Summary of Covid-19 - seen from my viewpoint

John Bjarne Grover

There are primarily two main strands of history which seem to have an explanatory value for my account of the Covid-19 pandemic: One is positive, the other negative. A third is based on the theory that the epidemic is set in circulation on purpose, and a fourth is perhaps considered unspeakable. I discuss these in turn.

The good reason

The positive first: This seems to concern the level of archetypes. I met the male archetype in june 2011 (having just completed 'Caruso') and the female in february 2012 (having just completed 'Labyrinth 101'). The female archetype was standing on the curb of a sidewalk, scanning the asphalt, when I came there. She was dressed in a tight-fitting skin-coloured overall - we met several people while walking down the street but they seemed to find it just natural, and it was years later that I came to think of her as possibly naked. (A cat without clothes looks natural - it is more sensational if a cat is dressed up in a costume). I quickly understood from the 'tube' extending out from her face, with a little fur around the end, that it could have been an extraordinary being and I was surprised by the substantial flesh: If I had touched her she would certainly have been substantially very real. But that meant that she could have been an actress or was going to the carnival - which of course it could have been - or it could have been somebody who had waited there for being just briefly acquainted with me, in which case I should perhaps have said something. But then I needed to see if I recognized her - for which reason I peeped briefly into her tube - but there was only black darkness there and no face to be seen. Her arms were very short, her legs very long (kangaroo is perhaps a normal association) - the proportions made it a little difficult to believe that she were just an ordinary actress.

6 years later (may 2018) I met the 'Madonna of Märzstrasse': She stood on the curb in the same road intersection but diagonally across, apparently waiting for the tram #9 to Gersthof, with a child next to her. She was otherwise normally dressed. (Could be she was a 'diagonal' to the first in many respects - she did not scan the asphalt but looked at me etc). I saw her approximately as long as I had peeped into the diagonal tube of the female archetype. I had seen whom I believed could have been Ehud Olmert on the same platform a few days earlier - 'e hu doll married/mert-[strasse]' = 'is that doll married' is a name of high relevance for the incident 6 years earlier. In that following summer I wrote 'Rosens triangel' with mention also of St.Catherine of Siena in her hieros gamos with Jesus, who gave her a ring she later always wore.

The 'Madonna of Märzstrasse' (it could of course have been a normal person) resembled the Madonna of Guadalupe somewhat - or even quite a lot. It was either later in the same day or the day after that a little piece of apparent gold (front side, back side) fell off my hand while I was writing in a notebook - this could resemble the golden halo of the Madonna of Guadalupe. It may perhaps be a point also that the Madonna of Guadalupe had asked Juan Diego to take the initiative to build a church or chapel for her on that place and therefore he went to speak with bishop 'Juan de Zumàrraga' - whose name arguably resembles 'Ehud Olmert'. It was the bishop who asked for certain evidence and that was the 'ex nihilo' imprint of the Madonna on Juan Diego's material mantle.

After I had completed 'Rosens triangel' I could complete also vol.4, after which I fell ill (like Juan Diego's uncle) and spent 47 days in hospital. 2019 was much about recovery and I printed and bound 30 copies of vol.4. Then in the beginning of 2020 the covid-19 pandemic broke out.

The positive explanation to covid-19 is this: 'Rosens triangel' (2018) is the counterpoint to the harmony of 'Stillhetens åndedrag' (2016). It may be that this harmony would not have been relevant before the counterpoint was articulated. The counterpoint seems to be unpacked from 48 (following the 'keys to heaven') to 64 poems - which meet the 64 poems of the harmony that have been packed from 105 to 64 poems. This is the positive reason for the pandemic - that the world wants to make the sweet music that arises from the meetingpoint between harmony and counterpoint - and many people who have prepared for the last journey choose this way of exit, could be for such reasons.

The white stone 'lapis philosophorum' which I made in 2014 when writing the 3rd part of 'Der Dornenstrauch' is exactly 2,71828... cm long: That is the constant of the natural logarithm 'e' (preposed to the name of the bishop - like greek 'e'-leutheria for the liberty I took to look up there - cp. also the 'STA-tue of Liberty' - cp. the article 'The chinese sign GUA' - 'tju' is norwegian for 'thief'). This defines the length of the centimeter. The white stone is also (according to my understanding) what gives the 1919 shape of the austrian Burgenland border with the tooth of 'Pamhagen' = 'Pentagon' - the US defence center.

Juan Diego's mantle is 170 * 105 centimeter. 105 reduces to 64 in my book. And what is 170? The 64 poems divided with 'e' = 64 / 2,71828 which could be about the number of stars on the one side of the Madonna's mantle, while 3771 / 170 could be about the number of stars on the other side? Maybe one should not count her stars, though. Are they rounded off downwards?

The gold that fell from my hand has a pattern that resembles the apparent numbers on the 'cushion' at the Madonna's feet - for the 3771 - it shows a '3' (or a reversed greek 'xi') and a biceps:

The '3' and the biceps on the 'gold-of-a-lupe' could resemble her breasts 'rounded off' downwards

and the gold itself would be like an 'aegis', but here seen from the side, although on the cushion at her feet the biceps looks more like a 7 than a 2: It is when the 3771 is rounded off that it becomes a 3221. This suggests that the gold which fell off my hand while I was writing in a notebook on 18 may 2018 signifies the Madonna's robe with the stars - that is, the gold surrounding it is a 'foldout' of this robe. If the front page of the gold piece shows her robe with the stars, the back side of the piece of gold could be showing the stripes that surround her like a halo.

When I tried to move the gold piece up from the paper onto a microscope glass, it seems that a very small piece of it fell off (where the little curve is on top of the piece) - this has an interesting counterpart in the story of the apparently scissored part of the lower occipital lobe of mine.

I wrote in a (now lost) poem in 1982 the line: "Min slåbrok er smykket med tusen juveler" = 'my morning gown is embellished with a thousand jewels'. The poet was looking out the window onto the city's lights at night and suddenly saw himself reflected in the window glass.

This role of the 'tooth' ('jexel') of Pamhagen at the Burgenland border could be the story of me crossing the border to Austria - after which the pandemic started to decline.

It can be observed that the origin of some problems could be found in me looking up the tube or 'pipe' of the female archetype when we were walking down the street. Is there a 'pipe' on the Madonna of Guadalupe? There seems to be a 'pipe' (corn cob type?) also in front of the mouth of the 'revelation' photo I took in 2013:

Notice the 'Salvator Mundi (Tizian, evangelic-lutheran church of Venice) in the cat (or is it owl?) with crossed fingers up left on this photo - and the monkey with 'bowl'-shaped left arm - checking fever or doing frenological studies on the rat with the right hand. Maybe I should not have put spectacles on this photo - could be the right solution is that the problems are solved when the reality turns acoustic. The 'bowl' of Tizian seems to be in the ear region here. Notice also the 'resurrected Christ' in the temple. See also the 'kiss' on photo 13 from the Danube island - immediately preceded by the male archetype of photo 12. Here is my righthand palm from Vienna before I left for Italy - cp. the detail of Tizian's Salvator Mundi. My left hand was crippled by the cerebral haemorrhage of 23 february 2002 but later healed (some loss of feeling there still is, though - on stressed days I can have difficulties with distinguishing with this hand the pocket camera from a pen in the jacket pocket) when left and right swapped 4444 days later during my writing of Der Dornenstrauch part 3 leading to the 'lapis philosophorum' and the discovery of the Caravaggio cycles: During these months of 2014 I experienced the most incredible fatigue and my signature was just an unusable zigzag line. It could have been the crossed fingers of the Salvator Mundi gesture. It seems that this story could have been an attempt to solve the human problems of looking up her 'pipe'. She had a child standing next to her.

Why did I look up her pipe/tube? It was because I had the feeling that she was there because of me, because she wanted to keep me company down the street and then maybe I should have said something - but she could have taken it for granted that I would recognize her (from her body look, that must have been) while I had to admit that maybe I did not but if I could have a look at her face (which was hidden inside the 'tube') maybe I would. The problem seemed to arise from this - my feeling of having to recognize her for meeting her apparent expectations of being addressed in the street (since it is not always so good to address people in the street without a goodenough reason). The tradition of veiled women could be about this.

(I had read a report by journalist Isabelle Daniel in the newspaper 'Österreich' from the first turbulence in Homs in Syria in probably 2011, including photos of the reporter in the environments, and I fancied while we went down the street that it could be her. Along the same route I had also met - coming in the other direction - one whom I associated with gynaecologist Danielsen [ added 10.10.20: clutching his collar]. I am not certain about the order of these events, although the latter was probably some time after 2012).

What was the reason for the lefthand paralysis in 2002? Was it a natural bleeding or a 'kiss' from a laser beam?

After the 'hieros gamos' (so to speak) with the 'Madonna of Märzstrasse' I ended in the hospital in Venice where I also developed white stripes on my nails, normally a certain sign of arsenic poisoning.

Norwegian for 'poison' = 'gift', a word which also means 'married' - which is a better explanation than the theory of arsenic poisoning. In addition, somebody stole 1500 euros (first 500, thereafter 1000) from my wallet while I was in the hospital bed - neither the hospital nor the police have so far managed to solve the mystery, in spite of probably good surveillance of the premises there. I take it for granted that the banknotes did not escape 'in nihil' - easy comes easy goes - but there may perhaps have been a feeling that this could have 'felt right' - such a marvellous wife must be the right thing for Mr.Grover. Now there isnt much left of the horizontal white stripes on the mid of the nail - but instead one single vertical black stripe has developed along the edge of the lefthand thumb nail - like schimmel along the edge of a sink. See also the ex nihilo piece of bread mentioned under #5 in the samples of ex nihilo matter. The back side of the same bread seems to show the 'fingerprints'.

The bad reason

Now for the bad reason: That is the role of Hitler's death camps - Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and those. This seems to be constitutive of ÖVP with the name of its current leader 'Sebastian Kurz'.

This link to my person emerges also in the phenomenon that the number of infections per day sank immediately after I, coming from Austria, crossed the border to Italy. It is my theory that it is this immediate indexation of this interval from the 'birth' of ÖVP in 1945 (80 days after the closure of Auschwitz) to my birth in 1957 - plus 9 days = 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks = '1223' to the day when (as goes the theory) John F.Kennedy was present by the opening of my head and he could have masturbated a spurt on my young cortex before the helmet was put on again. With this as the basis for his assumed PTRSIM PIK-based election and career (as goes the theory here), including US involvement in the Vietnam war and much else, there is - when 'Auschwitz-Birkenau' could mean 'USA-witz-birth-now' for the indexation via cartoons in the US periodical The New Yorker generally 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks in advance of main events in the party ÖVP, currently in government - a very heavy indexical function and workload from Hitler's death camps onto my person: My theory is that this function is precisely what the global death rate of Covid-19 is. Briefly, were it not for this indexical projection from Hitler's death camp program onto me, there would not have been any unnormal death rate in the epidemic. Indeed, after I left the ÖVP controlled Austria on 27 july, the death rate has sunk from a very high percentage to what is now well below normal winter flue level. In France in the spring 2020 the death rate was around 20% - now it is well below 1% - it is rounded off to 0%. See the article 'An example of a possible poetic-phonological logic' for details (search for 'International journal of infectuous diseases').

If 'Barack Hussein Obama' is explained in terms of 'Baruck Obama' = 'Rupert Brooke' = 'oppe på bruke[t]' - but what is 'Hussein'? 'Hygrometer/Barometer' could rewrite to 'HU Gro Harlem Brundtland' (plus hungarian BAROMFI) in such a way that it takes the place of my name via the story with uncle Aron on 6 july 1969 and the attempt on the PAPA in 1981. Then the 1970 death of Paul Celan in the Seine (probably on the birthday of Adolf Hitler and Gro Harlem Brundtland) could be what makes the name 'HU-Seine' relevant for this story.

This is the reason why I had to travel out of Austria - after which the death rate of Covid-19 went down to nearly zero.

The secret reason

See my socalled ABC of politics (it has its name from the fact that the author knows little about the theme) for the theory that 'Modern Language Review' since it was started around the time of my official grandmother Laura Devold's birth has functioned as a 'documentation' of the progress of the socalled 'Klipra connection' and to some extent seems to document terror in fact in advance of its historic manifestation. For example, as I discuss in the book, it seems that Hitler's death camp program was documented in MLR in fact in advance of Himmler's order to build the camps, according to the data in Schwarz (1996), which indeed is a puzzling phenomenon (which means that it even could look like a responsibility claim), as well as major events in the constitution of the accompanying mythos formation - such as birth of central persons (such as me and other related people). Some would perhaps say that the question whether the lefthand paralysis of mine on 23 february 2002 were natural or a laser beam could be answered by looking up MLR january 2002 (cp. 'John Gray and Salvator Mundi'). It seems to tell of a laser beam in the context of Ingrid Betancourt (cp. the frenological monkey) - but that would of course be only in the 'undertext' (the 'cortex'?).

From Modern Language Review october 2019, it appears that also the coronavirus epidemic could have been 'correlated with' political interests. The pandemic broke out in december 2019, hence its name Covid-19 = COrona-VI-rus-December-2019, which means that it could be documented in the october 2019 issue of MLR if there should be a 'responsibility claim' for it there - for example in connection with the BREXIT of january 2020.

A brief glance at the titles of the articles in this issue suggests that it could have bee pre-heralded in this british state-run journal. More than that - I recognize themes from my own life and authorship. The theory here is that my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' from 2016 could have been fancied as the 'driving motor' in the epidemic. This is in line with the above ideas of a 'good reason' - but of course my book was not intended as a 'motor of death' - on the contrary, the sweet music therein when the harmony interfaces with the counterpoint is rather the opposite of a deadly pandemic.

There seems to be a 'tit for tat' theme - which could be the story of Ragna Grøver with 'trans' penis (if that were the story) and me with leftsided gynaecomasty - which then could be for the theme of a 'responsibility claim' on my poetry - as if it were 'inspired' by a trans penis in my behind. I have proven with much scientific rigor (function 14, global scope) that there is no such connection in my work to the potential abuse of Ragna Grøver - and if such ideas of claims to my work should be around, it would sort in the category of attempted criminal pirating only.

It seems that the strategy could have been Ragna Grøver's possible abuse format: 1) Rape in the year 1970-71, followed by 2) stalking by letters and postcards later in life. If the rapes were made possible by way of a cloth soaked with some anaesthetic substance, it would have been the respiration that were the problem - and hence people who die from Covid-19 die from an asthma-similar condition.

'Letters from an austrian woman' - the title could be suggestive of this 'trans' girlhood as a tit for tat relative to my leftsided gynaecomasty.

'Poetic augury' could be suggestive of my method of writing 'Stillhetens åndedrag' in dialogue with the impetus from history. 'Biblical turn' could then rather be about the method of editing 'Stillhetens åndedrag' after it was completed in 105 poems - how I reduced them to 64. The 'impetus from history' was not about any mystic 'transhumanist impulse' - such 'pulses' were not a part of my work (and when Simon Peres died soon after the completion of this book, I would not consider it an expression of his about 'pølse-vev' = 'sausage-web' in my book - but in case his death was not normal or natural, maybe somebody else considered my book that way, due to the intervowen lines in its composition) - in particular not the 'impulses' from Adolf Hitler - if he should have changed identity to 'Aron Eidsvig' after the war. See 'An example of a possible poetic-phonological logic' with the story with the 'hygrometer' mentioned above. I met uncle Aron also in Fjellgata once - then grandmother Laura had served some 'julekake' (buttered, with raisins) - it resembles and could perhaps have been a 'vørterbrød' - and I helped myself with a piece from the table where Aron was sitting quite near - it was not a long distance. This was no 'secret' unter uns, but it was a 'close relation'. He did not seem to be particularly aggressive so it may have been called by propaganda 'a close friend of mine'. The Concorde crash in Paris could have been such a 'julekake'. It was caused by a 'titanium strip' on the runway - a tit for tat strip - is that what Robert Kennedy was in Oslo in 1957 for - this 'christmas caka'? There were only germans on board. There were perhaps some pieces of terror of that kind.

This next title includes the 'Oryx and Crake' which then could reduce to 'oiks & kake' = 'Wörter-Kake' - closely similar to the 'julekake'

Margaret Atwood = the opposite of Witt-gen-stein with the Wörterbuch - hence me as a similar PTRSIM PIK leaning over the table close to Eidsvig's body. Octavia Butler's 'Dawn' could then be about Laura Devold's dinner for her husband's 'dusk party' in 1969 - not the 'twilight' (dawn) vs the Marie An-toinette/toilette. Those are the two main memories of mine of uncle Aron - who could have been uncle Adolf. There are many strange Wörter forms in my DDS.

Michael Haneke could mean 'michael hanske' - Michael Glove: I have fancied that I could have touched the cloth with the anethetics (if this is the story) with my hand - with the 'failure of allergics' which could mean an asthma-similar condition. But I have no data on this 'unknown known'. 'He did it himself' could be the propaganda if this is the story. The story from my alleged asthma attack in Hammerfest in probably 1959 told that I nearly died from this allergic reaction - but the official parents have told that I did it myself since I had found a nut on the floor and put it in my mouth and that caused the allergic reaction that nearly claimed my life.

It doesnt look good, this program, if it is as it looks: It looks quite immoral and cynical and nothing to be proud of. It looks as if they could be trying to dump the blame for crimes on some innocent person. Could that be right?

But I know not much about this and have to rely on more or less vague memories that could be more or less relevant. Somebody should downgrade this material from intelligence archives if it be what it looks like. If such a downgrading makes a planned strategy be easily readable from e.g. MLR, then it is high time that people get to knowledge of it - not the least for preventing that the blame be dumped on me qua 'jewish genetics'.

The following on Primo Levi and 'Modernista' could apply to my alignment of 'Stillhetens åndedrag' (2016) with Luigi Nono's string quartet.

The 'Sobaka na sene' could refer to Paul Celan as a 'dog' in the Seine in 1970 (see above). 'Zene' is hungarian for 'music'.

'Perro del hortelano' could refer to the black curled-up leaves on my garden pear tree - while the following title with 'Die Horen' could be suggestive of 'Dirne' vs the previous 'Birne': Black 'bulbs' or 'Dunkelbirne' could be suggestive also of 'onkel Birne': A third memory of Aron Eidsvig is the one where (probably) he at a dinner table recited a nursery rhyme (I suppose it was not one of his own poems): "En nisse / skulle pisse / men så hoppan over gjerdet / og så pissan på en pære" = 'a nisse had to pee but then he jumped over the fence and then he peed on a pear". (See mention of this in the article 'My diary novel 1994-95, Manhattan 2001, Gaza 2008, pope 1981 with the line 'En nisse skulle pisse').

Heinrich Himmler was, tells some sources I once read, buried in an unknown location in Lüneburg Wald. The drill of school dentist Aulie (who drilled up all my teeth in 1970-71) was by the children in the schoolyard called 'lynbor', lightning-fast drill. 'Lynbor[e] kvalt' = 'he strangulated the fast drill'. It suggests that if Ragna Grøver were a trans raping me, her penis could (as suggests this idea) have once belonged to Heinrich Himmler (I have no other reason to believe this, though). This nazi was educated in natural fertilizers, mainly excrements, to it could make sense. The name of Aulie = oldie = my behind that was raped - turning the roles - so that the propaganda value could be that I wrote my book on the 'historic impulse' from Heinrich Himmler. What nonsense! It is of course possible that somebody later could have transplanted this penis furthermore onto me, but that is anyhow irrelevant to my poetry - which is not a 'book of job'. Could be intrigue wants to pretend that I have written my book on 'historic impulse' from nazism as a 'job' for some intelligence service or party: That would be nonsense all of it.

Franz Kafka with 'smalahove' = 'narrow head' as well as a dish in western Norway wherein a full sheep's or lamb's head is boiled and served. If I were raped by a trans penis, my behind would know something about the breadth of that penis head - from the 'crisis and management'. (You think 'literary theory' is an interesting field of study?) 'Das Ende der Welt' could be simply my behind in this mythology - if it be not a part of this 'literary theory' the idea that the 'smalahove' skull be broken up for an 'Ende der Welt'.

Does it say 'corona virus'?

The last title of articles in this MLR is about a novel about the refugee crisis in 2015 - when soon after an 'overflow' with an ejaculation of mine in the house in Szolnok there followed an 'overflow' of refugees from the middle east into Europe - some 800.000 sudden refugees or thereabout. With this article as the last, it could serve to suggest that it was I who was the rapist and not the victim - and the whole list of titles could then conspire on the idea that my book is a piece of 'pølse-vev' = 'sausage-web' (perhaps also linked to the death of Peres). If so, it would crown this issue of MLR as the possible peak of their art. What do you call such art - in this state-run periodical?

Some people could perhaps feel that the state of England should not continue.

Finally, if Covid-19 were put in circulation for political purposes, how come a disease could be put in circulation for somebody to gain popularity? Diseases are not normally popular. If USA = me, it is clear that norwegian KORONAs would be very popular with me, in particular if they serve to mend the damages from the story. That is why a secret liaison between London and the US democrat party could have been a background for an organized coronavirus pandemic - in combination with political interests by the BREXIT of january 2020. These interests could include the idea that I would be granted an economic compensation and apology for the assumed troubles of my childhood and later abuse of my work - but that since I had not moved away from Zinckgasse and Austria in time, the payment would be in the form of KORONAs qua coronavirus mortality instead of money KRONER: This would then have been because my presence in Austria was the 'reason' for the high mortality rate. What humbug! It is the politicians who have to downgrade the truths about Hitler and his nazism, could be with a secret liaison to London, and when this had not been done in time (and I had not been told a word about this and could not guess it untill afterwards), the coronavirus pandemic had a high mortality rate as long as I was in Austria. By this smart trick of secrecy, the blame for the coronavirus mortality could then be dumped on me - instead of the politicians telling the truth to the people. Is this what 'politics' is about? The swap of left and right of Salvator Mundi - and 'history' as the playground of 'politics'? But it is not so easy to look up the 'history'. Could be the solution is 'the acoustic reality' - and that could have been a part of the reason for the holocaust - to make political blame-dumping possible. But clearly that cannot be for more than a brief period of delusion.

The people have the right to get the truth if democracy shall function. That is why the secrets of administration must be downgraded. Political intrigue will perhaps say that it was my sheer presence in Austria - radiating evil like a Satan - that triggered the terrible pandemic, but as soon as I had crossed the border, the mortality went down. People must understand that it is such demagogy that is the evil and swindle, not little me. Of course the death rate of covid-19 is better explained by the function from Adolf Hitler's death camp program functioning as a power pump from the Burgenland border of Austria to the US democrat party and London.

It must be understood how bad it is if BREXIT is supposed to be understood as an expression of justified and holy wrath because I still dared to live in Austria and had not yet moved away with all the evil allegedly radiating from my jewish genetics. It may be that the world has to conclude that this logic is anglicanist royalism. Then they had better shape up and come out with the secrets of history! It is democracy who has the right to get the secrets. It is doubtful whether the britons have the right to continue in the global community under such circumstances without closing their monarchy and its state church.

One sees the obvious possibility that this socalled secret reason conspires with the bad reason - which could be for enhancing the Hitler effect against the good reason. One could then also speculate if the name really were supposed to be 'a doll fitler'.

There has been the idea around (on Radio Free Service) that Ragna Grøver should have been born to the throne of Buckingham but decided to renounce on it for going to Norway for an upbringing of the PTRSIM PIK - a child who thereby would be 'heir to the throne' of England. This idea would then imply that I should be heir to the throne if son of Ragna Grøver - a 'corona virus'. But isnt it so that if Adam & Eve were the originals, all their descendants would be? Or is it only those in immediate descendancy line that can get the throne?

The unspeakable reason

If there is a propaganda motor in the covid-19 pandemic, simply if people die from the scare in the propaganda, there could be a fourth and unspeakable reason: That is in the idea that 'Jesus lives!' Today it is probably possible to rebuild people in all organs except for the brain and eyes and nerves, and therefore it is probably possible to build people down from age 75 to 25 for a fresh start. If old rumours about 'brain death' were exaggerated, it could perhaps be possible to do it more than once ('Me-tu-salem'?) - and hence if I met Hitler in 1969, at a time when such rebuilding probably already was quite well developed, then it is fully possible that Adolf Hitler and is comrades live today in good shape and hope to win the next election. His political strategy could be to coup it all from PTRSIM PIK, hence Messiah or Jesus lives could be the message. The pandemic scare could be contained in the concept of Adolf & Eva, in this MLR issue it could be in the form of [d]Onkel-Birne = Adolf and Bunker-Dirne = Eva (Eva Braun married Hitler in the bunker in Berlin 1945 just before they according to legend committed suicide together) - the only couple who will survive the terrible pandemic in a supertight bunker - for a new start of the story. It could be the contents of the last title in this MLR issue. This scare could have been a part of what drove the mortality numbers high up in the beginning of the pandemic.

But the police has probably now bought equipment which can carbon-14 (or something like that) date the age of neural tissue from a passing car and so the problem should be more fictional than really politically interesting.

But there is another interpretation to the coronavirus in this context: That if it be claimed that I should be the son of Adolf Hitler and also be the corona virus who (therefore, since heir to the throne) triggered BREXIT (and the pandemic as an explanation to the BREXIT) by still living in Austria, then it could also imply that Adolf Hitler is the true heir to the throne of England - even qua 'Jesus living'. (Could be many would agree on that - yesyes, we want Jesus to be head of the state). Will he claim the throne when it comes up? Probably not - but if a new Endlösung should come about, the construction with BREXIT and the pandemic could imply that England is the ones who have the legitimate right to the political 'profit' therefrom. But such politics should not be permitted in a civilized world.

Cp. also the idea of Adolf Hitler as my genetic father instead of Paul Celan (mentioned above under the 'hygrometer'). I dont think Hitler is my father.

Is it England's feeling that 'everybody join the antisemitic Endlösung program'? That would be like Norway's feeling that 'everybody join the program of grabbing the opportunity offered by PTRSIM PIK'. But it is not true that everybody join it - it is rather that everybody wait for the norwegians to stop grabbing the opportunity. It may be the same with England: That is why there are no Genossenschafts possibilities in, say, Sweden or Italy - but only Germany and Austria can offer solutions for my wallet since the political situation tells that I cannot take up a loan in a bank. By the refugee crisis of 2015 (the theme of the 'Jesus lives' title of MLR by the pragmatic cosmopolitics), nearly a million refugees flooded Germany (because of an overflow from my penis?) and took the flats which I otherwise could have got - and so there was only Austria left for me.

Final comment

Covid-19 can therefore be seen as the aftermath of Obama's government which can be seen to have come (so to speak) instead of the publication of my TEQ which was completed in the autumn 2008.

In terms of the political interests that could be behind MLR, a 180 degree strategy could be to recognize me as 'jewish genetics' constituting a threat against our culture, our society, our future - recognized in jewish genetics generally. It is possible that the Bermuda triangle plans to run an 'Endlösung' on the 'Judenfrage' - making a Möbius strip out of my role with the DDS.

The US democrat party is historically a political program for slavery - and when with the formation of the US republican party they had to give up this program, they seem to have made the PTRSIM PIK program instead: This program consists in making a child maximally gifted with historic blessings - a veritable Messiah it can look like when it is born - and then coup it all from this child who then normally comes to be unable to conduct a career of any kind: It is the US democrat who makes the career instead - and the people vote for the 'Messiah' who will lead the flock towards the promised 'heaven'. I have guessed that all US democrat presidents have such a PTRSIM PIK backstage. Probably because of the efforts of the US republicans, some of these unfortunate fates have become something in history nevertheless. It is likely that the famous US expeditions to the moon tell of those PTRSIM PIKs who made it nevertheless - the 'moon' is then the newborn child's exposed cortex and the astronaut is the coming democrat president. I have guessed that Tschaikovsky, Rimbaud and Wittgenstein could have been such PIKs - for Knox Polk, Buchanan and Grover Cleveland. I myself also seems to be a PIK - for Kennedy.

Added on 2 october 2020:

In spite of my dislike for this type of work, I still have to add a few observations on further possible aspects of the october 2019 issue of 'Modern Language Review':

It is noticed that the 'Dunkel-Birne' could come from the article which was followed by the burglary of my house in Szolnok, could be this story is what prompted it, while if 'Primo Levi' means Luigi Nono with teacher, mentor and colleague Bruno Moderna: This name 'Bruno' could be of potential although hypothetical relevance for the story of the theft of my 1500 euros in the hospital in Venice. Heine's poem seems to suggest 'a mouthful of soil' - when 'barna' is hungarian for 'brown' (norwegian for 'the children'), this could suggest 'Barnabiten' where I lost my rucksack with the poetry notebooks.

Hence titles 6-11 seem to point to the 3 police requests I have made and which so far have not led to any solution:

Titles 6-7 = the money theft (1500 euros) in hospital 2018-2019
Titles 8-9 = Szolnok burglary (spring 2019)
Titles 10-11 = notebook theft in Wien (summer 2019)
Title 12 = overflow = 'he had done it himself' - which could be the reason why Generali Szolnok has not yet paid insurance repair for the burglary

The british policy could perhaps be to manipulate the continent to conspire against me - so that only England looks like a possible solution. That would be no good behavior - to organize such intrigues. A conspiratory purpose could be to create the slogan "we dont want Covid-19" in the sense of me, while "we want Jesus" in the sense of Hitler.

If state intelligences ask the police to not solve the mysteries I have presented for them, on the pretext that 'this is an intelligence project', the answer is that it is not an intelligence project. That certain services have an intelligence project on me (a private person only) is not a reason. If the police take the burglars in the act of carrying out the wares when the owner of house is on holiday, the police will not be content with the burglars' explanation that 'the owner himself had asked them to do it while he was away'. Of course the police must ask the owner himself before they put the case away. The police has not asked me! ('Sputnik' is the russian news channel, 'spurtn ikk[e]' is norwegian for 'they did not ask him').

Such socalled 'intelligence projects' are probably only a criminal gang who is trying to enhance their power by unlawful persecution of a private person and it cannot be defended by the 'security of the state'. You think the state will collapse if these services are not allowed to mob me? Therefore, if the 'intelligence' or similar asks the police to not investigate the cases I could come with (e.g. if the crimes are made/organized by those services), then of course the police must not listen to such nonsense but arrest the services instead. That can be necessary for the security of the state!

Any logic about making a new intelligence 'religion' (mythomaniac type) with Madonna and Jesus is of course nothing but pretext for conspiracies for grabbing power (coup, that is) and cannot by any means be defended as long as the state still counts as civilized. Such coup plans are a danger for the security of the state. That can be just what they mean if 'security of the state' is the reason they come up with.

In the worst case, MLR oct 2019 could be a british responsibility claim on Covid-19 and this problem of mine with lacking results from police investigation in 3 different countries. That could look like a swap strategy. POLE IS could be the designation on a 'trans penis' in the first titles of this issue. Why are the police in all european countries called with the english word? Old time hungarian 'rendörség' or greek 'astunomia' still exist but one probably everywhere find the english word 'police'. Who had asked for this? If the purpose were to index a trans penis used in rape of a child, it is certainly not a good idea. It may be very urgent with downtuning the british influence if this be the case. Or should the euopean police run around like 'POLE IS' = 'trans penises' raping the childish european people - as extension from the 'secret intelligences' (a guess of mine this - isnt it they who organize agents?) who want to prevent that Adolf Hitler comes to be stopped by the police? One should not bit such hooks promising more power to the executives.

They must come out with the story instead of pulling people by their noses. The swap strategy could be based on lies such as 'Mr.Grover was a close friend of Hitler' thereby insinuating that I had got all plans from Hitler - while the fact is that I as a boy reached for a piece of 'julekake' which was not far from where uncle Aron was sitting and it is not impossible that Hitler's identity was hiding under his surface. 'Secret intelligence' of that type is of course not permitted at all - and the police should rather arrest such crooks than following their advice. And if the european police does not arrest such largescaled conspirators against a private and totally uninvolved person, then the relevant authorities could perhaps take a closer look at what the police chiefs are doing really - such a development must of course be stopped before it is too late.

'Austrian woman' of title 1: I notice that Ragna Grøver is daughter of the oyster ('oystrian') farmer Bjarne Eidsvig. Her 'uncle' was Aron Eidsvig. She has sent me a number of letters which must count as stalking - cp. the Annaberg terror issue.

See also this file with some further observations on this matter.


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