Are there plans of a 'SKJOLDEN' war in Italy - after Vietnam and Iraq?

John Bjarne Grover

There was an apparent 'Skjolden I' in the Vietnam war by 180 degrees around the globe - Wittgenstein's cottage in Skjolden, so to speak. It seems that Kennedy had just got USA involved in Vietnam when he exited in 1963.

There was apparently also a Skjolden of Saddam Hussein in Iraq - the pigment displacement at the root of my penis. Iraq could mean 180 degrees around the cognitive space - from the ME to the THOU when two cognitive 'sonnet structures' are hinged against each other at the turning point - which could be the difference between the start of the two Gulf wars minus a decade. Bush' war in Iraq was for stopping this 'Saddam Hussein program' which could invoke associations to 'Skjolden II'.

Are there plans of a 'Skjolden III' relative to Italy (180 degrees to Norway on the european swastika with Paris at the centre) involving me? I tell a few observations that could be of interest.

There are three basic meanings of 'skjold' in norwegian:

1) Shield, as for warfare, including the shield of e.g. turtles
2) An indistinct spot of miscolouring (sometimes also called 'holiday')
3) A heraldic pattern

I met Aron Eidsvig (Adolf Hitler?) perhaps several times but had something to do with him only once - I think it was after a dinner (could be Bjarne Eidsvig's 70th birthday) on Vågstranda when I stood in the entrance hall and he came from the living room - I stood in front of the barometre hanging on the wall. Bjarne Eidsvig had shown me how to use it - for seeing if it were high or low pressure in the air one had to give it a small knock with the knuckle of the finger, a short PIKK that can be called, and then the pointer would move if there were a change. I may have done so when Aron Eidsvig passed. 'Bar om meter' - what sort of metre? Could it be 'heraldikk' - for våpen-skjold? Heralpik, so to speak? The barometre had a curving glass cover which perhaps could be called a SKJOLD - like the tortoises have. Maybe I gave it a PTRSIM PIK when Adolf Eidsvig passed by. Here all dik?

Bari is a southern town in Italy. It is in Puglia = Pulja, the group, the set, the department. But Puglia is a department or region in Italy - it is in Pulja called Pulja. A PTRSIM PIK on the glass! Like giving a speech: I am not a great speaker... Not a greats PIKer = PTRSIM PIKer: Notegreits = in the rowboat with uncle Per as he pointed = PEKER up the hillside


Here [is] all the DIK = PTRSIM PIK

Bisceglie is close to Bari: WAR-Bisceglie = Våpenskjoldet = the heraldics

Bari meter (see below):
Bitetto = bit 1-2 = Grover
Bisceglie = bi-sjele = Jensen, on endsen = homo-bi, Chelmno etc
Bitritto = bit 3 = Eidsvig
Bitonto = bit onto = PULJA / PULJA etc = Devold

From Bari to the end of the country at Sicilia there are about 500+ km - about 505-520 or so. From Rome north there are about 500+ to the border north of Udine.


It means that a war in or against Italy will mean this Bari upside down. ROM-WOR. The two directions are on the map like the 'cognitive' directions of the two Gulf wars in Iraq - which also suggests that Bush' deconstruction of the Gulf war structures has diminished the dangers of such a 'Skjolden' war in Italy.

I certainly do not believe that the pigment displacement on my body was because of PTRSIM PIK. Rather I believe that it would have been about a semiotic function a la the nails in this story (see photos of the finger nails towards the end of the file).

On the other side from Rome there are about 500+ to Demonte at Piedmont. (I notice Carles Puigdemont of Catalonia).

There are about 610 km from the small place called Skjolde in northern Norway to the northern border to Russia. Along the same axis there are (from the russian border) about 520 km to Skatvik at Solbergfjorden. ('Skatt' = 'tax' - current norwegian PM is Erna Solberg). The axis passes through Brøstad.

Of course everything possible must be done to prevent a war in Italy.

The background story summed up - such as it looks to me

Background reading: The opening gate, What is the doubleword phenomenon?, The name factor.

My fundamental theorem of linguistics tells that 2 and only 2 items can be the same across different realities. That means that the human mind has been constituted so as to recognize these as the same (even if they necessarily are different when belonging to 2 different realities) and thereby the humans are a meetingplace of many realities. But it means also that the human mind is biased and distorted and cannot see the entire world clearly - an old truth among christian sinners etc. The third millenium will see a new science of informatics when these distortions are bridged - but that can come to cause some feelings of chaos among just those sinners. Therefore the reaction against this new knowledge has been accumulating for at least a couple of centuries already. Basically, the panic spread from the observation that there are 775-776 words that occur 2 and only 2 times in Genesis, the first book of Moses, and these map well onto the 1071 verses of Matthew in the new testament - hence the idea that Jesus was an embodiment of this phenomenon. By a proper subdivision and recount of Genesis one comes to 1067 or 1071 such doublewords - when 776 is 8/11 of 1071, the adjacent ratio is 9/11 which seems to have been 'celebrated' by the attack on USA in 2001. The modern esoterics of the reaction to the new knowledge list not the doublewords themselves but rather the word adjacent to them (when all the words are alphabetized), and the two entries on #948 (= 11/9 * 775) are the hebrew words PTRSIM and PIK. It may be that the pope was shot for just that reason - and it may be that Norway was established in 1814 for reasons of a 'Klipra connection' for just that anchor point. My official family background from just that 'Klipra' in Ålesund in north west Norway was composed of names which tell the mechanism in the 'esoteric' construction: Devold, Eidsvig, Jensen and Grøver. The apparent strategy of the political esoterism - apparently protecting the secret of the precious pearl of what I call the fundamental theorem of linguistics which can come to take knowledge and communication far beyond anything hitherto known - seems to be to go from 'Grøver' (as the selection of 2 and only 2 - in a theoretic political madness what could leave 2 and only 2 people left of a family while the others are exterminated by a 'Grover' program reducing the 'grove' of a family house) via Jensen (the 'endsen' bottom of the body - modern 'homo' strategies) via Eidsvig (the 'treason' by 'monkey business' of 3 and not 2 in the biased human historic reality) via Devold (the terror of history when distoring truth conception when squeezing history into a metre format) and from there one can glimpse into eternity as the truth beyond truth. The aim of this could be to gain political control with human spirituality - for the conjectured slogan that nobody can come to heaven except through Adolf Hitler (by the 'Eidsvig' monkey business on Wittgenstein and the 'Devold' terror of his policy) - Adolf Hitler as the new Jesus of the third millenium, a frontrunner for modern terror.

It seems that this is the program of the apparent mafia of International Secret Intelligence Services (or something like that) who hope to gain unconstitutional control with the world. This mafia seems to have used Wittgenstein as the 'guru' of the previous century and hopes perhaps to use me qua 'Grover' in a similar manner for the next. Wittgenstein was one of 8 siblings, 3 of his brothers 'suicided', and the Kennedys seem to have been strangely similar to Wittgenstein in surprisingly many respects. Wittgenstein tried to have his book published first at Jahoda & Siegel, whose rejection seems to have led to Hitler's holocaust as monkey business, next he tried Braumüller whose rejection seems to have led to the world war, next Reclam whose rejection seems to have led to the collapse on Wall Street in 1929. It was finally published in Ostwald's 'Annalen der Natur-Philosophie' which led to Oswald's 'Assassination of Kennedy' soon after USA had been involved in Vietnam. (This is the undertanding of the history I have reached by way of limited data).

Now it may be that the international unconstitutional mafia has similar plans about me. My first book 'Submorphemic signification' (1995) is still unpublished except for my own handmade editions (vol.3 of my collected works contains 'Submorphemic signification' as book 1 in 'A waist of time'), and the sinking of the sub Kursk at Mur-mansk = 'sub-mor-phemic' followed by the destruction of the destroyer Cole in Aden = 'sign-i-fic-aden' could be a typical example. See

It is important to notice that these political things are the reaction, not the future.

Representatives from 'services' or something like that could be trying to spread propaganda telling that I am supposed to remain unpublished, that I am a PTRSIM PIK who is a sort of anti-Jesus or Satan or similar fanatic-esoteric ideas: They hope to use me for the program that nobody can come to heaven except through Adolf Hitler - the new Jesus. I am not involved and take no role in such a mythos theatre.

The fact is that the 'heaven' in question is probably neither more nor less than what I call the fundamental theorem of linguistics - the understanding of which will make it possible to transcend the ordinary limits of information transmission and open up for new realities. This is formulated in my vol.4 - and therefore the same unconstitutional mafia may try to claim that 'this is our program' (their innermost secret protected by the dragon of terror - seasoned also by phenomena such as ex nihilo matter a la the lapis philosophorum I made in 2014) and they could want to stop the spread of it. Clearly my ideas are effectively everything the opposite of such a terrorist program - and I go for openness and liberation of the human spirituality, not for a closure and control of it. It is particularly important that all aspects of this PTRSIM PIK program be published as thoroughly as possible.

It is probably only a matter of time before such an 'esoteric brotherhood' of the 'Most Holy Secret of the Universe' will start to dissolve, not the least since the innermost secret is not so difficult after all. The reaction lasts for some time but not so very long.

What I am concerned with is that my works be preserved in a decent manner untill they can be published in their original form.

I have made a number of copies of the individual works and given to libraries, and 30 copies of the 4 main volumes of the collected works. (Those 120 volumes make for about 10 metres of books on the shelf - a lot of handwork that was). It would be no surprise if mythomaniacs in the 'Secret Brotherhood' should try to get hold of those copies and replace them with false copies - in order to be the only ones in control with the 'Revelation' that can lead via homo philosophy to the 'enlightenment' via the terror of Hitler-Jesus and his followers.

I hope to see my work published in at least enough copies to survive such potential extermination strategies. The political reaction is not the future - it is important to understand this.

Added on 30 december 2019: As far as concerns the question of a role for 'Skjolden' as background of the Gulf wars 1980 and 1990, both apparently started by Saddam Hussein, it can be observed that Indira Gandhi started her second prime ministry in 1980 and Mikhail Gorbachev started his presidency in 1990.

I was not aware of the possible historic role of Wittgenstein before I bought the house in Szolnok in 2015. 'Ok' is hungarian for 'reason', 'cause'.

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