirror! It was the same pure reality, a sheer fact: "I have, after all, written extensively through these many years ...", I said to myself and felt that I had reasons of justification for this vague indignation of mine, although I am not the type to make too much out of such claims. I am not making claims but the reality should understand and respect my rights, of course. It felt as if I was taking something up.
7.     I had been stepping onto the steps of a stair at a shop inside a corner of the street in a road intersection. A couple came by and I asked: "Hier xpands it?" I showed with my thumb and index the very expansion of the distance between them, as if for recharging something. The couple nodded in silence and then went on to continue their walk.
8.     A man stood in a forest road. A roadblock was marking the border to the denser wood behind him.
9.     And if it is me who now is appointed?
10.     A naked woman was sitting at a wall with her knees drawn half way up. A certain golden light was shining on her body, which was surrounded by some fluffs of silk or white satin material, like wooly clouds surrounding parts of a gigantic sculpture made of marble. Around her bent knees, around her breasts, clouds of white fluffy material.
11.     Her presence was so delicate in the golden light.
12.     It was in a subway car. It stopped. A person sitting to the left, another standing to the right, the double sliding doors had windows made of glass. A man was waiting on the platform outside. He had a remarkable nose and was leaning slightly forwards. The doors opened with a sudden dark and slamming sound, like scissors running through the hair, the man entered between the other two with his index finger pointing right up towards his upper teeth like a man suicidal, desperate.
13.     It wasn't that much great either.
14.     I hurried down the stairway to the basement underneath for opening the door to someone waiting. It was about the declaration, spelt out with the margins to the left and slots for filling indented entries. At the bottom of this list, I added a sort of 'signature' which was not indented but started at the leftmost side. With such a computer technology, one could call it a string of formatting.
15.     While in my bathroom, two ceramic tiles on the wall suddenly slammed hard together like those sliding doors in the carriage of the subway vehicle.
16.     While in the tram, I stood there hanging in a traveller's strap. Before me there were children seated, I put a diagonal across a child on the left. She seemed to be pleased about this and twisted and turned a little in her seat, just to show that she liked what I had done. The diagonal was a sort of substance of a wooden plank or textile or material of some kind.
17.     This is my introductory guide.
18.     Over the lamp in the ceiling, a piece of bamboo from the garden.

I discovered the theory on 7 april 2020 when I looked at an article on the internet about Bangladesh and saw the outlines of its borders on the map - and immediately recognized #4 above: The outlines of its borders looked like a man who is pointing in a direction and its dog is hopping and listening to him. I then looked up India and saw the outlines of #3 above - and there the theory was formed immediately that this is the contents of chapter 5: The borders of South East Asia from India and eastwards. I identified 1 = Afghanistan, 2 = Pakistan, 3 = India, 4 = Bangladesh, 5 = Myanmar/Burma, 6 = Thailand - and from there I was not so sure how to assign text to country but it could have continued with 7 = Cambodia, 8 = Vietnam, 9 = Malaysia, 10 = Brunei etc. I think I recognized 15 = Korea, 17 = China, could be 18 = Mongolia. It would have been the theory that these paragraphs describe an inner quality or state of the state which is the 'reason' for its borders - and this is what constitutes a 'state'. It is probably a wellknown phenomenon in (some) politics that the outlines of the borders on the map can have some political value for understanding certain aspects of history.

However, when I wrote the book, I had no such ideas in mind - and 'the border' of chapter 5 is primarily about something else - the borders of your mind and things like that. It is when these are recognized in the borders of states that one can collect empirical evidence in favour of the value of the text.

'The borders of your mind' means in the following discussion the reason for an epidemiological phenomenon in the spread of the corona virus. The theory says that the epidemic goes through a state of chapter 5 potentially with the aim of reaching state 24 - a state of 'katharsis' wherein the heart of the country has undergone a certain 'moral cleansing'. Some of the narrative aspects of chapter 5 occurs also in chapter 24 but with a different order. I here bring also the short chapter 24 - but I do not bring more than these two chapters: The contents of the book is that you need access to the copyright for taking copies of the work, and if you work in the secret intelligence services and bring a copy of this work to an employee in the state, there is already a problem with the moral uprightness in the country. Frankly, I believe that this is the innermost secret of the corona epidemic. How to solve it? In addition to the possible issue of reparation money, the relevant authorities must of course contact a publisher who can contact me for permission to print legal copies of the work and then the intelligence business in the country can buy copies from a bookshop - if, that is, there is a need for this work e.g. in order to find a solution to the epidemic. That is why publishing exists - in order to secure the moral uprightness of the state and prevent epidemics - they are not for launching propaganda projects of the intelligence or other parts of the administration. Here is the short chapter 24:

24. What happened later

Down the road came a man standing on a rolling board. It was equipped with a number of wheels on belts - it looked really like a rudimentary military tank as it rolled slowly down a street in the centre of the city. Another man who came walking up the street turned his head and looked after him.
    I was descending in the stairs, down into the subway, when I saw the end of a dark tunnel. Two men were coming out of it towards me. There was a bright light shining behind them from inside the opening of the tunnel and the two looked like moving silhouettes.
    But I went in physical in Endon and in other and comparable societies, in a burk or a termin, as if it were an extra seagull sailing on its wings, like an airplane of type Pastill 38.
    I've got a bullet train in the bucket.
    I had to hurry up to close the office and I think the aus-krim was of just that type.
    Charik Mariké Andreeva and Fiffig Børoks Selv were those who came in a special light on background of the books they wrote, such as 'Wie Herbst' or 'Ich sah die schöne Müllerin' or even 'Feud to Juberstehen'.
    There were some pieces of angue between the ogic, some pieces of angue between themselves, as these were being amalgamated: Namely those who had been involved in the story as the main characters and how they thereby came to be responsible for the specific borders.

Now for the discussion: I discovered in the afternoon 10 april 2020 that a certain pattern reminiscent of chapter 5 seemed to emerge from the data on the regions of Italy ranked according to number of cases of corona virus. Italy has been interesting because of the puzzling phenomenon that emerged quite early that there was a death rate of 10% against the more normal 2-4% - why this exceptionally high death rate in Italy, was the question I posed on 7-8 april, and formulated a potential answer in terms of the Costa Concordia disaster of 2012. Since I first observed the sensationally high death rate in Italy of about 10%, a number of other states had reached the same rate, up to 12-13%. That is why I looked at the ranking of the regions of Italy (say, is there something about Tuscany?) for number of cases. Were there such a 'logic' (or, say, 'ogic') as of chapter 5 in the data? I tentatively made the following assignment to the paragraphs of chapter 5 for the ranking of regions of Italy by number of corona cases - from highest on top to lowest at bottom of number of cases as of 10 april 2020 (source

3       Lombardia
4       Emilia-Romagna
5       Piemonte
6       Veneto
7       Toscana
8        Liguria
9       Marche
10     Lazio
11     Campania
12     Trento
13     Puglia
14     Friuli Venezia Giulia
15     Sicilia
16     Abruzzo

followed by Bolzano, Umbria, Sardegna, Calabria, Valle d'Aosta, Basilicata, Molise.

The novel that could have sold in millions ('Emilia-Romagna') could have been 'The dog from Bangladesh' - have you read it? Piemonte = the LO-HI of the surprise and expectations of part 5 (Myanmar) etc. It is possible to recognize a certain 'ogic' in these data, it occurred to me - and it is well possible that this is the sort of logic that drives an epidemic in the collective historic consciousness. I notice that there could be an old 'door' in the oldest sanskrit/vedic, and the norwegian Arne Dørumsgaard lived in 'Lombardiet', as far as I know. The pattern of Spain around 10 april is perhaps even better (source

3     Community of Madrid
4     Catalonia
5     Castilla–La Mancha
5     Castile and León
6     Basque Country    
7     Andalusia
8     Valencian Community
9     Galicia (Spain)
10     Aragon
11     Navarre
        La Rioja (Spain)
12     Extremadura
13     Canary Islands
14     Asturias
15     Cantabria
16     Balearic Islands
17     Region of Murcia
18     Ceuta

For example, the region of 'Murcia' with 'Melilla' would have been the newborn mammal ('This my introductory guide'). The 'Extremadura' could perhaps suffice for the conclusion that the theory is proven?

For USA the pattern (source seems to follow 'the united states' of two and two (of 'a marry'?) - here 'New York' + 'New Jersey' = #3

3     New York
       New Jersey
4     Michigan
5     Massachusetts
6     Louisiana
7     Illinois
8     Georgia
9     Washington
10    Colorado
11    Ohio
12    Virginia
       North Carolina
13    Missouri
14    Wisconsin
15    South Carolina
16    Mississippi
17    Rhode Island
18    Kentucky
       District of Columbia

Norway has recently collapsed its regions to a smaller number - a certain logic can be recognized (

3     Oslo
4     Viken
5     Vestland    
5     Innlandet
6     Rogaland
7     Trøndelag    
8     Vestfold og Telemark
9     Agder
10    Troms og Finnmark
11    Møre og Romsdal
12    Nordland

The interesting problem is how to recognize the outlines of the state borders in the corresponding 'l-ogic'. For the last lines in chapter 24, it is noticed that 'langue' was Saussure's technical term for what corresponds to Chomky's 'competence' - the structure of the innate language faculty in humans. It suggests here that if a certain 'ogic' is to be recognized in such epidemiological data, they would expectedly be recognized in the 'l-angue' rather than then 'l-angage' of the people.

Some would perhaps argue against my text that it is 'too modernistic': There is no inner coherence between the paragraphs! But isnt this story just a proof of the opposite - that the text is 'only inner coherence' - the border shared between two states - and perhaps not so much more? But this is of course a matter of vital importance for just the langue and the langage - that the inner coherence of the state is also the inner coherence of its border - and that a theory of the inner coherence in the neighbour state therefore fruitfully can be established.

It is well possible that this is the nature of this corona crisis.

But amalgamation is not always so funny. In this file I observed a certain phenomenon in the beginning of the epidemic - how the isomorphy of the first cases reported in China with the geography of Austria seemed to converge on my PO Box.
(Repeated here: Now the first date when votes could be given in this election was 15 november 2019, while it recently has been shown that the first registered case of corona virus infection was in China on 17 november 2019 - the socalled 'patient zero'. The epidemic thereafter developed quickly in Wuhan in Hubei in China (see map) - which is 'isomorphically' with Wien (see map) in Austria in EU (see map). (I showed earlier how this isomorphy even seemed to centre on my PO Box).
On the other side of the same block of houses as the PO Box, there were some days ago a house pulled down - after it was down there was only an old commerical sign left on the remaining wall - from the times before the demolished house had been built - the sign says KUGEL U. ROLLENLAGER. From the demolishing, I also took this photo.

The question has to arise: Could the corona epidemic be an 'international secret intelligence program' in the extension of e.g. the Costa Concordia? I mean, are the numbers from the epidemic in the various states reliable? Who collect the numbers, and how? I noticed in Vienna some months ago, could be a year or so, an ad poster that was up which seemed to show what could have been a mock parody of Wittgenstein coming out from a tunnel opening a la my chapter 24 - a parody of the 'Saviour'. This poster disappeared quickly before I had the chance to photograph it. Clearly if there are deliberate attempts to 'imitate' the logic of my prose book in epidemiological data, the theory could be of less value - but these are matters which it probably is possible to find out of. It is noteworthy that the epidemic broke out just before Brexit - and that the beginning of the series of correlations with regions of states seems to be found at the border between India and Bangladesh - that is, from what arose from England's Brexit from India. It may therefore perhaps not be totally excluded that such political interesters could be out for imitating my work - a coup attempt in extension from the Costa Concordia disaster in 2012. If the epidemic has been put in circulation for political reasons, it would have been for creating 'unconstitutional power', possibly including a squeeze of my 2-3 poetry notebooks inbetween two Flaktürme for a general 'border' conception, and for destabilizing the tranquillity of the present political state of the world. Hopefully there are no plans for use of Kugels.

But even if the data from the corona epidemic should have been engineered for creating a certain 'theory' in accordance with my book, there could be other epidemiological data (e.g. normal flu) available for testing the hypothesis - even if it is not immediately certain that these would follow the same logic.

Do I get post in my PO Box? I do get post from banks, insurance, official institutions - but I have wondered if there is a certain censorship of post on me - which could have lasted for a longer time than my stay in Vienna.

If you read this and feel that you need a copy of the full book, all the 24 chapters, and asks for a copy from the intelligence services, if they come with such a copy there you have perhaps the simple reason for the epidemic. They do not have the copyright but take a copy nevertheless - that is when the heart of the country starts getting stained and there soon arises worries about the security of the state and action must be taken - it feels like the borders are getting incoherent. It is well possible that my authorship is the most abused in the world - and that is a most trivial explanation to the epidemic: There should have been large reparation money paid to me for the abuse since the times of e.g. Kennedy - but instead of 'kroner' from the state of Norway there come 'coronas' in the news.

The 'secret intelligence services' (or so) try perhaps to claim that I am their 'intelligence project'? I am not! I have absolutely nothing to do with those services or politics of any kind. My work is mine only. They have no rights in it. They may certainly have constructed me in the hope that I would do a certain work such as e.g. the 'blue metre' - but that does not mean that they have any rights in it. They could have been tapping and harassing me and manipulating my social interface throughout my life - but that of course makes them only less entitled to my work: They seem to be my problem, rather than my support. If you ask them if it is permitted to refer my name if you use some of my writings, if they say no it is not recommendable, then you understand the story: Of course it is permitted and obligatory to credit the source. It is of course possible that they are planning a 'takeover' of my work in the hope of gaining rights to it - but that could be just the corona virus epidemic - and it must not happen.

But clearly the most interesting and promising version would be that the data from the corona virus epidemic are not controlled from such a viewpoint but rather refer to real aspects of a typical development of such an epidemic: Then the present theory could be of much value for finding a solution.

The issue of reparation 'kroner' could also be the essential story - and then the problem could be to have this paid without that triggering a stockmarket crash. It would perhaps have to be paid in euros since otherwise the currency could nosedive if I should change them into euro, and finally taxation of such a sum could make it nearly worthless politically due to the story with head opening from 1957.

Added 12 april 2020: The story is this:

1. In may 2019 there was the burglary in my house in Szolnok.
2. In the summer 2019 I forgot a rucksack with 2-3 poetry notebooks on a churchbench in Barnabitenkirche and when I returned an hour and 20-30 minutes later, they were gone and have so far not been returned to me.
3. On 15 october 2019 in Vienna the exhibition of Caravaggio + the white stones of Bernini was opened which seemed to be based on an idea probably stolen from me: It is probably my pioneering discovery that Caravaggio's work encodes the lapis philosophorum in two cycles relative to my poetry book "Der Dornenstrauch" (2009-2015) which I had written mainly on coffee points and bakery shops. These two cycles are given at the end of this file. The exhibition of works from Italy could in theory have meant just my letter to Italy, unanswered to far. (There could perhaps even be an element of the story with viaggio lines 49/9 in the exhibition - as for the idea of 'wedging in' between me and the female - as in that coffee point story)
4. On 15 november 2019: The election in Steiermark had after the burglary been moved from 2020 to november 2019, which made it come just half a year after the burglary, the interval of possible rape of me at age 6 months (these data must be lifted from secrecy and presented to me and the public so that the public understanding of the situation can rest on solid ground), and the first votes could be given on 15 november, a month after the Caravaggio-Bernini exhibition opened.
5. On 17 november 2019 the first COVID-19 case was reported in China.

It may be that the Steiermark story plus the Caravaggio+Bernini exhibition was too much for the world (there is an enormous lot of work for making that lapis philosophorum on basis of DDS which I had to write at coffee points for avoiding the leak of my poems by apparent surveillance - and when the 'homo' action started with males instead of the sweet female selling the espresso for the poet, it had gone too far) and led to the outbreak of CO-VID-19.

Now there is evidence for this understanding in extension from the 'two poems' on the front page of this website - the first is based on ancient cuneiform (sumerian, I think I used) and its essentials, the second is a part of TEQ. There are very clear signs of the 'monkey business' problem in the first, while the 'India-Bangladesh' etc complex is in the second:

First the ancient cuneiform basis:

The poet, when the moon is full,
leaves the plow behind the bull                    
and his window joins two half
hours into a single calf.

In the house upon the hill
oceans lick the window sill.
This is when the poets wish
to be sheep and to be fish.

= triangel, 'atrium'
= square window, 'olframat'
= Caravaggio+Bernini

= burglary
= the house was left open for many days

= Steiermark

Then the other version:

This bore poor door:
Gimmi a try.
We found out about this one:
Got the key,

got the yale.
He lives in black
of a man told in ping-pong-ing.                    
Keys in the garden.

= 'india', #3

= 'bangladesh', #4

= 'burma', #5
= 'thailand', #6
= 'cambodia', #7

Brexit = that they break out of 'India' and go for the cuneiform with the full moon instead?

The first poem seems to contain a desperate interpretation that the Caravaggio+Bernini 'calf' is an offspring from the bull of 'atrium-olframat', plus a 'sheep-and-fish' = 'Steiermark' justification springing therefrom, as if that is what the poets want. The first 'cuneiform' poem seems to tell of quite massive 'monkey business'.

The second poem contains the basics of the fifth chapter of 'And hang under the Justcan keys' discussed above. It is the opposite of 'monkey business': It tells of the need for purity of the heart and poetic integrity as the basis for 'security of the state' and firmness of its borders.

Brexit could be the break between these - and that is when the 'wedge-in' policy and monkey business could no longer continue and the epidemic broke out.

It is noticed that while the second poem parallels the chapter 5 above, the first poem parallels more the chapter 24 - except perhaps for the last or second last line. As far as I remember (this poem is from 1996, I think), this last or second last line had not a good basis in cuneiform but was there more for filling in the form and rhyme. From this one could venture the assumption that since there were appr 600 cuneiform signs and it has been said that only about 600 basic computer programming modules are strictly necessary for any task, it can be assumed that the story is about the leap from the 'intuitive' stage of the second poem (chapter 5) to the 'formalized' stage of the first poem (chapter 24). Could be Brexit is about making that leap - in which case it can be commented that they should perhaps not leave the reality of the origins too quickly. Could be the turn from chapter 5 to chapter 24 resembles the turn from my TEQ to PEB - if these data make sense.

The two hours that went into a single calf is that chinese sign 'xi' which enjoys the status of a caesura in a certain period of chinese poetry but otherwise seems to be quite unexplained - a more or less void sign which modern sinology could lack a proper explanation to. I found a quite interesting interpretation of this sign when I studied Shijing #99 wherein nearly every line ends with this sign (in Simon translated just 'oh' for the 'caesura' effect). Here is the sign in Mathews to the left and Simon to the right:

I wrote about this sign in my diary on 25 december 2019, the same day when the 'christmas present' occurred on my doorstep threshold. I discovered, as I wrote in my diary, that the sign 'xi' could find an interpretation in the ex nihilo sample #28 of the cases I present on my internet page - the 'ox' or 'bull' or is it a 'calf' that tries to cross a threshold. (This 'ox' looks quite peaceful - it looks not 'olm' as the word is in norwegian). What I discovered on 25 december 2019 was that the inner structure of this piece (seen with strong light through it) seemed to display just that chinese sign:

Hence it looks as if the chinese sign could be about the meaning of the transgression of the threshold to existence - like those knocking sounds that occurred on 15 january 2020 which in the beginning could be recorded but after some days, when they continued, could not. Hence the object occurred first on the threshold, then there followed knockings for 'playback' for a while, but only for a while - as an 'end of line'. I have interpreted this phenomenon to be the essential quality in my definition of the basics for human language in my PhD dissertation 'A waist of time' part 5 (the title part) - that the acoustic features had to be defined on the border to silence or the border to white noise. The example from january 2020 is clearly about 'the border to silence': The knocking lasted for, say, two weeks but could be recorded only in the first week.

I fancy that this discovery of mine could be quite significant progress for sinology - but I had the feeling that the diary had been tapped and that maybe somebody tried to steal the idea and launch it as their own. The definition of the acoustic features in my PhD dissertation likewise - I think the dissertation is goodenough for a PhD.

It is this problem which is the COVID-19 epidemic. It is right and just that work which I have done is inspiring for others who thereby gets good ideas - but then it is absolutely essential for the progress of the world that the source for ideas be credited properly. In particular for material stolen by secret surveillance it is critically important - although a crediting "stolen from the home computer of Grover" is not likely to be seen - hence the epidemic.

If this is major progress for sinology or linguistic theory, or, as I would say, for poetry really, why am I left so very in the shadows? (And why isnt my PhD accepted? Is it that WHO problem - when Brundtland was called to chief of WHO when my dissertation was rejected - accompanied by terror against US embassies and Omagh - in 1998?) It is probably this problem of the socalled 'intelligence project', as they maybe call it, who do not credit my work as their source but claim that they are the source of my ideas. They are not the source! I have no problems with crediting the sources, whoever that be: It is a very essential truth that crediting the source is a way to more good ideas, while not crediting the source ends the vitality in the collective historic consciousness - a la this epidemic. To forget to credit a source gives problems of integrity for the author - and that is just what the second poem is about: The India-Bangladesh axis tells that problems of integrity in yourself is the reason for problems of security of the state or its borders.

The proof that completes this discussion: There is little or no COVID-19 in India. If you try to compute how many percentages of India's population has it, there is hardly space enough for the zeros behind the comma on the calculator. There is also very little in Russia, and in China it blossomed up and was quickly subdued by the government. The reason is probably quite simply that these countries do not carry such a burden of plagiarism as the western societies do. My guess is that Brexit could have signalled a break between the two poems leading to a new blossoming for the Vienna problems and that is why the epidemic has to stop it.

This suggests that the solution to the epidemic is not to exterminate the virus by opening camps for carriers of it untill a vaccine is found - the solution is quite simply to credit the source and to stop the monkey business and to strive for poetic integrity in the self.

What was Weinstein's problem, really? Was it that he had accepted film manuscripts based on material 'stolen from the home computer of Grover'? He was accused of having 'touched upon' things, but those were identified as lady's material (not like my gynaecomasty?) and not as my manuscripts. I saw a photo of him with walk-aid roller - looking like me in the hospital in Venice. But it is not me who has stolen a 'lady's material'. If the western world hopes for such solutions, it is possible that the virus will not give in without such 'extermination camps' (of everybody who has the virus in the body - untill a vaccine is found, which can take ages) without which society cannot return to normal business. But even if this should succeed and one can return to 'business as usual', it is not likely to be a lasting solution without outbreak of virus once again - simply because it is a wrong solution and such monkey business seems to be the real cause of the epidemic - the epidemic is itself an 'extermination camp', so to speak. It means that the monkey business must down.

If the world cannot return to normal business without the virus doing so as well, and if death rate goes to 10-20 percent such as seems to be the tendency in Spain, Italy, France, England, it means that a billion people may have to be dug down dead. But since the virus could thrive well in the soil, they may have to be stacked on a caravaggio and driven to a burn-ini.

It could be all about crediting the source.

The poet has since long been exhausted from the very unnecessary persecution, plagiarisms, harassments (males in female places) in Austria (the exhaustion including all this internet writing for battling it off) and has long wanted to move back to Italy. With such 5 trillions costs as this epidemic looks so far, wouldnt it pay off to help the poet to find the way back to Italy for a comparable home there?

I mean, if the exhibition of Caravaggio and Bernini was based on the (possibly rather groundbreaking) scientific results of mine on two interlocking cycles in the work of Caravaggio for the 'white stone', isnt it just and right that the authorities in Vienna admit this publically - that means 'crediting the source' - which could help stopping the epidemic? I mean, if the (grandiosity of the) exhibition were all and only this discovery of mine, then it is no small matter where the idea came from.

'Purity of the heart' means that even if there are very different reasons for the bogeyman in the street when she wears that red dress on the way to school, red lights and green lights and zebras could be the reasons, it is possible to understand this problem nevertheless. But you cannot take them there: The zebras must function if she shall go safely to school at all!

In the primary school in Molde around 1967 or so, I was sitting in class behind a girl called Gro whom I liked. I told at home to Frau Grøver - could be the newspiece was a little 'jacked out' - that when Gro lifted her arm to ask for something there came a small cracking sound in her elbow. It could be called a 'kneppe-lyd' in norwegian. I did not like the grin on Frau Grøver's face - you could not see it but it was felt as a sort of 'jack' inside. She laughed at me liking the schoolgirl. I have no reason to believe that this is the story of 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' - PM in Norway for a number of years and chief of WHO from 1998 - but it is perhaps not impossible. I myself developed a 'kneppe-lyd' (not a sound, really, but an inconsistency which made the knee vulnerable if I were jumping, for example - as if the patella were not totally in place around age 13-14) in the lefthand knee a few years later - around the time when the gynaecomasty started developing.

On Brinken = 'Kastrup' = 'Fornebu' = sentry (tri = gråsprit) = grå-sprit-anien = Grå Harlem Brundtland. She was 'the queen of politics' in Norway for a number of years. Her son 'Jørgen Harlem Brundtland' suddenly died when she was to a meeting in Brussels and her husband to a meeting of NATO at Kolsås. 'Nabo-trussel' = 'threat from the neighbour'. NATO-Brussel = 'brato-nussels': In the kitchen environments where I mentioned classmate 'Gro' for frau Grøver there were also the childhood memories of 'fløyelsgrøt' - and 'arme riddere' as an alternative for me if the other children got something to eat which I could not eat, such as nuts. 'Arme riddere' ('poor riders' - but with a taste of Don Quichotte knighthood in the rider) was a dish made from, if I recall it right, a slice of bread with jam soaked in milk on a plate. (I dont know if this were the original dish or if it were a sort of joke on a dish-like creation - but it was called 'arme riddere', if I remember right). 'Fløyelsgrøt' has the scramble version that has come to my mind some times of 'fjøllesgrøt' - cp. the 'covide and donkey' rather than 'divide and conquer'. 'Skrøt' is what the donkey said.

There may be secret political plans for the intended progress of this history - and it is likely that those plans have to be closed down, tells the epidemic. Is it about crediting a 'lady' instead of me for the work I have done?

You think what I write here sounds barbaric? Camp scare? It is not barbaric! What I say is that such camps are not necessary because there are solutions to the problem: The solution is to stop the monkey business and to credit the source. Is that so unthinkable for the western world that they rather want to burn a billion people? But that would not help much if it is for continueing the 'business as normal'. Swindle leads to fast success but it cannot have a lasting value. The happy message here is that the world can be rescued and the economy can get up again - there are solutions in the form of ending the swindle.

I add that I developed a bad cough around the last weeks of the year 2019 - it is not impossible that it was in parallel with the Caravaggio+Bernini exhibition. It started before the corona virus epidemic started - but it is indeed interesting to observe that the 'pneumatic' basis could have been the same. A bold theory could speculate that the epidemic spread as 'pneumonia' because of this heavy load on me. The whole year 2014 was filled with the work of DDS and the lapis took form in september-october. I was partly totally exhausted in those months. If the epidemic spread for reasons of this excessive and heavy monkey business on me, one can probably or possibly assume that it was not put in circulation deliberately - which should be good news.

Perhaps I should add the heavy cough that attacked me when my blue metre 'PEB' was completed in the summer 2010, after two years work: The snot was running from my nose (could be some tears mixed in) so much that I had to work with a towel on my lap (frequently to my face) when I completed the handwork with the 30 volumes for giving to libraries. It can be speculated that the socalled 'intelligence project' (!) had attacked the work by surveillance for turning it into (evil) power. (British Labour surprise-elected Ed Miliband as new chief, as for telling that the book was a 1000-year cycle, but the book is still not published). Such abuse attack (I dont mean Miliband) is not in my intention - and badly I felt my work was suffering. It is all this abuse that must come to an end. The late 2019 could have been when it was too much - and snot and tears no longer ran but an epidemic started spreading instead, and people have been coughing and snotting all over the world. It is high time to end this bad abuse. My work never was an 'intelligence project'! And I never had anything to do with that sort of business. And now they sit there organizing the epidemic on basis of this article - an 'intelligence project'? It never was an 'intelligence project' - it is my lonely work and the problem can be that it is attacked by an 'intelligence project'. That is what must be brought to an end. They have no right to abuse it.

Added on 14 april 2020: More epidemiology

The 'corona virus data' suggest that only those countries who personally can see the Costa Concordia accident over the sea have a 10% death rate, others have around 4. But England, Holland and Belgium have 10% as well - and they cannot see it, unless they could peep over the Alps. How come? The story with Costa Concorda is that I had nearly completed the book when it seemed that Modern Language Review had it in its undertext and Costa Condoria ran into the tuscan cliff - not far from 'Pisa' - which looked like a grave insult against the integrity of my work. Precisely this work tells of the borders of India, Bangladesh etc that it be a matter of inner linguistic identity in the collective historic consciousness: The old door of sanskrit/vedic is known - it is not so easy to get it up - with some hebrew it could go and therefore the borders of India outlines a 'he-brew' who plants his boot in the door or doorframe in an attempt to get the old door up. Cambodia could be that simple 'keys in the garden' - you see the one who bends down to search for the keys among grasses and weeds. When it is this inner identity of the language or rather Saussurean langue in the South East Asian countries that controls the spread of the virus in a state such as Italy where the Costa Concordia was ritsed up, it suggests that the virus spreads in the collective historic consciousness - and one can guess that such a virus multiplies by reduplication in a way which imitates the reversal of the metaphysical formation of referent-meaning in the semiotic sign - from 2 realities reduced to 1 and hence 1 virus body reverses to 2 - because something has gone too far in some development and it therefore has to be reversed in the collective historic consciousness. In this case it could be the Caravaggio-Bernini exhibition in parallel with the Steiermark election.

Costa Concordia + MLR seemed to be a grave insult against my work - but the idea that I had insulted the 'corona' of England by the 'work' I sent by email lacking heading would then be just to turn things around. That could be the 'reason' why England has 10% even if it cannot see the location of the Costa Concordia disaster. It would turn around on the moment when the epidemic started - the socalled 'ok'. Here it could be about the SZOLN-OK.

'And hang under the Justcan keys' tells of the development from chapter 5 to chapter 24 including a visit to the patent bureau in chapter 16. In fact I travelled to Budapest to register my book for copyright. Whether it was at the time of Costa Concordia or some other related time I dont remember, but there was the story with me taking the train from Westbahnhof in the morning - I had sat down in a rather empty wagon and pulled up my laptop and started writing when other people came in and filled the wagon - a man landed a guitar box (not 'Starbucks'!) on the luggage shelf above me and sat down in front of me and I thought: 'This guitar box can be full of surveillance equipment - I better move to another seat'. But the wagon was in the mean time nearly full (that was not normal for such an early train, though - many people there was in the early morning) - there seemed to be only one seat free and that was next to a young woman who had put a handbag on the free seat - I asked if there were place and she said yes and removed the bag. We did not have any contact along the way but when we had come well into Hungary (I think we were not so far from Budapest) she suddenly lifted her left leg up on a small shelf or protrusion running along the wall - and I had to decide quickly what to do since my testicles had decided to empty themselves in my pants - without waiting for any response from penis-erection or anything the like. Had I been quicker I could have got it in the pants on the way to the toilet but I remained seated and hoped the best. Why the testicles had got such an idea I never found out of - but I later (on the next trip to Budapest) tried to find out where it could have been and the theory took shape that it could have been around Biatorbagy near Herceghalom - not far after Bicske (although I am not certain about this). If so, the story of the emptied testicles could be the 'otherside' reflex of the removal of the handbag from the seat where I was sitting - the removal 'of' the 'Biatorbag-y'. I did not speak with the woman nor did I look more closely at her, but the theory has also been formed that it could have been Kate Middleton, the duchess whose title in hungarian would be something like 'hercegnö' - hence the 'Hereghalom'. Whether this really were the case or only imagination on basis of the placenames, or even only a 'biator-bag', I dont know - but there were some photos in the news a few days later with William and Kate suggesting that she had been out on some escapade (I think the photo showed William pulling her scarf or 'tie' while her tongue was hanging a little out her mouth - but maybe 'slips of the tongue' could have been the theme). Harry and Meghan later broke out of the royalty, as if an escapade had split the royal couple, so to speak, like the Simpson affair a hundred years or so. It can be mentioned that I travelled to Budapest with the cheap local train a number of times in those years, and once a 'newspaper boy/man'= 'avisgutten' came bicycling when I left the house and I believe that he said 'Buckingham' in the corner of his mouth, but that was another time.

The name of Middleton could be telling: If it could have been associated with a 'kite' calling for the release of the contents of the testicles (there was no 'kiting', though), it could be either 'kite needleton' or 'kite michelson' - the latter like that attempt against the life of Lenin outside the Michelson factories in august 1918. It was Fanny Jefimowna Kaplan who then shot - and her name could in fact have been telling of 'Modern Language Review' (founded in 1905) already then - as if the eventual assassination of Lenin in 1924 would have been preheralded in MLR. It is even possible that it was my own official grandmother Laura Devold who shot Lenin and this was even preheralded in MLR and he even knew that as early as 1918 - and how on earth could he let her in on 24 january 1924 after that MLR issue on 1 january 1924 when he even knew it since 1918? It would have been under false identity, of course - Lenin believing that she was the wife of Vidkun Quisling, then a respected man who worked with rescueing russian refugees in Kiev and who enjoyed the confidence of the bolsheviks, as tells the story.

Now turning the roles around on MLR in 2012 then lands the responsibility for Costa Concordia on me, so to speak. Or for the shot against the leader of the russian revolution - as if it were about a family tradition with Lenin, Mao, Gandhi. A 'corona virus'.

However, the piece of ex nihilo tells the possible story:


Rosinen i pølsen

Rosinen i følsen

The release of sperm 'soon after Bicske' ('bikkje' is norwegian for 'dog' generally while 'bitch' means 'she-dog' only) could then be interpreted as a rape or sexual insult against the 'dog' - while this is the same as the piece turned 90 degrees when it looks more like an insult against a 'heir to the throne'.

Prince William is the heir to the throne in England - but to say that I have insulted him with his wife is not right. There is no reason in this story for a british-national revenge against the jewish genetics - with 'needletons' or anything the like.

The idea of insult by 'lacking heading' could find its explanation in the 90 degrees 'heir to the throne'.

Now the story with the rape would more be about the Steiermark election half a year after the burglary of my house in Szolnok - but then it was about the interval of half a year from my birth (or from the opening of my head in july 1957, cp. the ex nihilo piece) to a possible rape on Brinken, Kampen, Oslo. Hence the story tells that it would have been 'me', so to speak, who were raped - and should that put me in the position of the 'corona' of England? Mr.'Corona Virus', so to speak? Ah, that is PTRSIM PIK - the 'heir to the throne' of the universe?

In short, it was not me who shot the leader of the russian revolution (90 degrees or not) - but if sufficient word gamble and scrabble is imposed on the construction, one can make the impression that I have anything to do with it. I have not anything to do with this intrigue format. There is particularly no reason for imposing any revenge against the jewish genetics - by 'needletons' or whatever. A release of some sperm under my trousers is not a reason - only surveillance by 'sophisticated control' equipment could have detected the release - a certain 'psychic' odour developed later in Budapest but not really as long as the train trip lasted. I later developed first incontinence and thereafter a serious retention which forced me to use a catheter.

Above I showed that the virus epidemic probably spreads in such a way that the distribution interprets the relation between some peculiarity in the linguistic 'identity' relative to the shape of the border. This need not be the country border, of course, but would be about the border to another reality. My 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' tells that only 2 items can be the same across different realities. The metaphysics goes as follows: Two items e1 and e2 from 2 different realities are recognized by the human spirit as the same item and thereby they reduce to one existential being (referent) x1 plus one semantic meaning s1 attached thereto like a shadow it is hard to run away from. This theory tells that this is what existence is. However, if culture develops into a state which takes history astray (the example was the state of Austria in late 2019 - I mean at the Steiermark election, not Bierlein's government), it must reverse the development and start over again from an earlier point. That means turning x1 into 2 items e1-e2 in two different realities - that will turn the history. But for a virus that means to divide x1 into two new items that then count as e1 and e2 - and since the meaning s1 still remains, it comes as a third element when considering the distribution: It is by this that the two new realities are two and not only one. Hence for a probability distribution there are now 3 items for computing e.g. the entropy, but only 2 of these have real existence - and that means that summing their probabilities will not take it to 1,0 but only 0,67. Therefore at least one of them must divide again in order to fill in the missing slot. In this way, the former realities will be tentatively accessed and the cultural condition in the collective consciousness reversed - and the state of the existential being who hosts them will be weakened and possibly even die and buried and it is gone - and in this development a gap between the realities of the linguistic centre and the border will be levelled out untill equilibrium is reached. In the state of formation, there are two forms of existence - one real existence and one meaning-existence and the probabilities of these will sum to 1,0 but the sum of real probabilities only (without the meanings) will be less than 1,0. In order to remedy for this, new reduplications will speed up the number of existences in an attempt to reach 1,0 for the entropy function - a sort of vacuum pump that will be - untill the host cell bursts. The difference between ontological and epistemological existence, as it could be called, corresponds to the difference between the knockings that could be recorded on 15 january 2020 and 20 january 2020 and those that could not (a week or two later) - that is, the border to silence - the later knockings had 'meaning' only but not enough material existence to leave traces on recording equipment. Could be such virological existence could be called the border to white noise - or just a variant feature of that silence.

How then is the epidemic stopped? By creating a substance that can fill in the slot of the meaning s1 with existing substance - could be by studying the distribution of viruses in their multiplication and recognize same clusters and establish a formal lexicon by my TEQ function 14 and grammar that can engineer the same distribution - a distribution or lexicon-grammar modelled in a complex organic molecule that takes the place of the existence qua meaning of the viruses - their 'shadows', so to speak - and thereby prevent these from multiplying into new existences. The crux of this theory of mine is that the virus has a brief existence on the border between eternity and history - a 'diagonal' existence straddling eternity and history, two different realities - wherein it is 'meaning' only but fills in the form of 'existence' - and if the shadow which is called 'meaning' can be filled with other substances, the virus will not reproduce. It is the entropy function that interprets the flux of information from eternity to history.

A 'negative imprint' of the semantics is found on the mirror point of function 14 - for a theory of a 'poetic logic' on the other side of the rainbow. But me as 'grandmother' shooting Lenin or sth like that is not relevant for understanding this turnaround of meaning and substance for stopping the epidemic.

The crux of the story is this 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' - which seems to have been deliberately withheld from public attention in an attempt to put a quasi-religious phenomenon called PTRSIM PIK in its place. It is this PTRSIM PIK nonsense that must be put away: There is no new Christ around here - the ideas of PTRSIM PIK reduce to what I call 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics' - that 'two and only two items can be the same across different realities'. That does not mean, though, that two items cross different realities together - such as 2 and only 2 travellers crossing the Burgenland border by train (!) or Madonna and Jesus or sth like that: That would be precisely the demagogic error that can be quite dangerous politics. What it means is that the one item from the one reality is conceived or taken or recognized as the same as the other item from the other reality and thereby these two reduce to one material referent and one spiritual meaning - that is the reduction from the metaphysics to the physics - and when this has gone too far astray into a wrong development the collective historic consciousness can find it necessary to reverse the development and that is done with a virus that multiplies.

2 travellers crossing the Burgenland border by train is not relevant for the fundamental theorem of linguistics.

But there is no justification (in this or other reasonings) for starting pogroms on certain folk groups. If it were Kate Middleton that sat next to me across the border to Hungary, which of course it need not have been, that was not the form of reversal of a cultural situation a la what a virus epidemic can be: The corona virus is not this quasi 'story'. If the reason looks 'advanced' and 'semiotic' etc - that is only demagogy based on certain pieces of necessary information held back as secret intelligence - but there are no such info pieces from this trip with the train. In the case of 'PTRSIM PIK', a very nonsensical idea could be that what was a single man Jesus two millenia ago is now a folk called 'the jews' - by 'expansion' of the size of the arbitrary sign or ideas like that. 'Bloodthirstiness' could perhaps be a more proper word if such chains of 'semiotic' reasoning should be launched for pogromic politics.

It is wise to stop such 'secret intelligence' programs now. They are absolutely totally unnecessary - but could perhaps be wanted by 'bloodthirstiness' or something like that. Oversmart cleverly constructed intrigue as a cover for such should not be permitted by the global community.

Imagine that somebody reads this and follows my ideas and finds a new 'penicillin against viruses' and runs to the patent office for registering his new 'Bernaggio Caravini Antivirus' (look, there is hardly any corona in Syria) and earns a lot of fame and money. Then the world must say that 'this invention was made on basis of the work of Mr.Grover so the patent properly belongs to him'. Otherwise, even if the plague of viruses could be over, a new form of 'enzymatic bubbles' could come to break out, much worse than the nice and cosy viruses once were.

Added on 18 april 2020:

It appears, although I have hardly any info or data on it, that no sooner was my article on the web on 14 april, WHO could have started to call for a revision of the numbers from the corona epidemic - apparently prompting Trump already on 15 april to withhold USA's economic support to WHO for a period of time while evaluating their activities. (I found this data idea: Chinese foreign ministry daily press conference for 17 april 2020 tells "AFP: There are suspicions that the new coronavirus is coming from Wuhan. Would China accept a visit from the WHO officials to investigate the authenticity of epidemic-related figures and the origin of the virus? Zhao Lijian: Regarding the authenticity of the data, this morning, Wuhan municipality reported the revised number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and fatalities. [...] Behind the epidemic data are people's lives and health, as well as the government's credibility". Here 'this morning' = 17 april 2020 with an exceptional +1290 deaths overnight to a total of 4632 for China - even if the epidemic spread is almost totally down in China. It looks like 'revised numbers'. Donald Trump on Twitter notices the same strange leap, although my view is that China has shown how the epidemic could be limited efficiently if one uses the surveillance methods which the people in the west has not been informed about - after 4 weeks the computer of a normal 'smart city' probably knows everything about who carries the virus and who does not and by way of contacting the infected ones and asking them to quarantine the epidemic is down in the course of a few weeks time - this costs something in terms of temporary loss of people's spontaneity and perhaps also optimism but it is efficient to stop an epidemic - however, Trump immediately halted the economic support to WHO when this began so I dont know what the idea of 'big black numbers' - or rather 'victims of the Invisible Enemy' - could mean). If this really be the story, that WHO started revising the numbers as soon as they had seen the present theory, the question is why such counterintuitive response. One general explanation could be that viruses are so totally dominating in the human reality (say, humans could believe that God talks to them in that way) that no sooner is a little progress made in historic time, the piece of progress splits into two opposite political directions, one of them being rather 'diagonal'. Another possible explanation to this response to my theory of borders (under which the Burgenland border would be a special case) could be that the UN is an organization comprising all borders and therefore they try to include all directions. I once talked with a student of geography:

- Geography is an interesting study.
- It is.
- It borders onto many fields.
- It does.
- Yeah, such as environmental studies, and... and... <

But clearly to edit numbers under the pretext that the original numbers must have been edited since they seem to conform to my theory is probably not right. It is anyhow wrong to adjust the numbers in order to meet certain theories: The numbers must tell of the facts, not try to meet any special theory. To edit the numbers for preventing them from supporting the present theory would of course be utterly wrong - however much humans may feel that their reality is governed by the world of viruses. I notice that while my blue metre (PEB) contains 366 poems, the relevant yellow (DDS) and white metres are 64 poems: This could seem relevant to the percentages 12,5% for Italy and England while the overall global average is 3.5% - cp. 12,5/366 = 3,4%. Yet another theory could tell that 'corona virus' means 'quisling', for example on places where there has been much 'turning on the gender' - in which case of course certain 'revisions' in the sense of 'quislings out of administration' could be needed - but not revisions of numbers at the cost of scientific accuracy. Is the long quisling nose behind - such as when 'IS' in Syria means in what looks like a lapis philosophorum seen 'from behind'? But such ideas look like cheap tricks. I dont know what happened - if any numbers were altered at all. I add that my theory is totally without any organized manipulation of data - I have only seen these data on the internet and made the theory therefrom.

Syria on the map
(source 'Microsoft Encarta')

Outline of the white stone

The stone back side mirrored

(the illustration is an excerpt from this file)

CHINA DAILY on 19 april 2020: WHO anticipates more countries' update of COVID-19 figures

23 april 2020: Were the socalled 'novel corona virus epidemic' forecast already in cartoon #19 of The New Yorker for 26 june 1989, that is, 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days (the interval apparently significant for ÖVP in relation to me) before 11 september 2001? Even my lost rucksack could be a part of the story foretold already then. However, my poetry is not driven by 'Kennedy' in the gynaecomasty - as my function 14 is a proof of.


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