of a line from 'Der Dornenstrauch'

John Bjarne Grover

21 january 2020:

There is a line in Der Dornenstrauch which I have long wondered whether it contains an error of a most heavyweight kind. The line is in part 2 "Unter Gesellschaft", poem #16 line 7:

Das Licht ist wunderschön und alt und dicht.

I believe that it may be better with this version:

Das Licht ist wunderschön und alt, nicht dicht.

It arguably sounds not so wohl as the other but it may be that the meaning is of utmost importance. For example, if these three words are the same as the constituents of the 'xu' sign, it could be that a God's will element in 'xu' should be 'nicht dicht' rather than 'und dicht'.

Not a copula but a negation.

Could be the entire world is busy with this single word. Is it the current US presidential impeachment issue (on alleged power abuse as concerns the press-i-dent-ial election of Ukrai-n-a)? Is it the disappearance of my poetry notebooks? Is it my retention problems?

But the first version arguably sounds better. It is noticed that the difference can be made as small as one wants:

Das Licht ist wunderschön und alt, un[d]-dicht.

Here is the poem in the new version:


Als ich in späte Abend-Luft gehe aus,
die Luft erzählt mir von den alten Tagen,
der Handschuh schließt über die nackte Hand,
Erinnerungen sind nicht mehr so vage

und in den Treppenhäusern steht das hohe Licht
in Stufen die sich langsam unterwerfen.
Das Licht ist wunderschön und alt, nicht dicht / undicht.
Die Nachtluft ruht die meines Tages Nerven.

Ein Fenster präsentiert sich - es ist warm
und drinnen sitzen Menschen um die Stille
und um die Zeiten als der Mensch war arm
und Landschaften waren grüner, schöner, milder.

Der Klang ist hölzern von geheim' Oboe
und Klarinette aus dem Rokoko.

                                        13.12.13, 13.01.14

Added 15 september 2021:

I recently discovered that Angela Merkel came to politics from a career in science. This I found about the time when I had just discovered that the above poem DDS II:16 also seems to be telling of the title to my TEQ book 4 'Cardiff/Harding' - as I concluded after having seen the correlation with one of Caravaggio's last works "St.John the Baptist" (from this source) from 1610 - the 'cardiff' is to the left, the branching horns of the sheep - and the 'carding' theme of the sheep's wool - while the 'harding' would be the bamboo-like stick in the sense of 'hard light', or light that had attained substantial form - in 'distances' or 'Stufen'. TEQ book 4 is the correlate to my PEB line 4 - on political government. Merkel's 'Diplomarbeit' from june 1978 had the title "Der Einfluß der räumlichen Korrelation auf die Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit bei bimolekularen Elementarreaktionen in dichten Medien" - it could be the same 'dicht' as in my poem - here for the light that has become so 'dicht' that it has turned into matter.

There was also the story with whom I believed was the politician Ehud Olmert and then some days later (could be the same interval as between the two black textiles I found on Bim #1) a woman (whom I associated with the madonna of 'Guadalupe') with child waiting for the Bim on the same place: It could have been about "Der Einfluß der räumlichen Korrelation [...] bei bim-o-leku-laren Elementarreaktionen in dichten Medien". The 'Laren' could have been the later 'woman-in-the-street' at Hütteldorfer Strasse. A quite interesting phenomenon.

Merkel later completed her doctorate dissertation 'Untersuchung des Mechanismus von Zerfallsreaktionen mit einfachem Bindungsbruch und Berechnung ihrer Geschwindigkeitskonstanten auf der Grundlage quantenchemischer und statistischer Methoden' completed on 8 january 1986, if I got it right. I cannot evaluate if this resembles my own distributional function 14 or my epidemiological theory on the ex nihilo nature of virus - but it may be this theme that I hinted about when possibly Dagfinn Føllesdal asked me with 'Bindungspruch' in the street.

Furthermore, an interesting issue is the question 'Can light be dated?' - which here applies to just the moment in my DDS where the white stone is thought of as taking place - in the corresponding poem in part I.

Some months ago I got a letter from Norweay concerning issues which could perhaps be recognized in the names of the area of Austria called 'Jungholz' - the socalled 'Sorgschrofen' at the border to Germany (a 'pimple' on the territory formed around the time of the formation of the Devold knitting factory in Langevåg at Ålesund and the US republican party). It is not impossible that this small area also is used for a signification of the atrium in the house where I live - with possible politicials potentialities thereby. Very deplorable it would be if my theories are adopted by 'politics' for turning them against me - instead of crediting me for them - as for a 'couped/cued as Jesus' strategy. Caravaggio's 'Judas kiss' has a quite interesting interpretation in my DDS II:36.

The KAR-KAR-KAR of the summer 2020 could have been in preparation of the elections this year. In my overview of correlations in cycles of 1 and 5 steps of my DDS III with Caravaggio's work, there is also a singular occurrence of a work by not Caravaggio but Carracci - which could have been the Karachi aircrash. The summer 2020 was somewhat overcrowded with 'coincidences in the austrian reality' - and there have been some signs of something similar this year. Abuse of the poet that must be called - if they try to influence the elections to parliament in, say, Norway or Germany by annexing my ideas without crediting the source and carry out coincidences for the 'divine' effect of it. If enough KARs parked in the roadside start in the moment when I walk past, it is possible that such artificial coincidences relative to PTRSIM PIK can come to influence an election considerably. In particular if those who organize it also try to hijack my epidemiological theory and claim to be the origins of the ideas and theories therein.

Is it quite simply a ridiculous strategy to go for cheating and swindle by not crediting the source - and hence it feels like a consolidation of the security of the state?

(Germany's ambassador to China died some days ago).

They must credit me as the source - not abuse my things. It is very possible that an election won by such means will not count as legal.

Conclusion: It is likely that the original line was right after all. It is true that the 'Treppenhaus' I had in mind had a light that was very light and ethereal and rather the opposite of 'dicht' - but it is certainly possible that the light was bamboo-'dicht' after all. I would guess that the example is what can be called a LEKTON - in the sense - by my fundamental theorem of linguistics - of an item that is the same in two metaphysical realities but has the truth value TRUE in the one of them and FALSE in the other. Could be that is just when it falls down (as 'Zerfallsreaktion'?) as matter into physical reality - with 'bim-o-lekton-laren'.

Das Licht ist wunderschön und alt und dicht.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 21 january 2020
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