11 september 2001 seen as preheralded in The New Yorker 1989

John Bjarne Grover

It seems that the essential interval 12 years 2 months 12 days between the foundation of ÖVP in Austria in 1945 and my birth in 1957 is used extensively for the purpose of 'unconstitutional power' manifested through The New Yorker - the USA-witz-e-blatt which seems to have been the purpose with Auschwitz for making just that power pump.

In this article I discuss the cartoons of The New Yorker for 26 june 1989 which is just 12 years 2 months 12 days before 11 september 2001 with the attack on USA.

I present the conclusion right away: It seems that the 21 cartoons of this issue go in close parallel with the 21 poems of the chapter Zheng of Shijing in such a way that the british government can install themselves by way of the Zheng chapter while a future 'Hitler' (as a principled offspring from 'ÖVP', so to speak) will follow the logic of The New Yorker - and that is how the two parts are collaborating towards a unified goal of total global control.

It seems that it is the anal turnaround of the Venus of Botticelli that is the reason for the 'homo' orientation of much quasi 'socialism' these days - the article concludes also that this orientation is an essential part of the preparations for a new Hitler in Germany - probably scheduled to take the power in Germany on 14 february 2033 - and with a then very welcomed gospel of facing Venus from the front side. The whole world will join him there.

It seems that the role ascribed to me is to be the everywhere-present conciousness whose name nobody has heard - and whose role was to go past the facade of Moeringgasse every day seeing this future date. It is a very sick idea and very sick political program which I hope the world will do all it can to stop in time. I have struggled for many years with getting out of Austria but it is easy to see now why I did not succeed: It was because the plotters of the big dirty intrigue wanted me to go up and down Moeringgasse.

It seems to be an international 'intelligence network' that hopes to get this Hitler project through: It may come to destroy much in the countries they reside in but they hope to come out with more power in the end. But the world should not go for the accumulation of more power - the world should now go for a state of peaceful coexistence in a world of equilibirum without conflicts and power intrigues. It is getting oldfashioned and antiquated to go for such power intrigues now. It is probably up to the british people to ask their politicians to pack down the project or find other politicians.

The cartoons of The New Yorker and the chapter Zheng of Shijing go in parallel in such a way that the eventual more or less desperate public call for a front-side-of-Venus is a natural development. One of the essential effects is the nature of the sign CHOU at the end of poem 7 in Zheng. It seems that the poem #89 explains how this can come into being as a sign of chinese script.

The article 'Some comments on the Zheng chapter of Shijing' showed that there exists a poetic mystery in nature called 'birth of Venus' which also was the theme of Botticelli's famous painting: This mystery lends esthetic and possibly also moral value to the marital conjunction between people. Some (nazi) political power enhances itself with wedging into and ridiculing ('mocking') this immediate relation between people and their natural sense of divinity - by conceiving of this poetic mystery as a matter of natrium-wolframat that breaks down the nerve cells in the brain (a la 'orgasm') and sends the 'excrements' that could be contained in the skull (your dirty thoughts? - or, rather, the 'projectiles' ejaculated from the man in the black jacket) out via the nerves to the skin which thereby turns darker - and hence the 'shoot-outs' from the black-jacketed man ends up as a black dress on her. That is, tells this MOCK, the innermost nature of this mystery. This explanation is a piece of MOCK (dirty ideas that you are supposed to understand) that serves as MUCK in the brain (when you try to understand and respect this explanation) - and that is when the chinese sign CHOU explains how this MUCK transforms into or onto the skin of the female. That is to reduce the mystery of nature to a piece of pitiful mock explanation called 'natrium-wolframat'. The CHOU sign resembles the Botticelli Venus with the female coming to enwrap her in textiles - only maybe the triangular SI sign is moved from Venus' venus delta to the anal region of the other one - for the 'anal fixation' of this sort of nazi philosophy telling that 'she knows how to shoot back' - for example, by ejaculating hard lumps of excrements that had accumulated like a cork in her anal region. (Cp. the mythos story telling that Mao died from some poison in a pointed gear hidden in the rectum of a woman rebuilt to look like his wife). In the last analysis, it may be that the whole pitiful story that can evolve from this is not much more than 'power' harvested from mocking the beauty of the ancient chinese poetry. No good society comes out of this sort of politics. It is likely to be just precisely this MOCK of anglophony which is the essence of the socalled Burgenland power mystery which seems to have been the core of Hitler's death camp policy - such as Auschwitz as an USA-witz for pumping power from this border to USA.

The 11 september 2001 attack on USA seems to have been an embodiment of this sort of 'political program' - the airplanes went through the walls of the twin tower like natrium-wolframat softens the nerve cell walls in the brain - as shown by the 21 cartoons in The New Yorker for 26 june 1989 - that is 12 years 2 months and 12 and some days before 11 september 2001. The interval seems relevant to the austrian party 'ÖVP' relative to my person - and that is why the personal experiences of my single person (such as some memories from my schoolyears in the 1960's) seem relevant fore understanding the complex. These 21 cartoons seem to run in parallel with the 21 poems of the chapter Zheng of Shijing - and here I try to analyze these 21 cartoons relative to my own person such as this could be of relevance for my own relations to the female gender.

The story of classmate 'Gro' could be retold (from this file):

"In the primary school in Molde around 1967 or so, I was sitting in class behind a girl called Gro whom I liked. I told at home to Frau Grøver - could be the newspiece was a little 'jacked out' - that when Gro lifted her arm to ask for something there came a small cracking sound in her elbow. It could be called a 'kneppe-lyd' in norwegian. I did not like the grin on Frau Grøver's face - you could not see it but it was felt as a sort of 'jack' inside. She laughed at me liking the schoolgirl. I have no reason to believe that this is the story of 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' - PM in Norway for a number of years and chief of WHO from 1998 - but it is perhaps not impossible. I myself developed a 'kneppe-lyd' (not a sound, really, but an inconsistency which made the knee vulnerable if I were jumping, for example - as if the patella were not totally in place around age 13-14) in the lefthand knee a few years later - around the time when the gynaecomasty started developing".

There were also two girls in the class that always kept together - and I recall a situation of these in the schoolyard running after a boy who was scared about the 'otherness' in the female gender. These were called 'Berit & Hilde' - and it may be that 'he writ a BILDE' = 'he wrote an image/picture' could be telling of this story from Vilnius - of Spider who wrote the picture in the fallen tree.

There was also a girl in class called 'Mildrid' whom I liked. This is likely to be the background of the first cartoon with the text about 'Mildred Harkevey' = 'Mildrid hesitating about the way/road':

Cartoon 1 (= 489) = Shijing #75: This seems to be based on the road intersection of Björnstjerne Björnson Vei (where I lived in #7 and I went to school down this road before I took up Nini Roll Ankers Veg) with Lillevikvegen down left and Nini Roll Ankers Veg up right. Here is a map photo of this intersection as it is today - in those days it was rather different with much green around - we had built the house new in #7 and there was generally much more distance between the houses than there is today). The first time (as far as I remember) I talked with Geir Hagbö - my friend in those years - it was on the way to school (not back from school, I think): He lived in Röysan on the lower side, down Lillevikvegen (a big long block of flats, some 6-8 doors with stairways - I cannot see it on the map today) came up Lillevikveien from the left into this road intersection. At another occasion I met Mildrid who came in the opposite direction towards me and would be going up the same sideroad. She hesitated a little, and we had to decide who to go up Nini Roll Ankers Veg first. I think she went first up the street and I followed after her. Could be the story could be referred to with line 9 from the Zheng poem Shijing #91: "Carry the knapsack intelligently". (It is later nazi philosophy which could claim that I had to notice her as under the 'textiles' = 'texts' of her rucksack - but it is true that it could have been an issue whether we should have gone alongside each other instead). Now this incident was in the same place as where I also met Geir Hagbö, a class below me, who was coming up from the left. He carried a knitted cap somewhat down on his forehead - it was a little heavy - he peeped out from under the knitted cap. These are elements that could have been recorded on surveillance if there were anything such. The cartoon could be a play on this road intersection: The door opening is what could be the innermost secret in the language of the Rigveda - symbolized by the aircrash on the diamond mine in Lambertsville on 11 september 2001. (I paid 3,4 million forints for the adobe house in Sziget Utca in Szolnok - the number could resemble 'Lambertsville' spelt in devanagari 'LMBTVL'). The aircrash on Pentagon on 11 september 2001 would then be the picture on the wall, under the upside-down horseshoe, while the twin towers would be the comment from the man seated in the chair: 'Harkevey' in norwegian means 'has no road/way' and could refer to Mildrid's slight hesitation - as to who should go first. It would be about that moment when there was a question in the air whether we should go together or how to solve the situation. If this were one of the 'twin towers' of Manhattan, what would the other have been? The similarity of situation, as seen from a spying nazi, could be the face of Geir coming up under his knitted cap - which then would mean Mildrid under her rucksack. But this is when the spying nazis could see an element of their philosophy on Botticelli's birth of Venus.

'Lillevikvegen' could have a reflex in the Liland case (see also this file) from the late 1960's - as well as the Columbine high school massacre in 'Littleton' at Denver at the time when Jon Lilletun was education minister in Norway. See cartoon 13 below. The idea with the bloodshed could have been that 'Lillevikvegen' would be my male friend while Nini Roll Ankers Veg would be my female friend.

Wedging in between Mildrid and me would then be the address in Szolnok - which in principle could have been planned already since 1970 when the house was built - this story with Mildrid was in the 1960's. This address is 'Sziget Utca' = 'si get ut, sa' - as if it were about the spying control with the first impulse of the 'sexual drive' - a 'philosophy' of 'shooting out particles' a la excrements that can go in the brain and follow the nerves out to the outermost peripheries of the skin.

'Si get ut sa' = 'say get out said' would then have been told to the woman coming in through the door in the cartoon - a 'gayer hagbö' it could mean. 11 september 2001 could in principle be about just that wedge between me and a girl I liked in this first impulse of the question whether we should go together up Nini Roll Anker Veg or not. It could also be seen as the order produced by 'natrium-wolframat' entering the nerve cell walls for driving the molybden out: The story with Mildrid and Geir was in 'Molde-byen', the town of Molde. When 'molybden' is driven out of the cell walls, the walls collapse and the 'excrements' of the brain can be imagined as following the nerves out to the skin - as is that MOCK version of the mystery of Venus.

The comment of the seated man would have been into the cushion - between the two buttock halves of the twin towers - and the conclusion told in the cartoon could have been 'a terrible farter' as a concept pasted onto me and my 'sexual drive' of the octogon. The three 'rock stars' (rock and nini roll?) Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison died around 1970 - of more or less relevance for the 'octogon'.

'Si get ut sa' could (in the cartoon) have been the 'impulse' going from the chair cushion to the buttocks and the reply back again - but behind rather than in front of the body. 'Say get out sæd' = 'say get out sperm' would be the 'anglophonic' MOCK version - could be applying to the fallen tree and Venus coming running. The textile of the cartoon cushion under the buttocks of the seated man could correspond to the knitted cap of Geir and the rucksack of Mildrid.

The morals of this Szolnok address again could have been that 'Tél, Rege, Ösz' streets (intersecting with 'Vasgereben' = quasi 'eisen-how-where' with the 'doctrine') mean 'Österreich' and hence 'AUSch-witz' = 'USA-witz' = the 'Witz-e-blatt' called The New Yorker. The 'Eisenhower Doctrine' could mean 'Shijing #37' for the idea of Kennedy getting USA involved in the Vietnam war - and hence 'a terrible farter' could be a term serving to swap roles of his with me. However, even if Shijing #37 should suggest that a gynaecomasty develops not because the young person is self-sucking but because he was opened in infancy and a Great Warrior masturbated on the brain of the child - the final answer is probably that even this explanation is not the real answer to the leftsided gynaecomasty (represented in the name of the street of 'Björnstjerne Björnson') - the eventual explanation is that somebody scissored away a part of the righthand lower occipital lobe when the skull was off - and hence the turnaround of the roles could rather be with the one who scissored - one can guess that it was (one of) the two official parents who so did. This would therefore be the last answer to this cartoon #1 - that it means a role-turning in the street intersection of 'Björnstjerne Björnsons Veg' = 'Björn-star Björn-son' road - with a 'star' only on the lefthand side. - For administration (surveillance etc) wedging into the first 'sexual relation' for turning it into a piece of MOCK.

The scandal is therefore that 11 september 2001 could have been about ÖVP in Austria - could be in extension from the story with 'Gro' around the same time in Molde.

Cartoon 2 (= 490) = Shijing #76: Before we came to 'Björnstjerne Björnsons Veg' in I think 1967, we lived for a year or two in Moldeliveien - could be a hundred metres or a little more from the same 'Sellanrå School' whereto Mildrid and I later were walking. I think it was in my second year and possibly third in school that we lived in Moldeliveien - and from the third or fourth to the sixth grade I lived in 'Björnstjerne Björnsons Veg'. The theme of cartoon 1 could be seen to be 'under the textiles' - under Geir's knitted cap, under Mildrid's schoolbook texts. I recall the situation in Moldeliveien when I was home from school and in bed with bronchitis, which happened now and then - that I suddenly shouted to my official mother, who was in another room or possibly even on the toilet: "Nothing can be turned into nothing" - a philosophical idea that came to my mind. Things can turn into, say, smoke, but not into nothing, was the idea. The couple in the cartoon 2 seems to be the official parents 'John Gröver' calling the philosopher a 'neg-röver' (the one with the 'jumper'?) and 'Ragna Gröver' = 'ra-knakk-röver' - suggesting the idea of ejaculation of excrements with a certain intentional directionality (cp. for example the 'Langstreckenbomber' of the Oslo Report).

I was in the top bed of a double bed - one of the sisters normally using the bed under - and there was plank put up along the outer side of the top bed for preventing a fallout: There was a twisted hempen rope hanging from this protection plank when I made the 'philosophical' utterance - of this type only somewhat thicker:

This quasi-hempen rope is called 'tau' in norwegian - 'tråd' is normally thinner, 'hyssing' a little thicker than 'tråd' but too thin for this. 'Snor' is maybe used - such thickness as for drying clothes - that is often medium thickness, but 'tau' (although normally thicker) can probably be used about the present type, in particular the one hanging from the bed in Molde - it was a little thicker than on this photo. Could be Li[t]-tau-en hanging down under the bedcover - with its capital 'Vilnius' as for 'Venus'. In the piltdown sector, in the quiltdown septor.

This quasi-hempen rope would have been on its way (german 'Fahrt') from the bed down towards the earth, hence a sort of 'terrible farter'. If my bronchitis were spurred by some event associating with Nelly Sachs (who often called herself 'Li' in letters), for example, 1966 was the year when she got the Nobel prize, her book title 'Fahrt ins Staublose' could have been the story. 'Stau-blåse' could then have been the reference in the cartoon or the archived report to my bronchitis, while 'staub-lose' could have been the idea contained in my philosophical utterance.

Cartoon 3 (= 491) = Shijing #77: The rope was hanging down from the bed towards the earth, hence the 'seebed' would be my official parents non-present when I pronounced the airstream in the bed. In this cartoon there is a car-tyre on the seabed, and the diver and the fish sharing airstream gear type. 'Erste Rim' = 'first rhyme'. My first poem was in Rome in 1981 (I had bought a 'tessera', a monthly season card for public transportation, and felt the possibility of being able to live constantly in Italy) - the poem went 'God made the swan, the swan made the word' or was it 'God made the word, the word made the swan' - probably the last one. Here it would be the airstream of the rubber tyre etc, while the swan would be the fish with airstream equipment. Daiva from Vilnius would later (early 1990's, was it) bring my attention towards Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cartoon 4 (= 492) = Shijing #78 and Cartoon 5 (= 493) = Shijing #79: See-bed with ring is here the bed, breakfast and basketball - hence the 'see' going through the pupil into the retina = 'nett-hinnen' - like 'excrements' are shot out from the anus ring after bed-and-breakfast etc. It may be that such basketball 'net' sometimes is made of hempen rope as in the photo above - but if it is outdoor this hempen quality would tend to get wet and brown and rot - and it is probably more normal with 'bast' nets or similar since that easier takes the rainwater. (I am not familiar with the mysteries of basketball - could be that net is all a professional basketballer is living for and hence its quality could be totally essential). Hemp lets off small pieces of possibly allergic material while bast does not - about the former it can be said that it 'röytan' [it shed off hair] while 'Röysan' could then rather be the latter. The network in the basketball ring would find a philosophical correlate in the retina of the eye letting the light in through the pupil.

There were two cases of 'puerile gags' in the form of letters sent to local newspapers in Fredrikstad around age 16 (in 1973-74 - while my authority was still limited): The first was a reader's opinion letter sent to Fredrikstad Blad under the false name 'Egvar Ruge' - telling that he was a 'disponent' who had just come to town and was disappointed by the 'slimy' ('slibrig') culture life in town - no poetry readings, no opera etc. The culture chief of the town promptly responded with a letter wherein he opposed these views - there were much cultural arrangements going on. I wrote this together with Knut Stene Johansen. A second letter I wrote along with Petter Enok Skau Jakobsen - a gag letter sent to 'Demokraten' from false name 'Ståle Sponhaug' (the name was suggested by Trygve Madsen) who claimed to be an eye doctor in 'Råde' (outside Fredrikstad) who could report increased 'retina abscessae' due to too much (or was it too little) 'iron' in the goat cheese. This was not printed in the newspaper as reader's letter but as attempted swindle or 'joke'. If the first 'puerile gag' could be related to 'eg-var ruge' ('Egwar[d] Hatch') it could be related to 'eg[g] [g]jekk på skule' = 'I went to school' wherein 'skule' can mean both 'school' and 'frown' - the latter potentially also about Geir Hagbö's look from under his knitted cap. (Hence the unpleasant idea also of 'egg-jack on frowner/skuller'). Could be, therefore, that a theme of these cartoons could be that my writing is swindle, so to speak - the 'retina' being here in the basketball net, observing things of more or less real quality (cp. the 'maia' of the next cartoon).

The intelligent reader could also observe that 'Egvar Ruge' + 'Ståle Sponhaug' could associate somewhat with the idea of 'Sobibor' - the sobs and the drill.

Cartoon 6 (= 494) = Shijing #80: Maia-turny = she who turns = reflects the light of the maia. Do you knock in belly, Maia turny? A 'solar plexus' means a sun that is plaited = 'flettet', but the word 'plexus' from 'plectere' can also mean 'punish' - as 'Prügel' but probably also as by correction in prison or law. Here it would be about the 'maia' that is associated with the retina - the world of appearance such as it appears to the cognitive screen. The two men on the cartoon could perhaps have been 'twins' but 'plexus' would otherwise mean 'plaited', not 'twisted'. The cartoon otherwise could be an allusion to 'Hardy' boys (Geir and me were reading those books and considered ourselves in the roles of the brothers solving mysteries), struggling under and against the 'elements' (the textiles).

Cartoon 7 (= 495) = Shijing #81: Here the Maia-turny light of the retina is on stage. It is the correlate to poem 7 in the Zheng chapter of Shijing - where the Venus of Botticelli could be recognized in the sign CHOU - that could mean 'Venus' announcing on stage/shell or 'Venus' arriving as a 'dog' - rather than a 'god' - hence a 'turning of the gender/direction' anyhow, a la the swapping of the order of the two vertical halves of CHOU. Hitler's FLAKTURM seems to have a bowlegged ('hjul-bent') version for the knock-kneed ('kalv-bent') CHOU. I notice that (solar) 'plexus' can mean 'juling' in the sense of 'Prügel'.

The Kennedy story could be seen in this 'dog' - either as 'self-sucker' ('far low'?) or as 'Great Warrior' of Shijing #37. However, it is the scissoring of 'maia' in the occipital lobe, so naively to speak, which is the story of the gynaecomasty.

I recall a scene from my childhood in 1964 or 1965 - I went with classmate Ola on the upside of the normal way home from school - we went up to Röyslida (pronounced Röyslia - cp. 'Röysan' and 'röytan') where I think he lived, and there was another boy there as well called Jörund and a dog, I think. I dont remember this Jörund so well but he was a little taller than us and maybe a little challenging. Were he in the same class? I cannot remember that. He was tall and slender in his head, I think. This anyhow happened in Röyslida (upper side) in Volda, not in Röysan (lower side) of Molde. I fancy that I remember (although this is vague matter and not certain) that there were some planks and wooden boxes or cupboard lying outside a house under construction - and that this Jörund appeared who said that his name was 'Klosett' = 'toilet', the ceramic bowl, but of course this is not a possible name. 'Closet' would be a cupboard in english but not in norwegian. 'Jorunn Kirkenær' is a wellknown norwegian name. I notice the 'hund' = 'dog' of 'Jör-hund' in contrast to the name 'Jör-gen' of the son of Gro Harlem Brundtland conceived possibly around the time of my mention - by an airstream escaping from my oral cavity - of 'Gro' for my official mother.

As far as I remember, but it may be that my memory is not exact here, Mildrid was daughter of 'fylkesmannen', a chief sort of position of the county. Or maybe that was somebody else - my official father once showed me the house or office of 'fylkesmannen' and I think that was on the upper side - was it close to 'Romsdalsmuseet'? 'Fylkesmannen' is in charge of e.g. name-changes. When in 1999 I changed the spelling of my name from Grøver to Grover, I had applied to 'fylkesmannen' for permission. While the case was under handling, there were the series of apartment building bombs in Moscow in september 1999 - and Clinton came to Norway and I was driven to forced psychiatric treatment. The loss of the slash from the name could mean 'röytan' = 'he shed [fur] hairs', reducing it to 'röylan', so to speak. In the night before Clinton travelled to Norway, there was the Air Egypt crash after the airplane had described a big 'N' in the air - could be a sort of 'N ever'.

It seems that the first 7 cartoons follow the first 7 poems of the chapter of Zheng in Shijing - it is that which has the Venus at the end and which seems to wrap over. From cartoon 8 onwards it seems to be about reading backwards - could be for lending emphasis to the backwards of Venus 'god to 'dog' of cartoon 7.

Cartoon 8 (= 496) = Shijing #82: From the 'Horn of moderation' (here it looks like the headline to a new chapter) comes 'CARROT THREE NUTS PARSLEY': Reading these backwards it comes like 'hilser på stunning thorax' = 'says hello to stunning thorax' - the theme of cartoon 6, that is symmetric around the Venus of 'Farlowe'. Writing 'hilser på stunning thorax' in handwriting, it comes quite close to 'Horn of moderation'. This first backwards-reading element seems to be the thorax-holder of Botticelli's Birth-of-Venus, the one who holds around the thorax of the blower. In my back page photo to TEQ it is the 'dentist' 90 degrees). It was in the year 1970-71 when I had just turned 13 that the school dentist drilled 31 holes in my young and healthy teeth and filled them with tram-line metals.

Cartoon 9 (= 497) = Shijing #83: In Molde in the second half of the 1960's I had piano teacher Kirsten Troldmyr, backwards 'Rymdlort Netsrik' - the 'Rymd Lort' resembles the 'Ralph Lauren' of the cartoon. After we had moved over to Fredrikstad in 1970 I got a new piano teacher called 'Trygve Madsen' - backwards 'nesda Mev-gürt' = 'next belly-girdle' = the belt and undergarments of Calvin Klein. (See also this file - search 'Madsen' - for the story of my first piano lesson with Madsen - it may have been a case of misunderstanding, that I took the appointed lesson to be in the main building of Trara while he waited in a smaller building next to it - but the appointment of the first lesson remained a mystery in my memory - it was anyhow only a few metres from the house of the 'Liland' case with the raskolnikovian bloodshed). Would this be about the bed, breakfast and basketball of cartoon 4-5? Well, if the initial interpretation of the ROPE hanging from the 'piltdown sector' is right, it could be that the PIANO corresponds to the BAST twinned/twisted ropes of the blowing airstream of the Botticelli painting. Twin ta-overs sounds not so well in this interpretation.

Cartoon 10 (= 498) = Shijing #84: Seems to be about the german FLOUNDER fairy tale - the fisherman who had caught (in his net, probably, not basketball net but net anyhow) a flounder who would grant him anything for being let out again - the fisherman so does and goes back and forth between his wife, who has such wishes, and the flounder who grants her the fulfillment of bigger and bigger wishes - mayor, governor, king (was it), untill she has become pope and can have one more wish fulfilled - then she wants to become God and that is granted her - then she becomes the normal woman she has always been, sitting in their little hut. This can be seen as a fairy tale version of sex - ending with the fulfilment of the last wish. It corresponds to the role of the sperm in the back page photo to my TEQ when this formalizes to the chinese sign CHOU and his black jacket is turned into her black dress - it corresponds to the woman on the right on Botticelli's artwork - the one who brings the textiles to cover the woman, the Venus.

Summing up these three backwards writings it could be my name. There could also be a 'Stene something' in cartoon 8.

Cartoon 11 (= 499) = Shijing #85: Here Botticelli's Venus is a torso reaching for the textiles of the man - it corresponds to a turnaround of the roles in my back page photo with the roles of Venus and the woman with the textiles in Botticelli's painting: Turning these around one comes close to the functionality of the chinese CHOU sign. The mirror around cartoon 7 is cartoon 3 - the diver. Like Daiva in Vilnius?

Cartoon 12 (= 500) = Shijing #86: Mrs.Bonesteel backwards is 'Lithuania', 'Litauen' - the Li-TAU-en of cartoon 2. If this is the 'other side' of cartoon 2, could be one could see it as 9,78% = 0,22% = $200.000 = tvinn ta-vers, dirty bisnis?

Cartoon 13 (= 501) = Shijing #87: This looks like 'the making of the lapis philosophorum' - the mystic conversion of the psyche of the mystic into a stone. John Denver Albums backwards = 'snubla rev den notch' = 'stumbled pulled it notch down'. It was Herdis Eggen who mentioned 'Hans Magnus Enzensberger' with the association 'man savner bunsenbrenneren' - which one does not in this cartoon. Hence 'ikke asparagus' backwards = 'suger opp zwecki' = 'sucks up the purpose/cause'. Sucks up the reason? Hungarian 'több mint' = 'more than', cp. 'moren' = 'the mother'. 'Not tub mint' reversed = 'the nimb button'. I myself made the lapis philosophorum in 2014 - and it is true that I was mighty 'numb' in my left side (where also my leftsided gynaecomasty is) after 23 february 2002 - and this recurred some 4444 days later as numbness in the righthand side, some weeks before I made the white stone - but it seems that that numbness of 2002 was due to a brainstroke. My explanation to the formation of the lapis philosophorum is not along such lines, though, but rather about the form of the part 3 of my 'Der Dornenstrauch'. However, is this the mirror to cartoon 1? Then it could have been the mirror of the 11 september 2001 attack on USA. 'As pair of gus[t]' = the twin towers? Reading backwards is a little witchdoctoristic, though, and not serious mysticism. 'Broomriding' backwards = 'gni dir murb' = 'rub your murb' - like that man of cartoon 1 sitting in his 'murb-le' chair rubbing his buttocks against its cushion.

Cartoon 14 (= 502) = Shijing #88: And from here the mirror-symmetric vault of cartoon 7 seems to turn and go forwards from cartoon 1 again: Light-switch (of broomriding?) = lamp-erts-wheel = 'Lambertsville', knobwheel = Pentagon, twin ta-vers = hånd-i wheel home ('honey we're home'). A quote from my 'ABC': "Today one can see reflexes of it in e.g. Hollywood films if one computes the exact image 42.666% through the film. That percentage derives from 2/3 of the 64 elements in a typical 'sonnet' with 16 lines - it gives word number 42,666, which is blown up to 42.666% of a 100% format. For example, the image at this point in the 1954 US film 'There's no business like show business' seems to be a responsibility claim on 11 September 2001". This image is given in the file 'Harlem and Jensen and Aung San' from 2008 - search for 'Heil Hitler' and there is the relevant image - showing a couple wherein the man spins a suitcase in the air - as if it were the propellar of one of the airplanes that hit the twin towers. However, if the following interpretation of cartoons 15 and 16 be right, then it is also possible that the spinning suitcase tells of a cycle a la the one of my Caravaggio studies.

Cartoon 15 (= 503) = Shijing #89: The 'light-switch' = 'lamp-erts-wheel' = 'Lambertsville' of the previous cartoon here finds an elaboration (a 'second cycle'?) in the character (or rather 2 characters) before the camera: 'Walt Whitman' = 'watt wheeledman' = the watt of the lamp plus the wheeledman of the cycle - could be a la the 'penta twin-ta-vers' in the previous cartoon. The Shijing poem #89 tells of the black spot that occurred on the enamel in my bathtub and which I could rub off and smear on the microscope glass where it looked like the ex nihilo graphics (see under 6. The graphics). Shijing #91 combines this with the 5 military helicopters with 'entertaining rotors' I saw flying low over the Danube (on 22 september 2013) near the place where I took the 23 photos. Böhme has a concept of 'tincture' which I suppose can apply also to my ex nihilo graphics - the one for the front page of 'Der Dornenstrauch' exhibits notable rotation symmetry. (Two of the helicopters - real thunderbirds flying low over the water - were of the big military type with 2 big rotors in either direction - I should guess that it was a military formation but cannot exclude the possibility that it was a 'vision' of Ezekiel type or something like that - after they had disappeared up the river a small and probably white civilian one - a piece of 'white no[i]se'? - came back as if to look for something, took a 'whimsical' turn over my head and then hurried back after the others - it was not so far from the place where I two and a half month later photographed this rucksack in the Danube). If 'Walt Whitman' = 'watt wheeledman' means that there are two cycles of art in the mystic constitution of reality, it makes sense relative to my own studies - and Shijing #89.

Cartoon 16 (= 504) = Shijing #90: In the late autumn 2019 - a month before the Steiermark election - there opened in Vienna the joint exhibition of Caravaggio's work and Bernini's white stones which I believed was based on a plagiarism of my own results in the two Caravaggio cycles at the end of this file relative to the third cycle in my poetic work 'Der Dornenstrauch' (my 'yellow metre') which correlated with the white stone (lapis philosophorum) that occurred at the end of the writing of this third cycle. But this cartoon seems to suggest that 'car-a-washo' in 'the white stone' of the bathtub (of Bernini?) was planned as an integral part of the complex already in 1989. In my conceptualization, the bathtub belongs to the previous 'cartoon' - the ex nihilo graphics. But clearly the Caravaggio-Bernini exhibition could have been held on background of such plans rather than being built on my studies.

Cartoon 17 (= 505) = Shijing #91: If the below explanation to cartoon 18 holds good, then it may be that this cartoon 17 applies to the burglary of my house in Szolnok in probably may 2019 - helping themselves with some 'flotsam'. Could be there has been a little water in the walls of the house, but so far it has not been alarmingly much or at least the house stands as before. The poem Shijing #91 is, though, a potentially goodenough background for this cartoon - how it went down and was wanted upwards again etc.

Cartoon 18 (= 506) = Shijing #92: There exists the theory that the assumed masturbator on my brain in july 1957 did not hit the target but the spurt went over 'the moon' - and landed on the floor behind and had to be lifted up again with a teaspoon - and therefore Kennedy initiated the 6 expeditions to the moon later in the 1960's, five of which were successful (really?) but one had to return to earth without having succeeded. However that be, if the theory of a 1-2-3 on me obtains, and indeed it could be that scissoring of the lobe during the '1' is not enough for a gynaecomasty but a '2' is also needed, then one can make an additional theory that I was raped at age 6 months in Brinken 2, Kampen, Oslo - in one of the last days of 1957 or first days of 1958. If the theory is followed up that John F.Kennedy masturbated on my brain in july 1957, then one could articulate the theory that his brother Robert Frances Kennedy (later 'minister of justice' in JFK's government) raped me at age 6 months. 'Munn' is norwegian for 'mouth' - sounds like short-vowelled 'moon' - and hence 'jumping over the moon' could apply to both cases of infant child abuse. That would be the two cows on cartoon 18 - seen in the landscape of possibly 'Steiermark' in late 2019. This cartoon means that the Steiermark election 2019 could have been planned already in 1989.

Cartoon 19 (= 507) = Shijing #93: Is this the 'novel corona virus epidemic'? 'Fred Staska' = 'fred's taska' = 'peace's rucksack/bag'. Novel in progress to new mexico = novel caravan etc = novel corona virus + newmexico = epidemic. I hope the plan is not to replace me with a copy - a new 'maia' etc.

Cartoon 20 (= 508) = Shijing #94: Mixed eggs = Brexit, sit Brekfast etc. What is Pastrami? Could it be the 'ramme' = facade framework of the next cartoon which I have to go 'past on the way to the PO Box? Hence it seems that Brexit could be part of 11 sep 2001. See also chapter Zheng #20 = Shijing #94 "There is a wildly creeping grass...". It is the apparent over-determination in the context of Caravaggio-Bernini, the Steiermark election and the corona which makes it a little hard to avoid recognizing the Brexit in this cartoon. Is this cartoon even the 'theme' of Modern Language Review july 2001 (on the form 'falstaff' = 'pastrami' etc)? Even this 'ski-ging' ex nihilo could be 'på stram i'. Add its accompanying ex nihilo piece (egg salad?) and you have man-hattan. [Added 29-30/4-20 in these brackets: As to 'Pastrami', there is a 'Strandpromenaden' in Fredrikstad visavis 'Mindre-Alvs-Vei' on Isegran - Notre-Dame went on fire - we must hope the best for the Vatican (with roman 'Lung-o-tevere').].

Cartoon 21 (= 509) = Shijing #95: This could look as if it were about selling my poetry - and it seems to be about the facade in Moeringg.10-12 - after the house was demolished in the road intersection Sorbaitgasse/Moeringgasse. Offering 'fragrance' = 'poetry'. IOWA = 104/11 = 10+4/11 = 14/2 and thereunder follows the '33' from the housewall - hence the telephone number TEL.Y 14-2-33 on the facade. (A friend of mine from Fredrikstad or rather Gressvik is Karl-Erik 'Kalle' Solgård - he is a theatre instructor and former theatre chief). Thereunder follows FREE GIFT FOR PURCHASE = THREE DIFFED FOR STURCHASE = THREE-DIRTY sor dirt-race - that could be, say, the race for chancellor in Germany 2033 - one hundred years after austrian Hitler came up and made headway there. FOR STURCHASE = SOR SPÖR-chase = SOR-BA-IT. 33 = Moeringg. = mö-ring-gasse = Black Sea Loop? The black jacket of the man goes in a ring to the Venus mö in the beginning? I hope the New Fragrance is not supposed to be an affe on me. It can also mean my name: New Olddoor - points back to cartoon 1 with the woman in the old indian door. The house demolished in the road intersection Sorbaitgasse/Moeringgasse of cartoon 21 would then have its counterpoint in the road intersection Björnstjerne Björnsons veg / Nini Roll Anker Veg discussed under cartoon 1.

Per Olov Enquist died on 25 april 2020.

[Added 29.04.20 in these brackets: Beef that is 'tender' is 'mör', hence 'Moeringgasse' - cp. the 'asse' in the chair of cartoon 1 - could mean 'Purk[a]gasse' when 'purka' = 'the she-pig', cp. the 'Purchase' of the cartoon and the 'purdah' of the current corona face-masks. 'Gift' = 'poison', hence 'sore bite' could be a 'free poison'. An old file].

It appears how the potentially important data in the present article would be completely inaccessible without knowledge of the defining interval of 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days between the founding of ÖVP in 1945 and my birth and the opening a few days later in june-july 1957. It seems that with this knowledge it is possible to understand how the attack on USA on 11 september 2001 could have been part of a preplanned launch of a new Hitler in Germany from appr 14-2-2033 - and how Brexit of jan 2020 seems to be an integrated part of this. It means that the corona virus epidemic of 2019-2020 could be part of a british 'responsibility claim' on a new Hitler presented some 12 years and 2 months and some days in advance. The assumed date 14 february 2033 is even 12 years 2 months and 12 (plus) days after the beginning of december 2020 - which is one year after the onset of the corona virus epidemic. It is possible that it be about the more or less global structure of unconstitutional power.

In the mean time, there could be plans for a 'Black Sea Loop' for installing the chapter Zheng of Shijing (by the 'loop' from the black jacket of his to the black dress of hers) into the european space - possibly by way of 'terror chains' running along indexes on the way from Turkey to Paris.

The last line of Shijing #95 - that which is supposed to feedback in a 'loop' to #75 for the transference of the black jacket to the black dress - contains a word which normally is taken to mean 'drugs'. It is likely to have meant 'love' of some kind, but clearly the story with my idea of possible medication against the corona virus could have been too tempting for the plotters of the intrigue - as if the intellectual property to a drug against corona virus could be oversmartly lifted from the black jacker (me) to the blackdressed female (somebody else) because of this final word 'drug' in Shijing #95. Anything such would of course be totally inacceptable.

I point also to the apparent counterpointing of Shijing #85 and 86 - as if these two constituted the two whole sides of the triadic chinese sign - also a part of the CHOU sign - while the third and broken side (from 'Vienna' to 'London', so to speak) were the theme of subsequent history.

It is completely sensational and remarkable that I have never been informed about this - and it is essential to me to protest very loudly and audibly and unambiguously against any such use of my person or work. I certainly to do not support this sort of 'politics' in any form - and, strictly speaking, I would say that a new 'Hitler' or the like in our days should start to become quite unmodern and altmodish and antiquated: What on earth shall such desperate power struggle be for now? The world is steering towards a state of equilibrium and peaceful co-existence - and it looks very out of proportions with a new 'beast' rising in Germany against which the british soldiers will fight bravefully and heroic and beat the cruel beast down and be the heros of the world - which will lie for their feet like a dead old tiger skin.

I think the british people should do what they can to get the whole ghost up into daylight and pack down the desperate plans.

It seems to have been very simple: After surveillance data from my life and work have been abused on a large scale in media and business and politics all over the world for decades, I was supposed in 2019 to still remain in Vienna and to go from my home in Zinckgasse towards the PO Box in the Lugner Center and pass this facade in Moeringgasse on the way - and to see how the facade text be exposed by the pull-down of the neighbouring house - and that could have been planned to form the basis for the unconstitutional or british 'responsibility claim'. No wonder I did not succeed in finding a foothold in Italy in 2019 - when the facade did not come to light before the house was pulled down in march 2020. It may have been a network of 'secret intelligence interests' that collaborated in preventing me from moving down to Italy.

This abuse of my person is probably also the reason why it has been 'not permitted' to mention my name or credit me as the source. Of course this 'nazi' abuse must be brought to an end. Of course if a new medication against the corona virus is made on basis of my theory, it must be told in the news that it was made by me - a poet by name John Grover. The interesters who could want to suppress my name for reasons of keeping me secret and unpublished would do it for the sake of e.g. the responsibility claim in the house facade against this cartoon 12 years etc earlier. That is, in the parallel of the 21 poems of the chinese Zheng chapter against these 21 cartoons of The New Yorker.

It seems that the theme of the story is the MOCK or MUCK of anglophonic supremacy: If only the germans will let the inspiration from the flying excrements through, it can get to the outermost parts of their nerves. This seems to have been the theme of 11 september 2001 - the twin towers letting the flying 'inspiration' through.

The trick of 11 september 2001 could therefore be that it could make it possible for the british government to continue with Shijing chapter Zheng without having its activities recognized as the formation of a new Hitler in Germany - while these all the time will remain in parallel like two cycles of Caravaggio running up to a joint lapis philosophorum. There could be a 'Theresa May' in Shijing #87 stanza 2 ('But isnt that Theresa May?' - to raise a may) and a Boris Johnson in #88. Homework: Can you find a 'David Cameron' in #86? Could be there is a 'Co-vid Damerain' in the last line (shi wo bu neng xi xi). It is noticed also how #86 looks like a rather detailed counterpoint (opposite-valued) to #85. It seems that it is possible to read PM names backwards, one per poem, at least to #81 with the CHOU sign of 'James Callaghan'.

England may feel lost there on the island with only waters around - having difficulties with understanding other countries since it shares no borders with others except the eternal water - and hence the 'mystic' ESP of 11 september 2001? The plan can have been to laugh at the germans who allegedly believe in broomriding (backwards reading at cartoon 8 onwards etc), but it may be that the laugh can come to go wrong way. [Added 29/4-20 in these brackets: My corona distribution studies have suggested that the borders to the neighbouring countries are essential for the collective historic consciousness - but if only water is to be found, the solution of seeking contact via 'transcendent flesh and blood' - such as by terror or this epidemic - beyond the waters cannot be continued into the new millenium].

Is it the british 'corona' which is supposed to be the figurehead of the unconstitutional power on a global scale - intelligence and mafia interests etc? I think the british people should find a better solution. I do in any case not support this politics. [Added 29/4-20 in these brackets: The british people could make an emergency party - a 'british people's republican party' - to steer out of the dire straits].

It has sometimes been observed that 'there is something very sick about the western world' (I think it was Putin who said so on some occasion). The current corona situation could be a good example. It seems that there is a complete 180 degrees turnaround and fundamental mistake in some conceptualizations. It is not impossible that all this problem is rooted in this ÖVP structure relative to my person. Of course the world must be able to bring all these problems to an end. To put it this way: It is very possible that, not the least after 11 september 2001, the austrian voters who vote for ÖVP really vote for me - however much ÖVP could lead a policy which is very contrary to my person and interersts - and this complete misunderstanding may come to affect the development in the country to an extent which eventually could lead to a new Hitler in Germany. This principle could have been determinative for the entire postwar western hemisphere. That is why it is so important to have these things cleared out. There is no longer any 'danger from the east' that could give reason to continue the confusion.

Added on 30 april 2020:

In light of the possible importance of the contents of the lettering on the recently exposed facade of the house in the intersection Sorbaitgasse / Moeringgasse, I have to tell also that in the late 70's I knew an american girl in Stockholm called Sara Rowland - here a name of interest due to the 'Kugel u.Rollenlager'. I visited her in her student home in 'Forskarbacken', cp. the 'Mossbacher' in the lower left side of the facade. She was back home to USA for a trip and sent me a letter from the parents' home in some 'Crescent' address, if I remember right. It was on this trip to Stockholm (from Fredrikstad where I then lived) - or at least at the same time - that I had an old doctor's bag of the type which the person carried whom I believed was Gordon Brown (then british PM) when he stepped onto the train and wanted to get into the couchette department (assisted by train personnel) where I was sleeping on the way from Venice to Vienna in january 2010 (I left the couchette department and dont know more about it than this) - I think it was the same day as the earthquake of Port-au-Prince, for which reason I speculated whether the bag he carried ('ported') even could have been (meant to look like) mine from those days - it was at least the same type (like the doctor carries in the opening scenes of Tarkovsky' 'Mirror'). 'Sa-ra' in norwegian sounds like 'told ye'. A political 'trick' could be that 'ku-gel' could mean my leftsided gynaecomasty which the Kennedys (or associates) perhaps would consider their 'artwork' or 'intellectual property'. Which of course does not mean that they have anything to do with my authorship - such as function 14 of my TEQ proves - it proves that they do not have had any influence on that work.

Here are two consecutive excerpts (either side of same paper leaf) in a notebook of mine (inner visions etc) from early 1997 - there had been 'Sara' in Glacisgata around 1973-74:

Added on 1 may 2020:

The facade of Moeringg with the big lettering 'Thomas' after the two wheels could even be seen to contain the name of 'Obamas':

and then the TEL.Y 14233 could be seen as partwise EE-SYRIA backwards or even EE-SRILANKA - or is it upside down? The 'EE-Zelenka' = 'Dismas Zelenka' could be this story. (Why am I a disability pensioner? Is it for being a ku-gel & wheelchair = 'Roll-Stuhl' type?) Is there a 'Jan' in the following text?

Wien XV MOERINGG 10-12 turns backwards into

Jan (Dismas Zelenka) = Zheng Dismas Zelenka

Chelmno NAD Nerem

The polish government shipwrecked in the aircrash of Smolensk on 10 april 2010. Is it possible that the polish administration thereby told of KUGEL u. ROLLENLAGER - e.g. an attempted replacement of the entire upper level of the administration by agents from a foreign state - but they had got intelligence in advance and ran off in time in an airplane (which, alas, crashed)? That could have been called unconstitutional power.


BP's oil rig shipwrecked in the mexican gulf 10 days later.

Added 10 may 2020:

The swedish state epidemiologist Tegnell has talked of a 'herd immunity' against covid-19 in Sweden expected around mid may 2020. Former state epidemiologist Giesecke told on the news that 98% of the swedes 'have' (?) the virus, I think was the concept, whatever that means - and then lockdown would probably be senseless. But maybe I did not get the point right. 300 swedes die normally every day, now another 80-100 come in addition due to covid-19.

In the night to yesterday I added the following to this file - after I had looked up Saul Bellow's novel titles to see if there were traces of this 'herd immunity' (which there was in the title "More die of heartbreak"):

...some 'herd'-is eggen news - 'Herceghalom' etc - or 'mortality break'? - the swedish and US rate of change have been the same for some time, close to the UK - it is noticed that Norway quite recently made a 'county reform' that collapsed former Akershus, Buskerud (not 'bukserud' = 'trousers-rude') and Østfold (not 'Ostwald' who published Wittgenstein or 'Oswald' of the Kennedy assassination) into a new county called 'Viken' - one could wonder whether the millilitres 'under the text'-iles in the train at Bicske/Herceghalom is supposed to be made into a big thing - 'két' is also hungarian for '2', as for that PTRSIM PIK of the fundamental theorem - and I did not shoot at Kennedy - but maybe he ejaculated at my brain? - fourletter word for 'masturbated' (but not for wetting in the pants only) is 'ronka', not 'corona' - that detail of july 1957 should not be held secret if it be the case - 'svigen' is a form that means a sort of 'quisling' - but that is not me! - by the way, the numbers that come in to the 'desh-Bord' of Johns Hopkins - not the dog from Bangladesh - are probably electronic - and under the control of the socalled 'intelligences'?

The idea was the observation of 'Herd-is-Sweden/Svigen'. Today I add the idea of 'herd-is-Veggen' = 'herd is the Wall'. Is the expected 'herd immunity' about a 'wall', for either the virus, the mortality or the vitality? 'Wall-is-Impsen' could be the theme - in which case it invokes associations to the story with 'Wallis Simpson' and the british-royal abdication some 84 years ago. There seem to have been similar things in England recently.

I think it is high time to come out with the details needed for understanding the history in time. We dont need another holocaust and Hitler-sized disasters. If the problem is the 'borderless kingdom' in England, it is likely that the britons would be better off with a republican constitution. The world cannot continue with mythomania: PTRSIM PIK is nothing but the fundamental theorem of linguistics and to keep that basis for new important knowledge suppressed under the burden of power-making is not the right thing.

The conclusion from the discussion in the present file and this file is that it could be indicative of the idea that 11 september 2001 and Brexit and the corona virus (covid-19) epidemic could be about a Quisling (Mr.Svigen = Mr.Treason) trying to dump the blame on me. For what? Could be a longterm strategy - or could be triggered by a 'Black Sea Loop' (cp. 'BREXIT up'?). One could speculate that the current epidemic could serve to swap roles of a future Hitler with me as 'jewish genetics' (possibly by a trick of the wetted pants and 'wrong car' = 'heart-break' of 'Herze-galom'? I notice 'Heidi Klum').

As concerns ''Mindre-Alvs-Vei' on Isegran (visavis 'Strandpromenaden'), a 'mindre-alv' is a small gnome ('alv'), that is a short (knee-high perhaps) being who is even smaller ('mindre') than that - could be 'Johr Gnomen' ('the earth-gnome') is the word. That makes of 'Strandpromenaden' a sort of 'stenhard-pnomerader' = 'stone hard [on] pomeranze/matrix'? There are some 'Pomeranie' regions in Poland.

In short, if I am the theme, the 'octogon' qua 'ott-Eve-re' could suggest that the current pneumonia epidemic could make of 'Lung-otevere' = the walk along the Tiber river in Rome be a correlate to 'Strandpromenaden' in Fredrikstad. The Vatican is a natural theme. Why not stop the arrangements for more destruction now instead of continueing like nothing - if major disasters are planned?


The complete cartoons of The New Yorker. Ed. Robert Mankoff. Including 2 CDs with 68647 cartoons ever published in the magazine. Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, New York 2004.

Simon, R.: "Shijing. Das altchinesische Buch der Lieder". Chinesisch/Deutsch. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Rainald Simon. Reclam Bibliothek 2015.

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