Continental police and the construction of a new Hitler

John Bjarne Grover

This article builds directly on the article 'Summary of Covid-19 - seen from my viewpoint' which tells that it is very possible, perhaps even probable, that the secret intelligences of Europe have been controlled by english intelligence to conspire on a strategy - via the concept or hypothesis of Ragna Grøver trans raping me in my puberty - which makes it possible to control the continental european police (which could be part of a strategy for getting an old or new Adolf Hitler through on the continent as agent for England). This is visible in two pieces of empirical evidence available to me:

1) The fact that crimes against my property/possessions in Hungary (2 burglaries), Austria (the lost poetry notebooks + attempted robbery), Italy (theft of 500+1000 euros from my wallet while I was sleeping in the hospital bed) have been reported by me to the police with request of finding out of it, but nothing has happened, as far as I know.

2) The police all over Europe has agreed to a common designation 'POLICE'.

The conclusion seems to be that the strategy is to conceive of the police as a POLE IS in the sense of 'where the earth turns' = the POLE which points to the POLE STAR around which the man-on-wagon = Charles' Wain = the Big Dipper is revolving. With this POLE or BATON, the secret intelligences hope to get the people of Europe under their control like Ragna Grøver had me under her control, based on the Madonna cult which has been missing from the protestant areas of Europe since the reformation of Martin Luther and Henry VIII. There is a lack of personal self esteem in protestant cultures which makes them hungry for the mythology contained in this POLE IS - if no other Madonna cult is offered by the strict lutherans.

My person seems to have a very essential role in this mythology.

It is possible that Obama's government had this one primary function in this mythology to swap Adolf Hitler with me. The Concorde crash ('julekaka') in Paris in 2000 could have been made by those who wanted Obama in the White House - not the least by way of Hy-Gro-Meter Brundtland in WHO.

The secret intelligences in Europe seem to ride a horse which is called "JOHN GROVER IS AN AGENT for the Norway/England connection" since about 1814 called (at least by me) the Klipra connection. They seem to pretend that I am an extremely high-classified agent whose integrity is protected by the High Powers so there is not much we can do about it - of course we do not want him around but since he has such a high-level support there is nothing to do about it. If you press on the secret intelligences and get them cornered by empirical facts, they may finally be pressed to come out with the clue which defends all their actions - that "John Grover is an agent". That is a lie, I am not an agent and never was. But why do they believe so? What is their empirical evidence? It is written on a paper, is the answer. They could have written it themselves, of course, but it could be the essential clue which holds the whole story.

Aha, it is Adolf Hitler who was an agent for England in 1933-45 and later, untill he in high enough age was rebuilt to a younger lad and that could have happened twice and now he is on the springboard for a new glittering career? And Eva is still with him? Will he run for presidency in England? Or claim the throne?

The World Trade Center of 11 september 2001 was ON THE OTHER SIDE of Harlem in New York. That could be just the Hy-GRO-HARLEM of the Hy-gro-meter story with me and the hypothetic Adolf Hitler on 6 july 1969.

England could have exited from EU for running this program - or, if it fails, to confess the previous century. But they could perhaps not continue much longer without a solution to the past - if Hitler were an agent for England.

This could be the reason why the secret intelligences of Europe (in extension from british intelligence) hope to get the continental police under their POLE IS control - in order to protect the career of Hitler and his comrades from being stopped by the democratic function of the police. The people do not want a new Hitler (and even less that same old chap - who is wanted dead or alive in Germany and Israel).

The official account of the end of Adolf & Eva is (as far as I remember) that they married in the bunker, thereafter committed suicide together and the bodies were rolled in a carpet (german 'Teppich', norwegian 'teppe') and carried out ('Bær-ut') in the backyard where they were soaked with petrol and buried untill the bodies could not be recognized. This could tell the story of the Teppenwolf (Wittgenstein?) and the Madonna of Guadalupe on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City. It could be for playing dirty nazi games with the purity of human sexuality. The people of Germany has much hunger for this purity of human sexuality in this Madonna cult - and therefore voted for Hitler - and the Guadalupe-Madonna cult could have been planned for their 'resurrection'. It seems that this is the '1223' of my person whose role is swipswapped with Adolf Hitler by secret intelligence games - possibly not the least by way of Obama from the US Kennedy party. This is the socalled 'Bermuda triangle' who seem to want another Hitler by way of the national and international secret intelligence network´and the power pump from the austrian-hungarian linguistic Burgenland border including the vowel harmony (Kennedy/Canada) of the hungarian language (here is also given the chinese signs of relevance - reproduced from Mathews):



Why should the secret intelligences want Hitler once again? Because it enhances their power: Secret intelligence should not have any power at all but they make the government dependent on them (say, if claiming that I am an agent - if they report this to the government the politicians are their jumping jacks and look just ridiculous) and then they are humans and want power.

'Where did I work for a swap of Hitler with Grover?' asks perhaps Obama. I did not follow much news and have very limited knowledge - but I noticed that Obama's FBI (under Comey) shot enough negros to raise a riot - that could perhaps be called 'julekaka'. (Michael Brown - like 'julekaka' - was shot in Ferguson, Missouri - did I insult uncle Aron by coming too close?) The last thing he did was to pardon Manning - a transgender - a la Ragna Grøver if she were a trans. Could be there were more of this.

The three stories with me and uncle Aron:

1) The hygrometer/barometer hanging on the wall in the entrance room just inside the door on the oyster farm on Vågstranda on Bjarne Eidsvig's 70th birthday 6 july 1969 - that was also the day when he went officially bankrupt. Hygrometer/barometers were mechanic in those days and often needed a knock with the finger knuckle to move the pointer this way or that for showing the updated value. After dinner I stood in the entrance room knocking with a finger on this glass cover of that meter when Aron Eidsvig passed behind my back.

2) On another occasion in Fjellgata 72 in Ålesund, in the home of my official grandparents Laura and Bjarne Eidsvig, she served buttered 'jule-kake', sometimes called 'vørter-kake' (cp. Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch' of 1926) and put the plate on the low table. I reached for one of those pieces - uncle Aron was sitting at the table, as far as I remember, and my body was not far from his when I leaned over the table. 'Secret intelligence' could on basis of this perhaps be inclined to present the sensational newspiece - when cornered on TV interrogation - that "Mr. Grover is an agent, according to our sources - he was even a close friend of Adolf Hitler". That tastes of real scandal. Close - that is the distance between the bodies in the 'stretch' (Vollstrecker?), friend - uncle Aron was in a good or not bad mood and did not persecute me, at least not then.

3) A third memory of Aron Eidsvig is the one where (probably) he at a dinner table in Fjellgata recited a nursery rhyme (I suppose it was not one of his own poems): "En nisse / skulle pisse / men så hoppan over gjerdet / og så pissan på en pære" = 'a nisse had to pee but then he jumped over the fence and then he peed on a pear" = 'onkel-Birne'.

There could perhaps have been more occurrences but these are the ones I remember.

The role of Fjellgata 72 can perhaps be seen from e.g. the US film "There's no business like show business" (which could frankly mean 'no[rwegian] business like shoah business') - at least I believe that I recognize the environments and some people.

To insinuate that Obama is Adolf Hitler is perhaps to go too far - but there is a basis for this in his name: 'Barack Obama' = 'she asked me barack' = 'she asked me to go behind the barack/shed' at Vikebukt ferry station. But if it were she who asked him, it could mean 'I have to masturbate' rather than 'I have to pee/piss' - and then the norwegian fourletter style which is contained in 'pisse' would (for 'I have to masturbate') be 'e må ronke' - which suggests 'I am your uncle'. This could be re-emphasized in 'Hussein' - he went inside the house/shed - it is permitted to pee under such outdoor circumstances but masturbation is not really permitted in public space. But this could invoke just the third memory of Aron Eidsvig - with 'en nisse skulle pisse'.

It seems (where have I got this idea from? Is it Radio Free Service?) that british intelligence sometimes is called 'Alice'. Why? I guess that it could mean 1) the hygrometer/barometre on the wALL-IS, 2) that Dylan Thomas was w-Alice-ian and the services celebrated a grand triumph when they discovered that his 'Map of love' was a detailed 'schimmel image' which perhaps he could have a got a copy of from their services. If so, Dylan Thomas could perhaps not defend himself efficiently against allegations or insinuations that he worked for the services and there existed proof of that - if he knew not this schimmel image at all but followed only his own poetic intuition - and that would thereby be services which looked as if they were the purest of the pure of human sexuality via the Madonna of Guadalupe. But this is only guesswork of mine - I have never got any such classified information (or classified information at all).

Conclusion on basis of these considerations could be that it is british intelligence on behalf of british government and the 'Bermuda triangle' generally who want to run Hitler once again. The tool for reaching this could be control of continental police by way of the international secret intelligence network turned into a POLE IS (like "trans penises 'loving'/raping the childish people of Europe") on basis of the Madonna cult of Guadalupe installed into the Madonna role of Ragna Grøver relative to me.

This can be stopped by way of an apology for and explicit explanation of the abuse story with compensation money paid to me. It may be urgently important that this be done - instead of allowing the national secret intelligences to continue constitutionally illegitimate power-generation by way of such secret intrigue.

The people of Europe and the rest of the world want such a new Hitler stopped. Secret intrigue seem to swap roles and could misunderstand this in the sense that 'the people want Mr.Grover stopped': That is the intrigue which makes obstacles for my career (for example, rejects my doctorate dissertation by Jens-Erik FEN-sta[d] = 'you wont see the fence-STA again', cp. the STA which occurred and re-occurred after the wipe-out - and Eidsvig's nisse who should 'disse') and interprets things wrong way relative to me. It is very possible that this misunderstanding after Obama is what created the very high and desperate death rate of Covid-19 in Italy, Spain, France, England, Belgium - curves which turned abruptly downwards around 14 april 2020 and have been sinking constantly since then and now are close to zero mortality: Covid-19 in these countries is now less serious than a normal winter flue - the mortality is between 0 and 1 percent - and there is no reason to believe that the death rate will rise again.

Here are the curves up to today 4 october 2020 - notice how new cases and new deaths go in parallel up to mid april and thereafter mortality dives towards zero while new cases continue to rise:

New cases per day in Sweden
New deaths per day in Sweden

New cases per day in Italy
New deaths per day in Italy

New cases per day in Spain
New deaths per day in Spain

New cases per day in France
New deaths per day in France

New cases per day in England
New deaths per day in England

New cases per day in Belgium
New deaths per day in Belgium

The curve of new deaths per day has risen slightly in Spain in recent weeks but that is only because the number of new cases per day is very high - and the mortality follows this on appr. 1%. More generally, this percentage seems to obtain for the whole world generally: The mortality was very high in the first months and that is why the mortality of closed cases (cases which ended with either recovery or death) is on the average 4% in the beginning months - while among the appr. 8 million people who are infected for the time being, as much as 99% have only mild symptoms (without a risk for death) while 1% are in a serious or critical condition. That means that the disease now has reduced to a very mild condition and is about as dangerous as the normal winter flue: See 'International journal of infectuous diseases' vol.88 nov.2019 pp.127-134 which tells that in Italy in the four years 2013/14-2016/17 the death rate of normal influenza was one fourth of 1.29%.

One can probably safely throw all masks and quarantines away and speed up towards herd immunity - as was the strategy in Sweden with their submarine-shaped curve (but it may be admitted that herd immunity does not seem to have stopped the epidemic in Sweden so maybe this virus does not let itself be stopped by such herd immunity - however, if herd immunity is a relevant factor, the governments could in fact now probably ask people to crowd a little more tightly together without masks, please, and the epidemic is soon over. If the news try to screw the panic up, that is probably because news = intelligence who want Hitler once again. Most journalists would know that Hitler was an agent for England if that is the story - but they never tell everything they know in the newspapers - that is why there is a very close association between news and international secret intelligence. It is this which probably is the reason for the apparent abuse of my work in international media.

However, even if the current death rate of Covid-19 is about a normal winter flue, and probably milder among the 99% who are in only mild condition, why do the journalists whip up the panic with articles about rising numbers? Of course, if the pandemic were set in circulation on purpose and for political reasons, e.g. by british secret intelligence (MLR oct 2019 could be suggestive of that), the real panic is in the form of the possibility of a new virus of much worse character - say, death rate beyond 50% and rising - with vans driving around to people's homes with test gear against the forehead and eyes and those who are positive (according to this sensitive technology with buttons and red lamplight) will be shot dead immediately and the door plugged. Such 'guadalupe' buttons and red lights can be very sensitive - and of course people do not want that sort of driving vans. That is the panic - that the state of the disease apparently is accepted and not stopped by international sanctions. It is likely that the lockdowns and masks and all that is meant to be a 'power demonstration' telling that both the economy and the social life are able to cope with another epidemic of comparable kind. But it must be admitted that there is a certain scare potential in the current journalism. If a new virus is set in circulation, does the experience from Covid-19 tell that it could strike against certain creeds and genetics? Will it be 'necessary' to exterminate people of certain creeds and genetics? That is why journalism should not bite the hook of scare. A new virus could aim at an 'Endlösung'. On 14 april 2020 I published the outlines of an epidemiological theory that could cope with this problem - and more recently on 16 september 2020 I made this theory and the procedure for how to construct a medication against probably any virus more explicit in the article 'How to construct a medication against covid-19: What happened on 14 april 2020?'. It seems clear that something very important could have happened mid april as far as my theory is concerned. Clearly if my theory and method for constructing a medication against in principle any virus - corresponding to a 'penicillin' against bacillae - should turn out to be interesting, then there could be little left of those plans about gun-vans driving around shooting people of certain creeds and races because it should be 'necessary'. Then the vans can hand out pills that stop the virus instead of bullets.

My view is that if the 'curse & doom' of the coronavirus pandemic should have been set in circulation on purpose, then it is likely to be for the interests of the socalled 'Bermuda triangle'. My books are so far not published except for a few copies made by myself, but they are not the target of 'curse & doom' either (even if there could have been attempts to attach an assumed organized coronavirus epidemic with my 'Stillhetens åndedrag').

The norwegian author Johan Borgen (cp. my 'Endmorgan') wrote a novel called 'Vi har ham nå' (1957). The Visegrád Group was founded in 1991. 'Boko Haram' was founded in 2002.

It is understandable that it could have been difficult for politicians after the war to tell the truth (if that were the case) that Hitler was an agent for England - for the simple fact that England won the war - but that is no longer so impossible as it was. That is why there could be a danger for a re-escalation of those difficulties - like a surfer seeing the beach coming up. People just cant believe it - if Hitler were an agent for England, of course the politicians would have told it. That is the basis for the people's confidence in the administration. It may be that the time has come to present the facts.

It is extremely important that the apparent strategy of swapping me with Hitler in the people's opinion does not succeed. It would be historic swindle which could form the basis for new giant tragedies - while on the surface it could for the voters feel 'very right' (because my own program is not so bad, at least compared with Hitler's - and are the modern 'social media' built on basis of my 'Cantor machine' in part 3 of my doctoral dissertation 'A waist of time'?).

If I had been offered the chance to get 'a very high secret' if only I sign on a paper with a secrecy agreement, and if I had done so and got a paper where it was written "your grand uncle Aron Eidsvig was Adolf Hitler after the war ended in 1945", this would have seemed hilariously surprising to me: "But this must be told out loud!" - since nobody wants it. But if the secrecy obligation had to be respected, it would have driven me down in self-despise and the big brother voice would gradually have learnt me that "you have to accept the fact, young lad, this is how the world is - it wants Hitler more than you". This situation drains people of their joy of life and self-respect - it is a gloomy world of intrigue and power and misanthropy. That is what the secrets of administration makes. It is these who probably try to construct a new world and new religion - based on such mean 'wisdom'.

The world probably do not need secret intelligence any longer - with the new electronic information age it is very probable that the administrations can simply close the secret intelligences and gradually downgrade most of the documents in the archives. That must be done before the archives have gone too corrupt - and before new intrigues have got the panic high up again.

This means that the police in Hungary, Austria, Italy should solve the mysteries of burglaries and theft against me - and if it is the secret intelligences who have organized these crimes, the police should arrest the crooks in those services rather than accepting the challenge and be turned into a tool for intelligence control of the police in continental Europe as a part of the construction of a new Hitler as agent for England.

If a police chief accepts a request from the secret intelligences that I be excepted from the law (for example under the pretext that this is an intelligence project on a global scale, the construction of a Madonna with Jesus child 'on the lap', something which also could include that I would have no rights to an economic compensation for the history), that is probably more than enough for the relevant authorities to fire the police chief. It could be a very dangerous development for the continental Europe if such mythomaniac ideas be accepted. Of course the police must arrest those intelligence representatives who come with such requests rather than listening to their nonsense and even give in to some diffuse pressure (such as 'concerns of the security of the state').

I have also sent some material evidence of the stalking Ragna Grøver to the norwegian police and hope that they can manage to stop further communications, including unwanted money transfers to my bank account. Evidence why such stalking must be considered highly criminal is in the magnet resonance scan from Vienna of my brain - it shows (scan by MRT Mariahilf, Vienna) that the lower part of my righthand occipital lobe probably has been scissored away (see this file) while ths skull is intact - that means that it must have been one in the first weeks of my life while Ragna Grøver was official caretaker. Then it is not permitted to send unwanted sums of 'money' to my bank account. Could the political strategy of such transferences even be to prepare for accept of bribes of some sort? I have also sometimes speculated if some services have cost me too much money, but have not made any detailed studies. If that should be the case, though, I mean, if providers of services give in to pressure from e.g. the intelligence, the effect could be that it would appear as if it were me who bribed - 'he had done it himself'. Clearly all such smart role-turning strategies are illegal and should not be accepted.

In particular if my theory on virus medication generally is the issue.

It is of utmost importance for Europe to avoid the installation of a (probably blasphemic) quasi 'Madonna' with a PTRSIM PIK on the lap - the idea probably being that the PTRSIM PIK (me, that is) is a 'trans penis' installed on the woman's lap. The idea that the PIK belongs to PTR and therefore it is not necessary to credit the source is of course very sick. Swindle is and will remain swindle and a disgrace for the human society. Of course I will never agree to any abuse of my work - and it is vital that the police can track down swindlers and do not accept bribes from them. The whole nazi mythos mill is very sick and must of course be brought to an end. Then it is vital that the police is morally upright and do not listen to the nonsense from the secret intelligence services. 'Security of the state' is a threat and not a reason which can be invoked for legitimizing crimes.

A 'trans' Madonna is of course only protestant mock of the catholic Madonna cult - could be nothing but envy and jealousy, and a bad pretext for making claims that the intellectual property of the 'PIK' (me) has been transplanted over onto the Madonna and belongs to her (that is, to the secret intelligence services she could be working for). Of course such swindle and abuse must be tracked down by the police.

I badly need a place to live, rather than this 'You cannot live here, Mr.Grover' which is contained in the fact that the theft of the money from my wallet while I slept in the (probably well surveyed) hospital bed is not yet solved - which could be the triumph of 'service control' with the police - which could be the beginning of a new era of fascism and nazism in Europe. Not the least for this reason is it important that the police do not support the construction of nazi mythology by way of PTRSIM PIK and 'Ragna Grøver'. Of course the theft of the money could have been organized by those who want me to live in Austria by way of a further construction with the '1223' - the interval from the founding of the ÖVP party to my birth or possibly Kennedy masturbating on my cortex. It is this '1223' which is recognized (as 3771, 3221) on the foot 'cushion' of the image of Madonna of Guadalupe which seems to be abused in the construction of a 'trans Madonna'. Clearly such crimes and swindle must be persecuted by the police and not be permitted for the criminal and swindlers to gain control with the police for allowing for more power and control to the international mafia which could be integrated into the intelligences - who could hope for making another Hitler for a new orgy of violence which can leave them in control of the continent or the whole world. Of course such things must be stopped in time.

In particular if the purpose with having me in Austria could be to get a political punch on epidemics so that me being in Austria drives mortality up to 20-30% and when I travel out of the country it falls to nearly zero percent. That could be just the reason why the criminal organizers want to have me residing in Austria: To make it possible to claim that it is 'necessary' to drive around with vans for shooting certain creeds and races.

I hope I can find a stable home outside Austra in such a way that I am maximally detached from such intrigues and criminally tainted 'politics'. A pity that nobody told me about these things but left it to me to unwind the whole story myself. It could have been enough that somebody showed me the plaque on the wall of the house where ÖVP was founded in 1945 - from there the story comes by itself as soon as one gets the New Yorker cartoon factor. I found that via the name 'Fiffig Børoks Selv' from the end of my 'And hang under the Justcan keys' (at the time of the Costa Concordia disaster) - which I recognized in the name of Wolfgang Schüssel in a cartoon from the autumn 1957 - from this observation I wondered what was indexed by my birth some weeks earlier and when I looked it up I found traces of the names on the plaque on the wall. If I had got these data years ago I would have been out of the country much earlier.

I have seen curves that show that the italian national debt started rising in the moment when I moved from Venice to Vienna in december 2009 and it has been rising since then. The countries that have the highest national debts in Europe are also those with the sensationally high Covid-19 death rates in the spring 2020 - except for Greece where I lived for a few weeks in 2008. What is the problem? Is it that the secret intelligences asks for it - that I shall be in Austria? Then the police can arrest the secret intelligences.


Mathews, R.H.: Chinese-English Dictionary. (A Chinese-English Dictionary Compiled for the China Inland Mission by R.H.Mathews, Shanghai: China Inland Mission and Presbyterian Mission Press, 1931). Revised american edition 1943. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 5 october 2020