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Some years ago, the old post office in Loeschenkohlgasse was closed and moved down to the new Lugner Center. (I think there was some neighbourhood demonstrations - 'we want our post office back' etc - in this period a lot of old post offices were closed and new strange installations occurred instead - a counter in a bookshop etc - new ideas). For reaching my PO Box, I then had to go up Zinckgasse, past Wien Stadthalle and down Moeringgasse. In the intersection Moeringgasse/Sorbaitgasse, there was a building with offices for various alternatives - Amnesty International and things like that. I briefly considered renting a small office there if they had but discarded the idea.

Around mid march this year, that is some 4 weeks ago, they started pulling this house down. It took a few days to demolish it - the house was not new, could be it were built some 50 years ago or so (like my house in Szolnok, that would be). Some days ago the facade of the neighbouring house was left clean - and showed the remnants of old lettering - old advertisements it looks like. There are in the up left two wheels that probably are meant to look like ROLLENLAGER but look more like telephone dials - followed by the text THOMAS (not like Caravaggio's, though - it was not a telephone dial he put his finger into). Then KUGEL U. ROLLENLAGER followed by WIEN XV MOERINGG.10-12.The roman numeral XV is for '15', the Bezirk number of the area. ('XU' is something else, even if roman U often was written V). Next follows TEL.Y 14-2-33 - this looks like a date between the beginning of Hitler's chancellorship (a couple of weeks earlier) and the Reichstagsbrand. TELLY is conventional short for TV in english. Down left there is the sign telling MOSSBACHER B 25-1-89 B.

In Molde 1967-70 we lived in the address Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons Vei #7 - there was in #9 a neighbour called Thomassen: 'Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson' looks today like a leftsided gynaecomasty - it was in the years of the Vietnam war. Thomassen could look in the window to the living room where the TV was - if something should have taken place there while Grøver/'Mengele' was off for a year to Oslo for a specialty in rehabilitation medicine at Harlem's institute SAO, he could have seen it through the window. As far as I know, and I think she told it to me personally from the sickbed in the hospital, she had had a relation with Anders Munthe-Kaas whom I think had been doctor in Molde around the time we lived at Bekkevollen or nearby Stuevollen (1962-63, I think it was). 'Munn-til-cause/course' could be about the idea of 'self-suck', the alternative 'folk' explanation to a leftsided gynaecomasty (try yourself - you cannot do it with one hand on one foot without getting 'leftsided') - which, though, Shijing #37 claims is not therefore - the proper explanation is in the Great Warrior.

The post office can of course be moved back to Loeschenkohlgasse if there is a need for it. It is a pity indeed with all these 'intelligence projects'. I should have moved back to Italy long ago but my attempts have been more or less sabotaged, it seems - such as when I was asked to use a telephone for info in Venice but all phones were seemingly out of use as soon as I tried to use them. Was the post office moved and did I have to remain here for waiting for this house to be pulled down to expose this text which I have to see when I go from Zinckgasse to Moeringgasse? I had probably guessed all of it in advance. Mossbacher - is there some scandal hiding there? That the Vietnam war was only for making my leftsided gynaecomasty? The Eisenhower doctrine was published 1223 months, weeks, days after the birth of Albert of Saxony - the Great Warrior - were those 1223 only for telling that Kennedy put USA into the Vietnam war for reasons of making my leftsided gynaecomasty - which, as Shijing #37 seems to suggest, can only be made if the one who masturbated on the infancy brain is a Great Warrior? Were the Kennedy assassination a piece of ROLLENLAGER - that is, a sort of theatre?

I hope they can stop all this vanity competition and get the facts out.

I add that when I first moved to Vienna, in 2004, I got a bank account in the Postbank with a card with PIN code 3221. Later there was the BAWAG bank scandal and it was merged with the Postbank. When the post office was moved down to Lugner Center, it shared premises with BAWAG/Postbank - but in 2019 they split again with the post on the other side of the entrance corridor. I have mentioned that Michael Spindlegger was vice chancellor for 1223 days exactly.

Marianne Bratteli is the daughter of once norwegian PM Trygve Bratteli and cousin of Kirsten Ribu.

Here is my interpretation of Shijing #91 (source for the chinese original is Simon):

Collar of nature the first loop was.
Long long ago was it my heart
went down: I wanted it upwards to rise
but could not tell it to start.                                     OR: how to start

Collar of nature was girdle of waist.
Long long ago I'd contemplate
how it went down: I wanted it raised
as though I were lost in the wheat.

Carry the knapsack intelligently.
On the walls of a city, a tower
one day will not see what there is to see
when letting three moons rise thereover.

In the autumn 1984 I moved out to Kornmoveien at Kolbotn outside Oslo. Indira Gandhi was shot on Halloween and the cyanide disaster of Bhopal took place some days later - that was around the time of my exam in latin to which I read along with Sindre Bostad, another of the four students on the course. 'Bostad' is often understood as 'bopæl' - hence Bhopal. It means the 'residence' or the address where you live - my new address was then Kornmoveien - which could rewrite to 'Komrnoveien' = 'kommer noe veien' = 'comes something weighen': A pitiful interpretation of the Shijing #91 could tell that the first stanza tells of the loop of hanging of the assassin of Gandhi while the second tells of the 'loop' that is relaxed when the contents of the intestines normally is released about the same moment - 'as though I were lost in the weighed'. This is not how I read this poem but I see that a certain way of thinking perhaps could see it thus. While I was studying literature in 1982 I was acquainted with 'Pernille' whose mate Petter Andre Syversen later got a stipend for travelling to Botswana where he was squeezed to death in a car between 2-3 lorries, as told the news. It seems that this happened on 7 august 1986 (my data from ALEX on the internet). Exactly 12 years later, cp. the ÖVP story relative to me, there were the twin bombings of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi (just while I was writing the appeal to the rejection of my PhD dissertation). Adding Gabarone to this, there is the idea of a hotdog being inserted into a mouth: There-is-salami, now-it-is-up-in, 'gap-are-one'. In norwegian this can be called 'tre-i-munn' = 'insert-into-mouth' - and hence the last line in #91 could be the reference: 'Three moons' = 'tre-i-munn'.

If so, it looks as if the idea that my younger sister Tone Helene Gröver shot Indira Gandhi and was later hanged for it seems to come down to stanza 1 in Shijing #91 - and then Petter Andre Syversen = stanza 3. If 'Pernille' means 'ex nihilo', there is a certain 'Eck snu-HI-LO' - where 'snu' = 'to turn', as is the theme of the poem - to turn the downwards to upwards. My Caravaggio analysis at the end of this file tells of two cycles HI and LO for the 'white stone' phenomenon which could be recognized in the Bernini part of the recent exhibition in Vienna.

There was the telephone terror 1986-88 - silent telephones that could have meant that there was still time to 'Sorbait' for the assassination - it lasted untill the assassin was hanged. It was at the end of this series that I could predict the next phone on the theory that it was my official mother who rang - that could be called 'mor ringer' - as for MOERINGG.

As far as KUGEL (und Rollenlager) is concerned, there a Hotel Kugel in the intersection Siebensterngasse / Neubaugasse in Vienna. I add that there was a story told in the news after I had come from Morawa bookshop in Wollzeile and probably gone up Strobelgasse - a day or two later the news told that an old man in a house in that Strobelgasse had first shot his wife and thereafter himself (with 'Kugels' probably - 'ho tell Kugel' means 'she counts the Kugels' - were it a 'number' only?). A few years later I think it was Marianne Bratteli who came walking with another person down Strobelgasse when I went up - but on the other side of the street so there was no time for hello - clearly it could have been a coincidence, if it were her at all.

Cp. also the 'Ku-gel', 'Kugel-its-a' etc.

Siebensterngasse (intersecting with the Neubaugasse) has a strong representation in this story in the form of 'Wittgenstein's Wörterbuch as the possible basis for the Kennedys. Is the end conclusion to all this that the Kennedys got their names after the Wörterbuch was finished in 1926? Were it even about his accident with the strong box on the ear of a schoolboy (Haidbauer, was it?) who lost his conscience and speculations go that he got a brain damage therefrom, possibly even never came to consciousness again? Did PTRSIM PIK simply murder the 'boy-on-the-air'? Probably not, but the idea could perhaps have been the background for big 'projects'. Were the Kennedys simply a 'Rollenlager' and hence the assassination in 1963? Or even the assassination were a Rollenlager? I dont know - but ideas could perhaps arise from this complex.

Just in case ideas should have been around that princess Diana of England did not really die in 1997 but somehow survived in a slightly more or less altered form, I have never been in any form of relation to her, neither sexually or in other ways. If, therefore, England should have had plans of PTRSIM PIK and things like that relative to me, there is nothing to get there. Neither do I normally send out 'Kugels of nature' in the form of masturbation - and I dont think I have brought any 'boy-on-the-air' thereby, but there was the memorable summer 2015 when a case of overflow preceded some 7-800.000 refugees flooding Europe. But of course Kennedy could have sent out 'Kugel-of-nature' = 'kuler-av-natur'. I have sort of 're-experienced' what could have been ironically called a 'flying start' - a feeling as of sitting on a flying carpet. Could be this is a phenomenon shared by those who got some sperm on the cortex in early days? A 'boy-on-the-air' that could be called - if of any interest for the story.

My PO Box is 'neighbour' to the demolished house.

Added on 18 april 2020: It is noticed that 'demolish-house' in norwegian is 'riv-hus', cp. 'virus' and hence 'Moeringg.' is not far from 'corona' backwards. 'Driv-hus' = 'greenhouse'.

'The bicycle' up left has a reflex in norwegian 'sykkelen' similar to 'Sykkylven', the home district of the mother of my official father John Gröver born John Jensen, son of Sigurd Jensen and Inga Olsen. She was from the farm 'Drotninghaug' in Sykkylven - just some 5 km or so from the farm 'Drabløs', origin of a norwegian actor Edvard Drabløs. Drotninghaug is close to the lake 'Langenes-vatnet' while the farm Drabløs is close to the lake 'Fitjavatnet'. Hence the area could invoke associations to the name of legendary norwegian politician 'Vidkun Quisling', famous all over the world. 'Drabløs' invokes associations to 'trapp' = 'stairway' plus '-løs' = '-less', something which relative to the name of Quisling ('wide-cun' 'twig-small') could mean 'turning on the gender' - cp. the quasi 'political' strategies of replacing female employees in bakeries / coffee points (where I had written some poems) with males selling the wheat loaves. There exists also an icecream called 'Langnese' - cp. 'IS' and '15' etc. 'Ki[d]ney-Langnes'? 'Drabløs was here'?

Finally, and most importantly, people from Ålesund and the district around such as Sykkylven are called 'möring'.

Added on 19 april 2020:

It was not 'finally' - no sooner had I ended the notes on the previous day, there comes to my mind an idea that I cannot avoid adding here, in the form of three structures of high relevance:

1) The first is the apparent call for a 'sorry' from the british monarchy (or the idea thereof - Boris Johnson said he had to apologize to the queen - that was before he fell ill with the corona virus) - that sounds like a 'Sor[ry]-ba-it-gasse'. ('Ba' is norwegian for 'asked [for]'). And what should 'Möringasse' be? 'Mör' is typically used for 'tender beef', cp. the 'young tender' of the chinese sign in Mathews 7282. 'Inga' was the name of the mother of John Jensen before she married Sigurd Jensen (from Lofoten) - and 'Inga Asse' could perhaps mean her then full name 'Inga Olsen'. The story is from when she was 'young and tender' = 'mör'. My elder official sister Vibeke Gröver once told me that story - how fisherman Sigurd Jensen was on his way with the boat from Lofoten to Bergen for selling fish and stayed overnight in Aalesund, and on his way up again there stood Inga on the quay again, pregnant with John Jensen - 'statsvraker' = 'state sorter' Sigurd Jensen's job was later to stand on the quay for sorting fish and when John Jensen changed name to John Gröver in 1946, it can be said that 'he took his father's title as his name'. This element sounds like an emphasis on the name - for that PTRSIM PIK factor.

2) In Hungary the political discussion has (as far as I have understood) for a long time been between Viktor Orbán and George Szoros/Soros: That sounds like 'vekt-or[d]' = 'word of/on the weight' = 'mör' (about the beef of weight, cp. line 8 in the poem above) + the 'ring' of latin 'orbis', cp. 'orbus' = 'orphan', 'bereaved' - while 'George Soros' (written 'Szoros' pronounced I think 'soros' if not 'sorosh') would be more about the 'Sorbait-gasse'. When in the intersection between these streets a house is pulled down, it sounds like a version of my house mentioned in the article 'Chinese emperor and PTRSIM PIK riddles are solved' - which is about Regula Benedicti considered a 'blue metre'. If the story should be that the intrigue makes claims of having been in possession of a blue metre before I wrote my PEB - viz., the blue metre in this Regula Benedicti, and hence that I should have got my blue metre therefrom, it is of course a piece of nonsense - my blue metre (see links at the end of the article) is of a totally different kind.

3) This hungarian situation seems to have a parallel in Israel where the political landscape throughout the recent year has been dominated by Gantz vs Netanjahu = 'Gantz & Gar': 'Gare' is norwegian for that enclosure (of network or whatever) that contains typically a dog. 'Gar' is german for 'mör', 'tender [beef]'. Politics has for long seemed to be in a state of inability to speak: Clearly this 'Sorbaitgasse/Möringgasse' complex could have been pronounced long ago - but politics seems unable to speak and expresses itself only in terms of names etc. There is the alternative interpretation that 'Gantz & Gar[e]' constitute a 'deep ratch' - the name of the 10th book in my TEQ, of most strongly jewish kind. What does 'deep ratch' mean? There seem to have been some triumphs celebrated in the intrigue camps after I published this title - since they could have felt entitled to cash in some historic rights on basis of the title of Tone Gröver's children's book title 'Historien om Charlie' = 'The story of Charlie' - but backwards. Hah, this poet had only taken the title backwards! This, plus some themes from my PhD dissertation, seems to be the possible theme of the New Yorker 12 years 2 months and appr 12 days before the terror action against the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris on 7 january 2015 - that means the New Yorker for 28 october 2002 - here the first cartoon apparently telling 'Charlie Hebdo' backwards = 'oh, the base ratch' = 'oh, the Deep ratch' - an issue which seems to be in support of my good reasons, though - as if it tried to rescue the honor and integrity of the poet with such a book title. The terror in Paris in 2015 could have been of the same kind. But I dont think my book title is in need of such extraordinary support by terror - I think it is goodenough. What is a 'deep ratch'? I dont know really, but there is in my vol.4 p.1288 a discussion of the 'zifferblatt' (supposed to be the innermost 'structure' of the human language faculty) relative to the black 'snowflake' of 20 december 2013 and the illustration on p.18 in Pinna (2016) of the painting of Francesco Palvisino 'Vergine SS. del Carmelo' - here aligned with the 'zifferblatt':

It is seen how the two crowns (with 'deep ratches') of Jesus and Mary intersect approximately like the 17/35 on the zifferblatt when this is mirrored. The black flake has a star on the shoulder (clavicula) approximately where the Madonna has one as well - but not mirrored. It is interesting to observe how this black flake resembles the outlines of France on the map - but, again, apparently most similar when mirrored:

This is an interesting observation in light of the data from the corona virus epidemic - on the theory that the border outlines of the country seems to correspond with some deep secret of the language - in sanskrit/vedic the old 'door', here the innermost 'ratch' of the human language faculty. I add the observation on my 'language philosopher' ex nihilo piece that inside the theory (pronounced in the 'beard' of the philosopher) there is a möbius strip looking like a digital '8' to the right and another loop to the left - where a sort of tool or wrench or Brest tip of France seems to reach for the curve:

Do 'three moons' rise thereover?

It is not impossible that this complex was a part of the terror against some mosques in Christchurch some time ago (and I think there was something in a mosque in Oslo at the same time) - as if to continue the 'support' from the New Yorker and Charlie Hebdo. Some weeks ago I also noticed this arvertisement in Vienna, on an U-Bahn station. I noticed also that they now are digging 'ratches' (see this photo and this) in the intersection Sorbaitgasse / Moeringgasse - probably for pipes and cables etc. Probably not for the prompter's box with the 'Theater-tag-y' (cp. the 'Biatorbagy') where it goes 'DOWN' rather than 'ÖVP' or 'ÖBB'. The same rewrite would make a 'Teach-ke' (rather than 'Bicske') out of my ejaculation in the pants. The third relevant name was 'Herceghalom' which arguably has some affinity with the name of 'Herdis Eggen'. This complex of Biatorbagy/Theatertag-y could serve to turn the name of 'Middleton' into 'Needleton'. See, though, my TEQ book 15 ('Gentlemen') poem #9 with the line 'Prince's cooper is a cute' - which rather turn the name in such a rewrite more into 'Michelson'. (As I mentioned already in the 2010 article 'The Celan/Demus correspondence and some other things', there was a book by 'Kittelsen & Skeibrok' called 'Truthful lies' in the Grövers' book collection, I recall that I read in it while I was ill some time in my childhood or youth).

Why should it be felt as necessary to 'coup' these things of mine, with terror and other means? It is a matter of theory and poetry that can be published and then of course everybody can read and think and philosophize on semiotic matters if they can get the book in a bookshop. Could be there is a 'langnese' to the left of the left '8' loop of the philosopher, and could be there are two 'eyes' a la the Siebensterns of Wittgenstein that seem to be a possible 'graffiti' background of the Kennedy names - but so what? These 'graffiti' patterns are also in photo 11 in my 23 photos from the Danube Island - where one can see a similar 'kite-shaped' triangular face down right. The two eyes above the 'long nose' of the numeral '1' in the philosopher's theory could also resemble the two eyes to the left of 'Venus' on the front page illustration to my 'Der Dornenstrauch' - where a fleeing 'deep rat' is seen in the lower right just outside the '23' (or, say, a little 'deeper') on the Zifferblatt. I fancy that my 'deep ratch' are things like these, but must admit that I do not have the full overview, at least not yet.

Conclusion: It seems that the political intrigue tries to construct a new religious 'god' or divinity called PTRSIM PIK under the control of the political intrigue, a mafia divinity which the world's people are supposed to believe in and obey like a total power of the mafia chief. For this, it seems that the plan was to use the 'secret' part of the definition of the PTRSIM PIK - the phenomenon that the 1071 or rather 776 words that occur twice and only twice in Genesis provide a reasonably good basis for the 1067 verses of the Gospel of Matthew. But this is nothing but what I call 'the fundamental theorem of linguistics' - something which will provide the fruiful basis of new studies in language and open for the science on 'multiple realities'. Nothing would be more wrong than to reserve this for terror-based control by a political mafia. Of course the world's people and countries must not agree to this mafioso control. I am not involved in all this intrigue and I am only waiting for my books to be published so that they can be read by other people than just those involved in abuse intigue, and I am particularly not interested in being that PTRSIM PIK - which, it seems, could have been planned to be lifted over onto some 'Kennedy' on basis of the theory of a masturbation on my cortex in 1957. And, most particularly, I do not want to go in the chemicals for that lift-over. The third millenium will go for a new bright era of truth and knowledge and not fall into the bogs of superstition and power. A healthy religion is everything the opposite of just that.

Added on 12 may 2020: I should tell this story: In the summer (june - just before my birthday) 1970 the Gröver family moved from Molde to Fredrikstad - to an old wooden villa in Kongensgate 8 in the Cicignon district. It may have served the function of 'kongen ska te 8' = 'the king shall to 8' and when it was of wood, it could have served to tell that I had to run 8 triangles. The house was many decades old, could have been from the end of the 19th century, and it had been a little high class with servants. In the kitchen there was still an old box on the wall with a display that could show room number triggered to fall down onto the display when a person pressed a button in a room on the upper floor: An electric conductor went down to the kitchen and some electromagnetism let the room number fall down for the kitchen staff to see it and run up. The system no longer functioned but the box was still on the wall. When 5 years later I was attacked by diseases according to the names of the girlfriends I had had, one of them was a throat abscess caused by staffyllocochae - that is easy to cure with a pill of antibiotics but it seemed that they did not have it (a throat expert in the hospital didnt either) so I was taken to a specialist in a private suburban basement in Oslo who tried to force the abscess open with his metal tools. That was outright torture - and very unnecessary if they had found a tablet of antibiotics. It is not impossible that the 'staffyllococchae' could have been that electric box on the kitchen wall in Kongensgate 8. On the wall of Moeringgasse there is also a FLY - (the TEL.Y-) - and hence if KUGEL u.ROLLENLAGER = the STAFF, this could be the FYLL - and the COCHAE could be that MOSSBACHER underneath? The trip to the basement in Oslo could have served to make me 'soft' enough to agree to the triangles nevertheless: They had run a test with 'Laila' (the girlfriend of classmate Tveterås) - the 'Intro' of the Eisenhower doctrine? - in late 1973 but it seemed that I was not interested. (The old mother Inger-Johanne Apenes to conservative PM Georg Apenes was later murdered with a knife in her house (in the kitchen?) just across the water canal - could have been the same night as Aldo Moro in Rome - the boss was found in the 'bacher' of a car close to the communist party headquarter in Botthege Oscure, I think it was - cp.'bossmacher' - 3 days later). This Botthege Oscure was also the name of a literary periodical run by 'princess Caetani' for which Celan asked Sachs for some contribution in a letter of 12 december 1957, his first letter to her.

Soon after the arrival to this house with its 'mysteries' in the summer 1970, my younger sister and I decided to go out in the garden and dig for a treasure. We found a spade and started digging in front of the stairs to the old outhouse building - and, indeed, after only 2-3 decimeters we found an old dugdown metal box containing coins. They were not new but not so very old either, some decades it was (could have been from the house was built). What happened to the finding I cannot remember - could be the authorities came running for confiscating it. (A 'box' displaying 'coins' with 'numbers', was it?) I later started collecting copper coins still in circulation and the oldest in my collection was from 1899 - a 2 'öre' coin from the time of king Oscar.

The old Cicignon villa was later demolished for giving space to a parking lot. The house next to it was, I think, the house of the employees (doctors etc) to the hospital. This was probably not the house where Danielsen/Berger later lived but probably the one next to it. Kongensgate 8 was in the intersection Kongensgate /Cicignongata, now the hospital has probably been extended over Kongensgate, with Cicignongata then going down to Strandpromenaden. RFK was also shot in the 'kitchen'.

When the family went for a summer holiday in London in 1972, I think it was with a 'Caravelle', as Gröver/'Mengele' took care to mention. A (young) woman was sometimes called a 'mö' in those days of the late 19th and early 20th century.

This article seems to have been published about half an hour ago - after I had published the above for 12 may but probably before I added the last mention of the 'mö'. 'Skigard' is norwegian for a 'wooden fence'.


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