Why I have stayed outside Austria since 27 july 2020

John Bjarne Grover

I travelled out of Austria on 27 july 2020 and back again on 2 march 2021. The possibly corresponding behaviour of the mortality of covid-19 in this time period is told here.

(This is a short summary of the main points in the article The mortality curve of covid-19. Some material was added on 4 january 2021).

1) The data in this file prove that my person is indexed in high-level politics.

2) It can be proven that I most probably was opened in the head soon after birth on 29 june 1957. The proof is in the magnet resonance scan which shows that the lower occipital lobe on the righthand side is shortened (apparently 'scissored') while the cranium is intact.

3) One guesses that this was a part of the construction of me as a socalled PTRSIM PIK = a 'technical Messiah' as a mythological role for high-level politics to hijack in order to win the election.

4) One furthermore guesses that it is the US democrat party that is the main interester - and that John F.Kennedy could have been present when my head was opened in probably july 1957.

5) It seems furthermore that Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP) was established in 1945 in an immediate dependency relation to probably John F.Kennedy being present at a (probable) head opening of me in 1957 - and that they have continued in such a 'controlled dependency' since the war was over. The evidence seems to be in the cartoons of the periodical 'The New Yorker': These indexed for 'the opening of ÖVP' in 1945 the names of those present by the opening of me in 1957 - and, vice versa, the issue in 1957 indexed the names of those present at the constitutive 'opening meeting' of ÖVP in 1945 - and this temporal interval has been maintained as apparently defining ever since (this theory is confirmed by the limited number of examples I have studied). It seemed to be the interval 12 years 2 months 3 weeks. It seems that 'Ausch-witz' simply meant this 'USA-witz'-e-Blatt for a power pump from the Burgenland border to USA. Pamhagen = Pentagon (built in 1943)?

6) There are furthermore reasons to believe that Hitler's entire death camp program (Auschwitz, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez and Chelmno) could have been about creating such a politically controlled mortality of a trivial epidemic. The three camps Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez = 'Aktion Reinhardt' probably/possibly indexed my official mother by birthname 'Eidsvig Ragna' - and I have guessed that this could be the reason for the 'édesanya' registration tradition in Hungary where the mother's birthname (!) must be on all official documents. I have guessed that Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez are the three deepest mysteries in jewish philosophy for the mystic source of life - and when these are turned into terror by Hitler's death camps, people lose their breath (as in covid-19).

7) This is the reason why covid-19 could be on the rise when I live inside the borders of Austria under ÖVP legislation and governmental authority. In the spring 2020 I lived inside the borders of Austria during the border closures from january untill 27 july 2020 (except for a few days in march) and the mortality rate for covid-19 in Italy were around 10-15%: From 21 march to 10 april (when the curves of death and new cases ran in nice parallel) the average mortality was 14,1%. The pandemic started rising at the beginning of the nomination process in the US democrat party from 3 february 2020 onwards - both the global curve of infections and the global curve of deaths. After I travelled out of Austria on 27 july (and I have stayed constantly abroad since then) the global curve of infections flattened and turned down and the mortality rate for Italy has sunk to an average around 2%: From 5 november to 10 december (an interval wherein the curves for death and new cases reach a peak each) the average mortality was 2,1%. (These two averages - 14,1% and 2,1% - are computed on basis of curves over 7-day averages - see end of this article). This means that the mortality sank from an alarming 14% down to 2% which is not far from the 0,32% mortality of normal winter flue in Italy in the 4 years 2013-2016. The global curves for the same time intervals were 6,3% for the spring and 1,6% for the autumn. In Austria the curve of infections started rising dramatically in the autumn - probably because the deep public opinion feared that I suddenly could come back again with train - untill the day when the train connection between Venice and Vienna closed on 9 november after which the curve went abruptly down again. Of course it is not me they are afraid of - it is Adolf Hitler - and it is not impossible that a certain (or even major?) concern of Obama's politics was to swap me with Adolf Hitler.

8) These phenomena were new to me since 2020 (I have found them only by much work) - and the conclusion seems to be that although I had found a good and possibly permanent solution in Austria, it is probably better that I find a place to live outside Austria - although the problem is not due to me. I hope somebody can help me find a lasting solution in Italy (outside Austria).

9) I could add to the theory of mortality of covid-19 relating to me that I have suspected that advertisement in Austria - and there are such big outdoor posters almost everywhere - to some (or a large?) extent could have been based on material tapped from my workdesk and life, possibly for 10 years. If this were for turning the effect of the 1919 Pamhagen 'Fischamend-tooth' around, and I have guessed that this 'Pamhagen' tooth were the reason for the very powerful 'Pentagon' of 1943 (maybe built and named as 'punishment' for Hitler?), it could perhaps add to an explanation to the high mortality in e.g. Italy and France in the spring. The phenomenon of abuse of my work and life in advertisement, although an acute problem for me in the country where I live, is nevertheless probably a global phenomenon - which could add to an explanation why the disease is a pandemic - and can be evidenced in e.g. the names of those who make the vaccines: 'BioNTech' could be a name meaning 'B-John-TECH' = 'B-John-Grover' = 'B-John-arnes' = 'Bjarne[s] John' = 'James Bond', for the apparent 'secret intelligence' program on me as a PTRSIM PIK: The 'intelligences' could perhaps be claiming that I am an agent for them and therefore they need not ask for permission to abuse my work and need not pay reparation money for the abuse, as could be the logic. ('James Bond' could perhaps be a character created for just this purpose?). 'Pfizer' could be another concept for the same program referring to the socalled 'octogon'. 'AstraZeneca' could be about the theme of the Eisenhower doctrine from 1957 (some months before my birth) - the theory that John F.Kennedy masturbated a spurt on my cortex for the ancient chinese poem Shijing #37 telling that if the 'uncle' who masturbated on your brain were a Great Warrior, there would develop a left-sided gynaecomasty [which hence is caused thereby and not by the popular misconception of being caused by 'auto-fellatio', suggests the poem] - therefore Kennedy got USA involved in the Vietnam war. (However, the truth about my leftsided gynaecomasty could rather be traced to the scissored righthand occipital lobe mentioned under point 2 above, as is my guess). This #37 (= 'GlaxoSmithKline'?) pretext is likely to be the reason why the Eisenhower doctrine was published 1223 months, weeks, days after the birth of 'Great Warrior' Albert of Saxony. These mythologies are the ones providing the 'shots' of vaccine - and are probably only the tip of an iceberg in business, media, politics for constructing the PTRSIM PIK power-sausage writhing forth from the anglican campaign against catholicism (hence the high italian, spanish, french mortality in the spring) - the series of PTRSIM PIKs adding up to a mythological beast. It may be that the goal is to assign the same biography to all such PTRSIM PIKs (Wergeland, Tschaikovsky, Rimbaud, Wittgenstein, Thomas and me, as is my hypothesis so far) - it is seen that modern biographies of Wittgenstein tell that he was homo and murdered a schoolboy - probably nonsense for this construction. I am neither homo nor murderer either - but Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (there is a Janssen as well) could be about these aspects. ['Merck' = Meng, Feng, purk-, ferk-, Messiah etc, 'si no far-m' = 'forensic', 'circumcision', 'transliteration', 'vava-rde' = same place]. PTRSIM PIK seems to be a constructed Messiah (rescueing mankind) whose mythological power is easy to hijack for certain politics (the US democrat party, as it seems). Therefore it is likely that it is conceived as if I (possibly born to the PTRSIM PIK role) am the cause of the disease - and hence the big pharmaceutical industry who also could be a mythological motor for a new Hitler is the trick for the hijack of the role.

10) Since one of the above factors is the hypothetical Adolf Hitler in Klipra in Ålesund, not to speak of Eidsvig Ragna who grew up in Fjellgata and Visthouse, it can be added the theory mentioned briefly in this old file (alternatively this old file, search for 'Sarajevo'): It is not impossible that the entire WWI served to put that region on the map.

10a) See also the end of the file PTRSIM PIK and the current political-cultural landscape of 2021 where I have outlined a theory on the role of the AIDSHIV pandemic. If the theory of Obama's presidency should obtain, there could be quite an additional heavyweight factor there.

10b) My residence in Zinckgasse in Vienna - between Hackengasse and Pelzgasse - could have been planned since long. See this file for the story of 'Hakke-böf' and 'Lever-böf' from the 1970's. These names (of canned food from 'Stabburet' in Fredrikstad, Norway) could have been constructed on basis of AUSch-witz <---> USA-witz (assumedly the cartoons of The New Yorker) and hence 'Hakke-ÖVP' and 'Lever-ÖVP' = Hacken-gasse and Pelz-gasse. In addition, if 'Hacken' is the female genital opening covered with the pubic hair of 'Pelz', this could even be the reference in the 'Darfur' crisis ('dar' being conceived as a deictic). If so, the ÖVP would be the same as my residence in Zinckgasse. The Darfur crisis was a main theme in the news some years before I moved to Zinckgasse, and the two forms of 'BÖF' produced by 'Stabburet' (chief cook 'Hans Jebsen') were from the 1970's. (Cp. also the ''billepelsen' story). The Oklahoma bombing - the biggest bombing in US history - could have served to lend punch to the rejection of my first book 'Submorphemic signification'. Does that mean that my residence in Zinckgasse could be about the same? (Current austrian chancellor and ÖVP chief Kurz was presented in a newspaper photo with boxing gloves I think just before the election a few years ago, if not even on election day, but I dont know who had made the photo - it could perhaps even have been the newspaper itself). The speculative hypothesis could perhaps be articulated that Darfur, Rohingya and other crises with a 'pandemic' span could have had its reference to my flat in Zinckgasse, but this theory is so far rather worthless as long as the empirical evidence is as meagre as I have had access to. And, of course, if that were a theory of some relevance, then another explanatory format could also tend to be sought: If that were the case, why hasnt anybody told me? Anyhow, the perspectives of me risking to get under covid-19 quarantine in Zinckgasse could probably be seen as sufficient for making it recommendable for me to be elsewhere at least during the worst waves of the pandemic.

Yet another type of story could perhaps be added to Darfur and Rohingya: If the morph 'BÖF' be seen as defining, the form 'BÖFÖL' (for, say, 'Britt'-ish in Hitler's postcard sent from 'Hamburg'-er = a 'hakkeBÖF'?) for 'BIFIL' ('Horn') could invoke the idea of 'Bhopal' (cp. 'Buffals') - the gas cyanide disaster that took place soon after the murder of Indira Gandhi on 'Halloween' = 'hello, Wien'. When I arrived in Vienna on 1 july 2004, the austrian president fell unconscious in the moment when I entered Meldeamt on 5 july 2004 (I had tried on 2 july but had to bring the contract on 5 july, but they agreed to register for 2 july for the half tax year) to register my new address and he died on the following day 6 july. The cyanide gas disaster of 'Bhopal' was followed by the very similar cyanide gas disaster of 'Halabjah' ('Horn'?), with the death of PAS ('Petter Andre Syversen' = (for, say, 'Britt August 7-ersen'?) in Botswana in the middle of this GAS-PAS-GAS (= 'Horn, Britt, Buffals'?) structure. The bombing of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi took place on the day 12 years (cp. the 1223) after the death of PAS - seemingly as a part of a massive rejection of my PhD - after the 'Oklahoma bombing' in the context of the rejection of the submission to publisher of my first book. If, therefore, these structures converge on my home in Zinckgasse, it could be about Hitler's couping of Lenin's revolution.

See also the story told in this file - the question whether my official grandfather Bjarne Eidsvig was Adolf Eichmann in Vienna during the war. If this also relates to the historic role of Gro Harlem Brundtland, my PhD and other things, plus now more recently the coup in Myanmar, it is clear that my presence in Vienna could have an unfortunate effect on the world's health condition also from this viewpoint.

I add another two points of possible (albeit less certain) explanatory value for understanding my relation to Austria -
11) the role of my poetry book 'Caruso' and
12) the theory that 'Adolf Hitler' could have been rebuilt and be on the rise again:

11) I wrote the 'Caruso' poetry book from the summer 2010 to the summer or late spring 2011 - I self-published it in july 2011. The book is about the male archetype which is summerized on the back page of the book - here the 'man-on-wagon'. The archetype is not discussed explicitly in this form anywhere in the poetry book - rather the archetype is 'invoked' by the book - and I personally met the two (man-on-wagon and boy in front) on a sunday walk from Hütteldorf down to Vienna a few days after the book was completed and it did not occur to me that this was not a rather beyond normal event untill I wrote it down in my diary later in the afternoon and then had to ponder: Were it really possible with such a small body running on such a small board? Instead of being immediately visible in the text itself, the archetype seems to erupt in the real world, that could mean, could be like a 'historic feeling', could be even some gentlemen start running around - although the intention with the book is the very opposite - it is to make it possible to understand these mechanisms in a more mature way. It would have been while I wrote the book (although towards the end of it) that now ÖVP-chief and chancellor Sebastian Kurz (then in his mid twenties or so, sensationally young for such a job) was included into the government of then SPÖ-chief Werner Faymann - in the government reshuffle of 21 april 2011. If one ponders the name of Faymann, one sees that his family name could be significant of such a male archetype 'wiping' or 'brooming' across the street while his first name Werner would be more significant of that divine custody protecting the subject's historic progress signified in the urine system. Hence his name could be quite significant of the male archetype - while the 'boy in front' of this 'scenario kurz' then rather would be Sebastian Kurz, young for such a position. However, this was before the book was completed and I think well before the book was recognized as this archetype. What could have happened is that the government (or, say, the society) could have seen the former golden age of the austrian empire before 1919 sprouting up from the ground again - and a quite subconscious identification of my book with the government could have led to a certain crisis for me. I developed a sort of panic which consisted in 1) I could not write more poetry in Austria, and 2) I had to move to another country in order to continue, but when I did not succeed in this due to limited resources, I rather developed 3) incontinence and retention problems in the urine system which eventually led to a total collapse. Also, not long after the book was self-published in a small number of copies to libraries, there soon started to develop this 'male chauvinism' of male muscle selling white loaves in bakers' shops and coffee points where I had been writing poetry etc. After some time, there occurred two very strong 'metaphysical' impulses shooting through the inner culture-space with some days or weeks' interval - impressive and awe-inspiring indeed they were - and pope Benedict stepped out of the papacy rather immediately (early next morning) after the second. This could perhaps be seen as relevant to the issue of the authority of 'divine custody'. (For these two impulses, I notice also the name of 'Biden' in the recent US election). As the 'austrian empire' seemed to expand in EU, at least metaphysically (or, say, 'fantastically'), the britons seemed to recall former days and got in a hurry to get out - and even covid-19 eventually 'broke out' and brought the whole world economy to a near standstill. The pandemic seemed in the beginning to develop according to the second (or third) book of 'My mention e Anna', following immediately after 'Caruso'. This was after the authority to my authorship had suffered a serious setback by the loss of the poetry notebooks which were not returned to me after I forgot them in a church in Vienna. Covid-19 could perhaps be seen on such a background. The story could be that I was in a desperate need to move out of Austria but had not the chance due to my budget economy. I made the attempt with the house in Szolnok which, though, failed. But it should have been easy to solve this problem - if only somebody could have helped me find a place to live outside Austria. Instead, the pope 'moved out' and thereafter the britons 'moved out', covid-19 'broke out' etc. Wouldnt it have been better to help me a little? Shouldnt the norwegian society have repaired economically a little - if the assumed abuse story should happen to be the case? It is very possible that the whole story is that the book is on a too deep level to be recognized and people have to believe that it cannot be this book, it must be something else - and the norwegians may perhaps tremble in their pants by the thought that the book is 'goodenough'. As soon as this possibility sails up in the horizon, people seem to back out and try to find another explanation, just anything. ('The book is too naive, the author is too headon and doesnt see his own limitations' etc - but this 'go', sort of, could be just a part of the male archetype. Sample poem here). I mention an example: After I had seen the two very friendly doves ('due and only due') in front of the TAXI 321, I decided to look up Daksiputra Panini's sanskrit grammar 'Astadhyayi' (from some half a millenium or so before Christ) book 3, chapter 2, sutra 1 - and, indeed, there is in sutras 1-4 all I need for understanding the details in a fragment of my 'Caruso', poem 16 in the first (or second, depending on how to count) book in the red metre 'My mention e Anna'. This means that my poetry book, although innocent-looking, in this particular fragment could have invoked 'paninis' from ancient sanskrit or even vedic times, archaic culture-morning loaves indeed. Could be it is too 'autochthonic' and archaic to be recognized as part of the modern reality - and so the brazen style comes up and makes it necessary to withdraw. The last thing I did before I left Austria on 27 july 2020 (due to the apparently high mortality of covid-19 possibly as long as I stayed inside Austria) was to describe the 'fungus' on the bathroom wall, also in this form. Could be e.g. the 'two metaphysical impulses' simply means 'PTRSIM PIK' - who hasnt got a chance to solve the housing problem himself because of the heavy political load? Could be these two metaphysical impulses were what put me on the track to find the fundamental theorem of linguistics. Could be the pope resigned because of 'monkey business' which could lead to terror possibly of a Hitler type? Or, more to the point: Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation in the morning 11 february 2013 - I was then just in the process of completing the production of the three first volumes. My letter to Pflichtablieferung was dated 25 february. Could be it would have been very dangerous for the metaphysical state of the world if my 'Caruso' had been taken that afar into the formation of society while I myself had to laser-print and bind and self-publish the three volumes in 30 copies myself - a total of some 7,5 meters in the shelf. It is possible that poetry really is a phenomenon in a global knowledge-space - like Gutenberg could not make his invention before the global culture had reached the needed level, even if potato print and chinese woodcuts were then already old - and the theory could be made that a pandemic is a phenomenon of (suppressed, or, say, mismatched) poetry or poetic logic. [21/2-21: I add that before I left Austria on 27 july 2020, the skin of my palms was in a quite bad condition due to eczemas - cp. 'my-Caruso' and 'makaron[k]i' (and possibly the phenomenon of the 15% withhold tax to Norway) - and, it can be added, the 'au-to-[k]-to-ne' = '1-2-2-3'. Would such a 'my car, wrong key' have anything to do with the bleedings from my urine channel?].

12) Quote from my article 'Are there plans of a 'SKJOLDEN' war in Italy - after Vietnam and Iraq?': "I met Aron Eidsvig (Adolf Hitler?) perhaps several times but had something to do with him only once - I think it was after a dinner (could be Bjarne Eidsvig's 70th birthday) on Vågstranda when I stood in the entrance hall and he came from the living room - I stood in front of the barometre hanging on the wall. Bjarne Eidsvig had shown me how to use it - for seeing if it were high or low pressure in the air one had to give it a small knock with the knuckle of the finger, a short PIKK that can be called, and then the pointer would move if there were a change. I may have done so when Aron Eidsvig passed". This is told again in the article 'Continental police and the construction of a new Hitler' (search for 'barometer'). The essential question is whether there could have been Adolf Hitler hiding behind the surface of my uncle Aron Eidsvig. I refer also to the US film 'There's no business like show business' which (as far as I remember) contains a scene with the tall moustached man serving beer to the guests of a private party - and I personally have no problems with associating the scenes from that house in the film as relevant to the house in Ålesund. I lived in Ehamgasse on Simmering in Vienna in the years 2005-2008, and thereafter I told on the internet about how one neighbour (Tatjana Vidanovic) on the floor underneath seemed to have returned after a standin of her had taken care of her child occasionally, while the other neighbour (Kurt Köck) died in 2007. I presented my condolences to his wife or mother who stood in the open door when I passed after his death, and she showed me a movement with her hand across the stomach approximately the region where the colon is running, I suppose. Could be that is what he died from, I dont know. I recognized the movement from a talk with Grøver/'Mengele' on 'Kaffistova' (?) in the lower Karl Johan Street in Oslo after I had identified the telephone terrorist 1986-88 as his wife, my official mother Ragna Grøver in late 1988. He told me that he occasionally had had a burning feeling in his stomach and showed the same movement across the stomach. He died (at least officially) from pancreas cancer in late 1990. Now the question arises perhaps whether this movement across the belly - along the 'belt' - could mean 'A-doll' + the 'fitler' at the end of the stomach. British Library used to be under the cupola in the old building it shared with British Museum before it moved to Pancras in London in 1998, I think it was. I used it a few times before it moved - the old reading room under the cupola where also Karl Marx had been sitting when writing 'Das 'Kapital'. Once when I was coming there in the opening hours, the old library closed irregularly just before I arrived, as far as I remember. I had to ask myself whether this could have been because I was in the coming with the underground, but had at that time no reason to believe so. I Ehamgasse I lived on the 5th floor and used the lift. Köck (remotely similar to Dag Diesen) entered a few times into the cabin when I was on the way down (once I think also when he came from the floor above) dressed in tricot or 'longs' plus jacket. One his wife or mother accompanied him and adjusted his collar and jacket - he seemed a little embarassed about it. Would these details have referred to the barometer/hygrometer story - 'finger på glasset' = 'finger on the glass'? The name of 'Tatjana Vidanovic' could perhaps have been about such a 'vitro' story - impossible to understand in those days. For the idea of associations to 'british library' I could perhaps also refer to the 'blue plastic sheets' that were lowered over the small doll bed in Paris in 2002. Ah ja, is it my job to interpret the pantomimes for presenting more or less paranoid associations? So many years seem to have been wasted with all these games. It must be understood that if Kurt Köck should have resembled Dag Diesen, what for? It was the probably municipal organization 'Wien Wohnservice' who gave me the flat in Ehamgasse. After Sebastian Kurz was appointed chancellor there arises the similarity in name with Kurt Köck, in which case the question could also be raised 'why did Faymann introduce Kurz into the government on just 21 april 2011?' Faymann is socialist, Kurz is Volkspartei. I have no reason at all to associate Kurz with Hitler or my uncle Aron Eidsvig, but it must be admitted that all the pantomime puts a certain significational intrigue burden onto me - either I have to tell these things or I am burdened with the accusations that 'he didnt do anything to stop it', which then could count as a 'proof' that I could be involved in the intrigue - which I am not. If Obama in his presidency were concerned with my 3 or so meetings with Aron Eidsvig, the intrigue could be a heavy-weight one indeed. I quote from my own article 'Continental police and the construction of a new Hitler': "It is possible that Obama's government had this one primary function in this mythology to swap Adolf Hitler with me. The Concorde crash ('julekaka') in Paris in 2000 could have been made by those who wanted Obama in the White House - not the least by way of Hy-Gro-Meter Brundtland in WHO". The Concorde took fire after a titanium strip (= 'kaka'?) on the runway had got entangled into a wheel ('[h]jul') and the pilots had no other option than to try and reach for the airport (like me 'airlifting' the piece of 'julekake') of Bourget (norw.'borde[t]' = 'the table'). The takeoff had been at Charles de Gaulle airport, and 'fole kaulle' is a local Ålesund or even Klipra dialect expression meaning 'very fun[ny]', typically about pranks. But clearly if this should have been preplanned for encoding the brief story with me and uncle Aron at the table in Ålesund, the story with the titanium strip sounds not probable. Whatever the story, it seems that there could have been reasons to recognize a significational pressure onto my person - in such a way that it could have enhanced the effect relative to Covid-19 of my presence inside Austria vs. outside. Finally, it must also be emphasized that I have no reason to believe that my two neighours in Ehamgasse were involved in the story in any way. I have to add the element that I discover as potential part of the complex only today: It happened some time after I had moved into Ehamgasse that I was to go for a trip to Bratislava and in the lift Vidanovic entered in the new fashion - not the one I had met so I was a little perplex but believed it was somebody else, which perhaps it was. In Bratislava I had just taken this photo not far from Safarikova when I turned and saw a man coming towards me with a finger lifted up in the air in front of himself, like a sort of warning finger. He reminded me rather much of Freddy Fjellheim (could be also of the assumed el-pianist of Paris). I started to move off the spot since there were problems in the air but he came quickly after me and hit me in the back so strongly that I fell (but I avoided a complete fall by one hand on the ground). If I had carried a laptop computer (which I often did) in the rucksack (wasnt it even the same rucksack as disappeared in Barnabiten in 2019?) it would have been crushed. A woman who came by just then asked him probably what the problem was and I withdrew from the scene. At hindsight the lifted finger immediately after I had photographed the 'Topvar beer' shed was rather precise about the 'finger on the glass' - not to speak of the 'finger' or knuckles in the back. As far as I remember, the austrian government also issued a statement telling that they could not guarantee the safety of austrians abroad - could be that was after this incident in Bratislava, probably not before. Conclusion to the Ehamgasse complex discussed above: ÖVP or relevant internationals had perhaps computed that if they made a candidate called 'Sebastian Kurz' he would likely win elections, could be with me as the counterpoint, and therefore SPÖ could have made the countermove of the Ehamgasse complex installed before Kurz was launched telling 'what you see there is Adolf Hitler', which could serve to calm down voters' enthusiasm. The status of indexation could wriggle back and forth for a twining rope between the younger fore-runner and the elder man-on-wagon. This phenomenon could probably be considered normal party power struggle - what is special for Austria is that it seems that I am the joker in the middle of this power field since the foundation of ÖVP in 1945 not the least by way of Hitler's death camp program. This local austrian phenomenon is lifted to a global scope not the least by the assumed 'troika' fuelled also by way of the Auschwitz power pump. (For the 'atrium-olframat', Eidsvig was probably just coming 'fra mat' = 'from food' when I met him at the barometer). The organizers of the apparent intrigue seem to include me in the intrigue - but I am certainly not involved in any way.

Therefore, as suggests this discussion, the global mortality of covid-19 goes up when I am inside the power field of Austria and down when I am out of it. And therefore the mortality of covid-19 in Italy has sunk from some 15% in the first round (spring 2020 when I was inside Austria) till some 2-3% in the second round (autumn 2020 when I was in Italy).

My guess is that the political construction is this triangle. For rescueing the world from a depression that could come to lead to a new Hitler and Mussolini, one could perhaps outlaw ÖVP and/or the US democrat party (to the extent that these are essentially based on abuse of private individuals) and possibly close 'The New Yorker' (or its cartoon department) and 'Modern Language Review' if these are contributors to the same Auschwitz- and terror-driven political program. It is of utmost importance that the entire PTRSIM PIK program be terminated and brought to daylight: It seems to be a program which is recognized as 'important for the world' in the format it has as 'intelligence program' (and are there anybody organizing the redundancies in e.g. the pharmaceutic industry?) - while in actual fact its recognized importance derives from the fact that it rests essentially on the principles of the fundamental theorem' of linguistics (and other fields of study) and must be released from its confined existence as tool of intrigue to its new role of theoretic framework for modelling the metaphysical interface to 'other realities'.

The epidemiological data are from Johns Hopkins. Notice that the mortality curve given on the web is cumulative only, summing up the total numbers since the start of the pandemic and focusing on closed cases which gives a technical mortality of e.g. 92% in France in the beginning - I have searched in vain for data showing fluctuations in mortality by country: These are the curves that would show the impact of my stay inside or outside Austria. See below.

This article was put on the web in a first form on 10 december 2020 and included the idea of a mortality 0,5% for Italy: That is the percentage of sick people who are in a serious or critical condition and it is not the ordinary mortality ratio. As of today 4 january 2021 there are in Italy 576214 people who are ill with covid-19 and only 2583 = 0,4% of these are in a serious of critical condition, the remaining 99,6% are in a mild condition.

Covid-19 - data on daily deaths and new cases for the mortality ratio for two intervals - spring and autumn 2020.
Italy to the left, the global data to the right. -

mar-apr 2020       deaths       new cases       mortality                               deaths       new cases       mortality
21 485 4 633 10,47 % 1 059 27 775 3,81 %
22 525 4 913 10,69 % 1 199 30 241 3,96 %
23 562 5 135 10,94 % 1 390 33 646 4,13 %
24 619 5 380 11,51 % 1 640 36 778 4,46 %
25 648 5 521 11,74 % 1 874 39 926 4,69 %
26 689 5 646 12,20 % 2 159 44 160 4,89 %
27 731 5 635 12,97 % 2 464 48 124 5,12 %
28 745 5 552 13,42 % 2 775 52 944 5,24 %
29 759 5 502 13,79 % 3 033 56 430 5,37 %
30 790 5 398 14,64 % 3 361 59 332 5,66 %
31 804 5 228 15,38 % 3 670 63 715 5,76 %
1 809 5 168 15,65 % 4 057 67 911 5,97 %
2 817 4 950 16,51 % 4 525 70 711 6,40 %
3 795 4 761 16,70 % 4 903 73 553 6,67 %
4 765 4 594 16,65 % 5 255 73 553 7,14 %
5 732 4 466 16,39 % 5 507 77 742 7,08 %
6 707 4 402 16,06 % 5 717 79 584 7,18 %
7 673 4 257 15,81 % 6 157 80 787 7,62 %
8 647 4 121 15,70 % 6 382 82 319 7,75 %
9 625 4 055 15,41 % 6 586 83 665 7,87 %
10 597 3 964 15,06 % 6 736 85 347 7,89 %
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
14 524 103 281 14,06 % 80 449 1 268 243 6,34 %

nov-dec 2020
5 295 29 755 0,99 % 7 410 532 189 1,39 %
6 331 30 715 1,08 % 7 659 540 152 1,42 %
7 350 31 866 1,10 % 7 812 558 545 1,40 %
8 366 32 252 1,13 % 7 908 563 578 1,40 %
9 385 32 683 1,18 % 8 061 565 783 1,42 %
10 417 33 662 1,24 % 8 212 575 166 1,43 %
11 455 34 007 1,34 % 8 346 582 545 1,43 %
12 486 34 504 1,41 % 8 453 586 503 1,44 %
13 500 34 946 1,43 % 8 559 591 690 1,45 %
14 517 34 580 1,50 % 8 774 587 886 1,49 %
15 548 34 775 1,58 % 8 916 589 977 1,51 %
16 569 35 074 1,62 % 9 019 592 615 1,52 %
17 590 34 658 1,70 % 9 207 593 119 1,55 %
18 609 34 847 1,75 % 9 360 593 271 1,58 %
19 612 34 589 1,77 % 9 561 594 258 1,61 %
20 633 34 067 1,86 % 9 727 594 892 1,64 %
21 654 33 711 1,94 % 9 741 595 444 1,64 %
22 656 32 906 1,99 % 9 843 596 549 1,65 %
23 674 32 272 2,09 % 9 923 600 710 1,65 %
24 692 30 993 2,23 % 10 090 600 786 1,68 %
25 687 29 789 2,31 % 10 242 603 177 1,70 %
26 712 28 763 2,48 % 10 269 597 950 1,72 %
27 730 27 492 2,66 % 10 219 590 585 1,73 %
28 728 26 286 2,77 % 10 250 588 193 1,74 %
29 726 25 187 2,88 % 10 219 587 085 1,74 %
30 732 24 234 3,02 % 10 263 581 363 1,77 %
1 722 23 651 3,05 % 10 296 584 269 1,76 %
2 717 22 885 3,13 % 10 334 584 389 1,77 %
3 741 22 022 3,36 % 10 566 594 009 1,78 %
4 739 21 376 3,46 % 10 763 604 605 1,78 %
5 736 20 594 3,57 % 10 893 611 983 1,78 %
6 739 20 312 3,64 % 10 939 616 696 1,77 %
7 719 19 933 3,61 % 10 935 621 403 1,76 %
8 697 19 299 3,61 % 10 947 624 307 1,75 %
9 671 18 175 3,69 % 10 943 627 056 1,75 %
10 655 17 305 3,79 % 10 957 628 412 1,74 %
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
21 790 1 034 165 2,11 % 345 616 21 281 140 1,62 %

Added on 12 january 2021: Averaging over deaths and new cases in the same manner - in the extended period from 21 march to 20 may 2020 the average mortality in Italy was 16,44% against globally 6,53%. (In the 11 days of 10-20 may the mortality in Italy was 20,91% against globally 5,43%). In the extended period from 5 november 2020 to 10 january 2021 the average mortality in Italy was 2,82% against globally 1,70%.

Added on 5 march 2021: On 2 march 2021 I went back to Vienna, at least for some time.

Added on 8 march 2021: I add to the whole problemshift also this file. As to the question whether Bjarne Eidsvig was Adolf Eichmann, I add that if 'Bjarne' means 'hero', which perhaps it does (it probably associates with 'brave' and such ideas), since 'eit-svig' = 'a case of treason', the name of Bjarne Eidsvig associates with 'Hiro-shima' while the name of Adolf Eichmann probably can be recognized in 'Nagasaki' ('saga naki' = 'sawed naked'). Which means that the two bombs could have had the function of associating the two, whether they were one or two.

12/4:21: The Buckingham-Kennedy connection

Added on 17 june 2021:

In december 2020 I sent from Venice an email to the administation of the house where I have my home in Vienna, telling about the reasons why I stayed abroad for such a long time - in terms of the present article on the web included by URL, I think it was. In a new letter I sent in january, I refer to this letter (probably email) I sent on 11 december 2020: I cannot find this 11 december letter again but it is likely that it was sent on this day. On 18 january they returned an email with a thanks and a printout of their accounts showing that there was no 'Rückstand' = 'outstanding debt' (even if they had not drawn rent for january, something which my android on the travel computer did not get an overview of). I later discovered that they stopped drawing houserent from my bank account on 1 january 2021 but continued drawing running costs. It may be that this kind gesture has contributed significantly to the fact that when I returned to Vienna on 2 march, the mortality in Italy did not rise again but remained around 2-3% instead of going up to 15-20% as it was in the spring 2020. Houserent resembles perhaps tax in some sense of it - and if '1223' (in my life) is a factor which has contributed to the spread of the pandemic and rise in mortality, it is possible that relief of houserent payment has helped significantly.

There was the problem with the PO Box: When I returned in march, it turned out that the PO Box had been closed even if I had sent money in time. What should be the reason? It is not impossible that an intrigue factor could have been decisive - for creating the impression that I had sent yet another letter to the house administration and this would appear as 'stalking' if it didnt have a goodenough reason. What could have been a goodenough reason? The intrigue would have felt the call for creating such goodenough reasons, since there seemed to be a lack of it - so the closure of the PO Box would have given the reason that if the house administration had sent a letter to my PO Box and I hadnt answered, there was a problem - and therefore I had sent the letter from Venice for taking that reason in advance. Even the bank made such a claim - that they had sent a letter but I had not answered and therefore they closed my savings account - but clearly this looks irrelevant. The real reason I had for writing to the house administration was the trivial one that the flat I rent has been built by support from public funding and then the law tells that it is not permitted to rent such a flat and spend much time elsewhere - say, in a second flat which really is the primary: The law therefore tells quite strictly that there exist really only three goodenough reasons for being absent for more than a few weeks per year (although the Mietervereinigung tells me that in certain cases it can probably be stretched up to nearly 50% of the time) - and those are the reasons of work, studies or disease. None of these would apply to my absence - but since it seemed that me staying in Italy instead of in Austria during the corona crisis brought the mortality down and hence could have saved hundreds of thousands of italian lives, which also could have been a great relief for italian economy, I argued that I would believe that this exceptional situation would count as 'goodenough reason' for being absent from the flat nevertheless, even if it did not meet the normal requirements of work, studies or (own) disease.

My conclusion is therefore that it is probable that the house administration acted right and sensibly - while it is possible that somebody else felt the pressure of potential responsibility for the crisis and therefore wanted to create the impression that it was I who was a 'problem' - by 'stalking' the house administration with yet another unnecessary letter - but this was solved by creating those problems (closure of the PO Box) artificially. They therefore could have asked the post office to close the PO Box.

Who did so, I dont know, but it is perhaps a possible guess that whoever did it could also have contacted colleagues in italian administration (intelligence?) for having temperature measurements (= 'medical examination') installed in the post offices even there. Why my letter with payment for PO Box rent for 2021 did not arrive in Vienna, I dont know.

The problem could be that it is not a comfortable feeling to see a connection (or, say, statistical correlation) between political interests on my person and the development of the coronavirus crisis globally. But clearly it cannot be right to burden me with the problem - on the contrary, I had the feeling that my stay in Italy helped against the pandemic (at least the mortality in Italy) and I even paid the stay myself (it cost me 7000 euros).

The story could be the issue of GROUND - which perhaps could be a touchy matter on background of my residence in Vienna.

As mentioned above, it is probable that I sent an email to the house administration on 11 december 2020: This article discusses some aspects of the apparently sudden jolts upwards in mortality from the day when it seems that thermometres were installed in the post offices in at least Venice, which seems to have been around 12 december.

Although I cannot find an email of 11 december 2020, it is probable that I sent one on that day to the house administration in Vienna and the following draft is stored on my computer. I suppose I sent it as email and not as paper mail. (The brief travel to Vienna which I mention did not come about).

Ich bin John Bjarne Grover, Wohnsitz Zinckgasse *****

Im Artikel johnbjarnegrover.com/whyoutsideaustria.htm = 'Why I have stayed outside Austria since 27 july 2020' ich erzähle sehr kurzgefasst warum die Mortalität von Covid-19 in Italien, Frankreich, Belgien solange ich in Österreich war (bis 27 Juli) sehr hoch verblieb (20-30%) - aber nach Null fiel nachdem ich nach Ausland fuhr.

Neulich fing die Kurve in Österreich an zu steigen - bis die Zugverbindung zwischen Wien und Venedig am 9 November geschlossen wurde - und danach fiel die Covid-19 plötzlich wieder runter und geht jetzt schnell nach Null.


Die Zugverbindung zwischen Venedig und Wien wird am Montag 14 Dezember wieder geöffnet. Es ist nicht unmöglich dass ich nach Wien eine kurze Reise machen muss - aber, um neue Panik und wiedermals eine hochtreibende Kurve zu vermeiden, erzähle ich hier dass es wahrscheinlich nur ein kurzer Aufenthalt bleiben will und ich fahre wie schnell wie möglich nach Venedig wieder zurück.

Ich würde auch glauben dass diese Gründe für meine Auslandsreise als ausreichend angesehen werden wollen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

John Bjarne Grover
Zinckgasse *****



Additional, day after:



24 june 2021: Yesterday summer solstice I was notified by email that the house administration had decided to consider the story with the lack of rent payment an error and that they would start drawing full houserent again. In light of the theory that the houserent had not been drawn in order to relieve the pressure on the coronavirus condition, the choice of day (summer solstice) for this notification would have been maximally convenient for counterbalancing the effect of the return to normal rent again. The houseletter had all the time access to my bank account by 'Einzugsermächtigung' and drew running costs as normal and there were all the time more than enough money on the account - so it cannot be said that I had not paid. It was their own choice - and therefore the idea that 'he had not paid rent' is not interesting.


https://www.worldometers .info/coronavirus/

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