A theory on the corona virus

John Bjarne Grover

As I crossed the Burgenland border - from Hungary into Austria - by train, an old story from the 1970's came to my mind: We were in a party where they played Bob Dylan 'When shall I be released' and Tonje Aanonsen [Added 2022: 'Tonje Kolle' is the real name] jolted a teaspoon in some relish on the table and said: "When shall I be relished"- and laughed. Some time ago I had noticed that a sign in Szolnok telling 'Föiskola' = 'main school', 'head school', 'high school' could be seen as a comment on Tonje Kolle's profession as teacher in a kindergarden, pre-school = 'förskola' (in swedish, norwegian 'førskole'). Was this the secret of Sylvia Plath? Silver a platt? That I = R and vice versa? Ariel = Airel = Eire-L = IRe-land. I notice that the current WHO chief is called Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (cp. 'Ted praised the one about ge-brexit'). I sent my poem 'La Corona' to Ted Hughes but he did not answer - but maybe he said something nice to somebody else. The Corona Virus = Coiona Vrius. Am I 'coy on the neighbours'? Well, I think I am at least no problem to my neighbours.

'Eire' can mean 'Ireland', in norwegian 'eiere' = 'owners'.

Recently the 'Föiskola' sign seems to have been replaced with a 'Debreceni Egyetem - Szolnok Campus'.

There is all this idea of 'Breaksit' up - a crowbar into a slit in the skull of a victim sitting a la at a hairdresser while somebody jacks the 'corona' open with a cracking sound - it is no longer as easy as it was soon after birth. Could be 'All round' is the idea. This is an idea which should not be entertained not the least due to its primitive character, but there may be an idea around that this is what 'power' is about (cp. the 'power' from early child opening). I hope the Corona Virus is not set in circulation for squeezing me off the spot of my authorship - for example in order to credit somebody else with my work. 'Bor i sjansen' = 'lives/resides in the chance'.

PTRSIM PIK seems to be a concept based on the idea of an alleged 'Jesus' - however, nobody will grant much credibility to the idea of sperm from Jesus carried in brains for 2000 years still being fertile, and so the 'Jesus' theory is likely to be interpreted as somewhat of the opposite - the conditions rather letting the Jesus or divine be associated with John F.Kennedy - if he were involved in july 1957. But I dont think there is much to gain from searching for that 'investment' now.

PTRSIM PIK is a concept probably developed as a reactionary bulwark against the new information theory and computation science that will come to extend technology into new metaphysical areas and thereby be felt as a threat to standard religious theories. This new field of study is contained in my fundamental theorem of linguistics - which can be seen as a theortical basis for the original meaning of 'PTRSIM PIK' qua function from the old to the new testament. But that does not make neither a Jesus nor a Satan out of it. But why is just PTRSIM PIK chosen from the more than 1000 word pairs from that matrix? I have launched the theory that the reason why just the pair of words PTRSIM and PIK on slot #948 in that list is used is the following phenomenon of variation of phonological oppositions of STOPPING and VOICING in the names that seem to have been defining for political history - see this file under '6 december 2019':

WTRSIM WIK - Eidsvig


For example, Tarjei Vesaas was a norwegian author whose name 'Vesaas' finds such a VOICING/STOPPING interpretation in the name of 'Bezos' - currently the richest or near-richest man on earth. The combination VOICING + STOPPING will also convert 'ÖVP' ('Österreichische Volks-Partei') into 'ÖBB' = 'Österreichische Bundes-Bahn', the austrian national railways. (Austrian chancellor a few years ago, Christian Kern, was chief of ÖBB).

If one speculates that Bezos is such a success because of ÖBB relative to ÖVP, my view is that it rather be a matter of this small matrix of FTRSIM FIK to PTRSIM PIK - via VOICING & STOPPING.

Vesaas is a norwegian author but the name can probably also mean a sort of 'saucy' decision ('vedtak' = 'wood-grip') in administration. How saucy? The standard softporn story could be this - at least the two first, the VOICING:

FTRSIM FIK - the plumber/fitter comes to repair
WTRSIM WIK - it is getting hot - there is eavesdropping
BTRSIM BIK - bitter is already her husband at work
PTRSIM PIK - the papa has also children

The last element of social realism is probably not normally a part of softporn, probably not the second last either - although these could suggest a matrimonial sidestepping in the name of 'Eidsvig' - which means that softporn is perhaps only VOICING, not STOPPING. Sort of nonstop. De-vold could mean 'violence there' and hence an element of 'rape' by the 'fitter' - cp. the holocaust. Could be there is a quasi 'causality' from FTRSIM FIK to PTRSIM PIK which could be recognized in political 'separatism' (cliffs-off).

This name-phenomenon as 'politics' contained in the basic phonological oppositions is probably the reason for PTRSIM PIK as the choice of word pair (as 'anchor point') from the long matrix, Norway was established as anti-semitic state in 1814 but the antisemitic paragraph was lifted from the constitution in 1852, the year when Ole Devold started his knitting factory in Langevåg at Ålesund. And from him the family name extends up to me - via Eidsvig and Jensen. John Jensen changed his name to John Grøver in 1946 and the story with the possible skull opening could have been in july 1957.

Theories of Jesus and Satan - claims that PTRSIM PIK means 'Satan' and that can be proven, and Satan is the reason for the pandemic (which started at the time of Brexit) and Satan must be battled etc - could therefore probably have been made for confusing people and constraining the knowledge of the original basis for the information and computation on metaphysics to a few hands of International Secret Intelligence Services or similar political units of some kind, those controlling the knowledge resources - instead of letting the knowledge develop in healthy ways. If you can control this knowledge, it is to control the stairway to the new metaphysical reality which is the new field of computation theory - and some power freaks hope perhaps to make this their playground. The power freaks had perhaps hoped to control this on a few hands - like money formerly were concentrated on a few capitalist hands while the workers were underpaid, even if society would have blossomed better if the resources were more evenly distributed. I have this theory that the 'lapis philosophorum' which I made in 2014 formerly was well known and a standard inventory in e.g. art academies - but later reproductions of it were removed by the same 'services' from all archives on a global scale precisely in order for the 'power freaks' to be able to control and govern the minds of people - easier if the people had no access to this white stone. The original reason for PTRSIM PIK (in the distribution of doublewords from Genesis) could likewise have been tentatively removed from all archives and replaced with demagogic and propagandistic theories playing on superstitious angst about Jesus and Satan spreading evil all over the world - a la the pneumonia epidemic of the corona virus, which could have the function of scaring people farther off the contents of the secret archives of computation and information theory.

2014 was the year when my pension was turned into a trygd/benefit, starting from 2015. I wrote the first poem of DDS part 2 on 'Kennedy assassination day' 22 november 2013, which also was the day when Midori held a concert in Berlin, and the last poem of part 2 was written on the day when she left Vienna after having given a concert here the day before. The ascencion of the mount of poetic enlightenment started with TEQ poem 11 on the day when I attended a concert of hers in London in 1997. This means that there could be a sort of 'reverse' link from Berlin to London in the story. The real interest could, though, be in the phenomenon of the graphics that developed 'ex nihilo' at the end of my writing of DDS part 2 - the front page of DDS is graphics that seems to rotate like a Zifferblatt through the series of 64 poems of part 2: It starts on poem 22 with the front page illustration, then turns one quadrant to one fourth of 64 = 16 plus 22 = poem 38 for this rotation - see also the relevance of this for the beginning of Rilke's Duino elegies, turning the other way gives 22-16 = #6 for this rotation etc. It seems that the magic ex nihilo illustration turns with the pointers clockwise or the Zifferblatt itself anticlockwise ('rückwärts') from poem to poem - such that the 'wrench' at the bottom of this rotation will point directly down into the earth at DDS part 2 poem 5 - compare the Chu silk illustration in this article. But this exploration of a logic and computation theory far deeper into the metaphysics was probably not known in 2014. It is this phenomenon of a general cultural inertia against the new knowledge that could be the parametre behind the socalled PTRSIM PIK as a 'political' phenomenon. If Brexit is supposed to be that 'intelligence' battle against the spread of this knowledge, like a pandemic spreads, then it is high time to understand how deeply reactionary this political move could be. It cannot be the way forwards if it is but a way of whipping up superstition and anxiety about Satan and a quasi-'divine' Kennedy instead of a healthy development of the new knowledge.

I add that METERS in MEEK could be a part of a 'political' strategy attempting to squeeze me off my authorship - like ideas that I would be too 'meek' for writing these works or for getting a university stipend in Bergen in competition with others and therefore got it by external financing reserved in advance for me. Midori's recordings would be 'in MIC'. This could add a 'nasi' nasal to the matrix.

It must be noticed that politics (or some politics) generally seem to conceive of its field of activity as a matter of power, and that the 'Burgenland power mystery' seems to have enjoyed the status of 'very magic power' for a long time - for example, it is well possible that the US defence centre 'Pentagon' got its name as it was built in 1943 (at the peak of Hitler power or at least turbulence) from 'Pamhagen' as this is 1) on the 'magic' border between Austria and Hungary, and 2) on the 'magic' diagonal border of the 'lapis philosophorum' in the form of the female character (if one assumes 'Pam' in 'hagen' a suitable name for her) - and indeed these two borders could be the same: Then the essential observation is that the solution I have found to this power mystery is in terms of movement and transformation of phonological features. It may therefore be that the matrix from FTRSIM FIK to PTRSIM PIK has occurred to the constructors of the historic intrigue as having a mighty magic explanatory force - enough possibly even for two world wars. But to claim that this is the power of Satan is to play demagogically on people's religious emotions relative to the new information technology exploring new fields of metaphysical reality.

(Another candidate for the title 'the worlds richest man' is Bill Gates with his Windows. My laptop 'notebook' recently broke down and I had to buy a new one - but it turned out to have a socalled 'Windows S-mode' installed. It is not called SS-mode (and the traditional windows logo of 'booting' turns into a swastika only with added shades) but it seems that new programs cannot be installed except from the internet under a Microsoft Store (a sort of 'shopping center' - or is it a 'concentration camp' for APPs?) with a 'Zwischenablage' inbetween. I recognized in this form some concepts which also could be associated with the holocaust in the version - but of course a 'ramp' is a very general thing. However, the battery was slow to load and to get off the S-mode required logging onto internet first for getting the authority needed toget the machine off the administrative control - and, told some internet page was it, if you leave the S-mode then you cannot come back to it again. I tried to download the Windows 7 Starter licence that was lost with the kaputt laptop notebook but Microsoft would not allow for that and referred me to the seller of the machine - the seller told me that '7' is out and cannot be purchased any longer, at least not through them - they could not get one from Microsoft, only 10 was available. It seems that Microsoft Edge ('Eire'?) is the only possible way to the vital internet for the S-mode - the only chance we have, so to speak, in that S-mode. It is probably to face a fact if one concludes that Microsoft Windows now is a monopoly phenomenon for the new information technology (Linux, not Lind-jux, sounds like Grover-swindle, is not really an alternative) - and that should not be owned privately - and if nazi propaganda starts sneaking in under the pretext of being just general principles of cognition, then it may be that an alternative to the monopoly must be designed. I think I saw that China is making their own 'Windows'. Why not let XP and Seven and old rolldownmenu Word (before the 'semiotic' smiley buttons) go on public domain and provide these from a portal that can guarantee them free of claims and viruses - or, even better, on CD or USB in the post office. Virus programs with fresh definitions can be cheap and the machine cleaned from new USB every now and then. There must exist an alternative for serious users who do not want to attach the machine to the internet - not even for one single time and one single moment. For my use, it seems that the PC system reached a peak of performance around 2002-2005 and has declined since then - could be Remington or Olivetti could start production of Usable Machines with Sensible Programs without network attachment? - one can of course have an extra internet computer for such use).

PS over midnight: Do you see in
the DDS front page illustration

PTRSIM PIK up right, the Venus among tufts of hair,
BTRSIM BIK up left, the mouse in the wolf's gap
FTRSIM FIK down left, the Venus in sprawl, and
WTRSIM WIK down right, the rat fleeing the ship?

That can well be, but then it is just the turning Zifferblatt. If you tilt it 45 degrees so that Venus in marble stands on top, that corresponds to DDS part 2 poem #30 (between 22 and 38), see this file under 'Unter Gesellschaft #30', four stanzas for these four forms, with the fleeing 'jigsaw' rat in the last (two lines). But this is not Satan - it is great progress in knowledge for a formalization of metaphysical things - and it should be given more serious attention than from only mythomaniac superstitious reactionary politics and sausage sellers.

Poem #16 from part 2 is also on the web - that is not 45 degrees the other way but maybe 40 degrees. Notice the Licht which here is a torch held out by a hand between the breasts of the she-wolf.

Continued on 15 march 2020:

When I met the owners of the house in Szolnok to sign the sales contract in 2015, they both (mother and daughter) pointed at me and said "nagyon simpatikus" - 'very sympathetic'. It was supposed to mean, and of course I would take it that way, to be a friendly attitude and mood for the signing of the contract - but clearly a certain spoon could have been involved: The theory goes that to develop a predicted leftsided gynaecomastia on a victim of early opening is extremely expensive - that it is not enough with masturbation on the cortex of the infant, but the masturbator must also be a Great Warrior - and that was the reason for the Vietnam war, tells this theory - that Kennedy had just got USA involved in Vietnam before the 'assassination' in 1963. From this theory, with a spoon on "nagyon simpatikus" it turns into 'Saigon in patikus' which then is what can be called the real reason for my leftsided gynaecomastia, my 'patikus', hence a heavyweight idea of a 'reason' or 'ground' which in hungarian is 'OK' (pronounced [ok], not like 'okay'). This is what they 'said', a word which is 'SZOL'. Hence SZOLnOK. (Norw. 'såle' = 'sole' of shoe etc that rests on the 'ground'). If the clue of the story is that Tonje Kolle really was or was related systematically to Sylvia Plath, the wife of later royal entertainer Ted Hughes, it may have to be told (you see? it is not nice to tell things like these about their guests, but clearly the circumstances may be exceptional) also that the incident with the RELISH comment of Tonje Kolle was at a party at Truls (not 'trusl' = 'threat') & Solveig (= 'sun-way' = not threat) Hansen - hence a HANS-UP threat = only a sunway KETCHUP = RELISH, sort of. This 'ketchup' could via the 'hotdog' symbolism of the US embassy bombings in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi 12 years after the death of (gas-PAS-gas) Syversen in Botswana ('Gabarone') suggest even that the Challenger disaster of 28 january 1986 was about 'send-up' - hence 'ketchup and senap' (for ketchup and mustard on the hotdog - not about the ''touchup/getshot and senate' - see below) suggests such a 'ketchup'. Is there a function from KETCHUP to SZOLNOK? Reading the two words crisscross takes it to 'skoeltnshoukp' - which arguably could invoke associations to that primitive attitude of 'breaking/shaking up the skull'. LUGU = chinese for 'skull', while the LOGO for Microsoft can be taken to be interpreted in the form of 'My-Cross-Offed' = 'swastika' - and the traditional Microsoft Windows logo could in fact suggest so itself if an 'offed' cross (its four ends being 'offed' in to straight angles) is taken to be the shades of the four 'windows' in the traditional logo - each of them even a little curved or 'offed'?

'my cross'         'my cross offed'

It is a 90 degrees turn of half of the 'arms' which is needed for making this swastika. Subtracting this LOGO/LUGU 'skull' from 'skoeltnshoukp' leaves 'tnshoekp' = 'te[e]nse-hook-p' = just this offed swastika? Spoon on this gives 'penis-hooked' which could mean the 'octogon' = 'OK-tok-hånd' = the sales contract of 2015, or e.g. Österreich --> Steiermark via IR-land (ö-'sterreich' -> 'steriach-ö' = 'Steier-mark'). Tél, Ösz, Rege Utcas (Ösz-tél-rege') at Vasgereben in Szolnok.

Hungarian 'sz' = normal 's' while hungarian 's' = normal 'sh': 'Ösz' (as in 'Österreich') means 'autumn, gray-haired, silver-headed', while 'ös' (as in 'ösh-') means 'ancestor, forefather, ancient'. 'Ös-vény' = 'path' (in a forest or 'mark', for example). 'Vény' means 'prescription', as in an apothecary.

'Skoeltnshoukp' as for 'LOGO to a shoe-cup' could also apply to the story with ideas of Beingasse, Auschwitz, Anne Skundberg and me in the forest outskirts in 1972-73 - if the real story be the idea that another man was there on the forest path in the autumnal darkness and 'couped' a sexual intercourse: I have no reason to believe this but clearly the idea can arise from redundancies. When I in the autumn 1973 made friends with Petter Enok Skau Jakobsen, whom I believed was my age, it must be admitted that today his name looks like a 'confession' or 'insight' that it must be understood that the innocent petting in the forest outskirts really were a 'yes-cup-sen' in the 'skau' = 'forest' - as if his name should tell me that somebody had been on the autumnal woodpath for a sexual intercourse. PESJ (cp. the text of the Miraculous Medal of 1830 - french 'sin') was the mid one of three Skau Jakobsen brothers: Ole Skau Jakobsen (age of my elder sister, whose hymen he perhaps could have taken) was a year older than me and went in the high school class above me, Petter Enok Skau Jakobsen was my age and their younger brother was called Lars Skau Jakobsen (age my younger sister). They were sons of the chief of social services on Kråkerøy, an island just outside Fredrikstad. Their mother, whom I also met, suffered some mental disease, if I remember right - they had just moved into a new house in 'Jaktveien 10' = 'Hunting Road 10'. (The 'Fadervår' = 'Ourfather' prayer seems to be interpretable somewhat in the indexes - 'makten og æren') - it was a joke that Ole made in those days about a bottle sinking in the sea with a gobligobligob sound that could have spurred in me the idea of a certain similarity of their father with Joseph Goebbels - I dont think it was him for real. If one studies the names of the three brothers, one arrives at a certain relevance of the name of Osama bin Laden: O damebind Larsen, Ole samabin adn (cp. Kursk-and-Cole - it was Al Qaida that was blamed for the bombing of Cole in Aden) etc. There is a road intersection of Raba & Szava Utcas close to Sziget Utca in Szolnok - Saba = a sanitary towel, a 'damebin[d]'. Hence it is possible to see even the activities of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida as a background of the idea that there had been a sexual intercourse in the forest outskirts in 1972-73 - could be a 'double' in the darkness pretending to be me. But this would probably be theory only, in any case. I wasnt there, except with a petting finger - but the theory could perhaps be called a 'teen-shoe-cup'.

It is of course probable that the sales contract signing was surveyed and that these data could have given rise to intrigues. Whether these also included the names of the seller, I cannot determine.

For the hotdog symbolism to imply ketchep + senap, it is natural to assume that a 'basis' for the hotdog must be present as well - either in the form of a rolled up potato 'lompe', or in the form of a 'hotdog bread' inside of which the hotdog is resting. This bread is called 'pølsebrød': 'Pølse' = 'hotdog', 'sausage', while 'brød' = 'bread'. 'Brøde[t]' in one toneme is 'the bread', in another toneme it is 'the sin' (french 'peche') - the tonemic distinction is essential, again as in chinese. Hence this 'brøde' could be what there is to apologize for.

'Hellig-brøde' = 'sin against the holy', 'sacrilege' - cp. the idea of declaring somebody for 'PTRSIM PIK' plus injustice against the person. The Miraculous Medal of Paris 1830, which many have found a help from the holy, contains this 'peche'.

On 20 november 2019 I found this probably 'ex nihilo' piece on the floor and microscoped it - giving this picture and its 90 degrees turning 'off':

            'rosinen i pølsen' ('voicing'? hot dog?)             'rosinen i følsen' ('stopping'?)

'Rosinen i pølsen' = 'the raisin in the hotdog/sausage' = the innermost secret/clue to the story. 'Rosinen i følsen' = 'the raisin in the feeling'. It is possible that if this ex nihilo piece of matter is a standard element in the inventory/catalogue of such ex nihilos, for example because such ex nihilos are considered universals in a mixmax of ontology and epistemology (and hence telling of 'political parlance'?). Notice the 'hot dog'. There is also a very interesting similarity of the upright version (the high head) when compared with the 'Munich' area on the 'map of Europe' in the 'ancient' = hung. 'ösi' bronze tablet of China - see also my study 'The chinese sign WO'. This fragment of the bronze (lines 4-5) shows the following:

Up left, in line 4, there is the 'corona-frog' mention as 'frog' in The chinese film of 1963 and the ethnologic parametre in language and Were Kennedy constructed for the history? I notice also the 'dropping of the bra' - as for the PhD of mine that did not come about in 1998 - see e.g. the file 'The Octogon' under '21 february 2020' or the 'ABC'. If the story with the two cups on her table is assigned value for example for the tray with 2 cups of tea, that is, for the chinese sign 'SHOU' = Mathews 5839, cp. 'tnshoukp' --> 'SHOU-teen-cup', then it may be of value to observe that the lower left side of the area between the 'crowned frog' and the 'high head' on the bronze tablet inscription lines 4-5 could invoke idea of a 'wrench astray'. And what is the 'Sun Glasses'? Heinrich Himmler used 'Round Glasses'. Could it have been these 'lorgnettes', 'pincenez' - for the hands-on extension? Are they 'tight huges' - in 'entertainment'?

Clearly under such circumstances, and in particular in view of the 'crowned chalice' next to the 'crowned frog', this ex nihilo piece of matter could have had a scaring effect on the english queen (situated in London - like that 'crowned frog' relative to the map of Europe) and could have invoked sore feelings in the context of the idea of 'lacking head' - if transformed down onto the 'Munich' area - or perhaps rather the 'im-Munich' area around Calais or thereabout. Brussels? It is not impossible that the story with the apology (the Apollo issue) could have been constructed around this ex nihilo piece of 'epistemological ontology'. The corona virus likewise - for example if 'virus' = 'man' is taken to mean a more or less hot 'dog'. Then the 'corona' would be telling possibly also of 'july 1957' - the assumed incident with the lifting of my head not many days after birth and the idea of John F.Kennedy masturbating a spurt on my cortex - which here could be associated with the 'raisin in the sausage/feeling'.

Clearly this could be the basis for an ex nihilo based mixmax of me with the english monarch.

English PM Boris Johnson said not long before Brexit that he had to apologize to the queen. It may be that my residence in Zinckgasse is considered 'sjansen' = 'the chance'. 'Bor i sjansen' = 'resides in the chance'. I hope England did not Brexit because I still lived in Zinckgasse and had not vacated the 'ÖVP space', so to speak, or for whatever reason that could be. If this should have been the logic, that would be to make big political things out of little me and my residence - and how could that be explained if not by considering me a PTRSIM PIK or something like that? Would it be about the 'New Yorker' data? Is it that my presence enhances the abuse potential via the socalled New Yorker construction and that can lead to a future Hitler via the unconstitutional power pump? But England could not Brexit because I had not found another home - e.g. in another country - then it would have been much easier to find a place for me than for the whole country to exit from EU? Or is it that one suspects me of being a PTRSIM PIK of mighty metaphysical powers of some sort or other? That would be to believe in the wrong thing. But maybe it was only for telling what the political situation is and thereby what it can lead to in the future - that England believes that there will be a new Hitler and therefore they pull out of EU now instead of later. But then why having to apologize - if it were 'bor i sjansen' who had to apologize?

The difference between 'pølsen' and 'følsen' would be comparable to the matrix from FTRSIM FIK to PTRSIM PIK by the feature STOPPING. Would it then be the 'hot dog' of 90 degrees which gives the VOICING?

Of course this ex nihilo piece could be a standard - a la a lapis philosophorum or the Vollkornbrot - in the catalogue of such phenomena. Could be some people would credit 'Satan' with the creation of such abnormal ontologies. Do you believe in witchcraft? Then you may perhaps think that it is Satan who makes these. My view is that ex nihilo phenomena are a part of your own psyche - a borderline phenomenon related to the particular redundancies of the human psyche, that which makes human reality different from other realities (birds, for example - how can the small bodies fly across such a big ocean?) - and I would therefore not be so quick with calling it 'Satan'. But if you believe in Satan and witchcraft, you may perhaps nourish plans of organizing witchhunts for taking those who could have insulted the english monarch. A modern society reasonably beyond superstition should not accept such intrigue as valid reason. If the corona virus is put in circulation for making it possible to 'take the satans' who could be suspected of having created the ex nihilo evidence, it should not be accepted by the global community.

I am not a heir to the throne any more than you are - of course everybody are but most people (who have Adam as their 'forefather' and Eve as their 'foremother') are so far down on the list that it is not interesting.

It must be understood how helpless 'politics' is - when the whole complex can be solved by simply telling the story as it is - about Kennedy and 'ex nihilo' and all that. Then it may well be that the natural conclusion need not necessarily be (although one would understand the idea) that England cannot continue with its kingdom if such 'feelings' is the problem, in particular if e.g. the corona virus is supposed to be a method for wrenching out an apology that can calm the nervous feelings.

It must be understood that if 'ex nihilo' pieces of matter are telling of universals in the human psyche, then it is of course not a new phenomenon. Some people have good eyes that can see small details, and the waterdrop over waterdrop microscope was probably invented in ancient times - and so political and other intrigues on ex nihilo phenomena may be very old. There probably exists catalogues of these phenomena in the secret archives of administrations - these catalogues should of course be published and not be reserved for political intrigue.

It is perhaps even possible that the relevance of the ex nihilo piece of matter for the 'high head' chinese sign in ancient script on the bronze tablet is not a coincidence. (Could even the last image in the chinese film have been about this?) It is of course possible that ex nihilos generally were a basis for the construction of the ancient script - this I know little or nothing about but clearly it is an interesting theory.

'Politics' tries perhaps to navigate with minimal friction and avoid challenging those who have things to confess.

What is essential is that if somebody has something to confess, it should not be turned into a (possibly even worse) repeat of the sin or crime. "Humans are born sinners" is not a reason. If it is the international secret intelligence services who have put corona virus in circulation for the sake of an intrigue on the turnaround of me with the english monarch on the background of the potential story with Kennedy in 1957, it is likely to be about an attempt to make more intrigue, not less.

Dont blame me for that.

I have made it very crystal clear that an email I may have sent to Buckingham around 2000 or so and which could have lacked 'formal heading' was not on the background of evil intentions - it was on the contrary a very friendly and well meant email but since I had not the catalogue of rules of conduct I could not take the risk of stepping on toes by choice of wrong heading/addressing ('Dear royal monarch' - is that the right form? or could it be felt as insulting?). But to apologize in the sense of confessing guilt in the form of bad intentions ('satanic'?) in the email I cannot: There were no bad intentions. If those who could have made an intrigue want such a 'confession of bad intentions', it could be for lending rationale to a claim that the confessed 'sin' must be paid for, for example among the jewish genetics etc.

It could be about a political intrigue based on the principle of swap of the english monarch with me of july 1957. Who could organize it? It could naturally be guessed that it could be about that same power structure of the 'triangular sign' discussed in the article 'The logic of the new technology'.

A theory (I know little about this, though) could be that England could have been somewhat involved in the construction of Hitler with his holocaust and 'brawl-miller' world war and that this caused the mighty british superiority after the war - a terrible success it could have been called then - and that could have been difficult to confess. It may have been the expectation that my octogon - of relevance for example for the entertainment of Ted Hughes - should have been a wellpreserved secret. It is of course possible that there never was a man on the moon (in the Apollo program started by Kennedy) - and how to confess that today after having celebrated all that triumph in all the impressive stories told in schoolbooks around the world? But if this is the story, then it is vital for the development of the new global community that the confession goes through and is not turned into a new round of superstition and Satan-hunt or construction of new 'Jesus on our side' (foregiving our sins in new ways) and such tragic pretex for more violence.

It need perhaps not be the english administration as such - another theory credits the international secret intelligence services or sth like that - a layer of unconstitutional power that is hard to avoid in administration - and these could have credited english administration with the intrigue on basis of e.g. that ex nihilo and chinese bronze basis. If a 'Satan' is credited for the 'insulting' ex nihilo piece, is China likewise credited with the basis for the intrigue? My view is that the chinese leadership e.g. by names tries to take a stance against this construction - that they are not propels for it but try to understand what it is.

To believe that a new microchip can be driven by a new Jesus suffering for our relief - a 'social computer chip' - is a grandiose error - it is the world community going right in the ditch and being stuck there for a long time. The solution for the new information technology is not in new hyper-competitive technology based on social enmity and 'competitive' borders but rather in a new economy levelling out racist subsets of humanity by entropy maximation and things like that. That is when cognition can interface with electronic technology in a fruitful way rather than in the racist solution of 'new cognitive slavery'. But that means tuning down 'power'-by-way-of-challenges.

If the organizers had hoped to be the new leaders in info tech by turning an apology into a new chip-Jesus instead, then it is time to come out with the story rather than running history into the ditch for a reactionary millenium.

My 'Stillhetens åndedrag' seems to encode important parametres of quantum theory related also to the phonetic-logical features of 'A waist of time' as well as the parametre of 'faith'. The new cognitive transistor will probably measure by above or below the level of history-eternity interface denoted by the sum of probabilities equalling unity. I have fancied that if two completely straight plates project to an image a whole multiplum of the distance away, and if the first plate relates in the same way to a third plate with another whole multiplum for the same image, then the image will occur on the screen of the first plate - a sort of 'Tafelstein' it can be called, reflecting a divine revelation shimmering over it. This technology is perhaps already developed - but there must probably be ångström precison in the flatness and parallelism of the plates and the distances between them if it shall be technology and not only theory of the divine. The image will either occur with crystal clarity on the 'screen' (the 'divine tablet'), or not at all - that is summed up to either one or to not-one in the computation of the sum of probabilities: It takes time to compute the sum of probabilities and things have happened in the mean time - that is when history differs from eternity. But that is when the economy is maximized not by competitive exploitation but by striving towards a maximal entropy. Not by 'new holocaust' but by regained freedom.

It is traditionally considered right to be theoretic only on the sum of probabilities running to 1,0 and not 0,99 or 1,01 - and to postulate ideas off the unity is to search for 'Satan'. The narrow path... Funny, even christendom needed a concept of Satan for functioning properly, or at least heuristically. But it is a reactionary attitude to reject the study of the theoretic conditions for when the sum of probabilities could be unity even if the distribution has changed in the course of the computation. Everybody understand that this is what oldtime swindlers specialized in - creating virtual realities that looked right but were a bubble of illusion only - lasting just long enough for the swindler to have time to get away. Clearly swindle is and remains wrong - what is right is to study the conditions under which the metaphysical reality could progress differently in its creation of the border between ontology and epistemology. Swindle is a competitive exploitative abuse of these important theoretic possibilities - and swindle and exploitation therefore is a reactionary resistance to the new technology. If the ontological reality is outputted from a spiritual recognition of identity (or 'unity'!) across two different realities, such as my fundamental theorem of linguistics suggests, it is obvious that this can be done in more than one way and therefore scientific experimentation can lead to new knowledge of the architecture of the metaphysical realities. A new spiritual freedom for humanity (also to communitcate with cultures in a remote universe) will arise in these studies - and therefore oldtime morality on depth of integrity is the measurement of truth now as before. But it cannot be excluded that the cultures from a remote cosmos have developed methods for seeing the secrets of your heart, or even national top secrets of various kinds. That is when exploitative abuse gets nervous and tries to prevent the progress of this new technology - except for that technology which is based on the innate 'lies' of the human psyche.

It is time to tune down the role of 'clever intrigue' functioning by swindle, exploitation, competitive fraud.

I am not a new Jesus for new exploitative technology. Development in formalization of metaphysics goes not via primitive 'particle collisions' by CERN accelerators and things like that - it goes via rational reasoning on the human psyche (when only the society allows for it) and not via explosions and exploitations.

If somebody put the corona virus in circulation they must have had reasons for that. It would tell of a problem they have - the cost of which they hope can be distributed all over the world instead of only they paying for it - now when the new technology is to be developed and wellpreserved secrets could come to be discovered from far away by advanced metaphysical telescopes.

It is possible that ex nihilo matter is such an alternative path from the metaphysics to the physics and as such a proof of the existence of a probably limited number of such ways. How to compute the conditions for these - running to sum 1,0 while something happened? Like turning a book page and a clot of jelly is under it? Those who have a bad conscience say perhaps that metaphysics does not exist - it is old superstition - but that is clearly to turn things around - like a 'clever intrigue'.

It is time to come out with the secrets of the relevant intrigues: For example, if the 'octogon' were a secret intrigue, could be even extending its relations via entertainment in Buckingham, it should be downgraded so that the 'quasi-political' force goes out of the intrigue. If apologies and guilt and hurt feelings is the theme that could be driving big political things, if it were me who were blamed by the society for having overstepped the borders of matrimonial fidelity while in actual fact it were agent couples who organized the infidelities by way of clever intrigue for luring the 'young tender' in the trap, then of course the guilt to be confessed would be the other way round. This could be of extreme importance for the average public to have the chance to get knowledge of - and therefore the essential information on these matters should be downgraded to 'public'. My life was not 'drinking and whoring' - after such an 'octogon' one isnt much worth socially or sexually - and if details of information could clear matters up, it should be done. It may be that my official parents (born Eidsvig and Jensen) had such problems and that it could be a 'secret intelligence project' to turn the generations around for making it possible to blame me for such problems and thereby even make it unlikely that I had written the books I have written. ('Sjansen' is not 'Jensen', but not far from it). Much can be gained by downgrading some secrets - at least that is a guess for which there seems to be some empirical evidence.

I add the trivial observation that if it should have been established even before Microsoft that I should buy a house in Szolnok, if even the house should have been determined 'before Microsoft' (I have no good reasons to believe that), then it could be a proof that either 1) I would have to be an informed agent, which I am not - I never was an agent - or 2) my social interface would have to be under rather total control - in which case it must be understood how difficult it is for me to succeed in applications and competitions on the market. The cerebral haemorrhage on 23 february 2002 could have been from a laser beam, suggesting problems with the 'heading' - but it could also have been because I had to pay tax one year later, long before I knew whether I would have to pay tax at all: That would tell of the sort of problems that can arise when there is only one year left of the tenancy agreement - could be on the background of global unconstitutional power constructed on basis of early childhood abuse of the kind described above.

Finally, it can be observed that the crisscross of KETCHUP and SZOLNOK could read 'skoeltnshoukp' - and by removing the 'skull' of the LUGU/LOGO one comes perhaps close to something resembling the ex nihilo piece I reported above - possibly including also a 'Skau Jakobsen' factor of 'shoukp' teen etc. See also the nomination letter to 'Aug.Schou' (from Oftedal, not 'offed'-e-dal) about the Nobel prize to Mahatma Gandhi - shortly before his death.


It may be necessary to realize that political intrigue (of which the corona virus could be a part) could be constructed on the fundamental assumption that ex nihilo matter is the work of Satan. If this is planned to be the basis for an outright war against such ex nihilo things, under the more or less pronounced pretext that it is Satan whose work should not spread like an epidemic, then it may be that a very serious obstacle to progress in knowledge on a global scale is attempted. The purpose with this could be to install exploitative technological principles (based on abuse?) instead of peaceful and constructive progress in the new metaphysical fields of knowledge - those which can provide the basis for an information technology for communication with remote intelligences and which can take us much further - fields of study wherein ex nihilo matter could bring interesting and important empirical evidence. Clearly the world should not let this happen but should try and find other ways to handle a problem of bad cultural/political conscience, if that is the real obstacle and the background of such an intrigue.

Added on 16 march 2020: The corona virus could resemble the spanish disease of 1918 - when something between 4 and 20 percent of the sick people died. If one measures the ratio between the 'raisin' in the hotdog/feeling in both directions, it comes to something similar: x1/y1 in the horizontal direction is about 4%, in the other ('top hat') direction it is about 13-14%. Hopefully the corona virus will not mutate and become more lethal.

My laptop notebook broke down and I bought first a 'Trekstor' with S-mode, and when I discovered the difficult mode I bought another as well - the only affordable without S-mode seemed to be a Lenovo Miix 320 which was a display model, the last they had in Media Markt in the Lugner Shopping Centre (who probably 'lend' the premises to Media Markt). This turned out to boot very slowly because the disk was full - but when I counted the directories they summed up to max half of it and there was nothing to delete. So the 'bytometre' was out of order? The seller had mumbled about 'recovery' which I tried but it could not with so little disk space - and when I tried to reinstall, the boot order could not be changed. So it seems unusable for anything but small megabytes. The newspapers told that Lugner (the owner of the centre) himself had been in hospital and was on recovery. The shopping centre lends space also to my PO Box - which formerly was in Löschenkohl Gasse (and had been so for many years) before they moved down to Lugner's shopping centre some years ago. A house in Moehringgasse is getting a new roof etc.

A portrait of the selbst.

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